2021-22 Level 9 Restream

By | November 4, 2022

We're livestreaming the 2021-22 DRL @Algorand World Championship Season every Thursday night at 8pm EST.
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Foreign [Music] Seven six Five four [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] The Drone Racing League Tonight our 12 Pilots flip the switch as The chase for the world title moves to The DRL Sim track may be virtual but the Physics and controller movements and the Racing are real [Music] This is drone racing this is DRL Thank you Welcome to the 2021 DRL World Championship the Premier International Drone racing circuit this is level 9 Campground the start of the virtual Portion of the hybrid season TRL is the Only sport where the champion must Dominate in both real life and virtual Racing I do think we are going to see a Shake-up of level winners there's a lot Of contenders and a lot of them are Hungry my confidence is at an all-time High it's kind of my territory a lot of These tracks that we're going to be

Seeing in the same are going to put Everything all the skills that we have As drone Racers to the test I love the New crash system I think it adds quite a Bit of realism in this in the simulation And you're gonna hear it like everyone's Scared of it it's all going to be even More pressure and it's just going to be A lot of fun Hello everybody alongside drone racing Pilot Tony knittle as well as 2018 Dira World champion Paul nerkala I'm Craig Hummer TK how big of a change is it Going to be for these Pilots to go from IRL in real life racing to now the Sim Well the racing is fundamentally the Same essentially one to one and now with A newly added damage system for the Championship season consequences of Mistakes are even more like real life Paul Captain Obvious here you've lived This what were the biggest differences For you the difference between racing in Real life and racing on the Sim are all Mental when you're in person and you Have your opponent sitting next to you In lights and drone sounds and all this Stuff kind of coming at you you got to Figure out how do I calm myself down in Contrast when you're at home racing in Your sweatpants you have to figure out How do I am up you don't have those External stimulus pushing you to compete At the highest level so these Pilots

Have to figure out how do I get amped up To compete The 2021 season consists of 14 levels of Racing nine IRL and five virtual races On the DRL Simulator the pilots earn Season points based on their overall Level finish the pilot with the most Points after 14 levels is the 2021 DRL World champion after eight levels of Racing the season standings look like This our 2019 world champion fan over is In the lead with 57 points just eight Points ahead of our defending champ Heads up All 12 Pilots race each level they're Seated into two semi-final groups with The top three from each advancing to the Finals they're the winner of the golden Heat will be your level champion This Campground course is just one lap Of racing TK take us through it Off the start Pilots launched to the Lookout tower and turned down to the Road Gates or swinging around the T-Mobile tower then it's up to the cable Car gate and down to the bridge loop Pilots then weave their way through the Switchback and River Gates before Heading up to the dragonfly skygate They then plummet to the waterfall gate To head around the train bridge before Entering the T-Mobile tunnel They make their way along the hilltop And it's up the lookout tower one last

Time before diving to the Finish gate It's definitely one of the larger Courses that I've ever flown Sim or Otherwise and it's in addition to being Gorgeous just such a fundamentally Well-designed course I think there's two Really key elements on the course where Pilots are going to differentiate Themselves and I think that's going to Be the cable car gate and I also think The train bridge so I feel like taking Those sections fast and tight is going To be a key to winning the races here And also just being consistent of course If I had to pick a spot on the track That's going to be tough it's definitely Going to be the lookout tower so you can Really fly a lot of different lines Through there but the fast guys are Taking it you know way tighter than I Think I was going to so just gonna try To fall in line with them and do what They do and hopefully I can be as fast As them Here in the semifinals they fly three Regular Heats with each heat winner Automatically advancing to the finals Everyone else is subject to sudden death Where only the winner is guaranteed to Advance Our first group of Pilots are getting Set on the flight deck and now that We've moved into the Sim TK does Amari Have the biggest Target on his back here

In semifinal one well if not the biggest Then one of the biggest for sure amari's Track record in the Sim is outstanding Craig he's the top qualifier in this First semi-final I think he will Definitely be one of the pilots Advancing out of this group Well let's meet our six pilots and the Colors they will fly here in semi-final Number one we were just speaking of Amari he's in Iowa he will fly white Alex fpv one of two pilots based in Tennessee for the semifinal flies blue Gap 707 up in Vancouver Canada yellow Nub also in Tennessee purple Soren in Minnesota flies orange and flexi our Second pilot from Minnesota flies red Semi-final one heat one Foreign Through the lookout tower first Demarion White and early lead now it's down to The road Gates Amari will try to keep That Advantage going around the T-Mobile Tower now it's up to the gondola gate And that will set up the bridge loop a Lot of Pilots have talked about this Being a critical maneuver Omarion white Just in front of Alex fpv in blue the Algorand Switchback leads into the river Gates these are the fastest parts of the Course TK just a little less than half The track left and Alex is running out Of time to make some moves here he's got To take it tighter than Amari on every

One of these turns if he wants to catch Up the train bridge another critical Maneuver Up and Under and then it's into The chicane that sets up the T-Mobile Tunnel amarion white has led from start To finish Alex in blue still trying to Hang tough nub and purple sitting in Third after that train gate it's the Left turn out of the tunnel through the Diamond gate and they start to climb Through the hilltop turn Pentagon is next and Amari will go up With one final sweeping right turn to go Down but the white drone of Amari has Led the whole way Alex is close they Died for the Finish Alex can't do it Amari gets the win I think it's Amari Yeah All right Come on oh my God Now you spoke to us about being Confident ahead of this race and you had A confident lead right up until the end There how aware were you of how far Distance you had from Alex chasing you Man you know the first heat of any race Is always the hardest one to overcome Because you know we're coming in cold Trying to like relearn what we've been Practicing so I definitely didn't take Every Turner as uh every turn as tight As I could so me knowing that I got a Little nervous but I just held it Together at the end it was early to

Barely nudge out Alex tell me a little Bit about your senses here as well Because I know from the flight deck you Would listen very carefully as to who Was crashing around you who was leaving And here on the Sim it's different Um yeah there are some Pilots that still Have towels even in the Sim you know you Listen you hear like a a really big Exhale into the mic you get an idea that Someone uh has crashed out I will say Nub's got the most distinct exhale ever So I can always tell if he's having an Issue uh but yeah Thank you so much we look forward to Seeing you race again thanks leather Heat number one goes to Amari almost Exactly one tenth of a second in front Of Alex fpv amari's winning time 113.760 well we predicted that Amari Would be the guy with the Target on his Back he spent the entire race with the Other Pilots breathing down his neck They kept a close group battling Switching back and forth all the way Through to the very end and just in the Last turn just through the end of the The entire lap Amari had it Alex make a Move on him and was getting extremely Close they were getting almost there and They couldn't quite uh get in front of Him so Amari was able to hold off and Get into the next round Foreign

Able to relieve some of those Jitters And that pressure with his win in Heat Number one he becomes our first pilot to Advance to the finals [Music] PK this year's hybrid season has the Pilots racing both IRL and in the SIM What's the difference you know the DRL Sim is the most realistic quadcopter Flight simulator available using a Proprietary true-to-life physics engine Now the flight characteristics and the Controller movements are one-to-one with Real-life drones the two biggest Differences racing in the Sim are no Midair collisions and perfect vision in Real life miners often change the Outcome of a heat and the analog video Feeds they use to fly are never perfect Now this means they can fly right at the Absolute limits of drone performance in The Sim where they have to leave a Little margin in real life Amari's in but the other five Pilots do Have a few more chances next [Music] The algorand ecosystem is where Monumental change takes shape So come transform the world with us on All grind Yeah We're here at the training facility with Gotham FC and for the very first time We're going to have the fpv drone on the

Field with the players as they're Training we're hoping to get some really Unique shots and something you've never Seen before [Music] Foreign The world's first blockchain designed For the future of Finance by Allianz the Global leader in Asset Management Investments and insurance and by Timo The leader in 5G America's largest Fastest and most reliable 5G Network Welcome back to level nine Campground We Are One heat into our first semifinal And already Amari the 2020 DRL Sim Tryout champ has qualified for the Finals TK as we get set for Heat number Two we watched that duel specifically Between Amari and Alex fpv at the front Does Alex have to change anything Dramatically if he wants to get a win You know his line was looking solid on The track so far he was staying with Amari the entire time I think of Mario Actually slipped up a little bit loud Alex to creep up on him so as far as I'm Concerned Alex should continue doing the Same thing he's doing and see where it Nets him here in the next Heat if he Needs to make a change from there he can Semi-final one heat two The road map for Success begins with Belief and Omarion white through that Lookout tower first yet again they

