2022 MultiGP Global Qualifier: North East Triple Header I (Part3/3)

By | July 9, 2022

2022 MultiGP Global Qualifier: North East Triple Header I
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Consulted for team one Sheep wings 15-6 Underscore Tyler underscore hero 16 3. Carlos fpv 20.8 Till 10 12 7. Cheap Wings 18 flat Carlos fpv 20.3 Chief Wing 17 flat Carlos fpv-19 too Cheap wing 16-3 Foreign Too Cheap wing 16-8 Carlos fpv-18-3 Plings 20 flat Boys Carlos fpv-18-1 Chief wing 16-8 Carlos fpv 17-4 All right fellas you're done Qualifying round number 20. It's actually our 80th round of the day Jjb raw and white eye All right ladies and gentlemen we have Myself Borg Slayer being proxied by Slowpoke jjb fpv raw fpv and white eye We have uh Borg Slayer via proxy of Slowpoke on raceband one fat Shock 2 With jjb fpv fat shock 4 with raw fpv And race band 8 bringing up the rear is Mr white eye We're getting all of our Pilots all Situated and ready to roll All right if there are no objections to

Video everybody's down everybody video Good all right guys let's arm our quads As we go live on the tone in less than Five Foreign Start Get is flying amazingly with my quad Right now With fresh props He's never flown the squad before ladies And Gentlemen by the way three inch quad Not a five inch White oh 17A and he went down I don't Think he's getting out of that It does but I don't think you're going To turtle out of that It's the next one above the arm Five He's in Crash flip mode he's gonna try Raw fpv 35.1 talent in the grass is too Tall For the three inch it doesn't like it 21 Points it's all good I'm gonna flip you Over and let you finish it afterwards Jjb underscore jjb with second place A little bit of a blow up but coming Into the inverted mats move around the Switchback hurdle and around a little Bit of a corkscrew action coming through Roth PV holding down that third spot Borg Slayer still holding one for the Moment until jjb comes through that Timing gate and I think he'll take that One spot right

Eye coming up on third but trying to Close out Mark the raw silver White i-182 Raw fpv 43.4 raw fpv holding on to third Place wide eye trying to run him down Hard at this point for off PV has some Clean air but he is three to four Elements ahead with raw Just coming through white eye is going To try to lap him here the timing game And may have done so No Ross still holding the third According to the timing system Borg Slayer still in first what an amazing Heat by borg Slayer fpv on this one Ladies and gentlemen jjb fpv still in Second place has landed Rock PV holding Down third wide eye still trying to run Him down but I'm not sure if it's gonna Be successful we have three two one and Land them up All right raw fpv number three [Music] Wrong fpv 33.9 Foreign Thank you 21 right now wrong way tilted Ethan and Bagzilla you're up now Foreign [Music] You got five more batteries you say you Got four Nice Okay

Let's see how this battle finishes for The day because right now tilted Got first place on the first qualifier Of the day Ethan got first place on the Second qualifier of the day And this is the tiebreaker like this Being a triple header like I know both Of you are gonna get your 10 Rounds in On all three races And uh right now We are separated by .05 between tilted and Ethan tilted Having that lead with a 37.317 versus Ethan Kling having a 37.366 So let's see if we can break that tie Right now and uh just shave a second off Of that time let's see a 36 out of one Of you guys Rooting for both of you Everybody's good Gentlemen arm your quads we're gonna go Live on the tone in less than five [Music] You're good Only one obstacle to separates Ethan and Tilted right now 14 flat That was a hard hit right there on the Start finish gate for Ethan fpv Tilted just had a hard hit himself Through his battery both these guys just Pushing themselves to the Limit they're Like we are getting a 36 or we are going To crash That is just how it is for these boys

Right now because they both have great Times up on the board and so close to Each other and they both just want to Want to put that next level time up Oh yeah Ethan had like a full gate and a Half I mean he wasn't that far ahead of You like Wr0 and weight 28 points dude it's it's Funny it like whenever you guys go up Together it's like exciting for like 30 seconds or less Or something like there's been a couple Heats where it's been exciting for a Full minute You know or like close like 45 seconds Yeah dude you guys are pumping like You've been flying this track all day Long you know what you're doing You know where you gotta shave It's just a matter of doing it which is Easier said than done But I hope both of you sign in and uh Keep pushing each other Yep At least I'm gonna make sure these boys get their 10 Rounds in For this last race That's it for bagzilla nice draw Bagzilla And that's it for wrong way bring them On in boys Moving on to round number 22 22 you're Up

