2022 MultiGP Sport Class Championship (Brackets)

By | October 19, 2022

2022 MultiGP Sport Class Championship (Brackets)

Foreign [Music] Thank you Well good morning everybody Welcome to The 2022 multi GP sport class Championship we are in the triple next Group and if you're just joining us on The multi GP YouTube channel thanks for Being here you didn't miss much we are On our second uh heat of many today We're going to be racing for hours blade To Blade here in our brackets and we're Gonna start things off with a Head-to-head battle with fix it and Little a your first two to work fix it 47th and qualifying here this week at Champs week and little a in the number 52 spot so they are evenly ranked and What a way to kick off our broadcast and This one is for fun and props there is a Multi-gp rule if there are two pilots Racing against each other there will be A prop award ceremony at the end of the Event and uh what a great way to evenly Seated Pilots here in our next next next Our triple next group and we are going Green good luck Pilots arm your quads Live on the tone in less than five There's gun tone little a first one off The blocks fix it uh trying to reel her In looks like fix it tried to make that Pass makes a pass in the start finish Gate fix it just ahead a little a blade To Blade oh we have four brackets to get

Through here today to uh do some podiums Here with her 59 Pilots competing in the 2022 multi-gp sport class championship Of course uh we look to our Fields here We're at that triple section and uh Looks a little different from those Videos that we saw on Facebook last Night with all those LED line Gates We're getting sent to uh put gas in the Jennys and fire that up here tonight for The sport class Championship but first We gotta bash through these Gates and uh Fix it your leader right now just ahead A little a looks like there's about a Two gate lead separating them here on This opening lap they're two lap races And this one again for fun it's a a Group of 16 double elimination and no One one going to be eliminated is There's only two as we have one lap down For fix it a 62 second lap time to start Things up but here comes a little a on To that lead lap as well and uh crash in That front straight away we'll give her The lap at a 69 and a half and it looks Like she's going to try and turtle mode Her way out of it she's about seven Point or was 7.2 seconds back behind to Fix it but now a little bit of time on The ground we're gonna extend that to About a 13 second deficit and that's for Propellers so hopefully she uh has got One of those propeller sponsors Competing in our Championship here where

It's no harm no foul regardless Um you know no guarantees yet as she Continues having issues here on lab Number two and fix it running a race of His own having some fun in the sunshine As it climbs from the 40s to the 50s Here this morning at the No Quarter Ranch in Citrus Springs Florida wave a Checkered flag for fix it two laps in a Minute 56 6 that is one of her best Times we've seen so far here this Morning And he will get the win to advance into Our winners bracket with one to finish Up Filet gonna try and finish strong here On this one The 2022 multi GP sport class Championship presented in part by our Great sponsor such as five three three On site here today and throughout the Week part support they've loaded up the Van Along with her friends at torvill one of The most popular backpacks today in Drone racing and freestyle as well gonna Be awarding some of those backpacks over The course of this event as little League goes across the line it'll be two Laps and two minutes 46 seconds and she Gets it done little a and fix it Advancing into our winners bracket right There And so we're going to advance them up we

Got some Channel changes to talk about Channel changes fix it you're going to Go to racepan six little eight or race Band 8 when you come back in match Number six And Mr Rick James who has now gone up The road to try and get that quad tuned In he's gonna have a channel change as Well he comes back in match number five To race band two that was match number Two in the books we're now at match Number three Ferrari Firepower jfpv Unlimited you're up on dank Rose cozy Tron magman and then in the hole geek Number five raw fpv's siren and Mr Rick James Can Center grid up Heat number three Match number three and no particular Order we're gonna start things off with Ferrari Making the trip here from Michigan Qualifying Overall in the number 204 spot in the Sport class group but here over the Course of this week I'm qualifying Making it here to our brackets in our Triple next group and number 49 position In qualification One spot back in qualifying here this Week is Firepower almost a HomeTown Pilot Orlando is just up the road from Sisters Springs by about an hour and a half Firepower one of the uh he is the

Longest running pilot longest the pilot With the most competition history on Multigp.com is pilot number is five zero And I have access to the database there Aren't 50 records in there a lot of them Got blown out so one of the very first Registered racing Pilots here he is in Our triple next qualifying again here This week in the number 50 spot we got Uh Jeff PV in this one as well Qualifying 57th overall Also a Floridian as well making the trip Here from Jacksonville Florida And uh he's our highest seat this season In the sport class he was fifth overall In sport to qualify 155th on the global list and here at the Champs not having the uh I'm on the wrong line Now he was a little deeper in that I was Looking at it somewhere we're going to See a little bit later on this afternoon All right It's Jeff I'm set to go and in this one We have a limited also a Floridian Qualifying 58th this week so pretty Evenly seated here across this field And it is Florida Three wide versus Michigan Let's go Wolverines Pilots arm your Quads live on the tone in lesson five Here in the preliminary rounds this is Our first heat of a full heat of four Looked like Ferrari was our first one

Off the blocks limited was the last one On the blocks and those are the two Pilots with issues right now in the Warm-up round Firepower was our winner Of the warm-up heat for the bragging Rights and uh he was running second Looked like Jeff PV was making a Statement out front but now Firepower Back up into the lead ahead of Jeff PV And Ferrari they're in a battle for Second third right now for rhfev as they Once again try and reel in Firepower now Firepower drop into the number two spot You got a new leader in the game that's Jeff PV again uh qualifying a little Lower than the rest of the field this Season and here at Champs and now he's Putting some pressure here on our field As we try and get them through the top Of the uh dive Tower it's a Firepower And Ferrari now your leaders in a battle For the one spot as we climb up it's Ferrari just ahead of Firepower go on Board with Firepower he can do that Chase Cam and see what's going on Firepower trying to make it a pass low Side of a gate and look at this battle Trading Places both of them Ferrari Getting the lead after lap number one Firepower led a bunch of that lap there But now running the number two spot 3.6 Seconds back behind Ferrari and uh this One isn't done you got to finish your Laps as we have Ferrari and Firepower

One and two out on that opening lap also Uh just a few feet apart we're about to Put Jeff PV onto that lead lap there he Goes on to uh lap number two as well About 14 seconds back from the transfer Position and limited is uh recovered as Well and is about to get onto that lead Lap and announcer Jinx her limited into The HD zero Cube let's go back to your Leaders on the back side of the field Ferrari has got a gear right there he's Dropped the hammer and Firepower now Just trying to fly smooth he did have a 14-second lead over Jeff PV but but Looking at jfpv jazz concert Go Go Juice He's now about eight seconds behind Firepower for that transfer position the Firepower is currently holding in second As we get set to wave a checkered flag For Ferrari Ferrari across the line two Laps and two minutes 11 seconds So 68 and a 61 second lap to advance in Our winners bracket Firepower gonna try And finish strong as well as he goes Through the ramp gate to the checkered Gate two laps in a minute 13. finish up In second to advance in her winners Bracket Ferrari made it tough for you Firepower With one to finish up Fourth gonna go to limited and third Will go to Jeff PV This is Jeff PV splits those uh he split The flags and there was a little look at

The No Quarter Ranch as he goes into the Parking area Just gonna take a knee on that one I Like his style and so match number three Now in the books And so we advance some no Channel Changes there for our field Firepower And uh Ferrari moving up to match number Eight no Channel changes Jeff PV Unlimited going to match number seven no Channel changes no Channel changes that Was match number three as we get sent For match four Rose Koozie Tron and Magma and you're up on Deck match number Five Rob PV siren and Mr Rick James and In the whole match number six JD rotors Squanna quads fix it and little a your Next to work Say hello to those watching us on the Multi GP YouTube channel we say hello to Captain Collins Starting things off with a let's go Tommy gfpv says hello sport class Pilots In 2019 he finished seventh overall on Our Podium so he wants to see what's Going on here in 2022. hyg fpv giving a Let's go Pilots as well double A giving A hello and welcome to all say hello to Mars Tech rangi Singh as well wishing Luck to all the pilots Hyg fpv wishing the Pilot's luck as well Cayman says too many buddies in this Round to pull four just one let's let's Go guys yes I'm good to go Paul

Angelo races let's go Joe I think that's Jeff Say hello to Kimbo that guy fly a lot of Jeff fans in the chat Benny Mack the dark side and Derpy Hooves Derpy Hughes is cheering on Rose in this One We're going green There's only three just don't be last Good luck Pilots armor quads live on the Tone less than five And this one no we got Rose 46th in Qualifying representing the great Country at Canada making the trip from The land of poutine in Quebec Canada 46 This week We also have magman from Maryland 54th In qualifying this week and kuzitron Making the trip from Virginia 53rd in qualifying this week if you're Just joining us here this morning this Is our triple next group qualifiers I Believe 31 through 49 something like That give or take No 40 through 40 through 59. sounds like we had Someone stuck in a gate that's Causey Tron because he Tron trying to Turtle mode out of a gate here on the Opening lab and it looks like cozy Tron Gonna take a knee but not the worst for Kizzy Tron down to the consolation Bracket he will go and so down to two

Here comes the Canadian to take the lead After lap number one it's Rose one of Our many female Pilots here at the 2022 Multi GP sport class Pilots we have at Least four that I can think of off the Top of my head many more because Sometimes the best man for a job is a Woman and so far Rose making that Statement as we bring mag Mann across The line he's about 20.4 seconds back Behind Rose but it doesn't matter top Two advance and there's only two flying So this one is pretty much for fun for Rose and magman just gonna finish up Finish strong but conserve the quad or The Drone can serve the light bow as Well as they will be advancing in our Winners bracket now the other thing that We didn't touch on that this whole group Is a 16 pilot double elimination the Final four do chase the ace and Rose is Our top qualifier she has Iron woman Mode engaged and she just won her first Bracket heat so will we have our first Ever Iron woman at Champs so far the Answer is yes she is one bracket race Win in and there is a huge storyline to Follow there magman your uh last one to Finish up here and Iron woman Iron woman Mode engaged for Rose 58 in a 53 two laps in a minute 54. I Think that's one of our second uh Fastest rounds in the morning And for those watching the live stream

Not able to enjoy all of the senses that We are experiencing The hype hypeness here let's we have a Checkered flag for magman two laps in Two minutes 40. As they are They're cleaning things out there and Those uh portalets right behind us So good So we're going to advance Rose and magman to match number eight And uh Rose gonna go to race band eight When we get there Rose to race band Eight magman no channel change when you Go to match number eight and cozy Tron No channel change for you you're gonna Go to match number seven that was match Four in the books Just gotta do a little Thing or two but a thing or two So that one's good This guy advanced that one's good Here we go we're match number five This is gonna be raw fpv siren Mr Rick James it may be a heat of one I'm hoping it's at least a heat of two But thingy's cross for heater three on Denka B match number six JD rotor squana Quads fix it little a in the hole will Be Jeff PV Limited Causey Trump This is match number five It's gonna be our first time that we Eliminate someone

From our triple next group You got a loner radio raw you are in This so far it's just you and Mr Rick James Siren's not here she did not make it so This one is going to be for fun and Propellers as well Both Pilots will advance but to ensure That everyone gets the same amount of Track time we run our bracket hates the Heat save uh earned their time on the Track so we will Run this as a race and blade to blade Racing always fun Especially with propellers on the line Speaking of repellers want to thank our Friends a gem fan who are with us here In 2022 as a multi GP sport class Championship sponsor Oh wow So raw fpv is using a loaner radio And Mr Rick James is using a loner radio And a loaner quad I like their Style Where is uh Andre with his Avada I'm Gonna tag in I'm gonna borrow a quad as Well and we're gonna make this a throw Oh wait I didn't qualify we better Better not we don't need extra lap Traffic especially with these guys Especially with the Avada we better not Do that This one's gonna be fun Hope you're ready for it we're at match

Number five of our brackets Which reminds me I forgot to send an Email to Joel All right Pilots arm your quads live on The tone in less than five We launch them right there And it's live PB just ahead of Mr Rick James it's the borrowed heat it's kind Of like a wedding right you want Something blue and Something Borrowed Too That's what we got going here And uh it was a close one raw was Leading Mr Rick James is now taking over The lead over raw fpv and that was the Borrowed quad smashing into the side of The gate but it's okay it's it is okay He's gonna be able to take off again oh Gonna try and turtle him out his way out Of this one Rob PV now back into the Lead Rob PV getting faster Wasn't here for uh the start of Qualifying yesterday but was able to uh Get his pack count up a fair bit And then every time that he gets out on That track getting a little faster Arrive PV ended up getting 13 packs in And qualifying yesterday and You're a leader by a bunch A minute 21 is opening lap time it's his Quad it's his battery it's his party he Can puff if he wants to but he will Advance

Hey Mr Rick James still trying to fly Through the pain Causing a little bit more pain there for The Loner It's kind of like how I drive my rental Vehicle it's a rental it's all right It's all right Either way they are advancing you're in Our consolation bracket I believe it'll Be to match number nine with no Channel Changes Been having some fun Mr Rick James gonna Take a knee And raw fpv gonna go uh battery bounce With the Provo tap off of a gate looks Like he is down on lap number two You can conserve your prompts if you Don't want to dig into the dirt there Rock PV it doesn't matter you're still In the brackets you're still gonna Advance Rock PV was in the number 59 Spot of 59 but he's climbing up that uh Leaderboard not eliminated yet so gonna Finish stronger than qualifying and all Of our Pilots here in this bracket with A chance to uh eventually be our sport Class Champion as we're gonna run this Entire group and the winner at the end Of Chase the ace with our triple next Group will advance to the double next Group Which is positions 31 through 45 to run The whole race program Where the winner of that will go to our

Next 15 Group which will which we're Positioned 16 through 30 in Qualification qualifying for the winner From that we'll go to our Championship Top 16 tonight at 6 p.m Eastern We're at match number six JD rotor Squad Of quads fix it little a you're up on Deck will be match number seven Jeff PV Limited cozy Tron and the whole B Ferrari Firepower Rose and Magnum Getting set to grid up Heat number six Here we are match number six we are in The winners bracket winners bracket Yeah I'm set Paul I can't believe I might be able to fly Today lots of Visa has just raced my Prick there's only one issue I can't fly my prig with the new HD zero Goggle I'm not able to do that Look at these we'll talk about those in Just a little bit we're going green this Is a winners bracket race Bottom two going to the consolation Bracket not the worst let's have some Fun Pilots arm your quads live on the Tone lesson five Gun tone Off to the Races we go look at This the whole shot goes through and They are one two and three and four all Squad of quads Shady rotor little a and Fix it your running order one two three Four and uh Your Leader now trying to Recover his craft remotely out of the Turtle mode that was JD rotor which uh

Just opened things up in a big way there For Squad of quads I believe leading That charge as he goes in that triple no It's going to be a little a pushing Herself in a lead fix it running second And now I think fix it is now taking the Lead as he goes over to that dive Cube It looks like it's fix it little a Squatter quads JD rotor your running Order here on the opening lab two lap Races and the sun is coming up and we're Approaching the 60 degree Mark here on Our ladder as we climb up to uh the 80s Here today we're gonna have some 80s Gentlemen and ladies gonna be nice we'll Be removing some layers as we get set to Award some Podium prizes and bump up Positions let's go into lap number two Fix it with a 54.7 Issues out in the field for Squad of Quads in that number three spot here Comes little a going to lap number two As well running second right now she's 10 seconds off the leader but has some Breathing Room ahead of third Here Comes JD Roeder onto that lead lap he's six Seconds behind little a for that Transfer position little a trying to run Her own race and make no mistakes but You can see JD Roeder uh he made that Statement with the whole shot first one Through the start finish gate to start Things and then it crash and you can see He's using that for determination as he

Pushes himself a little closer to double A what or little a he's a 10.7 back at The line now he's only about six seconds Back and crashes into a gate and now More breathing room for a little a in Second fix it is just doing his thing Winning races taking those first places And working his way closer to our final Four to play Chase the ace with this group our triple Next group of our sport class Championship 2022 Edition checkered flag Is waving for fix it two laps in two Minutes four seconds for the win to Advance A little deeper into our winners bracket And little a having a solid run as well Two laps in two minutes 13. Consistent laps pretty mistake free a 65 And a 62. J.D Roeder gonna finish up Third 7.9 seconds back from the transfer Position to go into our consolation Bracket and squatter quads gets back up And gonna finish strong working on lap Number two crossed over in about the two Minute Mark but uh even though the lap Time is going to be well over two Minutes almost three minutes uh was on The ground trying to recover remotely at Lead Turtle mode a little earlier Foreign Two laps in three minutes two seconds For a squad of quads that's gonna do it And we're just going to verify with our

