2022 MultiGP Global Qualifier: North East Triple Header I (Part2/3)

By | July 9, 2022

MGP North East Triple Header:
MA Drone Racing
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WeBleed North East

We got bagzilla coming back to his chair Finally Let's do this pilots All right guys so we got one pilot down The other three are good All right guys if i have no objections To video Let's go ahead and arm our quads as we Go live on the tone in less than [Music] Five we get a nice clean start on this Heat ladies and gentlemen They're all bunched up wow what a great Heat Who's gonna be the first into the Corkscrew We got yellow no orange props Followed closely by the green props and Then perry bringing up oh with the pass Maxilla twenty point four slow poke Perry with the pace 23.6 Oh great recovery First in again orange props Perry with the recovery he's good Bagzzilla 20.4 Magzilla 25.66 We still have two in the air Still running clean Tight around that flag into the start Poke 20.6 slow poke dropping a 20.6 So dougie the wizard cling is telling me I got to get that mic closer to my mouth

If you all want to hear what i'm having To say Maxilla 24 24.9 Bagzilla dropping 24.9 We still have about 25 seconds in this Round plenty of time to pick up that Pace and get that hot lap Bagzilla coming around that back section Into the inverted jump around the flag And into the start finish gate maxilla 199. bagzilla going 20 on that last lap That's what i'm talking about ladies and Gentlemen Perry right on his heels he's looking For the pass coming around over the Hurdle through the back section the Corkscrew let's finish those laps up Boys coming around we're up and down and We're down and up right on their heels Perry's going for the pass at the start Finish gate oh That's a photo finish bring them in and Land boys what a crazy heat bagzilla Christopher slow poke perry I'm showing christopher slowpoke as Number one oh my god gentlemen what an Amazing heat that was crazy [Music] 1980 park avenue [Music] [Music] Foreign Foreign All right yeah it looks like we got it

Yellow here on the uh To finish the race we're moving on to Number 17. Anybody want the spot for f4 for the Next race f4 got an open spot for f4 you Want it Ethan do you know the number bud Oh That's good I added missing rounds Yeah yeah yeah i got you i just need to Do it manually All right cool Nice What's up Are you i think you are There we go Wise one with his epic debut for 2022 In the multi Come gp Sweet Sheep wings jjb wise one With his debut for 2022 And ethan Okay here we go Oh we're going Once you guys are all ready I know old man I know You know who uh Who was the first one at his at the line Every time at i o Whenever he came up Swamp dog 65 year old man on point dude

Had his stuff on the blocks and in the Seat in a minute it was ridiculous this Guy was on point every single key Okay if you're All good I see one thumb i see two sums i see Three wise one you good Yes All right here we go arm your quads Gentlemen we're going live on the tone In less than five That's ethan with the opener 1.882 Ethan fpv coming around for his first Lap 13.2 nice hope for fleece fourteen one Do not do back to back [Music] That's why yeah It was it was basically an open slot for This race All right it looks like everybody's Battery's dead we've got 45 seconds on The clock but we're going to go ahead And finish this Round 17 moving on to round 18 round 18 Knows who you are Round number 18 is wrong way tilted Tyler harris and carlos Uh we have 53 minutes left on this race Foreign You're next All right

Okay looks like uh we've got four Quads on the line And we've got wrong way tilted tyler and Carlos It's like Everybody's good Yeah yeah looks pretty good Nobody's yelling Arm your quads we're gonna go live on The tone In less than five [Music] Here we go Tilted with a 1.641 hole shot Carlos [Music] 29.5 carlos fpv 22.5 Underscore tyler underscore 16 4. 8.3 You're able to finish your last lap Carlos Is Uh Are you running d-shot Run number 19 you're up Sportslayer jjb ethan and zoom you are Up now Duck duck dog Duck [Music] Here we go [Music] All right we got fork slayer jkb ethan And zoom everybody

Lined up and ready to go Gentlemen arm your quads [Music] Coming around for his first lap 12.823 Nice opener this could be this could be A record if he could hold his pace [Music] God [Music] Is [Music] [Music] Three points [Music] We got 10 seconds left Hey if you want to take your victory lap Go ahead We're going to get your 28.8 yeah you're Done you're done No no victory lap for you book slayer All right oh we go moving on to round Number 20. [Music] Is Foreign [Music] [Music] I'm trying to Understand [Music] [Music] Is [Music]

[Music] [Applause] All right Number 20 sheep wings tyler harris jc12 And wise one You're up Right now So what do you want to look at Level Something [Applause] Minimum [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] Yeah and i want these charged too But not parallel Single Yeah yeah yeah here's more We'll fly packs today boy All right we're good arm your quads We're going to go live on the tone in Less than five I love it when nobody's yelling Hey that's a screamer looks like uh Sheep wings Jeep wang getting out there Here we go she wins oh no oh he's good He's good he went right through that Like it was nothing Nice opening lap You can see a personal best by sheep Wings

13-7 14-2 No 14-8. [Music] Ooh buddy coming in high ac 12 40 1.8 That's a personal best for sheep wings 42.293 for a top three consecutive [Music] Yeah uh [Music] [Music] That's right he didn't go with some Crappy one just to get it Go with what you agree with All right here we go Moving on to race number 21 Race number 21. [Music] [Music] Is All right 21 wrong way jjb white eye and Carlos you're up What's that Oh here we go now i've actually got Something to watch Got the feeds up i'll be able to Actually see what's going on this is the First time that we've had to set up at The local races In front of me where i'm actually able To call on the live stream and see So carlos Is uh Must be running high def I don't see him right now

Oh there we go just did that flip over Thank you uh Carl Hey double a in the chat here [Music] Am i going to play i'll fly eventually Yeah I did put some packs up I actually have uh 56.927 right now in the sixth place No you're doing great For flying you know flying a three-inch You know i'm working what you got All right looks like everybody is good Everybody's on the blocks most are in There everybody's in their chairs we're Gonna go ahead and light up this 21st Qualifying round for the 2022 Multi gp All right Armor quads we're gonna go live on the Tone in less than five [Music] Here we go looks like Jjb and white eyes almost stereoscopic Here They go through Carlos right up behind him White eye making good progress through The course white eyes coming in for his First lap with a 17 898 Nice pace here to put up If he can hold that pace he's gonna Improve his personal best and he cannot

He had the announcer curse which we call It so uh basically when an announcer Calls out that you're doing well you Know quite often you'll crash And and that just happened in this poor White eye here Sorry white eye [Music] It wasn't your fault i called you out And you hit the thing Oh is that what happened yeah Yeah Yep Sorry for your luck though You know Maybe next time You had you had a nice opening lap 17.898 very nice job buddy Nice job i want to see three laps I think you can do it That's a pretty quick lap there by Carlos fpv 19-2 On this fourth lap here Wr0 and weight dirty wrong way he got His third lap there now that is an Improvement for running the wrong way i Believe But it is an improvement for carlos That's a 59.180 That moves him up Beating benzilla so bagzilla's whole Thing today is he wants to do this in Under one minute his fast right now is One minute point zero five zero

So he Is Five hundredths of a second 23 off of His goal Carlos just exceeded it so good job Carlos looks like the course is clear Moving on to round number 22. Fun Round 22. here we go Tyler harris and zoom you're up right Now All right we've got Four pilots with the quads on the block They're making their way to their chairs And we're gonna go live here in about 15 Seconds All right Zoom are you good bud We're gonna go live on the conan Like sheep wings has a nice opener here Making his way through the back stretch And Tyler harrow's coming in with a 16 Degree keep wings 14-3 Underscore tyler underscore harris 15 9 Zoom 38.6 hiroki 19 1 Cheap wings 13 8 Yeah Yeah he's a good pilot Underscore tyler underscore harris 17-2 Cheap wings 13 8 Kiraki 18 5 That is a new personal best from heroki

58.290 top three consecutive moving him Up into that seven number seven spot Sheep wings also improved his score Going up to a 41.952 41.952 One Underscore Future is crashing down on me We've got 22 minutes left on this mma Drone racing 23 that's gonna be bagzilla on f2 jc 12 On f4 carlos on r8 and slowpoke is Coming in on race band one All right 12 30. Uh Justice will never make this right i Need to All right we got Zilla jc12 carlos Listen to me guys We're gonna start this race in less than Five [Music] And we have a clean star ladies and Gentlemen And as we all know this the whole shot Is lower Qualifying Oh we've got a recovery great recovery Carlos Lopez holding out the first spot and Carlos coming up not too far behind Going sub 20 on his last one We've got slowpoke and carlos running

Seven 18-7 for slowpoke And a recovery again Wow The key is definitely in this game guys Is not crash It's the secret slow poke 23.4 Carlos fpv 18 1. all right slow poke Coming around again oh And he's down can he turtle mode slow Pokes back ladies and gentlemen oh Oh you got to eat the mic according to The wizard doug kling if you actually Want it to pick up You got to get in there way in there Like a gentleman Carlos ftv carlos fpv has taken first Place slowpoke is back in the air though And getting on his rear end as we speak I think he may have to let that one go Carlos coming in for this heat win About 20 seconds left in this heat Carlos if you want to earn that last lap Take it my friend carlos fpv All right carlos running the full two Coming into that last corkscrew And we're around and down And we're in and up Took that one a little wide Bring it on in carlos for a wonderful Heat Going all two on that one ladies and Gentlemen All right guys track is clean let's go

Get our quads Hello oh yeah there we go Okay real quick All right ladies and gentlemen we have Slowpoke leaving my lap to show me Actually how to reconfigure this wrong Way tilted fpv and tyler harris one two Three in the race fan one and fat shark Two and fat shark four slots As we have qualifying round number 24 Which is amazing folks considering we Still have another 25 minutes left to go In this race Just for this race we're going 10 and 10 Again ladies and gentlemen we're going 20 more Two and a half hours per race As many rounds as we can fit in and it Looks like we're going to go with about 30 on this first race and see if we can Go 40. Absolutely max 10 for a pilot has purged All right we got three pilots out at the Pilot line it looks like we got one Coming back oh he's turning again He's not sure And he's good All right all three coming back All right i got one pilot down Two pilots down three pilots down All right guys we're going to be going Live in about 10 seconds All right if i have no objections to Video we're going to be going live on

The tone in lesson five [Music] And we have a clean one two three start Ladies and gentlemen beautiful stagger As we begin this heat We got brian b rad tilted lambert Coming around strong for that first lap He's not killed Dropping a 12-6 on that first lap Underscore tyler underscore harris 16-2 We've got tyler harris coming in very Strong nice and quick with those snaps Second place Wrong way not that far behind Wr0 and weight 30.3 Underscore tyler underscore harris 15 8 Till 10 12 3. tyler dropping a sub 16. That is nothing to shake a stick at lady Gentlemen on this track Underscore tyler underscore harris 15 Flat 15 flat five Let's go tilted fpv fast 12.332 Blast 12.5 with an average 37.1 Tyler coming in with a best at 13.77 Wrong way finishing it up in third place Coming around that last court screw And worthy up and in and in and out Swinging it around that start finish Gate to finish up his wr0 and weight 36.8.37 on lap two fast to 36.187 for Wrong way Why would you lick it Hang on put your put your mic on to

Explain this to me did you hear me on The stream With this one Yeah all right so let's explain this to Me all right so That reminds me of why you never lick A lens You know that you just get from a field So i'll defeat me 2017 it was either 2016 or 2017. adam prue the buddy that Named me slowpoke He actually had retrieved uh Rmrc goblin for me From the field and now this was a field That was full of cows And i I ended In the Field and my camera even though what I mean there were feces probably on it Feces And you licked it I did not lick it adam licked it adam Licked it all right adam was so grossed Out that poor guy All right this this seed's done All right moving on to qualifying round Number 25 25 here we go We got sheep wings hiroki white eye and Carlos coming up Race number 25 For the ma drone racing 2022 Multi gp global qualifier We got quads on the line

I only see three quads i see four quads Looks like i got pilots and chairs No complaints Carlos are you good I thought i only saw three up there Carlos You're lucky we're not in uh muncie Because i would just tell you to just Go ahead and sit back down Isn't that right chase Yeah Actually i i would i would let you but Uh let you go You know but you'd be hustling for sure Whereas right now i'm really not Sweating it carlos is making his way We've been making good time through all These rounds i think brian brian have You gotten your 10 yeah bro all right Brian has gotten his 10 already so if You haven't gotten 10 just keep in mind That brian has been here just as long as The rest of you Since the beginning of the race and has Been able to pull out 10 rounds We still have 17 minutes to this race before we move On to the next one I think we're all good carlos you're set All right army quads are live on the Tone in less than five There we go Chief wings 13 8 Hiroki 16 4.

