2022 MultiGP – New England Championship

By | September 10, 2022

2022 MultiGP – New England Championship

Oh doug your overlay is not uh Not on there properly Nice Okay ten Nine eight i already set the seats in The event Six No i updated it four Three again And one two Laser 32 flat clays are done with a Three lap 137 flat result nice job Blazer Kryptek's coming to put his fourth lap And third lapping Looks like he's going to get in there in Second place 54.2 Oh wait was that 37 fit he pulled that Third oh that was 375 second lap I just need cryptic to come down and Finish this third lap here he's about to Do it for us cryptek 42.1 cryptek done With a three lap 207.7 result very nice So go ahead and come and land your uh Finish your lap out there rfp If you want it So claser and cryptek will move on Glazer and cryptek i don't think either Of them have had a loss They have not wow Nice drive guys I'm so proud of kryptek me too I know that 10 second lap i mean

Finishing off his last lap here He's gonna bring it home with him shaky Whoa he might bring it home come on get In that get in through that start gate Save Thirty seven fifty one thirteen point Five thirty seven fifty done with a Three lap 306.3 result It Might be on fire i don't know where he Went but he's down All right What happened to carlos carlos you hit Something out there because i can't tell Where you are Klazer's got the smooth pickup he just Stays on his Board and Drops down and scoops it Yeah One wheel i didn't All right so klaiser i got a frequency Change for you you're going to be in Race 11 and you're going to be on f2 Kryptek you're going to race 11 and You're gonna be on uh race eight for Frequency Rfpv you're going down to race 10 you're Not changing your frequency and carlos You're going to race 10 without a Frequency change All right so we got the next round up Which is sky bowling jc 12 steady eddy And quadrasaurus

That there won't hurt you Those side burns on the other hand Those burns are fire Currently up race number nine thank you Very much You don't know a good side burns losers Two to one Race order is Aliens Now you're all right It's the united federation of sideburns All right i get four video feeds up here It looks like our uh heat is correct too So if you guys If you guys have any objections please Let me know otherwise arm your quads We're live in less than five There I don't know Did you not get through the start gate Then that's it then that's a restart Okay that's a restart he has to get he Has to get through the star gate All right so everybody come and land Your quads we're gonna do a restart here Sorry about that terribly sorry ladies And gentlemen count that as a warm-up a Warm-up For bracket number nine Okay Steady quadrasaurus sky bowling jc 12 Come and change your batteries if you Want to We're gonna restart this one

So we have approximately Two hours and 40 minutes until the sun Sets Does that need a new battery alex or can You just throw it back on the start Block Give it a good chomp straighten it out Oh he's over here He's the horse whisperer Super cool We get sky bowling up the line right now We're looking for jc 12 steady eddy and Quadrasaurus once again Quadrasaurus ready to roll All right we got sky bowling come back To the pilot area jc is all right i Think back and ready to roll Hang tight jc we got two more still Hanging at the line but they're coming Back shortly All right here comes quadriforce coming Back to the pilot area All right guys everybody's seated let's Get settled i don't have video for Steady eddie yeah steady eddie is waving Out yeah we see you buddy Yeah Steady eddie how you doing buddy He's thumbs up all right no objections Arm your quads we go live on the tone Lesson 5. Probably that means go Down all right we get everybody One

[Music] Through the start gate very good this is Official race right here Top fastest pilots up two fastest pilots In this one go ahead two For the next round Wherever that may be Oh we got duck dug and raw in carlos in Round 10. What do we have nine And in the race number eleven we got Zero bagzilla klazer and kryptek And then we have three more brackets After that Steady 49.9 Said with the first lap in here Is 54 flat Quadrasaurus Almost stereoscopic between quadrasaurus And steady eddy Value then 107.50 Three Two One 33 seconds kicked off the clock Is going on uh their third lap now Once you finish your three laps Eddie with the first three in there Quadrasaurus gonna come in behind him For the second three i believe All right so we got uh steady eddy and Quadrasaurus moving on Steady eddie quadrasaurus moving on to The next round

So sky bowling and jc 12 it's been a Wonderful bracket and an excellent 2022 Championship for you guys All right we got dog dog rfpv and carlos In this next bracket here that's up Right now Let's see what uh the bracket looks like Um So it's almost like it's doing these Guys They move on because they haven't lost Yet and then these guys And then Because they'll come in and sort out That consolation bracket after they lose Are you looking at the youtube videos Too Is So far as a tq for these brackets in the Sport class Where are we at here with this uh we got Doug doug we got uh raw and carlos Finney fiddy how are you doing over There 3750 He's doing are you doing yeah he's got Carlos he's got some backup there carlos Carlos the hd backing him up yep He could just give him a hand Just one That is who's swiss cheese flag is that Out there Is that yours dick sunny Sunny boy it looks like it It could we could laminate that put it

On a wall somewhere It could be fpv art Everything I don't see any video from rfpv yet See carlos though carlos has got that hd In action Hd it's like i'm sitting inside the quad As the vtx overheats Hd And it's rebooting Yeah i think they're trying to get rfpv On to uh Let's get let's get fitty rolling Race eight there It's because he's using falco x Oh is he still Oh guaranteed Last person on the planet running falco X no there's another guy out somewhere No Mark is literally literally the last Person on earth Running falco Well i mean i thought they were doing All this new development and all this Other stuff there's the last post i saw I got a few Doesn't look that great um but i do see Video for doug doug too We're going to be fine maybe carlos is On the uh pit switches Or his vtx does he have a hd switch i Don't know if he's got an hd switch It's called the h h hd that's that

That's the british way oh i see it now Hd And what was it hd Zed Who's in the lower left though i can't See is that dark duck All right you Go ahead and uh Arm those quads If i don't have any objections we're Going to send them right now all right Arm your quad I got three of them through the start Gate nice and clean carlos with a 9-3-1 Hole shot i think he actually went on The dog actually uh yeah Doug doug had the hole shot on that one Oh you're right Is So it says clays are still the tq but That's from the qualifier Flat That's the queue Yep Thank you www.54.6 34.7 These guys Carl slow fpv 33.6 carl slow fpv done With a 3 lap 145.8 result 37 5106.1 Lap 206 flat result Rpv hasn't done 3 laps yet Did it say you were done or did it say Dog dog dog