Dropped down to the road Gates this is a Script so far we saw in the first heat As they round the T-Mobile tower and Head for the gondola gate after that It's the bridge loop once again amarion White Alex in blue 1-2 correct take a Look at Amari and Alex's lines the white And blue drone watch how they differ and Watch how Alex tries to creep up on him Through each one of these turns already Through the out Grand switched back Through the river Gates and up to the Dragonfly Sky gate there we go there he Goes you're right Alex and blue making a Move he does have the front for the First time in the semifinal now he'll Try to protect it over and under the Train bridge into the chicane and That'll set up the T-Mobile tunnel well He's got to be mindful of Amari being Right there this guy is the champion of Himself he's gonna try and take it right Back first three spots the same as the Last team Alex Amari and Nook just a Different order as they climb yet again That's the hilltop turn now they'll drop Down through the Allianz Pentagon and These are the final few moments Alex Slightly in front here's that sweeping Turn and they drop down right can Alex Protect it Alex gets the win in Heat Number two I saw him just cruising up there [Music]

[Applause] That one was a tough one right there Boys That was crazy [Laughter] That was an internal that was a mentor Alex I would love to talk to you after a Race your energy is infectious and in This one I can only imagine the relief Um it was a real cat of mouse chasing Heat one another cat and mouse chasing Heat too but you did something right This time Yeah you know the respect level for Amari is through the roof for me we've Battled it out for so long I know that I Know the school he has in the town Is definitely something to think about But to come out and do it second he you Know me and him are both in finals now So I feel good about it and I'm just Eager to get in there now The Takeover that pass that you made it Felt like you held back and waited for The right moment to do that am I right Uh you know I'm definitely trying to Pick my places on the track I feel good In some and uh not so good in the others So that the yeah the Takeover in the Last minute was definitely I knew that That was my spot and if I had any chance Of winning the Heat it was all going to Come down to that one so we rolled a Dice and it worked out and you know

Maybe I have to do it again in the next One well thank you very much thank you Thank you Alex gets his revenge in Heat number two Winning in a time of 114.094 Alex fpv knew what he needed to do in This heat to go on to the next round he Was able to get out ahead of Amari with A beautiful pass through the dragonfly Gate and you can see just how tight that Battle was here through the T-Mobile Tunnel they were just neck and neck side Inside and that did not change Until the End Alex continued to pull just a little Bit of a gap on Amari just tried to make Up just a little bit of space on him for That extra comfort factor heading into The Finish gate and he was able to fend Off Amari and clock himself into the Next round Alex's win allows him to advance to the Finals both Alex and Amari have their Spots reserved if anyone other than the Two of them win our next Heat there'll Be no need for sudden death Youngest pilot on the flight deck is Soren an 18 year old whose passion for Working on Has grown into an enthusiasm for cars [Music] I've always loved Aviation and things That fly so getting to feel like I'm in The cockpit of the Drone while flying Has been amazing it's just freeing it's

Relaxing just get in the zone When I'm in a race I find that I stop Thinking about everything else it's just Pure focus on the race course Sometimes it's hard to get into that State of mind but that's what I strive For at every event I've been a lifelong car Enthusiast so Now that I have my own car I've been Working on it a lot I really enjoy that Working on my car is somewhat of a Rabbit hole and I try and limit it to a Reasonable amount of time because it is Easy to get lost in it Working on drones taught me a lot of Things like soldering that's been very Helpful when I got into cars I already Knew how to do a lot of that stuff and Just generally working on mechanical Things is something I've been doing for A long long time so it came very much I definitely have a drive to go fast I Love the g-forces in cornering and Accelerating that's what I love about Driving and I try and get the same Feeling from racing drunk as well Working on cars is a nice relief from Drone racing it's a good thing to break It up and take a break and focus on Something else for a little bit [Music] Level up your drone skills on the DRL Sim on Playstation Xbox Steam and epic Games

Well a third different pilot win a heat Or will Alex and Amari gain some extra Momentum with another win heat three Next [Music] Thank you Welcome to the Premier International Drone racing circuit this is DRL the Drone Racing League We've teamed up with drone Racing League To fuel 5G innovation in two Fast-growing markets drones and Tech Powered Sports T-Mobile is building the Largest fastest most reliable 5G Network In the country DRL is building a new Sport that depends on using Innovative Technology to create an audience Experience like no one has ever seen Before In the past the analog video that's come Through is not very clear and not very Clean With T-Mobile 5G Wireless technology we Get a crystal clear image now that the Field test has proven to be a success It's time to build a fleet of these Drones and take them to the DRL races And T-Mobile events and really show the World what this drone can do this is Just the beginning and I can't wait to See this 5G drone take flight This is DRL the Drone Racing League [Music] Welcome back to level nine Campground

Two Heats into semifinal one and both Amari and Alex have qualified for the Finals now TK if anyone other than those Two wins we won't have a need for sudden Death after this heat but do you see That happening you know I have a feeling Alex and Omar is going to get first here And keep the rest all in the sudden Death and that's not such a bad thing For the other four you can use this next Heat as a way to optimize your line Going into sudden death and just take Advantage of that extra heat Semi-final one Heat three [Music] If you're gonna chase waterfalls don't Let them dampen your resolve as they're Through the lookout tower yet again in The submit in a familiar script to Marion white right there through the Road Gates around the T-Mobile tower and Up through the gondola gate Alex fpv in Blue Omarion white trading the lead Craig I got my eye on nub and purple as He's the next one closest in line if Alex or Amari make any bit of a mistake He's right there to capitalize but look So is soaring a gap River Gates always interesting because They can really throttle up up through The dragonfly skygate you've got Alex And blue Amari and white still your top Two but nub the third trailer trying to

Capitalize as TK said the train bridge And the chicane that's all the setup for The T-Mobile tower and right now oh a Little variance it looked like from Alex And some room amarion right now with the Breathing room they're out of the tunnel They'll go up to the hilltop turn and Nub has moved into second so if Amari Makes that mistake nubbing purple right There the square gate the lookout tower One final time but Amari has it all Going on as he wins Heat number three There will be okay Between every single podium Congrats on another brilliant race um When we started the IRL in real life Season you said you wanted to be known As more than just a Sim racer in Hindsight your confidence really is here Isn't it yeah no I definitely have an Incredible amount of time here so it's Definitely where I do feel comfortable Not out of my comfort zone I've got a Lot of practice and tell me a little bit About this course as well it's long it's Large some of some other Pilots have Called it gorgeous you see my home here Yeah no I definitely like it I like the Return to the original like DRL format Races were just one really long uh track And I love how the SIM can take Advantage of that and you know it just Kind of taxes you a little bit more Because that's no more about like

Memorizing the same turns on the same Number of laps it's a unique turn every Single turn of the race we look forward To seeing you in a final thank you thank You Foreign Has taken two out of three in this first Semifinal we knew he was going to be Good as the league headed back into the Sim he is just proving what everybody Thoughts The final stretch from the lookout tower To the Finish can make the difference Between winning and losing TK give us a Closer look presented by the US Air The final turn is a hairpin turn through The lookout tower which begins with a Steep climb and ends with a steep Descent to the Finish gate Pilots pitch back to elevate their Throne towards the tower lining Themselves up on the left side To execute the turn Pilots roll right Hard and Pitch back slightly to rotate The Drone almost inverted through the Turn and timing their exit to align Themselves with the Finish from there They roll left slightly to straighten Out and Full Throttle to the Finish The best line involves carrying the most Momentum through the turn as possible by Taking a wide turn into the entrance and A late Apex on the exit taking the Entrance too tightly will require a

Tighter turn causing the Drone to swing Wide and lose speed TK based on their third third and second Odds would favor nub to be the one to Advance to see the one you've got your Eye on yeah he's certainly the one I Have my eye on especially considering What he's done so far but if you want to Look at some stats here for a second gab 707 has advanced out of the gold or out Of sudden death the two times he's been In sudden death so far this season nub Has only Advanced three of the six so While gab Affairs better nub is faring Better so far on this track so for that I'm giving it to nub Semi-final one sudden death [Music] Don't go looking for friends for the Next minute four pilots in the air only One will advance to the finals nub in The purple drone gab 707 in the yellow Drone you've got Soarin and orange and Fluxy and red up through the gondola Gate that sets up the bridge loop Craig the highest pressures are now Enough and the rest are handling it Beautifully but look at Nub's line he is Looking beautiful on this track right Now The River Gate no problem at all this Nub and purple starts to extend his lead But Gavin yellow able to close the gap As they drop back down through the

Waterfall gate this time it's the train Bridge that could shake things up oh I'm Seeing some wide moves from Gavin that's Slowing him down nub is just a little Tighter after the chicane the T-Mobile Tunnel we've seen everybody except for Alex once have some ease in here it's That left turn out through the diamond Gate that means they climb again to the Hilltop turn through the Allianz Pentagon you've got nub and purple Gavin Yellow neck and neck these guys are Right on top of me Craig it's going to Be all the way to the finish last turn Through the lookout tower who's got the Better life it's too close to call and It's going to be dead [Music] It literally came down to the last turn Great work yeah yeah reeled him in every Turn On top of each other until the last turn That was insane I don't win those Normally I don't win no normally Yeah thank you for the drama we love a Little bit of last minute changes tell Me what was your thought process going Into that final straight I was just praying for it you know um Nub's a weird guy Um when he flies you know he races it's He's hard to predict you know you don't Know what he's gonna do I actually Engaged him as slower and somehow