Carlos fpv 20.9 Cheap wings 13-7 Hear a key 15-2 Carlos fpv 19-9 Cheap wings 13-8 Carlos fpv19 too Ericky 17 Right flat Carlos fpv 32.3 Where's mark silva Okay It's too bad he hasn't gotten a single Pack in Not not one Like i don't know why he's not racing This year like he's coming out to the Races but he's not actually doing it Carlos fpv 19 flat I think he likes the building Like i i that Yeah he's definitely having fun with That Well as Well I want to see him put some packs up You know Marcus aurelius Apparently he had to put Paperwork in months ago To get this place for today I'm glad he was studious as well This is way better than the american Legion this is a bigger field we can do A lot more here

Like i could actually fly wings here You gotta love how mark is always like Chris bring your wig You can fly her here I had to see the place first Like i wasn't just gonna bring one of my Big wings here and Let it go My big white wang You've seen it Are we good Yeah 26. Wrong way bagzilla jc 12 and zoom You're up Got 13 minutes left on this first of Three races So see how many people are queued up not Many You know it's it's no they're able to Queue up It's only one round after this Yep 27. Oh right there Nine nine ten so we're Yeah we've we've pretty much been able To hit our goal for a 10 for a lot of People Yep Looks like i've got four quads on the Line One has white video Which is kevin running out to his quad You wants to give it a reboot

Reboot it So i mean just imagine i mean we are Sending high definition signal back from Uh You know quad that weighs less than a Kilogram You know it's pretty impressive Even if it's fragile And it's really not that fragile Right All right That's still gonna count against your Total number Is that okay All right Gentlemen arm your quads We're going to go live on the tone in Less than five No Just 4-2 is fine Yeah that wasn't good But you know All the good fun Yeah i was just i went to bed Yeah i did Like i i went out offered help they were Like no we got this i was like worried I'm gonna go to bed Because like You know if i was if i was running that Race dude they would i would have been Like you guys have 15 minutes to Conformal coat your quads 40 one point because we're running

Jc 12 43 point was that Was that It was it was it was definitely Entertaining right But as far as the race was concerned Doug how do you feel about that like Would you would you tell them to Conformal their quads let's go five like Dude That That that in my opinion is the call to Make like if if you don't if you think You might have a break of a couple hours In the middle of the night that's That's Even those 25.5 that's you know not the best way to Name the champions Jc 12 38 points i mean anybody that's at That level Should be able to not only Get their stuff conformal coded that They're currently flying in a brief Period of time because There's conformal coding throughout that Whole place Like there was enough to quote Everybody's quad In a matter of five or 10 minutes 22.7 you know wr0 and weight 29.9 Yeah Yeah right that's how it should be how Do you feel about that ethan like if i Told you that you had to uh that you had

To either You know forfeit or forfeit or fly jc 12 Rain or 99.7 Right Wr0 and weight 23.3 So i've got jordan potman trying to get A hold of me [Music] Maxilla 38.9 Is Oh Oh Yes Oh Okay Right We'll go we'll go to uh round 28 like You said Actually uh Well how many how many are here 20 28 and 29. We've got three slots open on 29. Just uh r1 f2 or f4 29 29. That's it All right sheep wings jjb tyler harris And carlos everybody's good Gentlemen arm your quads We're gonna go live on the tone in less Than five [Music] Fpv 20.3 Chief wings 14 7 Underscore tyler underscore harris 14 8.

Carlos fpv191 Cheap wings 14 9. [Music] Just so i could play him on f4 bro i Want 90 today yeah that's why i said 30. Because it's nice 30 30 30 30 30. right That's that's like the goal Uh yeah Well you can get it on 29. Cheap wings 19-7 All down here we go All Right moving on to round number 28 round Number 28. Uh five minutes Round number 28 that's gonna be wrong Way hiroki white eye and wise One are you good Uh yeah i've got A spot on R1 for the next two And Wrong way hiroki white eye and wise one Right Same way i've been doing it for years Doug yells at me every time about it It's because i refuse to pay for Lifetime [Laughter] Some of us All right here we go Wrong way you good yeah Hiroki white eye wise one why is one you Good over there

Yeah all right arm your quads we're Going live on the tone in less than five [Music] All right we're good Good start one two three four making Their way around [Music] Here a key 15 flat White i18 5 Iriki 14 4. Wr0 and weight 32.5 He's coming in he did his lap he's like Yeah i'm good I did it White i 17 8 Wr 0 and guy 31.5 Six All right guys you have earned one more Lap if you want to take it Third is the last one for this race Wr0 and weight 28.8 okay All right nice race boys Going on to qualifying round number 29 29 you're up Qualifying round number 29 tyler harris Jjp jc12 and zoom And then we're gonna move on to our last Round Which is going to be sheep wings heroki Raw fpv and i have one slot for race Band eight race band eight for the last Round of racing for the m a drone 2022 Global qualifier round number 30. Looks like wise ones gonna take that

Slot All right Tyler harris jjb jc12 and zoom Oh Tyler's out Jjb ready You got two minutes That's the beauty of the sippy cue like You can just like say hey i just don't Want to be in this one I'll give you a couple minutes bud You got this If you're just swapping props you're Good Tyler you sure you're good Yeah you Yeah you can unplug if you want kevin But it's gonna be quick You can't switch away from f4 huh well That's too bad you should probably just Say screw this one and then Sign up on f4 for the next race Feels like it's not okay For you Okay qualifying round number 29 jjb are You good All right arm your quads we're gonna go Live on the tone in less than five You're good yeah raise them Jb underscore fpv 15 flat Zoom 25.3 Jjb underscore fpv 16 flat Jc 1237.1 Jjb underscore fpv 14 7

Zoom 22.1 Jjb underscore fpv 14 flat Zoom 23.9 Jjb underscore fpv 13 9. Jjb underscore fpv 13-1 Okay everybody for the next race which Is going to be the new england fpv Pilots uh our 2022 gp championship Qualifier will be on the same channels Race band one fashion two fetcher four Race band eight and the zippy q kiosk is Now open for the next race So If we've completed the m8 drone racing One and we are moving on to the next one So if you want to be in what will be the 31st round of racing for today you can Come on up and uh schedule some time Here on thecube 24.3 All right that is the end of our Qualifying round number 29 round 29. Moving on to 30. our last round for the Multi gp championship qualifier hosted By mma drone racing First 30 of the day Got a good start going Sheep wings hiroki raw fpv making his Debut on the 2022 multi gp championship Qualifier Raw fpv on fat shark four raw Fpv and wise one wise one is our final Contestant here for our 30th Race Everybody's lighting up this kiosk to

Get in Pretty good So you did a 41.121 Top three consecutive Uh Was that 15 00 16 00 14 7 Oh and a thirteen Thirteen one Did you actually do a thirteen one That's a good that's a good lap You had the battery for that That's crazy All right bud Well nice job I'm impressed that was That was your last slap Okay Can you watch that last lap on the live Stream for jjb It's recording at 13 1 And like That was a sixth lap Like I just have a hard time believing jjb How big of battery are you running biden 1380 6l It's a big battery Dougie's doing a little dvr check for me Though His last lap his sixth lap All right sheep wings hiroki raw and Wise one

Looks like everybody's good arm your Quads we're gonna go live on the tone in Less than five Here we go For our last round of qualifying for the Emmy drone racing 2022 championship qualifier So as a multi-gp tier 2 chapter 13. emmy drone racing has been tier 2 Since 2016. i literally have just not Started an ama club which is one of the Requirements of being a tier one chapter Uh Bureau because i'm a member of an ama Club and they have a beautiful field but They don't like drone races So it is what it is Falling through this course Makes it look easy You know when you make it look easy and You make it look smooth you know it's Fast sheep wings that was a 13 8-3-3 and He just had the announcer's curse right Into the gate and not only into the gate He is stuck in the gate so if he like Tries to turtle out of that it's just Going to get wrapped up further in the Gate extending the amount of time that It takes for him to get it out of the Game wyz underscore 1 1 o flat What's that out raw fpv 30.9 Let's go buddy Hiroki was trying he was doing pretty Well too

18-6 that's not a bad lap Raw fpv coming in for his third life fpv 30 points nice job Marcus aurelius He put in a 30.1 Top three consecutive of one minute 36 Seconds Yeah that's no good you didn't get an 11 Marcus really yes First back of the day putting up a 136 For marcus aurelius Aka raw fpv aka mach aka all these other Nicknames we have for him around here The builder the The the one and only tower builder in Citrus banks florida is marcus aurelius We're talking about raw fpv I gotta delete that 11 second because he Did not get an 11 second Marcus aurelius he did it Good job marcus Proud of you There we go And i'm gonna push this up to multi-gp Finalize this race and then this is Gonna be in the books for The ma drone racing tent Events Timing results Report final results to multi gp Next chapter is going to be new england Fpv pilots So With the uh

The way that this works i just Finalized the race making everybody's Time Valid on the leaderboard I already did i pushed in a live time i Finalized it on multi gp and your score Is now updated on the global qualifier Leaderboard for the first 10 of our Triple header here today Next one's up Uh we are doing well we're we're 15 Minutes behind After the first race No it happens with us but that's how we Roll That's how we roll around here Two three nine one three yeah i'm doing All that Two three nine one three Import event There we go Manage All right Casual throughput absolutely Oh dude we it wouldn't be fun though it Wouldn't it would have been it was much Fun Yeah we we yeah we'd max out at like Three in the afternoon Great key Here Partners Good Dude i'm glad i figured out a way to get

Around Uh Not having There's a zippy q issue if you uh If you get ahead of yourself on the race Imports so our first round coming up Is Eight race band eight and nobody wants To fly race band eight today huh we're Just gonna go three all day huh Nobody race band eight come on somebody Anybody all right wrong way tilted ethan You're up It's either next race Oh No you're good Yeah right Here you go guys have fun Here we go Gonna be starting this round up in the Next 30 seconds or so This is going to be the first round for The new england fpv pilots So Now who who's in the chat zotec hey Let's go buddy let's go so the so uh Zotek is one of the sponsors for we Bleed Fpv north east which is uh My buddy jace here who's hidden by the Speaker The camera's right there bud Yeah there you go Zotek

So uh basically uh Zotek is a big sponsor of the whoop Racing so we bleed fpv is the prominent Whoop racing Organizer in the northeast and uh that's Been uh jace herwig handling a lot of That out of maine i mean new hampshire Massachusetts area i've been partnering Up with him on our bigger races and it Looks like we are good to go light these Guys up for our qualifying round number One of the new england fpv pilots Arm your quads We're going live on the tone in less Than five [Music] Here we go ethan tilted the wrong way Looks like tilted got that hole shot With a 1.55 And tilted is coming around through the Corkscrew ethan hot on his heels Come through the back stretch and tilted Crashed into the start finish gate got That 12.944 Lap but ethan just holding a little bit Slower of a pace of 13.674 has moved on to his second lap It happens Hauling through that start finish gate Wrong way finished his first lap with a 30.271 Signing up for the next race it's brian Aka b rad Aka tilted fpv

