2022 MultiGP Global Qualifier: North East Triple Header II

By | July 17, 2022

2022 MultiGP Global Qualifier: North East Triple Header II:
MA Drone Racing
NERDs (North East Racing Drones)
WeBleed North East

Run away you belong Find a place for You Arm fpv14 flat BH drones 22.6 Arm fpd154 Forks layout 27.3 Jc1238.8 arm fpd132 Forks layout 26.5 arm ftd154 Forks layoff 14-8 Jc1238.7 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. Jc1237.1 The race is completely I Cracked Baseball just this will never Foreign Foreign office is down 1980 Park Avenue We Foreign Taking over [Music] Not that tilted 14 flat make a reactor 15-2 Carl SLO fpv 20.6 Vexilla 24.1 not that tilted 12 7. Make a reactor 19-3 Carl SLO fpv 23.4 baxilla 21.2 Mako reactor 16.5 Mega reactor 16 1. Baxilla 23.8 Make a reactor 15 6. Vexilla 28.10 nine eight Seven six five four

Three two One Backzilla 20.2 backzilla done with a 109.2 top three consecutive result [Music] Teaching Me [Music] The races completes it [Music] Foreign Give me [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] 14 6. You know 12-2 Tim's low fpv-15 flat The dr11.3 Completed Foreign [Music] [Music] No no good Marcus It's on the raw Channel Aren't you on F4 you're always on that Four Oh Yeah dude all right I'm gonna watch you Everybody good I'm your quads yeah no Yelling Live on the tone

[Music] Slowtown fpv 17-7 This is Lowtown fpv-198 Echo underscore fpv41.3 Slowtown fpv-167 Slowtown fpv-167 Echo underscore fpv 32.4 Slowtown fpv-179 If Ten nine eight seven six five four three Two one Echo underscore fpd 37.5 All right looks like we're done with This round qualifying round number 30 You're up next 30 you're up next the Races completed [Music] Mako reactor Carlos fpv the wizard of Gauze and arm fpv you're up now All right ladies and gentlemen we have Major Mako reactor on raceband one Carlos fpv on fat shark 2 Wizard of gals On fat shark 4 and rmfpb on Race bandage Here Comes arm There's the fourth block participants Carlos the HD fpv but he's turning back And he's going again he's good Yeah batteries are good One would say necessary All right we got four Pilots at the line Still waiting for clean video from Carlos in arm [Music]

There's arm got Mako Carlos and the gauze somebody with a VTX Switch Wizard bro you should you should be on Fat shark 4. Yeah that's definitely gauze I can tell By the uh the intricate Wang OSD Ornament Is it me or is it getting bigger He's getting bigger I thought so Congratulations All right hang tight Mako hang tight Carlos and arm are almost there Carlos coming back now as we speak About 15 seconds from firing up this Heat This ought to be a good one guys I mean You know one two three in the lineup uh With Arm coming in not that far behind Him this ought to be a heater between One two and three Mako reactor Carlos Fpv and The Wizard of gauze all right we Got everybody down if there are no Objections to video arm your quads as we Go live on the tone in less than five [Music] Good clean staggered start let's see What happens as they come through this First lap we'll get the timing Looks like Mako unofficially out front Nice smooth line Arm FTD 14-1 make a reactor 14 9. All right Mako holding in number one

Behind him I think the wizard takes a Second place spot with a 17-2-5-6 D13 is still out in front Make a reactor 15-5 coming into the Inverted mats move as she swings back Around Carlos trying to catch her about Two or three elements behind Wizard of Oz 20.29 Put the nose down Make a reaction goes in the second Second first That's unofficial timing though His arm is coming back into land wizard Of God 16-5 Wizard of Oz in the official Second place makeover first Elements He is right on his heels oh almost a Mid-air they are fighting for that Position as they come around to that Hurdle Who's going to make the timing gate First make a reactor 17 flat Wizard of Oz Carl slow fpv 20.1 Mako still holding On that number one spot the wizard is in Second place Carlos in third place as The air is clean between them Into that Corkscrew coming around to the Over under in the underwater 10 seconds left in the heat Charles Two one No Pilots have made it in let's land Them up ladies and gentlemen what a

Great heat as everybody stayed in the Air with the exceptional arm we lost him About halfway through Carlson was round three two Carl SLO fpv Done with a 59.2 top three consecutive Result First the gauze Two or three The race is completed All right the second to last qualifying Round number 31 in the second 2022 Mass Drone racing Global qualifier we have VH Drones and race fan one tilted fpv and Fat shark 2 JC 12 and fat shark 4 and Bringing up the rear and race band 8 Bagzilla This is the second to last Heat This particular race and then we're Switching over to the Nerds race Remember guys we're doing 30 30 and 30 Today without a break unless you need a Hamburger Goodness [Music] Keeps me up that night These dreams of a better life [Music] Everything All right so we still have qualifying Round 31 BH drones and race man one Tilted fpv and fat shark 2 JC 12 and fat Shark 4 and bagzilla and race band 8. As soon as we get set on the line he's Up at the line

Bending over in front of us as we speak Here Comes JC 12 ready to roll Long time [Music] All right we got Pilots coming back to The pilot area [Music] I got one two and three and four coming Back With the hustle That's what I like to see boys two more Races to go All right we're just waiting for that Final pilot to sit down as we get ready For our qualifying round number 31 to Get going here The second 2022 Mass drone racing Global Qualifier All right we have all Pilots seated if I Have no objections to video let's go Ahead and arm our quads as we go live on The tone in lesson five [Music] BH throws a little Bobble off the block But everybody else is clean as tilted Takes the lead The axilla running a real smooth line Around that hurdle as it comes into the Corkscrew Of course grew around to the over under In the under over I don't know if he's going to put his Nose down after going sub one minute Today I hope he does maxilla 22. he's

Still on fire coming into that course Group for the third time as he lapse Comes around over under and under over Back into that timing gate With a fast 14.626 let's see if we can String them together through the Inverted mats move back around again for That hurdle Coming into that core screw Over and under maxilla 20 points Under And Over time and gate backzilla back And then you've heard of food as he Comes around to that core screw I think Tilton may have a chance to lap him for A second time on this one coming around That hurdle round to the corkscrew Nice and smooth line though well much as You could ask for to be truly honest With you I'd like to see him put his nose down And go even further below a minute yeah Tilted is called it quits on his battery As bagzilla has clean air for this heat About 30 seconds left to go Backzilla 19 ninth ladies and gentlemen Round one burgers are done if you're Hungry and you paid why don't you come Eat some Bagzilla finish that up buddy you've got The Clean Air 15 seconds left to go You may even get that Steeler lap Come on get it back zayla steal another Lap buddy it's all yours if you want it

Five he earned it ladies and gentlemen Effect still 19 flat back silicone all Right let's land those quads up put a Great heat from everybody The race is completed all right guys We're going to clear the track as we get Ready to bring up the next qualifying Round number 32. We're gonna we're gonna run a total of 33 for this race so this is the second To last round for the mass drone racing Second 2022 Global qualifier we have jjb Fpv and race band One Doug dug and fat Shark two fat shark four bringing it up Ethan fpv and quadrasaurus and race band Eights Pilots are still clear in the field but As soon as we're ready to go we will Send them I feel like you should I feel like you Should have flown it as the Rando to be Honest with you he deserved it or she Whoever whoever he or she was Deserved a good time Very good time actually All right we got four Pilots down we got Four Pilots going back to their pilot Area We're gonna get this started in about 15 Seconds Yeah he's done this before All right we got four Pilots down if I Don't see any objections to video we're Gonna go live on the tone in lesson five

Arm them up ladies and gentlemen I got somebody screaming hang on boys Disarm disarm quadrasaurus is not down Now he is thumbs up from quadrasaurus All right guys arm them up as we go live On the tone less than five [Music] So JJ fpv on a solid run so far quick Bobble and recovering he's down Doug Doug Doug is going to take the official First place he has not come around him Yet Ethan with the first timing gate coming Around that hurdle corkscrew Doug dug with a bobble Even fpv-125 Spot and Doug Doug still in second but Officially it's quadrasource now in Second coming around that inverted Matt's boob as he comes back around to The hurdle Budget Source on a nice smooth line now Coming around that hurdle into the Course even fpv-16-3 Ethan fpv with a Little bit of a sloppy 16.3 as Quadrasource comes around to that over Under the under over Last fast of 29.52 let's see if he beats It on this timing gate entry Audra Source into the timing gate Quadro Source 30.3 Pretty average still right around 104.5 Ethan has given up on the battery The air is clean for quadrasaurus

Doug Doug is back up Around the hurdle Into the corkscrew Doug Doug nice smooth Line at this point Up into the over under in the under over And timing gate Still going to get that three laps in Ladies and gentlemen Doug resource 30.4 15 seconds left to go in the heat Boys You've earned it Doug take another lap Quadrasaurus get in for that Steeler lap You can do it Nine eight seven Six five Four three good recovery from Quadrasaurus is Doug Doug and Quadrasaurus have the air at this point Doug can finish his lap and quadrasaurus Can do the same Doug Doug coming around through the Corkscrew the over under and the under Over Has regained his smooth line as he Quadrasaurus 33.3 quad resource done With the 130.3 top three consecutive Results All right let's go ahead and clean up Our quads ladies and gentlemen as we go On to the next and final round for the Masterone racing 2022 second Global Qualifier of the year The race is completed Foreign We're on 33. all right final round for

The second Mass drone racing 2022 Global Qualifier for the year we have the Doctor in race Band 1 Timbo fpv and fat Shark 2 raw fpv and fat shark 4 and Tilted the b-rad fpv and race band 8. I'd just like to say if we pick up this Pace we're going to do a clean 100 today Ladies and gentlemen uh that is uh an Expected 30 30 and 30 for each of the Three races in this triple header um but This one looks like it went 33 and uh if You carry that average over and just add Another 0.33 repeated we're going to hit 100 easily ladies and gentlemen so let's Go ahead and see if we can do 33 on the Next one as well Yeah Absolutely and we're fine with that We're right on time right now we're only Running 17 minutes behind which is Exactly where we're at last time All right we got Pilots coming back to The pilot area I got one I got two I got Three and raw fpv bringing up the rear Wearing his crew shirt Looking good the multi GP gear this year Ladies and gentlemen All right I see one down I see two down I see three down And I see a fourth All right ladies and Gentlemen let's get Settled in our chairs And if I don't oh I still have a hold up Right now on F2 I have uh timbo and I

Have tilted on raceband eight All right tyke Pilots we got a quick Channel change here as we got a little Bit of a confusion between Timbo fpv and B-rad B-rad has switched his ghost And is back in business all right we got Thumbs up all right no objections to the Video let's go no no no no no second Objection All right now he's good all right four Thumbs up no objections to video let's Go ahead and arm our quads as we go live On the tone in lesson five Just bring it back around you're good Buddy No I told him I'm saying yeah he held Around yeah not fat tilted 13 8. All right we got Timbo fpv in The Unofficial first place with a smooth Line tilted trying to catch up about an Element and a half behind him with a Good smooth line coming around in third Place at this point the doctor's video Assume that we are down to Timbo B rad Still holding that line down coming into The over under in the under over who's Going to be what's going on in that Timing gate tilted Tim's low fpv-15 bit Of a bobble from Tim fpv element behind Him Timbo trying to hold him off going Around to that hurdle oh b-rad is down Tilted the air is yours Raw with that same smooth line last one

With a sub 30 fast 29.5 Raw fpv ladies and gentlemen coming Around that flag to the Stars 28.2 nose Down into the inverted mats boob as he Pre-turns nicely starting to get that Smoothness going out of him Raw fpv a little bit Corrects as he comes around to the Hurdle Timbo has called the quits the air is Clean Raw fpv it's all you into the Corkscrew There you go there you go right back to That one you're good And now we're over under And under over Tilt it is down Tempo is down the doctor Is down as raw fpv has the Clean Air at This point 20 seconds left to go on the Clock the track is yours raw let's get Two more laps in round that hurdle Around he coming into the corpse crew Oh and a little bit of a bobble recovery He's back seven into the corkscrew again Five Four puts his nose down as he leans Around to the overrunner In the under over section Three turns hard spills it around and Then the start finish gate all right Let's go ahead and land him up ladies And gentlemen good evening 2022 Global qualifier for Mass drones Racing we're going to go ahead and take

A moment as we pause and go into the Next race which will be brought to you By nerds racing this is the second oh Excuse me we bleed is the second we Bleed is the second today all right Ladies and gentlemen He's already started in Earth see it's Going to be nerds a second the race is Completed I'll fight you for it Character Currently up race number one open class Heat one of One race order is Jjb The Wizard of Oz and Carlos you're Up now in our Heat number one for the Nerds 2022 Global qualifier Heat number 34 of the day 34. Hey what's going on there hooked fpv I have no idea what hooked problems Hooked hook problems was said the Screen's all blurry That might have been on his side Oh The present I don't want your trash Not much of a present Uptown jjb gauze and Carlos Here we go What is this music All right here we go Looks like we've got four quads on the Line And we're just about ready to light up

This next round of racing Which is our first heat Of the Chance I'm not I should be now Let me check the seats real quick Seats are not right All right we should be good now I don't think I have to save that Okay All good awesome Every every race eventually we will get To know to check the scenes before we Start now All right looks like we're good goggles That thumbs up Arm your quads we're gonna go live on The tone in lesson five [Music] [Music] Jjb fpv 22.3 wizard of gauze 18.5 Carl Slow fpv 20.8 Wizard of Oz 17 1. Carl SLO fpv-187 jjb fpv 22.3 Wizard of gauze 15 2. Carl slow fpv 17-4 Wizard of gauze 15 5. Looks like Carlos has open air here Ten nine Carl slow APD 23.7 6 5. Four three two one Okay finish your lap and land your quad Carl slow fpv-18 flat Carl slow fpv done With a six lap 201.9 result