Officials that everything is good they Say it is and so we'll Advance them So we're gonna take fix it and little a Up in our winners bracket You can go ahead Claire And so as we advance fix it and little a Up You hit the Finish button there oops Finished bumps It looks like no Channel changes fix it A little a going to match 11. semi-final Of the winners bracket no Channel Changes JD rotor and squatter quads We're going to take you to match number Nine we do have a channel change for Squad of quads gonna go to race band Six Uh JD rotor no channel change we'll see You guys back in match nine that was Match number six in the books we're now At match number seven it's gonna be jfpv Limited and Koozie Tron you're up So Got some goggles over here These are the brand new HD zero goggles that everyone been Talking about And I believe these are the production Run these are one of the first Production run goggles for an HD zero of Course that uh newer digital system that Is dominating the fpv racing scene but With these new goggles and I'll be right Back This new camera they're saying you're

Getting up to 90 frames per second in Crystal Clear digital video now these Are not mine even though they may well They definitely do not have any sweat on Them right now as it's uh 51 degrees in The sunshine Third place in our triple next bracket That we are racing with right now is Going to get one of these HD zero run Cam cameras this is the brand new camera That gets you the 90 frames of second Per second digital video And our 2022 sport class Champion is Going to get these brand new win them Before you buy them HD zero goggles Right there some big prizes for our Friends HD zero now we had some Discussions last night we got four Brackets it wasn't our original plan it Was kind of an audible instead of doing One big bracket to try and fill our top 16 like we're going to do in our format For pro we decided we would do four top 16 brackets and so we're like wow what Are we gonna give this triple next group Qualifiers position 40 through 49 and so I don't know how they did it but they Went into the prize closet I just showed You what third place in this group is Gonna get Let me show you second and first before We go green our Reserve Champion of this Group the next 40 group is going to get The fpv dot control radio from our

Friends at Orca one of our great Sponsors as well a lot of Pilots are Racing with this as well it's very Minimalistic and futuristic as well That's to our Reserve Champion of the Triple next group in sport and our Winner today Wins a bump up to the next group and A caveat a brand new torval backpack We'll go to the winner of this group not The overall sport class Championship They're getting goggles but the winner Of this group gets a bump up and a Torval backpack the caveat is if they Don't want it I'm gonna pay retail for It because I've been looking for one of Those for a while I want one we're going Green with your next Heat we're on match Number seven this is a consolation Bracket race Which means we'll be eliminating third Don't be last good luck Pilots arm your Quads we appreciate your patience but we Wanted to show you what you could win We're going green arm your quads live on Its own lesson five Off to their races we go Big prizes on the line bump up position On the line and there are almost three Wide to start things off they're Separated one two and three looks like Jeff PV cozy Tron then limited now Jeff PV Unlimited in a battle for the two Spot as they go around the extended

Corkscrew section Oh it's gonna be Koozie Tron now leading It's cozy Tron and Jeff PV Unlimited in A battle for second third that's for the Transfer position third gets eliminated And pressure on kizzy Tron with about a Three gate lead Over through the blue HD zero dive Gators that the hobby Wing dive gate yes A hobby Wing dive gate as I figure out Which gate cozy Tron just went through Jeff PV unlimited catching up and there Both of them going through the TBS Double Cube at the exact same time Jeff PV just ahead of limited in that battle For second third and there I believe Just two gates back off of her leader Koozie Tron here on this opening lap Getting sent to bring your leader around Onto lap number two here comes koozy Tron through that front straight limited With some issues but limited still in The air a little breathing room for Jeff PV in second because he Tron working on Lap number two here comes Jeff Vivion to Lap number two 6.6 seconds back from our Leader and limited running third about 5.3 seconds back from the transfer Position so five to six seconds Separating our running order right now Cozy Tron first Jeffy the second limited Third but we expect the unexpected Especially with a triple next bracket Here this morning

Let's see how it plays out exciting Times in the sunshine it's already Climbed about 10 degrees in the last two Minutes and that's the weather that we Were looking for to enjoy over the Course of Champs week here at the No Quarter Ranch in Citrus Springs Florida Look at this battle for second third Limited has caught up I believe to Jeff PV Limited is Oh just a gate two gates two gates back Nothing has been guaranteed as yet Because he Tron hasn't yet to make a Mistake a great dive speaking about Mistakes Jeff PV just crashed he's now Turtle moating as he gets up He could see limited doing his thing Limited gets by Jeff PV limited goes up Into second limited pulls second away From Jeff PV what a rough crash for Jeff PV that drops him into third and uh now Facing uh elimination believe that is Going to put him unofficially about 13th Overall in our field that's a bad beat For Jeff PV second was his in the bag Closer to maybe winning a bag here in Our next 30 triple next 30 uh bracket And so because he Tron in limited your Two moving up in our consolation Brackets Results official on that one And so we get sent to advance kizzy Tron And limited up gotta do a check mark

Unlimited there you go And so we'll Advance them to match Number 10 no Channel changes because Each on and limited no Channel changes You got a brink of a few you're in match Seven we're taking you to match number 10. advancing through our consolation Bracket Because we get sent to Matt to go to Match number eight There's gonna be Ferrari Firepower Rose And magman you're up on Deck match Number nine raw fpv Mr Rick James JD Roeder And Squad of quads in the hole because He Tron limited and third and fourth in This race right here I believe I don't have all my tools open as yet Here this morning it was a little bit of A late start But there's a look in the center of your Screen right there at our current Iron Woman of the triple next group that's Rose Making the trip from Canada and she's Our TQ and she's won her first bracket Race Making the trip from Saint Lynn Lorne Tides Quebec Qualified in the number 317 spot in sport 317 in sport here this Week in the number 46 spot of 59 at Champs and she is your TQ so far in this Bracket

Good set to compete against Ferrari Firepower and magman Little Shawna mookie sliding into the Side of frame there from the Quad Rivals Capturing a lot of the memories over the Course of today and there was there was Firepower on the screen there moments Ago The pilots that has competed the longest On multigp.com Number 50 in the database Which I believe is only about the 15th Record in the database at the very first Official multi-gp race created his Profile Raced Here he is the 2022 championship Because we uh take a look there on the Screen that's magman on the left-hand Side of your screen this is a Winner's Bracket race Bag Man 54th in qualifying We're set to go green Pilots arm your Quads live on the tone in less than five Good Start Ferrari first one off the Blocks it looks like he might get the Whole shot yeah he does he's going to Lead the field Foreign Take Iron Man away from our Iron woman Rose Ferrari Rose magman Firepower one Two three four you're unofficial running Order Ferrari running a race of his own here

Right now He's got some gapping oh no he just got Passed right there that's magman pushing Himself up in the lead ahead of Ferrari And now he's got a gate lead magman in The driver's seat then Ferrari running Second Looks like rose running third Firepower Now back into fourth as we Chase bit Down look who took the lead back Ferrari Back into the number one spot magman Pushing second and Rose is only a gate Back from them as we try look like this A passenger front straight away magman Getting ahead of Ferrari as magman Leading Ferrari onto lap number two now You want to be in the top two top two Advancing bottom two into our Consolation bracket there's Rose across Number three spots she's eight and a Half seconds back from the Ferrari and Magman show as uh magman still leading Ferrari a two gate lead but that's just In that extended uh back and forth Corkscrew section now magman working his Way the top two gates in that triple Section that triple Tower Ferrari now Doing that exact same section he was uh Four tenths of a second back Ferrari now About uh two seconds back magman leading The charge roses start trying to reel Them in but uh will Iron woman mode be Disengaged so far magman says yes but Magman just y'all spin a death crashes

Into the ground moving Ferrari up in the Lead but Ferrari here is just about at That checkered line Ferrari's about to Shut down Iron Man for Rose Ferrari is Your winner here in match number eight Advancing two our semi-final of our Winners bracket and looks like our TQ is Gonna join Ferrari in the semifinal here Comes the Canadian Rose she's across the Line Oh Wow osts are totally wrong on the live Stream It's Ferrari and Rose one and two Looks like we have some issues to sort Out looks like our Pilots may not have Been on the right channels We got some things to sort out thank you Chris Thomas for catching that to our Attention Bag Man and Rose were on the wrong Channels Do you see that now Well it's on the heat sheet Rose was supposed to be on R8 we changed Her channel on that last S Yeah magman should have been in six Yeah Yeah Sorry I called that raystrong but uh But we know who's here at timing so it's Not the worst but she got third not Second in that race so she's in a

Constellation bracket They do One two eight six No one should ever do that Paul No one should ever do it there's a Glowing one six two or eight and there's Also a little R1 R2 R6 R8 it doesn't Matter if they're in sequence in third No one should ever do that I understand I know It's okay Wait Wait Yeah so because we're only using four Channels so they bumped and we had to we Had to uh we had to change that yeah She was third yeah Uh advancing to uh match will advance Some So what we're gonna do here So we're going to take Ferrari and Magman moving them up Meg man you got a Channel change you're gonna go to race Band two Ferrari and magman moving to Match 11 magman to race band 2. Uh Rose is on six right now right that We confirmed uh so Rose don't change Your channel now we're gonna leave you On Race band six and Firepower we got a Channel change for you gonna go to race Band one rose and Firepower back in Match 11 with Channel changes Rose to Race band uh Rose not a channel change For her

Channel change for us Firepower to race Band won back in uh match I missed that Going to match Number 10 which means on Deck rep match Number nine This is Rob PV Mr Rick James JD Roeder And Squad of quads you're up Yeah fantastic we're at match number Eight this is a consolation bracket race You're gonna finish in the top 12 if You're third or fourth eliminated top Two and this one will advance to match Number 12 in that final sequence working Their way with a chance to get into our Final four to play Chasey acen great News chase the ace gonna go to more than One round as we We'll go into JC Ace running that final four Repeatedly until someone wins twice About to go green this is raw fpv Mr Rick James JD Roeder and Squad of quads They tell me we're good we're going Green Pilots armor quads live on the Tone less than five On the left-hand side of your screen There is raw fpv making the trip from Massachusetts 59th and qualifying this Week and uh just in the 400 range in our Sport class our whole shot in this one Going to Mr Rick James 55th in Qualifying this week

From Saint Augustine Florida making our Trip we got Squad of quants Look at the trip from Ohio 51st in Qualifying here this week and JD Roeder Also a Floridian from Ponte Verda Beach Was 263rd in on the global list in the sport Class and 48th in qualifying this week This week and of course it doesn't Matter how you qualified it's just part Of your journey to get here On the live stream chat they ask us when Is the Pro class well this is our sport Class bracket day we're running that Throughout the entire day tons of Brackets tomorrow we start with Pro Qualifying it won't be on the multi-gp YouTube channel but it will be on the Live fpv platforms we do qualifying Thursday and Friday then we're back on Saturday morning on the multi GP YouTube Channel with our Pro class Championship Doing brackets as well maybe a slightly Different format we'll see when we get There but this is our sport class Championship here today which uh to be a Sport class pilot that was position 151 And on on the global list from Global Qualifiers the 2022 multi-gp season Mr James your leader after one JD Roeder Took the lead on lap number two Mr Rick James was running second still is Running second but a crash out remember The last time we saw him in a bracket

Heat he had a borrowed radio and drone Small enough to run second and advancing With him in that previous heat was raw Fpv with the borrowed radio but Ron fpv Is uh battling with the Drone Turtle Mode and one of our HD zero cubes out There and so JD Roeder will stay alive Going to match number 12 in our Consolation brackets And out big crash was Mr Rick James Crashing on lap number two He gets back up gonna finish strong Because Roth PV has got gritton Determination he's not going to quit Mr Rick James across the line finishing up Second to advance to him match number 12. And raw fpv gets back up guys he gets Back up and so this is going to be your Sport class send-off for raw fpv He goes into that final straightaway to Our Checker gate and raw fpv getting it Done Finishing up Qualifying 59th this week and I believe He is going to finish about 55th overall So climbing up that ladder over the Course of the brackets that is match Number nine in the books Of course we want to thank a few more of Our sponsors we talked about our Podium Of prizes here in our triple next group The sport class We're handing out that fpv dot control

Radio minimalistic while futuristic as Well from her friends at Orca one of our Great sponsors of the 2022 multi-gp Sport class Championship also renowned For their goggles and we're seeing a Bunch of orca goggles here Over the course of international open Mayhem and Champs a lot of people going To those OLED screens we also want to Thank our presenting sponsor the 2022 Multi-gp sport class championship and Our Pro class Championship as well Superior one Roofing and Florida and Texas why just have a regular roof when You can have a superior one thank you Superior one roofing for your support And continue to long-term supports of Multi-gp drone racing we also want to Thank hobby Wing Charlie is going to be With us on Friday we also have debits Here this week with part support for Those looking for those if if those Flight controllers and those Stacks as Well from Hobby Wing one of the names That lead the game in all in one and More And of course one of our other sponsors That has been with us since the very Beginning Right there team Black Sheep real Serious toys thank you to trappy Wayne ho Mike chin the entire TBS team Team Black Sheep Renowned for everything fpv they even

Sell Wings full full Wing kits radios They're the controller for your radio Connection The TBS Tracer seen a lot of those in Play as well here at the multi GP Championship the for a long range Control of course the TBS UniFi was also The video transmitter that Was probably 90 95 percent of the Transmitters we saw in Champs just a Handful of a handful of years ago Name that leads the game as well thank You to team Black Sheep We're at match number 10 this is a Consolation bracket race which means We'll have eliminations we got cozy Tron Limited Rose and Firepower getting set To work of course Iron woman mode Disengage your top qualifier Rose Pulling up the Third Okay thanks But still with a chance to redeem Herself as the highest seed here in this Group here in match number 10. But uh the chance to advance from match 10 up to I believe match numbers Where the uh top two in match 12 advance To the semi-final of the consolation Bracket to match number 13. And the top two in that advancing to our Final four so Still a chance to walk out of this Triple next group with some prizes and a Win as well

We're going green good luck Pilots arm Your quadcopters live on the tone in Less than five Well limited was your first one off the Blocks Rose unlimited are almost side by Side going through our start finish gate To get things started then because he's Trying to Firepower one two three four Any one's game it is an Elimination race So third and fourth finishing I believe Just inside of her top ten just inside Of that top ten ninth and 10th overall Unofficially here in this group which Would put them unofficially just inside The top 50 overall in our sport class The top two with a chance to advance to Our final as we uh saw Rose pull ahead Of the field just before she crashed out Feeling that pressure now kizzytron your Leader now Firepower Your Leader here on This opening lap two lap races here over The course of the day Limited running third now inching closer To Second Rose is back up so there's no Guarantee here especially as this is the Opening lap still with one more lap to Go when they come around next cozy Tron Leading the charge through that front Straightaway right behind kuzitron is Firepower running second right now kizzy Tron goes on to lap number two In that number two spot is Firepower Five and a half seconds back And there's Rose running third 5.9

Seconds away from being eliminated here In our consolation brackets and don't Count how limited limited gets onto that Lead lap as well 14 seconds back from The chancellor position in the top two As we're continuing to chase down kizzy Tron and Firepower your top two a little Wobble Bobble there for Firepower but He's still in the air doing his thing as Causey Tron leading that charge low side To the TBS Cube Low side of the triple Tower And now Firepower with some issues he Looks like he might be stuck in a gate He's able to Turtle mode his way out of This because he Tron gets along across The line and 2.7 seconds back behind Koozie Tron was Rose to pull up second Circuitron and Rose advancing in our Consolation bracket and now Journey Gonna Come to an anterior for Firepower And limited they're just just gonna Finish up strong Collecting their own DVR to make those Memories looks like we just lost limited There is Firepower Into the side of the star finish gate Into a lot of that conduit let's see Here he's able to come back to finish Strong a little flippy floppy as well The pilot with the most Racing Experience on Multi GP gonna finish up Just inside of the top 50 is Sport third Of that one going to Firepower fourth in

That one going to limited just inside The top 50 is Sport as well and so Koozie Tron and Rose advancing on in our Consolation bracket I Believe In match Number 12 and there should be no Channel Changes for them and that means they are Two races away from going into our final Four who's gonna be in our final four Well next race will decide that as we Have fix it little a Ferrari and magman Getting set to compete there Rose we're gonna keep you on Race band Six because he Tron we're gonna move you To race band eight when you come back in Match 12 because he trying to race man Eight Rose remaining on Race band Six When you come back in match 12 that's a Break of one which means you're on Deck Big finish right there JD cheering on Rose says go Rose awesome Comeback regained half a lap heck yeah Got by Firepower Just before he uh just after he crashed There almost made it almost passed it Was almost a grinder it was almost a Photo finish It was almost a photo finish but uh Firepower with some issues there and Rose and koozy Tron moving on and Staying alive So again where we sit here in this Bracket We're at fix it little a Ferrari magman Top two Advanced to her final four did

