1080p FPV video. Only 10 grams! // WALKSNAIL 1S AVATAR MINI VTX

By | November 1, 2022

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My review of the BetaFPV HX115 that I'm flying in this video:

00:00:00 – Walksnail now for 1S micros!
00:01:08 – This is NOT the lightest 1S vTX
00:02:05 – Walksnail too heavy for ”actual” tiny whoops
00:03:15 – It's basically a de-cased Walksnail vTX
00:04:24 – Camera is 14mm nano size
00:04:54 – Advertising claims r.e. weight and latency
00:06:18 – Overheats in about 3 minutes without airflow
00:07:24 – Drops out below 3.0 volts
00:08:40 – Use 1S vBat? Or 5v regulator?
00:09:30 – Mounting and wiring
00:11:11 – Camera mounting problems
00:11:54 – Does the power draw affect flight time?
00:12:27 – Missing 350 mW setting in menus
00:12:46 – Set up Betaflight OSD connection
00:14:27 – There is no sponsor for this video
00:15:50 – Flight testing
00:20:25 – HDZero comparison
00:22:17 – This vTX really impresses me

Today I'm going to put a digital video Transmitter on this little 1s beta fpv Hx115 digital video transmitter surely Not ketix Visto right no that's far too Heavy even a naked cadix Vista wouldn't Work on something this tiny besides it Can't be powered from 1s Well then I must be talking about HD Zero because hd0 does make a 1s tiny Whoop video transmitter specifically for Builds like this no no no no no what I'm Going to be doing is putting the walk Snail Avatar mini 1s kit on here Thank you Yep I am oh [Music] This thing is fun as and the walk Snail 1s VTX gives it a whole nother Life compared to analog I'm Joshua Bardwell and you're going to learn Something today let's get something out Of the way if you want the lightest Possible digital video transmitter for a 1s quadcopter this is it this is the HD Zero whoop light bundle and the video Transmitter and the camera together come In around six grams and that means you Can get a tiny whoop which normally Comes in around 20ish 22-ish grams you Can get that to come in at 24 grams Pretty freaking impressive but let's be Honest ac0 isn't for everybody and one Reason ac0 isn't for everybody is that Not everybody likes the way that its

Signal breaks up not everybody likes the Range and penetration that you get off An HD zero video transmitter and in that Case you're left with two options DJI or Walk snail and DJI hasn't really shown Any interest in making an ultralight Ultra small 1s powered video transmitter As far as weight goes this system comes In at 10 grams without the antenna and With the antenna 12 grams we might could Shave a little bit of weight on this Antenna by going with a dipole antenna But we're going to use it as delivered I Feel that's only fair so it's about Twice as heavy as the hd0 video Transmitter and that means if you're Thinking of putting it on an actual tiny Whip like a 65 millimeter that's going To be challenging it seems like this is More in the realm of 75 millimeter or Maybe even a little bit bigger tiny Whoops but where this video transmitter Excites me the most is on stuff more in This class the sort of Toothpick class Where you could if you really wanted to Maybe even get a naked Vista on there With a lot of compromises in terms of Weight and handling and you have to have A voltage regulator instead what I'm Hoping that this video transmitter gives Us is similar range and performance to Other walk snail slash DJI products but In a lighter 1s form factor and that's Where I think this is really going to

Excel so what have we really got here as Far as I can tell this is just a normal Walks nail video transmitter with the Heatsinks removed and some changes to The voltage regulator to make it run off Of 1s I've compared photos of this board To other people who've taken the Heatsinks off their regular walk snow VTX and they look very similar I can't Be sure they're 100 the same but I think That they are and the one place that I Know they are the same is in their basic Capabilities so anything that the big Walk snail VTX can do 1080p output 50 Megabit per second 25 megabit per second 100 frames per second uh video uh on Board DVR all of that stuff is exactly The same functionality here the one Place the functionality is different is That this device only goes up to 350 Milliwatts that's in the FCC region it's Less for people in the European region And they're all just going to do the the Region unlock and set it to max power Anyway but it maxes out at 350 Milliwatts not 700 or 1200 milliwatts Like the bigger one and so you're going To get less range out of it how much Range well we'll go outside and we'll Fly it of course and we'll see how it Does the camera is a 14 millimeter Nano Sized camera which is going to fit on Most uh most quadcopters in this size Unlike the HD zero camera it doesn't

