🌴I tried flying my drone to this island | New Long range record

By | October 29, 2022

I got some new long range gear and i figured what better way to test it out then to fly it all the way to this sketchy island and back, oh and i beat my long range record in the process…

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Before we get started have you seen Fpvpark.com yet go ahead and take a look At fpvpark.com I'm trying to build a Huge RC Paradise in the woods I'm trying To buy 10 acres of land and invite Everybody that wants to come out to come Out do crawlers do fpv freestyle do Wings do whatever they want I want to Build this but it's going to take all of Us check out fpvpark.com share the link On our social medias and donate today I Love you on to our video Hey yo what's up welcome to today's Video today I'm going to fly my drone The farthest I've ever flown it in my Life literally I want to smash my long Range record so smash that like button Oh God damn those yeah that's Right we'll fly some long range today This video actually was supposed to be Uh me and my homies destroying little Toy helicopters with our drones But we got rained out it's starting to Rain now and it was really windy solo Helicopters kept flying away [Applause] So we ended up just taking my little Baseball bat out of my car and beating The out of him Jesus Christ but then it rained for Another couple days and I was having Panic attacks about what the the Film for this week's video Until the Mail came through the mail has been

Saving my ass lately I got this this is Called gorilla link this company hit me Up called gorilla link and they're like Hey do you want a two watt elrs system It's like 900 megahertz or whatever it Goes Super far is what they said and I Was like oh yeah I want that I'm trying to beat my long-range record So I installed this I installed the Gorilla link thank you very much for Sending that I've linked all the Below for all these things that I'm Using today thanks to flyhigh.com fly High got me in touch with these guys These dark lithium pack 6s 500 000 nope five thousand ma 40 amp so There was Sony 808 cells or whatever if I'm reading a little note correctly but Um they don't make these you can't just Buy these but you can buy one like not From get fpv or anything but if you want To buy one you can email them here and Have them make you one these are Nice bro hopefully they perform so That's what I've upgraded on my trusty AOS Falcon 7 my favorite freestyle nope My favorite long range frame game I do Have the 2.5 Watt foxy VTX in the back I Now have a 2 watt gorilla link elrs and This 5000 ma dark lithium lie ion pack bro I should be going to The moon on this Before I try to send the squad to like Uranus and Beyond I'm gonna do a little

Test I'm gonna do a little two kilometer Test I got this spot down by the river I Know it's exactly two kilometers an hour I get good video It's not over people Roads or anything perfect perfect place To fly to test out this new so here Let's go down to the River let's Do a little two kilometer out and back Test on this [Music] Well hot damn look at that two Kilometers out two kilometers back not One problem I think this thing's Ready I did a little Fail-Safe test There in the beginning flew all the way Out gorilla link yeah foxy VTX Yeah dark lithium packs let's find out Now as soon as I live in the middle of Philadelphia it's really hard to Find a spot to fly six kilometer is out So I'm gonna have to do a little bit of Driving I went onto the internet and I Looked some up and I also couldn't Find anything in my immediate area but What I did find in Delaware was this Enormous River just this huge River that goes for like 20 Kilometers is this the ocean no I think This is a river I did a little search on All Googles and I found this island out Here that's about 7-Eleven that's about Seven kilometers away so if I can make It to this island that's seven Kilometers my goal is six my long range

Record so far is five kilometers my goal This flight is six kilometers mainly Just because I want to test out this Battery this link in the VTX a little Bit more before I send it further than That I don't know on the way back if the Battery's gonna sag really bad or not Hopefully not it looks pretty Nice so I'm not gonna push it for seven Just you know little baby steps I'm Going to do six that'll be smashing my Old record by five of five kilometers by One so I don't know that's some Math yeah here we go let's go to Delaware let's go this beautiful little Park eat some pizza and fly my Drone farther than I've ever flown it Before in my life thank you dark lithium And gorilla link I'm at the park now all right here we go Six kilometers I'm just gonna sit on This bench like Falcon rad does and just Chill [Music] I'm just gonna chill bro See it's hard to tell if I'm just Climbing up from actually going forward This is my only point of reference is a Little boat right here Can't tell if I'm getting low or not Battery's holding no battery's holding Pretty strong It's fine let's just see what we got Here nice little boat