Round number 22. Sheep Wings jjb JC 12 and zoom you're up Now It really is super hot in Florida this Time of year like if we were doing this Outside in Florida I would want to be Inside like there's only one place where I would do this in Florida That's in Citrus Springs and Matt Michelle's house And I would be inside of that shed if we Were doing it this time of year but why Would we ever post a race down there This time of year freaking gorgeous up In the Northeast right now this is Perfect this is just a field out in rent Them And we're having a great day Thank you Mark zoma Getting us this nice field out here Gorgeous gorgeous guy Beautiful feel beautiful day here we go Let's race some quads What are you thinking Foreign [Music] Got some quads up there on the line Got jjb giving me a thumbs up telling me He's okay but he's not okay thumbs down Oh Thumbs down from jjb That's not what you want to see Is it three quads on the line right next To him

And they're all giving me a thumbs up How you doing bud There we go I think he's good Yeah you're going to want to point your Antenna at the quad When you point it away it's gonna gonna Get worse as you go away from it Okay looks like we're good gentlemen arm Your quads were live on the tone in Lesson five It's that guy Pretty significant tumble there that Caused a betaflight reboot For sheep wings Jc-12 just making his way Making his way around town Zoom 26.5 Zoom is Zuma's just left jc-12 Oh oh now he's slowing down JC 12's on The on the chase JC 12 is not having it He's catching up to zoom oh no zoom zoom Zoom's kind of getting away now Zoom 26.1 there we go Zoom sitting in That number one spot because jjb I don't Think jjb even took off did he Jc12 102.2 Yep Zoom 23.2 I didn't see your video I don't think you had good video coming Out of your quad Yeah that wasn't yeah you might want to Check your VTX Did you even take did you go through the Star finish gate

You went through three gates Yo you went around Jc12 86.8 Did you see any of them three I didn't See any of them It I Yeah check your UFL No I bet his UFL fell off check that out Yeah if you did three laps I don't know about it sorry bud But you're still killing it Jjb you still got a 46-7 That's where you're at Check your UFL JC 12 30. I had no video for you that Whole time None I I was just like the jjb just not Fly this time All right we're good go collector quads Yep [Music] 23 looks like Borg Slayer white eye Tyler Harris and Carlos Those are UFL UFL is disconnected What's that [Music] No [Music] Ah [Music] Are we good Carlos we're good three three Pilots All right buddy All right ladies and gentlemen

Christopher Perry is going to take over For me on the sticks as I take over on The mic We got three pilots in this heat we have Borg Slayer by proxy of Slowpoke fpv White eye and Carlos fpv Carlos winding The white Fence at this point I'm gonna assume He's down And we have no objections to video All right ladies and gentlemen arm your Quads as we go live on the tone in less Than five F4 And we have a clean start oh and Somebody went in the heat there My pilot is uh hanging in there good on His second attempt At the three-inch quad He's getting the hang of it folks he's Never flown this quad before To keep it tight he's gonna get three on This one ladies and gentlemen he's gonna Get three nicely done Borg Slayer holding down number three Spot Carlos in one as soon as they go Through the timing get I believe Borg Slayer will take over the number two Spot in this heat Carlos is going to try to hold him off Borg Slayer number two coming in hot on Carlos fpv number one in this heat All right Borg Slayer coming around oh Just got lapped by Carlos

Borg slayer's not having that though as He puts the nose down and hits the pedal Just getting used to that three inch is Borg slayer's proxy pilot Slowpoke as he Comes through Inverted Matt's boob coming around now Starting to lock in with that three inch Folks as Carlos tries to hold him off Coming around the hurdle coming into That Corkscrew section there maybe the Superior maneuverability of that three Inch may get on Carlos's butt here Carlos hold them off just by a neck here As Perry comes around and he's over a Quick Bobble and he's picked up that Start finish gate Oh 30 seconds left in this heat and he Drops at 24 on Carlos Carlos can can you Hold him off Carlos hanging on with an 18-6 as Perry Reels him in Oh Perry's really started to pick up in The line of this three-inch now the Maneuverability is starting to give him An advantage Bobble but quick recovery As he gets in that start finish game 23 point Eight And eighteen two is just barely going to Hold off that 23-8 as Carlos takes Number one and Borg Slayer fpv is number Two in this heat what a great heat boys Way to put it down You know