You gotta wait for you gotta wait for The lady to say you're done Yeah sorry i'm gonna take out that Can hear countdown John doe done All right is everybody down Looks like it The race Away Wow Oh [Music] Come on Nobody can hear you Well that was his last loss right Yeah there we All go so race number eleven sorry about That we got zero on race one bagzilla on F four Claser on f2 kryptek you're on race Eight please sorry about that I did announce this earlier After you guys finish your last race I know when you're in the heat of the Moment finishing your race running back To pick up your quad Things can be hard to remember So she got she got a compliment on her Stuffy today while we were in the garage Oh horse armor Well he's got he's gonna race right now Kryptek you need to be on race eight Zero you should be on race one And uh doug i don't have the right

Overlays here It's probably because i deleted somebody No i didn't delete anybody out of this i Don't have four people up I got three well i should have four Videos Oh there we go All right so i got four clean videos if You guys are ready to go All right everybody remember arm your Quads we're live on the dawn Ding ding dong We got a tight race in here for the Start Looks like laser took that whole shot Right there My item was bagzilla then we had zero In kryptek [Music] Boy that flag is pretty beat up down There at the far end Plays a 28.6 031.2 i think anybody who's hit that Flag should go and sign it At the end of the day Just hits the gate Can we keep it together keep it together Zero's battery is hurting Yes bagzilla First year racing and my podium 43.2 for Sport class that'd be impressive yeah Laser 30 flat clays are done with a Three lap 130 flat result Cryptek 43.3

Vaxilla 32.9 back still it done with the Three left nice job maxilla Bobby bags pulling in second place on That bracket We got zero and kryptek Next in the line four zero done with a Three lap 150.1 result You won the race but Yeah You and you and klazer like we ripped it Up All righty so we got no frequency Changes for any of you guys Klazer and bagzilla you guys are going To race 14 which is the semifinals i'm Pretty sure Uh zero and kryptek you guys are going To 13 which is the semi Uh semifinals Pre-semi-finals yeah something along Those lines So now we get steady eddie quadrasaurus Carlos fpv and doug doug Carlos fpv you need to go to race one For me if that's possible with your h uh Hg Hg's hd0 Hd 0 I know i said g It's because jace was saying h earlier And it kind of messed me up Steady eddie quadrasaurus We're getting people at the line Dougie says let's go everybody

We get a whole another class to do and The sun goes down In two hours and 15 minutes You'll get like the two more rounds to Run the semifinals in the finals In this one Yeah you're in there I'm pretty sure you're in 13. So we got klazer and bagzilla in the Finals right now and then we got uh zero And kryptek in the semifinals but two People who win this race Will go into the semifinals against Zero And kryptek correct Then the winners of that heat will go Into The race with bagzilla and Blazer he came all the way from vermont He flew in an airplane jumped out the Back and landed in the back of 50 cent's truck with his gear Stripped off his parachute and they Didn't even stop they just drove right Up here to amesbury great I witnessed it with my own eyes I don't know Maybe Yeah no they jumped separately and they All landed right in the truck as it was Going forward Then they rolled on down here four deep Oh is rare fpv up right now no he's not All right i'm pretty sure i got uh four

Video feeds in my goggles here I don't see dug dog though Sitting down Everybody's good okay Okay guys so arm your quads we're live On the dawn So carlos got the whole shot on that was Said he had a little bit A couple hundred tenths of a second Behind him Then quadrasaurus and dug dug right Behind them I think quadrasaurus and steady eddie Are uh Out in the grass I can't see anything from steady speed [Music] Video It sounds like he's trying to go upside Down and right side up Carl slow fpv 34.5 Looks like carlos and doug doug might Finish this one out What you guys have done go ahead and Land and you want to put on a fresh Battery because you're going to be going Up against Is it semi-finals right now No i don't think Uh you're not are you up right now zero I think you are you're on race one i Don't know if uh who's gonna have Channel changes in this current race Is everybody down i see carlos out in

The middle of the field so assuming Everybody is Yeah i have one channel change for Carlos again i'm sorry i don't know why It's just picking you every single these These rounds you're getting changed i Can't tell you why But you're going to uh you're going to F2 F2 Yeah we got doug doug on f4 again uh Kryptek On race eight and zero on race one It's just a little tiny battery it's not Big and crazy Feel like you've lost control I see somebody uh dangling somewhere Oh no they're not dangling That's right Bobby bags is on the move Thank you All right we get uh zero kryptek carlos With a channel change to f2 and doug Doug But you guys are ready to go I think i got video for everybody i Can't tell if doug doug's got video It was pricked up in zero right Semifinals yeah So whoever goes through and wins on this Race is going into the finals for sport Class here at the 2022 New england drone champion champs race Did you chase the ace

Yeah we'll do chase ace for that uh Sport class for the finale Get approximately one hour two hours and Seven minutes until the sun goes down All right so when you guys are ready I don't have any objections arm your Quads we're live on the dawn [Music] Wow this is a race right here for this Uh Semi-final entry Point All right zero right now number one Carlos fpv number two kryptek coming in Third right now about a gate and a half Behind carlos put the nose down and Trying to hammer down going through that Triple double carlos has gone free into The hurdle and over and under Launch gate for carlos feb still in Second place zero with clean air now in First place going strong with a smooth Line Zero into the triple double He has on two right now carlos also on Lap number three as well they are neck And neck as zero makes a little bit of a Bobble i think carlos may have taken the Lead right now they're still one two Statistically and they may switch Actually as they go through Kryptek on lap three as well as he comes Up behind them carlos coming into the Timing gate

Carlos and zero neck and neck three and Three close right there We have zero and carlos fpv Moving on to the finals Great racing guys Yeah Right there nice and smooth rounding Excellent racing gentlemen land them up Racing guys Yeah yo All right That's [Music] Like i'm finishing that lap Oh carlos [Laughter] The software is biased to hd Point at a folks and press some buttons On the thing All right so we have our finals ladies And gentlemen of the sport class 2022 Multi gp new england championship with Blazer bagzilla zero What a finals guys that is a great sport Class final coming up right now we got Carlos the always channel switching hd Oh who knows Live time randomly assigns you every Heat and it's only you for some reason i Don't understand All right carlos uh you're looking like You're switching to r8 brother all right [Music] Races carlos is the only one that