You chase the ace bottom two go into our Semi-final the consolation bracket which Will be a Bronco one match number 13. And of course on Deck is match 12. JD Rotor Mr Rick James Causey Tron and Rose You are on Deck For the town to advance in the Semi-final the consolation bracket one Spot away from our top four of our Triple next group This is the semi-final of the winners Bracket getting set to fly We got Fix it little a Ferrari and magman good Luck Pilots arm your quads live on the Tone in lesson five Oh no issues there for little a Launch with authority but then uh a Crash on uh between there and the whole Shot flag she's trying to Turtle mode And uh looks like she is going backwards Now she's back up so don't count out a Little a H we're chasing magman You're a leader right now it's magman Ferrari fix it one two and three as Little a is in the Caboose trying to Catch up Ferrari crashing into the Triple gonna try and get back up looks Like he will Magman and Ferrari Now doing their thing Ferrari with Another mistake fix it running Well fix it I think is just taking the

Lead yeah it's fix it then Meg man then Ferrari then little a and down goes fix It Fix it trying to line things up Trying to go back a couple of gates here Before all the problems happen now he's Got lots of breathing room easy to fix It no pressure just get across and get Another lap to go there's fix it onto Lap number two The 58-a that is with all the issues Here Comes magman running second about To get on that lead lap he too has a ton Of breathing room we lost Ferrari so Ferrari you are now going to match Number 13. no channel change semi-final No Ferrari gets back up he's like what Are you talking about I might be going To the final four we got issues all Around here and uh Ferrari with a good Recovery so as fix it then magman then Little a one two and three on to lap Number two and we just lost magman Magman goes down we got video back but Magman is not in the air so it's fix me Fix it now magnum's back up a little a Has caught up to magman I think little a just took over second Magman dropped down to Third And Ferrari is reeling them in as well There are no guarantees in this one as Well fix it is the only thing we know About he's across the line two laps in 207 and fix it is in your final four

Here this morning in our triple next Group For some big prizes huge prizes Any chance to bump up a division as well Climbing up out of the weight class Magnum little a We're in a little bit of a battle there Little a has got ahead of magman little A is about 10 feet ahead of magnet as They race for the transfer position Pushing it home little a getting second Over magman by eight tenths of a second What a huge push at the end there so Little a goes into our final four with Fix it in our triple next final And so magman and Ferrari Journey not Ending yet You are on deck in match number 13 Semi-final the consolation bracket where Sometimes you get a chance to see that Final four repeat all over again but It's fix it little a magman and Ferrari You're forward to work We say hello to shames Heart of America Fpv tuning in here this morning cheern On fix it Good morning James can't wait to see you Probably later today early tomorrow James making the trip Another one of our veteran Pro Pilots We're talking about Firepower Of all the pilots registered on Multigp.com he has been racing the most ID number 50 that's probably record

Number 15 at the very first official Multi-gp race and a lot of them since Including the sport class Championship But of course shames Who has been one of uh the proponents of Growing drone racing in the Kansas and Missouri area And not only drone racing but all Formats of drone racing all sizes from Team racing Heart of America back in the day Actually Created a way to change drones in an Enduro format the fastest on the I Believe it was on a pit switch Which now a lot of flight controllers Actually come with the idea that heart Of America came up with way back in the Day Oh thank you sir And uh Of course it was racing here not too Long ago at the Street League Championship the No Quarter Ranch Glad to have some friends with us Watching this morning A little extra time for our Pro Pilots To uh get acclimated with the courses We'll go into qualifying with them Tomorrow morning two days of qualifying With our Pros now with our sport class Pilots we started at 8 30 in the morning Yesterday with qualifying and we do a

Zippy queue it's a virtual cue and I Think we limited everyone To three packs in that first group we Got everyone three packs then at 10 30 We did assigned Heats and with a first Group then at 1 30 or second group so Then everyone got seven more and that Took them to ten Then at 4 30 we opened up the queue and Went right through until 10 pm long Story short our sport Pilots had 14 Rounds of qualifying yesterday we have About the same number of pro Pilots Um competing Thursday Friday so 14 or 14 Could be 28 rounds of qualifying we'll Know who's seated correctly when it's All done Friday night into our bracket Saturday All right Pilots top two advancing Until the semi-final the consolation Bracket third and fourth finished Seventh and eighth overall top eight Finish for the group not the worst good Luck Pilots armor quads live on the tone Less than five Off to the race as we go cause each Ron And Rose your first two up Looks like you need to do a little reset Of your capture card Dougie Issues for Mr Rick James that's with the Borrowed quad borrowed radio And your leader Koozie Tron Rose running second JD Rhoda running Third but JD rotor is only a gate back

Behind Rose in a battle for second As cozy Tron Your Leader now you saw him Go a little loosey-goosey now uh now you Take a little look there JD rotors right Up I think he got ahead of rose and now He's inching up on the back side of Koozie Tron Down to three It's a top eight finish of the group Here for Mr Rick James pretty stoked About that finish right there climbing Up our ladder JD rotor was uh making a statement here But we're on to lap number two with Kizzy Tron 61 and change there's Rose 2.1 seconds back in second and JD rotors Back into third now but 4.8 seconds back Behind Rose and that is to stay alive That is also to race back to back in the Semi-final the consolation bracket that Is also to make the trip Make it right Into our final four Uh they caught us on the live stream uh That the overlays are wrong again yes That is correct There is so kizzy Tron with the win Nope that's Rose All right so I think what happened was There you guys hit refresh too much You uh too fast And so We had uh we'd left rose on six so Rose Pulls up second Koozie Tron pulled up

First no rose was first Koozie Tron was Second But I don't know I don't know how you uh I don't know how you messed up your Channels but once again you guys were on The wrong channels Paul when you said You verified them you verified them Wrong I'm not sure what happened there I don't know I don't like I don't look at that heat Sheet so I don't know if you're hitting Refresh too fast But You should add rose on six Why do you have rose on eight hit Refresh Well I'm I'm not the developer of this So Don't blame me Well maybe don't maybe don't refresh it So fast So so what happened so what happened is When lifetime if they advance and They're like oh these people are on the Same channels it goes to their seed Order for no reason and so it had cozy Tron and Rose swapping channels for no Reason so I manually said leave rose on Six give cruzy Tron the other channel so I made the change and then but you guys Had hit refresh before we did the change But I also verbally said it so I mean So maybe just do one last refresh just

Because we're moving too fast we're Doing too good Paul we're just doing too Good you can advance Koozie Tron and Rose up there Claire they are now racing Back to back so rose with the win on That one for the dragon rights cruisy Tron in second and so JD Roeder seventh Overall in our triple next Mr Rick James Eighth overall in our triple next as we Will be uh just in a slight holding Pattern as we have a back-to-back Situation for Rose and kizzy Tron And so Rose and kizzy Tron Paul want come over here Paul Paul Let's just manually do it so Now the heat sheets are gonna ask cozy Tron and Rose to change channels again Let's not do that okay so let's leave Because let's leave rose on eight Because he Tron on six do you need a Sharpie I know I know you I know you're not Complaining of me I'm just I'm saying it's not it's not me So this is what we are expecting Rose to Remain on eight Koozie Tron to remain on six they'll be Up versus with versus and with Okay No yeah we're in 13 now Yeah And we're making we're making the change So

Again Hold on Uh I'm gonna So right now Rose is on eight Koozie Tron is on Rose is on eight Koozie Tron is on six we are not gonna Change their channels Rose is on eight cozy Tron is on six we Are not gonna change our channels Regardless Of what it says on any website As we're at we're at the semi-final Consolation brackets Rose is on it Rose Chanel numero wheat Rose Chanel numero wheat Pasis Samoa wheat the numero a playset Okay good call Final Pacquiao thank you Roger for the Correction final pack count in Qualifying with 16. I tried to pull up the Zippy Cube but I Don't think I was logged in so it was Showing me raw 14 then I'm like yeah I'm 14 was the number yeah so 16 packs was The qualifying so at the pace that we Did with sport yesterday Pro with about The same number that could be 32 packs Of qualifying well no definitely who Who won there Semi-final of consolation brackets

Top two Advanced to our final four to Compete versus fix it and little a This one we're gonna have magman from Rockville Maryland over the course of The 2022 multi-gp Global qualifiers Season finished up in the number 311 Spot in sport qualified 54th here this Week into our brackets and now is uh Inching himself closer Yet Rose is honey thank you for Confirming that of course we got Ferrari In this one as well from Rochester Hills Michigan Qualified the number 204 spot in sport That is 354th on the global list here This week qualified number 49 spot here At the No Quarter Ranch to make it two This triple next bracket and now here is In the semi-final the consolation Bracket we also got Koozie Tron in this One from Manassas Virginia Qualified number 281 position on the global list in sport Here this week Made it to the number 53 spot of 59 to Get into this bracket That is now again top eight of this next Group What what does that mean top eight Well actually no it's top four yeah top Six rather top six of this group which Is positions 40 to the river so that is 41st through 46th overall so that's Everyone here in this bracket is pretty

Much up a weight class And of course we have our top qualifier Here in this group Rose Doesn't matter what you see Koozie Tron is on six hit refresh again Like a hard refresh like really scroll Down there Around No more crying yeah so that Yeah yeah that's what we want I don't know why why it's doing that no I don't I don't know what it is if I Knew what it was at least we know For those watching our live stream and Here in house the overlays will be Correct this time Paul and I just Quadruple checked it Top two First and second going to our final four Play chase the ace for our triple next Championship sport class In about 40 minutes time we're gonna go To our double next group positions 30 Through 45 brackets again They'll be doing a warm-up pack We're expecting them at the top of the Hour about 40 minutes time Good to go All right Pilots arm your quads live on The tone less than five Off to the Races we go and Ferrari with Some issues on that front straightaway It's gonna be a rose magman Koozie Tron Then Ferrari one two three four on that

Opening lap looking for the top two Positions we say hello and good morning To Lundy fpv another one of our uh oh Geez long time Pilots good time buddies We're gonna see over the course of this Week as we advance into our pro pro Class for the multi-gp championship Thursday Friday and Saturday our leader Just went down as we look on the real Race band eight and uh we saw Rainbow Road on our HD zero digital feed and Usually that means it's gonna be game Over so finishing up in the number 46 Spot overall in uh Sport and well that's Exactly where she qualified right She qualified 46th and will finish 46 For Rose Good showing for the country of Canada There's Ferrari Zero to Hero he is your Leader after one with a 60.9 Here comes magman right behind him 7.2 Seconds back in second Running third as he gets onto that lead Lap he's 5.3 seconds back From the transfer position or we'll Finish up 47th overall in 2022 in sports This is the championship and here for This group Those final rankings are on the line or We can better it up of course as we get Into our final four our winner getting The torvolt backpack and the bump up Position could bump from the triple next Group to the double next group to the

Next group to our Championship top 16 at 6 p.m here tonight Consent to Wave a checkered flag for Ferrari there He is At his last lap one of his best laps in The morning a 53.3 for Ferrari two laps In a minute 55 to go into our final four Versus fix it in little a and second Just went down magman just crashed out Bad news for magma good news for Koozie Tron Cousy Tron is in your final four as Well So Ferrari and koozy Tron advancing to Fight the final four to play chase the Ace magman gonna finish up strong 47th Overall in our sport class Division and Rose are TQ here in this group finishing Up in the number 46 spot overall Magman qualifying 54th here this week And finishing 47th so that is a gain of Seven positions over the course of Brackets and a good finish for him And match number 14 is now in the books As we get sent to grid up your final Four we're gonna go into short holding Pattern as we have Ferrari and koozy Tron going back to back So give them a chance And so we're gonna move Koozie Tron to Race band 2. that's the only change Ferrari We're Gonna Leave You on Race Band one because he Tron to race band Two when you come back right now in a

Back to back two dog RC is joining us Here this morning good morning Captain He says great day for some great racing Wouldn't have agreed with you about an Hour ago but now it's getting a little Warmer and I would agree this is the Final four chase the ace We have a back Paul Adkins has now Removed his first layer I don't know What bet he lost with Chris Thomas but Uh he's got a number of layers he got a Lot more losing yet to do before it's Embarrassing Paul You are good to go it's gonna be fix it Little a Ferrari and cozy Tron but of Course Ferrari and cozy Tron coming out Of that consolation bracket and so it'll Be a back-to-back situation so slight Holding pattern and so while we await That uh I'm gonna do some stuff over Here and also we're gonna show you what Is on the line What is on the line to win here in our Final And so we start things off fourth place And what a great prize Gets a high five From Chris Thomas Fourth place and that's their send-off Not the worst That means they'll also finish up I Believe 44th overall in the sport class Good finish

Good finish as well So many buttons to push so many things To do So that's right right Oh my number's wrong Fourth would be 49th overall third would be 48th overall Third would be 47th overall Then first in this is 46 with a chance To advance while advancing in our Brackets fourth place in chassis Ace Gets to Chris Thomas high five Third place at the end of Chase the ace And we are going more than one round of Course because it is an official Multi-gp Championship gets the multi GP Challenge coin and the new HD zero run Cam camera that gets you up to 90 frames Per second of digital they are saying a Lot about 90 frames a second now I'm not well I wasn't a Believer I Haven't tried it myself but all the Sims People are using 140 frame per second Monitor etc etc I'm like why fly on a 30. you're fine 30 frames a second That's how we watched the Super Bowl in Black and white on television why do you Need all these frames they have told me That some of the best Pilots that have Been flying like GQ tracks and so forth Took like four seconds off their GQ time Once they went to this goggle and this Camera once they went to 90 frames per

Second their times did improve now the Pilot that we're talking about is Actually noiko noikel had leveled out Because he Went to as many gq's as possible flew That track in the Sim flew it in real Life again and again and you can see his GQ times over the course of the Season He had leveled out he took four I think It was four seconds off with this camera And a similar set of goggles 90 frames Per second third place in our triple Next getting the challenge coin and the Run cam HD zero camera Second place your Reserve Champion of This division getting the fpv dog Control from our friends at Orca Minimalistic futuristic you can do so Many things with this radio you can Sim With it you can fly with it it's also Fully compatible with the long range Modules so much more for the best Learning experience or simply for fun You can use they have their own Simulator as well that comes with it it Comes with a Sim what a great price That's for a Reserve Champion and our Winner Getting a challenge coin And this torval backpack or Or Full cash value full retail value Reason being I've been looking for these

They're a little hard to come by and so If first place doesn't want the backpack They can accept retail value now Normally they don't do that on prices Right you accept the prize but this is Not the Price Is Right This is the 2022 Multi-gp championship and just look how Comfortable I am with this turbo Backpack I can fill this quad this with Quads I have a tiny trainer there is a Pocket for the tiny trainer right there Which is one of my very favorite things To fly I have a tiny trainer from 533 it's also Got all this so you can just instantly Put a quad on the back of it and that's Where my Street League racer is gonna go And lots of space look how big it is you Can put two massive quads I have two Massive quads I have the Street League Racer and I have the 2018 multi GP Spec racer I still have one And it's going right there I got three you got three I didn't Really know it was a measuring contest Chris Thomas Wow Do you want a turbo backpack Oh I remember that one yeah Yeah So first place getting that plus that's Not all Right first place in chase the ace is Going to

Advance to the next bracket continue Racing Let's go green this is Chase the ace Round number one we're gonna run at Least twice you're looking for two wins To be our triple next sport class Champion good luck Pilots arm your quads Live on the tone less than five Off to the Races we go what a finish we Got here four states represented we got Ohio Kansas Michigan and Virginia as we Grind them out Ferrari probably one of The ones to watch here has made some big Statements right now he is uh in a Battle with Koozie Tron in second no Ferrari's a gate ahead it's because he's Trying to fix it in a battle for a Second little a running third not too Far behind but of course Ferrari at the 2019 Championship took a quad to the Head and is the we talked about the Longest running pilot in the game he's The first one in our Hall of Fame to Face Death at a drone race and here he Is back from the dead and leading our Charge here on this one to look to get The first Ace in chase the ace a little Wobble Bobble there at the start finish Gate uh in that back straight now fix Its running second right behind Ferrari He's got that chase cam as well so three Tenths of a second fix it back in in Second that little Wobble Bobble opening The door there at the front that is for