Somewhere halfway through the race I Realized I think I just have to turn it Up and that's what I did and it just Felt so amazing I'm finding this very Interesting because you gauged him a Slower I saw him as doing the best run That he'd done so far in these last Three Heats you were taking some of them Wide did you make a strategy change in This heat You know the pressure is always up a bit Higher during sudden death and so you Got to bring your A game and you know it And that's what takes you down Um so I thought he would maybe falter a Bit more under the pressure so I would Just make sure I'm in position to strike And then realize he's not going down Okay he's still there okay I gotta push I gotta go for it and um that was the Strategy it was definitely something About the pressure of sudden death Because the stats lie in your favor you Almost always make it into a final when In a sudden death does the pressure help You that much Um I guess so uh it's weird like Pressure used to be a really Debilitating condition for me like my Fingers used to tremble and whatnot but I've learned to really control it and uh And feed off it so it's uh it's one of Those um turn your enemies into your Best friends you've absolutely done that

Congrats you three to the final thank You Foreign With the pressure on gab able to turn on The afterburners the fastest heat we saw Throughout semifinal one gab's winning Time 111.42 well gab 707 is the longest Running DRL pilot in history and he's Using that experience and that knowledge And that patience to get ahead of nub Here in the last two square Gates he Comes he exits that last Square gate Beautifully pushes himself just slightly Ahead of nub he's trailed him for the Entire race and he found that one Opportunity that one thing that he Needed to just barely get ahead of him So exiting that Pentagon gate he just Got ahead and then he kept it consistent All the way through to the end through The lookout tower he still got him by Just a hair and all the way down to the Finish gate we're wondering is Gab gonna Make it and yes he does Gab wins another sudden death which Means he advances to yet another final In his career the three Pilots moving Out of semifinal one Amari Alex fpv and Gab 707. Semi-final one complete six new pilots Enter the flight deck when we come back Semi-final two are tapped [Music]

Thank you [Music] The Earth is 70 water And 30 land But the entire sky Belongs to us The Drone Racing League brought to you By algorand the world's first blockchain Designed for the future of Finance by Allianz the global leader in Asset Management Investments and insurance and By dragonfly leaders in drone innovation Foreign Campground three Pilots have already Qualified for the finals and now three More spots are up for grabs as we get Set for semifinal number two TK in the Semifinal we've got the defending DRL World champion heads up and after his Dominance last year you have to figure He's a favorite right yeah absolutely But look with the addition of the crash System and some of this is scattered Fourth place finishes already this Season heads his heads up has definitely Shown us that he can be beat Time to welcome in our 2018 Tierra world Champion Paul nerkala once again and Nerk obviously heads up in van over They're gonna suck a lot of the oxygen Out of the room but there are a number Of Pilots that are overly qualified in The second semifinal yeah absolutely We've got uh Halo Walker and uh Banning

Himself who were not necessarily the Biggest of competitors in IRL racing but Halo Walker being the 2021 Sim champion And Manny himself constantly being up Among the top of the Sim Championship They have a lot to show a lot of skills To show here in the Sim and I'm really Excited to see what they can do against The two IRL world champions Well this should be fun a lot to look For in semi-final number two as we all Get ready let's introduce The pilots well before we do that TK What do you think about Sky's chances in This one looks guy's got a great chance Don't write this guy off because he is One of the most calculated and precise Pilots I've ever met this guy thinks Everything through before he gets into a Heat so don't ride him off Well now let's get into the lineup for Semifinal two and intro those pilots and The colors they will fly heads up the Defending DRL world champion flies light Blue we also mentioned Halo Walker he's Over in Germany it's an early morning For him he's flying pink van over in Texas the 2019 DRL world champion fly Silver sky in Colorado light green miwo And California dark blue and Manny Himself in Georgia green Semifinal two heat one [Music] No Compass required to get around this

Campground our new six are through the Lookout tower they'll drop down to the Road Gates and it's an early lead for Heads up and light blue van over and Silver and Skye and green fighting for Seconds these guys already sorting out The pack here Craig but they're bunching Up again a very very tight pack it's Gonna make it difficult to see through The traffic to figure out your next move The algorand switched back should sort Him out a little bit more as now you've Got heads up in light blue and now Halo Walker and pink looks to move into Second Halo Walker out there to beat the Devil out of these guys making his way Through the course looking at second Place right now watch out for his Advancement me well with dark blue has Surged as well into the top three so You've got heads up light blue Halo Walker and pink and miwo in dark blue The T-Mobile tunnels they'll go through The train gate and then exit with a left Turn through the diamond gate that'll Lead them up to the hill turn but it's Heads up still in the lead keep an eye On these turns these final moments are Crucial on whether or not you can get Ahead of the rest They climb through the square gate Continue climbing through the lookout Tower heads up first to make that diving Right and heads up will win Heat number

One Yeah let's go Dude flying against Halo that ping is That ping is so scary He's right next to me like oh my gosh That pink dress On the screen wow sounds good race guys Good race all right Heads up flying confidently there a nice Strong lead but you weren't confident in How much of a lead you had were you I Could hear that some relief from you Yeah you know flying against Halo Walker He's a pilot over in Germany so that Means we're really far apart in the World so the ping doesn't line up Exactly so even though I think I'm ahead I know that there's that ping and I know That there's that latency between me Knowing where he is so I went into the Finish gate and I was just literally Holding my breath I could hear my heart Beating because I wasn't sure if he got That win and I just didn't know to the Very last second in real life racing and In this series so far van of has been Very much your biggest rival as we go Into the Sim does that remain Um you know vanover is definitely one of The most talented Pilots that I've ever Competed against ever met and uh the Sim Is definitely a different ball game uh I Think we saw last year that the Sim is Definitely my strong suit in comparison

To real life flying um vendors in the Lead right now coming off some real life Levels but uh now it's my turn we're on My home turf and I plan to take Advantage of that thank you very much Heads up nose it is his world taking Heat one and 114.654 while having that light blue Drone of heads up fpv in front of you is Never a fun time but this is what Halo Walker had to enjoy for the entire Heat This race he was just watching the heads Up fpv trying to stick this close behind Him take things a little bit shorter a Little bit triter trying to make up time On heads up fpv however by the end of The race did he ran out of time to make That pass he ran out of opportunities to Get ahead of a heads up fpv you get to Watch him through one last turn down Into the Finish gate heads up fpv is Absolutely putting on a clinic and it's Going to be a challenge for the other Guys to catch up to his pace Heads up basically picks up right where He left off last season our defending Diero world champion wins his first heat In the Sim and he advances to the finals Here of level nine Download the Drone racing arcade a fun Free and easy to play drone racing Mobile game on IOS and Android Heads up is in the question is who will Join him with the remaining two spots

Coming out of semifinal number two peak Two is next Foreign Telligence is a contactless Vital sign Monitoring platform developed using Machine vision and AI what we've Developed is the ability to remotely Monitor blood pressure heart rate oxygen Saturation respiratory rate and a slew Of other vital bio indicators looking at The vasculature of your cheeks is able To see with every heartbeat the blood Flowing through your face the vital Intelligence platform does these Calculations in real time so within 10 To 15 seconds of being observed by Almost any camera we're able to then Provide any user with those valuable Biometrics I definitely think we're Going to see my heart rate increase on The dragonfly kiosk drone racing can be An exhausting Endeavor the races take Hours they're highly intense and as our Drone Racers prepare to endure those Conditions we can help them deliver Stronger performances on race day With this new technology we're Revolutionizing the experience for Pilots fans and the sporting industry Now and into the future The Drone Racing League [Music] Welcome back to level nine Campground We're getting set for Heat number two

Here in semifinal two the pilots are Wearing headsets from rickgaming.com the Official gaming headset and controller And partner of drone Racing League Available at Walmart and other major Retailers TK I ask you a similar question in Semi-final number one after the first Heat does Halo Walker have to have any Dramatic changes if he wants to win Dramatic no subtle yes he was right Behind heads up through that heat which Means that he was just taking those Turns at the same Pace as heads up if He's gonna be trailing him and he wants To advance and get the pass he's got to Be tighter on the turns he's got to Carry more momentum through them so if He can loosen or get rid of some of Those uncharacteristic moves that he's Making through a couple turns here and There I think he'll be right on him Semi-final two heat two [Music] Best to leave that excess baggage behind Is it to the lookout tower they go heads Up light blue he's first through through The road Gates and into the in and Around the team mobile Tower that'll set Up the gondola gate you've got heads up In light blue and Manny himself and dark Blue and Skye right there but Halo Walker and pink has found his way into Second again look pay attention to that