Aka the guy that gets me stoned Yeah you haven't done that once today You keep asking me for stuff but you Haven't gotten okay That's why i keep on like i look right At them like nope Why are you doing that You should use um Dual lock Are taking names buddy That's how we do in new england Wrong way making his way for his last Lap there's 10 seconds left on this one Our first round of the new england fpv Pilots 2022 multi gp championship Qualifier With our host max over Mark Mack How you doing buddy Wr0 and wait 30. i'm glad you got a time In on that first race Yeah I was gonna cut it off at 29. But i know you and you don't like Changing off that f4 f4 is the marcus Aurelius Channel right No not him Nope f4 f4 all day every day baby Ain't that right marcus You like it I know you're not that attached to it But when you have the opportunity you

Take it Right I know it Race 8 is the best one out there that's What dougie kling says Depends on uh depends on the location so I like race band one when i'm out at the Field to discover flying Because there's no wi-fi out there like None Okay Qualifying round number two that's gonna Be sheep wings bagzilla wide eye and Zoom you're up right now So white i put up a pretty good time on That first uh first qualifier Oh Way up way up way up turn it all up jace I got enemies I got a lot of enemies Got a lot of people trying to drain me Of this energy I'm not going to sing that Definitely not on the live stream Like i'm just i'm not one to say it like That's just not a not a word for me You know this is the He's got gold teeth Did you see that Did you see how like his whole grill was Like gold He would roll up to this he would come Right up to the camera It's still not okay

I don't like it Yeah He's talking about buying people houses And malls Could you imagine buying somebody at a Mall All right Qualifying round number two it looks Like we're all good now Gentlemen arm your quads we're gonna go Live on the tone in less than five That's a bad luck for white eye Gonna really affect his top three Consecutive but he can come in finish This lap and then start up another three If he's got the battery before 27.4 Zoom with that beautiful camera zoom's Running With the uh event vrx from Hd zero provided by carl zoom zoo Zao carl zao So Carl has provided this great piece of Technology that has both analog and high Definition receivers and it switches Automatically between the two based on What signal is coming into pretty neat She pretty neat So sheep wings on his fourth lap got his Top three uh 42.804 nice jobs sheepwings Did you know that one of the old Fpv wing manufacturers out in california Was named sweep wings They made uh some of the biggest wings

Out there were sweep wings So they made the behemoth the Dreadnought the dreadnought's an Eight-foot wingspan wings zoom 32.8 You're familiar with sweep wings So i have uh I have a juggernaut that was built by Reuben Rubin uh from sweepwings the guy that Cut all those so he built it for hugo Salinas And had it wrapped by colt Gavru from Maryland So this is i have this beautiful Juggernaut that was built by reuben for Hugo that hugo then sold me Uh and It just sits it's kind of hanger queen But It's a sweet plane Maxilla 21.3 You guys are done you can land your Quads Qualifying round number three you're up All right three that spork slayer jjb jc 12 and hiroki you're up now Your beer and let's go Doug you got water over there bud or dr Pepper Yeah either water or dr pepper would Work i mean the dr pepper doesn't have That same you know Water

Hydration of it but dr pepper is awfully Tasty Thanks sir I knew asking doug cling at the field if He had a dr pepper Foreign All right looks like everybody is ready To go Oh you're in the gate You need help bud What gate do you win Understand All right ladies and gentlemen hang Tight as we get a quad untangled from The gates All right guys they've got it untangled And they're on their way back as we Speak Christopher perry on the one wheel Slow poking his way back [Music] All right we got borg slayer jjb fpv jc 12 and hiroki in this next upcoming heat Which we're gonna go live as soon as our Race director gets back from untangling A quad from a gate Mister for christopher Perry All right looks like we are good Everybody should be ready borg sleight Are you good all right no complaints Arm your quads we're gonna go live on The tone in less than five Oh looks like we've got

With a nice start [Music] Jjb underscore fpv 13 9. Hiroki 20.8 Jjb underscore fpv 21.7 Hiroki 15 2 Jc 12 52.6 Jjb underscore fpv 19 7. Iraqi 15 1. Hiroki 20 flat Jc 12 37.3 Jc 12 13 6. Is Jc 12 37 flat Wrong way tilted tyler and wise one You're up Qualifying round number four [Music] Wow Peace Yes Yeah bill uh you can also review the Results for the last qualifier those are Now live on the multi-gp global Qualifier leaderboard All right wrong way tilted tyler and Wise one What's up bud Yeah that's it I mean I'm not making enough and doing this No I mean mark said he was gonna do burgers All right here we go

Nobody's complaining looks like we're Good to go Gentlemen arm your quads we're gonna go Live on the tone in less than five [Music] Qualifying round number five be ready if You're in round number five You're up next W r zero and play eight flat Wrong way do not do it I will correct that Tilt it on the other hand underscore Tyler underscore harris 16-3 Tilted 12-5 Wr0 and gui 19 6. Underscore tyler underscore harris 16 6 Till 10 12 7. Underscore tyler underscore harris 15 4 Tilted 12 8 Wyz underscore 153.5 Wr0 and 33 flat Underscore tyler underscore hara 16 flat Underscore tyler underscore harris 15 6. Wr0 and weight 28.5 [Music] Round is nearly complete Five seconds to finish your lap and you Got it Wrong way moving on six Finish your lap and land your quads Or you know That Wr0 and weight 30.8 Okay

That is it for our qualifying round Number four qualifying round number five You're up Retrieve your quads Moving on round number five So if you're in the air can you land Yeah yeah yeah There you go money I'll do the same thing i'm not yelling At y'all i'm just asking you to land Number five Sheep wings white eye ethan and hiroki Here we go Round number six you're up next around This round six be ready For you All right looks like we've got quads Ready to go Gentlemen arm your quads Going live on the tone in less than five 15 flat Five Two Is anybody plugged in in the pits Is anybody plugged in in the pits with Grain props wings 25 anybody with green Props plugged in in the pits It looks good Cheap wings Are you on 25 milliwatts bud you are Can you double check for me That's the first time i've had a Complaint but i had a complaint from two Pilots

Sheep wings are you running ghost Come here All right round number six you're up Let me see your build Slow poke maxilla jc 12 and carlos All right what i'm looking for is your Vtx antenna Is it going over Your board It is so you need that to go around Yeah you're bleeding onto a second Channel So yeah So he's look he's doing the standard Thing we've seen this so many times so Basically what's happening is that You're getting interference from your Radio With your Antenna going over your board like that So you need to bring that outside of Your board because you're bleeding on Other people Dude i know All right ladies and gentlemen we got Slowpoke bagzilla jc12 and carlos fpv This seems to be a theme heat Here at the original Nefpv 2022 global qualifier These guys seem to like to match up with Each other I see carlos just looked right at perry And gave him a little glimpse Carlos says you ain't winning twice in a

Row All right ladies and gentlemen we got Four pilots at the line and we have Three out of four coming back Jc 12 is gonna beat him back again You guys should be ashamed of yourselves Beating everybody back jc12 every heat Data's data it's every heat All right i got one pilot down i got two Pilots down all right carlos so we're Good to go over there we're gonna assume You are We're gonna go live on the tone in Lesson five [Music] And we have a clean start ladies and Gentlemen Slowpoke currently holding the number One spot carlos fpv right on his rear Nice smooth transition around the hurdle Carlos is down Poke still hold another then we're on Spot braxzilla coming up about to take Over that two Jc 12 takes over the lead Slope Slow poke holding it smooth and steady Coming around that hurdle for the Immediate left little corkscrew action Coming through braxzilla is not giving Up as he is right on his rear And we're under and over again coming Around that start finish gate slowpoke Is taking the third place

Jc12 still holding Yeah we're gonna check some of those Times as slowpoke comes back into first Place jc 12 still holding second with Zero video 29 points braxzilla still Nests braxzilla has updated in the System as second place as he comes Around Nice and smooth over that hurdle Slowpoke 17-9 slowpoke drops a 17-9 Which is an amazing time coming into That corkscrew braxzilla coming around Over and under and under and over As he sees if he can improve his last Lap time right through that start finish Sub 22nd for bagzilla that's what we're Talking about slowpoke still coming in Fast at 7-3-3 Backs it with a 17-7-7 let's see if he Can put three together ladies and Gentlemen bagzilla still on his tail not Giving up coming through that corkscrew And he's around and under And under and over Slowpoke still holding on to that first Place coming in first place 15.925 as he puts together three of his Fast laps of the day ladies and Gentlemen bagzilla still coming in hot On the second place track coming around That hurdle under and over and quick and Down Oh perry already putting his goggles up And saying what's up okay ladies and

Gentlemen i will give that to him that Was his fast three of the day put back To back to back ladies and gentlemen Christopher slow poke perry That must have felt good Wow Tell me how that felt that felt amazing Boy Wow okay so perry okay he hadn't gone Honestly sub 18 on any lap any day and He puts three sub 18s together back to Back to back i don't know what happened Between race one and race two But He brought the fire on that one ladies And gentlemen I mean bagzilla still coming in like Fast at 17 829 if you could just get Those jitters out and put three of those Together That is a tremendously good score yes Dude you dropped 15 9 on your fast bro Like sub 16 fast yeah Average 16 728 Yeah Perry's over here perry's over here Trying to twerk it trying to take over That camera spot twerking it because he Just literally dropped his three fasts Back to back to Back yeah he just went he just went up One minute which honestly is You were one minute where are you at now Yeah four seconds

Four seconds yeah That last run oh All right i gotta go i gotta fly books i Uh hiroki tyler harrison zoom you're up Right now It's not terribly fast but that felt Awesome Get it hiroki Hiroki from texas Coming up to do our triple header here In beautiful wrentham massachusetts here In the summertime of the 2022 season Oh boy chase You left those in the sun Don't do that we all know better I know you know better i know you've Yelled the people for doing the same i Know it Borg slayer hiroki tyler harris and zoom Hiroki's already up He's ready like He's good he's been ready He drove all the way from texas to do This Hiroki's ready You knew better you knew he wasn't on The blocks I don't think he's ready All right No you're not going okay no problem Borg slayer tyler harrison zoom We're good arm oh hold on arm your quads We're gonna go live on the tone in less Than five

Yeah what you need Yeah i can yeah Underscore tyler underscore harris 15 5 Zoom 24.6 Right Zoom 27.9 Round 9. Here we go here we go here we go zoom 22.6 what's up bud Yes You know your number Zoom 22.4 You're going to be You know all right finish your lap and Land your quads we're gonna move All right that's it for zoom Tyler harris are you down tyler harris Is down Borg slayer's down that's it for this Race we're moving on to qualifying round Number eight Qualifying round number eight here we go Wrong way tilted ethan and wise one here We go boys Yeah let me see Oh look Well is that oh Look at that would you Yeah that Should work fine Dougie you see this see the solution This kid came up with I kind of like it Right up until yeah

Nice job that was quick There you go [Music] Uh yeah What here you go Jc do you want to sign up No Not physical location It doesn't matter it's here Okay I bought those We got pilots All right we got pilots we got quads arm Your quads we're gonna go live on the Tone in less than five Round number nine you're gonna be up Next round number nine Round number nine that's gonna be Slowpoke jjb white eye and carlos Till 10 13 flat Are you all right Brad Wr0 in way 36.6 Ladies and gentlemen tilted fpv with a Blank screen still showing one wrong way The official number one in this heat Coming out we still have a hot track Ethan we still have a hut track Wrong way coming around to that start Finish gate Wrong way you've got about 30 seconds Left finish your battery Wr0 and weight 31.8 With a nice lap coming in there number