All right collect your quads and moving On to qualifying round number two of the 2022 multi-gp Global qualifying series Posted by nerds Thank you All right qualified round number two Make go BH drones pinot and quadrators Are up now Foreign I just done here Enough Yeah We'll do that it will do what it does All right Mako BH George Pino Quadra Source we Good Just waiting on quadrasaurus BH roads you're good All right I don't hear anybody Complaining gentlemen arm your quads Live on the tone Oh he he always makes his way dude he Appears out like there's a reason why I Say nobody Foreign Two I think that's a fast lap on the Course today I think he's I I think yeah I think he Just ran right through him Like a freight train just moving like he Had so much momentum Four quadrasaurus Newton Second Law of Motion eh Yeah there was a lot of force there

A lot of force And here comes Doug dug sign up for his Next one Source you got smashed you got smashed Brother like and he just kept going like It was Oh Yeah it was quite the Boost No It's finishing up your last Pinot I'd like another I'd like another one All right let's finish up those laps Land them up All right track is clean as we go ahead And get ready to pull up qualifying Round number three in the first nerds 2022 Global qualifier of the year All right qualifying round number three Is uh actually myself tilted fpv pinot And arm fpv so uh We're gonna need the wizard to come over Here and bail me out on the commentating And starting duties As I'm actually up Borg Slayer tilted pinot and arm you Guys are up All right guys let's get to the line I got four on the line I got two heading back to their seats Getting ready There's three going And four

All right Pilots goggles down thumbs up For good video I got one Two We don't got video on one Standby standby Got video over there dad No nothing We got two we got two yeah we got two on The same channel here Hmm Borg's on R1 tilted F2 Pinot F4 and arm You're on R8 You got video now You good all right Pilots goggles down Thumbs up for good video Is one two Three And four Pilots arm your quads live on The tone less than five We're gonna restart this one guys we got A gate down So come on in land it I'm going to Restart this We're going to take a few minutes get These Pilots to change out some Batteries we had a Gate issue Mr Perry's out there fixing The gate So if you gotta change your batteries Now That gate all set All right guys get your quads back up Jay Jay's walking out back on the field He's trying to fix this

All right Pilots if you're ready and get Your quads back out of there This Gate's going to go up in a second Here This looks like a union job Thank you Gate is back up Pilots are back on the line just waiting For the course to be clear Let's try this one more time All right you guys know what to do let Me know when you're ready There's one Two Three And four Pilots arm your quads live on The tone less than five [Music] Pinot 13-2 Not that tilted 13-1 Arm fpv-143 Pinot 11 3. Forks layout 20.9 Not fat tilted 13 3. Pinot99 Not that tilted 12 8. Pino 14 1. Nothing 14-2 All right that's gonna be it then Everyone's down The racist Good Demons You belong

S for You qualifying round number four make a Reactor a tilted fpv jc-12 and Carlos You're up right now I'll try it again Yeah All right we're gonna be firing up this Next round of racing here in about the Next 15 seconds Qualifying round number four in the Nerds Global qualifier Make a reactor tilted Jc12 yeah Next song next song Hey Alexa next song Terrible All right goggles doubt thumbs up Looks good nobody's complaining arm your Quads we're live on the tone [Music] Not that tilted 13 flat Make a reactor 18 flat Not that tilted 12 7. Mako reactor 16-4 Carl slow fpv 36.3 not fat tilted 12 8. Jc1242 flat Make a reactor 15 2. Not that tilted 15 9. Carl slow fpv 21.7 Make a reactor 16-1 Carl slow fpv 20.5 Jc1236.5 Mega reactor 18 4. Carl SLO fpv-179

10 Mako react nineteen eight eight Seven six five Four three two one Carl SLO fpv-182 Mako reactor 16 8. Jc1238.2 jc12 done with a three lap 202.1 result All right moving on to qualifying round Number five round number five you're up The races completed Round number five Uptown jjb Ethan and Bagzilla Let's go I found that coat Nothing like an ice cold Coca-Cola on a Hot day That was ice cold when I popped it too I Drank like half that thing in one sip All right looks like Ethan's ready to go We got Uptown jjb and bagzilla got good video For most people uptown's videos looking Kind of shaky there But stabilized Him and jjb are kind of bleeding on each Other a little bit that kind of happens Often here on the starting blocks Run five right now It must be set to uh do more than one So if you're able to do back to back you Can I mean I haven't changed it as it hasn't Become a problem yet There's a setting for that Yeah

I must have forgotten Now you can decide ignite if you feel Comfortable going back to back Like Pino I know Pinot can go back to Back like he can do three packs one two Three and I know he'll do it Yup dude I could I I but you'll have Your quads ready I'm not gonna be Waiting on you right if I have to wait On you I'm gonna go And he knows All right up down jjb Ethan and bagzilla Yep Different All right got four quads on the line it Looks like we got four bunch of chairs Everybody good All right no complaints arm your quads We're live on the tone in lesson five I don't think you're caught in the gate Material But there is Tall Grass you are caught In the gate material damn Not a big deal bud Hammer Should be over there On the ground over here Behind Carlos Oh it's been picking everybody else up We can run through it I mean you can run Through it again it might be the way That he's flying through You know there's a lot of variables And I mean

Looks like jjb went down Huh It definitely wasn't Yeah it's been picking everybody else up 25mm Yo that's that's that's money that's That's what I use as well Yeah I know One's picking you up like your last Round before this will pick you up just Fine Yeah I did All right finish your lap and land your Quad I think it's set to three I'll double check I'm gonna check it right now doggy 10 Dougie 10. Yeah if I'm gonna go I'm gonna go two I'm gonna go to So that way they're not having to uh Yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna fix that now so If you were signed up for more than two Rounds I'm resolving that issue Oh Jesus All right Jeez All right so we're coming into round Seven six Round six which is Echo Timbo The Wizard Of Oz and quadrasaurus you're up now So the only person that signed up more Than twice

Is Pinot For round number ten All right so I maxed it out at two Just what's that Six is up right now and then Seven's up Next seven which is Mako Doug Doug raw And Carlos Nope nope Echo Tempo gauze and quadrasaurus yeah You are up I'm sorry my fault complete Yep Who's on the line This is round number Six Echo Timbo gauze and quadrasaurus If you're up Oh Raw Why are you up bro You're up next bud Round number six is up right now not Number seven you're number seven bud That's what that's why quadrasaurus was Confused he's like there's four quads up There guy What's going on guy This is crazy all right So what quadrasaurus gets situated Then uh We'll light these guys up There we go Nice hustle there by Mr quadrasaurus Yeah buddy All right Sorry round number six looks like gauze Timbo Echo and quadrasaurus looks like Everybody's on the line everybody's in

Their chairs and I've got thumbs up from Three yeah I know I see you And just looking for a fourth all right Guys looks like we're good to go arm Your quads we're gonna go live on the Tone in less than five So we had a launch block there just fall Apart do you see that Dougie Yeah yeah it took like it dude it fell Apart it's like on the side of the table There I don't know what's up with that it's Like some get a large block right there Yeah Hi there we got new ones Yeah I know we got You know the pilots wind up doing Whatever they really want when they're Watching anyway right dog like unless We've got the good ones that like are Full stands that we set where we want And if they move them we'll like give Them Well I'm glad I got mine beforehand All right finish your lap and land your Quad Qualifying round number seven be ready Round number seven you're up next There we go Together Hold on There we go that's not right It's like no way quadrasaurus did a 105.

Yep Yeah No way I I already did that's gone Yo I was just I was looking at it I was Like a 105. there ain't no way No way no way cut 134 805 that's still Pretty good guy that's still pretty damn Good Get ready bud Mako Dug Dug Ron Carlos putting it into Practice for a moment All right hurry up I have it on on practice mode right now It should be Oh you're killing me what what what Yeah I I have it I mean everybody I mean go ahead you can go again Yeah I'll I could have somebody else light it Up and then you know they're gonna I I Don't know what to tell you Yeah I can't go beyond that Right it's like All right here we go qualifying round Number seven you're up Are you on the right Channel Are you on the right Channel Oh that's why That's why There we go Mako Dug Dug Ron Carlos 57.60 You know how you can resolve that you Know how you can resolve that

You come up yourself yeah say your pit Crew can stay over it at his spot and You come over here and look at the Numbers make sure your numbers match Use your eyes No I'm just messing with you jjb I would I would send my dad too Absolutely but you know at the end of The day you didn't get credit for that Last run F2 but F2 R1 F2 F4 R8 that's Our channels for the day all day long All right Is everybody ready Arm your quads Except for the one that's flying Going live on the tone I think that's hilarious somebody was Just like you know what we're all ready I'm just gonna go ahead and launch my Quad up Delay of game because Mr jjb was on the Wrong Channel Sitting here trying to figure out why It's not showing up Make a reactor 18 9. Carl SLO fpv 21.8 30.9 3750 31.2 make a reactor 15 3. Too hard otherwise you know this whole With it Yeah we would no we'd go like the Reaction that would we we would have on The live stream from that camera as this Trailer starts rolling toward it would Be probably worth it you know unless we

Destroy the camera that would then it Wouldn't be we're still worth it Carl Slow fpv-186. 29.5 make a reactor 15.5 37 50 32.1 Carl SLO fpv-179 Mako reactor 16-1 Thank you 29.8 37 50 28.9 Make a reactor 15 7. 10. 9 Eight Seven six five Four three two one Mega reactor 16-4 202.7 result got some got some like House music going on up in the in the Race house right now in the live stream Five results and uh that was a new Personal best for Doug Doug let me see That looks pretty good to me 29 29 28. Nice job Doug Doug Jesus Duck duck just put like all the old men In this their places Doug Doug ripping up that 50 plus class Doug Doug 128.318 raw fpv moving on up two he Moved up two places to the With a 132.352 32 28 34 31 32 30 28 that looks Pretty good for Marcus Moving on to qualifying round number Eight the race is completed Qualifying run number eight rmbh drones Pinot and quadrasaurus

So before I realized we had a long queue Where uh we had set it to or you know The race was set to maximum of 10 packs In the Zippy q line so you know some People put in one some people put into My friend here Pinot Pinot put in three Back to back to back No no you're getting 10 packs Yeah twice Just you gotta be ready if you're going Back to back It's not a touch screen My next round will be Here Yo Arm BH Jones and Pino qualifying to Round number eight Arm BH drones Pinot quadrasaurus you're Up I'm sorry bud I like that's not Purposeful I saw you coming I was like yeah dude You know you I know you know when you're Up Dude what was up with that Rogers was Just like you know what quadrasaurus Doesn't need to go up this time I'm Gonna go up on a different Channel It happens Marcus yeah Yeah he's killing it today Marcus Aurelius He's not he's staying on F4 He's staying on that floor Ray Marcus F4

It is F4 buddy F4 All right looks like we're we've got a Father-son team here Quadra source and I'm fpv making their way back over to The chairs And we got BH drones and Pinot Pinot has Been ready he's good to go We got a little bit of wind picking up Here for this next round to qualifying So once these two gentlemen make their Way to their chairs I'm gonna light this Next round up A little bit of a breeze not too bad Looks like a direct cross breeze on the Course Like everybody's good Good arm yep arm your quads live on the Tone in less than five [Music] Pinot 13 7. Quadrosaurus 99 arm fpv-162 BH drones 23.5 Arm fpv 133 Arms down Looks like he might be able to get back Up Maybe not BH drones 23.4 nice run by Pinot Last lap was an 11 392 quadrosaurus 50.5 34.854 that's a new personal best for Pinot 34.854 top three consecutive lap that's

Going to put him way up there on this Leaderboard nice job 2.2 Way up there kid way up there 48-48 on this last day qualifying Very much 26.8 Yeah right he's got two more to go Quadrosaurus 10-8 BH drones 25.1 10. nine eight Seven six you were it was beautiful to Watch he was just cruising dude one like Yeah just cruising Just cruising crazy The race is completed Moving on to qualifying round number Nine Peto you're up again Right The doctor tilted Pino and Carlos you're Up The doctor the doctor Do it doctor Not to be mistaken with quad doctor Who actually is a doctor I was right there and I was just like Stop doing this Like that that would have been my triage Good slap Stop hurting I'm more of a 911 I can do the heimlich on you I don't Think that would have done much I know when to check though please like Breathing Are you guys

Yeah All right here we go qualifying round Number nine Pinot tilted the doctor and Carlos looks like everybody's good to go Arm your quads we're live on the tone You know you're good Already passed most of the traffic Not that tilted 13-1 Pinot 12 6. Carl slow fpd 21.7 Not that tilted 12 8. Pinot 10 8. Oh no Pinot That was a 10-8 bud Not fat tilted 13-4 Carl SLO fpv-194 that was a 10-8 10892. Nice fast lap S Oh my God All right we need new uh vinyl Foreign [Music] Can you fix that game for me [Music] Thank you Mark The Builder Gotta calling him that Dougie Mark the Builder Because he can build it Yes he can Dude I have faith in Marcus I don't have faith in this Czech voice Like every time I finish around it's Just like crazy complete

Jjb tilted Pinot in uptown you're up now JJ jjb tilted Pinot in uptown [Applause] [Applause] Who's up right now jjb tilted Pinot up Down Jjb tilted pinot and Uptown jjbt tilted Pinot uptown [Music] Because I up Yep You are next round That was me Timbo I progressed one round Further than I should have Again So I I thought you had a I might have Had a fast one on the last race all Right here we go we got four pilots on The line we got four bucks and chairs Everybody good looks good Arm your quads we're gonna go live on The tone in lesson five Uh the round 10 is up right now Pinot Tilted Uptown and jjb ERS That was my fault Slowtown FPS Jjbft 23 Flat Knock that till to 12-6 Slowtown ftd-164 he knows Jjv fpd 17-2 Slowtown fpv 21.6 Jjb fp195 Jjbft 15 7.