Ace number one cozy Tron running third Nine seconds away from our leaders and Little a about to go into that uh final Uh straight away on the opening lap as Well as his foreign Ferrari and fix it Grinding it out here at the front of the Field for chassis Ace round number one It was still Ferrari out front now with A three gate lead over fix it fix it has Got something going on with his quad I Hear some sounds there isn't a healthy Quad out there there is one that's not So healthy out there and looking at his Uh fpv feed obviously not looking Healthy as well but your first Ace has Been awarded to Ferrari right there Ferrari one step closer to working his Way up into a bracket and maybe a new Backpack as well and much much more Second gonna go to fix it Third gonna go to Koozie Tron and fourth Gonna go to a little a Ction okay so for those on site feeling A little hungry a little thirsty as well The uh The AM Vets are back with us here they Have some breakfast type snacks and Items they got some coffee they also got Some cold drinks in the cooler and they Have a lunch spread coming out of Burgers and hot dogs as well it's ready Looking for the burgers and hot dogs I Forgot it's almost lunch it's 25 to noon Yeah burgers and hot dogs are ready if

You are looking for that the AmVets here On site support those who support us Thanks to them for being with us all Event long And they've also been doing our craft Services for our VIP area and feeding Our cast and crew as well and we have Been absolutely spoiled I think all of our entire crew have Commented on the outstanding meals that The AM Vets have provided us over the Course of this week I certainly appreciate what goes into it My grandmother was a caterer in Canada At the legion she did the Legion in the Army and Navy our Canadian equivalent of Basically what the AM Vets are and As a young little boy I used to uh go With Grandma and Put out those big silver trays of food And prep them and I was a little busboy I was busboy Joey with my cart Making a lot of memories but I know that Uh it's a lot of work to cook to scale And to pull it off normally when people Cook to scale so I prison food it Doesn't it doesn't get a good wrap Cooking to scale is hard But uh again our cast and crew certainly Appreciating the AM Vets doing an Outstanding job looking after us over The course of this week and they are Here to look after all of our Pilots Spectators friends and fans on site are

Thanks to them for what they have done Here over the course of this week Never forget Little Joey The busboy not the legion during a Wedding My uh parents would send me to go visit My grandmothers in the summer and So they dropped me off and Grandma used To buy me all my back to school clothes So she was gonna take me back to school Shopping so I was at a wedding wearing My favorite like Ghostbusters sweater I Was about six seven years old ripped Jeans of course because I was a farm kid And running shoes you know that did the Talking you know the the toes come off The running shoes and I was like the Only little boy at the wedding And at every wedding there's a flower Girl and everyone well inebriated at the Wedding thought it would be a great idea To get the young little bus boy to dance With the young flower girl I remember This traumatized me for life and there I Was in my Ghostbusters sweater my shoes Talking dancing with a pretty girl in The white dress if only we had cell Phones back then that'd be a great Memory that'd be my profile pic Making those memories Busboy Joey who's talking shoes Oh someone made a note things are Looking pretty cool looks like a great

Venue I think it was Sir crashed a lot a While ago yes this is uh probably one of Our best setups for a crew and for Pilots this is a championship even Though we're at the No Quarter ranch We're in someone's backyard this is Truly an environment for a championship As you take a look at the top right of Your live stream you can see a bit of The stage I'm not sure if we have Someone on the cams but we're going to Show you that our our flight line or our Flight deck depends on which League you Watch online or on television where our Pilots are it's actually a wooden stage We have the gamer chairs here for our Live stream and so you're not on all That rock there we go Or the PTZ And uh because The flight deck or the flight line is Our house and we always want to be Respectful you can see that there's Really only room for a pilot and a Spotter in there and that is uh even Though we've seen some great pictures And we've had some bloody noses and Flight lines over some major events Including this one right here we want to Keep it respectful in our house to not Distract other pilots and so they're on A stage they have it made in the shade And so our champion pilots in sport and Pro are truly on a stage here today at

The lower end of the screen you can see It so we have uh we can control who is In and out and uh yeah and it's a it's a Good line of sight and uh connection With our course under this permanent Structure and uh potentially a permanent Stage now at the No Quarter Ranch Originally uh if we're coming back in 2023 we're gonna have to get this stage From the woods and put it back here but Now I heard it may be staying where it Is everyone in love with the stage and I Two am on a stage in my own area Cordoned off so that uh Only the true VIPs can come and tell me Jokes like Chris Thomas who loves to Share dad jokes with me every Couple of minutes or so to make me Giggle Um and There's a good reason because for those That are big fans of drone racing May recognize this chair right here this Chair Is back from the dead we talked about Ferrari the only pilot has faced death In multi-gp history I'll go into our Multi-gp Hall of Fame this chair very Similar as well this is the chair from IO that was stuck in the mud that is Muncie mud Not only do we take drone racing Everywhere we just like to spread our Drone racing seed with Muncie mud

And the biggest problem at i o is when This chair got stuck in that Muncie mud But we were able to bring it back Making those memories Like this ever Making those memories this is the chair And look at rolls on a stage That was not well because it's got some Gorilla Tape All right guys it is Chase the ace round Number two we have one ace to chase it Is Ferrari your winner of round number One if he wins round number two he is Advancing through our back brackets he's Getting a backpack and a challenge coin And gonna be our storyline to follow Over the course of this event which Means it's on fix it who is second Koozie Tron who is third and little a Who is fourth to push this to Extra Innings And get an ace of Their Own Let's see how it happens We don't need anyone to pull an engineer And Spike their goggles and say can we Start already because the answer is no I'm not talking for the sound of my own Voice I'm just trying to catch up on Scoring now I'm ready Jca's round number two Ferrari you're Ace to chase good luck Pilots armor quads live on the tone Lesson five Looking at the chat everyone flying

Right now has a fan and we are four wide A fantastic start here Ferrari your Ace To Chase and well he's trying to get the Torval bag with it in the bag Here's Your Leader by a gate but fix it little A and Koozie Tron are trying to make This one super interesting because he Tron now up in the two spot fix it Running third little a and fourth Ferrari with about a three gate lead he Is at the hobby Wing dive gate and on But there's Koozie Tron through the Hobby Wing dive gate there's fix it Through that hobby Wing dive Cube There's little a through that section Right there you want to pick up the Markers you long story short Ferrari has His hands full on this one but he is Still leading the charge a little low to The ground but it's all good now into That this part of the section caused him Some issues before but Ferrari now with One lap to go white flag flying for a Ferrari Here Comes kizzy Tron running Second he is 3.9 seconds back from Pushing the stacks for Innings Ferrari Hitting the gate now he is still good But does it open up the door enough Because he Tron saw Ferrari doing a Little hover now Koozie Tron is your Leader Ferrari running second because he Tron could be pushing this to SEC Extra Innings or Ferrari could reel it in to Go two up two down to win this to

Advance because he Tron Ferrari one and Two don't count out fix it he was about 3.8 seconds back onto this second and Final lap and little a is on that last Lap as well but she's 11 seconds back From a transfer position because he Tron And Ferrari are now side by side Ferrari Just pulled ahead of Koozie Tron again This is for the Triple next championship Does it go an extra round Ferrari still Leading Causey Tron but Ferrari went too Wide at the dive now Koozie Tron up in The league Koozie Tron pushing it we're Going a third round guys Koozie Tron Gets an ace What do we love about sport class it is That right they're Blaine to Blade rotor To rotor and we get to do it again first Gonna go to Cozy Tron second gonna go to Ferrari third to fix it and little a Will pull up a second of a fourth So they are gonna give them uh five Minutes To get ready So right now on points Right now on points Ferrari is leading he has a first and a Second now the winner is the first pilot To get two wins based on wins Ferrari And koozytron are tied one win a piece Because he Tron is second on points Right now because he has a first and a Third fix it as a second and a third he Has third on points and little a is a

Pair of force but that could change If Fix it or little a get a win in round Number three we will go a fourth round And again anyone can redeem themselves And Get two wins there's no guarantees but Right now two Aces to chase by way of Ferrari and Koozie Tron Outstanding race they are blowing up in The chat if you're just joining us here Today welcome to it it is the 2022 multi GP sport class Championship today is Bracket day we are in the triple next Group Triple next Which is positions 46-59 At about the top of the hour we're going To go into a warm-up pack for our double Next group that is positions 30-35 it'll Be a bracket of 16 once again AAA uh chase the ace at the end Then at 3 pm we're going to do our next 15 group position 16 through 30. And then at 6 pm tonight we'll do a Warm-up pack For our top 16. now the winner of this One advances from the triple next Positions 46 through 59. to the double Next positions 33-45 they get a bump They will compete And work their way up the winner of that Bumps up bumps up bumps up So

A storyline to follow right now because He Tron and Ferrari a chance to bump up And truly work their way up to our top 16. now we talked about the great prizes Here for this triple next group and this Chassis Ace these four Pilots that You're seeing compete they're competing For the HD zero run cam Digital camera the new one Gives you 90 frames a second A Reserve Champion getting the fpv Control Radio from Orca and our winner getting The bump up and the torval backpack or Retail value You're gonna see that four times I think We have one for each Podium today I really want one That's how we do the retail value You don't see Drew Carey on The Price is Right doing that well I'd prefer that Car I guess you could just go by Yourself I want to thank a few of our great Sponsors of course are Podium prizes Here in this group I want to thank HD zero Orca and torval I also want to thank our friends to Tommy Wing Charlie's going to be with us Here on Friday I also want to thank Jim fan gemfam Mike Is with us He was with us for the first time at uh

The international open Good time hanging out With him and he'll be uh hanging out With us here this week as well I want to thank team black sheep of Course one of the longest running Sponsors of multi GP 533 who is with us here this week as Well And Superior one Roofing locations in Florida and Texas why have just a Regular roof when you can have a Superior one thank you Superior one Roofing Prove So looking at our field right now again Leading on points Is Ferrari He was 49th in qualifying this week Second on points is Koozie Tron he was 53rd in qualifying this week Fix it based on qualifying I think is Your highest seed He was 47th on points And little a 52nd in qualifying here this week Climbing up that ladder our Pilots are Now walking to the flight line Our main stage here at the 2022 multi-gp Championship sport class and pro Divisions our sport Championship today And our brackets over the course Over the course of Saturday we'll do our probe brackets

That's my fat lip right there that That's an injury we'll talk about that Later we're going green two Aces to Chase kizzy Tron and Ferrari it's on fix It And little a to push us to chase the ace Round four good luck Pilots you know What you need to do the championship is In our midst good luck Pilots armor Quads live on the tone in less than five Everybody up everyone through Ferrari With the whole shot then looks like it Was cozy Tron fix it little a it doesn't Matter how the race starts it's who is The first one to see that checkered flag At the end of lap number two and deja vu All over again look like cozy Tron was Leading there for a second Ferrari's now Back up number one spot and fix it is Right with them looks like it is Ferrari Koozie Tron fix it fix it just went down Is he able to recover his craft remotely Now finish points matter right now uh Fix it has a second and a third he and Little a who's got a pair of force gets By him that's um Bay make a difference Here for Podium if uh either Ferrari or Koozie Tron get the win in this one Right now they're first and second so a Lot of pressure here on fix it a little A to switch things up here on our game As your leader Ferrari gets set to come Across crazy Tron right behind him it Looks like it could be coming down to

This final lap here for those two to be Our Champion for the torvill backpack And the bump up to the double next group Ferrari with a 2.3 second lead over Koozie Tron as now that is a one gate Lead of that Corkscrew double back Section for Ferrari over Koozie Tron Over to the hurdle we go crazy Tron is Reeled in Ferrari Ferrari has to go back To a gate cozy Tron now your leader he's Through the hobby Wing dive Cube and now Koozie Tron with a two gate lead three Gate lead but Ferrari is now back on on His line he is now trying to reel things In and look like just all he had to go Back for a gate Ferrari almost had Recovered from that loss right there and Now cozy Tron over to the HD zero dive Gate Ferraris having all kinds of issues At the top of the tower but there are no Issues for Koozie Tron he's going Through your gate and Koozie Tron is Your triple next work champion And now apparently we got a little bit Of a race off here Ferrari getting Across the line in second little a Crossing the line in third and fix it in Fourth And so results are in Foreign And that one is done We're just going to go to our officials Verify our results and we'll be back With you be back with you momentarily

Foreign Foreign Thank you So we're just getting things sent here For our Podium presentation So we appreciate your patience Uh and wow we are slightly ahead of Schedule But uh we're gonna start our next group Of warm-ups a little bit after schedule So we're gonna do our uh Podium Presentation Uh so our next group I gotta drop the word next I know but I'm uh I'm on limited sleep for my Apologies Okay Uh I'm gonna pull up this bracket so That's going to be multi GP dot live Slash Double next Uh so Nitro toker Critter F-18 came in Osby won Kenobi Aviator alien Focus Drew Racer Labeba Clyde El Madero roller coaster Catapult Basics and no stop we're going To be going to you after we do our Awards here in just a few moments Everyone getting a warm-up pack we'll Have a brief pilot briefing uh then We'll do our warm-up packs then we'll do Our brackets for our double next group Qualifiers

30 through 45. Here it is We ready to roll them Well we're gonna get set to bring up Your final four and uh well fourth place Overall here is little a Originally from Mexico now from Ohio Qualifying here this week the number 52 Spot and finishing up in the number 48 Spot so up away class and she has earned At Chris Thomas high five [Music] Here we go It was really awesome to see out here See you out here A lot of different events what'd you Think about this one so far amazing Amazing I I did not expect anything less And it's all much fun Thank you Awesome awesome well I'm sure I'll see You around Thanks for coming All right now who do we got Joe for Third place well third place your second Runner-up third overall on our Podium Qualifying this week the number 47 spot And finishing 48th overall Is Joey doubting it's fix it All right one of my favorite Pilots Because usually the day before Uh these are great I set in uh at CES And probably put about four hours on

This controller it's really a great one Especially on the Sims so there you go So anything you want to say to the your Fans I'm sure there's tons of them Watching right now I'd like to say to my fans But uh I I appreciate being here And uh I think this Orca controller will Go really well with my multi GP Orca Goggles I think those help me get here those are They I love how they how they work yeah Not to mention HD zero who doesn't Sponsor me but I love the I love the System Well I know from uh from our sponsor Standpoint they'd love to see you they Have all their gear right so we Appreciate that all right all right well Congratulations and I'll see you in the Next one And of course for our champion For our champion We've got the torval bag As well as the coin but more importantly Get up here more importantly for the First time ever at a multi-gp race We Are Gonna Bump you in to the next Bracket so if you thought that was hard How are you gonna plan to win this next Bracket you're going to go into Or the way I was flying on the last two Laps I was going away faster than I Thought I was capable of so I'll just

Keep doing it and see what happens and This is awesome I mean I got here Realizing that I left all of My Success Batteries at home nicely packed in a box And yeah so I had to like ask around for Batteries and and I got actually four Batteries from Mayan Hawke thank you so Much uh I um rules just contributed one More battery so that I can keep flying And this is amazing Nice nice well I've got to ask Koozie Tron Where did you come up with that like What happened oh yeah so uh so it's cool Jatron uh Kuja actually is a character From my uh partner's favorite Comics Um we're just growing up in Soviet Russia And yeah and and you put Tron at the end Just to make anything sounds I don't Know Yeah I got that I mean I grew up on Voltron so I get the Tron part so well Congratulations I've got a multi GP coin Right here for you I've got a beautiful Torval backpack which if you don't want This like a key bit but I I think you'll Probably put that to use and what you Need to do now is you need to go and Take and get all those batteries you Have get them recharged because right After this you're rolling into the next Bracket so see you in just a minute Let's go

All right so back to you Joe we'll start Our next bracket we are on time which is An amazing thing to see at a drone race And our goal is to stay at that so Thanks that's right we are set for our Double next group that is positions 30 Through 45. a uh I want to do a briefing Or you want to do warm-up packs we'll do A quick pilot briefing so for our next Group let's go ahead and get out here For a pilot briefing where we will brief You as a pilot that's what you do in a Pilot briefing Back All right we should have uh 15 Pilots Plus Koozie Tron looks like uh everyone Is here kujotron who knew All right Pilots uh we're just gonna Push through here congratulations on Making it to it the double next group Positions 30 through 45 and uh just like We saw with Kuja Tron there you got a Chance to bump up so any one of these Pilots competing here could be in our Top 16 later tonight so you got a chance To bump up redeem yourself from Qualifying congrats on making it this Far it is a bracket of 16 double Elimination oh like we do at most races Top two move up bottom two move down uh We want you to always be aware of your Next Channel and heat I'll be announcing It as we go throughout but uh you can Follow along on your phone we highly

