10 Basic Tips for New Drone Pilots – Written by ChatGPT

By | December 11, 2022

The script for this beginner drone video was written by ChatGPT, and it actually came up with 10 useful tips for new drone pilots!

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Hi everyone a little bit of a different video 
today so bear with me I wanted to try something   Experiment with something that I've recently 
learned about and I think some of you probably   Have learned about it already but the video 
that you're about to watch it's a short video   It's like six minutes seven minutes the script 
was completely written by a program called chat   GPT now if you've never heard of that go ahead and 
Google it I'll put a link for it down in the video   Description but it's going to change the world 
like literally and that's not even overstating it   Um and I'll talk about a little bit more after I 
read the script and show you guys this video so   So yeah it's really interesting I really want to 
get you guys input on this so let me know what you   Think in the comments oh and one more thing the 
b-roll that you're about to see that you know the   Video that goes on top of the script that's also 
stock footage so this video is completely made   Without any assistance from myself all I did was 
make the query and added some stock video on top   Of it so this means that just about anyone with 
zero knowledge start a YouTube channel and start   Earning an income and people can start writing 
books people can start writing movie scripts like   Chat GPT is uh it's very very 
interesting so anyway here's the video   Welcome drone enthusiasts if you are new to the 
world of drones you're in for a treat flying   A drone can be incredibly fun and rewarding 
experience in this video we'll be discussing   The top 10 ways that new drone Pilots can get 
the most enjoyment out of their drone first   Of all familiarize yourself with the rules and 
regulations for flying drones in your area before   You even take your drone out of the box make sure 
you know the rules for flying in your area this   Will help you avoid any potential legal issues and 
ensure that you're flying safely secondly get to   Know your drone take some time to read the manual 
and familiarize yourself with all of the features   And the capabilities of your drone this will help 
you get the most out of your drone and allow you   To take full advantage of its capabilities thirdly 
practice practice practice the more you fly your   Drone the better you'll become at flying it 
take your drone to an open area and spend   Some time getting comfortable with the controls 
and maneuvering your drone fourth invest in high   Quality accessories while your drone likely came 
with a few basic accessories there are plenty   Of additional accessories that can enhance your 
flying experience invest in a good set of extra   Batteries a carrying case and perhaps even a 
set of extra propellers fifth join a community   Of drone enthusiasts there are many online 
communities and forums where drone enthusiasts   Gather to share tips advice and experiences 
joining one of these communities can be a great   Way to learn from others and stay up to date on 
the latest developments in the world of drones   Sixth experiment with different flying modes 
most drones come with different flying modes that   Allow you to fly your drone in different ways for 
example some drones have a sport mode that allows   For faster and more agile flight While others have 
a cinematic mode that provides smooth and stable  

Footage experiment with the different modes to 
find out which ones you like best seventh try out   Different camera settings depending on your drone 
you may be able to adjust the camera settings to   Capture different types of footage play around 
with the different settings to see how they affect   The footage you capture eighth take your drone on 
an adventure drones are great for exploring new   Places and getting in unique perspective on the 
world around you take your drone to a new location   And see what kind of footage you can capture 
ninth edit and share your footage once you've   Captured some great footage with your drone it's 
time to share it with the world use video editing   Software to create a highlight reel of your best 
footage and share it with your friends and family   And finally keep learning and improving the 
world of drones is constantly evolving and   There's always more to learn keep an eye out for 
new tutorials and tips and continue to practice   And improve your flying skills by following 
these tips you'll be well on your way to getting   The most enjoyment out of your new drone happy 
flying so what do you think I am a little bit   Excited I'm a little bit concerned because it's 
really really fun to see what you can do and you   Can fine tune it you can change the query a little 
bit and it can feed new stuff to you I think it's   Incredible and I think it's like I said I think 
it's going to change the world on the other hand   Um I'm a little bit worried because more and 
more as we move into this future we're not going   To know what's real and what's not real and also 
like learning things is not going to be necessary   Anymore like we're not going to have to research 
things we're not going to have to learn things   And and I ultimately I think that could stunt us 
as a human race I know that's pretty deep but uh   But yeah I don't know I don't know what do you 
guys think I really want to I really want to see a   Discussion in the comments of what everyone thinks 
about uh chat GPT and AI technology like this so   So anyway and it was kind of valuable information 
I mean for somebody that's never flown a drone   Before I thought that it came up with some pretty 
good tips so so yeah so pretty exciting pretty fun   A little bit scary so let me know what you think 
thanks for watching today guys I hope you got a   Little bit of enjoyment out of this hopefully a 
little bit of education on chat GPT like I said   I'll put a link down in the video description 
and uh and yeah follow me on social media I'm   Going to be playing with this a little bit more 
so yeah check it out over on Twitter and Instagram   And Tick Tock at 51 drones so have a good day 
everyone as always fly safe and fly smart foreign [Music]