Light blue and that pink line watch how They differ but look at Skye coming and Mixing it up Through the river Gates then they'll go Up the dragonfly skygate nothing's Changed up front it still heads up in Light blue but you said it partner Skye And light green is right there he's in That runner-up position over and under The tray Bridge into the chicane and That will set up the T-Mobile tunnel With heads up leading this is a good Position for Scott he's got a handful of More turns to go through which means he Can close that Gap even more and maybe Even get right up on heads up After that diamond Gates they're into The hilltop turn heads up has definitely Found his comfort zone the outlands Pentagon to that square gate heads up Still no problem at all look out power One more time and he'll drop down to the Finish heads up is in a Groove Back-to-back wins Oh yeah I saw him too Oh wow we were a strong second position Of which two seconds will get you Through to the finals anyway what was Your strategy going into that that was Intent That was very intense uh you know Sometimes you want a strategy there's a Lot of courses where strategy is is what Will make or break it on this one though

I feel like I'm just trying to fly as Fast as I can every time I mean this Course is is you know razor thin margins I mean there's you blow out one corner And you I mean that's the whole race It's it's gone like that I mean you can See how tight the pack is Um I saw a sky pushing in front of me uh And I heard him say it right at one of The last turns like I had to go for it You know he's he's he's right you have To make those commitments because as Much as I flew well I didn't get first So you know maybe I need to be more Risky Um make some better closer turns uh and Maybe I'll try that next time strong Position in second place thank you very Much thanks Meanwhoe said it best sure you can fly Well but you need to win heads up does Get that second win this time it's 114.056 Well back to back we're watching heads Up show these guys how it's done but the Only person that was really giving him a Challenge or at least the person that Was giving him a challenge the most was Skye and Skye was doing everything he Could to catch up and cut it just a Little bit too tight through these Square Gates and as a result he ended up Falling back to the back of the pack That that was the one person that was

Putting pressure on heads up and then Come down to the end of the race you Come through the lookout tower and you Can see everybody else watching heads up Take away into the lead Heads-ups two wins means we will have a Sudden death the only question we don't Know is how many Pilots will be in it Vanover is sitting atop the overall Season standings based on eight IRL Levels we caught up with him on how he Prepared to stay competitive in these Sim levels I feel great going into the virtual Portion of the season coming off the First eight levels I have a very very High level of confidence I performed Extremely well in IRL racing I've gone Out and reminded people that vanover is Still here I haven't gone anywhere as a Matter of fact this heat has been all Been over [Music] It's giving me that drive to go into the Simulator push really hard put all the Training in that I need to and hopefully Put on some amazing performances there As well I had this just deep rooted passion for Everything that flies and I'm also a Really competitive person so I think What motivates me beyond that is just my Desire to be one of the best drone Racing Pilots that has ever flown

I just want to leave a legacy that People can remember when they watch DRL Way in the future I want to be in that Dear all Hall of Fame and combine Something that I'm super passionate About with my competitive nature I'm Just going to try and keep the same Strategy and maybe try and shave off a Half a second here and there how bad do You want it really there's no excuses Left at the end of the day if I win or Lose it's going to come down to how much I've worked going into the simulator Races everyone has these computers Everyone can train as much as they want When they're home I have the season Points Advantage going into the Simulator and I really want it I want to Be the world champion this year I want To push through the adversity and come Out on top [Music] Heads up to setting the standard and Sending a clear message if any of the Other Pilots want to avoid sudden death They have to win heat three jacks EPT Going into this season I feel like There's a lot of Unfinished Business From last season at the end of the day Michael was to be the world champion and I'm not going to always be fully Satisfied unless I'm on the top spot And playing simulator till like 1am and

I'm going to feel like 6 a.m till 6 p.m I'm practicing three times more than Other people I'm planning to pick up where I left off At last year's Vegas Championship race Last year was just about survival this Year I'm here to win I'm very good at being there no matter What no matter what the pressure is no Matter how many upsets there are you can Always count on a good race for me seven Years of 707 you know I'm pretty confident I know I can do it I'm training for this I'm practicing for This like every day I'm fully expecting that I'm gonna be Competing for the top this season Especially with hybrid and everything It's a really unique skill set required To do well I think I'm uniquely Positioned so everything that we're Going to be doing this year Being honest I just want to win I don't care if I have to train every Single day at 6am I will do anything just to win I feel confident in my abilities to beat A lot of the pilots I've been putting in A lot of work and a lot of practice so I Just feel confident These guys literally got their names by Racing me this isn't the first time I've Raced them I'm not really scared to to Race anybody

The opportunity to be here is like such A privilege so many Pilots would wish to Be here I really want to show that I'm Worthy I'm 100 committed that I will win every Race out there so if you like to root For a winner then you probably should Root for me To be an elite drone racer is a mindset It's I need to be there it's not I want To be there so if not I hope to be there It's I need to be there I do deserve to Be in DRL the amount of time I put in Should speak for itself [Music] This is DRL the Drone Racing League Foreign welcome back to the semifinals Of level nine Campground here in Semifinal two so far heads up is the Only pilot to have qualified for the Finals so TK with two spots available And only one regular heat left right we Know there's going to be a sudden death How do these Pilots approach this last Regular heat like the smartest Pilots Are going to go into this last Heat Realizing that they got to make Something happen right here right now Otherwise it's not going to work out in Your favor but you know there's a sudden Death coming in so just go full send for Heat number three because what do you Got to lose you're gonna get another Chance

Semi-final two heat three [Music] Fly the fine line to find the front Especially if you're anybody other than Heads up but it's the light blue drone And heads up who is in the front yet Again as they round the T-Mobile tower They set up for the gondola gate that Also will lead into the bridge loop once Again heads up in light blue the leader I'm watching heads up and I'm watching Van over at the silver drones they seem To have similar race lines which is Great for vanover the others seem to be Flying wide here and there which is why We're getting some of that changing Position through the river Gates and up Through the dragonfly skygate heads up Light blue Halo Walker and take ewo and Blue but he drops back but Skye now in Green fighting for that front it's the Train bridge and the chicane no one is Able to make a dent in heads up psyche And there it was again another wide turn Watch them as they go through these Final moments keep your eye on Halo Walker in Pink as he's trying to make Some moves here he's gotta send it Hilltop turn dropping down to the Pentagon the Allianz Pentagon they're up To the square gate heads up looks on his Way to a sweep Halo Walker in pink in Second heads up continues to dominate he Sweeps semifinal number two

Yeah I can count your season points on one Hand dude Halo you're the only person I know you Would talk trash from three times Whatever our Series standings leader our Former Champion we're not seeing you Quite NAB it yet which means you're Through to sudden death how much Pressure does sudden death put on you Now oh it definitely puts a lot of Pressure but heads up has been really Dominant in the semi-final so I feel Like sudden death's gonna be a very Interesting race I feel like if I'm Consistent even if I'm not the fastest I Feel like some of the other guys might Make some mistakes and I might be able To get that win You are a pilot who tends to do very Well under pressure they say pressure Makes diamonds it and you like that Pressure don't you yeah I do love that Pressure just drives me to fly my very Best if it's so casual and relaxed it's Really hard for me to get into that 100 Race Rhythm so I feel the pressure now And I feel it going into sudden death I Really want to make the finals and prove Myself only not only in real life but Also on the Sims so we'll see what Happens and how different is the Sim Season the in real life season for you Yeah the Sim is very different for me

It's a whole new challenge I feel very Comfortable flying IRL style because I've been doing it for 12 years the Simulator this is my second season on it But I put in a lot of work this season To try and get my simulator skills up This is kind of like my first race truly Back into the simulator so there's a lot Of nerves there and a lot of pressure But I love it and I'm just gonna try and Perform my very best and see what Happens I look forward to watching you In sudden death enjoy thanks Layla The stats don't lie heads up three for Three he's headed into the finals with The most momentum his three wins mean That there will be two spots available In sudden death so TK A variation right Of the question I'm gonna ask you by the Time we get all the way to the golden Heat pick your two who's gonna Advance Well I would have loved to have picked Van over but looking all the way at the Bottom of the board I'm gonna say he's Not gonna be there I'm really looking at Halo Walker and Peak his line has been Solid he looks like he's feeling good on The track he is just nailing exactly Where he needs to nail it and I gotta go With me while considering he's the next In line he's the only other guy that has Shown that Improvement here on the track Friends and he had a fifth place in the Last one but he does have a second as

Well I'm going with those two Nice TK's two to look for Semi-final two sudden death [Music] Save the star gazing for after the Semifinals as five are in the air only Two will move on the colors miwo in dark Blue you've got Skye and green Halo is in pink and it's miwo and Halo 1-2 this is some of the tightest racing We have ever seen Craig this is Unbelievable There through the bridge loop and into The out Grand switch back you've got Skye and green though trying to stick His nose out front oh me well though in Blue is way out there well watch how They swing through these turns the whole Group went wide Vivo kept in tight and He is the first one to the gate the Train bridge has been interesting Throughout these semifinals miwo and Blue leads them around you've got Skye In green and Halo and pink right there As well as into the T-Mobile tunnel They'll go through the train gate and Then they'll set up for the diamond gate Which leads them up to the hilltop turn The top four all bunched together this Is unbelievable Craig Alliance Pentagon no distance in between Them all through the square gate and up Through the lookout tower one final time You've got Skye there you've got Halo