Recommend that the same link we sent out Last night multigp.live double next Um so just keep hitting refresh refresh Refresh make sure it's right and always Measure twice cut once and so we make Sure that everyone's on the right Channel we had a couple issues earlier On that Um just when we get to the end it's Going to be Chase Uh where we run repeatedly until someone Wins twice with our final four we have a Hole shot rule that is only going to Come in play when we get to the final Four we didn't have any mid-airs causing A crash in any of that but uh if we do Have a whole shot rule that's going to Come and play at the final four so if You make it to the final four there's Contact resulting in a crash before the Start finish gate uh we would call it Back uh fall starts you get one warning And then you get dq'd that is by the Round so uh Um it's kind of redeeming in that regard Um so we are watching uh for the false Start uh that's taking off leaving the Launch stand before the tone if uh You're called for that we will uh you Get one warning and then uh if not you'd Lose that round so if your windows Bracket it could send you to losers Bracket or that could be where you are Eliminated so please don't false start

If we miss the false start and uh we Have to do a DVR review and stuff it Gets really dirty it's all defined in The rule book we don't have to go over Those rules now but just don't false Start and that'll keep that very simple Uh that's it for me what do you got Well congratulations thanks for coming We hope you guys are having a good time We um seven years now we've been doing This championships and it's always uh It's always exciting to see everybody Here uh I've really got to thank the the Team we've got a great uh staff of Volunteers and many of the pilots who Also were willing to give some of their Time reason we've been able to make this Event happen uh the way that it is But uh we're excited to see this race uh We know that for for many of you that This that where you've qualified it Should be very competitive racing right So for us that's why we do this remember That as the flight line directors Paul And I we will do whatever we can to try To make the race fair if we run into a Problem we reserve the right to make you Guys race heads up to solve a problem That said be quick get to the lines Let's go fast we're on schedule right Now and only you can make us off Schedule so let's go get ready let's get To racing It's very motivating all right so let's

Go to uh Heat number one everyone's Getting one warm-up pack In uh heat one you're running in the Same Heats on the same channels as when We get into our brackets for elimination And so Heat number one is Nitro toker Critter F-18 came in Osby one Kenobi You're up on Deck is seat number two Aviator alien Focus Drew racer in the Whole In the whole Is Heat number three labeba Clyde El Madero and roller coaster and after them Will be Heat number four catapult basic No stop and kujatron kuchatron you're Gonna be on Race band eight that is your New channel and you're gonna be in heat Four with a warm-up pack even though He's already had seven packs on the Track today I think by my Counting I'm gonna say warm-up pack And we'll be going green with those Warm-ups here in just a moment Show me Nobody can hear you Nothing there You'll never Do the complicated Surprise Thank you For you Foreign So of course we're rolling into a Warm-up round so that's four Heats of uh

Warm up In the same assignments of our brackets So we're gonna roll into in just a Little bit Here in our double next group looks like Our palettes are about set to fly Again this is just for fun this is Warm-up pack All right thank you Chris violence armor Quads live on the tone less than five I brush it off pushed it aside but I was Looking for you I'm always looking for You I [Music] My life I know How my life is past When the photographs we took when I'm telling you baby I'll be right here By your side saying everything's all Right [Music] It's got three Heats of warm-up to go Including this one Good luck Pilots remember this is just For practice just to warm up armor Quants live on the tone less than five Thank you Fat puts on the break used to be my girl But now you're just my Head You don't see it Makes me laugh Anymore

First time I saw you naked I could see The future It's my innocence then I lost my mind Hey everybody I had fun All right let's go to heat number three Labeba Clyde El Madero roller coaster You're up with your warm-up pack Here we go to heat number four countable Basics no stop Will be on deck Then we go to the top of the order we'll Start for real With your double next bracket Nitro Toker Critter F-18 came in Osby won Kenubi you're in the hole Bring away Two warm-up Packs to Go Think I still want you Put me through You think I can't walk Away Find someone better for me All right remember this is a warm-up Pack good luck Pilots have fun Arm your quads live on the tone less Than five Crawl out of a hole in your room Who you are is Alone Series you walk around like the end of Days Drop Value Foreign

[Music] Never Never come Yeah yeah A warm-up pack for heat four Pilots Armor quads live on the tone less than Five But if you'd take the time to dig a Little Deeper take a look at my eyes You'd see life you see dreams I'm Well I will not be [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Take a look at my eyes you'd see life You see you see dreams [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] But you'd see life you'd see dreams a Fire deep in me it's what I am Everything I'll ever be [Music] [Music] This road is a winding road to you Come Yeah yeah You sell your Italians it was nice to Meet them but I hope I never see them

Again Ever getting older All right we're sent to a roll out into Our brackets With our double next group So Heat number one bracket number one Match number one Nitro tilker Critter F-18 came in Osby one canoe Bean you're Up all right [Music] Well hello and welcome to everybody Watching on the multi-gp YouTube channel And on the live Fpv.com platforms welcome to Citrus Springs Florida my name is Joe Scully We're here at the No Quarter Ranch in Citrus Springs hosting Champs week the 2022 multi-gp Championship today is our Sport class brackets day if you were With us earlier you saw what we're Calling the triple next group qualifying Positions 46-59 they ran a brackets of 16. we had some blade to Blade rotor Rotor racing and a chassis Ace finale That was quite spectacular forever in Capsuled on the multi-gp YouTube channel To take back and review we're about to Go green here in mere moments with our Double next group this qualifiers 31-45 In our sport class division a top 16 Bracket into a final four chase the ace Then at three o'clock this afternoon we Go into warm-up packs and then we'll Come back with the bracket for the next

Next 15 which was uh positions 16 Through 30 in qualifying And then at 6 pm tonight we'll do Warm-up packs and then into our Championship top 16. now I sent some 16s And 15s because new this year is our Format of a multitude of top 16 brackets Instead of uh what we're probably going To see with sport or a pro which we've Done pretty much uh every multi GP Championship is we have the main bracket And then all these other competitions to Fully seed kind of like a last chance Qualifier for everybody but this one It's all about those battles different Divisions and as I think Kimbo said on The YouTube chat links the format How are the seats wrong That's what you want And so again new this year each and Every one of those divisions as we work Our way up the winner gets a ton of Prizes plus bumps into the next division So that's why we'll have our Championship top 16 at the end but we Then we have a next 15 next 15 next 15. 59 Pilots competing at our sport class Championship here at the No Quarter Ranch and we're about to go green with Our double next group positions 31 Through 45. the pilots are ready it is Heat number one blade to Blade let's go Green Pilot's arm your quads live on the Tone in lesson five

Go tone and we are green underway whole Shot on this one gonna go to Cayman First one up and across the line came in Making the trip here from Lakeland Florida We're just catching things up there on The big screens and on the live stream As well now you're seeing what we are Seeing here on site and you can see it Is uh pretty tight grouping here came in An Osby one kanubi Nitro tilkers uh Tearing up that Tower wow came in Osby One kanubi threw that uh low section Over to Orca the elevated for cayman as We won kanubi is uh flying hot here now He goes on his lid not what we're Expecting to see out of there 44th in Qualifying also a Floridian who's Keeping up with our leader Cayman 41st In qualifying one of our Floridians as Well 49-8 opening lap for cayman Nitro Tilker is running second now after uh we Had some issues with awesome we want Kenobes 5.3 seconds back off of our Leader and Critter F-18 is running third Now top two Advanced on our winners Bracket bottom two into our consolation Bracket and so Critter F-18 is the first One in has really got that pressure on He's got to find about four seconds and Nitro tonker in front of him as nitro Toker and Cayman Are side by side up in the double Stacked TBS Cube Nitro toker just ahead

Of Cayman now Caiman got distracted he's Gonna try in Turtle mode he had about uh About uh three or four second lead there And now that opens the door for Critter F-18 to slide into second we got our First winner of the oh no I don't know if he went through he's Gonna try and have to get up Nitro Tilker crashed into what looked to be The side of the start finish gate not Sure if we can call it a win so he's Going to finish up officially there's Critter F-18 through officially a Nitro Toker getting across here officially so We will give them first and second uh no Reviews required And uh So I think Nitro toker saying he went Through the inside of the gate Regardless he did Turtle mode and go Back through And so if you're if we're talking about Did you see it line of sight did he go Through Okay it doesn't matter he went through Yet Regardless it doesn't matter I don't Think my DVR is connected as a yet Yeah That's why to uh avoid discussions and Tears I invited him to go back through Just so we know for sure And uh off offline I'm going to Um DVR reviewing

And yes he did bounce through the gate Just made a little contact a little bit Of conduit but Uh the results uh the timing on the Screen is official That first pass Nitro toker gonna get The win two laps in a minute 43 Critter F-18 2.9 seconds back in second they'll move On into the winners bracket came in an Osby one canubi third and fourth going Down into our consolation bracket again That time is official for Nitro toker uh Paul Atkins our flight line director Confirmed line of sight that Nitro toker Went through that start finish gate and I just confirmed on my DVR Offline that That happened as well so we will move Them up And no Channel changes For that group Now I saw there during what was Officially the Break Um in the YouTube chat people are asking What we don't get to watch the race uh We're not hearing the mic Because we did our Podium for the Triple Next and then we did a warm-up pack for Everybody And uh I've been out here since 7 A.M so Uh our crew kind of went on break not That we were hanging out in the VIP area We did some other things and so our plan Right now is not to show you the warm-up

Packs we're gonna stretch our legs and We'll put a coming soon Not that we have to worry about it but At three o'clock today we're gonna go Into our next 15 group position 16 Through 30. so at about three o'clock We're gonna do to coming soon give them The warm-up packs and then we'll get Into that bracket and we'll rinse and Repeat again at six o'clock tonight as Well As it has been a journey Here we are at heat two this is they're Ready so heat three on Deck is lababa Clyde El Madero and roller coaster and In the Hall of seat number four catapult Basics no stop and kuchatron You're in this one [Music] We're about to go green This race is going green in just a few Seconds All right Pilots arm your quads live on The tone lesson five Fantastic start for your entire field Other than focus at the end of that Straight he got through the start finish Gate had some issues so he's in the Caboose he is in fourth as Aviator alien Drew racer our first second third alien Uh running second Aviator leading the Charge but they're only separated by a Gate keeping that pressure on and Speaking about pressure Drew racer 32 is

In that number three spot as focus is Now reeling in Drew racer 32 about to Make that pass and even with that issue Focus has been able to make up a bunch Of time getting closer to our leaders Top two Advanced on our winners bracket Bottom two into our consolation bracket As uh we look to Aviator with about a Three now four gate lead over the rest Of the field and about to go on to lap Number two focus with a yaw spin of Death Aviator had to double back so Aviators still leading but uh that Opened the door he had about a six Second lead over alien alien is second Now he's uh aliens four seconds back in Second Drew racer is only 2.3 seconds Back behind alien for that transfer Position and that is what uh we're Focusing on most here on these 13 first Matches before we get to the final four For Chase the ace Aviator still leading No mistakes there through that hobby Wing and dive Cube Now Drew racer 32 making the pass there Up into second ahead of alien now alien Ahead of Drew racer 32. we got a battle For the two here on Latin number two Alien and Drew racer 32. aviators still Flying fine oh no lined up looked like He was going to hit a guide wire and uh Well he's still able to recover But uh now that uh was very costly Because alien just got the win

And we should see Drew racer crossover Next yeah there's Drew racer across in Second 4.9 seconds back from the win to Advance in our winners bracket and it's A whole lot of pain for Aviator Finishing up third by 5.5 seconds Into the constellation bracket we go With the Aviator and focus What happened on that Aviator Aviator you're lined up with the gate And then you just what happened Over corrected Well that means you get one more extra Pack over everyone on your way to the Final four you're good Checking with our officials officials Give us a thumbs up results official Let's move them on up alien and Drew Eraser you are advancing into our Winners bracket got a channel change for Alien gonna go to race band Six Aviator In focus to match number five got a Channel change for Focus you're gonna go To race band two So again alien Drew eraser moving up to In the winners bracket Aviator focused Down to the constellation bracket Just those two channel changes to worry About when we get there that was match Number two let's go to match number Three Hold on he's I'm just gonna be the mess For three two one there you go Red match 3 labeba Clyde El Madero

Roller coaster you're up On Deck is catapult Basics no stop and Kujitron in the hole is Cayman Osby won Kenobi Aviator in focus and again focus With that channel change to race pan too And then after that uh we're at match Number six and We had that other channel change For a match number three and this one We have labeba 34th and qualifying from Los Angeles California Ranked in the number 50 spot in sport to Qualify to our Championship Works a ramp Into 34th and a chance to finish even Higher we also got Clyde in this one Started rough and qualifying yesterday And finished strong I think it was under The LED lights he had his best Qualifying time qualifies to Champs in The number 180 spot in sport no stranger to the Championship last year here at Champs he Was 32nd in our sport class championship In qualifying again last night I think His best run and he qualifies here to Our brackets and number 35 position we Also got another veteran with us from Inner Grove Heights Minnesota it's El Medero last year was 43rd in the sport Class championship in qualifying this Week 42nd with a chance to advance a Little higher as well and lastly in this One we're also going to have roller Coaster 43rd in qualifying this week

161st in sport on the global leaderboard So from the summer he's Advanced himself A higher ranking and we'll see how it Plays out so I believe La Baba is your Highest rank in this one who Clyde Your veteran your Champs along with El Madero let's go green Pilots arm your Quants live on the tone lesson five Davio fpv we say a good afternoon to you Cheering on El minutero in this one two Dog RC cheering on roller coaster lost Fpv cheering on labeba and Derpy Cheering on Clyde everyone with fans on The YouTube chats as we are live on the Multi-gp YouTube channel watching our Second set of brackets of four here Today Championship Wednesday the 2022 Multi-gp sport class Championship then Into qualifying Thursday Friday with Pro And our Pro brackets on Saturday it's Champs week here in Citrus Springs Florida at the No Quarter Ranch thanks To our sponsors Orca goggles Superior One Roofing hobby Wing HD zero gem fan Team Black Sheep 533 and torvill opening Laps about to come in here Through that uh Front straightaway we go with your Leader element tarot there he goes with A 49 8 to open things up roller coaster And Clyde right behind him in a second Third situation ooze and Oz for roller Coaster Roller coaster back on track

There's labeba onto that lead lab so Looked like she got the whole shot but Uh is in the back of the pack here she's 16 seconds from her top two Now Madero and Clyde with roller coaster Running third trying to reel in the Element arrow and Clyde show at the Front El Madero now dropping looks like Into third looks like Clyde has now Taken the lead Client leading El Madero now labeba has Caught up to them she is not too far Back she's about three gates back I Believe so pressure on and look at this Race to the finish line now Madero just Ahead of Clyde it's Clyde just ahead El Medaro so a pass somewhere happening Somewhere happening in the straightaway Right there just a little more sand it Looked like by Clyde El Madero looked Like he was floating uh but that was for First and second both of those Pilots Advancing And roller coaster gonna pull up third 2.8 seconds back from the transfer Position I saw some uh plugging in of stuff here To the side not sure if uh we have my DVR I know we're working on that it's uh It's Champs week we just keep plugging More stuff in as we go That's that's why we do this We bring you the entire show at the Entire event

I'm gonna try I have it I don't know if Dougie has my DVR connected as a yet but I have that finish Cued on my DVR What I can do is I will uh I can even leave this pause to write Down the time because it is a thing of Beauty here in the last half of that uh Last half lap Looks like a course repair underway Results official on that one let's bump Up Clyde and El Madero up into our Winners bracket roller coaster and labab Into our consolation bracket And no Channel changes for them Great view of our course All the gates Fun design A lot of keyboard Pilots a lot of Comments on The release of the track in the Sim They're like ah in the SIM Compared to other tracks in the Sim Maybe not the most exciting but those That have seen the DVR or the live Stream see the course flown IRL in real Life like wow it actually is a little More technical in sections a little more Fun in other sections then in the Sim Normally the same as a carbon copy But then it is enhanced because every One of those Gates is lined with LEDs Either on the Outer Edge or on the Inside