Let's keep following this path 15 SATs videos good Oh I don't know about this battery Though every time man Every time long I do long range voice Comes down to the dangle battery Am I going far I can't even tell if I'm Oh wow here's the thing I noticed is When um people walk by my my video dips A little bit uh Am I just no I'm not climbing There's two I feel like I'm not making Much distance though is it like super Windy out there or something oh Three kilometers oh videos dipping a bit That's a little better I guess I'll put My thing at it three seven on the Battery so it's not going down too too Much Man I really don't think we're gonna be Getting the six I already think we're getting six Kilometers you might have to turn around At four just kill this battery I don't Know see I'm not Falcon rad I don't uh I Haven't done this enough times to know How much juice I'll have them laid back Four kilometers We're still cruising glory to Longo Oh oh a little video dip the video like I feel like right now if it goes out it Just good it's gonna go out man I want to get above these wires my my Goal is five

So I'm just gonna beat my goal and then Turn around and then um we might have to Say this is so heavy I might have to Double up I might have to double up on the light Ions I might have to run two at a time To have enough mod to really get where I Want because it's such a heavy frame all We gotta do is beat five beat five 360 Per cell we can run these down to about Uh 2.97 before anything catastrophic Happens Oh man oh man yeah I don't I really Don't think um I should push it that Island out there Is seven kilometers 3.8 Purcell 21. we can go a little Further we can go a little further let's Maybe Maybe nose down and get the six Maybe we can do six my hardest beating Now this is a point where uh my heart is Beating very much I'm glad the osc is Recording let's just try to get the six Six would be beating my record five was My old record we're already out here Battery looks okay so why not right why Not what's the I don't want to say that What yep okay Posits five seven we'll just get it to Five eight five nine and then six and Then Very cool very carefully return homo Videos starting nice yeah this is a bad

Idea actually anytime somebody walks In front of me my video uh dips out a Little bit That's not good that is not good this is Good here though actually how I have all These uh Got a lot of reference here I can see Where everything is at Foreign Once you hit two kilometers as long as The GPS is correct and we're going the Right way and all that I should have Done a little test on the home but Said we have enough sat so I was Listening to it According to this I'm more over this way All right I'm okay so that's one thing I Learned when I get back I want to put a damn uh height thing on It or whatever 3.3 we're good oh my Goodness the nerves Two kilometers Oh my god I think I'm just right here I Think I'm just right here no freaking Way did I just do 6 km on this thing Battery display [Applause] Oh I hear it I hear it oh my God here we Go I think that's me Holy freaking crap six Kilometers Oh that's not me where's where's me This way oh God I'm not over there I Thought that was us I was getting this

Like beautiful sunset shot right there Where right in front of us oh [Music] Tree we're going too far Oh yes he is You're gonna do my beautiful sunset shot Oh six oh six kilometers are you Freaking Kidding me dude that was great I Don't know I don't know there's there's A lot of people in this park and I want To celebrate properly but not with a Bunch of people looking at me so let's Go home let's go home and we'll Celebrate and talk about this crazy Oh oh are you kidding Are you are you kidding Me six six kilometers out and then six Kilometers back that's 12 total I don't Even know how how far is that How far is that hey Google how far is Six kilometers in miles six kilometers Is 3.72 three point seven three Point seven two eight five almost four Miles one way that's almost an eight Mile round trip on this little quad are You kidding me bruh last time When I did a long range video I was like Everybody that flies actual long range Like 20 kilometers plus right now I was Like good for you I don't give a you I'm gonna I'm so stuck I'm So stoked on six kilometers out dude 12 Round trip so yeah that's what I did

That's nut seven seven next time Six for now I'll take that that's a achievement right here Shout out to my top tier patrons every Single month these are the top donators To my patreon that allows me to be Making videos like this if you want me To say your name at the end of every Single video just become a say my name To your Patron and I'll do this for you Big big shout out to Billy Hackett Boris The German fred805 j-rod fpv Juicyfpv Lucas Roca Maddie bfpv Mick 27 Stompy fpv Trent ttfpv Tuan solo Voltronics WAM fpv and hempenfriends.com Huge huge shout out to those homies and Everybody else that patreons that allows Me to make these stupid videos And risk losing my quad over a river or Ocean or whatever body of water that was I'm gonna get the out of here I Love you all very much thank you for Watching these stupid videos Make sure you check out fpvpark.com if You haven't done so yet subscribe to my Stupid YouTube channel press the dislike Button even though it doesn't matter Anymore and have yourself a wonderful Little day bye [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music]