Switches you gotta win twice Appreciate you carlos Absolutely we do All the other pilots right making it Easier for them by doing all the Switching live time on the other hand Just got a big problem seriously It's biased against hd's i know what is Up with that All right ladies and gentlemen we're Going to get this final out of the way We are a chase to a so that's the first People to win two bobby pieces Oh bobby bags was ready to go 15 minutes Ago he's been waiting in the finals Bags on the move adm Talking about bobby bags on the move on The move he's been stationary just Waiting But he has Moved himself into the finals Okay chris christopher okay christopher Perry has informed us that there is Another person on this earth that runs Falco x marcus coyle he is correct Marcus coyle does run falco x Okay christopher you i stand corrected There are two people Fpv addiction says oh sure you guys are Having all the fun while i'm slaving Over emt Wow He sounds better Bend that pipe dog

Bend it All right we got three pilots at the Line right now we are looking for bobby Bags zero Carlos and clayza Of course carlos Channel that's you know he's gotta do That That's the burdens of hd bobby bags over There giving him some support some hd Support Yeah Bobby is he good to go Yeah oh he's doing the not sign Was that thumbs down It was shaking head Bobby bags are you on hd02 Bobby no analog oh analog he's just he's Just an hd support guy yeah that makes Sense Supporting hd one pilot at a time i Support hd Ladies and gentlemen all the pilots are Coming back to their pilot area for the Finals Of the 2022 multi gp new england Championship chase Chase the ace first of two wins Everybody gets settled here As we sit down no objections to video Let's go ahead and arm our quads as we Go live on the tone lesson five All right we're off ladies and gentlemen And we have one two three and four

Through the start gate we are clean and This is an official race He's all right He'll kill him All right now we got carlos fpv taking Up the number one spot trying to get That first ace as claser who's been the Tq throughout this entire event is Trying to claw him back down with a good Smooth line coming through the slalom Into the start finish gate all right Klaiser trying to pick up the pace nose Down as he tries to run down back zilla Now number one bobby bags taking up Number one zero in the third place Klazer number two carlos has fallen all The way to fourth place as claser holds Down second bagzilla with the big push Bobby bags coming through that Triple-double all right coming into the Cube and around and oh little bit of a Bobble from bags he's up is he okay Clays are trying to make up ground right Now with bobby bags on the ground bobby Is trying to get back up oh he is Rebooting Glazer now officially number one zero Number two coming in clays are looking For that first ace carlos fpv in third Place unofficially but officially Bagzilla now third as far as the system Is concerned clays are to one zero to Two Carlos to three as far as lifetime is

Concerned now coming back around klayser With clean air into the triple double Zero with a little bit of a bobble he Recovers though Can he hold carlos fpv off oh they are Neck and neck into the triple double as Carlos fpv tries to make up that ground With zero little bobble there clays are Clean air out in front right now coming Into the start gate and that is three For klaizer is zero or carlos going to Get that third one coming in what do we Have here We're looking for that second guy Push push push zero in whoa Whoa I agree It's not over yet that's only one ace It's not over A yet Dude i got bats you would have won that Battery seriously take it take a battery Bro these are all charged Yeah we're all done do you want these Batteries Ladies and gentlemen that was a heat All right right now klazer with the First ace He's gonna look to wrap this up early Flew all the way in here from vermont Ladies and gentlemen parachuted out of a Plane into a truck We have a quick prop change request Yeah we're gonna switch out batteries

And anybody needs to damage prop repair Go ahead and do so Bobby bags still out there All Right one's not dead are we good to go All right we get a prop change going on Sorry about that Oh and we got a gate uh fixing going on Is bargain b bags out there it is [Music] Sorry we're doing a prop change over Here too bobby Get your fresh battery down there bobby You gotta beat glazer One time Right We have one hour and 57 minutes Oh with it Uh What should i bring Funded by Check check check one two we're back Thank you All right mikey how we doing buddy all Right here comes zero final pilot Of this second heat of the chase to ace Claser with the first ace here in the Sport class 2022 multi gp new england Championship We're gonna see if klazer can lock it Down All right we got pilots coming back to The chairs we got zero we got carlos we

Got bobby bags still hanging around the Line clays are already back and ready to Go he says let's get this over with I got a feeling How you doing my dude All right bobby bags coming back to the Seat Let's let him get settled guys this is The finals All right everybody is seated and Settled let's get one more check on that If there are no objections to video go Ahead and arm your quads as we go live On the tone in lesson five Hang hang hang hold up hold up hold up We have a hold Fitty's hold fitty's holding me up Fitty's giving me the hold and we have a Good we have a thumbs up all right Ladies and gentlemen arm your quads we Go live on the tone in lesson five All right we are off And we've got one two Three And four clean through this is an Official heat ladies and gentlemen let's See if the sport class can get wrapped Up number one carlos fpv right now Trying to sneak that last ace away from Klaiser klaiser with a little bit of a Bobble still in second place officially Backzilla three zero coming in four i Have a feeling godzilla's gonna come in Two when they come around the timey gate

This last time klazer recovers into the Triple double carlos clean air smooth Lines number one place right now coming Over the hurdle coming to the flip Around Let's go through some slalom action into The start finish gate and see where Things end up Carlos for the first lap holding down Number one spot zero taking in number Two Glazer fourth place right now big bobble Baczilla holding down the third carlos Trying to steal an ace from klazer and Make this go one more round into the Triple double for carlos clean air in Front Zero holding down that second spot right In the triple double as well They are on the same gate ladies and Gentlemen zero says you're not taking That ace i'm gonna take it for you zero Going hard nose down carlos fpv a little Bit of a bobble zero half a gate ahead Of him now both of them into the slalom Timing finish game ball second Lap okay three laps for each let's go Zero second place carlos hold on to it By a neck both through the launch at the Same exact time split s carlos a little Bit of a bobble zero a bobble as well Okay both of them into the triple double At the same time zero now a gate ahead He's gonna officially take that number

One spot if he can hold it down around The cube in a round through the gate Under and over zero hold it down over The hurdle flipping around through the Start finish let's go hold it through Nose down nose down nose down zero fbv With the next oh Ladies and gentlemen hold on klaiser may Have caught up I think he caught up can we can we Review Ladies and gentlemen hang tight for a Quick sec we're gonna have a quick dvr Review i didn't even i wasn't even Looking at his screen Claser oh my goodness claser by .7 Seconds came back Holy Crap Nice job dude Ladies and gentlemen what a finals all Right sport class 2022 multi gp new England championship we have klazer Number one zero number two carlos fpv With the third place spot and in the Reserve podium bagzilla bop bags Fourth place buddy you guys did awesome In this final Let's go with it yeah It's official Zero And carlos one two three bobby bags Bringing up the reserve podium fourth Place great final guys