Seem like any extraordinary steps have Been taken to lighten it up for example It still has a case instead of just Being a board camera so it does seem Like there's a little bit of weight that Could be saved here although not much Because you're simply not going to Redesign this whole board from scratch To try to get that weight down speaking Of weight I was just looking at the Product listing for this and I have to Call attention to some slightly Let's just say distasteful things that Seems like they're doing in the product Listings for example they keep saying That it is a 6.8 gram lightweight mini VTX and that is true but that is only The VTX not the camera not the antenna You can see it's actually 10 grams if You add the camera in and yes if you Look very carefully on some pages on Some product listings they do give the Way to the camera separately but not all Of them and it might mistakenly lead People to believe that this whole system Is much lighter than it really is the Other thing that I wish they would stop Doing is saying lower latency than the Competitor DJI at an average of 22 Milliseconds that has not been true in Previous firmwares in my original review Of The Walk snail system I measured the Latency to be about 10 milliseconds Higher than was actually shown in the

Goggles in other words the same or Slower than DJI Chris Rosser was able to Duplicate this result in his testing and Perhaps they've fixed it in like the Latest greatest firmware but as far as I Know they have then this is simply not True the goggles show 22 milliseconds Latency in in the screen but it's Actually not if you actually get out a Meter and measure it the latency is not 22 milliseconds it's closer to 28 30 35 Or something It's too bad the video transmitter says That it can be powered from 3.1 to 5 Volts and I think we got to test that Before we decide where to solder it up Because some 1s video transmitters kind Of crap out when the voltage the input Voltage gets too low will it really go Down to 3.1 volts will it go any lower There's only one way to find out so I'm Going to bind that video transmitter to My walk snow goggles and then I'm going To power it off of this voltage Regulator and I'm going to change the Input voltage up and down and see what Happens here we go we're going to just Start by feeding it 3.7 volts and I'm Not even gonna blow a fan on it or Anything let's just see what happens one Of the nice things about the walk snail System is that it supports HDMI out over USB which means that you can actually See in real time

What I am seeing here on this Monitor And the first thing I see is VTX Overheating and 94 Celsius so uh it's Not happy about sitting here I don't Know what output what output power is it At 25 milliwatts yeah Um let's get it some let's get to some Airflow it's gonna shut down you can't See but my power supply is currently set To 3.7 volts it is measuring about 3.6 Volts on the video transmitter so pretty Close to correct and it's pulling just About exactly one amp so that makes the Math easy it's pulling a little under Four Watts now that is at 25 milliwatts Transmit power the video transmitter is Rated for up to seven Watts I believe at Max output power what I'm going to do is I'm going to start lowering that voltage We're going to go down to 3.6 3.5 oh We're getting a warning here 3.4 3.3 3.2 3.1 So now the video transmitter is reading 3.0 volts But still seems to be working fine 25 Megabits per second 27 milliseconds Latency it seems to be working right at 3.0 volts 3.0 2.9 and it's gone Okay So they rate it for 3.1 volts I got it Down to 3.0 and it was hanging in there If you regularly run your 1s quads down Below 3.0 volts which you shouldn't do

But I know especially on these little 1s Quads sometimes you do that's not gonna Work below like 3.0 volts exactly I'm Thinking hard about whether it would be Better to power the video transmitter Directly from the battery or to use the 5 volt regulator on this flight Controller the argument for the 5 volt Regulator goes that I'll bet that the 5 Volt regulator can continue to provide 5 Volts even after the battery goes below 3.0 volts I'll bet it I could test it And prove it but I'm not gonna I'm not Gonna a lot of them will and that would Mean that if the battery dipped a little Bit low the video transmitter Theoretically could continue to run but I don't trust that the 5 volt regulator On this beta fpv flight controller is Going to be able to handle two plus amps Of output and that is what it would need To do if we were running the video Transmitter at full power so I assist I think I'm just gonna run it Straight off of the battery the video Transmitter has M2 sized mounting holes There is no room for spacers they're Just going to strap straight down and I'm hoping that the existing Hardware on This beta fpv quad will work for me and I won't have to do any finagling the Video transmitter plug comes with four Wires red is for power 3.1 to 5 volts Only black is for ground and then the