There and you've got me right there look For the top two guys [Music] That's ridiculous Oh [Music] Unreal without a doubt that was the Tightest race we've seen all season Um I'll start with you halo Walker how Conscious were you of how tight it was And also how careful were you knowing The new crash system Um oh I was taking it easy on those last Gates I saw the standings on the side Flickering back and forth those Mio Sky Many all of us were in it it could have Been anyone's race honestly and I just I'm so happy I held this together at the End We saw a deep relief from both of you Sky how important is it to you to get Through in that moment it's hugely Important because you don't get through In this point you don't get any points For the season so uh That was points on the border not for This level so it's a huge relief to know That I'm going home with some points Um and it's all up from here great to See the joy in both of your faces we'll See you again soon thank you thank you Thanks Adrenaline surging it's almost 3 A.M for Halo Walker over in Germany no need for

Coffee now as he wins the heat 113.872 until the chicane after the Train bridge we had all five Pilots so Tightly packed it was impossible to make The call the lead kept changing hinges And we we lost van over there heading Into the T-Mobile tunnel but there's Still this crazy group of people you can See Skye is actually running in third Place at this point but he comes back to Take second place and move on we were Kind of watching me while we were Thinking maybe he's got it he's kind of Relaxed he's in the zone he's ready he's Prepared and all of a sudden we get to The very end and the coming through that Last turn Halo and uh Sky made an amazing pass through the Lookout tower got the edge over me while And if you watched it in super super Slow motion you can see that Sky just Barely edged him out for that last spot To go on to finals Hundredths of a second difference in That tense death battle determines our Three moving on we knew heads up was There now we also know Halo and Skye Will join him in the finals The Switchback is another challenging Element on this one lap course TK gave Us a closer look presented by the U.S Air Force The Switchback consists of two Consecutive sharp turns across the river

A poor line through turn one will Compound and result in additional time Lost at turn two Pilots pre-turn through the first gate By Rolling right and pitching back Before reaching the gate using their Momentum to carry the Drone through the Turn This allows the pilots to exit the turn Sooner while facing the direction of the Next gate They then roll left slightly to Straighten out as they cross the river Followed by a sharp left pre-turn Through gate two the best line consists Of two back-to-back late Apex turns but Increases their chance of crashing it Requires Pilots to approach the gate Wide and then pass through the gate on The inside taking the inside line Results in a wider exit slowing momentum And increasing the distance to the next Gate [Music] Semis are in the rear view mirror we now Turn our Focus to the finals the six Best Pilots start their new Skirmish Next [Music] Foreign We're here at the training facility with Gotham FC and for the very first time We're going to have the fpv drone on the Field with the players as they're

Training we're hoping to get some really Unique shots and something you've never Seen before Foreign [Music] The world's first blockchain designed For the future of Finance by Allianz the Global leader in Asset Management Investments and insurance and by Timo The leader in 5G America's largest Fastest and most reliable 5G Network Welcome back to the 2021 diera World Championship we're on the DRL Simulator For level 9 Campground and we are set For the finals only six Pilots are left In the level and this is what they all Worked for TK we're gonna be in Vegas to End the 2021 season but if we were in Vegas right now I think I would push my Chips all in for heads up yeah and I Think you you might be winning some cash At the end of that at least that's my Guess if I'm looking at Stats and stats Alone this guy has been to eight golden Heat so far this season so if there's Somebody that can get in there it's Definitely him on top of that he is a Pilot that is known to be able to adapt His flying in the middle of racing that Just racing alone is hard enough but to Adapt your flight characteristics that's A true Testament to a champ Let's bring our 2018 Fiero world Champion Paul nurkalabakkin nerk I want

Your take first on heads up as well What's impressed you the most with his Flying so far well beyond what he's Doing in this level just now just today He's also got a huge opportunity in Terms of his world championship campaign Because van over hasn't made finals he Has an opportunity to make up a huge Amount of points here in this level and Close up that one-two Gap to his chief Rival All right Paul I gotta ask you because I Know what I'm thinking but what are you Thinking who are the next two that You're looking at in this group I I'm always taking a look at Amari Amari especially in the in his Semi-final round one two out of three of His Heats and he is consistently a Strong performer in the simulator However we also have Alex fpv who's been Putting in some uh like I was very Surprised with his qualifying Performance not because I don't expect a Lot out of him but because it went above And beyond my high expectations for him So I'm really excited to see those three Especially battle it out but it's Eddie Man's game check the words out of my Mouth yeah well and Paul based on your Past experience another thing I'm very Curious about talk about the difference For these Pilots going from semi-finals To now finals being in finals is is a

Blessing actually you have a lot more Time to kind of practice to get yourself Into the golden heat because there's More opportunities right you have six Heats instead of just the three and as a Result if some if one or two races don't Go your way you have more time to just Reset relax and win Guys thanks for that insight and all Those elements to think about let's give Everyone the lineup the pilots and the Colors they will fly for our finals of Level nine heads up the defending Dira World champion flies light blue Amari White Alex fpv Blue Halo Walker pink gab 707 yellow and Sky green Finals he won Foreign [Music] Once again that sets everything up for The run through the road Gates and That's the light blue drone of heads up In first with a Marion white in seconds Having a Powerhouse like these two are Heads up and Amari up front is a Daunting thing especially if you got all Those drones in your face you'll want to Swipe them out of the way Omarion white Taking the lead Alex fpv heads up has Dropped all the way back to six so he Obviously hits something and had contact That's that new crash system TK that you Know all too well as now they come down Through the waterfall gate you've got a

Marion white Alex in light in blue right There this is a good spot for Alex at Least it's holding on to second if he Can get it first it's great but seconds Matter the T-Mobile tunnel Alex in blue In front Omarion white second Skye and Green third the diamond gate exit out of The tunnel they go up to the hilltop Turn after that it is the AL Leon's Pentagon you've got Alex in blue Slightly in front of Omarion white but Amari and white is now also there the Final time through the lookout tower This turn ever so critical too close to Call between Alex and Amari and it goes To Alexander All right we got the second okay we can Work with this Alex we had to be on each other Nice race Tenth of a second baby Wheels Alex congratulations it was neck and Neck throughout was it as stressful as You for you as it was for us to watch oh Man I can feel the sweat starting Already that was the first heat of Finals and honestly that was it's a huge Make or break heat when it's the first One you know it's it starts off your Emotions your pride gets on the line so If you start on a off on a bad one it's Kind of hard to come back for that so to Start off on a good foot is huge and I'm Just looking forward to five Heats I'm

Having fun for sure You mentioned before that the lookout Tower seem to be a pivotal spot and it Looked like that was where the big the Big win was for you yeah for sure you Know the first the first time you come To it is definitely a stressful Venture But once you have the heat of your life And you're flying super good and then That's the last gate you see you know It's definitely easy to get tripped up And either try too hard or not try hard Enough and lose it in the last gate Which obviously hurts more than anything So yeah you just gotta roll the dice put It in there and hope it works either it Happens or it doesn't Well congrats thank you Less than six one hundredths of a second Decided it Alex wins that time 111.582 Well the story of this race was the Winners of uh semi-final one versus the Winners of semifinal number two and a Heads up started the race in the lead But coming through this bridge Gate Bridge loop he crashed on the way out Giving the lead to the semi-final one Competitors Amari and Alex these two Battle back and forth Alex took the lead Through the T-Mobile tunnel and just Held off Amari into the Finish gate You'd heard Alex tell Layla a Combination of relief and also a setup For the rest of these finals he's

Already booked his ticket for the golden Eats Alex may be able to breathe a sigh of Relief but the other five Pilots the Pressure continues to mount keep two of The finals coming up [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] The algorand ecosystem is where Monumental change takes shape So come transform the world with us on All grind This is DRL the Drone Racing League [Music] Welcome back to the finals of level 9 Campground Alex fpv won Heat number one And has secured his spot in the winner Take all gold knee TK that last Heat Illuminated just how tight this racing Is heads up one small mistake he went From first to last yeah the margin for Error there's extremely tight Craig look That's all it takes and if you're riding That line as hard and as fast as you Possibly can go one Nick of a prop is All you need to take you out of the race And go from first to six but the Mentality that heads up has going into This is huge he's got a smile on his Face he's still feeling good he's not Even worried about the fact that he just Got a sixth place finish and not to