Plus we have lighting around the course So they are back filled LED lined Gates And we're going to be racing at night With our top 16. In the course some Pilots getting faster Uh we're just catching up on scoring We need about 30 seconds or less Again El Madero and Clyde to match eight And roller coaster Liberty match seven No Channel changes for them Here we are match four good luck Pilots About to go green Arm your quads Live on the tone lesson five I wonder where we go First one off the line in the whole shot Went to catapult and he's the first one Down looked like Basics and no stop may Have had him midair both of them having Issues at the same time no Stomp the Victim we got static coming in Basics uh Was the Victor in that but it looks like Maybe a little Karma hitting a gate Starting with four down to two kuchatron And catapult your final two remaining Now gujetron was in that triple next Group qualifying in that 46-59 brackets Uh 53rd overall in qualifying so right In the middle of that triple next group Of pilots and won the chassis Ace bumps Up into this double next group and uh Already ahead of where uh accoutron was In qualifying and now

Is in fine forms Gonna Be A Winner back Bracket bound one of the only two in the Air 2.7 seconds back behind catapult the Last time they went through the start Finish gate at the end of lap number one Now looks to be about uh maybe three Seconds back about two gates back Catapult to the top two gates of the Triple Tower Kujitron now at those two gates of the Triple Tower it's not a fully Uh full ladder where they would uh go Around one two three up or down they use The top two in that part of the section Then A little bit later on you see them go Through the bottom end So we have a checkered flag over at our Multi GP championship start finish gate Catapults will get the win two laps in a Minute 43. Kujatron gonna finish strong as well Across the line two laps in a minute 55. And so they Advance into our winners Bracket got a thumbs up the things are Good Well if it's up can you bring it up Coming later So match number four we moved him up so We are going to take catapult and Kuja Tron to match number eight no Channel Changes And nope somewhere down

There we go And so that left Basics and no stop They're going to match number seven no Channel changes no Channel changes we're At match number five came in Osborne Canubi Aviator Focus you're up contact Nitro toker Critter F-18 alien Drew Racer and the whole roller coaster no Stop and basics Of course we invite you to follow along On the dynamic heat sheets as they Update as we go through our program here For this group it's multigp.live double Next Multi-gp.live double next Spread Heat five yep You know this one there was that channel Change for Focus to race band two that Was the only change On Deck we had a channel change for Alien to race band 6. everything else Should be Are there other Pilots should be on What they were originally assigned This is five yeah Match number five our first Elimination Race in this one Which means fourth and this is gonna Finish 45th overall third will be 44th Overall in a ranking Via Order of elimination We gotta focus in this one it's good Buddy two dog RC cheering on the YouTube

Chat this is focus focus I think that should have a comma in There focus focus that first round is Behind us it's a whole new Rodeo Aviator Focus came in and Osby one Kanubi we're going green Pilots arm your Quads live on its own lesson five There we go it's a run for Redemption For all four Pilots look like Cayman and Aviator refers to through but a great Start for all four Pilots as they start To separate a little bit out on the Track Aviators drop back to number three spot And he sees first and second right in Front of him focus in Osby one kanubi Leading that charge came in is in the Number four spot but again there's only About two gates separating the entire Field here and a couple position changes Focus is your leader now then Aviator And Osby one kenubi Now Aviator pulling ahead of focus this Is a three-way battle for the lead and Cayman is only one gate back from them It could be a four-way battle by the Time we get on to lap number two this is One of the most intense four-way races We've seen this week Focus had to double Back there on the start finish gate Aviator now he's gonna be your your Leader after one then came in then focus In third but only 1.7 seconds separating Those three Osby one kanubi who had been

Leading here a while ago is now running Fourth focus with a Yasmin to death he's On his lid out there so now it's Aviator Cayman one and two with Osby one Kenobi Up into third and focus trying to Turtle Mode his way up into fourth he's pretty Signed down might be able to take off Again and now Aviator and Cayman Separated by about 15 feet first and Second but they have about uh I want to Say a seven second lead over third so Try not to take each other out and just Try and finish this race but you can see It's still about 20 feet separating them Aviator just ahead of Cayman and Remember I just said we're gonna take it Easy and just finish the race that's not What cayman's doing he's stuck in the Cube aviator's gonna get the win he's Gonna stay alive and so look at the grit And determination flying through the Pain Osby won kenubi now into second Focused now into third So again looking for no mistakes Here Comes Osby one kanubi he's gonna stay Alive So Florida and Ohio Staying Alive in This one And now we're just gonna finish strong With Focus Focus qualifying the number 182 spot in sport 40th this week and We'll finish up inside the number 44 Spot overall it's about where he

Qualified refinishing brackets just a Little bit of bad luck there in his Brackets here in this double next group Gene's uh 45th overall is gonna be Cayman Qualified 41st overall this week so not The worst Not the worst and results official Do what Is it good to go all right I can pull it Back So removing Aviator and osb1 kanubi up To match number nine no Channel changes No Channel changes I'm just going to take over the controls Here for a second stand by Two and six and it's all yours Claire As we are Adding more toys over the course of our Event here I wanted to show you that uh It was Clyde in El Madero finish Where Al Madero is just a little too Floaty a little too floaty See if I can pull that back I had a cute and then I didn't I do have it uh there we are that we do Have it live thank you Dougie our boy in The trunk we're here in the house So uh this is uh I think the tail end of Lap number one I don't want to click Around too much you see they're Separated by the start finish gate so Here they go on to lap number two And they're gonna tighten up a little

Bit more Clyde making a mistake I think Al Madero Is going to make a mistake but really It's the end of this lab that we're Really going to appreciate The changes of course this is on the Screens and on our live stream as well We're doing a DVR review In The Raw for Fun Just to appreciate A better line if you blow out your line And lose all momentum this is what could Happen now it doesn't matter they both Advance now they're now they're almost Side by side over to the top of this TBS Cube and this review is Clyde just ahead Of Madero now Val Madero was the one who floated out Or blew out that corner but on that top Of that dive Clyde blew out his corner And that's why they're almost on top of Each other here now over that Cube Klein Just ahead of el Madero And now into this look there was the Pass you saw it right there you want to See it one more time on El Madero let's See if I could do that our next race is About to fly Did I go back too far too many buttons Here yeah there's let's just do it one Last time Reese is going to start in Less than 45 seconds ish I just want to get us to this corner Right here so Clyde

No I think I went back too far I think I Messed this up there we go So here they are both at the exact same Spot on the track let's just a hair Bring it back And if you look on the top right hand Side see how far El Madero went out and You see the pass Clyde getting no this Is a whole lap back We'll fix it up in post that was one to Appreciate we're about to go green with A winners bracket to Winners bracket Nitro toker Critter F-18 alien and Drew Racer Top two advancing winners bracket bottom Two the consolation bracket you guys Know the deal great shot of our launch Stands we're going green Pilots arm your Quads live on the tone in less than five Great shot of the preload on Critter F-18 and uh well first one off the block Since second through looked like second Or third through a whole shot game Critter Knight and Nitro tilker side by Side Drew Racers with them aliens with Them it was four wide but right now it's Uh Nitro toker Critter af-18 and alien One two and three Drew racer trying to Make up a bit of ground he's a little Lost he's now back on course but Anything can happen as we chase our Leader Nitro toker then here's Critter F-18 running second he's about 25 feet

Back alien running third about 25 PM 30 Feet back from him it's not about the Feet the inches the two against two then Checkered Gates The Checkered Flag flies At the end of lap number two Right now it's good watching but there's A little bit of Separation Nitro toker With a 50.2 second lap time just flying Smooth Critter F-18 onto lap two 3.4 Seconds back alien across in 30s one and A half seconds back from the transfer Position which means alien needs to get In front of Critter F-18 and that battle For the two spot which is about four Seconds behind earlito Nitro toker Running his own race no mistakes there Critter F-18 still ahead of alien but Not by much there's a pass right there Alien getting by Critter F-18 so now the Story has changed now this is a Winner's Bracket this isn't uh uh there's no uh Cons no eliminations craft 18 has now Gone ahead of alien and now alien ahead Of Critter F-18 again who is gonna pull Up second in this one Nitro Toker it's Still years to win and now alien just Ahead of Critter F-18 Critter F-18 Bouncing off the ground a little bit but Alien gets a little loosey-goosey both Of them to the gate Critter F-18 has Pulled ahead of alien again and it's a Race Critter F-15 looked like oh my gosh I don't even know what happened in there It looked like Critter F-18 may have

Made a mistake in the in the back Straight away before the start finish Gate timing has him checked Critter F-18 doubled back And went through timing has crit F-18 Uh six tenths of a second ahead of alien And so while we retrieve some quads We're just gonna verify that Critter F-18 did double back through the timer Didn't get him prematurely and the Result is official now again that's Pretty much what we saw in real time But uh we are now once again going to Play back the tape now this is what we Love about sport class Even seatings across the entire field As we do another DVR review In The Raw You want to pull on my DVR Dougie I don't wanna I don't want to spoil the Surprise We can bump it we can we can advance Results official The results are official but I do have a Cued here if you guys want to see it Oh so Critter F-18 and Nitro tilker to Match 11 no Channel changes alien and Drew racer to match nine and we do have A channel change for Drew racer you're Going to race Band 2 true racer race Band 2. Get out Uh if someone is missing an arm from a Quad we have it over here This is a skinny arm with a heads up fev

533 motor on it That's Andy's all right the baby found That a while ago and I just saw her Again and remembered Uh John can you flip to my DVR real Quick There we go thank you Dougie uh just Give me 45 seconds uh the next Heat is About to fly so this is not going to be In slow motion for those on the screen Um actually it doesn't look like my DVR I think I think you need to reset my uh His Frozen dug Reset my scene Negative There we go right yep now we're live so What you're just to appreciate here you Got alien on the top right Critter F-18 On the top left we're just going to play This in real time this is uh just ahead Of the Finish Critter F-18 gets a little Lost in the straightaway before the Start finish gate double backs around But that mistake a mistaken an amazing Recovery we're gonna watch it in real Time so we're about to go green on this Next one in three two one again watching Critter f-18's recovery you can Appreciate how close alien is to them You see aliens just ahead of Critter F-18 but both of them make a mistake There now both of them straight through But look we had to double back around And both of them doubled back around for

A finish six tenths of a second apart so Everyone making mistakes on that one who Made the least one well we're not here To judge with peace and love so results Official on that last one interesting Finish let's see how this one plays out It's an Elimination race roller coaster Labeba no stopping Basics good luck Pilots arm your quads live on the tone Lesson five Well a little bit of contact at the end Of that straight looks like no stop is The victim but uh we don't bring it back Unless it's the Final Four Uh maybe our first super bad beat so the Brackets no stop is trying to Turtle Mode out of the long grass at the end of Our whole shot straight away As we are chasing down basics Roller coaster in a battle for second Here at the moment no no we got it now We've had to switch up again It's like La baby is leading And basics of roller coaster second and Third Number two Here Comes Basics on the lap too Here Comes roller coaster on a lap too so it Is close a couple changes there for Position top two advancing and uh you Might want to finish your laps it looks Like no stop is back up He's pretty signed down And right now running her own race La

Baba Top of the triple Tower and she's done That section roller coaster Top of the Triple Tower down that section You're all Basics Basics is now up with Labeba Basics has now taken the lead ahead of La Baba Basics is going to the checkered line Basic advancing And so is lababa across the line in Second it's Basics and labeba 4.1 Seconds apart and that crash was roller Coaster right Exciter start finish gate Crashing maybe through the start finish Gate pull up third and uh roller coaster Gonna finish up that's uh that's an Elimination so just inside of the top 45 For roller coaster and uh just inside of The top 45 as well I think uh 43rd Overall for no stop as uh their Journey Comes to an end And it's a nice sport class send-off for Roller coaster and no stop and we will Advance SpaceX and Libya up in our Consolation brackets results official No Channel changes or basics in lababa Back in match number 10. no Channel Changes no Channel changes From the lower brackets Catapults and Clyde sitting pretty high Spanish B watching her live stream The duck has been found All right let's uh I don't know

I don't I did Dougie did you get my Facebook message I sent you something on Facebook if at some point between a heat You're able to bring that up CT has one Of those classic CT stories that we're Gonna share but we're gonna wait till The visual gets sent huh I I haven't Really been following Facebook you know The whole story I got the picture I sent it to Dougie we'll put it in the Live stream and then you can tell the Story Yeah yeah The duck story no yeah I don't I haven't Been creeping Facebook so I knew there was something about a duck I have a picture of The poster and we'll share it with the Livestream oh they know All right we'll uh we'll do that once uh We get that image and we have a break So big news coming up about the dock for Those that are aware but uh once we are Prepared for that It is a multi GP sport class Championship miracle That's all we can tell you at this point It was match number eight I think Clyde is your highest seed in This seat he was 35th in qualifying El Madera was 42nd in qualifying catapult Was 31st in qualifying I guess catapult To your highest seed The accoutron of course your bump up

From the lower group who is 53rd overall In qualifying How amazing would it be to see kujitron Bump his way into the top 16. well he's Flying more than everyone and he's got Something started let's see how it plays Out it's a Winner's bracket no Eliminations yet good luck Pilots armor Quants live on the tone lesson five Well some issues there for Clyde he is Going to be her first one down catapult Again your highest seed officially Was your leader he got a little Loosey-goosey still holding him off but El Montero and kujitron are right behind Him it's a pretty much a three-way Battle for third catapult now Catapulting himself up ahead and into a Gate and a loss of video there you can See the structure It is uh A triple you saw the interiors that we Saw an x-ray of the manufacturing Process it went into our gates and we Just lost catapult down in the Constellation bracket we will take him So it's El Madero kujitron and Clyde Looks like kujitron just ahead of el Madero here at this point notes El Madero headachron two gate lead Elementero about to go into lap number Two kujotron is reel in a man a little Bit oh no battery bouncer kuchatron at The at the turn and into the ramp that

Everyone was talking about that speed Ramp in the back straightaway but he is Still running second As Klein gets back up client is in third But his Clyde was lining things up on The ramp gauge right before the start And finish gate Clyde was gonna make a Challenge on kujatron's second position For the transfer into the winners Bracket to remain in the winners bracket But Klein goes down as well so down to Two Now Clyde back up gets through the speed Ramp gate and on to that lead lap final Lap lap number two as well and so their Gap tell Madero with about a 15 second Lead over kujatron in second who has About a 28 second lead over Clyde in Third and here's El Madero With the win We are finding out what is in the Box Here this afternoon as he wins another One Two laps in a minute 51 that's all it Takes to go to the semi-final the Winners bracket kuchatron your bump up Is in the semi-final of the winners Bracket he pulls a second Gudetron is up out of his class and well Putting everyone on their assets one to Finish up Klein can finish up third Catapult in fourth and we'll take them Down into the consolation bracket they Have a chance to make it to our final

Four as well I love the yaw spin Didn't like the angle it was a little Too aggressive there for Clyde and so Double takes and that's what it takes Says Clyde will advance into that Consolation bracket as well Well the fun has Begun here especially in this double Next group Results official we'll get sent to Bounce him up To match number 11 no Channel changes For them Clyde and catapult we are going To move you to match number 10 but both The have Channel changes catapult is Going to go to race band six no sorry Clyde to race band Six catapult to race Band eight Clyde to six catapult to Eight Back in match number 10 and no Channel Changes from Madero Frozen always a friend no channel change For Gujitron they're back in match 11. no Channel changes semifinal the winners Bracket That's gonna be a good matchup Nitro Tilker Critter F-18 El Madero and Kujitron that's in the hole we're at Match nine Aviator Osby one canubi alien Drew racer yup Basics labeba Clyde and Catapult on Deck And then the semi-final the winners

Bracket match 11 in the hole Foreign CT S Come on No more crying Quad retrieved You know I was all excited for the duck Update but Quad retrieval took importance I Understand It's match number nine this is a Consolation bracket race Bottom two finish in the bottom 40. Top two advancing closer to our final Four huge prizes to our podium in this One Orca radios HD zero Full systems And a backpack to our winner Good luck Pilots arm your quads live on The tone lesson five Underway and through we go look like Alien got the whole shot but We got pretty much a four-way battle out There there's not much separation in This one watching line of sight it is Pretty much anyone's game out there Alien Aviator duracer Osby one kanubi Your unofficial running order here at This point Drew racer running second it looks like Looks like aviators now leading aviators Push himself from third up into the