Round 24 you're up wrong way tilted raw And bagzilla you're up now Thank you [Music] These dreams of a better life All right here we go wrong way tilted Raw and bangzilla no tilt is ready tilt Is always ready wrong way Bobby bag you Good all right Arm your quads live on the tone in less Than five [Music] I'm tired Coming into round number 24 so this is Our 84th round of the day Ton 13-6 [Music] Back you turn right back around Till 10 12 9. No All right there you go come around 20.5 Till 10 12 9. Wr0 and weight 28.1 Bagzilla 21.7 Oh dude I couldn't you were killing it Okay you guys have 15 seconds left All right that's that's it You got it ready turn around turn around Bud what are you doing All right no no no go back to the start Finish right I'm gonna show you this go Go to the start finish oh you're gonna Oh that's fine too

It's all right We're all down bud no no no no no don't Go back up [Laughter] Down pity Thank you Freddie All right moving on to qualifying round Number 25. Thank you for the entertainment there Freddie Did you watch us run there Doug I think Freddy's had one one too many to Be flying Find a place for you Went the wrong way through a bunch of Games It was kind of funny Sheep Wings tilted Ethan and Carlos You're up now We'll be in Amesbury uh July 17th Is that what is that okay So next next weekend yeah next Sunday Yep next Sunday we'll be in And then we'll be doing uh the M.A uh or The New England Championship race uh August 20. That's that same field in Israel Oh yeah well it has I haven't said that So I think we'll have to do that in September Is that because I mean that's gonna That's gonna kill that's gonna kill the Participation at the top level

All right here we go sheep Wings tilted Ethan and Carlos I'm holding on I'm Holding on don't worry I know sheep Wings are good Ethan's good Carlos you Good over there bud All right here we go arm your quads We're live on the tone in lesson five This is a race to watch Ethan the Tilton have been battling all Day both these boys from New Hampshire And neither one of them is willing to Accept that this tie break set of 10 Races that they are going to be in that Second place position Ethan's holding it Right now oh even he's having a problem With the squad Carlos fpv-18a Cheap wings 18-1 Till 10 12-6 Wing 17-1 Till 10 12 4. Carlos had PB 18 6. Till 10. With that wire with the ready to go Carlos fpv-199 Cheap Wings 21 plat Form It could have been Chief wins though That 13-021.4 Chief wing 17-2 Carlos fpv-18-6 Chief Wing 17 flat Carlos fpv-19s

I would be in a whole bunch of races That I wouldn't Chief Wing 17 too he's Like I've blown Six back seven packs today You know and I'm good with that you know Like that's when I'm running the race I Don't want to do a whole bunch of Flyers Oh yeah You got to replace the motors Okay moving on to qualifying round Number 26. Looks like three people Wrong way JC 12 and zoom That's a bad idea Do that I'm probably just a bad idea Work All right jc12 how you doing I see you over there Zoom with your Thumb up jc12 is good wrong Way's good Gentlemen arm your quads we're going Live on the tone in less than five And they're off It's like wrong way with the whole shot Come on wrong way let's see a win out of This one You can beat Zoom Yeah it's gonna be a good race Let's keep it smooth One obstacle ahead Zoom 25.9 Wr0 and wrong ways right on his butt And And JC 12 37 announcers curse there on Mr Wrong Way I called his name and he crashed into

The gate But he's back Zoom 23.2 Wr0 and weight 30.1 Zoom 22.8 JC 1250.5 Wr0 and weight 29.9 Zoom 22.8 Zoom 22.4 Zoom has earned another lap wrong way We're done JC now these guys all three of them they Just run you know all three of them runs Have been running solid laps all day Long they know the course and they've Just been putting laps up Zoom 22.7 nice Run Zoom Hey absolutely thanks for coming You did great for us Are you coming next weekend We're doing a triple header in inquiry Next weekend on Sunday It's going to be the last one of the Year yep All right well I'll see you there All right coming up to round number 27 Round 27 here we go Round number 27 that's sheer Wings Tilted raw and bagzilla you're up Kevin you're you're doing that That No this right here is through the top Around and then back and forth you're Live through this super nice Oh dude you were like