All right guys we're going to put Together the pro real quick here and Roll i expect you guys are going to be a Little bit quicker on the draw so let's Get this rolling All right It's going to be quick this time Up She spends With Is On our own Is A lot faster They're gonna be yeah Plus i'm gonna give you a huge hug Okay yep Second My little brother This is Ladies and gentlemen the brackets are Almost finalized here we're going to Begin the pro class For the 2022 multi gp new england Championship Right now we have our tq neucal coming In as the number one seed tilted fpv Clawing his way into the second seed Pino in the third seed ethan fpv in the Fourth arm fpv in the fifth seed Hang on he took my information away Ladies and gentlemen Man Nice job bro

Glad you came hell yeah Foreign Brackets generated What'd you What'd do do Can we do 10 up Uh So it does Oh All right now rockin Yeah yeah you guys have a buy Correct i would yeah All right so race number one is uh pino And timbo with a buy you guys are moving On all right so race number two we got Tilted fpv static and Fastadon All right so tilted fpv race band one Static fat shark two fasted on fat shark Four And the top two move on That's what lifetime did Randomly for all i know There you go Hang on All pilots are finished All right so number two tilted on race Band one static on fat shark 2 and Fastadon on fat shark 4. No it does and look who he's racing That's what i'm saying Yep you see what i'm saying no matter What you still have to lose twice to get Out correct so it doesn't make any

Difference Exactly Quicker All right let's get those three pilots Up to the line to get this pro class Bracket rollin I don't know we got what Uh classier yeah Yeah My man right here It's awesome first place You can give him a t-shirt you get a Fourth of july t-shirts Do we want to take care of the sport Class podium photo now yeah let's get That going now Correct yeah yeah yeah you guys could do That independently while uh mikey and i Keep things rolling It's not a bad idea Sport class podium guys including bobby Bags reserve podium let's get that photo Going guys Let's get that done before you all leave All right we got pilots coming back to These seats here the first bracket round Of the pro class 2022 new england multi Gp championship All right guys let's get everybody Settled last check here if we have no Objections to video no we still have Some head shaking no Tilted that's that's my little brother Get your goggles down son

Tilted static and fast All right once again get settled get Cool last check no objections to video Go ahead and arm your quads as we go Live on the tone lesson five Ding ding dong All right we're off And we got a one two three and we are Clean and live at this point static Taking number one spot but tilted takes It right back through the launch gate First coming through clean air now Split essen around he's coming into the Triple double fastadon through the Launch finally static about three gates Behind him excuse me ahead of him tilted About two gates ahead of him tilted Holds it down coming around through that Over and under through the slalom into The timing gate once again tilted over And we have hurdle and over again up Through the launch back a through split S coming through we have another split s Coming around that flag into the triple Double tilted holding clean air at this Point static trying to run him down but At this point losing speed as he's about Three gates behind him at this point Bobble from static video goes down Tilted with the clean air still faster Don coming into second place as he holds It down keep it together fasted on You've got this locked out tilted with a Little bit of a bobble oh no

Faster on still in the air tilt his Videos down is he out i think he there We got two out fasted on hold it Together brother hold it together and This is yours All right we still got fasted on in the Air he is going to try to hold it Together and out turtle tilted and Static for the limp through at this Point fasted on the only one left up in The air keep it smooth keep it real Brother round the slaloms into the Timing All right so we got fasted on now on lap Three where tilted was If he can finish this lap he will move On including tilted fpv into the next Round and static will drop down to the Constellation bracket Fasted on keeping it smooth keeping it Real through the triple double And a split and around Fasted on keep it smooth buddy threw the Slalom into the timing gate and you're Gonna pick up that move ahead bump up Fasten on tilted fpv moving ahead as Static moves down to our first Consolation bracket member Excellent job guys all right let's go Ahead and Don't do that Let's go ahead and get our quads guys And we'll get things swung around for The next bracket heat

Yeah Nice This is gonna go much quicker Tilted you're going to race number six And your frequency is gonna be a race Eight that's a change for you All right next one Weird all right next we've got noi cal Uptown and mako reactra And pro class qualifying bracket heat Number two Becca noy cal tony uptown ryan mako Reactra let's get it to the line Cal you're on race band one uptown you Are on fat shark two mako reactor are You on fat shark four All right let's get that podium from Sport class up here in front of this Yeah sport class guys let's get the four Of you guys up here so we can get a nice Picture i'll be back look he's ready to Go Maybe uh you know radio in the hand or Absolutely A bird in the hand keep those glasses on Though [Music] Fire All right noy cow's ready to go He says i've been tq just waiting here Tony uptown ready to go blocking down Mako reactra Is she ready to go She's ready to put the quad down that's

For sure she is ready to drop it down Your reserved podium bags Doesn't matter Wherever you guys feel good Nice job guys great heat that was an Awesome final All right we got one pilot coming back To the seat in this uh next Sport excuse me pro class bracket match Up we got mako heading back We got tony putting on his goggles for a Final check Is he good He might be Less and it'll go faster Yeah Tony's coming back all right we got Thumbs up Nero says he lives All right let's let tony get settled All right guys let's take one little Final check get nice and comfortable There are no objections of video let's Arm our quads as we go live on the tone In lesson five And we're off ladies and gentlemen we Have a one And a two and a three this is a live Race this is live this is live Unfortunately we have a little bit of a Down with mako reactor so noical and Uptown Holding down the number one spot uptown And number two we have uh both of these

Guys uh fairly well guaranteed to move On At this point we had a little bit of Unfortunate luck after the start finish Gate Oh my goodness they're on the same gate Tony's like i'm not playing oh No and noy cow with a bobble His battery's done Son Yeah the way cow's like i'm done after 2. Uptown if you if you can get one more You got him You're good either way All right guys go ahead and pick him up So we got tony and neucal moving up In the winners bracket And we have mako reactor with some Unfortunate luck dropping down into the Consolation bracket but let's be honest Ladies and gentlemen the last winner Excuse me second place and third place Clogged their way up from the Constellation bracket sport class Is Spencer donovan wants to know if they're Somewhere online to see brackets you Might be able to see that through live Time Will go to spencer All right hold on i don't know Let's see what's going on here This was the next one yeah yeah yeah