One wrong way has taken first place in This heat Seconds left wrong way bring it on in Strong Coming around up and around good split s And Under and over For that last entry to the start finish Gate wr0 and weight 27.27 Drops a sub 30 hard on that last lap of The heat Nice one matt I got you brother All right so this next one qualifying Round number nine we have slowpoke jjb White eye and carlos fpv again once Again seems to be a familiar heat In this battle of the triple gq Slowpoke's getting his goggles Getting ready to go You know we have a we have a good casual Throughput today at the uh nefpv first 2022 global qualifier but i have to say People are still hustling All right we got four pilots up at the Pilot line All right we have three good clean Videos looking for that fourth one from Carlos fpv Coming to us with the carlos hd zero System Carlos coming in on channel number four I'd like to thank carl From divi math for providing carlos with

The hd zero system so that he could race With us today Carlos may have paid money for that but I'd like to appreciate everybody who may Give carlos things in the future All right ladies and gentlemen We're looking for four pilots down i Have four clean videos up here on the Screen All right i got good from carlos good From perry if there are no objections to Video we are going Live on the tone in less than five [Music] All right first for a white eye coming Out hot not messing around a little bit Of a bobble but has recovered Jjb fpv coming in second place as white Eye did go down for a quick bobble he is Turtle motive back up and maybe back Into this jb fpv has taken the first Place white is still holding slow poke Takes second place from white eye as That first bobble took him back into Third and fourth carlos has taken third Jjb fpv still holding out first he's not Gonna let go of it Slowpoke on his rear and coming up hard As the over under and the under over Coming into the start finish gate Slowpoke is going to keep it smooth and Fast as he tries to run down jjb fpv Carlos fpv holding strong with a good Smooth line right now in position number

Three white eye has made some gap at Four but still chasing carlos jjb still Holding on to the number one spot as Slowpoke fpv tries to run him down He is holding a good tight line but can He push hard enough to make up the gap Jj fpv has lost video slowpoke has come Around he may pass him on that unless Jjb's video can return Slowpoke coming around into the Corkscrew around up and over Under and over Coming into that start finish gate i Believe slowpoke has taken the first Place in this heat carlos fpv if he can Get around to the start finish gate will Maintain that second place carlos has Taken second place it is now a match Between slowpoke and carlos fpv as they Come back around carlos has made us some Ground coming around the hurdle around Into the corkscrew perry is only two Elements ahead of him carlos fpv trying To make up ryan he is pushing his nose Down Wow Carlos fpv coming around strong Over and under Perry has landed it with a fast lap of 17.256 Respectable on this course today for Slowpoke ladies and gentlemen carlos fpv Bringing it up as second place in this Heat

Coming around As he comes around to that last Over and under and start finishing 20.2 Ladies and gentlemen excellent heat Pushing all the way trying to improve Those times as we have still three Quarters of a race to go and an entire One after that as the initial we bleed Fpv northeast 2022 global qualifier Takes place today at 2 30 in the Afternoon we're not doing 30 rounds Today guys we're not doing 60 we're Doing all of the rounds today 90 rounds All right announcement to all pilots who Has taken the zippy q kiosk tablet We are looking for the zippy q oh it's Over here battery is dead All right guys we're going to hang tight For just a second while we get the Battery charged We may switch zip q Signup tablets here real quick I don't do zippy q tablet switchovers The battery has died christopher perry Dougie's on the recharge but But Do we have a backup Oh doug says he's good we're good All right i'm going to hand the mic over To the legend christopher perry Everybody thank you thank you very much Allowed me to do another run here That was not a fast three for me but it

Was pretty good All right was that an improvement for Anybody no All right moving on to our qualifying Round number ten Sheep wings tilted jc12 and hiroki You're up now [Music] That would put me at the bottom of pro Class think so And i think i could do three fifteens Three fifteen nine fifteen eight That's doable If i keep like i only got like four Packs in on that first team race All right here we go round number 10 any Complaints Gentlemen arm your quads we're gonna go Live on the tone in less than five [Music] Oh no hiroki looks like hiroki is in the Crash flip mode trying to salvage this Run Oh hiroki i think i think the grass is a Little bit too long but Crashes flip wings Grass too long my man you're gonna ruin Your esc Sorry Sheep wings 16 flat Coming in hot Jc 1242.1 Cheap wings 18 too There you go

I think that's the end for sheep wings Jc12 is going to keep on moving Making his way Last lap was a 42.192 Looks like he's on a la on pace to Improve on that based on where he's at Uh you're still good jc just keep moving No poor jc The announcer curse got him All right you made it got another lap in Your Nice and smooth look at that beautiful We're all watching jc There we go nice and smooth around the Corkscrew So now At this at this pace He was racing with dug dug the other Week And Both of them were back and forth on These obstacles one little mistake And the pressure was on both of them it Was pretty awesome to watch because both Pilots are super smooth so when you're Watching them fly it's uh it's you know With with the other one in the feed it's Nice and smooth Oh That was just round ten we're going on Round 11 right now I think so I'm sorry buddy Maybe i'm wrong

Hey tilt it I removed you Right now I just don't understand enough Okay Just getting this tablet get back going Again We lost uh lost juice here qualifying Round number 11 wrong way carlos tyler And zoom Europe now All right You're up on 12. So what happened All right wrong way carlos tyler and Zoom looks like we've got three pilots On the line I did take you out But i didn't so i'm gonna take you out All right All right you have been taken out There we go Arm your quads live on the tone Less than five [Music] Uh Carlos fpv 20.8 Zoom 25.8 Wr0 and weight 34.1 Carlos fpv 20.6 Zoom 26 flat Dude what's that just a cute iq up on The same channel over and over again Well that's what i'm doing

But i didn't know zoom 23.6 Carlos fpv All right So That is the end finish your lap and land Your quad wr0 and play 54 points that's Three for wrong way zoom 21.7 Okay moving on to qualifying round Number 12. I got tilted jc12 and wise one going up Right now Why is one you good You good Nice I love seeing you go up to the line over And over again Now what have you like Not had working stuff It's awesome i love to see you actually Getting in the air and flying Freshies So Okay All right jc you good why is one you Good Yep Tilted all right arm your quads We go live on the tone in less than five Uh Till 10 14 1. Tilted 13 6 Jc 1238 flat Jc 12 10 4 Take your demons

Collect your quads Everybody's down I had to say something I had to say i'm sorry mark Mark Wise one 13 you're up Round number 13 that's going to be sheep Wings hiroki ethan Got an open slot right now for r8 if you Want to go up on r8 Hey how's it going 13 13. All right Sheep you good Yep heroki Ethan yep arm your quads we're gonna go Live on the tone in less than five [Music] 15 4. Ethan fpv13 ii Cheap wings 14 1 Hiroki 15 2. All three of these pilots are pumping Right now Even fpv There's a sub 13 out of ethan Cheap wing 16 flat Hiroki 19 3 Ethan fpv127 Cheap wings 14 flat Ericky 14-8 Pre-turned a little too early man I saw it

Hey you can pull it off that's how you Do it fast you know this Nice laps though 14 8 at the end that Was That was quick man nice job everybody You can collect your quads Moving on to qualifying round number 14 Round 14 you're up Well no i mean 15 minutes behind me And we're going to be a little bit Behind on this race too But not much sportslayer magzilla white Eye and carlos you're up right now Nice run ethan that was a 38 949 that Was your best one of the day well of This race So we got a battle here going on on this First and second place we've got two Pilots pushing a 38 second lap There's a point Nine second difference almost a full Second there between tilted and ethan Then we got jjb and sheep wings those Guys are also within a second of each Other Then Hiroki about a second behind the sheep Pretty close right up until you get to Uh little slow poke at 52 492 and that Starts the slow guys All right Looks like we've got quads going up on The blocks Pilots heading back to their chairs

It's tilted Yeah All right It's like we are looking pretty good Borg slayer godzilla white eye carlos We're going to be get going here in About the next 15 20 seconds Yeah i know wait not carlos Arm your quads we're gonna go live on The tone in less than five [Music] Tyler harris Underscore tyler carlos fpv 19 7 White i-17 Maxilla 23.8 Oh yeah and that's not even a fast lap Of the day Fast lap was 12-2 i think Crazy I'm doing it I'm doing this in about four weeks later I'm averaging 17 18 seconds maxilla That's what's up Maxilla 20.6 I-17 one Do you not have any Magzilla 21.2 All right finish your lap and land your Quad White eye moving up with that one Moving slowpoke down a slot What i with a 52.293 So that's 1.4.15 seconds point 0.15 seconds faster

Than old slowpoke you moved up four Positions on that run nice job bud Round number 15 you're up 15. Round number 15 wrong way jjb jc12 and Zoom You're in the hot seat Quads on the blocks and let's get butts And chairs and let's race some drones There's Definitely broke my camera All right gentlemen jc12 Always the first one on the line jjb he Looks good wrong way you all set Zoom you looking good all right Oh hold on Carlos is not up What This is 15. you were not up 15 15. Oh carlos is in the field Yes So was he I didn't get confirmation from zoom i'm Looking over there i'm like where's zoom At There's a big monitor in my way i like It though All right Gentlemen arm your quads we're gonna go Live on the tone in less than five [Music] Are you racing me again All right White eye you should come sign up again

I'm racing not this not this next one Coming up but the one after that Let's do this zoom 29.1 that's a Challenge kid Zoom 24.9 Jjb underscore fpv 24.4 Jc 1239.4 Jjb underscore fpv 15.9 Wr0 and 43.9 Oh jjp you were ripping too buddy See when when when you're running at That speed you've only got the three Laps in your quad so If uh if you're going that fast and You're trying to push a fourth or fifth Lap you're just gonna kill your battery Has shown that you could actually run Six laps on this course and still push a 13 second laps it's crazy jc 12 35.9 But he's stuck stuck in the net Wrong ways down Zooms down Zooms turtle and zooms back up Zoom's done he said he's done Jc12 is moving along though 24.4 Yeah that's it zoom Was that 24 44 valid i don't think it Was Now No it does not There we go all right so Land your quads and moving on to

Qualifying round number 16 16. Hiroki tilted ethan and tyler harris Breaking some No All right round number 16's staging up No as usual jc is the first one back to His chair Oh he's not in this heat I like to mess with people though You are you are quite often the first One in your chair though All right one two three four are we all Good Okay What do we got Raci tyler harris you're on race a yep All right i got thumbs from three Tyler how you doing bud Looks like tyler's uh changing out a Quad here real quick Yes yes you do You want to get out of the sun All right Get a kid I'm all aware I can relate All right gentlemen looks like we are Good to go Tyler you good bud all right arm your Quads we're live on the tone in less Than five [Music] Site tilted with a hole shot followed by

Ethan tyler and hiroki One two three four coming around this Course Tilton maintaining that first spot just Ahead of ethan Those poor batteries and first one Around underscore Tilted fpv with ethan hot on his Ethan and tilted back and forth back and Forth neither one Look at this pace these boys are moving Underscore tyler Harris 17-5 this is how you actually get People to go faster both of them with a 12-4 Nice job boys Both of you improved Nice very very nice That's what's up that's racing did you See how close those two were when you Watch it on the screen like they were Like a stereoscopic image Like they were right there on each other The whole time pushing each other harder Both came out with a 12.4 at that last Lap Did you see that dougie Very nice i love watching racing like That i mean that's that's just exciting Number 17 you're up that's me where's uh Where's my backup Chase where you at bud Well well

Who Slowpoke bagzilla white eye and carlos I can do everything i can do it You have not Announced and flew a heat at the same Time Doug back me up on this Correct You have not flown a heat and announced Said heat at the same time I mean you were magical but not that Magical mr christopher All right ladies and gentlemen we have Christopher slow post perry bagzilla White eye and carlos fpv is this like The 688 i mean you guys always fly Together in the same heat or what is This All right i see three over there I see bagzilla carlos and slowpoke Is white i already down Why die you good Okay so white eyes already back at the Pilot area first one back Is he ready He's not ready Oh he hasn't even gone to the line yet He's still ahead of y'all He's dude he beat all y'all back here Car carlos is going to beat bagzilla But i'm going to say at least at this Point three to four paces And behind the white curtain All right we got one