Mention Paul said it best earlier he's Got plenty of time to make up for this So we should see a difference in heads Up as we continue on Finals heat two [Music] Every pilot better be able to see the Forest through the trees the lookout Tower is the setup maneuver for them all And right away heads up light blue Amari In white they're your Front Runners Around the T-Mobile tower and that will Set up the gondola gate yet again and Then it's on to that bridge loop oh it's Not just the trees you got to see Through Craig got a seed through all Those drones in front of you look at Alex he's not a good spot but he's Already got a first gab is looking to Make up some time but Omarion heads up Back and forth The river Gates see amarion white heads Up in light blue your top two through The dragonfly skygate and down to the Waterfall gate still no change in your Top two but behind him you've got a Surge from Alex who's now in third in Front of Gab and yellow oh heads up had A great opportunity he keeps swinging Wide and Amari is capitalizing on it Into the T-Mobile tunnel you've got Amari and heads up 1-2 their friend Alex Is right behind in third left turn Through the diamond gate sends them out

That'll be up to the hilltop and then Down through the owliance Pentagon still Heads up in light blue and Amari in White nothing really separating him what A huge pass back there heads up is Looking solid Amari does not like this He had the inside line and heads up gets That win what a turnaround five seconds Let's go boys Can we just talk about two Heats in flag B already secured secured initiate it Heads up we're talking about these very Tight margins right now we don't often Actually see you so close to the pack we Usually see you much further up in front Tell me what's happening uh well the Competition is so Fierce Um myself Amari and Alex fpv are at the Top of our game I can't say it any other Way and uh I think it's just going to be Us trading Heats back and forth and when It comes down to that golden heat the Pressure is going to be so high the Intensity is going to be so high and It's going to be anyone's game but I Need to secure that confidence get some Heat wins but we already got S3 in the Golden heat so we're gonna keep trying Our best thank you very very much Foreign 112.488 he mentioned that three Pilots Are already in the golden heat will Address that subject in a bit Well Amari took the lead through the

Bridge loop but he didn't quite hold on To it all the way to the end heads up Coming out of the train gate up into the Hilltop turn cut it just a little bit Tighter and pushed just ahead of Amari That gave him the lead for the entire Rest of the heat so here at the end of The race we can see from Alex's Perspective who is running third for That entire race seeing heads up in Amari just in front of him see how close That battle was and just have to watch Helplessly all the way to the Finish This is why heads up just hinted that Amari was in the golden heat as well Remember two seconds in the finals now Advances you to the goal needs so not Just Alex and heads up based on their Wins but back to that seconds for Amari Means he will be there as well Heads up has become a master at both IRL And Sim racing but that's not the only Skill our defending world champion has Studied he spent nearly half his life Playing the cello closer look at why he Flies presented by dragonfly Global UAV Leader in the advancement and Integration of drone technology [Music] I've been playing cello since I was 10 Years old I found that playing the cello Really requires a certain level of Discipline that requires performing Under Pressure requires a lot of

Precision And music you're always looking for Perfection you're always looking to have Every single beat be right on you don't Want to speed up you don't want to slow Down you are looking for Perfection Always and I found that to be very Interesting because since I was 10 years Old I've always been looking for Perfection in my music and I learned how To get as close to that as possible As I tried to find perfection in drone Racing I felt that some of these skills And life lessons that I learned in music Almost applied to drone racing and Trying to perfect things and trying to Find that Rhythm and perform under Pressure as well so there were so many Similarities that I found from playing Cello in front of 100 people at my Elementary school to now racing drones In front of a live audience on TV around The On the phone Flying a great drone race is like Playing the perfect song Foreign For the third heat of our finals you Know we've been hearing a lot about this Flying V I'd love for you to explain it To our new fans yeah this is dangerous For guys like Sky gab and Halo Walker Especially knowing that there's four More Heats to go Alex heads up and Amari

All have this thing with a practice Calling the Flying V they say it to each Other long V engaged and they do it they Literally fly three like a V throughout The whole track we'll find out if they Do it if they do it's Bad News Bears for Sky Gavin Halo Finals heat three [Music] No thickets to cut through but plenty of Tension to tackle as they're through the Lookout tower once again Amari white Heads up light blue Alex fpv in blue They are your front three oh look at That Craig the V is engaged already Down and into the bridge loop this could Spell Doom as you said the feed is only Victory for the three that are taking Part in it and they are in formation Well watch gab watch guy these guys are Mentally strong they know how to surpass That and get past the three of these Guys to move into position they need to Through the waterfall game now that will Lead into the train bridge once again We've seen some interesting maneuvering Through here after that the chicane and Then it's the T-Mobile tunnel Amari Heads up Alex that's your running order At this point gabs hoping for a mistake From these front three at least Out of the tunnel they'll now go up to The hilltop turn They've switched positions a little bit

But you've got the white Throne of Amari The blue drone of Alex and you've got The light blue drone of heads up they're Your top three positions the lookout Tower one final time and it's a drop Towards the finish it is the B and They're all in Amari will get the win I Don't want to play it again [Music] Umari we're hearing you scream we cannot Be stopped we've had the commentators Explain to our audience a little bit About that v formation tell me about Your teamwork and how important that was For you right now Matt me and Alex and Heads up go way back from uh racing and We've got this group we call ourselves The Flying V you know you get the one Person up front the two on each side of Them and when we're in our group we can Not be stopped like you just saw and I Get a feeling you're gonna see that Another three Heats in a row so your Whole AIM now is to stop anyone else Getting into that last Heat Um why why is that so pivotal for you You know keeping people out of you know The golden hit literally maximizes our Opportunity to earn season points and at The end of the year we're all trying to Be the world champion so and lastly You're working as a team to maintain That ability to go just you three but Then you're gonna have to switch it up

And compete immediately yeah no we're All fighting our absolute hardest to try To lock out that gold need but the Gloves are going to come off once that Uh tone goes off and uh that's what Things get real fun it's exciting to Watch thank you thank you Heat three gives Amari his first win of The finals that winning time 113.769 Well with Omarion heads up trying to Block all of the other Pilots out with Their Flying V formation and you can see From heads Up's perspective what it Would look like to be stuck behind that But you can actually see that Alex is up There having broken the Flying V and he Is running in that second place now Remember you don't just have to win in Finals you only need two second places As well so Alex is doing everything he Can to break that Flying V to get out Ahead and make sure that he's gonna Advance past that blockade into the Final round you can see that at the end There was such a tight battle that we Had to slow it all the way down to show You that Alex got in between them just In the next time There are your stats Amari with that win He joins Alex fpv and heads up they each Have that win to advance but Mario was Already there with his two seconds We're halfway through our finals but as The pilots have said it all leads to the

Golden heat where eventually it will be One man all for himself Foreign Racing circuit this is DRL The Drone Racing League We've teamed up with drone Racing League To fuel 5G innovation in two Fast-growing markets drones and Tech-powered sports T-Mobile is building The largest fastest most reliable 5G Network in the country DRL is building a New sport that depends on using Innovative technology to create an Audience experience like no one has ever Seen before In the past the analog video that's come Through is not very clear and not very Clean With T-Mobile 5G Wireless technology we Get a crystal clear image now that the Field test has proven to be a success It's time to build a fleet of these Drones and take them to DRL races and T-Mobile events and really show the World what this drone can do this is Just the beginning and I can't wait to See this 5G drone take flight This is DRL the Drone Racing League [Music] Foreign Welcome back to level nine Campground We're halfway through the finals in Amari heads up and Alex have already Qualified for the golden heat TK I just

Want to go back to this V another time Right it seems like there's a pretty Easy way to break up the V well look the The bottom line is just got to fly the Fastest right and that's what really Matters because all these guys are going Up against each other to get the first Place finish anyway they're all trying To go as fast as they possibly can so The bottom line is correct you fly the Fastest you get the win Finals keep four [Music] Be on the lookout for opportunities and Advantages as all six are through the Lookout tower they drop down to the road Gates that once again will set up the T-Mobile tower you've got heads up in Light blue amarion white and Alex in Blue right there well you also got Halo And pink Roswell he's trying to get up To that front watch him onto these turns Of the bridge loop on the inside line Tighter than the rest Rich Loop is Behind them and now it's the algorand Switchback continues to be heads up in Light blue and Omarion white switching The lead amari's in a great position as Well heads up in the lead but look he's Got a chance right here on this drop Because heads up swings wide every time Amari with an interesting approach to The train bridge see how that sets them All up for the chicane heads up in light

Blue Amari in white 1-2 as they enter The T-Mobile tunnel oh look at Halo Creeping up on Alex trying to get in There yeah Halo's doing his best he's in Pink and both he and Alex are switching That third position out in front of them Though you've got at the hilltop turn And now the Alias Pentagon heads up late Clue amarion white through the square Gate up to the lookout tower one final Time heads up loving that front position And it looks like it he does wins Heat Number four I'm pretty sure I got second Yeah I'm already got the second oh no no No No It's not unfair I feel bad a lot of Damage too hey Halo in case you're Wondering I actually had nose [Applause] See I thought your crashed so it was 10 Ah Skye throughout this season you've been Our most strategic calculated pilot and I think it's a pilot like you that can Explain to me now how do we break Through these three how does someone Beat them Uh honestly you have to get them off Their energy right now their energy is Just way up here and uh they're feeling Themselves they're flying really well Um ultimately I think it would have just Required even more practice than we