Yeah i don't know why lifetime's doing It but let's just move through it I agree with timmy i know he should go With manko i don't know You were able to move Correct they both have one loss All right so we got pino in race band One timbo and f2 f4 with fastadon and my Little brother tilted bringing up the Rear With a nice rear and race band 8. You can thank timbo for that uh nzm fpv It is a nice track it's an incredibly Nice track So those of us you who've been uh Hanging with us all day long on the Stream it's been a beautiful day and has Led up to this final pro-class showdown For the 2022 new england multi gp Championship So right now we got pino out there Figuring things out We got timbo fpv fasted on and tilted Fpv i think they're all ready to roll Actually tilt it's not no i'm getting a Head shake One and a half minute warning would you Like me to start that timer You got one and a half minutes guys You either get that quad fix to get off My line there guy You got one and a half minutes there My lovely guys All right ladies and gentlemen

We now have about 41 seconds for tilted Fpv before i'm gonna have to kick him Off the line It's not turned on Oh About 32 seconds at this point but uh Laden tilted He's gonna So if he fight he's out but like if i Lose her Has tilted already flown tilted moved up Though Oh he crashed out I don't know why it put him in there Hang He's already flown tilted my my little Bro you've already flown right And you got knocked down You you got bumped up No he did not I got further than the guy behind me There was only three in the heat right Yeah oh Correct correct Are we good Pino All right guys we're good we're rolling Let's get it set let's roll He's salty That's the type of fire i expect to see Out of the defending champion to be Honest with you I would expect nothing less from pinot Don't fly angry

All right ladies and gentlemen we got Pinot race band one fat shark two timbo Fpv fat shark four facet dawn and race Band eight bringing up the rear tilted Fpv be red Let's get everybody settled Hang tight pilots Everybody take a nice deep breath One final check of video Hang tight hang tight All right if we don't have any Objections on video let's go ahead and Arm our quads we go live on the tone in Lesson five All right we're off We got one we got two and we got three And four all right we are our legal race Ladies and gentlemen right now pinot One five one coming out with the heat Flying with anger at this point coming Around that's cube coming through Under and over Number two tilted fpv trying to run him Down he is going strong oh we had a Little bit of a bobble fasted on out Hard Out hard timbo fpv taking that third Spot trying to run down pinot nom pino Has taken the second spot as tilted goes Through first tilted a little bit of a Bobble can he recover pino now into the Same gate tilted recovers little second Bobble oh no he's through that okay Pinot is definitely gonna take first

Place going through this next timing Gate And two all right tilted fb still in Second looking to move up timbo trying To run him down hard Fastodon still out tilted fpv through The launch timber fb through the launch Right now about a half a gate behind him Can he run him down put the nose down Tilted Oh a little bit of a bobble from timbo And recover tilted fpv clean air now can He run down pino for that first spot Pinot clean air and he gets his three And tilted not far behind with his three Great heat ladies and gentlemen We have pino and tilted fpv moving up And timbo and fastadon dropping down to Our constellation bracket great heat I was in boys All right ladies and gentlemen moving on One second okay so we gotta we gotta Push we gotta push hang on Let us do a little bit of uh math magic Here as we push through a two seater Here Just just run the race and bump em both Up and let it do what it does Just run the race Yeah but that'll fill out it should be In this though You're saying oh losers yeah that'll Fill out All right

All right we got ethan fpv and race band One arm and fat shark two fat shark four With noy cal and race band eight with Tony uptown Uh arm you on fat track two We got plenty of time here guys no need To rush let's keep it rolling strong Keep it rolling Burn but smooth quick Almost You got video yet arm You got ethan and norco all already up At the book starting block Just get a face you gotta hold your Phone up in the air So we can keep this music going I'm always looking for you I Am surrounded Foreign I think we got arm coming back to sit Down Hopefully with a good video All righty if nobody has any objections Looks like everybody's good to go go Ahead and arm your quads we're live on The Ding tone dong Slow cal 16 3 Armed fpv 21.7 Ethan fpv22 flat Slo cal 16 2 Slow town fpv 30 1.3 49.3 result

Slow town fpv 24.4 Is Slow town fpv 23 flat slow town fpv done With a three lap 121 flat result The way it's supposed to be Did you even know Just put in a 48-9 on that run with a 16-2-7 A 16-3 7 and a 16-3-3-7 Like at the exact same Time Absolutely not So going up on that is uh neuikel and Uptown And going down into constellation Bracket is ethan and rmfpv Arm fpv you have a frequency change You're going to be in race number 10 and You're going to race 8 for your band And then uptown you're going into race Number 11 and you need to go to f2 I'm telling you baby Um All right we got mako static ethan in Arm fpv arm you're changing to race Eight Okay Anymore Fpv and rmfpv Arm still has about a minute and a half And a half minutes Are we uh we messed up and restarted Your minute and a half timer

So you have a minute and a half starting From a minute and a half from now Arm he is on race band 8 my dude Literally We've reloaded it All right we got three pilots out there I see mako i see static i see ethan Arm you got a minute and a half If you haven't figured out by now i'm Just going to let you get your quad Fixed I'll keep i'll keep giving you a minute And a half [Music] [Music] Us Steady eddie uh hooked fpv wants to know How you're doing buddy Look steady says he's doing good thumbs Up I gotta there we go that's encouraging Arm Oh yeah baby let's do this he's gonna Fight Ladies and gentlemen arm fpv is gonna Fight All right we got four pilots at the Pilot line Let's get this rolling In the pro class brackets of the 2022 Multi gp new england championship Nice job the august [Music] Number 10 number 10

Yep we're good we got plenty of time Nice job All right we got the pilots coming back To the pilot area i see one two three And four Ethan fpv with a determined look on his Face hey rmfpv nice job Nice job All right i'm seeing pilots getting Settled here Let's go ahead and take a deep breath Check one more time on that video if There are no objections Let's go ahead and arm our quads as we Go live on the tone in lesson five And we're Off one two three and four it's a live Race ladies and gentlemen right now Ethan fbv holding up the number one spot Statistically his arm with a little bit Of a bobble and number two mako reaction Number three Passing arm technically they are both in The same gate at the same time mako a Little bit of a bobble recovering arm Takes the lead from her Yes ethan fpv clean air in front of him Static is down Arm just went down we've got two oh Static is back up recovery makeover Technically in second place live time Will adjust Mako reactor taking the second place Spot ethan fpv still with clean air out