White and the gray are for the uart the TX and RX connection and that is not Optional well I guess technically it's Optional but you're really going to want It because that's going to let you get Your full betaflight OSD in your goggles And that's super super useful there is a Mnemonic that I always use when setting Up my own quads with the TX and the RX Wires and that is that the white wire Goes to the TX pad on the flight Controller and the gray wire goes to the RX wire or RX pad on the flight Controller if I'm using my own colored Wires and I don't have gray I might use Green or orange but pretty much white is The only one that I use for TX because The only color with a prominent t in it And the good news is that wax nail has Used that convention whether intense Probably not intentionally I'm the only Weirdo who thinks of that so at least in This case you can remember that the White wire goes to the ex pad on your Flight controller and the gray wire goes To the RX and this beta fpv flight Controller does have a spare uart that I Can use there are tiny tiny pads to Solder to and I'm just going to do it Without you looking over my shoulder in Case I screw it up and embarrass myself Well here we run into our first real Problem the camera for the walksdale 1s Is nominally the same dimensions as the

Micro or Danos size camera that comes With quads like this but you can see That there is a lot more bulk to the Walk snow camera than the original Analog camera and as a result it does Fit in but it will not It will not actually fit watch what Happens when I put the top plate on like You see it just barely fits between the Top plate and the bottom plate and there Is literally no room to get any tilt on It or anything or it won't work I might have to buy some longer Standoffs and raise the top deck just a Little bit to make this work The next thing I wondered was just how Much will this high powered video Transmitter affect your flight time so I Plugged in a fully charged 450 milliamp Hour battery I set the video transmitter To Max output power and I waited and After 10 minutes the battery was down to About 3.7 volts and I was like okay That's fine so clearly it's going to Draw a lot of power if you're at Max Output power but it's not anything That's going to really be noticeable When the flight time of these little Quadcopters is typically in the two to Three minutes range oh by the way Max Output power you'll notice it's set to 500 milliwatts there is not in this Firmware a 350 milliwatt setting they're Going to be fixing that in a future one

So basically when you set it to 25 it's At 25 when you set it to 200 it's at 200 And when you set it to 500 or anything Above it's at 350 milliwatts next we're Going to come to the computer and we're Going to set up this flight controller And the only reason you need to set up The flight controller to talk to the Walk snail video transmitter is so that You can get an on-screen display in your Goggles I'll show you what that looks Like if that's not obvious to you but It's a it's a big deal you really need This function and the first thing we're Going to do is go to the ports Tab and We're going to make sure that the Configuration slash MSP parameter is Enabled for whichever uart number we Connected the TX and the RX lines from The video transmitter too in my case That was tx2 and rx2 so we're going to Make sure that MSP is enabled on uart2 Next we're going to go to the CLI and We're going to type some stuff in the CLI we need to type set DisplayPort Underscore MSP underscore serial and you Can see it's Auto completing that for me So I can just click or press the tab key On my keyboard to auto complete that DisplayPort MSP serial equals we're Going to put in a number that is one Less than the uart number that we Enabled MSP for y1 Less we put it on Uart2 why wouldn't we just put a 2 here

Well because programmers are not normal Like the rest of us so in my case it's Ur2 and I'm going to put set DisplayPort MSP serial equals one and then if you Put four you would enter three here and I get this question a lot if it's on Uart one for your flight controller you Would put zero there's nothing special About the number zero so just take the Number subtract one and we will put that Here and hit enter and then we're also Going to type set OSD underscore DisplayPort underscore device there it Is we'll just use the autocomplete and We'll type equals MSP and type save and Hit enter and that will be saved well Enough of that binge testing stuff now It's time to take it outside and Actually fly it and I'm going to put the Specifications for this test up here on Screen and while you read them I'm going To tell you about the sponsor of today's Video there is no sponsor of today's Video I don't do sponsor spots instead I Rely on you to spawn answer me and Support me through patreon.com patreon Is a website where you can subscribe to Me not subscribe like hit the YouTube Subscribe button although I certainly do Appreciate that subscribe with actual Money for as little as two dollars a Month or more if you feel like I've Earned it the amount you subscribe at is Totally up to you and you can stop