Why how you doing over there kid ready To roll All right i'm gonna assume in the next Five seconds that carlos and baxzilla Are good to go behind the white curtain All right guys arm your quads as we go Live on the cone in less than five And we have a clean start ladies and Gentlemen Right now wide eye is still holding that Number one spot slow poke just trying to Stay slow and pokey and steady behind Wide eye oh a quick bobble in a recovery From slowpoke why'd i make some ground Carlos fpv holding up that third place Spot going smooth and fast White eye coming around 20 points to That inverted mats boobs coming around To the hurdle coming around again A little bit of a corkscrew action for White eye going smooth and fast Ladies and gentlemen slowpoke has Dropped down to number four carlos Slipping into that second place spot Like a gentleman If carlos can keep it smooth and steady He's got bragzzilla as he comes in on The third place fast lap of 21-44 23. this may be carlos's fast lap as he Rolls through that around section oh He's lost his place here he goes oh good Recovery for carlos fpv as he comes Around the hurdle and comes into the Corkscrew

Wide eye coming through and has landed As number one backzilla has landed as Number two carlos coming in as number Three And has landed as well all right track Is clean everybody pick up their quads I'm gonna hand the mic back off to Christopher perry as soon as he's ready To roll he might want a couple rounds Off actually he might just want to take A walk somewhere Maybe Maybe a one wheel somewhere Okay Go to schedule Racing yeah and it should be there yeah Number 18. boom love you All right ladies and gentlemen we have Sheep wangs jjb fpv jc 12 and wyz Underscore one as our next event heat Members wise one you know what i see That now is that you Let's get it dude let's get that fastest Three Wise one This is number 18 qualifying round 18. We got cheap wangs jj b fpv jc 12 and Wise one It's kevin's fault It's kevin's fault Kevin said no more gangsta rap next Thing you know we have led zeppelin Stairway to heaven No

I'm gonna have to second that All right we got one two coming back we Must have three and four coming back all Right so we're looking for sheep wangs Jjb fpv jc 12 and wise one as we go for Qualifying round number 18 Of the nefpv 2022 global qualifier if There are no objections to video Let's arm our quads as we go live on the Tone in less than five All right clean start as jc 12 takes the Lead followed quickly no jj bfpv takes The lead quickly after that she blanks In second place Wise one coming up in third as he makes His way through the inverted matt's boob Jjb coming in hot oh nice little Corkscrew from jgb fpv as he holds on oh Pass by sheeplangs as he comes in jjb Trying to hold it up getting on his rear In second place as sheep wangs takes Over first place coming in hot Comes over to the under 14-6 Into the inverted matt's boob coming out Into the corkscrew Sheepling's holding on the number one Spot as jjb tries to come into the Inverted matt's boob he has two elements Behind ladies and gentlemen can jj be Fpv make up the rear coming into the Corkscrew and coming hot and solid as The line is smooth sheet blanks coming In through jj before a little bit of Bobble and he's down sheep wang's

Holding on to that number one spot fast And smooth as he comes through the last Part going under and over and under this Wings 14-6 time debate coming into Inverted matt's boob Sheep wang's running with a clean air Now as jc 12 is still flying and coming In behind as he has lapped again by Sheeplangs as he comes into the last Part of timing gates Chief langs is calling it good At 120 seconds jc 12 fast lap of 4.604 And the last lap of 14.965 for sheep Wangs sub 15 for the last two and that Is nothing to shake a stick out on this Track ladies and gentlemen All right we still have 20 seconds left To go in this why is one the track is Yours Jc 12 is still up in the air as well Coming around Wise one has gone down for video jc 12 The air is yours Let's see if he can get in there and Earn one more lap he's coming through Yes jc 12. one more lap buddy You earned this last lap finish it up Bud nice and strong Those are smooth lines right there jc12 Oh Oh oh And jc 12 goes down Great effort as he was coming around That hurdle and coming around to that

Left left-hand turn All right guys track is clean let's go Ahead and pick up our quads All right ladies and gentlemen Qualifying round number 19 of the nefpv First 2022 global qualifier is number One wrong way in race band one and fat Shark 2 hiroki and fat shark 4 ethan fpv And race band 8 Zoom kevin the seer No sir you are not I haven't imported it yet so you're Gonna have to wait or you can check the Kiosk But i think you know that I love telling the man that invented the Wheel right how the wheel rolls Qualifying round number 19. we have Wrong way in race band number one hiroki And fat shark 2 ethan fpv and fat shark 4 and bringing up the zoom kevin sear in Race band 8. All right kevin's coming in ethan's Coming in We're looking for hiroki i've got hiroki Looking for wrong way He is coming in as we speak another 10 To 15 seconds pilots All right Matthew wrong way is entering his seat All right guys if we have no objections To video arm your quads as we gonna go Live on the tone in less than five And we have a clean start however one

Pilot down in the inverted mats boot but He is back up and in the air again And right now we still have ethan fpv Holding down the number one spot zoom Actually in second with no video hiroki Has actually taken the number one spot Ethan fb actually second zoom with no Video willem eventually become the Fourth place wrong way in third Officially right now hiroki holding down Number one as ethan chases him down Coming through that corkscrew And the over under and the under over Back into the timing gate ethan takes The number one spot as he passes hiroki Great lap coming around there over the Hurdle and through again corkscrew time Ethan is holding down that line his Number one spot hiroki chasing him down Is number two Both of them running good clean lines Ethan is going to hold it down hiroki With a bit of a bobble ethan keeping Clean as he comes through the corkscrew And comes back around to the over under And the under over coming around to that Last timing lap Fast lap of 13.33 ethan he's bringing in Last one of 10.57 Oh my goodness ethan fpv with a fast lap Of 10.572 That is amazing ladies and gentlemen Hiroki bringing in as a second place Calling it quits with a fast lap of

15.766 Wrong way coming in sub 30 on his Average finishing it up Clean air for wrong way fpv 30 seconds left in this heat The track is yours sir That's very plausible bro Beyond possible i'm gonna be honest with You i was watching it No no no no no he finished it He was just wr0 and weight 31.7 All right guys let's go ahead and land Those quads and finish it up As we get ready to switch on to Round number qualifying 20. Let me import it Okay qualifying round number 20. we have Slowpoke on race band 1 jjb fpv on fat Shark 2 white eye on fat shark 4 and Bringing up the rear carlos fpv on race Band 8. Somebody's Transmitter is inactive it's probably Mine Yeah it's definitely Mine definitely mine I'm gonna turn that off Don't look behind the curtain ladies and Gentlemen It's doug cling [Music] All right ladies and gentlemen we still Have slow poke in race band 1 jj b fpv And fat shark 2 white eye and fat shark

4 and carlos fpv and race band 8 as Everybody gets back to their pilot areas Carlos i'm going to assume you're good Within the next 10 seconds unless i hear Anything else All right pilots everybody down for Qualifying round number 20. If there are no objections to video arm Your quads as we go live on the tone in Less than five And we have a clean start ladies and Gentlemen as carlos fpv gets the whole Shot but is immediately passed by Slobock and jjb fpv Jjbfpv holding on the number one spot as He goes through the corkscrew quite Tight as comes around to the under over And the over under timing gauge jj bff Coming in quick slowpoke trying to catch Up as he is two elements behind on the Hurdle Jj fpv with a clean line coming into the Thing Jj fpv may be three or four elements oh Jj pvp down slow poke and white eye are The contenders at this point jj fpv has Lost video completely carlos fpv has Lost video completely It is down to slowpoke and white eye as They come around 20.9 white eye with a 20.9 looking to Get sub 20 as slowpoke comes around with A 23.19 on that last lap White eyes still holding on to the

Number one spot as he comes around with A 16-3 sub 17. slowpoke still going sub 25 as he looks to get on white eyes rear White eye going through the corkscrew Little bit of a bobble Cor oh slowpoke with a bobble slow pokes Videos down wide eye with a bobble He may be down no he is back up the Track is still alive Another 35 seconds At this point the air is clean for white Eye And he has landed all right track is Clean what happened I'm All right coming up qualifying round Number 21 in the nefpv first 2022 global Qualifier we have sheep wangs and race Band number one we have fat shark 2 with Tilted fpv fat shark 4 with jc 12 and Race band 8 with the wise one You're up now bud yeah Hey look at that hustle a lot of wise One Sweating What's that All right Sheep wings tilted jc 12 and wise one Looks like everybody's good why is one You good over there Yeah all right Arm your quads Live on the tone in less than five Beep

I i don't know what No Yeah all right Till 10 14 1. You did it last time Jc 12 39.8 That's all claire's doing Jc 12 38.8 i know You had a four second Uh Pole shot because of that because you're Spinning around like a goofball Yeah it did as it does You know All right there we go that's the end of Qualifying round number 21. Nice job everybody Going on to qualifying round number 22 52nd race of the day Still 37 minutes left on this New england fpv race Plenty of time to get our last eight Rounds in This up right now qualifying round Number 22 heroki bagzilla ethan and Carlos Hey how are you Thank you All right so if you are not actively Flying or you're not in qualifying round Number 23 Pizza is here so you're welcome to come And get you some pizza that your entry Fee as long as you paid your entry fee

Covers your cost on the pizza Mark is that correct No um Mark's over Okay You gonna touch every one of those Before you find your white pizza I would All right I got three quads in the line carlos is Coming up Yeah take that down with you guys that That pizza take that Out there you'll eat the down thing How much how much All right qualifying round number 22 Looks like we're good carlos is making His way to his chair and then we're Gonna launch this round No you're not supposed to be right over The timing computer Do you ride Well you should be over there when you Do the tablet Yeah show your butt to the camera that's Why i put it there You did sign up though right Oh i was just messing with you bud you Could have finished signing up There we go I don't know All right here we go qualifying round Number 22. i'm gonna watch you arm your Quads live on the tone

Go go go Then 14 4. Even fpv 12 6. Maxzilla 21.2 Kiraki 16-6 9. Black Maxilla 21.6 Never leave dead keys Maxilla 26.2 Maxilla 23.11 Okay looks like everybody's down go Collect your quads we're gonna move on To qualifying round number 23. What's up Tilton says hey ribbit Hey huff Hey e doc That's 23 Wrong way carlos and zoom you're up Down It hasn't been Foreign [Music] All right Wrong way You good carlos Carlos you good bud Carlos good I hear him yelling Looks like he's good All right

Gentlemen arm your quads live on the Tone in lesson five That's what's up that's all that's Really what's up the other thing is Zoom 27.1 Wr0 and weight 26.8 Carlos fpv185 Wr0 and weight 27.2 Carlos fpv19a Zoom 32 flat Wr0 and weight 27.5 Zoom 24.6 29.25 Not even tighter just smoother 24 you're up I see it coming is All right sheep wings tilted ethan and Wise one europe hope everybody enjoyed Their lunch thank you very much mark Silva with new england fpv pilots You know he he has the nefpv moniker Sometimes that he uses and there's a Group of us that have been flying wings Under the nefpv moniker since 2012. And uh those guys love to give marcus Really a and it's so funny You know you love it when those guys Come in they're like yo you're not idfpv We're any fpv No he's just gonna Order pizza And then eat it You're gonna fly next you're gonna fly Soon