0 Nine eight Seven six five four three eighteen ninth One All right looks like everybody's down Moving on to qualifying round number Eleven round number eleven you're up The race is complete Justice [Music] 12 and backzilla you're up now Mako Timbo JC 12 and bagzilla Bobby bagzilla are you up I can't No there's no weather coming There's weather coming you think Well I feel the temperature drop a little bit Yeah It's kind of nice I'm just gonna accept that it's super Nice out right now We're gonna keep running How do you make this thing go again What's that now All right we got Mako Timbo JC 12 and Bagzilla let me see some thumbs I see Tim I see JC 12. I see Mako bagzilla looks like he's Ready to go all right everybody arm your Quads we're live in less than five 15 minutes 42.3 Make a reactor 15 4.

Table with a 43 H that's a new personal Best For these rounds [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Looks like everybody's down moving on to Our next qualifying round qualifying Round number 12. Number 12. It's gonna be Echo jjb the wizard of Gauze and Gary H [Music] [Music] En every age [Music] So is that supposed to be you R8 So I got you on round 15 and 16 bud A bit later yeah So uh quadrasaurus are you ready bud Quadrasaurus Are you ready It's the one you signed up for Looks like we've got three pilots on the Line I'm gonna go ahead and just run you This is not going to count against Quadrasaurus Because I currently have Gary H in there Don't worry about it I think you're in the next one bud yeah You're the next one

Gary's gonna get no time I got three Pilots we're good Sorry No I didn't I didn't delete him I'm on 12 right now Echo jjb the gauze And Gary H Gary Oh you gotta run him first All right guys you good Jjb you good Echo you all set out down there bud all Right sounds like we're good I'm your Quads we're going live on the tone in Lesson five I wonder why I put Gary in first place Jjb fpv-155 Gauze it that hard [Music] 77.1 Yo echo's got the course to himself He's making his way around this is his First fpv event For this triple header here Out in Amesbury Massachusetts Looks like he's gonna put three laps up It's pretty freaking spectacular for Somebody just coming out for the first Time Nice job 25.1 you can keep going if you Want Nope that's it all right collect your Quads moving on to qualifying round Number 13 qualifying round number 13 you

Are up now Nice job Echo Arm fpv BH drones Ethan fpv and Quadrosaurus you're up now R and BH Ethan quadrasaurus you're up Hey Jace Chase Is your quad ready to go I would like to fly it Everyone's heart [Music] Is happening Yes Yes How you doing nice All right looks like uh we've got Quadrasaurus making his way to his seat [Music] All right looks like everybody's good Goggles down thumbs up All right I got one two Three Four arm your quads are gonna go live on The tone in less than five Again [Music] [Music] [Music] You were [Music] Here [Music] Thank you Nice run that moves Ethan fpv up into

The number three spot for the day with a 41-159 and then arm just pushed him down With a 41-159 so Nice battle there boys Shut up [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Something [Music] All right that's the end of qualifying Round number 13 moving on to qualifying Around 14. Racism All right [Music] Make a reactor Doug Doug Ethan and The Wizard of guys you're up now Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] One one minute eight to eight Yeah Is that your first time Yikes Round number 14 you're up Way to go Bud [Music] No [Music] Yeah it's good Mako Doug Doug Ethan and wizard of gauze

Doug Doug is on F2 Ethan No he's not digital You're on analog [Music] Too many times I learned to walk by your Side all day You went on with God for God forsake me And help me I'm trying to Understand [Music] There's a quad powered up right next to Me I like to have some sort of an Escape Plan Or at least like a meat Shield [Music] So like if that thing just decides to Take off I can just go whoop Right behind Jace As he sets up our quad for the next Round [Music] Are we good all right I think Mako and Doug dug are already All set yep Here we go All right Ethan you good back there all right arm Your quads Live on the tone [Applause] [Music] [Music]

Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Nice opening lap though bud That was a good opener nickel reactor 14-4 [Music] [Applause] Mako brings it in I think she landed Right on top of Ethan Oh look at that Tangled Up and both are Down That's it everybody's down oh wait hold On no he's back up the wizard of gauze Is back up and he's vibrating look at Him look at him go he's not giving up He's going the distance He's going for speed He is all alone all alone all alone in His time of need [Music] Yeah that quad is not happy with you Mike Oh dude Yeah I mean you're making do but that quad Upset So upset And he's taking his last lap because He's just like you know what I don't Care I do not care about this quad and How upset its motor is

This does not matter to me at all screw This battery land now that's for suckers [Music] You're up the doctor Pinot JC 12 and Carlos fpv Pino's goal today is to put up a 33-33 Solid goal he's already put up a 34. Looking to shave a little bit of time Off that put a 33 up now is your chance Bud [Music] That's hot hot I don't want to touch it hot [Music] Hot hot boy Yes sir yes sir Can touch the nuts [Music] Too hot Too hot to handle too cold to hold [Music] The doctor Pino JC 12 and Carlos fpv You're up I see Four quads on the line I see four butts And chairs Goggles down thumbs up when you're ready Yeah one I got two I got three Good bud Yeah okay on your quads we're gonna go Live on the tone less than five You know 11-5 [Music]

Carl SLO fpv 17-7 [Music] 9 [Music] You Know 14-3 Carl SLO FTD 21.3 9.7 No 12-1 [Music] 86 Thanks Ryan Pino just couldn't string Those three together you had an 11-5 you Had the 12-1 and 11 8-7 but they Unfortunately would not consecutive Carl SLO fpv7 14 right in the middle kildra JC won 238 flat [Music] Carl slow fpv-179 [Music] 10. 9 8 Seven six five four Three Two one [Applause] Carl slow fpv-179 okay that's it for Qualifying round number 15 moving on to Qualifying round number 16 number 16. Here we go [Music] You're in qualifying round number 16 you Should be heading up to the blocks Everybody's down retrieving their quads If you signed up two in a row you better Be ready the doctor jjb Timbo fpv and Bagzilla you are up now to the blocks

With you To the blocks To the blocks Time to race [Music] The doctor jjb Timbo and magzilla you're Up now [Music] No more crying for me [Music] [Music] I can't stay here [Music] [Music] All right after this next round all Right so get yeah get get ready to do it I'm gonna watch these guys now Dr jjb Timbo and bagzilla looks like Everybody's good to go I'm your quads We're gonna go live on the tone in less Than five All right so [Music] [Music] Jjbft 133 Tim slow fpv149 Backzilla 20.7 Mslow fpd135 Somehow Backzilla 21.1 [Music] Slow fpv 24.1 [Music] Speczilla 20 flat The dr-104.6

Tim's low fpv-17 too [Music] [Music] Baxilla 22.1 [Music] Foreign If you want it bud [Music] Maxilla 189 backzilla done with a six Lap 207.9 result All right looks like backzilla's now go Collect your quads Hey [Applause] [Music] The race is complete [Music] Moving on to qualifying round number 17 17 you're up now Rmfpv Doug Doug JC 12 and quadrasaurus It's time to race boys let's go let's go Let's go [Music] Aha Without With that but you're always [Music] My life is lost and brings you to your Knees We're at 17 right now arm Doug Doug JC 12 quadrasaurus yeah pretty neat [Music] All right it looks like we got four Quads on the line we've got four buttons

And chairs Goggles down thumbs up when you're ready I see arm out there I see quadrasaurus Making his way I see JC 12 he's good to go Doug Doug Also good to go looks like the gentleman At the end are just about ready Waiting for a thumb from that last spot And on odds we're gonna go live on the Toe lesson five [Music] [Music] About Arm fpv128 [Music] From fpv-131 28.1 [Music] Getting it arm nice That was a 39.769 for arm fpv very nice run kid Very nice run Everything's all right [Music] 12.872 that's the fast lap of the day For arm fpv [Music] I think he knew he was doing great and Let the let it get the best of them It's easy to do that Jc1237.7 there we go JC 12 making it Making his way through that first half Of the course Coming around to that turn around

Heading back and Ten nine eight Seven six into that back stretch Three gonna be your last lap JC 12. Finish it up and land your quad [Music] Another flag Oh Nice [Music] Jc1245.1 JC one two done with a three Lap to 11.2 result that's not how it Works Not how it's supposed to work All right that's it What qualifying now round number 18 You're up next qualifying round number 18 you're right I love that it's my favorite [Music] 30 seconds is a long time to focus at That level it really is Uptown tilted Pino and Carlos you're up Now [Applause] [Applause] [Music] Thank God [Music] Oh that was the time 206 147 there bud And your best is a 156. Your fast lap was a 37.739 round number 18 you're up looks like I've got four

Quads on the line I've got four butts And chairs Goggles down thumbs up when you're ready And That's some Some I don't know what what up what is up With that anyway Looks like I got four thumbs Gentlemen arm your quads we're gonna go Live on the tone in lesson five [Music] [Music] Not fat tilted 13 flat Dino 11 5. It's not that tilted 12-7 0 10-5 Not that tilted 12 8. Oh Not that tilted 12 7. the army [Music] No you Get a 33.3 to 1833 [Music] [Music] Ten nine eight Seven six five Four three Two one [Music] [Applause] I love how he's just like dead [Applause] So on that last Heat where Pinot got a

33.315 top three consecutive we actually Had uh Mr Tony Upton on the wrong Channel he was on Carlos fpv's Channel Um I've spoken to everybody involved Uptown got to run because he changed his Tail mid race and uh Carlos is not Complaining and he just set his record For the day which was his goal of a 33.315 nice job Pino and uh I'm going to Finish that race and move on to Qualifying round number 19 qualifying Round number 19. here we go The time to sing your swim with a fight That's out or get lost with It So we still had three Pilots up when you Did that Uptown did wind up racing Round number 19 here we go Echo tilted Jjb and bagzilla Very nice job young man 33.315 [Music] Taking [Music] Light up [Music] Echo tilted jgb and bagzilla you're up Looks like I got three quad four quads On the line and I got three buttons and Chairs Just waiting on our rookie here Bobby Bagzilla Bagzilla hustling All right we're gonna fire these guys up

Here in the next 10 seconds or so Bobby bags just getting himself set up All right gentlemen I'm your quads we're Gonna go live on the tone in less than Five [Music] Not that tilted 14 too Jjb fpv-162 Maxilla 20.3 Jjb fpv-16 flat [Music] Backzilla 21.5 Jjb fpv147 I love You [Music] One channel [Music] Yeah see that's that's the dangers of Being a race director out here at the Drone race 10. we should be behind the net guy Seven six we should we should be behind The net guy three two one Behind the net Yeah yeah it hit me [Music] Right there and then he came And hit myself yeah That was scary [Music] Yeah I was just saying like the net Should should be a little bit further There

Like a little bit further No Close this down here All right here we go All right excitement's over moving on to Quad qualifying round number 20 Qualifying round number 20. if you are In that round you are up now You know who you are Let's go let's go let's go Round 20. Miko Timbo gauze and arm [Music] I will not be afraid it's moved now [Music] [Applause] [Music] Better Days [Music] Can't break me down Take time to dig a Little Deeper take a Look in my eyes you'd see life you see Dreams Again [Music] Hold me close [Music] Video That ever Exactly what you have Ama insurance for All right qualifying around 20. I got Four quads on the line I got four bunch Of jazz Arm your quads we're gonna go live on

The Tony in less than five Yeah I was the meat Shield that time You know somebody's got to be the meat Shield why not me right Doug is over there with a eating Grin just like yeah you could be the Meat shield for Jace it's fine you can Be the meat shield for me too there guy I took the top there You don't recall Tim's low fpv-153 Wizard of gauze 19 flat oh that was that Was a little mid-air right into the Hurdle [Music] So Pino has put up his 33.315 and said You know what boys I have study and I've Got to do I've still got school work I Should I wanted to be here for a half Hour I was here for an hour and a half But I'm sure you had a good time Yep you always do the cost 25.6 one of The best attitudes in drone racing right There Pinot So you ready for uh second half of the Season for Quad Force One Bud I know I dude I have faith I have faith I think we're picking up potato as well That's what Matt was saying What's that I know Dude the second half of the season is Gonna be sick Because that's when it switches from

Matt as manager over to me as manager And then we get then we get our picks Right and between you and potato as our Open picks and then the little tweaks of The roster that we're doing Dude I think I mean we're still holding Third right now But if we if we complete up you know Fill this roster out and have a whole Bunch of bangers going in there We got this I'm up right now oh man 21 here we go Slow poke Uptown Ethan and quadrasaurus You putting me down Bud all right I got My goggles Foreign [Music] [Music] Not even tried that [Music] [Music] Baby [Music] Getting older [Music] Source in uptown Sorry Yeah I was walking around with the mic My kid was asking me about Traincraft Could I couldn't uh Are you ready to go there Mr slowpoke [Music] How blurry is it Oh are you seriously gonna fly like that

All right guys if you guys are ready to Go give me thumbs I got one two I'm Imagining this three and four Any objections nope all right arm your Quads we're live in less than five [Music] Oh yeah that's like oh perfect That is like the best video I've ever Seen the whole entire day Even fpd124 Some talent to fly a quad with slow down Tightening itself Slowpoke 32.1 It looks way blurrier than it does on The live stream The live stream looks way better than His dog Slowpoke 25.4 Foreign [Music] It almost looks like it's getting better As it flies Is it shaking itself into the right spot Nine [Music] Eight seven eight six you wear glasses Anyway Three two One Slowpoke 25.1 nice job Circus of concentration right there The races Foreign Number 22 we got Echo BH drones Ethan And jjb fpv

[Music] Jjb's up right now Jjb's on Race eight right now Yeah It's coming but it ain't raining right Now We can get these guys in You're gonna run you're gonna run in the Rain All right well [Applause] [Music] All right Looks like Foreign [Music] There we go aha It might Dodge us it might you know but Better safe than starring especially With the live streaming equipment what's That what am I doing BH drones 22.1 Foreign BH drones 22.2 BH drones 20.8 Yeah it is what it is Like nobody got murdered BH drones 23.7 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 One BH drones 20.8 Quad one week Quads that have spikes Bro