In front of her let's see if she can run Him down we got static back up in the Air again Arm down for the count i believe static Nice little flip around as he comes Through the slalom into the timing gate Static with a next gear that he's found Here through the launch great split s oh Missed that gate and a recovery great Job static right now ethan still clean Air coming through into the triple Double make a reactor trying to run him Down through the launch Backsplit s second split s into the Triple double herself about three gates Behind ethan fpv Three laps let's see if mako can bring It in third for the bump ups Mako reactor keep it smooth and tight And you will have this one Static still up in the air and fighting Hard but Oh Make a reactor with another three lapper Ethan fpv and make a reactor moving up As static and rmfpv Dropping down mako great heat Nice All right guys track is clean let's pick Him up get him rolling switch it over Over All right we got race number 11 in the Pro class 2022 new england championship Pino

In race band 1 tilted fpv and race band 8 fat shark 4 with noy cal and fat shark 2 tony uptown So tony is the only change here we're Gonna have you switch to f2 tony I'm great how are you Exactly where i need to be All right we got Three pilots up there right now we got Pino tilted neuko Yeah we're just missing tony uptown There he is Tony tony tony All right we got two pilots uh we still Got somebody out on the field arm there Arm you good brother all right he's Found it Longest retrieval in history but we are Good We are yeah currently 11 11 of 14 we Were rolling through guys plenty of time Plenty of daylight All right guys uh we get the last pilot Coming back to the pilot area Everybody take that last long deep Breath as we get settled For round number 11 in the pro class 2022 new england championship finals All right guys if there's no objections To video Let's go ahead and arm our quads as we Go live on the tone in lesson five [Music] All right we got one two three and four

We are clean race legal beagle All right right now noy cal holding down The statistical first spot pinot number Two tilted number three let's see if he Can claw back tilt a little bit of a Bobble on the triple double but he Recovers quickly Noy cow a little bit of clean air out in Front of us pino is grinding him down at This point Two gates ahead of him at this point as Uh now tries to widen the gap tilted fpv Trying to claw down pino as he wants That bump up spot oh tilted fpv's video Goes out uptown taking the third spot Noycal Launch Yeah yeah two and a half gates behind Right now is pino as he tries to claw Noycal out of the lead Run him down pinot run him down Up 10 third right now noy calampino Trying to hold down those one and two Bump up spots noycal is done Done at this point with his three and Pino with his three excellent heat Gentlemen Bumping up and tilted fpv in uptown Going down the consolation in that Excellent top level pro heat All right guys track is clean [Music] You don't want me to go on on the mic You're up here with uh you gotta go to

Race eight please Then we got fasted on on f4 and ethan on Race one so mako reactro uh taking over For uh Carlos hdfpv for the constantly changing Channel person In the 2022 pro class We're gonna have you changing every heat It looks like that's what's going to Happen I'm not really sure what the logic is Every time literally you change six What's up sweetness You're not in here my little bro You're good So i heard it from klazer that it's fast Dawn like a mastodon but fast exactly What i said it's fastadon a large guy Facetime where is fastedon There he is yeah absolutely yeah it's Like a mastodon right rugged With the tusks It is a band Yeah Powerful What's up pedro You want to see the entire bracket It's gonna be Yeah Just wait Let the logic flow my dude We got good video all right we got Pilots down everybody's settled No objections to video go ahead and arm

Your quads we go live on the tone in Lesson five There we go one two three and four and We're legal ethan fpv number two spot Right now timber holding down the second Spot make a reactor in third as we come Through the first lap Fastodon number four ethan fpv would Clean air out in front of him with a Nice smooth line as he goes under and Over around that hurdle and flips back Around through the slalom's timing gate Timbo have to be through the slalom's Timing gate at this point about a gate Behind him mako reactor timing gate She's about a half a gate behind timbo At this point we have oh timber a little Bit of a bobble mako's gonna take the Lead from him unofficially ethan number One mako reaction number two tempo fb Number three fasted on nice and smooth Still holding down that four spot we Have four pilots flying ethan with clean Air in front of him Timbo With a second place statistical at this Point midair oh no timbo and mako mid Air and go down ethan and fastadon Ethan Timbo recovers right now we have ethan And timbo fpv up and running ethan with Good clean air in front of him Ethan with three laps at this point uh Easily

And that's ethan's third let's see if Timbo can run in before Unfortunate midairs between timbo fpv And mako reactra that takes down mako But timbo somehow recovers his quad is Not happy though folks can you get that Third lap and there it is Timbo fpv moving up with ethan fpv in The bump up slots Wow It did reset i saw the flight [Laughter] You're going on to race 13 and your Channel is going to be on f4 so you have A change Ethan you're also going to race 14 And you'll be on race one No change That was actually a really good heat I liked that heat All right guys let's take a quick Breather from that fire heat right there As we get ready to move into uh round Number 13. Yeah semi-finals at this point hanging Out with uh yeah yeah yeah so uptown Tilted ethan and timbo Yeah How many of them There's tilted stuff and components back In is gone Not yet still get it open These only Ones

He should have put more weebly sauce on The quad before he flew right there they Would make it spicy and sweet spicy I heard it was more sweet than spicy The heat didn't last very long right and Then it would nice savory Sweet taste afterwards Yeah all right Let's get a good review of the wee bleed Hut from the hot sauce the hot sauce is Fire y'all i mean it is sweet it is Spicy In case you guys haven't noticed okay This is the uh where are you right here No we're right here yeah see we're good This is the uh the wee bleed hot sauce Developed by jeff grabowski at weebly Fpv It is sweet it is spicy it is delicious You can put it on anything you want you Can put it on doritos you can put it on Hamburger buns smart smart food popcorn Smart food popcorn yeah i mean it pretty Makes anything anything delicious We bleed All right that was brought to you by the Letters k And the numbers four and nine Is that the uh the kelvin scale for that Hot sauce or something else That was just rando sesame street All right Ladies and gentlemen this is the Semi-finals of the pro class 2022 new