Already put in everyone here has been Putting in a ton of practice but you Know obviously they came ready to play And uh I'm gonna have to keep working to get Some results on them How do you talk about drone racing Before I've heard you compare it to Poker and how you play the player not Just the game Psychologically what game do you play Now The game now is just go fast right They're they're all going fast they're Not making very many mistakes and when They do make mistakes they are coming Back from them really well so uh I'm Still trying to out strategize them Heads up with that second win 114.228 on this occasion The Heat's winding down here in finals It's the pilots that are winning here Have the opportunity to start practicing For the golden heat right they have an Opportunity now to run a couple extra Batteries to keep getting their their Thumbs warm their brains on fire and That is what's happening here out front They're working back and forth they're Racing as hard as they can so that they Know that they have the possible fastest Line when they get to the golden heat Even right down to the end we are still Having battles coming out of the lookout

Tower and down into the Finish gate Everybody is racing as hard as they can Every single race to go the fastest and Taking advantage of this extra time to Practice this extra opportunity to win Gives them all the more confidence Heading into the golden heat Sky set it to Layla it just seems that Heads up Amari and Alex fpv are A Cut Above So Far here at level nine but There are still two regular Heats to go A chance for Skye gab 707 and Halo Walker to get that win Three are in three still searching to Make it to the gold team we'll find out The winner of heat five Foreign [Music] When I'm flying I put my helmet on I Visor down My mask up you don't know who I am Whether I'm African-American Asian American Hispanic white male or female you just Know I'm an American Airman Kicking your butt I'm Journal CQ Brown Jr come join us This is DRL the Drone Racing League Foreign [Music] Campground with just two more regular Heats of racing remaining heads up Amari And Alex fpv have secured their spots in The Gold knee now TK any great athlete

Will tell you when they're on right they Are in a Groove explain what that is Like for a pilot oh it's like a magic Potion that just bruises and Brews Inside of you when you're on your groove Man it is the best feeling in the world When you're feeling good and and you Know that your competition is having a Tough time and you've got it to him you Know what I mean that's just such a good Feeling to ride that high all the way Through it's just nothing ever other and It's really hard to overcome if there's Someone that can do it it would be Skye Finals heat five [Music] Get a grip on the magnitude of the Moment the lookout tower sets them up Yet again and once again you've got Heads up in light blue amarion white Alex in blue right there in those top Three positions around the T-Mobile Tower and up through the gondola gate no Change as of yet we'll see what the Bridge loot does oh look at heads up Creeping up on Amari as it goes for it The same top three we have seen for all These Heats right there thousand Switchbacks now into the river Gates They'll also fly up through the Dragonfly skygate at the moment it's a Murray and white in front look at Mario's got to be careful he's only as Good as his best defense here and heads

Up has a fantastic offense Alex fpv has Dropped all the way back to six so that Same top three doesn't look like it will Happen here but Amari in white heads up Light blue through the T-Mobile tunnel They're your top two you've got Halo and Pink now slotted into third Halo and Peak waiting for an opportunity to arise But he's got to make up his own all it Takes is one win to get you the golden Heat Halo and pink in third he's right There they'll go up to the square Gates Through the lookout tower one final time There's that sweeping right turn oh Amari heads up who's it gonna be almost Dead Yeah that's insane let's throw the Replay We know it's a good race and we hear you And a couple of the other Pilots just Sitting there going wait for the name Wait for the name wait for the name how Confident were you in your win well Um that I was I guess I wasn't really Confident to be completely honest with You when you're that close to somebody It's the same thing in the same in real Life like when you're right next to each Other we can see what's in front of us But we can't see what's to the side and Amari and I literally came into that Finish gate side by side so we hit and Then I'm just sitting there waiting for The results to come in on the screen and

Then we're all just sitting there just Like giddy waiting for those results and Boom I saw that I got Amari by like a Thousandth of a second which is just so Crazy the racing could be that close Such type margins great to watch thank You Heads up calls it crazy that is Literally as far as the clocks go one One thousandth of a second is the Winning margin heads up winning time 113.966 well so far tonight the story Has been this the story of heads up Amari and Alex fpv but for the first Time we've now seen a mistake made from One of those top three Alex fpv had the Lead out of the bridge loop and into the Algorand switchbacks but crashed on the SEC the Middle Gate of those trying to Cut it a little bit too tight and now I Can't overstate how important this win Was four heads up over Amari in that It's going to continue to help them Build that confidence build that Showmanship build that uh you know that Championship mentality over top of his Closest competitor heading into the Golden heat and with one one thousandth Of a second I don't think we've seen a Closer sim finish than this and it's Just a beauty to watch them go side by Side the Finish gate A third win of these finals from heads Up as Paul was starting to say by the

Slimmest margin we've ever seen in DRL Amari and Alex also the only other Pilots in that golden heat So one last chance for Halo Skye and gab To get that win and break through can They do it [Music] Thank you [Music] Vital intelligence is a contactless Vital sign monitoring platform developed Using Machine Vision AI what we've Developed is the ability to remotely Monitor blood pressure heart rate oxygen Saturation respiratory rate and a slew Of either vital bio indicators looking At the vasculature of your cheeks is Able to see with every heartbeat the Blood flowing through your face The vital intelligence platform does These calculations in real time so Within 10 to 15 seconds of being Observed by almost any camera we're able To then provide any user with those Valuable Biometrics I definitely think We're going to see my heart rate Increase on the dragonfly kiosk Drone racing can be an exhausting Endeavor the races take hours they're Highly intense and as our drone Racers Prepare to endure those conditions we Can help them deliver stronger Performances on race day With this new technology we're

Revolutionizing the experience for Pilots fans and the sporting industry Now and in the future This is DRL the Drone Racing League Welcome back only one more chance here In the finals of level nine Campground For their pilots to earn their way into The golden heat and TK no offense right To Halo Skye and gab I don't think that Wind's about to happen so my question For you is what are heads up Amari and Alex doing to get ready in this heat for The golden heat while the smartest Pilots are looking to get heat six as a Way to carry that momentum that they Need going into the golden heat so they Want this win they want a first place in Heat six because that's only going to Help them with their confidence level as They go into that golden heat having That as a pilot is crucial Final heat six [Music] Halo Gavin Skye hope they're about to Have a story to tell as it's in the Lookout tower is down to the road Gates Again but heads up in light blue Amari And white they're your top Runners oh Look at this separation up front is Already allowing some of the pack to Close in on them and Alex is making a Mistake as well Into the bridge loop heads up into Mari Switching the leads but remember gab sky

And Halo need a win to advance the goal Meet anything less has them headed home Halo the next closest in line as he Takes these Gates Craig he's got a Tighten up look how wide he's going on This turn down through the waterfall Gate that means the train bridge is next If he wants to catch Alex he's got to Take him on every single turn because They all add up so they to make it in The end After the train gate it's the diamond Gate at the moment Amari and heads up Again continue to switch off that lead As they'll climb to the hilltop turn After that it's the alliance Pentagon And we've seen this so many times before In these finals heads up in Amari Continue to jostle with that first Position through the lookout tower one Final time for regular Heats it's down To the Finish who will get another win And it's Amari [Applause] Come forward let's go oh my gosh oh my God let's do it um Good work Boys YouTube let's run away Yes Good Race boys Amari we're seeing a lot of Joy from you three how much of this Confidence is riding on the momentum now Oh it's 100 momentum based that's a Scary thing you know you get the snow

Snowball rolling it does not stop And with the others trying to break Through is was there anything they could Have done not a chance you know when all Three of us were just on a roll like That they had to get lucky not once not Twice but three times and it just was Not going to happen this race the u3 we Spoke before you three was sort of Working almost as a team when it comes To competing will anything change in Your strategy uh no honestly we just Throw hands every single heat and our Best effort seems to be able to lock out That top three that's what the Flying V Is all about Looking forward to watching it thank you Thank you Credit to Amari for the win but let's Give credit to all six Pilots here in The finals look at those times just over Half a second separated first through Sixth well our top three have been Decided and we're moving on to the Golden heat but I want to kind of come Back and talk about some of the other Guys we've got Halo Walker's perspective Here of heads up Amari and Alex in front Of them and I want to point out just how Hard it is to compete at this level Right you have to figure out how I'm Gonna how am I going to string together All of these Gates get the apex's Exactly perfect waste exactly zero time

Well I have three people with their Trails in front of me distracting me From getting off that line so it's a Huge challenge for these guys to make That passes get ahead and credited them To be staying competitive and pushing as Hard as they can in this race however in The end it was Amari that ended up Winning he went through the lookout Tower just a little bit ahead of heads Up had a better line into the into the Gate and I can't tell you how much that Last second win is gonna help him here In the golden heat [Music] Laying off of Paul's words yes heads up Did have three wins in the finals but Amari does get that last win Heat number Six heads up Amari and Alex fpv will Fight it out in the golden heat The 2021 DRL world champion has to prove Their dominance in both IRL and Sim Racing we asked the pilots what it's Like competing in a hybrid season I think the fact that this is a hybrid Season will really bring out the best Pilots This is going to be the ultimate test to See who is the best pilot in the world Wins heat three he might be back today Not only do you have to perform in real Life on the stage you have to perform Behind the screen Luxy a close second The hybrid season definitely brings a