Sorry to catch up nope I'm 30. all right Foreign [Music] Foreign Okay we've got Mako BH drones the wizard Of gauze and Carlos fpv you're up now [Music] Yourself one I'll work with myself [Music] Wait for guys [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] BH drones on F2 gauze on F4 and Carlos On ra You have no video I had video for everybody else All right Are you good Mako goggles down thumbs up [Music] Arm your quads live on the tone [Music] I still got nothing for you guys There you go there you go Looks good now bud [Music] Yeah he's good Yeah you look great now [Music] You got all times this time you got a

Minute and a half left on this BH drones 26.9 0 reactor 17-6 Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Music] And it's pouring [Music] We're still up Carla's still up [Music] Okay Now it's over here Should be uh picked up Seven Carl SLO S80 nine five Four three two did you move that Underneath the trailer for me [Music] All right finish your lap and land your Quad hopefully your conformal coded [Music] He's not [Music] Oh my Poor ride like rides and you're freaking Out like got like my quad's getting wet All right fpv done with a five lap to 10.4 result all right Is the timer sealed up Okay [Music] [Music] We're gonna take a small intermission While uh while this is going on I have

Unplugged the timer We just no longer power to the timer Right now I unplugged it This looks like a pretty small Squall That's coming through Let's be all right [Music] Hey it's BH drones you want to grab your Quad still plugged in You're out there attached to a gate bud BS Jones is making his way over to get His quad He's got Nick coming out there to help Him [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Follow me [Applause] Short rain yeah we're Charlie Brown a Short rain delay here It's already starting to calm down [Music] Myself [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Applause] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Into their minds [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Everywhere I Go And catch me before before [Music] [Music] Grace I won't be mine [Applause] Everywhere I Go [Applause] Me before [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Music] [Applause] Can anybody Dude Mark's taking his monthly bath in Here We Go Again gonna smell nice like The rain shower in the summer Looking to get laid tonight Dude watch that lightning strike

Goal wow Straighten them right out Fight I think that would normalize you there Marcus [Music] [Music] Oh you received [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] Looks like we're coming to the end of This rain here Qualifying round number 24. When you're ready Come on up to the blocks and I'll plug The timer back in [Music] So qualifying ground number 24 that's Going to be the doctor Doug Doug JC 12 And arm fpv Foreign [Music]

[Music] That was real close guys [Music] Yeah I'm gonna give it another few Minutes At least we're not running uh FM radio With the long metal antennas [Music] [Music] [Music] Always lost a little rain delay Little Keith [Music] Looks like we got a little bit more of a Rain delay Hooray for us being Charlie Brown today I mean we really lucked out last weekend Last weekend was absolutely beautiful we Were able to put through 91 rounds of Racing And I mean we were on point to do that Again today At least 90. [Music] Wanting to be better [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] 33 in race run one 24 so far in race number two [Music] [Music] [Applause]

I'm gonna watch something [Music] [Applause] [Music] So the leader of nerds has come up with A suggestion Does anybody want to volunteer to run Around the field with a nerd's flag as a Sacrifice to the lightning gods [Music] Thank you Don't worry about don't worry about what We're doing here in race Ops Okay so it looks like how long do you Think Dougie [Music] Okay Cobra The worst of it Northville Okay 10 15 minutes and we'll be we'll be Clear Right I don't see anything behind it I didn't uh Okay there's there's a little bit Nothing major I mean and this this ground is sucking That water right up Yeah Super high tech The super high-tech right there Again That lightning was crazy close to us Ethan has one

I guarantee it Dude I'm Stop any more trash bags Hey Oh that computer's getting wet Three six Yo Mikey So it is just pouring on us out here Today in Amesbury We've been real lucky up until today With our races But You know this uh this kind of came out Of nowhere nobody saw it coming Apparently Pinot saw it coming too Because he left right before this all Started yeah you might want to pick that Up out of the water bro The radio Yeah yeah Wow look at all that water coming off of That [Music] That was a bunch of water Oh oh you got so many Look at you you're just chilling Just straight chilling you're good You got all your stuff covered Like it is dry in this square right Around you [Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Applause] [Music] [Applause] And every song [Music] Foreign [Music] If that's one thing [Music] [Music] Down [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Finding peace in this prayers are never Seemed so long before [Music] Just a challenge Again Just some place [Music] [Music] Take it off All right up next we got the doctor Doug Doug JC 12 and rmfpv are you guys ready To go the sun is out Let's throw your quads up on the blocks Goggles down a thumbs up [Music] There we go all right just like I said [Music] More Just some place

Where I belong [Music] S We got 32 rounds set to go today run Rounds 24. And then we get another 10 rounds to go Or however many rounds Another 30 after that It's the theory And everybody will be done [Music] Lightning [Music] Thank you I think that was a quarter of a mile it Was right there on that Hill That was dancing [Music] Oh the gates are still standing [Music] You got Clear Skies over there I get home [Music] You need more snacks [Music] Well if you look right over there Jace [Music] So we bleed race Here comes the wind [Music] [Music] That was pretty damn close I'll probably put your shoes on there

Kiddo [Music] It's already sunny out Again your secrets Until there's nothing there yeah go Ahead [Music] I do see a little bit of moisture in the Air still complicated I want to think about that first [Music] Don't worry [Music] Here Comes maker with her shawl [Music] S [Music] How about a candle yeah that's the sun Over that way Jace [Music] Hey buddy Was that uh Lightning doing [Music] [Music] You say we're on the back side of the Front We're on the back side of the front Right now everybody Jace is going out There making sure to scare the rest of That rain away [Music] How's it how's it feeling out there You're going out there to uh stand by

One of the flags [Music] It's cold outside [Music] [Music] [Music] That's coming out He's over there pointing at the range The lightning strike distance Four miles away he said [Music] I'll definitely slowing down [Music] Please [Music] I think I got a little red one That you or me [Music] [Applause] [Music] Put a seat belt on it too Sure [Music] That makes sense that makes sense People do that with dogs Get dogs in their car but they put the Towels down People do that I've seen them I know [Music] People do Yeah yeah [Music] They might even throw up you know they

Will they will eventually right on the Tower they're not gonna do it on the Tower no they're gonna do it they're Going to do it right at the center Console yep right inside the dog Yeah I know what you're saying yep Carlos you bring your dog in the car No wait I've had bats like I had a truck That I bought with a brand new Interior Right like the interior is perfect on This truck and uh I brought my dog Jake In the truck and next thing you know Like he's just like flipping out on the Center console like scratched it all up I'm just like what hold on you know no More dog enough I like Jay had his dog here today Teddy Yep that is a nice dog daddy right in The front of the back Dog hammock for the back Okay [Music] Oh yeah humidity is coming it is coming It is going to be right along with this Uh Sun hitting the wet ground drying it Up to allow us to continue our drone Race But it is so I mean already it's so Humid you can like feel it when you're Breathing yeah I can feel it what's that Song I Saw You yeah I saw you Jace you Went out there and you just chased that Thing away you said no more rain no more Rain we want Sunshine around here we

Don't want any more of that liquid Sunshine we just want regular sunshine And uh Jace just sent set that water Right over the hills and there it is Still thundering over the hills more Thunder but it's over there though Not over here anymore guy yeah not here Anymore Oh there's Marcus Aurelius here nope yep He said no no more shirt it's too humid For that Oh he had mad water coming in the tank What he collected Yeah he did he didn't uh get rid of that Bubble as it was uh collecting it got Real big Not soon enough Not soon enough Yeah Marcus as you care okay though I see soap against all this gear soap he Doesn't have a shirt on Yeah like but that's that's you know we Know that much yeah did he put on a new Shirt [Music] See him over there This is past right now so the doctor Doug dug JC 12 and arm fpv you guys are Good to go whenever you feel comfortable To yeah I mean it's still a little wet Out there But uh it's looking like we're gonna be Pretty good I say let's get it going in

The next five minutes or so [Music] Yeah I think we're good Yep Echo fpv is ready to go yep moving right On to qualifying round number 24 the Nerds 2022 Multi-gp Global qualifier What looking out looking out at the Crowd here a lot of people Isn't it nice Though now it is nice it is so nice out Now Look at all those towels we see out There on the table People did come prepared I know I have a towel I have a towel in my car It's way over there Yeah you always bring a towel like if You're not breaking the towel you're not Doing it right Like simple as that Everybody's bring a towel ah I'm gonna Have to go get myself that's that's just Like a you know uh a rule like if you're If you're you need a towel you know like Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy like Add something to it like you know he Always said like bring a towel there was A reason for that you know towel is Useful Especially on a day like today they do a Good job of getting stuff dry Like because I mean who wants to be done

Drone racing not me you know like the Day is not over yet [Music] Why'd you pack up all your Okay what's that I can crack up all your Stuff I fly Jason stuff anyway I I did one round with my stuff and I I Hit Dug Dug it broke it and like that Was it Could have fixed it like I I literally Could have just put another Bell on my Quad Put a screw in it you know You broke the camera let's be let's be Clear [Music] Camera actually works I flew it I did Pretty good too right I didn't I didn't Do terrible yeah I mean it looked way Worse than the goggles Yeah Well I also have that super set of Goggles by hdv2s You want to try my goggles They're super immersive I couldn't see In them because Oh Right All right round number 24 the doctor Doug Doug Jason 12 and arm you guys are Up Cameras are out Sun's out towels are out

Yeah I just need to plug it in JC 12's You know like you know what I'm gonna Come up with my little three inch quad I'm gonna uh I'm gonna go get a towel Real quick I'm ready before I plug that Uh timer [Music] I mean it's up to you like at the end of The day it is up to you if you want to Race or not you know JC 12 says uh he is good so I've got one Contestant ready to fly in our 24th Round to racing uh the doctor Doug Doug And arm S waiting on you guys For either A yay when you come up to the blocks And race What's that are you flying I can't hear you bud He's drying his stuff off he's drying Off his stuff okay yep all right so We've got a few minutes over there And you know I mean it's not the worst To to give it a uh Check out this towel how long ago was That uh last clap No no it was more like three minutes ago All right let's go seven minutes we'll Start up this next Heat seven minutes From now we got Doug Doug we got JC 12. No no you know what screw that I've got Three Pilots ready to go if you're not Ready I'm sorry what part of the timer

Did you unplug Hey these guys are ready to go I'm gonna run you why not what part of This timer did you unplug dude oh this Part Yeah the power all right I know I know he's coming All right now we should get that Momentarily I mean we should probably protect it First Today After it rained You look at it Between the break of the rain last time Just to make sure it was uh Well we're still not talking Pull out the ethernet the white one out Of the back of the PC [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] One time [Music] Are we looking out there Mike [Music] You know what Should I unplug it feelings [Music] Hey there we go good job Mike We got time in we got Pilots [Music] Looks like we're ready to go for our

24th round race in here Dr Doug Doug Jason 12 and arm armor Quads Going live on the go [Music] Sh [Music] You down [Music] On fpv-14 flat [Music] Arm fpd 14-6 34.9 Jc1237.1 [Music] Arm fpv-136 [Music] [Music] And here comes Forward 30.9 That's the second lap Jc1239.2 30.5 [Music] Ten nine eight seven six five four three Two one [Music] Jc1238.2 JC one two done with a three Lap 205.3 result [Music] Done with a four lap two 16.4 result Sounds like everybody's down retriever Quads moving on to qualifying round Number 25 25. you're up next the race is

Completely [Music] Look at my eyes [Music] You're up now [Music] All right Hydrosaurus [Music] You're up [Music] Better Days [Music] Weight lift with the air huh It is so humid right now Water that Didn't seep into the ground already is Almost immediately [Music] No dude we got another 30 rounds after This Yeah we got a whole nother raise after This one [Music] Four slots four slots just like Just like we've had all day [Music] And quadrasaurus [Music] He loves he loves Messing with me right because I I take My time and I read each person's name And his last because he always signs up On Race band

And you know sometimes I don't call the People When uh [Music] Yeah I know yeah [Music] I'm waiting on everybody to sit down The doctor [Music] 's down thumbs up A good one two three four Army quads Going live on the tail [Music] See the name of the game after a rain is Not to be the first one to hit a game Like it's our it's all right to hit a Gate once it's been hit but like being The first one after a rainstorm to hit a Gate it's just like you're getting a Shower [Music] I'm slow fpv 59 jjb fpv21.6 [Music] 1 Tim slow fpv-142 jjb fpv145 jjb doing Just As fast [Music] Jjbft 138 Tim's law fpv-182 What's up hit through over there Jjbft 14-3 Tim's low fpv-154 Here we go Still got some time left we have 40

Seconds left on the clock Quadrosaurus 47.1 [Music] 10 9 8. all right here we go moving on To qualifying round number 26. 3. the races completed I did I did Uptown duck dog raw and Carlos you're up [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] All right Uptown Doug raw and Carlos Looks like Carlos is heading back Uptown's heading back Doug where you at You already set up and over there ready To go and we got raw fpv heading to his Seat now as well [Applause] I have a dream [Music] All right everybody good Arm your quads We're gonna go live on the tone in less Than five Minutes Carl SLO fpv 25.1 29.2 [Music] Slowtown fpv-168 Carl slow fpd 21.2 Slowtown fpd 17 7.28.4 3750 58.4 Carl SLO fpv-18 flat