Whenever you want patrons get access to My Discord server which is full of Friendly helpful people like me and they Get podcast downloads of my live streams In case you'd rather listen to them in The car than watch them live but mostly Patrons get the good feeling of giving Back if today's the day I earned your Support there's a link in the video Description to patreon I'd love to have You as a subscriber and if I haven't Earned it yet I'll keep making the Content you keep watching it and Hopefully that day will come by the way If that day hasn't come there are also Product links in the video description Below and they are affiliate links and By clicking those links and then making A purchase any purchase at the Affiliated vendor that also helps me out It doesn't cost you anything and Hopefully it's easy that way to do it Okay on to the flight testing and the Big question I want to answer is How does the extra weight affect how This quad flies so this is gone from About 43 grams To about 50 grams six grams extra about 15 additional weight though and I would Say that just cruising around here I Don't notice anything really detrimental Um this is this quad has always been a Pretty decent little flyer I've always Been happy with how it flies it's not

Quite as good as like a pure toothpick But for a little bind and fly I've been Really happy with it All right let's do an actual kind of Rangy sort of test the way I usually do Nothing rigorous like true long distance Flying up in the air but we're going to Go over here we're going to try and fly Behind the barn we're going to see how The video holds up I do have patch Antennas I have a true rcx airs on my Goggles two of them we're gonna fly Through here we're gonna watch the video Oh we're getting that red warning on the Edge you can't see it uh they added in This firmware they added that the edges Of the screen will blink red when your Video is getting low that's kind of cool Let's do it again it got pretty smearing It got pretty bad I mean 350 milliwatts is not a huge amount Let's do it again [Music] Oh boy oh boy that's pretty smearing it Got pretty bad Uh I was able to fly through it because I basically know what I'm doing hi guys Because I basically know what I'm doing Where are you oh Oh oh oh there's one over here oh hey No no hang on oh oh oh Where you going where are you going what Are you doing goat Yeah oh oh oh he got away he got away he

Got away from me he got away from me It always hit the branches Oh oh this is the best thing to do with My tiny quads is to chase livestock and Have fun okay okay okay okay let's leave The goats alone let's do one more sort Of pseudo range test where we fly out That our way and uh see how far we can Get So Patch antennas are pointing this Direction Watch my bitrate Gonna go up in the air holding in at 30 Megabits per second we'll do a little Safety turn here and see if I lose it no We're good it's not very dependent on Direction Keep flying this away My uh Express lrs lq is dropping a little bit That's unfortunate 3.7 volts 40 megabits per second now It's Stuttering a little bit But basically good this is basically Good As long as I'm up in the air this 350 Milliwatts can give a lot of range on The video quality is quite good we're Only at 15 16 megabits per second now I'm getting the warning that it's uh not Good I'm getting a little red bars on The side of the screen but honestly

It's pretty usable now I guarantee if I Drop down in here I will Start to get a lot of breakup I can get down to here no problem this Is fine as soon as I get down on the Road below this trees and stuff it gets Pretty bad let's see if I can get past This little section here there's a Section here where it gets real bad But I got through it okay let's try it Down near the ground as I come up to This hill here and behind this stand of Trees I don't know there's something About right here Where the video usually drops off Suddenly no I'm getting through it That's not bad at all well that's not Bad at all can we get down to the end of The road here 10 mega I don't want to walk 10 megabits Per second I'm going to turn around and Punch out I don't want to walk back uh That's that's pretty respectable Honestly that is pretty respectable Since HD zero is the main competitor to This 1s walk snail video transmitter Let's take a look at the hd0 tiny what Bundle video transmitter is this even a Fair comparison yeah The hc0 is at 200 milliwatts and the Walk snail is at 350 milliwatts and There's just some fundamental Technological differences into how they Break up but at the end of the day these