You better You only got one in on that last one We're on 24 now We got six rounds left in this qualifier We got about 25 minutes to do it We got four video we've got four pilots And seats looks like we're good no Complaints Arm your quads we're live on the tone in Less than five Too Fpv [Music] Fpv Until 10 15 That is a upgraded time for tilted going Up to a 37.927 Top three consecutive laps nice job Tilted fpv Moving on to qualifying round number 25 25 you're in this round you are flying Now Qualifying round number 25 25 25 that's going to be heroki jjb jc12 And zoom Europe Right now I know What happened Do you have any pvc to pick that gate One out there b black b1 Yeah uh we need to do a course repair Course repair real quick Well how bad is that

It doesn't look that bad The team black sheep on the far corner You think that's flyable I think that's viable let's just let's Let's run it If you know if we have a problem i'll You know we'll go through it but i think We're all right to run it and then we're Going to fix it on this next one All right I don't really see where it's broken Either i got an alert that it was broken Because some you know because uh he Broke it but Not that broken All right Are we good Looks like we're good arm your quads Live on the tone Is Hiroki 15 1 Jjb underscore fpv 25.5 Zoom 26.2 Hiroki 14 3. Looks like zoom has the course to Himself Oh no We have a competitor there looks like jj B's back up 35.6 Zoom 40.2 Jjb underscore fpv 14 1. Jjb underscore fpv 13-4 I told you 25.55

All right looks like everybody's down go Ahead collect your quads We're going to do a slight course repair To resolve that Broken gate issue And qualifying round number 26 you're up Next Have a slight delay as we do this course Repair And then we'll be right back up into it So qualifying round number 26 is going To be wrong way backzilla white eye and Carlos fpv If you're in qualifying round number 26 Go ahead and get your quads ready We're doing a slight course repair but You should have your quads ready so that Way when marcus comes back up off of the Course We are good to move on into this next Qualifying round Forever All right Looks like the course repair is complete They're making their way back So if you are wrong way badzilla white Eye or carlos i need you up with the Blocks I'm gonna launch you here in one minute Or less Coming up on our 60th race of the day We're in round 26 or 56 That will complete our new england fpv Global championship qualifier

And then we'll move on to our third race Which is the we bleed fpv northeast No 26 uh 20 30. 30 for a race Plenty of time for anybody The next one just to be in the next one You know I am doing up to 30 up to 30. Up to 30. 30 is the last one of this Race before i move it on to the next one Once we fill once we start filling up Once we have round 30 filled up then i Will switch the kiosk over to the next Race Okay Everybody looks good Arm your quads Live on the tone in less than five White i183 Carlos fpv 20.2 Baxzilla 23.6 Wr0 and weight 30.5 White i183 Carlos fpv 22.2 Maxilla 23.2 White i18 2 Wr0 and weight 24.2 Carlos fpv 25.4 Maxzilla 22.4 White i-16-4 Maybe not Maybe not

Wr0 and weight 34.1 Carlos 24 flat 20 seconds left in this one Wr0 and way 15 4. All right guys finish your lap land your Quad and we're gonna move on to Qualifying round number 27 27 up next Wr0 and weight 21.6 Okay Maxilla 21.3 It's right in front there [Music] Uh All right qualifying round number 27 Sheep wings jjb ethan and wise one You're up now Do it ass Hey good to meet you man What was your name again Rory got it Chris All right Okay so Sheep wings jjb you good Ethan wise one how you doing over there Are you good No I heard that clear no he's not quite Ready Yup No worries

All right Looks like everybody's good gentlemen Arm your quads we're gonna go live on The tone in less than five Ethan with that hot start Coming out with a 1.722 hole shot So the last time ethan was up he put a 10.5 second lap in 12-3 he's opening With a 12.3 This could be This could be the moment when ethan Pushes up into that number one spot for The day 12-3 and a 12-4 one more let's see Another 10-5 Then this kid's gonna be that number one Spot pushing tilted down Putting it all together That's what's up 12-3 12-4-12-3 ethan in That number one spot Almost a full second ahead of tilted fpv Nice job ethan cling And another 12.5 i think your battery's Done bud [Laughter] 37 198 nice job nice job No You're at a Uh oh from the 39-70 race What was what was your best of the last Race So for the day apparently tilton is Point Zero

Two Off Yeah yeah yeah Round number 28 you're you're up 28. All right round number 28. You're gonna be raw fpv hiroki tyler Harrison zoom you're up now [Applause] That's raw fpv aka mock Aka 50. So aka 37 fitty Aka Machus aurelius That's why we call him karen it's why When you call me karen i'm just like You're out of your minds i'm no Caring You're just not even vibrating 31 no That's going to be the next range Find a place All right guys we got Getting ready Mother father Oh Okay Everybody good for our round number 28. Looks like zoom has now sat down Raw how you doing bud You good All right gentlemen arm your quads we're Live on the tone in less than five All right So the next race is now up on the kiosk

Next race up on the kiosk Underscore tyler underscore harris 15 9. Try it again Underscore tyler underscore harris 15-6 18 6. Underscore tyler underscore harris 16 3 Hiroki 14 7 Underscore tyler underscore harris 9-1 Zoom 55.9 eric e15 2. Zoom 25.99 All right Okay everybody's down moving on to Qualifying round number 29 qualifying Round number 29. you're up next Is qualifying round number 29 raw fpv Tilted fpv jc12 and carlos you're up now I hear the stars Is All right raw all right they're still Working their way through What This is the third race Yeah 30 is the 30 has been uh 30 is the end then we move into the next One Uh you were in round 31 But you're gonna have to sign up for the Next race Sorry bud It is what it is This is round 29 of the last race And looks like we're good marcus you're Good

All right tilted Jc And Carlos arm your quads live on the tone You're good You're good What happened there Uh you already got your time bud Yup Sure did Yeah you were saying wait wait wait Sorry tilted I don't i don't know like I asked if you were good Jj Jjb crashed into me on the last tee we Were in together Yeah yeah you remember that i was i was Just flying through the start finish or I was flying up to the start finish gate Last obstacle and You went down lost your battery you need Dual lock kit dual lock Dual lock You'll attach your battery to the bottom Of the quad and it won't want to come Off Carlos fpv 21.4 No it's no that's it that's the next Race The next All right another 25 seconds left on This particular round carlos fpv on his Lap five right now

Carlos fpv 20.15 All right carlos finish that lap and Land your quad looks like a fast one Come on finish it up finish it up fast Yeah buddy That's under 20 seconds good job No you need dual lock I don't run it on a lot of my stuff Because i don't hit that hard Um I'll show you hold on It's it's Do D-u-a-l locked that's it and i'll tell You what like Kevin am i right or wrong like you put That on your on your battery and on your Quad And it's not going to fall off like It's not I know i i've used the stuff you're Using I've seen it that's why i'm that's why I'm recommending do a lot to you this is Gonna be the last round of the 2022 Multi-gp championship qualifier hosted By new england fpv pilots that's going To be wrong way tilted fpv raw fpv and Bagzilla bagzilla There's bobby bags coming in coming in Hot Rod are you going to be ready for Another one bud Yeah

I don't believe you See bobby bags is ready Bobby bags are up on the line he's Getting up on the blocks now cut Come on bobby bags bagzilla What is aurelius doing Marcus aurelius One arm No he's good he's going to the blocks He's ready he's ready to race guy He is ready Ready to race raw fpv Tilted fpv Wrong way And bagzilla Are gonna race No no not joey His name is bobby bags Bobby baczilla That's joey bag of donuts you're Thinking about and that is that is no Joey bag of donuts let me tell you what He's hustling like joey bag of donuts Would be like rolling across the field Here you know yeah bobby bobby bags Moves it he he knows how to keep the Keep the line rolling Let's go all right we got we got some of Our favorites coming in here is marcus Aurelius All right tilted you good bud Bobby you good all right bobby's good Army quads Live on the tone for the last round

Of this qualifier In less than five And here we go Tilted off to a quick lead making his Way through Already in the slalom making his way Around the corner screw tilted wants to Show what he's got tell us to show me What you got bud That's a hell of a start there 12-7 and He's just continuing to move at this High pace tilted is just What That one Tilted is just cooking 12-6 12-7 12-6 he Saw ethan put up a fast time and he is Just Not having This race Showing ethan in that number one spot He's out with a vengeance And he pushed it But was that good enough That was not good enough maxilla 20. 38.069 You tried Dude you tried your best So did did you know that if you went to The 2016 multi gp championship And you worked your way through and got To that number four spot Do you know what your prize was It was a blue ribbon that said i tried My best

First second and third were trophies and Prizes Fourth place and like the most awesome Trophies that multi gp has ever put out Were in the 2016 championship those are Actual quads quad parts it was awesome Playing footsies with me over here at mr Jace i definitely was yep feeling my Knee Loving it With my hobbit Oh look at that your feet are gross bro They're pretty gross right they are Pretty nasty i've been i've been trying To get rid of that mandel right that Farmer's mandel farmer's tan yeah but That's but dirt wash is off bud I know but i mean you're getting rid of It for now for today 8.9 Got to get them sun bro i got to let the Feet get some yeah but if you cover them In dirt Then get them in sun it doesn't have the Same effect you think it's actually Shielding me from getting sun on that oh Dude that's that's better that's like Spf like 10 000. Dirt straight dirt Yeah I'm afraid that ship has sailed Number one backzilla still holding it Thanks hill has been killing it man Nowhere this season tilted how did you Get third place on this heat immediately

A competitor 1.2 you're fourth place now By the way so bagzilla he needs to Tighten up there's a couple spots like If he tightens up on that first lifetime Doesn't work bro like that section is Number one this one number two wrong way Number three right But he needs to somehow in some way with A fast lap of 12.614 tilted has gone Into fourth place ladies and gentlemen Keep this one tight keep it tight How's that even possible That's what's up buddy Oh Yeah no you're the aggregate loser 100 Tilted lost yep Dude this is why i'm fat dude seriously This is why i'm better than you This is why i'm higher on the food chain I would still be going right now All right maxilla you're you're way done Bud you're way done getting you've been Done all right moving on to the next Race tilt it's been done for like three And a half minutes [Laughter] Am i right all right now we push that up I'm gonna Import the next event Go back Over here I need the api Key all right ladies and gentlemen that

Was round 30 of the nefpv 2022 number one global qualifier for the Year we are now going to transition into The uh we bleed fpv north east First 2022 global qualifier event We're going all day today folks that is 90 rounds 30 30 30. for the first time Ever in the history of multi gp we are Doing a global qualifier triple header With mass drones and the fpv and we Bleed fpv northeast Give us a few as we transition into the Next event I'm really cute I see it coming is All right heat number one you're Of the we bleed Fpv northeast global qualifier for the 2022 season the sweep wings hiroki tyler Harrison wise one you're up now All right ladies and gentlemen i Realized that we did 30 rounds for mass Drones and 30 rounds for any fpv but For we bleed i think it's possible we Could do 40. We'll see [Music] Yeah we're good now Should be Once again ladies and gentlemen this is The first ever attempted triple header Global qualifier with the aid of zippy q Qualifying yes yes it is So i've actually done triple headers

Before but that was back when it was Five rounds five rounds ladies and Gentlemen right right this is 30. 30 for The last two races in a row and now We're going for 90. actually let's go Let's go clean hundred i i think we Could pull out for queen i know we can Pull off a clean Hundred i mean it couldn't be done Without the support of uh doug kling Behind the scenes behind the curtain if You will which you are not allowed to Look behind by the way no Nobody sees the wizard nope He's just back there i can see his Silhouette i mean it's funny because Like there's a bunch of us that will Play uh blockers for dougie like if uh You know these big events if uh if There's some some rando that's like you Know i want to talk to you about how You're doing all the streaming it's just Like no no you got to go now no No he's behind the curtain right now you Need to leave him alone yep when he's Out and about go ahead you know he'll He's more than happy to talk to you About all this stuff but you know uh When he's behind the curtain doing his Thing like i'll run blocker for him all Day all day long And when they ask me how it's done i Tell him it's magic and he's a wizard it Is magic i mean being a wizard implies