Slowtown fpb-17 flat [Music] Now I'm coming in on that fast lap of a 16-8 last lap 1700. that might be a Reference for Uptown Carl SLO fpd 23.5 Slowtown fpv-162 That is that's a 50.962 for Uptown no Position chains for the day but a Personal best for him Tonight carlslow fpv-19 flat seven six Five four Three two and he's just like one you Know what I'm not done yet 2.5 result slowtown fpv 16-6 slow Town Fpv done wow slow down moving on up so I Was saying that uh that he had put up a All Pilots are finished 10.2 result but now it shows that he Actually moved up one spot pushing the Wizard of gauze down to the ninth place For the day With a 49.760 for Uptown nice job uptown The race is moving on to qualifying Round number 27 27. Nico reactor I tilt the jc-12 and jjb You're up Thank you I love how as we come out of this rain Delay Not only is everybody ready to go But everybody's showing up like Literally everybody everybody shows up To their race

Cues right back up Ready to keep drone Racing for the day It is so humid holy cow It is so humid right now Foreign Yeah I don't know why you dipped your Quad in the puddle Like what was up with that Why did you even do that He he goes up to this chair looks at Sees that there's a puddle in it dips His quad in it and then continues to the Line There's radio is that what it was Dip this radio in the water all right Looks like we got four quads on the line We got four butts of chance looks that Way Jjb you good Mako you all set over there yep all Right wait not tilted one sec Yeah I see you JC You good bud All right gentlemen arm your quads and Lady Live on the tone in less than five [Music] Got a heater starting here Tilted with that open open course in Front of him trying to put up a 36 or Better Not fat tilted thirteen eight Tilted has Oh oh no the top of that flag got him

Well it was good here Yeah Still got JC 12 flying the rest of this Heat Still got 115 on the clock JC won 245.9 Who said hi to me oh double A hey what's Up buddy how you doing Double double A is my body like you know He's a great guy Dude he is a hard worker I'll tell you What how did uh i o he was one of the Build leads uh Chris Thomas wasn't there This year because he had uh other issues That he had to deal with that kept him From being able to go to IO and um two Guys really stepped up to take on uh on The build lead which was uh double A Aaron Alberts and Marcus Coyle those two Guys like really stepped up to the next Level Yep We're good all right moving on to round Number 28 28 . that's going to be Borg Slayer tilted Raw and quadrasaurus you're up right now I want to get through some of these Rounds so you know It says he's back and he's gone look at That look at that little quad and he's Got a radio and I think he's like we Don't talk goggles so I have to say he's Back goggles around his head that quad Is Tiny

[Music] That's on my quadrasaurus level right There [Music] How come you don't have the tiny trainer Today no I'm gonna do 30. 32 is as far I you know I really should Only go 30. I'm an hour behind already Cut it at 30. Yeah I'm gonna cut it at 30. Yeah all right well pull up the next one If you want yeah I'm gonna cut it at 30. I'm gonna pull up the next one yeah Did you sign up on 31 Okay well I'm gonna set this up so that You can be the first one to sign up Just don't import it yeah uh right we're Just gonna go to round 30. we're going Around 30 everybody next race and then We're going to the next race We gotta charge battery over here It doesn't look too healthy for this Charge And quadrasaurus Who said that is that chase your seat is Wet Oh yeah well that one was soaked I don't Know why you bothered now Let's TV out there or who are we waiting For oh Kid The legend Tilted fpv [Music]

All right I'm gonna assume you guys are All ready to go raw looks like he's Ready to go yeah he's ready Roger source Is ready to go Jason's ready to go yeah Tilted you good bud Tilted's got his little things on his Goggles arm them up we're live unless They're five [Music] I'm not gonna stand right here [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Tell you That's for the replays right Forks Layoff 47.7 [Music] Of course right now try to sign up twice I'm gonna delete it quadrosaurus 29.1 [Music] [Applause] [Music] Quad resource is still making his way Around he's going to put in a solid Three laps here [Music] Never mind [Applause] [Music] Quadrosaurus 30.3 there we go it's Pretty solid works lay off 42.6 Solid run right there

10 seconds left are you ready ten nine Eight seven six five four three two one There you go that's one way to get Around that gate He made it though he's still going Jace Is chasing him down quadrosaurus 32.9 Quadro Source done with a four lap 208 Flat result little tiny thing I can't Even see that it looks like so much Well 39.7 bork's layout on with a three lap Two 17.3 result moving on the qualifying Round number 29. 29. The races come nice Slayer [Music] [Music] Yeah right yeah go grab that thing 29 that's Echo Timbo Ethan and Uptown You're up now what am I on 30 something I know You were 31 but Yeah you want something for the next Race [Music] To swap that around [Music] Can you get yeah sign up twice Once Oh I thought he said more than Twice I know We Believe [Music] There's a couple open ports over there

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] Yeah cool It's good it's in there [Music] All right we got Echo Timbo Ethan in Uptown I see uptown Making his way way uptown oh he's got His thumb up in there looks like Everybody's good Ethan's good to go yeah All right all right Live on the tone [Music] [Music] [Applause] Slayer is the is on the board The fastest of the slow people [Applause] Tim's low fpd 15 4. slowtown fpd 21.1 Even fpv-138 [Music] Tim slow fpv-138 Slowtown fpv-168 Echo underscore fpv 39.7 even fpv-156 [Music] [Applause] [Music] Slowtown fpv-163 I know bro I know he's just like you

Know I insist on using the keypad I'm Just gonna put the wrong people in over And over Failed and he just like walked away he's Like you know what I I give up I'll go Get my phone what do we do about like Sam Hadley and then smeechy yeah you Didn't put times up though H I know but Hey they're getting emails They're getting emails about the Nerds Race that they was part of all right Foreign [Applause] Slow down fpv done with a seven lap 204.5 result Echo underscore fpv 34.3 Echo underscore fpv done with a three Lap 205 Point here we go moving on to Our last round for the Nerds race round Number 30. if you're ready you should Know it Echo come and land Bud looks Like we need a local horse repair out There Or is that not gonna lose sun's out guns Up Silva's got his his shirt off his Guns out He's ready to rock and roll Uptown just ready to get it Unless someone's got his guns out so it Was right dude he knows what's up Let me grab a Bud Light take my shirt Off did you land Echo It says yeah I'll turn it up a little Bit I think All right

Sorry about that that was that race is Completed this is the last round for the Last round number 30 are up let's go I Don't know who it is but we're gonna Find out in about one second All right we got Echo up again jjb Ethan And Carlos yeah you know Echo for a First timer This dude has been doing back to back Runs this whole race and he's been one Of the only people that rock successful Doing it the only problem he has is he Can't hear us way down Seven three four four or as he says he Can't hit a let's turn this up a Little bit how's that work Can you turn up look at that look at That yeah I turned up the menu look at That so can you hear the race Whoa Echo I don't have a Yo [Applause] I think we lost no we didn't lose power Yeah but I don't know if you lost Computer Hold on let me hit the power button on The computer did you uh punch the button On [Music] Oh this is coming back hopefully Nope Entering power saving mode it said [Music]

Just a heads up don't plug in [Music] All right it doesn't seem like you would Doesn't matter though again because Freaking unplugged [Music] Unplugged guy I know you wanted to put it in the front Holes I was gonna put it in the back Yeah [Music] No when the when the quad Hit the when that quad hit me That's when the keyboard unplugged [Music] to hold up [Applause] [Music] Yep All right we need to go back into the Live time Live time yeah yeah That's the one [Music] That's the one with the road to go Sorry about the quick delay boys some Somehow the computer turned off Me You can't do it all right so we should Be Yep here we go all right Echo jjb Ethan And Carlos you're up Dot goggles down thumbs up one two

Three you're good Four all right arm your quads Live on the tone [Music] [Applause] [Music] Sometimes It could you know that's good That's how it is Carlos where are you buddy you're not on The you're not uh 13 flat Carlos out in the dirt somewhere You got no video I don't know I don't see the video though I was gonna Say it's not picking them up Jjb fpv21.3 [Music] Echo underscore fpv 48.7 [Music] Jjbft 19.5 [Music] Chris didn't even move he was just like Oh yeah I'm gonna just take this if it's Happening it's happening jjb fpd 14 too That was good I do I know like I mean I Have nowhere to go Who uh who brought the ice coffees on Over here Nice Jjbft 14 6. [Music] I like to do a double take after after Did it cut my my shirt no I don't think So what's this little dark spot right

There Moving on The race is complete first round racing If you're in round one of the Wii bleed 2022 Global qualifier then uh you should Get yourself ready I'm gonna spend some Time importing that and uh move on to That next break do you know what rounder Man over there makeup [Music] Easy to get lost [Applause] [Music] It says [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] If there's one thing [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Okay all right we got Mako duck duck JC 12 and arm fpv ready to go on our first Heat here our first race on on our third Global qualifier for the day brought to You by webleed The town of Amesbury

Nerds And uh Mass drone racing It's been a heck of a day Not a hell of a day Mako you ready to go Oh you're doing the cheat sheet over There getting in for the next round yeah Yeah makes sense There he is Max Silva Shirtless Mark Silva Dude what you're removing me now You sure don't want her is it hanging in The breeze behind the tent That's all right it's understandable It's pretty toasty All right I see Mako making our way back Arm fpv is putting some hustle in there Getting through the the Nets like a pro Didn't get hung up on anything And then we got JC 12. he's already Sitting down ready to go his thumb's up In the air Doug's thumbs up in the air so we're Just waiting for Mako who's good to go And now we're just making waiting for Arm fpv way down at the end there Hey rmfe quadrasaurus can you throw your Hand in the air and wave it around when You guys are ready That's good all right he's ready Everybody arm your quads we're live in Less than five Oh that was a good start It beeped right On the two minutes Arm fpd15 too Mako reactor 16-4

Arm fpd133 2 flat make a reactor 17 flat Arm fpd 136 Jc1242 flat Mako reactor 16-4 Who see Town 411 arm fpv 139 Was that the guy that you put in by Accident 28.6 because we started a new thing he's Currently in second place until people Actually finish Where is uh Jc1244.8 [Music] 35.8 [Music] [Music] 10 9 8. Six five four do you have internet People two controlling that so they can So they can check out Mark Silva It's guns All right silver you're looking good You're on you're on the live stream Right now Done with a four lap 209 flat results Please tell me the viewers went up by Like 10. All right looks like everybody's Everybody's finished on that one the Race is completed [Music] Oh look at this we got uh Uptown jjb fpv The wizard of gauze and bagzilla

It's me and you bagzilla It's me and you bag tiller Yeah I think I've hit you a couple times Where you've hit me but we've definitely Touched props yeah we had our we had our We had our prop tips touch mid-air I Felt it Oh that wasn't me no but last time we Flew together me and you we touched Props buddy I know we did Yeah just a tip that's what I'm saying If you look at my quad it's got a couple Of missing tips on those props I'm just Gonna send it though that's what I'm Doing From my life [Music] [Music] Uptown jjb The Wizard Of Gods bags out In Europe right now Who On me Oh [Music] JC 12. [Music] [Applause] JC 12 your quad still plugged in [Applause] [Music] Right there Finding peace in this prayers are never Seemed so long before Just a church

[Music] Just some place Where I belong All right I see JC two of them points This part thank you [Music] You're up right now Get to it everybody else is waiting for You I know Oh it wasn't plugged in the pits it was Plugged in out in the field Ah I see you said the blind man Pissing into the wind [Music] Okay we're gonna get this next round Going here in the next 15 seconds or so What he's uh On the line What [Music] Whatever you signed up for F2 Not R2 Not R2 F2 F2 not R2 All right guys thumbs up one two three And jjb you're good for four arm your Quads we're going live on the tone [Music] Correct one Foreign [Music] Stop that I take [Music]

Backzilla 21 flat [Music] Slowtown fpv-159 [Music] Vexilla 23.7 Slowtown fpv-176 [Music] Wizard of gauze 101.2 Slowtown fpv-169 bagzilla 19 6. [Music] Alone Wizard of Oz 20.5 [Music] And Zilla 21.9 8. 7 Six five four three two one [Music] There's nothing left Buried [Music] Looks like we are moving on up here Shortly Wizard of Oz 46.5 Wizard of Oz 232 flat result All right hold up hold up we're still Active And we're good All right moving on to qualifying round Number three round number three the race Is completed [Music] Nobody can hear me quadrasaurus [Music] [Music] Nobody can know

[Music] [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Music] Fpv and fat shark 4 and quadrasaurus and Race band 8. we got four Pilots down To saurus is sitting down now All right ladies and gentlemen if I have No objections to video I'm gonna go ahead and start this race Arm your quads as we go live on the tone In less than five [Music] Catch me [Music] Even fpv-124 95 [Music] Even fpv-13 Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] 19-4 [Music] Tim's low fpd 139 Quadrosaurus 26 flat [Music] Mslow fpv-138 I'm always looking for you [Music] Ten nine eight seven six five four three Two one [Music]

All right [Music] [Music] Moving on to qualifying round number Four following four Foreign Mako you're up [Music] [Music] To be there We go moving on up to qualifying round Number four of our third race today [Music] Like yes this music is absolutely Horrendous Type of stuff I would put my child to Sleep with [Music] We got Echo jjb raw and Mako [Music] There we go [Music] All right looks like we've got four Pilots on the blocks four pilots and the Chairs Marcus you good buddy all right Army quads Live on the tone [Music] Oh midair right there right out of the Gate get go moving on up into this first Heat with all these particular Pilots Together [Music] Lego reactor 16-2 jjb fpb 14 7.