You were neck and neck with people and Then just go go into that section and It's like you're too optimals Yeah you're wide on the corkscrew Yup Easier said than done Because you're coming into it so fast You've got to pull hard If you don't pull hard you won't do it Tight And that's scary Here we go this is shear Wings tilted Rod bagzilla That's Bobby bags Bobby bagzilla Did Michelle write Bob on your case Yep Yeah right enjoy your battery operated Boyfriend That's what it stands for Yeah I think she took the batteries out I have not seen the new Top Gun So everybody in the live stream like to Welcome you to the winding down here of Our 2022 qualifier our July 9th or Week of July 4th uh qualifier here in Renton Massachusetts Home of freedom And taxes here we go Okay How we doing over there princess You good all right gentlemen arm your Quads we're going live on the tone in Lesson five

Tilted with the early lead just It's like a nice fast opener to start Until 10 12 6. Till 10 12-1 Backzilla 22.4 Raw fpv 31.4 Get it kid till 10. yeah buddy Yes 37-156 top three for tilted new personal Best You did not get a 36 bud but that was Damn close You were freaking ripping This is what it is You got next 30 packs next weekend 3.4 Chief wings 19-6 Shot Maxilla 32.4 Chief Wing 17-4 yeah you shouldn't have Done that before That's why I was just like but yeah Maxilla 21.1 [Music] Bagzzilla 21.2 All right bagzilla has brought it in Everybody's down it's the end of round Number 27 28 coming up [Music] It's like we only have Tyler and Carlos Anybody want to go up on this uh round Number 28 anybody else Got Tyler right now and Carlos fpv So in order to meet the requirements I Really need a third pilot

I know What channels are open Channels right now are are in use our F4 And R8 so R1 and F2 Are open Who wants to do it Carlos Bagzilla bagzilla I'll put you in bud What channel R1 F2 F2 I got you Doug Doug doesn't fly All right Tyler Carlos and bagzilla you're up Keep Conway [Music] Foreign Failure We're gonna go out to dinner after Thank you And uh Some sort of me What Oh no no you're good Gentlemen armor quads When you whenever you're ready We tried Coming on to our 90th race and most of The pilots have had enough Carlos versus bagzilla With a proxy of Tyler Harris who Unfortunately was not able to join in This heat even though he signed up

Quite all right You guys good over there Yep I heard something about Shane Yeah no problem bud Yep Foreign We good over there all right here we go Army quads boys we're live on the tone Hey there's Tyler I see Tyler Harris Are you going up well uh does it arm Damn Dude I I would no I mean if if you can Get his arm I would say fly it Carlos Fpv 20 1.4 Maxilla 2010.9 5 Carlos fpv 20 flat Maxilla 24.8 Carlos fpv-18a Maxzilla 20.9 Carlos had a pb19a Thank you I'm gonna put you in around 29 instead Of 30 okay Carlos Carlos fpv 22.3 All right looks like we're done Moving to 29 29 has Ethan in it Ethan do you know your number Hold on 30 48. [Music] Me

All right we're good jz12 zoom and Ethan All right here we go Arm your quads going live on the tone [Music] Even ftv-13 flag Even fpv-127 Zoom 24.2 The nftv-12-6 JC 1245.8 Even fpv-13 fights JC 1239.7 There is one more thing I need to tell You JC 1235 flat All right moving on to round number 30. Round number 30 our 90th round today Bagzilla Ethan and Carlos you're up Ethan Ethan go to R1 Ethan R1 Yeah Can you go to R1 Mark Yeah just guess what you're doing You can go to R1 mark All right Ethan you're fine on F4 No This is it Round 90 of the day Raw on R1 bagzilla on F2 Ethan on F4 Carlos on R8 That's who's up Raw on R1 Carlos on R8 Ethan on f4 bagzilla on F2