Magic indeed All right qualifying number round round Number one we got four quads down we've Got four quads down we got four pilots And looks like we're good nobody's Complaining Arm your quads we're live on the tone in Less than five So this is exciting we're coming into Our third race of this 2022 global Qualifier absolutely See toronto i'll fix it All right all right i get myself signed Up Chief wing 16 Hiroki 15 Underscore tyler underscore hara 16 6. Chief wings 27.7 Underscore tyler underscore harris 15-3 One 14 8 She wins [Music] 17 9. Eight This is an hour Oh we're done All right moving on To our next round round number two Of our weebly fpv global qualifier In my bag I'm good Yeah i'm good Yeah i'm gonna fly my my packs

But that's gonna be a while wrong way Tilted white eye and zoom you're up Round number two right now round number Two wrong way tilted white eye and zoom All right we've got quads on the line All right wrong way looks good tilted You're good Zoom's good Yeah Why not you're good Yeah Brian you also have one Yeah No he's telling me he's not How you doing bud you good all right Gentlemen arm your quads we're gonna go Live on the tone in less than five Here in our second round duration for The 2022 global qualifier this is our Third race here today Second round of racing here for the 2022 Multi gp global qualifier for we bleed Fpv northeast Weave lead fpv actually started in new York By uh zotac Until 10th to 12th It's expanded Now it's in maine wr0 and weight 28 see We bleed all over the northeast [Music] Who's this love chat xyz Love chad needs to go Until 10-12-4

Best adult dating site And play 27.7 Zoom 25.2 Zoom 27.1 Wr0 and weight 27.6 All right i'm going to change some props And i'm going to sign up for a race Zoom 23.6 All right you guys both are in that last Victory lap unless you crash out Zoom So You can finish your lap and land your Quads if you're able to flip over wrong Way still up in the air So zoom if you can you can turtle Oh you're you're in pretty deep Looks like uh wrong way is bringing it Home in the final stretch All right And that's it Moving on to qualifying round number Three Collect your quads Round number three we got Sheepwing jjb ethan and carlos Is Thank you All right gentlemen Sheep wings j2b ethan and carlos you all Good looks like everybody's good arm Your quads we're gonna go live on the Tone in less than five [Music]

[Music] Jjv underscore fpv 15 5. Carlos fpv 22.4 Cheap wings 31.7 Jjb underscore fpv 18.2 Carlos fpv20 black Sheep wings 15 flat Jjb underscore fpv 17-5 Chief wings 15-2 Carlos fpv20 flat Jjb underscore fpv 16.5 Cheap wings 15 4. Jjb underscore fpv 14 flat Carlos fpv 18 9. [Music] Jjb underscore fpv 16-4 Carlos fpv All right finish your lap land your quad All right That's it That 11873 was that a valid lap No Round four [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Tight [Music] Is [Music] Man let's go All right here we go As soon as bagzilla is good and ethan's

Off the field Ethan's a hustler man Yep all right bagzilla you good All right Army quads live on the tone in less than Five [Music] Maxilla 22.2 Sports layer 30.7 Cherokee 21.6 jc 12 40.7 Iraqi 15 7 Maxilla 29.3 21.50 You could get two more laps out of this If you try no not anymore Dancing around like a like a Like a whippoorl There you go You need to fly more than marcus Aurelius Hey that was nice bagzilla Dude that was a real nice final turn There Good job All right moving on to qualifying round Number five Round number five you're up now That's wrong way tilted tyler harrison Wise This one boy Okay so everybody i move the kiosk Tablet out of the sun it is currently on The uh

The multi gp trailer for new england fpv Burning tires There we go more shade more shade that's What we need on a day like today All right how are we doing wrong way you Good tilted you good Tyler harris yep Wise one I don't see any complaints i'm going to Say Arm your quads we're live on the tone in Less than 5. So everybody knows the kiosk has moved It is now on the trailer Underscore tyler underscore harris 14 9. Till 10 12-3 Tyler underscore herrera 17 1 Till 10 12 5. 17 1. Wrong way that did not sound good there At the end there bud No sir not at all all right tyler harris Bring it in all right course is clear go Collect your quads moving on to Qualifying round number six Jjb white eye and zoom you're up Wangs jjb fpv wide eye and zoom coming Back to the pilot area All right she playing is you good Yeah Jjb All right white eye i'm gonna assume You're good zoom kevin you good All right guys no video objections arm

Your quads as we go live on the tone in Lesson five All right quick off the start sheep Wangs with the quick hole shot and he's Going to continue it oh no knocked back Into third by white eye and jjb as jjb Comes in tight around the hurdle into The corkscrew coming around that over Under in the under over He is not messing around jjb Sub 16 on the first that's a good start Wing 17-1 wide eye coming in 16.7 sub 17 As well on the second place feed zoom Twenty fourth left she brings thirds Down zoom is in fourth we're going to Give him unofficial third place as he is Still up in the air She brings his back up oh and then down Again white eye is down jj b is down Zoom is the only one left looking to Take clean air in that first place She wangs back up Did he turtle out of it Will he rearm Zoom is making up ground oh he's Re-armed he's back up zoom is still in Fourth seven sheepling zoom is taking Second place he's going to overcome jjb Who is still in the grass and sitting There waiting to be overcome Zoom take that first place buddy she Playing still in fourth Jeep wings 46 plenty of time zoom Nice corkscrew

Kevin zoom sear coming around that over Under and the under over He's coming into that timing gate Zoom 26.6 zoom fpv has taken first place In this heat Still followed by sheep wangs who's Trying to catch up but fumbles and goes Down again wait he's still upright Can you get back in this heat for a Third time Zoom fpv going hard and clean on his Lines as he comes through trying to get That third lap Sheep wings is back up again for the Third time how did he not bend a prop Ladies and gentlemen i don't get that Zoom still holding down first place with A considerable lead sheep wang's going Hard trying to get on the backside of Him he's coming around that hurdle back Into the corkscrew he's going over under Under over he's going to come after Again oh passed on the corkscrew i think She playing is going to take first seat Bikes takes first around zoom What a heat ladies and gentlemen All right let's finish him up 24.2 all Right guys last let's finish him up What a heat wow Ran him down sheep wang All right next up in the queue Qualifying round number seven of the First ever we bleed fpv northeast 22 22 Global qualifier we have slowpoke fpv on

Race band one F2 hieroki f4 ethan fpv and r8 carlos Fpv Uh seven yeah yeah qualifying round Seven Kevin seriously bro Like he was running you down for a while Man that was tight that was so good All right guys ethan's back in his seat Slowpoke's coming back Where's hiroki i'm waiting for hiroki There he is And i see carlos all right we got three Out of four we still got two stragglers Coming back on the quad retrieval All right last pilot coming back carlos Fpv I'm going to assume sometime within the Next 10 to 15 seconds carlos is going to Be good with video of course he runs hd 0 which means he's always good with Video All right guys everybody's in their seat Let's get ready to go No objections to video let's arm our Quads as we go live on the tone in less Than five And we have a clean start ladies and Gentlemen slowpoke taking the whole shot To first place ethan overcoming him as a First place oh a slide back for slowpoke All the way to fourth hiroki in second Carlos fpv in third keeping their lines Clean ethan fpv still keeping that first

Place into the inverted matt's boob Coming around that inver oh Corkscrew time for each fpv wow that is A tight line ladies and gentlemen roki Holding that second place down video a Little bit spotty but came back strong Slowpoke slid all the way to fourth Running down carlos fpv like a demon Right now carlos went out a little bit Wide slowpoke makes some more ground Coming in on fourth place ethan fbv Holding down first with a clean solid Line Running them down about three or four Elements back but ethan's line is too Clean and too solid at the moment no Mistakes i would say ethan fpv is going To hold this heat down slowpoke still Running carlos down at the moment oh my Goodness they're about a half an element Behind carlos coming around and under oh Ethan is down He has called it good with his battery Carlos fpv carlos holding his line solid As slowpoke is trying to run him down But he's not going to have that hiroki Still holding down that second place Solid lines 15.194 is fast last at 19. Carlos coming in on that last lap three We've got 35 seconds left if you want to run it Ladies and gentlemen 35 seconds left Slopo still going strong Lap number four ladies and gentlemen a

Pace of six in two minutes Hiroki with a good recovery he hasn't Left this track yet carlos Slowpoke has taken that third perch oh Carlos getting gaining on it Carlos goes into second with that fast Path through the start finish gate Slowpoke and third ethan fpv in fourth By laps of course the fast freeze and Fpv on that one 12.065 and his last at 13.26 Finish up your laps boys nice job great Heat guys great heat You gotta take over brother i'm in this One Nice heat man All right ladies and gentlemen i'm gonna Hand the mic over to perry as i go for My top time In the we bleed northeast 2022 number One global qualifier I've already put i put up three in the First two i'm gonna put up three three In the second one All right we're up qualifying round Number eight borg slayer tyler harris Tyler harris jc12 and bagzilla you're up Now These voices [Music] All right we're looking good Jace is up Tyler you good Jc's good badzilla you good over there

Bud Yeah Gentlemen arm your quads Live on the tone Underscore tyler underscore harris 14 5 Maxilla 20.6 [Music] Underscore tyler underscore harris 14 5. Maxilla 21.4 Jc 1240 1.4 Damn i got three laps in 54-137 Not bad Maxilla 30-point Jc 12 39.17 20.70 Maxzilla 19 7 Jc 1236 flat [Music] All right Looks like everybody's down Everybody's down All right Round nine you're up round nine Round number nine wrong way jjb raw and Wise one Wrong way jjb raw fpv and wise one My [Music] All right looks like we're about 15 Seconds out from starting up this next Heat qualifying round number nine Wrong way jjb Raw and wise one Good day mr raw fpv

All right Gentlemen arm your quads we're live on The tone in lesson five [Music] Jjb with a hole shot [Music] What happened now Hey everybody land your quads we got to Redo the round uh Mr chase did not collect his quad Oh Cheers All right now that we actually have four Clean channels I i understand that you got stuck in the Gate but you have to go and un-stick Yourself from the gate before we start Up the next round Like that's You know That's just something you got to do Hey yeah but that didn't affect anybody Else or the throughput This is our first restart and it's your Fault [Laughter] Because you guys all know that i don't Restart races unless there's a damn good Reason and that was a damn good Not reason given No harm no foul there guy Nobody broke anything Looks like jjb swapped out So jjb was mentioning that uh you know

His quad that's tuned really well when He over charged his batteries At the beginning his car quad was like Freaking out And then like once the battery dropped Down at some It was fine Yeah right it happens to me if i Overcharge Sometimes depends on the quad All right looks like we've got four Quads on the line Sound looks like everybody's good Nobody's complaining gentlemen arm your Quads we're gonna go live on the tone in Less than five All right Let's relax there marcus aurelius There you go Jjb underscore fpv 19 2 Wyz underscore 115 4. Wr0 and weight 32.2 It's a race between wrong way and raw And wrong way just took a wrong turn And he is now stuck underneath the vinyl In this long grass doesn't look like Wrong way is going to get back up marcus Aurelius is going to he just finished His first lap he's now catching up to Wrong way wrong way is trying Desperately to get out of from under the Gate as mark makes his way around Raw fpv it looks like he is gonna win This heat he's gonna he's he's on

Yep Yeah he he just uh overtook Wrong way Coming in coming into that first spot Yeah yeah just keep it smooth mark You're going to win it Here we go here we go here we go yeah Just keep it smooth biden You're the only one Wrong way is try it And there we go raw fpv in that number One spot And oh He's good he's good good recovery good Recovery here we go here we go come Around You know keep going this is going to be A third lap but you got to do it Bottom no All right so Yeah right there flip back around And the bottom Yep Oh oh Oh Oh oh oh Marcus Really still in the lead though he got Back he got out from underneath the gate He did He yawned his way out from underneath That gate Oh of course i'm gonna let him go Wait no no marcus no