[Music] Make a reactor 16 flat 3750 31.3 Echo Underscore fpv 31.8 jjb fpv-179 I'm telling you baby I'll be right here By your side saying everything's all Right make a reactor 18 flat [Music] Underscore fpv 28.5 [Music] Mega reactor 15 9. [Music] [Music] [Music] Make a reactor 17 7. 3750 51.9 [Music] Echo underscore FTD 33.4 Be the last lap for Echo fbd he earned It The course all to himself nine eight Seven six try to push the clock you're Not gonna make it three two one pretty Close okay pretty close 203.9 result Very nice try and land it in front of The race is completed Hey Echo Try and land it in front of the the net Please qualifying round number five You're up round number five Doug JC 12 and Carlos fpv it's Borg Slayer Doug Doug JC 12 and Carlos fpv No problem are you ready to go kid I Just blew up one of the charges over Here

That's what I said guy Dog dog Jc12 Carlos fpv did you say Borg Slayer Dug Dug JC 12 for Carlos fpv all right We'll explain it looks like he's ready To go over there he's not he's not ready To go do you want to supply his backpot Oh no guy well there's only one can it Fly with three [Music] Mako reactors really trying to beat that Time right there Look at that decoration on the quad get A little grass on your uh dude that's so Like natural Are you guys ready to go no we got Somebody out on the field Oh yes What you doing what you looking for Bud He's looking for stuff Get his shirt on now I've got a battery out there too if you Happen to find it [Music] This is the man's first event you know It was our first fpv event S killing it killing it dude [Music] [Music] It was all your tentacles Putting your tentacles in too many holes I've had my tentacles in many holes and I've never had a problem like that yeah Well you you got burned today boy I did

And now I know did you learn your lesson About no only gonna go buy two more of Those and plug them right into the same Thing okay It's all right oh is that was that you You had it I'm not gonna give up until He burns down the house 2.8 amps at like Three point uh oh I'm charging my Specs There's only allowed to like four three Five or [Music] Okay looks like we've got three quads on The line I got three bucks of jazz goggles down Thumbs up One two three arm your quads going live On the tone [Music] Hey I thank God 28.3 [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] 9.4 [Music] 28.8 [Music] Um jc1238.2 [Music] 28.4 [Music] Ten nine eight seven six five Twenty six twenty five two JC one two

Thirty five point one [Music] Tell me tell me onto your North at stake Your whole life in a blank stares you Walk around like the end of days [Music] You've lost control but the darkness That you know it's not your home but You're not alone [Music] Jc1237.7 jc12 done with a four lap 235.6 Result [Music] Okay moving on to qualifying round Number six qualifying round six you're Up the race is completed [Music] Uptown tilted bagzilla and arm you're up Town tilted bagzilla and arms [Music] Down [Music] Bill is always ready to go Bobby bags he Is ready [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] This world [Music] Oh yeah no there was fire coming out of Everywhere on that thing It was exciting It's super exciting

[Music] Well yeah no it seems to be fine I'm Gonna charge it up And I'm gonna send it because I've lost so many batteries in this Field I don't know what else to do Like there's one out there right now and Then there's two up here on this hill Somewhere like out here There's one out there in the uh in the Bush Of course I'm gonna send it I'm probably Gonna even power that up and try to see If I can get the other charge port to go Yeah that's a full charge what didn't Look like there was anything wrong with It [Music] Tilted arm and bag Zilla arm looks like He's ready to go I mean uh Arm do you look like you're ready to go I see you're moving all around over There with your with your HD system I Always get his thumbs up all right Everybody To arm your quads we're live in less Than five [Music] Yeah yeah yeah [Music] Not fat tilted 12 8. Fpv-128 Slowtown fpv-158 [Music]

Maxilla 20.3 Not that tilted 14 9. Slowtown fpd148 [Music] Not that tilted 13 flat backzilla 20.6 [Music] 15 9. Not fat tilted 13 3. [Music] Maxilla 20.7 [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] You See dreams [Applause] Maxilla 21 flat Ten nine eight seven six five four three Two one Hold me close Maxilla 29.1 backzilla done with a 6 lap To 15.1 result [Music] You'd see life you'd see dreams [Music] What I am everything smells wonderful Whoa I'm pretty sure the course is clear The race is completed [Music] [Applause] [Music] Well no because one of those one of Those is half not working

[Music] The half of those charges one caught on Fire the other half just doesn't work There are other very variables all right We got Mako Timbo Ethan and quadrasaurus Ready to go here 50 of the Chargers died [Music] It is though because there's three there And one and a half died One caught on fire and the other half of One just stopped working I know that's What I'm saying I mean I could try to plug in the one That caught on fire and see if that Others Hey You tell your friends [Music] I was gonna send it back to China [Music] [Music] All right Mako Timbo Ethan and Quadrasaurus I see quadrasaurus making His way back Timbo is up there fiddling With his blends [Music] Timbers Fiddle in with his lens [Music] And those coming to have a seat Ethan's ready to go Timbo's ready to go [Music] All right I got your quadrasaurus arm

Your quads we're live in less than five Do I was insane [Music] Even fpv-13 too Mega reactor 15 4. [Music] Even fpv-129 Make a reactor 15-1 quadrosaurus 28.9 B127 Make a reactor 15 1. [Music] Pb127 [Music] Quadrosaurus 27.2 Make a reactor Sounds like everybody's down now Maybe no quadrasource is still fine [Music] They could just put in a 45-5 flat I Don't know if that's an improvement or Not Quadrosaurus 27.4 for this racism that's Correct [Music] Finn's got his 38-38 Two one Is 35.3 Quadro Source done with a four Lap 203.4 result The race is completed Me I'll make it happen When I hit add missing around why do I Have to hit okay after I know what I'm Doing I know You should tell it's like one extra

Click that I know [Music] I'm just hitting it to make the window [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] They want the best of me now best of me Now best of me now best of me they want The best of me now best of me now best Of me now Best of Me [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Applause] I swear to God's making moves [Music] [Music] Man never [Music] Waiting on Carlos Very nice 123.705 for quadrasaurus moving him into That number eight spot for this race Just ahead of Doug Doug he has .1 Seconds ahead of Doug dug on this race Look Doug has a 123.6 uh 123.845 To quadrasaurus is 123.705 Good racing boys all right got three on The line got butts and chairs Arm your quads we're gonna go live on The tone

In less than five It is now Echo jjb The Wizard of Oz and Carlos Whoa whoa whoa Whoa start fall start What's going on Echo jjb gauze and Carlos You're not ready Who's not ready Well he's not on the blocks everybody Else is Jjb is good all right Gentlemen arm your quads Live on the tone in lesson five Jjb fpv 15 flat Wizard of gauze 19 flat Jjb fpv-153 Wizard of gauze 18 9. Echo underscore fpd 48.7 jjb fpv21.9 Wizard of gauze 196. guys with some nice Smooth laps coming in No Jjb fpv 20.6 Wizard of gauze 19 flat Echo underscore fpv 29.4 Jjb fpv-151 Wizard of gauze 19 3. I knew it he was going more Ten nine eight Seven six five four three Two Wizard of Oz 20.5 Echo underscore fpv 39 Flat Echo underscore fpv done with a Three lap two 0.5 result

Jjb moving up with a 52.343 and Gauze Moving up with a 57.619 Spec wizard of God not bad With your 57.619 With his backpack The race is completed What Your Crossfire why would you need to Yeah that's fine as long as nobody Complains If it's if you're dropping out Like I can run Crossfire on 10 Milliwatts here with no problem With no problem Um I usually have my antenna Flipped That's how I usually run my antenna When I'm close But you can if you want to push it up to 250 Watts Make sure you have it tight is it tight Qualifying round number nine here we go Uptown Doug raw and bagzilla You're dead twerking me right into that Round Yeah Mike's into it He didn't say he wasn't [Music] I wanna tell you something that's on my Mind [Music] [Music] I can't

Say [Music] All right looks like we're good as long As Roz said raw what are you doing bud [Music] Get [Music] What's that thing back in guy Yeah Are you good All right awesome awesome all right so Once raw takes his seat we're gonna move On up into this ninth round qualifying For the 2022 Multi-gp Global qualifier This is the Weebly Northeast Second qualifier a little bit of deer Last weekend to do it all right looks Like everybody's good arm your quads Gonna go live on the tone in less than Five And we got a one two three four going Through that start finish game coming Around the first turn into the Turnaround Looks like zagzilla's in first huh [Music] Uptown is first Uptown rip it slow town Fpv-166 [Music] Baxilla 21.4 Only took a couple races and this guy's Just right back 28.2 37 50 29.7

Slowtown FTD 14-3 I think so Yeah he's way ahead of you Okay backzilla 19-4 excuses fly spec Beta [Music] [Applause] [Music] 34.9 [Music] 37 50 44.8 bagzilla 34.3 Bexilla 20.4 What happened there Raw Oh guys [Music] No he hit something and then it loosened His prop guy Eight Seven six five four oh hold on the Course is still active dude you hear That guy maxilla 20.9 bagzilla You You're good to go you want to run that Last lap you earned a kid There we go here we go guy everybody's Watching everybody watching bagzilla up In there by himself Going the Distance Coming around for that last turn here we Go okay bagzilla crashed into the second Escape but he made it through Went right through that with the crash Guy He did he did there was a quad on the Ground and he just smashed him up

Bobby Bags Bobby bags welcome to welcome to race And Bobby bags [Music] He robbed it he rubbed it a little bit What are you looking for you time there Bud That's a 101 221 guy 61 seconds All right here we go moving on to round Number ten round number ten boys [Music] Round number 10. Make a reactor a tilted JC 12 and Carlos Here we go All right got the course cleared off we Just got to get you guys up on the Blocks If you are if I called your name you're Up let's go You want to fight me Dude I will fight you If if you're into it I will absolutely Fight you again It's fun Yeah yeah Dude that would be fine I'm tall and like you do it I could take A beating [Music] Like [Music] [Applause]

[Music] Because they have to let you know that It's successful it's either [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Cause I'm not broken I didn't mean to let you down Go fix that go fix it Mark All right Mako tilted 212 and Kyle as You are up right now Goggles down thumbs up I see one I see Two I see three I see four option quads Live on the tone [Music] [Applause] [Music] Knock that tilted thirteen seven Make a reactor 15.5 Carl slow fpv 20.3 [Music] Mega reactor 15 8. [Music] Carl SLO fpv 22.2 Make a reactor 15.5 jc1243.8 Mako reactor 15 7. Carl SLO fpd 24 point [Applause] Chase's mom has got it going make a Reactor 15 3. I didn't bomb Come on TV Jc1242.3

Make a reactor 15 3. [Music] Eight seven six Know why I can't look further Jc1234 flat JC one two done with a three Lap 205.1 result It looks like everybody's down Stacy are you up no no he's done On the qualifying round number 11 round Number 11 if you're in it you're up Wizard of gauze Timbo Ethan and Quadrasaurus That's a channel change for the wizard Of gauze going on to race band One race Band One gauze That's dark two for Timbo Snapshot four for Ethan and race band Eight for quadrasaur [Applause] I'm not [Music] The feeling [Music] [Applause] [Music] Everywhere [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] All right looks like I got four quads on The line I got four thumbs in the air Three thumbs in the air I see the fourth he's not quite ready All right you good down there all right

Arm your quads live on the tone [Music] Jimbo's playing the game of waiting so That way he has some clean air to get a Good run Got through the traffic that he had and He is on a good run right now Even if you use ahead of him But yeah Ripping through this course even Fpv-12-3 [Music] Quadrasaurus 28.2 Tim's low fpv-141 Fpv-131 Wizard of Oz 19 9. [Music] B124 I see thin 3795 Wizard of gauze 18 8. 37-9 again Not fast enough but but that was an Improvement that was your personal Basketball nice job [Music] [Applause] Wizard of gauze 19-3 [Music] [Applause] Wizard of Oz 20.4 [Music] 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2. one [Music] [Music]

All right here we go moving on to Qualifying round number 12. Round number 12. The race is completed One at a time bud one at a time Echo jjb JC 12 in arm [Music] S [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] All right we got our first timer here Being the first one at the line let's go Guys come on Jjbjc12 an arm you're up Get it done Yeah Crossfire yeah dude Bind it up Do it away from everybody Yeah just do it on the field right there Plug it in And bind it up You don't have to be close to it What's up [Music] All right quadrasaurus [Music] [Music] That was your fastest of the day

Quadrasaurus yep All right number 12 Echo jjb JC 12 and Arm You get that thing bound up Huh [Music] Oh Jesus That shouldn't take too long You don't have to be right next to it Thanks [Music] Don't have that right next to your face While it's updating the receiver kid Yeah for real So set it down and put your face right Next to the thing that's the way to do It that's the way he's you're not I don't think you want no Echo jjb Jason 12 and arm S a little bit now if you're listening For it Sorry No it's not my fault I didn't any of This up I just showed up hopped on the mic I guess I enjoy it Before the mic I had the bullhorn I was Yelling through that I like I like doing That [Music] You having fun [Music] [Music] [Applause]

[Music] Now Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Echo JC 12 and arm goggles down thumbs Up one two three arm your quads going Live on the tone I can still get my 90 rounds in them for The day Yeah and everybody's happy they feel Like they've got got their their rounds For a triple letter Stuck in the net Better better I love this song No no Like 80 29 flat There I tend not to listen to real high BPM Stuff when I'm way up in the sky Unless I'm like The whole time And then like super high crazy Like That No I know All right looks like everybody's down Collecting their quads moving on to

Qualifying round number 13 round number 13 is up You're all right I don't I love you Uptown Doug dug raw and bagzilla you're Up on the blocks Uptown Doug Ron Bagzilla you're up Bagzo is doing really well You know he's he's holding right around 20 seconds [Music] Laps in the morning every time Every time like the father in The Runway Like I know I'm not gonna run In the morning [Music] [Music] So what what time did you start racing This morning we started racing about 9 30 this morning so it's past your Prime Is that why you slammed right into JC 12 And broke all your I didn't break Any of his I broke my stuff I thought you were in Your Prime that early in the morning I Didn't break your stuff What did I break of yours you broke the Canopy yeah and the camera And then I flew it after you broke it And brought it back in the same Condition in which you lent it to me at A point he's got a point yeah like that Point like I have it on the live stream Of you breaking it and then giving it to Me to blame me on breaking it thinking