England Championship for multi gp We are so fortunate uh honestly ladies And gentlemen to uh have one of the few Elevated races that multigp offers for The northeast and really for anywhere in The country for that matter you know Outside of iowa and champs you know this Would be considered one of the most Elevated races that multigp offers so Once again we want to thank multi gp Nerds for allowing us to host and timbo For building an amazing track as usual a Little over the top but uh but amazing Looks like timber's got his quad quad Parts back tim timbo did you get to get The parts back in there How's my little brother doing Yeah what's my uh my son doing uncle's Asking Oh wait Bro dad wants to know what's up what's Up son You got a minute and a half All right we are starting the official Minute and a half timer that will Proceed another minute and a half timer For tilted fpv Rules is rules am i right You've got some minutes and a half Live What are we excited about over there Really I don't know what happened

Did you get a minute and a half I know Who wouldn't be All right we got that fourth pilot going Up to the line the one and only my Little brother b rad Aka tilted fpv Says your minute and a half time i can't Hold me down All right we're going to be going here Soon Thank god this is the semis we got just Enough light Nice job they all Got all right we got tony uptown b-rad Tilted fpv ethan fpv and timbo fpv our Illustrious track creator for the day Oh look at this ladies and gentlemen we Have ourselves a parasailor coming over Our track Can he land in the track Land on the track buddy No don't land on the track buddy We got finals to run All right guys i think we should run the Finals while he circles around us yeah We need somebody to uh Yeah we're fine you guys ready to do This And i thought that was a uh tractor All right we got pilots coming back to The pilot area we got one we got two Look of determination on ethan he's been My dark horse all day as he usually is

Quiet and confident in the corner all Day long And look at him It's about ready to go to the finals All right guys go ahead and get seated And get settled take one last deep Breath For the semifinal round Excellent Oh he lost it all right guys if there Are no objections to video go ahead and Arm your quads as we go live on the tone In lesson 5. All right we're off ladies and gentlemen We got one we got two we got three we Got four we're legal all right right now Tilted fpv in the one spot he says he's Not going home right this second number Two ethan fpv trying to keep it smooth Trying to keep it tight through the Triple-double Right now tilted and ethan on the same Gate gate for gate temple fb in the Third spot uptown going smooth and Strong in the fourth spot through the Cube and over and under under and over For tony uptown keeping it smooth he's Gonna run down timbo if he has the Chance through the slalom in the timing Finish gate back up to ethan fbv with Clean air in front of me he goes in the Triple-double tilted fb the Triple-double the same time looking for The pass coming through the cuban under

Tilted with the pass ethan with the pass Back oh my goodness uptown has taken the Third spot from timber simple had a Quick little bobble there back up to Ethan with a clean air number one spot Tilted past him again ethan takes it Back Wow they're occupying the same space and Time Eats an fb through the triple double Tilted through the triple double through The cube bracket around ethan holding That first spot down he's not gonna let Him have it tilted going strong timbo Video down upton in the third spot ethan Comes in the land with three till to the Land Literally Point five seconds from each other Ladies and gentlemen tilted b-rad and Ethan Fpv Wow Best heat of the day gentlemen That was incredible Ladies and gentlemen that's that's what You call racing right there Those guys passed each other Six times in the last two laps Wow I'm just watching them both right like Through the same gates ethan you need to Uh change your channel to f2 you're Going into the finals

All right so we've bumped up ethan fpv And tilted b-rad fpv into the finals Thank you very much tony uptown And who's our other one We had tony and who's the other one in That heat And timbo jesus timbo such a great track Today man i can't thank you enough Tony you fought hard pro class man all Day long All right guys the finals is set so we Have neucal tq from day one pino and Ethan fpv and tilted b-rad fpv in the Finals guys this is gonna be an amazing Finals with four incredibly fast young Men in the 2022 new england multi gp Championship Yeah definitely chase the ace guys Definitely chase the ace i see this one Going three Timbo minimum such a great track bro Seriously man thank you for all the hard Work bro i know this is not easy to set Up This is incredible Oh ethan Double a coming through with the Compliment yeah that's that's exactly What i thought in my head too Taking [Music] Oh I'm not afraid to beat up an eleven year Old okay

They're like seven yeah Ladies and gentlemen iron man was never In play It's never been in play here it's never Been in play at new england champs so Far Right now we have no iron man Noical you're gonna have to earn it Brother The old-fashioned way I don't know you know i watched him take Second place in uh at io on the world Cup track it was it was pretty Impressive All right guys we got pilots coming back To the pile area I see noical settled i see pedro almost Settled No bueno No mesta Ethan you good Hang on guys hang on hang tight Uh yeah you're a change to f2 Hang on guys we got a quick channel Change hang tight that's what's going on Don't you worry we got plenty of time We're gonna get this smooth As butter before we You go you did He's concentrating Nano shack fpv thank you very much for That actually you can thank uh doug Cling for that uh he's the multi gp Technical wizard

For the national organization we don't Actually see him very often he stands Behind a curtain You're not actually allowed to see him Oh there he is never mind There we go Up in the air now too all right It's a beautiful day for a flight all Right the other three y'all how you Doing over there be rad's good i see Pedro put his dogs down again like how You sat brother All right ethan you're getting settled All right ladies and gentlemen Take one last breath if there are no Video objections arm your quads As we go live on the tone in lesson five Ding ding dong And we're off ladies and gentlemen the Finals of the 2022 multi gp championship And we are legal clean start right now Noy cow holding out number one spot pino Close on his rear and two ethan on the Third spot tilted and four Tilted is gonna run ethan down if he can Neucal trying to take advantage of the Clean air a little bit of a bottle Pinot may have taken the lead on that Bobble no Noy cal takes it back from him first Through the launch coming back around The triple-double neutral clean air Coming into the split s and around Pino trying to run him down as he puts

His nose down Noy cal with good clean air now timing Gate two gates in Tilted trying to take up the rear he's Taking over third place from ethan Takes Ladies and gentlemen at the last moment He puts his nose down and takes him out Ladies and gentlemen we have a quick dvr Review that's going to take place right Here we are sure of pinot but we are not Sure of second place we are not sure of Second place Yep i think it's either tilted Wow ladies and gentlemen No iron man no no iron man yeah And i'll be honest with you iron man Would be out now anyway He just lost so he would be out now Anyway Do what No dvr review needed All right ladies and gentlemen Who was that who got first pino with the First ace Trying to defend his 2021 championship Title oh and it cost him an arm way to Put the nose down kid Followed by at least two more minutes I know trust me i know i watched it it Was nuts But i'm not sure if i dude live i'm not Sure Yeah i'm not sure