Two products absolutely slot into the Same category uh one thing oh no here's Some hold on here's some hd0 breakup as We go through here you can see what you Think of that range in penetration as we Go through the barn here one thing that This comparison will not be able to show Is that the lighter HD zero video Transmitter means that we can put this On an actual 65 millimeter tiny whoop We're going to get better flight Performance if we put it on a larger Quad like the hx115 this is not intended To be a full detailed shootout I've Actually got something in mind to focus On flight characteristics as well as Video range but for now I just want you To see what kind of performance in terms Of video link you would get out of the HD zero video transmitter and here we're Going to do the same thing where we fly Out to the end of the road and yes I am Flying a 65 millimeter tiny whoop out 500 600 meters away from my home Location via Mighty long walk if I kill The battery or if I run it down The video is struggling you can see the RSSI bars up at the top I have got these Antennas pointed and as close to the Right direction as I can I have got Patch antennas it's doing the best it Can but uh well 200 milliwatts is less Than 350 and hd0 is different than walk Snail and this is oh God Punch Out Punch

Out Punch Out Joshua this is basically What you get from the hd01s tiny board Oh there we go okay we got it back the Wax now 1s video transmitter really Shakes up the world of digital fpv and a Really interesting way until now if you Wanted to put a digital video Transmitter on a 5-inch quadcopter you'd Do whatever you wanted uh go with DJI go With HD zero doesn't really matter You've got the weight capacity to use Whichever video system you prefer but if You wanted to go to something Lightweight your choices were pretty Limited you could go with HD zero and Get a truly lightweight true tiny whoop Experience even down to the 65 Millimeter size or with a little bit More power to weight ratio at the 75 Millimeter size where you essentially Got no penalty okay it's very small Penalty for the additional weight and Power draw of the digital video Transmitter but if you were committed to The DJI walk snail experience if you Weren't happy with the way that HD zero Breaks up or with the range in Penetration you get from it you didn't Have a lot of choices basically the best You could do would be something like This this is a naked catex Vista the Heat sinks are removed in a toothpick Size form factor and it's this is an Incredibly fun quadcopter to fly but it

Barely gets down into what most people Would consider to be a micro experience And yes there are people who have put Naked Vistas on anything as small as a 75 millimeter whoop but I just that's Just not a great experience to fly in my Opinion the walks now 1s video Transmitter means that pilots who prefer The DJI slash walk Style style of video Transmission over the more analog-like HD zero style now have an option that Can truly get them down to lighter Weight builds no I don't think this is Going to be really viable for a 65 Millimeter build although I guaran I'm Sure someone out there is going to do it Or has done it I just think that the Additional weight penalty is going to be Too much to make that really viable it Could probably work at a 75 millimeter Size and it would definitely work at an 85 millimeter size but it definitely This has pushed down the weight class in Which you could consider putting Something like this in there and I think When you compare the 350 milliwatt Avatar video transmitter to other stuff That's in this weight class we've got Analog video transmitters at maybe up to 400 milliwatts this is going to give Better range in penetration than them And better image quality and when you Compare it to the HD zero well some People are going to prefer the HD zero

And it's definitely going to fly better Because it's lighter weight but Some people are this is going to really Scratch and itch and uh it's very very Cool to see that walk snow have done This I would love to see this exact same Thing with maybe a gram or two of weight Shaved off the camera I I would love to See them shave some weight off the video Transmitter but I just don't see how They're going to do it nevertheless it's Really cool that it's an option but how Does hc0 really stack up against Something like this this is the mobula 6 HD with the hd0 whoop bundle in it and I've done a full review of this Quadcopter if you're not sure yet Whether hd0 or walk snail is the the Video transmitter you want in your micro Quads I'll put a card on screen where You can watch my full review of this Little guy there's a lot to be said for A true 65 millimeter tiny whoop Experience that you just don't get out Of even something like the beta fpv Hx115 by the way if you want to know More about the hx115 I'll also put a Card on screen and you can check my Review of it out happy flying