That I was gonna crash it but I didn't I didn't blow that up You did blow it up Because when I tried to when I tried to Boot it again no there was no tone back After you put the nose down that's not My fault that your build sucked arm your Quads going live on the tone in less Than five Oh The restart let's restart that one come On restart Come on back because come on come on Carnage that was Carnage just let's get A restart there what happened there Marcus We're going to flip out we're going in For investigation are you sure you need A shirt for this Evidently his shirt is dried out ladies And gentlemen because he's now wearing It again [Music] Bobby bags dude he piledrived you I saw It I saw the whole thing all right I'm Gonna restart this one that's a false Start dude Michael you might want to get Away from that if you're gonna test it Ladies and gentlemen raw is getting Another drone he's calling this one All right let's let's let's get a move On Here we go There we go Raw fpv

Holding it up He's moving quickly though is he moving Quickly he's doing things over there Marcus oh he's coming out he's got his Control he's got another drone here he Comes all right all right here it comes All right uh I'll let it slide Still wearing a shirt to my amazement Though Dude he's got that crew Jersey you don't Have a crew Jersey did it dry out Yeah he wore that one I know He wore that one then he wore the red Crude shirt that he got his shirt keeps On giving Yep That red crew shirt is like super Generic The pants are definitely yeah there you Go Mike Is cerelius With the pan pull up Checking this quad out y'all just hang Tight now Marcus on the step back bud Yeah yeah Just in case just in case just in case I Mean nobody wants to nobody wants to see You get caught nobody Not me not Ryan but we're gonna watch Just in case [Music] Maybe stop running Falco X Are you really running flight one Crazy

Next time I come down nobody but Marcus Coyle flies that and he's had nothing But problems I'm bringing you two beta Flights lost properties to me when I Come down next time Marcus two beta play Boards brand new ones all right Marcus You got less than a minute bud Like you can't race from the other side Of the tent no no you got to be on this Side of the net but there we go they Just spin the props without doing Anything weird it's dead it's dead all Right all right he's oscillating he's Hustling sorry for the delay everybody Marcus Aurelius Thank you All right Y quads going live on the tone in less Than five And they're off like a herd of turtles Here we go and the mid-air right away Right away oh what is that Oh he's just still going we're still Going everybody's going everybody's Going to get nobody nobody crashed this Is a little mid-air rubbing is racing Rubbing is racing prop the prop Here we go wow that's an Angry Crowd Right there watch out everybody Maxilla 20.1 slowtown fpv 21.1 Uptown Was getting a little jiggy with it right There Doing it again 33.3

37 50 34 flat Backzilla 19 1. Slowtown fpv-198 hey Shannon You shut up Is that Shannon out there that would be Shannon brassard here on the live stream 14-7 telling me to shut up thank you for Telling Chris to shut up 29.3 7 53.9 [Music] Slowtown fpv-156 Wanna go over the pizza story [Music] Oh the pizza story bexilla 20.5 they Won't give us pizza yeah I heard they Will not bring it to us that's what I Heard they said we're out in the Farmland Team fighting against problems what's The name of that place I don't know but they're not very good At delivery Amesbury Pizza refused to Deliver out here we would have bought Time's a pizza guy maxilla 20.1 were They Did they mention anything like dog proof Or something they want to come around Dog food no they just don't want to come Out into the Farmland oh really They're afraid of cows inside six is it Five is it because it was at six o'clock Like every other place one [Music] 54.7 done with the three lap two 0.5

Result 3750 36.13750 done with a four lap 215.8 Result looks like everybody's done major Quad And collector quads moving on to Qualifying ground number 14. of the 2022 Multi-gp Global qualifier provide Brought to you by Weebly fpv Northeast Who's that who's left down there Northeast racing drones and Ma drone or Mfpv and Quadzilla haven't seen them Throw any packs up anytime soon that's Going to be Miko Ethan fpv and Carlos fpv coming up at You right now What am I qualifying round number 14. Yeah Oh that's a personal best for bags Good that's a pretty good run there for Bagzilla not bad nice job nice job Bagzilla [Applause] So what round of my end over there Chris Does it say It's uh 20.1 19.1 19.4 that's what those Real times are backzilla All right I know he does what he's doing [Music] We got tilted fpv up on the Block right Now It's all right [Laughter] He's all right looking for a Hobbit all

Right so Jjb's dad How you doing up there Jjb's Dad where is he Hold on one second everybody I'm letting Jjb finish binding his quad he's doing a Quick update I like the hand signal from Down the end of the line that makes it Easier to tell what's going on Jjb's dad is letting me know He's he's relaying the information over To me that jjb is not quite ready yeah He's got he's got five fingers up in the Other I think that means stop yeah That's a universal sign for stop yeah He's uh and then we had Quadzilla Earlier given his one finger in the air Which I thought was the thumb because I Couldn't see that far It was a wait a minute you know the Thing is but from like even up right now From like 100 yards away oh wait a Minute looks like I'm ready to go Yo that's what I'm saying Yeah but I can't see that far away Yeah no Amesbury Pizza no Amesbury Pizza Well didn't you tell them you give them Like drama map in their head and they Were like no we're not doing that A link yeah No one very pizza right here now could You send them a link to their landline Is that like we talked about We're all good

Yeah all right so he's unplugged looks Like we're all good all the pilots are Ready Gentlemen arm your quads and Lady Live on the tone 29 [Music] . [Music] Even fpv-126 not that tilted thirteen Six Mega reactor 15 flat Pb125 not fat tilted 12-6 Carl slow fpv 24.7 make a reactor 14 9. Pv128 Not fat tilted thirteen five [Applause] Carl slow fpv 19-3 Ethan fpv-125 [Applause] Carl slow fpv-189 Mako reactor 35.6 Mega reactor 15 3. Carl SLO fpv 20.3 Mako reactor 16 4. That's pretty good it's nice and Consistent Make a reactor eight nine make a reactor Done with a seven lap 205.7 result Fpv-17 nine Carl slow fpv done with a Six lap 207.3 result F4 has an open slot For the next race F4 That's the channel I was on before But I went to race one Did you get an improvement there Mako That eight second lap

So [Music] The race is completed [Music] Gauze Timbo Ethan and quadrasaurus You're up now So much vinyl in that motor so much Vinyl in the motor Like my vinyl in the motor song Fitting [Music] [Music] Don't worry I won't Don't you worry You don't have to sweat your little head At all I'm not gonna crash into that Gate 100. All right four quads on the line four Butts and Jazz I got two thumbs I got three It's all right you need a goggle battery You got one bud [Music] All right we're gonna start up in about 10 seconds here All right Gentlemen arm your quads we're gonna go Live on the tone in less than five Ethan fpv14 flat screen guy Wizard of Goss 21.5 Tim's low fpv-18 flat Ethan fpv-12-3 Quadrosaurus 29.9 Ethan fpv-125 Tim's low fpv-142 Wizard of gauze 19-2

Ethan fpv-125 nice run Tim's low fpv-135 That's 37.8 for Ethan 37.28 Wizard of Oz 18 9. Tim slow fpv-154 Timbo moving Kimbo moving up with that 43.273 Wizard of gauze 19 flat That brought Timbo up to the number four Spot with a 43.273 Ethan upped his time To a 37.428 We're on uh qualifying round number 15. Wizard of gauze 19-1 [Music] 10 9 8 7 6 5. Four three two one Wizard of gauze 19 for Wizard of Oz done With a six lap two 0.6 result Everybody's coming down everybody's down Go ahead collect your quads moving on to Qualifying round number 16 round number 16 you're up Echo Doug Doug JC 12 and arm you're up Now Echo Doug Doug JC 12 in arm [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Echo Doug Doug JC 12 and arms Coming up to the blocks right now [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music]

[Music] All right guys you got about a minute Left Before we fire this up without you Oh you rattling Uh-huh you loosening up yeah dude one of The things you gotta realize when you're Racing is a two mil is your friend go Around after the race and turn every one Of those two mil and two and a half mils On the motor I bet you'll find four or Five of them maybe more that are a Little loose All right we're moving on up 16. Everybody's taking their seats Got four quads on the blocks I see you JC 12. You're always ready [Music] All right we're looking good gentlemen Arm your quads live on the tone [Music] Arm taking off And Arm and Echo had a minute of there which Took them both out They were ripping They were ripping Both of them Their whole shot was within 0.2 of each Other 28.1 [Music] Gonna be a fight between Doug Doug and

JC 12. [Music] Doug dugs down Jc12494 no he's not that that's up [Music] 34 flat [Music] Foreign [Music] 235.5 29.4 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 JC one two thirty five Point three [Music] 26.7 done with a four lap 201.5 result [Music] Foreign 236.6 jc12 done with a four lap 233.8 we Went on to qualifying round number 17. The race is completed We're at 58.709 baby catching them Catching them Catching him The way Round number 17 you're up Bound tilted Carlos and Mako you are Up on the blocks now [Music] Jace gets knocked down but he gets up Again Me know [Music] [Music]

[Music] It flies Look at that would you look at that look At that Look at that [Music] Just look at it just look at that look At it Flying It's amazing It's amazing [Music] We plant an auto level or something kid This guy with his auto level all right Uptown tilted Carlos Mako looks like We've got everybody on the blocks we've Got everybody heading to their chance Yeah Carlos has got that nice flange Yeah I sat on that once Yeah it was really nice yeah yeah thumbs Up we got thumbs Army quads Going live on the tone here That's the tone right there [Music] Not fat tilted 13 4. Make a reactor 17-2 Carl slow fpv 20.2 Not fat tilted 15 1. Make a reactor 14.5 Slowtown fpd 15 1. Carl SLO fpv-184 Not fat tilted 15 3. Make a reactor 14 9. Slowtown fpd 15 1. Not fat tilted 13-1 Carl slow fpv-17 too

Make a reactor 15 flat [Music] Carl slow fpv-195 [Music] Mako reactor 22.8 [Music] Carl SLO fpv-179 10. fire whoever just hit that uh the Flag there before the thing was on fire For a second Is that you Timo Do you have a fire one whoever's who's Over here on the ground That was on fire with pink props Oh is that Mako you had a fight go yeah I think you're spotted you had a bunch Of smoke come out of that yeah Because that was smoking One Carl slow fpv done with a seven lap Two 13.9 results that was on fire yeah But it stopped so it's all good yeah it Was on fire guy it was on fire for like 10 seconds No maybe like five seconds I maybe Just keep signing up kid Yeah I know Don't yell at me I like that you Confirmed that you added another heat The wizard of guys Jjb raw fpv and bagzilla are up I'm up You're up now bud Get to it Get to it

Who are we waiting for Wizard of the Guys jjb raw and bagzilla raw bagzilla Jjb let's go let's go let's go wrong Where you at raw fpv and magzilla Bobby Bagzilla let's go Let's go guy I'm calling for you Bobby bagzilla and you're up too Let's go Let's do it uh let's see a 57 out of you Bud Now you're at 58 7 right now that's your Personal best Dude you got I think you could do a 54. I think you can shave a second or more Off Perlet Fading away Okay looks like we've got quads on the Line we got butts and chairs Everybody's good we got four thumbs Marcus you're good yep I'm your quads Live on the tone [Music] Jjb fpv-153 Wizard of Oz 18 6 baxilla 20.2 [Music] Jjb fpv14 flat Wizard of gauze 18 7. Backzilla 196. jjb fpv129 3750 46 flat [Music] Wizard of gauze 18 9 jjb fpv-153

Bexzilla 19 5. Wizard of gauze 18 5. 37 53.3 backzilla 20.1 That one's in the gate You ain't getting that out guys I mean if you want to rev up the vinyl Then go ahead 20.5 Just stop you're done Ryan 37 50 27.3 nine eight okay seven six Five four three Two one [Music] Backzilla 21.1 backzilla done with a six Lap 204.8 result You and I were like pretty close Right now Moving on up to qualifying round number 19. The race is completed Foreign [Music] [Music] I wanted the audience [Music] It was me Your timeline [Music] Definitely do it So we have race band aid available on Round 21 if somebody wants to take that All right are we good we got four quads On the blocks we got four pilots and Chairs arm I see thumbs arm your quads We're going live on the tone

Foreign [Music] Six Carl SLO fpv 20.2 Quadrosaurus 29.5 Tim's law fpv 134 [Music] Tim's low fpv 23.5 Quadrosaurus 28 flat Know You want to be compatible please 27.5 And we're going back and forth Ten nine Four three two One [Music] Um The race is completed All right we're moving up to round 20 20. I don't know Uptown Doug JC 12 and arm fpv you're up [Music] [Music] Attack [Music] S [Music] [Music] All right round number 20 we got quads In the blocks we got people heading to Jazz [Music] Foreign

How we doing over there Um Hurry up All right arm you good over there bud All right you're not yelling Army quads live on the tone [Music] Arm fpd 15 7. 28.6 Arm fpv-131 Arm fpv 131 Slowtown fpv 20.4 28.2 arm fpv 133 Nice run arm fpv moving up to that Number two spot for the day behind the Ethernet with a 39.540 in this race number two spot for This race 39.540 nice job 26.6 slow town fpv-16-1 Moving on up to that number 11 spot Moving quadrasaurus down these two have Been battling all day he beat him now by Less than 0.2 seconds Doug Doug just Ahead of quadrasaurus 10 9 8. 7 6 5 4. 30.31 Let's run there up down Let's go best now your best is 45 8. Yeah you had a 53 too All right of course still alive I think the last one's down yeah last One's down all right Go collect your quads Moving On Us

Qualifying round number 21 qualifying Round number 21 you're up Carlos tilted jjb the wizard of goes you Gotta you got about a minute to get to That line We're gonna try to push through some of These seats it's getting late but I know Some of you want to fly so if you really Want to fly be ready you got about a Minute after I call your name let's go I Know you're ready kid let's go Carlos Jjb in The Wizard of Oz you have less Than a minute to get to the line get Back to your chairs We're gonna push come on let's go If you're not ready when everybody's got The course cleared and everybody else is On the line You will not be going Yeah Absolutely bud [Music] Washington All right Got about 15 seconds before we light up This next round jjb's moving on out to His seat Everybody's looking pretty good one two Three Thumbs up All right Nobody's yelling arm your quads going Live on the tone That's a good start