Number one spot true racer running Second alien third Osborne kanubi is only two gates back From them in fourth let's go on to lap Number two Here Comes Your Leader it's Aviator right behind him his alien look How close they are 1.2 seconds there's Drew racer on to lap two as well he's 1.9 seconds back from the transfer Position Osby one kanubi is caught up to The field he's less than four seconds From the transfer position in fourth but We need to be top two when it's all said And done aviators still able to hold him Off here up and over that hurdle section You go you see him doing fine just right There Drew racer 32 was almost right With him madru racer and alien right now We're grinding out over for position Over there through the box and through We go with Aviator Drew racer 32 right With them alien now is one gate back Behind Drew racer 32 from what we can See here in issues for alien alien going Down and so looking it's looking pretty Good here for Aviator and Drew racer Both of them across the line at about The exact same time Aviator I had a Drew Racer by six tenths of a second And so they will advance and so Unofficially 41st and 42nd overall to Osby one canubi and alien That was match number nine Results official coming up next Basics

Labeba Clyde And catapult RCT Everybody here is waiting on baited knee For the duck update So Uh lead us through it what is the story About the duck So uh you know as a race director which You know this Joe as you're walking Around you're hearing the sounds of Motors you know Pilots talking and you Know I catch this noise I didn't Recognize tools I look around and I see One of the the pilots Head in his hands You know holding back tears you know Holding back tears yeah just distraught To be honest you know so I come up and I Said uh Kevin what's wrong So it's a pilot named Kevin Yeah Kevin Turner well okay yeah yeah so So Kevin's sitting here and he's upset You know what's wrong you know finally Get it out of him he lost uh this duck Now apparently this duck uh is is Important to him he says that it had Imprinted on him whatever that means and Uh he's been lucky around all night And can't find it and so immediately I I You know I'm talking to my my wife I'm Telling her the problem and you know the Kids volunteer to help create some um Missing duck posters missing duck Posters which you see just to the right

Of the screen yeah yeah so they they put That together hours of effort Um to to create this poster so this Morning we posted them everywhere Um inside and outside of the porta Potties because we figure you know Someone will see him there and within a Few hours one of the pilots brought the Duck up so uh the reuniting It with Kevin uh was probably one of the most Impactful moments of my entire life Here we go making those multi-gp Championship memories and shout out to The Thomas girls great artwork Uh if found please call Mr Turner or Mr Thomas and I love on the bottom so it's A poster but this is like a Technological event so you gotta have Like high tech in it so they got like a News ticker on the bottom missing duck Missing duck missing duck missing duck So I'll I like their style it worked it Worked The duck has been found I took that photo I was using the facilities Chris is right he put him up on the Inside of the porta potties right at eye Level and like Didn't miss it normally I'm reading Trafficking posters like Do you want to be here I'm always like No Reach out to her reach out to someone

Who can help you reach out to an adult This is match number 10. it's a Consolation bracket race again I believe Third and fourth the 39th and 40th Overall in our sport class division First and second advancing a little Further in the brackets let's go green Pilots arm your quads live on the tone Lesson five Sun is shining it's getting warm and the Track is heating up here with our double Next division positions 31-45 for a Sport class Championship Basics once Again running his own race and there's The old announcer Jinx I say the name They fall out of the sky as La baby and Catapult gets by Basics now Basics with A mistake but within reach of our top Two and of course feeling the pain right Now Clyde who looks to have a blurry Camera has gone slightly out of focus There running in the number four spot But you got to finish your laps here to Stay alive and this is the opening lap Still a lap in a bit still to go as we Are chasing down La Baba she goes Through onto lap number two La Biba the 43 and change then we drop just a hair Back For a catapult 6.1 seconds back And so it's lababo the six second lead Over catapult who has a 7.9 second lead Over Clyde is flying through that blurry Vision but we believe at this point a

Pending review that he's done what he's Need to do and of course uh Basics stuck In a gate here on that lap we're gonna Stay alive with labeba if that's all Right two laps in a minute 23. she's Flying hot a 43 and a 38 second lap time On her two laps here our two lap races And our sport class Championship there Is catapults across the line And I think we're gonna save the quad That one's gonna go on the wall as the Champs quad Clyde's going to come down Finishing up third in that group which I Believe puts him about uh 39th overall In our field and Basics gonna finish up About 40th in our field that is it for Match number 10 here in our double next Group positions 31-35 Gun set for match 11. it's gonna be Nitro toker Critter F-18 El Madero and Kujitron you're up La baby catapult we're gonna see you Not on Deck but in the hole we're gonna See you in match 12. labeba we got a Channel change La baby race band Six Race band six for labebo when she comes Back in match 12 which is on Deck La baby catapult on Deck match 12. Along with Two other Pilots Qualified Which are The suspense is killing me Uh Aviator and Drew racer along with LA

Baby and catapult on Deck And then in the whole first and second In this race which Are semi-finalists in the winners Bracket Looking for kujitron you're back up Again kuji Nate Lewis asks a great question says Who's eligible to race in sport class Compared to Pro class thank you for Asking So the way that we have seeded our 2022 Championship same as what we did in 2018 No 2019 it was our first sport class Championship at Champs Daytona 2019 2020 2021 We have the qualifying season which this Year I think was from April to August And from there A time trial type course It's known as as the global qualifying Course was set up but multi-gp chapters Worldwide Pilots could fly that Almost unlimited times at the event Unlimited times throughout the season And from there we seeded all of the Pilots On a leaderboard based on their fastest Three Labs consecutive on the global Qualifier track I haven't looked up the stats it's on my List been a little busy but about 650 Pilots worldwide were ranked From there we took a knife and went at

The 150 Mark positions one through 150 Are pro and they are invited to compete The multi-gp championship and we're Going to see both 70 of those Pilots Qualify Thursday Friday and then Brackets Saturday Positions 151 through 600 Are then invited to compete in the sport Class championship and we had a ticket Limit I want to say 80 the first 80 That were eligible Could purchase a ticket and compete in Sport And so that is how it has been decided Who is pro who is Sport Thank you Nate Lewis for the question Here we go Semi-final of the winners brackets top Two advancing to the finals for chassis Ace well kujitron be playing JC Ace Twice here this afternoon El Madero Critter F-18 and Nitro tilker vying for A position as well good luck Pilots arm Your quans live on the tone lesson five Great shot of our launch stands the Entire broadcast team underway we saw Chase cam after Chase Camp through that Says straight away Timing I think it's a Nitro toker had That whole shot but he's now dropped Into second Critter F-18 and is your Leader then El modero and kujotron one Two three four Nitro choker just ahead Of Critter F-18 they are in a battle for

Lee now Critter F-18 with a little bit Of a battery Bounce has to go back looks Like he's got it straightened out and so Does that was that enough looks like Nitro toker having some issues as well El Madero and cugetron I don't think I've made any mistakes and they're Starting to reel in our leaders so this Could be another close one This semi-final the winners bracket Match 11. El Madero with a crash a Madero with a gato and uh sounds like That one's pretty much locked in there Starting with four down to three no he's Able to turn over his way out of the Gate Nitro toker Your Leader here after One a 53 second lap time kujatron Crossing over right Beyond about four And a half seconds behind him in second Critter F-18 has been able to redeem Himself but he's four seconds back in Third from second or that transfer Position And there's Al Madero he was able to get Onto that lead lap as well four Pilots Vying for two positions here in our Final four on the final lap chasing down Nitro toker Remember kuchatron had worked his way up Into second I think Critter F-18 had Passed him but Critter F-18 Has crashed out and he is now Turtle Moating Nitro toker is in your final Four

And it looks like kujitron is gonna do Two Chase Casey Aces here today kujitron Is in the final four as well your bump Up has bumped up working his way up the Ladder And so El Madero pulling up third into Uh match number 13 will take him Critter F-18 into match number 13 as well so El Madero Critter F-18 to match number 13 The semi-final the consolation bracket No Channel changes Nitro toker and Kujitron into our final four no Channel Changes for them either that was match Number 11. [Music] Oh choker What do you got a second come see me Nitro toker Nitro toker Come and see me Thank you sir Come around behind if you could Well my good buddy yeah yeah we're on 12th uh my good buddy lead fingers is in The chat says Scully bring on Nitro Toker and let's see his builds he's Renowned for the crazy builds uh the Cameras up there is this a crazy build Or is this a regular build what do we Got this is my custom five inch it's a 195 motor to motor it's got a Modular stack Mount so you can put the Stack in different places inside the Center of the frame you got your own uh

Wire stress relief cap holder and SMA All in one Pretty tight fit super strong the only Thing I've ever really broken on it is Arms definitely works well Yeah I would say so you are in the final Four for Chase the ace which means Charge liposed man charge lipos Congratulations Nitro toker Match number 12. 31. So like I said to Nitro toker we're Going to be running chassis Ace a few Rounds our top qualifier Is in this next race catapult your Highest seed here in our double next He's in the consolation bracket which Means Iron Man mode disengaged Is Chase the ace format where we run the Final four repeatedly until someone gets Two wins two Aces to be our champion Chase the ace has one caveat which is The Iron Man rule which is if the top Qualifier wins all their bracket races Into the finals so I guess it'd be like This into the finals then uh iron they Only would need to win the first race And uh two sets of brackets of four here Today this morning this afternoon and Evening And uh We didn't have Iron Man In either or we almost had our first Ever Iron woman

Rose was our TQ in the triple next group But I think it was the semi-final the Winners bracket that she pulled her First loss That would have been insane But a great showing all around Paul Adkins just walking down the line To ensure that everyone's got good video This is an Elimination race Staring into this Sue I think uh third and fourth are Going to be 37th and 38th overall Good luck Pilots top two race back to Back in the semi-final the consolation Bracket versus El Madero and Critter F-18 lots of racing still to go Arm your quads Live on the tone in less than five Well catapult uh wasn't the first one Off the blocks but he gets the whole Shot he is in the front of the field but Aviator La Baba running second third Tree racer fourth right behind our Leader catapult not by much they're only Separated by about 10 feet first the Second second to third still chasing Down catapult no one's got in front of Them yet but uh they're getting closer Looks like La Baba is now taking the Lead so it's Le Beva catapult Aviator One two and three they are tight there Is not room for error there for those Top two positions to advance and Drew Racer 32 is in the back of the bus but

Still doing his thing catapult got up Into lead and then another huge pass Right there as we put them on to lap Number two lababa leads then Aviator and Catapult were trading places for second Catapults in second and Aviator had to Go back for a gate now he's on to that Lead lap he's six seconds back from the Transfer position and we're chasing down Lababa La baby with that five second lead and She is flying just fine coming out of That TBS double Cube Second is still uh Aviator right he Hasn't even hit that section yet La Baba Has got this one in the bag To the checkered we go with lababa she's In the semi-final the consolation Bracket racing back to back She stands alive And now looks like catapult is gonna Join her El Madero and Critter F-18 as Well catapult is in the semi-final the Consolation brackets [Music] So that will mean Drew racer 32 Finishing 37th overall in our fields That is again he was 45th in qualifying Finishing in 37th unofficially And Aviator 32nd and qualifying Finishing about that in the number 37 Spot overall in our sport class Championship

And so we go back to back with labeba And catapult versus El Madero and Critter F-18 semi-final of the Consolation bracket is almost upon us Let's see if we uh Do we have some Channel changes to worry About results official Yeah we got a channel change for La Baba Labeba to race band one and up right now La baby to race band one and up right Now Catapult no channel change for you You're up now El Madero and Critter F-18 I think uh no Channel changes for you Either Yeah no Channel changes for them BL Madero race band Six Critter F-18 race Man 2. LA Baby Ray span one and catapult Race band eight So broadcasting today on the multi-gp YouTube channel and on all the live fpv Platforms On the livefev.com live page on the Multigp Corporate.livefpv.com page And I believe on Facebook on the Livefpv.com channel in addition to our MGP YouTube channel Tomorrow and Friday we're going to go Into qualifying and Believe that is going to be on all the Live fpv platforms we'll send some links Out In the multi GP Facebook page but

Tomorrow and Friday I believe qualifying Will be at multi GP Corporate.livefpv.com and multi GP All right now live fpv.com live And then on Saturday morning we're back With brackets for a pro class Championship That'll be on the multi-gp YouTube Channel and on the Livefpv.com platforms as well Lots of racing to get through This is our double next group positions 31 through 45. at three o'clock we're Gonna do warm-up laps for our next group Qualifiers 16-30 And then at 6 pm tonight it'll be the Warm-up then the bracket for the top 16. With our bump UPS we may see one of These four Pilots at six o'clock tonight Destiny is in their thumb tips looks Like we got some issues for labeba She's good all right Pilots arm your quads live on the tone In less than five Off to the Races we go one two three Four look like La Baba first one through Catapult right with her Critter F-18 in The mix and El medaro is the one who's Trying to get re-lined up back at that Bus in that Caboose try and catch things Up with our leader labeba and catapult One and two Critter F-18 is two gates Back La Bava leading catapult right now By about 35 feet here on this opening

Lap it is a two lap race top two Advancing to our final four for chassis Ace versus Nitro toker and kujitron And labeba just hit the bar the HD zero Dive Cube that puts catapult now up in The lead labeba trying to Turtle mode Right now she sits in second but Critter F-18 is about to go over the downed La Baba Critter F-18 goes through it and El Matero is right with Critter F-18 this Is now a battle for second here on the Opening lab Critter F-18 just ahead of El Madero catapult is well out in front In 8.4 second lead and now we got a Two-way battle for second but La baby Says let's make it a three-way guys but She's got some issues she is now a bunch Back about seven seconds back El Montero And Critter F-18 Critter F-18 leading El Madero they're separated by again 15 20 Feet not even a gate Critter F-18 still Leading over to that dive Cube here on This final lap El Madero still right Behind him next TBS Cube Al Madero just About me to pass right there current F-18 still able to hold him off low side Of the cube low side of the tower over To Orca El Madero has gotten by Critter F-18 crude F-18 is trying to put on the Pressure foreign Had to go back to the dive Cube Critter F-18 is working his way around yawing Spinning he's going to the straightaway Al madero's now caught up but Critter

F-15 is able to pull second up Results Are not official results are not Official Stand by results not official Labeba got back up Labeba got back up La Baba may have Gotten second Results are not official Results are not official Thank you Swear to God man I'm gonna make it soon Motivated teaching others what to do That I'm in motion there is Foreign So after DVR review Revolt results are Official as follows fourth place Labeba Third Place El Madero second Place and in our final four Critter F-18 And the win going to catapult after DVR Review So you may have seen the overlays said Uh something a little differently and Again I said results were unofficial Pending the review uh labeba crashed out Twice on lap one that put her she was in The lead at one point but that put her In fourth uh she did get back up went on To lap two then crashed out again And so during that race as I was calling The race I wasn't watching her and then I was watching Critter F-18 and El Madero as that was good watching but Lababa was able to get back up at that

Point however she got up and didn't Complete at least one gate it looked Like a section of the track was not Completed there and so she finished that Lap uh finished a partial lap and so Scoring saw her finish put her second But officially catapult and Critter F-18 These couldn't be down right now And as we are doing the charging thing We're just gonna review I'm just going To review this is for a huge podium Of course we qualified all season long Yeah if only I knew what buttons to push So we're just going to go to a slight Pause here we are going to we are doing A review Just before results are official And so results are Now official after a Second tail or review of the tape and so Our final four is Nitro toker kujitron Catapult and Critter F-18 Looks like we're gonna do a channel Change here for catapults Catapult you're gonna go to race band Six So of course we had a back-to-back Situation they're getting them set while We await our Pilots to be prepared here For chassis round one Let's tell them what we're playing for Fourth place here in our double next Group qualifiers 31-45 Will get an official High five from Chris Thomas the founder

And CEO of multi GP your second Runner-up third overall on our Podium is Going to get the fpv dock control radio From her friends at orca The names that leads the game in goggles And also some other Great fpv Tech and Gear including this minimalistic and Futuristic The Orca fpv Dot control radio even compatible with Sims A Reserve Champion is going to get an HD Zero Uh calling it a full kit With the new HD zero goggles this camera This video transmitter will get you 90 Frames per second so camera and video Transmitter from her friends at hd0 for Our Reserve Champion And our winner of the double next Against this Torval backpack Or retail value of it now how much is it I went to a couple online stores that Chose not to sponsor us this year so I Won't tell you which one I went to get Amazon This is not just the regular torval this Is the torval backpack Pro It is the quad Pit Stop backpack Pro It is 200 and 200 it's 199 that's your Favorite fpv retailer the winner of this Round of Chase Casey Ace of this matchup