Not too bad 6 hours 45 minutes to get to Our 90th round Doug It was a casual pace Nobody was really stressed about it Yeah the Zippy Q see that's the beauty Of the Zippy Q as long as you explain to People hey don't even bother if your Stuff doesn't work like unless you're Ready to go don't come up and sign up For the Zippy Cube but if you have your Channel set and you're ready to go Come up and you know just that level of Communication really makes a difference All right so we are staging up for our Final round of racing here You guys want to keep All right Are you guys are you guys gonna stick Around to help down All right I'll run again I don't mind I mean we can run up your your 10 packs I don't I really don't care as long as You're gonna be here to help tear it Down All right round number 30 here we go Bagzilla Ethan Carlos and raw Army quads Were live on the tone Ethan with that early lead 13 flat Maxilla 22.4 Even fpv-125 Ah Bud that was wrong fpv3 you were Really picking up the pace on that that

Second lap and then your third lap felt Even faster Carlos fpv ready to throw that hurdle Yeah I mean Do you have I have I don't I don't have A battery otherwise I'd hook you up Somebody have a six cell battery the Defense can use Carlos fpv that's what you're running 1.4 Raw fpv 30.1 Bagzilla 21.1 Now he's good Nice runs today though bud Very nice runs Carlos fpv 20.3 Maxzilla 25.1 Carlos fpv-18 too Carlos had a pb18-4 Oh Carlos is reeling him in right now Did you get him Yeah the race is over boys bring him Down bring him in bring him in All right round 31 which I think is going to be our last run of Racing 91 rounds for the day Yeah I don't even have three Pilots Marcus Marcus Is he flying No but he Are you flying this next one mark

All right JC 12 zoom and Marcus You guys Marcus I'm Gonna Leave You On R1 all Right bud Unless you want to change Okay [Music] Anybody want to fly an F4 No Do we have anybody in queue All right boys It's been fun But I'm gonna call it after this race [Music] [Music] All right coming into our 31 Round for The Weebly Northeast 2022 multi-gp Global Championship qualifier And here we go Marcus Aurelius Zoom and JC once he's ready We're gonna light you boys up and this Is gonna be the race for the glory and The honor That comes with beating the other old Man Gentlemen arm your quads this is the Glory race the final race Of our July 9th race Live on the tone in less than five Here we go Oh looks like we got some Tyrese in here Zoom

Coming in on that on that hot first lap With a He's on a pace for five laps 223. Raw not far behind JC 1240.2 3.9 Raw fpv 37 flat Zoom 20. Carl I miss sharing a cigarette With you that was fun 12 30. I always Enjoy it You know the last person uh from Korea That or uh from from China well no uh Who wasn't uh who won who won he he used To always ask me for a cigarette and and Would you know that's the thing is a lot Of people will ask me for a cigarette And then they'll go off and smoke it you On the other hand and Juan was the same Way is you'll ask me for a cigarette and Then you'll sit there I'll pull one out As well and you know instead of taking Off as almost everybody does here when They ask me for a cigarette you would Actually stay and and hang out with me While we smoked our cigarettes which is Uh which is nice you know like I have no I will always give you a cigarette Carl If you ask me for one You know TV 105.7 I ran out I smoked all mine I have more In the car but like I just haven't gone to get them yet All right boys This is uh this was for the glory and

And zoom zoom got it Way to go Zoom Rod Ross still up Ross still up you're Good you're good unless you're going out To the middle of the field If you're going out to the middle of the Field hold on a minute because we got Raw with his Jello footage coming Through Full screen Jello footage here we go uh Here we go right through that star Finish game there's Marcus Aurelius With a three laps in two minutes and 18 Seconds 9-1-1 baby with that jello Call Uh what's his name for the Jello pudding Pop Bill Cosby call Bill Cosby with Their with your Jello All right boys that was fun thank you All for tuning in and uh Had a couple really good runs today with Ethan tilted Thanks everybody else for coming out uh Uh triple header man what a long day I Did I thought we were going to be here Longer but you know we were done before Five o'clock we started at 10 o'clock But we started pretty much on time like 10 o'clock on the DOT We ran a little bit late on that first Race but we picked up the pace a little Bit on the second race and then this Third race I mean

Before five o'clock 91 races Bud way to Go Couldn't do it without my team Doug Kling Mark Silva and Jace herwig thank You guys and uh thank you all for Signing in and have a great evening Signing uh this is Perry signing out From uh Wrentham Massachusetts Uh home of home of uh this home of the Free and the brave Bye