[Music] Not that tilted 12 9. Carl SLO fpv-193 Jjb fpv148 not fat tilted 12 9. Wizard of gaw 17 9. Foreign If you're in round 22 be ready to go Carlos fpv Hello Be ready Carl slow fpv-169 [Music] Wizard of Goss 16 8. nice job bud 171 38-2 that puts you into the number two Spot for this With a 38.239 He's just like tilted Ly taking my number two spot behind Ethan no way Carl slow fpv-183 He wanted that 37 though He really wants that 36. Well 17-5 10. Nile slow fpv-175 7 6. there's not a Whole lot you got to clean up she's got To do it perfectly Two one [Music] Fifteen seven Wizard of Oz done with a Six lap two 0.7 result Carl slow Fpv17.172 up to the number eight spot For the race moving Carlos fpv down Tilted one up to the number two spot

Moving on to Raw number 22 if you're in Round number 22. you are up now Round 22 you're up You got about a minute to get to the Block and then get back to your chairs If you signed up back to back that's not My fault Carlos fpv Timbo fpv Ethan fpv bagzilla You are up You can only sign up once but he signed Up while he was going He wanted to back to back and he's good He did it Yeah Huh Yeah yeah No that was Carlos doing it solo Carlos Was on it Carlos Timbo Ethan and bagzilla you got Less than a minute Backzilla All right boys Starting up in about 15 seconds Come on let's Hustle Trying to get through these rounds Making our way looks like everybody's Pretty much good Bobby bags just sitting Down You good down there Bobby Yep all right nobody's yelling Army Quads live on the tone [Music] Even fpt-119 Nice opening lap from Ethan fpv

Pimslow fpd137 backzilla 18 8. Carl SLO fpv 22.6 Ethan fpv-12 flat Bagzilla 88 Tim's low fpv-134 Ethan fpd12 Oh my God so 36 286 almost a 35 out of Ethan fpv nice job kid 139 Ethan fpv-125 baxilla 21 flat That was all that was almost a sub 36. Almost Dude that was the smoothest I've seen You fly all day long that was absolutely Phenomenal the watch Flying again Maxilla moving up too no that's Impossible I know for back backzilla did Not get a 9.7 6-0 40.670 All right that's it go collect your Quads moving on to round number 23 round Number 23 I need to see that real quick Run number 23 that's Uptown jjb raw fpv And arm you are up now you have a minute To get to the blocks you have one minute To get to the blocks [Music] One minute Like me [Music] Okay [Music] Is it good now Uptown jjb raw fpv and arm fpv you're up

Now if you're not ready you're not going All right good Yeah fire him up if Arms make sure you're waiting make sure You're ready make sure you reboot that Before you go sit down some people want To get some some people really want to Get some There's 10 packs in I know a couple guys Right here that want to get their 10 Packs in I know for a fact So there's one way to do that and that's No Nonsense let's go Here we go hustle hustle hustle If you're ready plug it in you got 30 Seconds Boys Four seconds left good good good you got About 10 seconds get to your chair Four Nobody I'm not waiting Unplug it Sorry Army quads live on the tone Foreign [Music] Moving on up through the first half of This 2022 multi-gp Global qualifier Course Slowtown fpd 15 up down moving through The star finish gate first arm fpv right Behind him It's almost stereoscopic between arm and Uptown right now slow down fpd 14-5 arm

Fpv yeah that was the midair between Uptown and arms 31 flat If you guys were wondering Because you could see it in Baltimore Thanks Chris I was actually wondering About that slow town fpv-186 [Music] 37 50 27.4 Slowtown fpd 15-5 [Music] I just say that tilteds Ford popcorn is Good That's some good Smart Food popcorn you Bought wicking good [Music] [Music] All right moving on to qualified round Number 24 round 24 you got a minute [Applause] Tilted Doug dug issue 12 in quadrasaurus You're up now you've got less than a Minute to get to the blocks and back to Your chairs and we're gonna Bring this qualifying round number 24. Jesus There we go Delta Dug Dug of Quadrasaurus Oh You good He's out He's out There you go good enough yep yep good Enough Sometimes you just gotta accept that it

Is but it is good Nice nice also nice hustle all right I knew you'd do it I had faith in you Um Let's go All right We got tilted JC 12 and it's coming through All right everybody's down I don't hear anybody yelling arm your Quads we're gonna go live on the tone in Less than five Round number 25 get ready round number 25 if you are signed up for round number 25 I am looking for you to come on up as Soon as these guys land that's gonna be The Wizard of Oz jjb Ethan sbv and Edwin Not fat tilted 13 too 8.4 [Music] Swim without [Music] Quadrosaurus 26.4 [Music] [Music] [Music] Quadrosaurus 33.2 [Music] Somebody did and uh I don't know why Somebody keeps adjusting the brightness Will fix it All right We're good quadrasaurus yeah 25 you're up

The one that you signed up for Use your eyes Gauze jjb Ethan and Edwin who's ed'swind Did somebody randomly add somebody and Not tell me Who's Edwin Edge win is not somebody that I know If you accidentally add somebody on the Keypad all you got to do is let me know Because now we're just wasting a channel I'm gonna have three Pilots up Anybody want to come up on Race eight Race eight right now right now Get to the blocks Wizard of guys jjb Ethan fpv and tilted [Music] Oh I can't see it Okay Okay Wizard of Oz jjb Ethan and tilted Let's let's go [Applause] [Applause] Okay I'm not rushing you I know I'm well aware But I also want you to do your best Are you good All right gentlemen arm your quads are Gonna go live on the tone in less than Five [Applause] Not working [Applause] [Applause]

[Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Music] It did catch you you got a 17 two four Seven a fourteen eight five six thirteen Four two five and a 19. 17 opener for jjb you had a 12 7 12 9 4 3 and a twelve eight nine four wizard of God 17 flat nine eight Seven six I don't know why five four Three two one [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign 26 you're up now 26. Uptown Timbo raw And arm you're up You got less than one minute to get to The line and back to your chairs I'm not Waiting for anybody Uptown Timbo raw and on You got 45 seconds 45 seconds Or I'm gonna start this race without you There Marcus Aurelius Let's go Send it That's what Steve fpv says Send it Sending it into the evening Try to get these guys their packs Mr Brian was crying about his number of

Packs I know you were I know And what [Music] A one you shout out Come away you belong Find a place for you [Music] [Applause] All right here we go who's ready to race All right arm your quads we're live in Less than five [Music] All right we got a good Heat going right Now are pretty close Uptown's right there as well cooking There we go Round FTD 14-1 and yeah then around that Flag Through the stop finish gate there we go 37 50 34.1 yeah Slow down fpd 14-6 Oh there's a dog It's not on the field though What a good idea rmfpv-127 Tim's low fpv 21.1 Arm fpd131 3750 32.6 There we go Roz the only one still up in the air Kimbo finished up With a 40.670 nice job Timbo Timbo is that a PV for you 40.670

Okay Oh Yeah All right moving on to qualifying round Number 27-27 you're up Jjb tilted JC and quadrasaurus don't Worry about it kid just keep signing up On whatever Channel you signed up for Kid F2 F2 F2 Foreign Guys You add them right back in unless Somebody signed up No problem Yeah Jjb tilted JC 12 in quadrasaurus you are Up right now Got 30 seconds to get to your seat Justice will never make this Weekend All right are we all good Arm your quads we're gonna go live on The tone Not fat tilted 12 8. jjb fpv 14-1 Not fat tilted 12 5. jjb fpv126 Quadrosaurus 29.1 Not fat tilted 12 4. Jc1240.1 Not fat tilted 12 1. Quadrosaurus 32.4 That's a personal best for tilted fpv With a 37.058 He's got one more attempt for today 12 5 12 4 12 1 for the Tilted FP Quadro

Source 25.5 Quad Shores taking his last lap And he's down All right cluster quads moving on to Qualifying round number 28. 28 you're up 28 Doug Doug Ethan in arm I don't have Anybody on R1 All right R1 I got him I got him R1 R1 That's his last one yep Yep [Music] Yeah it's fine Yeah yeah I put you in manually once All right Doug Doug Ethan in arm you Guys ready Ethan's ready arm you good Down there I'm not hearing any yelling Doug Doug You look good All right I'm your quads live on the Tone Ethan fpv118 nice opener from Ethan fpv Arm fpv-195 Ethan fpv 11 6. even faster on number Two That's what he's doing smooth and fast Holy cow Arm fpv-129 Ethan fpv-12 flat 33.5 [Music] Arm fpd136 that's a personal best for Easton Kling with a 35.485 nice job kid

Nice job hell yeah Ethan All right Arm fpv129.8 Arm fpv-124 All right You look like All right that's the end of qualifying Round number 28 number 29 you're up Number 29 we're gonna do a quick course Repair but 29 I want you on the blocks Foreign Jjb JC 12 and tilted you're up Tilted you have a buy because you're Going out to fix the course This is your last pack Going right up to round number 30 and Then we're gonna pack it up for the day That's gonna put us at 93 rounds I think For the day With a 41 minute rain delay Funny we're at 6 30 right now with two Rounds left we would have been right on Point without that 41 minute rain delay Are we good It looks good to me Jjb JC 12 and tilted you're up Jjb where you at bud Tilted did a course repair And is ready Thank you tilted Ah So many things so many things Now you tried

You tried You tried to do the carve You can you can you can dive that you Can dive that nose right into the grass If you only do one side of it Oh I don't know [Music] Uh tilted you got it All right it's uh 6 30 and we're about To face jjb you good bud F2 Mikey Mike you coming 99 Restaurant Yeah well I'll help that will be quick If we all tear down it will be real Quick We got Mark the Builder here today Mark The Builder is a master and tear down Again Like Marcus Aurelius you coming to dinner bud Just you good jjb All right All right we're looking good on your Quads live on the tone in less than five [Music] Not fat tilted 12-5 Jjb fpv179 I I don't know why I like That one better but I do Not that tilted 12 5. Jjb fpv128 Not fat tilted 12-4 Jc1239.2 So close kid so close

You know you know this is not horseshoes This is not hand grenades close does not Count But good good attempt Good attempt 37.487 that was a great run my man Hey 37.487 that is a phenomenal run Great job You wanted it you wanted it so bad I Know you wanted it jc1234.8 Killing it be rad 37.058 Where does that put you on the list Bud Do you know Not bad that put you in Pro class Yeah well you know how you get to the Top 50 right You go to Champs No you go to Champs And you beat them On the course ten in the bracket eight Seven there's still a little quad it's Flying around Another lab because he is that way Ah I I I'm killing these guys every time I tell them they get their extra lab and Then the only one up that uh it's just a Media right into the ground flipped over Going into our last qualifying round of The day for the 2022 multi-gp Championship Round number 30 of our Weebly Northeast Race band one fast track two if you have

Packs available Oh did you get your 10 packs in though Yeah 35.485 okay that's that's pretty Freaking solid I'm pretty freaking solid You got to be happy with that yeah All right I'm just gonna let these two Run raw and quadrasaurus Tilted go to the right Sorry Tilted go to the right Keep going to the right Keep going to the right yeah keep going Keep going It's right around there but Right around there is where I start Going to the cartwheel into the bush [Music] I don't worry so much about the poison Ivy it's the snakes The long grass You know there's rattlesnakes around Here Last round of the day last round of the Day it's gonna be Raw fpv versus Quadrasaurus [Music] Human life [Music] Guys guys All right course is clear Pilots are in Their chairs we're gonna go live for This last round of qualifying here for The day

Finalize the race for the Nerds [Music] Nothing like me [Music] Versus quadrasaurus For Glory and Honor they're making their Way around the first Corner coming into The second quadrasaurus is on raw's tail He is making his way and right behind Him Making their way through the slalom raw Fpv is the first one into the corkscrew Quadrasaurus right behind him right Behind him this is blade to blade racing For you folks for the end of the day and Quadrasaurus is still trying to catch Raw fpv he's unable to start finish Again Back around the first turn it's raw fpv In the first spot quadrasaurus you could You can read the battery on RAW fpv from Quadrasaurus's feed And I think quadrasaurus is now taking The lead in The Corkscrew making his way Around the final stretch there raw is Not giving up that easily though he is Making his way and first one is Quadrasaurus is now Working his way through the throwback Into that back section there through the Slalom and around Raw fpv is right behind [Music] Fallen behind about three obstacles now

Quadrasaurus just making great points 23.983 I think that's a fast lap for Quadrasaurus And tried to cut that a little too tight There quadrasaurus did bobbled and uh Still heads Up Racing quadrasaurus is in The lead Add a little Bobble Roz catching up 10. 9 and quadrasaurus is going to be Able to get an extra lap because he can Get it into high gear and get around and Do that start finishing quarters he's Getting one more lap raw fpv you were Done for the day my friend All right that was a great day racing Here for in Amesbury Massachusetts the Northeast racing drones chapter found This site for us to uh to host and Ma Drone racing Weebly Northeast paired up With them to create a triple header for The 2022 multi-gp Championship today and We are definitely sources And I want to thank everybody for tuning In and be coming out to race and uh why Don't we all collect and Tear this course down so that way the Nerds don't have to do it solo so if you Have a spare moment and you can help Take some of the course material down It'd be greatly appreciated I'll be out There personally pulling some of this Stuff that could be taken apart to put The trail uh I'd love to have somebody Helping us with all right thank you very

Much for signing in and checking out the 2022 multi-gp Championship last one to The Northeast this is the last weekend And uh thank you very much Doug what's That We'll see you Champs