One minute I'm reviewing Hang tight guys dvr review we're almost Done It all depends on whether noise It doesn't it doesn't look like like uh Boycott went through the starfish it Looks like he missed it but i'm not Really 100 sure Somebody else tell me He's definitely super high on it right But i'm not sure if you miss it or not Ladies and gentlemen we are still the Dvr review it is that close and this can Matter believe it or not this can matter When it comes to picking out points for Spots on podiums It's super freaking close with three of You guys That's nuts It's super close to three you guys Wow The timing system had pinot for sure Holds the ace good dvr review ladies and Gentlemen good dvr review Where's my little brother Little brother He got you like By likes so little We're good We're good Can you let me see that part Hang tight ladies and gentlemen hang Tight hang tight we have a re-review

Going on [Music] Pedro's like you have got to be kidding Me right now Ladies and gentlemen this isn't an Extreme effort right to be fair we gotta Get this right we gotta get this right Look at pedro pedro only did pedro get Through the gates Oh my Ace All right ladies and gentlemen let's get That next one rolling sorry about that We had to be sure That he went through But he might have rolled All right we're good all right here we Go noy calpino ethan fpv and tilted Ready to roll again All right ethan fpv coming back to the Pilot You can't you area tell that he didn't Though You can't do it You can't do it definitively All right four good videos if you have No objection to video take a deep breath Arm your quads and let's go live All right we're off ladies and gentlemen Second heat Second round of the finals 2022 pro Class new england championship right now Clean start everything's legal noical Fpv hold down the number one spot pimo

Number two eat the fp3 tilted mp4 as They roll strong and hard at this point Like a little bit of clean air in front Of him and he is not going to let this Go he has hit a fifth gear at this point Pinot taking the lead ethan fb second Tilted fourth boycott the third with a Bobble pino number one at this point Trying to take that second ace he wants Two in a row ladies and gentlemen can Noycal run him down ethan still holding The school second spot at this point Boycott third tilted being fourth he Know down with a little bit of a bobble Video is down can he crash he's going to Recover right now in the fourth ether The third tilted second noical in first Neutral may take that ace as tilted Tries to go up on the second squat Eating fpv's videos a little bit weird Neucal number one spot at this point Tilted fb in second holding it down pino Can not catch up i don't believe Right now we have three on tilted three On no cal tilted fpv with the second ace Ladies and gentlemen My little brother let's go be red Ace number two to tilted fpv Wow he took him down in the last second Once again we Once again yeah we have tilted conceding The wind to uh On that one why why did it pick him up You sure

On that one all right good good pino in Third all right we have one ace for Pinot and one ace for neucal I told you this was going three ladies And gentlemen At least three Wow [Laughter] Pedro let's go Pedro Let's go Let's go pedroik [Music] Yeah did gino go through A lot going yeah a lot going on there For maya double a says yeah he's Watching it too Double a you were not wrong my friend There's a lot of things happening here And it's challenging our judicial Process at this point Doug Doug are you are you calling it [Music] Okay good call i agree with that Double a technically we're dealing with That right now he did not go through Backwards He went through i would say one-thirds And we're gonna we're gonna just let That slide at this point and let you Know that it will not happen again All right so we have one ace for noycal And one ace for pino

Pino151 uh the last year's champion Looking to take to a row here he does Not want to give up the crown easily i Can tell you that right now Yeah All right guys hang tight the line for a Second here we got a pilot do a little Pit action It was like one third It what i don't think it was it wasn't No it's you're right it wasn't backwards No he was he was setting up to land Yeah It wasn't uncontrolled Was it Oh Does anyone feel what i feel i know You're feeling Is I know [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh Four [Music] [Music] Ladies and gentlemen Go ahead and Arms as we go live on the tone in lesson Five

Though coming around under and over over That hurdle flip around through the Slalom into the timing gate right now Everybody is settling up noy cal still In the number one spot clean air pinot With number two spot ethan fbp in the Third just got passed again by tilted What's that third fought passing back by Ethan he is not going to give him a Podium spot at this point noy cal still With a clean air two laps in pino trying To run him down he's gonna get to that Second left oh noy cow goes down pino Fpv's got clean air in front split s and Coming through Triple double for pinot coming around Trying to take a goat no bobbles here Pino Tilted with the third spot trying to get That podium eats fpv fourth holding Strong and the triple double coming Around and he recovers nicely through The cuban around pinot one five one with The third lap tilted with the second lap Wow ethan fbv coming around to take the Third spot in the 2022. Wow Well done ladies and gentlemen My little brother right there Ladies and gentlemen once again i want To thank timbo and nerds for an amazing Venue an amazing track For the pro class of the 2022 multi gp New england championship pino fpv with a

Two-peat as he clawed his way through That final To win it all coming in in second place Tilted fpv b rad Third place coming in as Ethan fpv and neucal coming in first Okay so we're points yeah So we we need a race off for second Place between pino and tilton all right Shooting tilted All right ladies and gentlemen we have a Race off for second place between noycal And tilted fpv Either that or you need to go rock paper Scissors Do you guys want to race off No No cal technically it goes to you then You had the ace Technically it does Yeah Yeah Yeah motocross rule Just some place Is Okay [Music] Ladies and gentlemen we're gonna rock Paper scissors for second place for pro Class in the 2022 multigp Just one are you guys going on three so One two three shoot Like gentlemen [Music]

Takes the rock paper scissors battle for Second place in pro class excellent job Gentlemen What a great race Dude All right guys uh thank you for being With me uh i know dougie the wizard Cling behind the curtain is going to Want to wrap up the stream here pretty Quick And we'll shut it down all right let's Get that podium picture going guys Excellent job today The entire crew [Music] [Music] Lead boys what's going on my dude how You doing brother good to see you Coming in checking out the 2022 new England Championship Uh number one number two i miss you A i appreciate that my dude honestly i Can't take credit for this stuff i just Hold the mic and say stupid things but Uh doug cling might gauss on the Computer with all the wizardry changes i Mean kimbo with the track set up Um Is [Music] All right ladies and gentlemen thank you Very much for uh checking us out in the 2022

New england championship have a good Night All right hey guys thank you for being With us excellent racing pro and sport Class 2022 New england championship have a good Night