That's it you got to land No i mean It's already over mark mark won that Heat Oh just go collect your quads boys We're 40 seconds over already round 10 You're up Because you're in deep grass Yeah you won All right here we go sheep wings hiroki Ethan fpv and zoom you're up now Let's go let's go let's go Look at me Now Oh So You can take a small screwdriver and pop In there and there open those up Small phillips head screwdriver right in The middle and just pop pop All right moving on to cr qualifying Round number 10 Sheep wings hiroki ethan and zoom Sheep's good hiroki you're good yep Ethan and zoom arm your quads live on The tone Dude i saw you i didn't think you were Coming out of that I did not think for one moment you were Coming you were under the gate 20.2 right 15 flat Even fpv 12.9 My bag

Cheap wing 16-2 37 366. so right now tilted has you by .05 After that right Jesus you guys are so close right now You need to practice together like for Real you you two really need to practice Together For real Like If you if you want to get better at Practice with ethan 17 6. You guys are so close you'll be Way debates played battling every time Which is the best way to get back Chief wing 16-1 Are you going to start hosting races or What Yeah you Took Wings 15-6 Oh All right here we Go did you talk to shannon brazard Uh All right qualifying round 11 borg Slayer tilted tyler and carlos Hey he's offering to tow it up there You let him know when he can do it [Music] Sports league tilted and carlos Let's go boys I said

As soon as carlos gets situated we'll be Good Is anybody plugged in in the pits Anybody Nobody All right gentlemen arm your quads Carlos you're good Less than five Fpv 22.1 Till 10 16. You're going 20 feet out Same with over here when you go 20 30 Feet out carlos fpv 18-6 [Music] And over here All the rest of yours 21.9 Carlos [Music] [Music] Right [Music] Borg slayer 30.7 Carlos fpv 23.6 Yup All right we're done Is it good Uh 124. All right qualifying round number 12. You're up All right i need to take over bud Slowpoke jjb jc12 and wise one [Music] Got to place

All right ladies and gentlemen Qualifying round number 12. we have Slowpoke jj bfpv jc12 and wise one I have jjc coming in I don't know if i see wise one yet is he Good to go joey why is one good No Resounding no Oh he said bye All right christopher slowpoke perry Coming back wise one how you doing over There brother No wise one all right so we're just Going with three in this one All right jc12 jj bfb and slowpoke we Got everybody down All right boys if there is no objection To video arm your quads we're going live On the tone less than five [Music] And we have a good clean start Right now jjb fpv holding up that second Place Jc 12 and slowpoke third and fourth jb Down slowpoke may be taking that Official second place marker into the First at this point first place for Slowpoke fpv Coming into that Inverted Matt's Boob [Music] All right jc 12 officially in second

Place right now behind slowpoke trying To make up that distance in the Corkscrew Slowpoke has found a good solid line at This point as he comes into the start Finish gate 19-4 coming around in the Inverted matt's boob As he comes back around to the switch Back over the hurdle and into the Corkscrew 12.45 Found that next gear ladies and Gentlemen jc12 in second place trying to Run him down the inverted mass boot but Slowpoke has found the fifth gear here Slow pokey team three sub 19 for Slowpoke as he goes into his third lap Inverted matt's boob coming out into the Switch back and around the hurdle into The corkscrew Jc12 in the corkscrew as well getting Ready to get lapped by slowpoke as he Comes in the number one place Still holding that same tight line we Have slowpoke and jc 12 on the track Live right now slowpoke coming around Start finish gate for his three fast of 18.369 last of 23.15 still going Gentlemen we have 30 seconds left in This heat spend those batteries slowpoke Coming into that corkscrew coming around And he is a little bit of a blown out Corner and that over under and now the Under over coming around that start Finish gate let's see if he can best at

Last Three seconds off his last lap Slowpoke is gonna try to run for the Second one nine seconds left slowpoke Got down jc 12 still in the air though Five seconds Can you get in You've earned it take that last lap jc12 You've earned your final lap on this Heat Slowpoke is back up in the air His batteries don't hate him enough He's not done yet look he's back look He's up you can't stop him You can poke him Land them up boys you guys All right land them up land them up Is crashing All right qualifying round number 13 for The first we bleed fpv northeast 2022 Global qualifier we have wrong way in Race band one tilted fpv and fat shark Two White eye in fat shark four in bagzilla Coming up in the rear and race band Eight We still have quad retrieval going on so Let's get that next round ready to roll Gentlemen They try to kill me Nice All right ladies and gentlemen wrong way On race band one tilted on fat shark two White eye on fat shark four in bagzilla

On race band eight we got pilots coming Back to the pilot area I got one and two Still looking for white eye in bagzilla There we go boys this is race number Three and there's still some pep in Their step Maxilla calling the sub one minute at This point All right i got one over there with White eye Yeah I'm gonna assume the boys over there are Gonna be good to go in a few seconds B-rad how you doing All right we got no objections to video Let's arm our quads as we go live on the Tone in less than five Oh clean start and then tilt it goes Down hard Bagzilla Second place Unofficial first place right now as he Tries to hold that line Round the hurdle coming into that Corkscrew Now the over under in the under over Bagzilla holding a clean line for first Place here Official oh white eye has taken that First place around him 23.2 Eye coming into the switchback around The hurdle into the corkscrew Here we go with the over

And then the under White eye with a missed gate but he Recovers quickly Still holding that first place maxilla Is right on his rear at this point White eye holds it through the start Finish gate back into the inverted Matt's boob and around the switch back Round the hurdling around through the Corkscrew wide eye holding that clean Line bagzilla has gone down again giving White iron some clean space here Wrong way still coming strong third Place dropping sub 30 second laps in his Last two tilted still down White eye holding that first place Bagzilla back up in the air and on his Rear at this point he's going to try to Run him down although white eye has a Pretty good space oh missed that gate Again then got it great recovery wide Eye Bagzilla With a clean line corkscrew coming Around he's going to try to run him down But white eye is holding that line Strong right now All right guys 30 seconds left in this Lap Wi-fi 16-4 Sub 17 for white eye he's going to keep Going 15 seconds left in this heat

White eye holding that strong number one Spot good clean line the entire race He's had at least two laps at this point Wrong way has actually slipped into the Second place spot as a gentleman as Baczilla has gone down twice Wrong way is he gonna hold second place In this heat oh crashes through the Start finish gate for the end holding Down that second place spot wrong way Slipping in there Wide eye holding number one back zilla Number three and tilted still holding Number four all right guys track is Clean let's pick him up All right ladies and gentlemen Qualifying round number 14. we got cheap Wangs jjb fpv ethan fpv and carlos fpv Although we're good we're good we got Quad retrieval we're just coming up Giving people the pre-announcement that That is the next run in the queue Race band number one sheep wang Fat shark two jjb fpv fat shark four Ethan fpv and race band eight assigned To carlos fpv I see christopher perry slowpoke out There in the tall grass with the one Wheel that means we got a quad that went Way off the reservation i think we're Going to take a quick sponsored break Here as we try to figure out where that Quad is and we'll be back with you as Soon as possible

Is How we doing out there gentlemen We got everything good to go All right so once again we have the Track now finally cleared Race band channel one sheep wangs fat Shark two jjb fpv fat shark four ethan Fpv and race band number 8 carlos the hd Fpv right carlos the first to come back From the pilot line Ethan not far behind him Followed shortly By jjb oh actually no that was she Playing All right jj jjb coming in Picking up the rear All right boys i see everybody seated if There are no objections to video Let's go ahead and arm our quads as we Go live on the tone in lesson five All right we got a good clean shot here Sheep wangs with the hole shot ethan fpv Takes it back quickly coming into that Corkscrew hot And the over and the under and into that Timing gate with a quick first hot lap 12.4 on the first holding down that First spot carlos down with video i'm Going to say unofficially as third jj Fpv takes second place coming around ooh A tight one with the inverted matt's Boob coming into the switch back around The hurdle into the course group jj fpv Trying to make up time on ethan but i

Don't know if he has it quick bobble From jj fpv ethan holds that smooth line She playing videos down altogether all Right so we're down to two ethan and jjb Fpv They are about four or five elements Behind but i'm not sure jj mpv can make Up the speed on ethan today ethan is Holding a tight line Into the corkscrew Into the under And then over Ethan landing it early All right jj be clean air my dude it's All your track my friend You have approximately one minute and Five seconds left 30 seconds left in this heat Sub 15 on two You got plenty of time but And his battery says i'm done What a great heat guys what a great heat Finish them up land them up tracks clean All right next up qualifying round Number 15 wrong way on race band one fat Shark two with tyler actually excuse me Underscore tyler underscore harris Fat shark four with raw fpv and race Band eight zoom the kevin seer All right i'm gonna let christopher Perry take over because he looks like he Wants to talk right now He doesn't want to talk Oh

[Music] We'll never back down Is Now My Oh [Music] Looks like everybody's ready to go Wrong way tyler raw and zoom Arm your quads we're gonna go live on The tone In lesson five [Music] Wr0 and weight 27.1 Raw fpv 36.8 Underscore tyler underscore harris 22.3 Zoom 25.9 Underscore tyler underscore harris 15 Flat Wr0 and weigh 40.6 Zoom 24.4 Underscore tyler underscore harris 15 9. Underscore tyler underscored harris 19 5 Zoom 23.2 Wr0 and 41.2 All right we've got a course repair that Is needed So if you're in round 16 we're gonna Have a slight delay for course repair Raw fpv 143.1 Yeah that's it boys Bring it in Round 16 you're up around 16. we're Gonna have a slight delay so don't plug

In your quads Sheep wings jjb jc 12 and carlos you're Up What's The world is If Too many times I'm trying to Understand Is [Music] Oh My gosh Um Foreign [Music] Forever Time Um Guys we had a quick gait repair Situation there but we got a qualifier All right christopher perry with the Quick gate repair A quick gate repairy from christopher Perry All right we got three pilots up at the Line i see carlos I see jc12 and jjb Is that sheep wang yeah that's cheap Playing There is jc 12. All right i'm gonna hand that mic That's off mine [Music]

I finished mine though Sheep jjb jc12 carlos how are we doing All right For once jc is not the first one at the Line Wow Slipping Not this time Carlos you're good over there bud All right no Objections Good jc Yep arm your quads we're Oh we're not hold on wait wait wait wait Carlos was behind the monitor i did not See him he is making his way All right you good carlos Yep Arm your quads live on the tone You got it there marcus aurelius Jjb underscore fpv 19 flat 27.3 Jjb underscore fpv 23.2 Jc 1243.5 Carlos fpv20 flat Cheap wing 16 6. Alcoholic [Music] I'm not too worried Seven Carlos fb18 6. [Music] All right that's round 16 in the books Finishing that race moving on to

Qualifying round number 17 Which is actually our 77th race of the Day I'm definitely Slowing down a little bit [Music] Borg slayer tilted ethan and bagzilla Europe I'm just telling max over here that uh You could not ask for it to be nicer out Today But this is carlos What a day Freaking nice now Oh What's that Oh your number There's zero Rebel Is that rabble rabble rabble I bet that's rabble rubber owl The guy from uh whoop champs Yeah yeah i bet a bit It says it on the chat right there Oh It's sunburned too Yeah we're good Borg slayer no tilted you're good no No we got hold on dog you're all right Jc No no do not arm your quads Jc you're okay we're waiting for you bud Not a big deal You relax

Like a child There he is with a big smile He's he's uh he's off the course the Course is clear now Gentlemen arm your quads we're gonna go Live here on the tone in less than five 11 9. 28.25 maxilla 20.6