🎄The Botgrinder holiday special🎄

By | December 24, 2022

This is the story of the little whoop that could

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Check check hey everybody Welcome to Today's video today I'm going to give You the gift that you've been asking for Most all year I'm gonna do a gorilla Whooping episode most of the comments oh I get comments all the time like Buck grinder why do you hate gorilla Whooping why aren't you gorillubing Anymore well I don't know I Didn't really have a whoop but I have One now so here we go merry Christmas Everybody this is the gorilla whooping Video [Music] [Applause] Well happy holidays Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah whatever you may say I Don't celebrate I don't Have a God but I do like getting gifts And I do like giving gifts and I do like Feeling festive so I celebrate the I Guess Christmas really just another Corporate holiday but that's for another Video but for now gather up my little Grand arenos because Papa bot's gonna Tell you A Christmas Story this is about The little tiny Whoop That Could Once upon a time there was a tiny whoop That wanted to be a real drone but all The bigger drones made fun of them the Big drone said they would never fly Outside because the wind was too strong There's too many birds they would just Never make it so that tiny little drone

Said you and set out to prove them Wrong they divide oh my phone died That little tiny hoop devised the plan To build up strength flying indoors First they headed to the strip mall and They headed inside the first building That they saw The Christmas Store Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Do it again [Music] [Music] [Applause] I am not drinking again why would you say that I don't it's been like Three I don't after The Christmas Store The Little Whoop That Could head on over To the place where dreams come true Lowe's Home Improvement Center a worker Came by and was so impressed with the Little whoops dreams to fly outside that He said hey it was cool you can fly in Here little whoop foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] After ripping Lowe's that little Whoop

That Could found a giant balloon Floating in the sky in a furniture store Majestic and soaring that little whoop Was inspired by the balloon until he Noticed it was chained down the little Whoop vowed to set the giant balloon Free one day so they could fly outside Together in the wild [Music] Before [Music] He said Father Christmas We're gonna make tater tot casserole After this sat him by the balloon the Little Whoop That Could wanted to find Some Dicks Sporting Goods to fly around In that was great fun until a not so Cool employee put an end to that [Applause] Don't this yeah Just because it's Christmas [Music] Children there Are so gay at Christmas All the children on the street Hope they get something to eat For me it's not so great [Music] Oh all right [Music] Hey yeah do you do you have like ounces Of dabs confidence abounding the little Whoop That Could head it outside to fly For the first time ever not wanting to

Leave the little neighborhood they grew Up in the little Loop that could spread Their wings and flew for the first time Ever in HD while being chased by the FAA In a sedan [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Free in the air until he crashed on a Roof and was abandoned by his owner well Everybody that was the story of the Little tiny Whoop That Could I hope you Enjoyed it this was a true story based On a true Tale But what I didn't tell You is 25 liters that tiny whoop is me That was me that was the story of my Life and how I came to be thank you very Much for listening to that the moral of That story is don't crash your drone on A roof or you're never getting it back I Have a list of people here that are Never getting their money back that they Decided to give me on patreon which I Really appreciate such as Billy Hackett Boris the German Fred 805 j-rod fpv Juicy fpv Lucas Roka Maddie B fpv netcat Fpv Patrick Martin Stompy fpv Trent Ttsbv Tuan solo volatronics and Hampton Friends Dot calm thank you very much Everybody for being the top tier Patron If you want me to say your name at the End of every single video that I do

Become a patron for a month or some There's a link below also also check This out I'm gonna now name every single Patron that I have right now supporting Me for the month of December go look at Okay Jonathan uh Um nope I'm not I'm not gonna say Any names It's Just Gonna Roll you want To see something I'm wearing I'm wearing Pajamas I'm wearing um pajamas that's How much effort I put into this video Today thank you very much to all these People I this is the holiday bot now That uh Christmas is over or whatever I Don't know how much interest you have in A holiday sweater but they are for sale I guess maybe you don't I don't care at All thank you very much for being a Patron this person right here Specifically that person specifically to That person right there you know who's My favorite Patron though that person Right there thank you very very much Everybody if you want me to say your Name if you want to see your name and Lights if you want to see your name Scroll like this I do the scrolling Thing like once a month maybe you can Just patreon.com that's my you do That and record whatever did you like Your Christmas gifts I gave you the gift Of gorilla looping now let me tell you That let me tell you a thing here I know That wasn't like the coolest

Flying I was kind of just cruising Around but my boot sucks so this Also kind of was like it made me realize Damn I need to up my Boop game I've had This one forever it's just an old old BQE little whoop frame I actually have The gore Motors on it maybe I need to Just get a better flight controller or Tune it or some I don't know ciati Will you see Audi something on my drone For me please look at that person though Look at that name right there it's a That was an interesting name wasn't it Well this is the end of the Christmas Episode the next video is going to be Some I actually have no Idea but I do appreciate you watching I Promise that next video will be better If you haven't subscribed you can Subscribe if you don't want to that's Perfectly reasonable too like it's not It's not a big deal all it does For me is makes my numbers look bigger And then people think that I'm cooler Which is really just an artificial thing and I don't really Artificial so you know what Actually in fact in fact go and Unsubscribe if you're subscribed Unsubscribed because that maybe will be Humbling or something if like 20 no Don't unsubscribe actually I do care I Think more than I realize well I'm gonna Go do some soul searching I hope you

Have a wonderful holiday thank you very Very much for watching my video Everybody I will see you next time [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I really wish I wouldn't have done that