Different challenge I think it'll reward Adaptability some Pilots are really Specialized they can learn one setup one Thing memorize it pour the hours in and Like really get every inch out of it but That adaptability is really something That those natural talented Pilots Really shine at I'm ready I'm hype I think the pilot That wins this season is going to prove That they're an absolute master of their Craft because they're going to be able To handle both the real life aspect with All of the variances that occur there And also the Sim where everything is Exactly just right the 2012 Enduro world Champion needs to work harder than Everyone else they need to be more Passionate than everyone else Thank you I think they need to be Hungrier than everyone else It does take a lot of work those fine Little adjustments that need to be made They take a lot of time to dial in the Standings are going to get shaken up by This end parts are going to be broken But we will see who the true world Champion is this year Three pilots who know each other's Skills all too well will now fight for The level win the golden heat is next [Music] Going into this season I feel like There's a lot of Unfinished Business

From last season at the end of the day My goal is to be the world champion and I'm not going to always be fully Satisfied unless I'm on the top spot And playing simulator till like 1am and I'm going to feel like 6 a.m till 6 p.m I'm practicing three times more than Other people I'm planning to pick up where I left off At last year's Vegas Championship race Last year was just about survival this Year I'm here to win I'm very good at being there no matter What no matter what the pressure is no Matter how many upsets there are you can Always count on a good race for me seven Years of 707 you know I'm pretty confident I know I can do it I'm training for this I'm practicing for This like every day I'm fully expecting that I'm gonna be Competing for the top this season Especially with hybrid and everything It's a really unique skill set required To do well I think I'm uniquely Positioned to sell everything that we're Going to be doing this year Being honest I just want to win I don't care if I have to train every Single day at 6am I will do anything just to win I feel confident in my abilities to beat A lot of the pilots I've been putting in A lot of work and a lot of practice so I

Just feel confident These guys literally got their names by Racing me this isn't the first time I've Raced them up I'm not really scared to To race anybody The opportunity to be here is like such A privilege so many Pilots would wish to Be here I really want to show that I'm Worthy I'm 100 committed that I will win every Race out there so if you like to root For a winner then you probably should Root for me To be an elite drone racer is a mindset It's I need to be there it's not I want To be there so if not I hope to be there It's I need to be there I do deserve to Be in dro the amount of time I put in Should speak for itself [Music] Racing League brought to you by Al Goran The world's first blockchain designed For the future of Finance by Rickgaming.com Gear Up get good and buy Think U.S Air Force Aim High Foreign Welcome back to level nine Campground This is what it's all led to the golden Heat and TK as we are moments away from These top three Pilots heads up Amari And Alex fpv Fighting For the Win I Don't know I think it'd be interesting To follow your social media feed after I Get you to pick which one of these three

Is gonna win look the gloves are coming Off and the battle is going to the Streets here with these three it's an Unbelievable matchup but if you want to Talk about who's hungriest Amari needs These points he's looking at the amount Of points that he can go after he's got To go from Seventh to fourth season Overall he really wants those 10 Pointers to get his chance at but the Pressure is at its highest as we go into This golden heat and you know that could Take even the best Pilots out Let's bring Paul nerkley our 2018 diero World Champion in again one more time as We preview this goal neat Paul I started This show with an obvious statement I'm Gonna finish the show with one two look Uh the golden heat and the pressure that Comes with it is unlike any other heat Yeah absolutely when you're in these Make or break moments right you have all Of the pressure from all of the racing That you've done all of the practice That you've done all of the people who Have taken again you know a a an Approach to you as a person going after This like it all comes down to this one Moment right and that's where you have The temptation to get overwhelmed by That and personally when I was competing It was always when I was the most Relaxed and the happiest and enjoying it The most that I was performing at my

Best if I took a second to kind of walk Around Shake It Off joke around with my Competitors a little bit I'd also use That to get in their head a little bit But that's either here or there and all Of that kind of helped me build that Winning mentality which helped me push Out that stress and put myself into the Mindset of a champion Well all those tactics you spoke of are Fantastic but what do you do in the heat Of the moment when you realize you're Down in the midst of the battle I guarantee you that each of these guys Has a process that they go through you Know whether it's you know have that Last sip of water play a little bit of Music talk to their other competitors or Go through some sort of you know ritual What they're doing is saying I'm getting Rid of the chaos I'm getting rid of all Of the external factors that could Control how I'm going to race and give Myself an opportunity to put myself into The mindset that mindset that I know I Can achieve when I'm winning so when I'm Watching this last Heat I'm going to be Looking at the guys that are the most Relaxed that are having fun that are Here to win Guess what guys there's no V in winner Either it's time for the finals golden Heat [Music]

Who's ready to wear the Rangers badge Heads up Amari our Alex fpv down to the Road Gates a slight Edge for heads up And light blue Amari and white sitting Right there around the T-Mobile tower These guys know this course all too well Now it's time for the bridge loop well Despite how good these two are I'm Speaking of heads up in Amari they both Have different lines pay attention to How wide one swings versus the other and Which one comes out of the turn slower Amari leads them through the river Gates Next up at the dragonfly skygate so it's A Marion white a slight lead over heads Up you've now got Alex who has dropped Way back so it looks as though Omarion Heads up will decide this level Championship they're already through the Train bridge into the chicane that sets Up the T-Mobile tunnel Amari has this Course down packed Craig he is handling Every one of these turns precisely as he Needs to Amari leads them out of the tunnel that Will go up to the hilltop you've got Amari just in front of heads up through The Allianz Pentagon they'll climb Through the square gate then as that Final right turn through the lookout Tower Omarion white there first here's The drop to the finish for the level Nine win it's submari [Music]

See you in the seasonal points boys Umari what a fantastic run it looked Pitch Perfect how is it for you I I Gotta admit the lights went out I took Off and I don't remember a single thing That happened I wasn't mad with a single Turn I took we all flew fantastic Um it it's so edifying to finish on a Heat like that where I know I didn't Make any mistakes gave it my all and me And heads up had a crazy battle to the End with Alex just right there they say A happy Pilot's a dangerous pilot how Much of this is riding on that joy that We spoke of earlier man I'm a very Emotional pilot that's no secret uh just When I'm doing well what I feel like I'm Doing doing well like I mean I didn't Get as many first as heads-ups coming Into this but I honestly wasn't Concerned with it a bit Um you know winning is a mentality and I Definitely feel like I was able to keep My head where it needed to be and Things shook out in my favor tonight We'll leave it at that line because That's perfect winning is a mentality And you're a champion congrats thank you Very much Amari gets his first level win in the Season he takes the golden heat that Time 113.009 Well these three top three guys let off With a huge battle all three of them

Going back and forth for positioning but The first pilot to fall unfortunately Was Alex fpv he clipped the exit of the Bridge loop and that was the end of the Race for him and then there were two I Believe that because Amari didn't quite Have the win in 2020 he's looking to Exact his revenge here and I think that This was the perfect start on that Championship attack Amari controls them all here at the Campground he's on the top step heads up Second valuable points for him there and Alex fpv finishes in third Well guys as we wrap across this great Level of level nine Campground TK I'm Gonna go to you first your biggest Impression you know I I I had a feeling Amore was gonna go there but you know to Execute it is a different thing and to Have that confidence going in it just Shows that that skill came right along With that confidence in the two Just Married perfectly to get him that win Paul touch on what Amari was telling Layla right that he basically did in Fact go into that zone doesn't really Remember anything it all became almost Muscle memory yeah the goal in the high Level competition is to get out of your Own way it's to it's to push out your Active thinking and let your muscle Memory take over Amari puts in so much Time practicing and preparing for racing

That the best place to be is when he's Not thinking and I I can reflect I can Resonate with that having totally Forgotten what it was like in that Moment because it's all about getting Out of your own head getting out of your Own way and letting the Drone do the Talking well let's see what amari's win Did to those season standings clearly 10 Points helps a lot we know van over is Going to stay in the lead but look at That heads up has now moved to within One point and Amari sits in fourth only Nine points now behind Alex FPU V That does it for level nine Campground Congrats again to Amari on his first Level win of the Season watch the 2021-22 Fiero World Championship season Wednesday nights on NBCSN and Twitter at 8pm Eastern and keep up with DRL all Year long on Tick Tock Twitter Instagram And Facebook for Tony knittle Leila Anna Lee Paul nirgola and our entire crew I'm Craig Hummer thanks for watching Is a copyrighted broadcast of drone Racing League Incorporated and may not Be transmitted reproduce rebroadcast or Otherwise distributed or used in any Form without the express written consent Of drone Racing League Incorporated [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music]

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