Of chassis Ace is going to get this plus They will bump up too The next 16 group six qualifiers 16 to 30. now kujitron is in this one he is Our bump up from our triple next so if He wins this that means he'll have two Bump UPS two backpacks Probably going to exchange for retail Value because I want to take one of Those backpacks home We're about to go green chase the ace Round one we run this group repeatedly Until someone wins twice And we're going green Pilots arm your Quads Live on the tone in less than five [Music] Your final four of our double next group Look at this you're seeing Chase cam After Chase cam quad in front of quads And they keep Trading Places everyone Wanted a piece of the pie and a lead of This race and so far no gapping or Separation Critter F-18 was your early Leader there in that last section as we Go over to the tower Gates and over to The cube now catapult leading Nitro Toker running second Critter F-18 and Kujitron in a battle for third fourth And uh look like we got a little Loosey-goosey there for Critter F-18 Cru Tron now up into third Critter F-18 down Into fourth as we get set to bring your Leader catapult around onto lap number

Two but right behind him is Nitro toker Not separated by much only one and a Half seconds separating on them now in The brackets it was top first or second But now we're in chase the Ace in every Finish position matters for Podium and Of course for the bump up position and All those big prizes as well catapult is Now a gate and a flag ahead of nitro Toker trying to win chase the ace round Number one Nitro toker working his way Through that Tower section over to the Dive now Critter F-18 is about three Gates back from them looked like about Seven seconds last time they crossed Over in the number three spawn in Cugetron running his own race right now Just gonna get that first one out of the Way and put some pressure on in the next One getting set to wave a checkered flag For catapult he goes through the Finish Gate right there two laps in a minute 32. Catapult to your winner of Chase the ace Round number one Second gonna go to Nitro toker we spoke With him on the live stream not too long Ago kujitron pulling up third Critter F-18 pulling up fourth and that is Chasey Ace round one And a maximum five minute timer has been Started for those four Pilots to Retrieve their quads get packs in and Get set to run again with chassis Ace

Round number two It's an awesome bag I've been looking at those forever I Think torval is based in Europe and I Went over to Europe and everyone had Those backpacks I'm like I want one I Want one I want one yeah that's the norm You're seeing so many of those And that's the pro it has way more Pockets and zippered pockets and you can Attach more quads to it Reinforced nylon inside Pockets yeah I know And it fits into an overhead compartment Yeah just like that thank you Andre yeah Just Please sir So it's been a fun week and a rough week And obviously put in a lot of time and Hours or thanks to all of our cast and Crew Our volunteers and our voluntolds to get Us to this point A championship to definitely be proud of Your contribution from cutting the grass To building the gates To aligning the tents and the tables and The chairs and running the cables the Erection of the stages two of them Because it feels like a championship or Buddy Hefty Puente is watching us on YouTube once again hey buddy One of our favorite championships Visually was the

2017 championship in Reno Nevada at the Error races In Reno Nevada And there we were in front of tens of Thousands of people who'd walk by our Drone racing cage but there we had a a Stage that you could have any concert on And so much design Backdrops and Banners and one of the big Issues when we're trying to run a race Administration wise live stream Production wise etc etc Corralling of people making sure there's No distractions it'd have to be quite Proud of what the team was able to do Here and of course the inspiration was The 2017 Reno Air Races obviously a Backdrop here but if we can take a look Around at our At her stage and her backdrop at our Timing area our announcing area just a Little look here behind the scenes There's our pilot pit area off to the Side now tonight we're talking about how Great the course is going to look Tonight inside the pilot pit area we Have uh TVs and a huge like 10 by 30 Screen up on the top of the pilot pit Area a lot of memories in Reno everyone Watch around betting those chips here's A look at our flight line look backdrop So we can control the lighting you don't See everything going on behind the Scenes like The Wizard of Oz there's our

LED course but a look at the stage of Those gaming chairs and Administration with its corralling Looks nice visually you can hide all of The messes that we like to make Throughout the day There's The netting that saves lives There's a look at our 3D course with all Those gates with LEDs inside them or Around them plus inside all those trees Are huge almost like spotlights down on The course if you haven't seen the video From last night's qualifying Etc you're Going to see it tonight on our live Stream especially for our top 16. There's a look at uh yeah race control The stage I think it says the broadcast race Controls on the other side but there's a Stage the gaming chairs So we didn't know how much of an angle It was but all that stone is on a hill For obviously it rains in Florida to Make sure that the flight line is always Draining uh magically that that stage is Perfectly leveled but uh the stone is Different so they did a they did Excavating they did Construction And uh making the No Quarter Ranch a True home the multi-gp championship Making a This of all drone racing hosts a Superior one Yeah but if you're watching the screen

Stark right you see me on the screen Making this venue not only a great race Venue but a Superior one See that Yeah I'm here all week Yeah buddy chase the ace round number Two You got an ace to chase his name is Catapulty one chase the ace round number One if he wins this next Heat Tracy is Round two he is your champion Advancing in our brackets to the next Division which is the next Position 16 through 30. It's on Nitro who is second Cujo Toronto Is third and Critter F-18 who was fourth To get an Ace and push us to a third Round It could go as many as five rounds if Everyone gets Aces we go to sudden death We're going green catapult is your Ace To chase Pilots arm your quads live on Its own in less than five [Music] And to bring it back Bring it back Our first hole shot Of the 2022 multi GP championship I was waiting for you Paul But I saw it on the DVR too it's all Good For the middle midair rule I'm gonna Verbat or read it not read a Verbatim

I'm gonna recite It Off Top my head but If contact Between two quads results in a crash Before the whole shot gate we will Re-run the Heat Now the whole shot rule is in play here At Champs only in the final four what is Chase the ace and so we are in the final Four and uh look like kuchatron and Nitro toker may have made contact Nitro Toker went down And so Nitro toker now gonna maybe get a New Quad or a new prop and we will Relaunch it Broken arm And he doesn't have a backup All right so Paul Atkins giving me the Update there so we're gonna uh he Doesn't have a replacement quad so we're Gonna Swap out the arm We're going to swap out the arm and uh We're under a timer what is that timer You said five four You gave mate You gave him eight minutes all right Very nice Eight minutes Well he is the guy that we just talked On the live stream where he's like yeah This is a quad never had to replace Anything on it that is karma it is Chasey Ace yeah no I understand but he Was on the live stream saying how he'd

Never broken anything on the quad that's What I'm saying yeah he jinxed himself And uh it's not my fault it is Leadfinger's fault so but we're giving Them time to swap out an arm not the Worst and there we are shout out to the Boys in the truck Doug Kling of course Our live stream producer and Lead boy Who is running our cameras Ethan Kling Helping out as well Andre quadfather part of our live stream Video production team Bringing you the 2022 multi GP Champs Week We see the The arm being replaced Nitro toker It's been a crazy week I was saying uh How tiring it was we've had a few late Nights and we're pretty stoked to be Rolling through today pretty much on Schedule But in many different parts of life some Of us have other jobs and other Responsibilities and our primary goal is This event and making sure it's all Right so For me I like to roll in I like to fly Out in the morning arrive at about lunch And start working because I know that we Work until 10 or midnight every day so For me to do that I pulled an All-nighter on Saturday I'm like you Know what everything's gonna go fine we

Don't have much work to do I pull an All-nighter I slept for about three Hours on my two planes to get here I was My long Saturday To get here Sunday afternoon go to work We put in a bunch of work running a lot Of cables everything that we do and then Midnight I'm like all right I'm gonna Call it a day I'm a little tired but my Other roles and responsibilities at home Had some more work to do so I was up Till four so basically almost two All-nighters and then went for four Hours sleep Things were good Got up four hours sleep 8 30 uh the Excitement of Champs week and our big Setup day Monday four and a half hours Sleep or whatever I've felt refreshed Staying in the hotel here at the No Quarter Ranch things were good And then another long day on setup day Not sure what time uh once it was well Past midnight again we did the doordash Delivery And then so a little over tired I woke Up at three o'clock in the morning to as Most people in their 40s or older do Late in the night never get a full night Sun up sun down sleep he got up and used The washer I was so tired that my eyes Were barely open And on my way back to my bed in the Pitch black I think it was pitch black

But my eyes were sealed shut I tripped over my suitcase 3 30 in the Morning maybe four o'clock in the Morning My wife does not believe this story she She thinks I was in a fist fight but I Tripped over my suitcase went face first Into the dresser caught the TV as it Just about landed on my head and scuffed My arms and my legs all up in my Suitcase that's why I got a fat lip and A cut there's a look at Our Pilots getting set to fly over the Course of today and tomorrow Alex fpv is in the house There's a look at some of our eliminated Pilots celebrating Champs week Able to enjoy some more time on vacation Some Pilots just making the trip down to Hang out support others Yep You see lots of smiles And just another heads up that uh once We Award our Podium prizes here with this Double next group we'll continue our Live stream broadcast but we will go Into like a holding pattern or a break Mode We'll be inviting our next 16 Pilots at Three o'clock for their warm-up pack uh Everyone gets one pack to warm up and Then we'll go into the broadcast so You're probably not going to see them

Fly you're just going to see some of the Behind the scenes as we go into a break Before we bring you the next 16 position 16 through 30. Brackets that'll be honor about 330 We're bringing the pilots out here at Three so on our about 3 30 we should Start with our first bracket and again Uh we will not be bringing you their Warm-up packs as our crew has a as a Long day our first first uh 16 bracket was at nine then this one we Started a afternoon The next one we're gonna start at three With our warm-ups and then we have Another one at six and With your top 16 goes a little bit Longer than your other 16s and So we're going to make advantage of that Break But we will Leave some of the mics open so you can Get some of the atmosphere Let's look at Claire inside our race Control working really hard right now so Hard So hard Enjoying some of that lunch from our Friends the AM Vets Just another beautiful day here at Citrus Springs Florida the No Quarter Ranch The two-time host to the multi-gp Championship of course we cannot thank

Enough our hosts for bringing us back All that they have done for us here for Champs in 2021 and 2022 Lead boy and Lead girl Make us feel at home as they always have Even at International open not their House not their place they made us feel At home then Very accommodating and hospitable And we always get to enjoy hanging out In here they welcome us with open arms Literally into their house to host The world championships the Drone racing With multi GP For the pilots making the trip from all Across North America And pilots from Europe and Asia Competing Over the course of this event we have Some Canadians I think are we have Canada Mexico along with U.S here in our Sport Division so far Well we get into our Pro That's when we go super International Here we go overseas I think we have three pilots from Korea Here At least three Europeans I haven't looked at the roster As in a while but Welcome to you multi GP Champs week It was one of the hardest look hardest Working guys in drone racing the left of

Your screen there Chris Thomas our Founder and CEO of multi GP This is the attention to detail what you Can't see is he is stitching together The vinyl in the start finish gate just To make it look better Like a style it's multi-gp Gates got to Be the best looking gate out there multi GP star finish gate See attention to detail Thanks for waiting guys Well Nitro toker says thanks for waiting Everybody I'm set to fly so Nitro toker Kujitron catapult and Critter F-18 are Up now and Chase the ace round number Two the ace to Chase is catapults Nitro was second he has two points Kujitron was third he has three points And Critter F-18 was fourth he has four Points second third and fourth are Decided by your finish points the lowest Total is the higher ranked and of course Our champion of this double next group The sport class will be the first pilot To get two wins and so far catapult has Won Our winner of the 2022 multi-gp sport Class championship Is going to get a brand new set of Goggles from HD zero these goggles Combined with that VTX camera system I Showed you earlier gets you up to 90 Frames per second of digital video Jcas round two chasing catapult we're

Going green Pilots arm your quads live On the tone lesson five Foreign Everyone through I did hear a little bit of contact but No one no one hit the ground catapult is Down at the end of the front Straightaway and so your Ace is now down Trying to come up from behind as we Chase Nitro toker Your leader then Critter F-18 kuchatron In catapult one two three four here at Chase East round number two we run your Final four repeatedly until one of these Four Pilots gets two wins two Aces to Become our champion that pilot is also Going to get a ton more packs as they Advance to the next 16 group and get Some great prizes as well catapult or TQ Gets up and now he is hanging in one of The TBS Tower Gates down to just three Nitro toker crafty teen and kugatron one Two and three were separated Nitro toker Six seconds in the lead ahead of Critter F-18 includes a Tron kuchatron's 2.1 Seconds back from Critter F-18 and the Points are going to be quite interesting Because Critter F-18 was fourth the First time around and now he's a little Loosey-goosey looks like he may now drop Down into third And now he reclaims third he makes the Reclaimed second gets past cugetron so

Now we still have a battle at Critter F-18 and kuchatron in a battle for Second third as nitro toker is in the Home stretch off to our left hand side About to go to our checkered start Finish gate Great tip Ties on that one Chris good work look nice Nitro toker With the win two laps in a minute 41 Kujitron pulling up second Critter F-18 In third Whoa which means our bump up is doing Some damage kuchatron with that second Place finish Nitro toker is gonna lead on points and He has an ace as well So catapult and Nitro toker each have an Ace They win chase the ace round number Three they're gonna be your Champions But look at these points they are pretty Tight Nitro leads on points for the First and a second he's in the best Position to get something done Then we have a tie on points with Catapult and kujitron Pugetron is a third and a second for Five Points catapult as a fourth and a First for five points but catapult has One ace so catapult was a slight Advantage right now over kujitron And Critter F-18 now feeling that Pressure to get something started as a Third and a fourth but that Destiny can Change because Critter F-18 has

Technically three Heats to get two wins He could be Your champion of the double next group And another five minute timer here has Started As we do some drone retrieving Can get set for Chase the ace round Number three See I can't believe there's just 62 people Watching this on the multi GP YouTube Channel This is the best racing of the season We'd love for you to share along with us If you could Take the link send it to all your Friends family neighbors stalkers Say hello to Mr Odyssey Hey buddy Kyle sanam's asks why are they still Using rope for the doubles and the Triples Well We use that's not rope first it's Cajun Wrap we use that as it's a little more Visible Gives us as much tension as rope so we Don't have Ninja ropes Number of different reasons like The height we're also on a hill And I don't know if you know this but Florida can sometimes have some crazy Weather And during setup

And the first day we've had a little bit Of wind So yes we have used guide wires We've used them all all in play and uh They are pretty much required at this Point to keep this track up Also we love when there's comparisons Like well at our chapter race we don't Use them we don't need them Well we're not in a measuring contest Here but These gates are all made with One inch conduits or EMT And Were built on Sunday stood up on Monday And they are going to be used right Through until the end of Saturday early Sunday Almost six days And so it's not a just show up go up You want to make sure that they stay up And was it 10 days ago a hurricane blew Just south of here originally when the Last hurricane came through Florida The eye of the storm was supposed to Pass over right there Where I'm pointing the middle of the Course yes Obviously the course changed and tragedy Ensued south of here so we were we were Fortunate others were not as fortunate As us so That's why the guide wires are there now When we do have some time after we're

Done racing tonight when we transition From Pro to or sport to Pro There will be some adjustments to those Guide wires to take them out of a little A few of those tighter lines So that will happen Say hello as well to let's fly RC Sean Is with us Thanks for checking out the broadcast Here today this is our second set of Brackets of four We started this morning at 9am with Qualifying positions 46-59 we ran a Bracket basically 16 Pilots top two Moving up bottom two moving down our Traditional format However the winner Advanced from that Group into this one which we call the Double next positions 31 through 45. We have run two rounds of Chase the ace With this group Running at least one more maybe more There's all a Canada with us all of Canada we say hello to Paco joining us Here today There's a camera pointed at you Somewhere straight in front of you there You go Along with the rest of Team Canada So the winner of this group is going to Go to our next Group which is positions Qualifying through 30 the next 15 is how We uh originally called them and that is Going to be warm-up packs at three and

Hopefully uh bracket starting by 3 30. And from there We go to our top 16 that is going to Start warm-up packs at 6 00 p.m Eastern And then our top 16 for the 2022 Multi-gp sport class championship Will be just after six o'clock It has been a lot of fun No problem coyote Sam appreciate you Asking the question that's why we Try and monitor the chat also I had five Minutes to kill so I appreciate you helping me come up with Content There's one of those torval bags right There inside of the pilot pit area I'm Sure you're gonna see more over the Course of this weekend especially as We're giving them out as prizes Was it the rip stop torval rip stop Quad Pit Stop backpack Pro Oh my God Crazy thing about this backpack is you Can completely unfold it into like a Flat table That's great engineering [Music] Chase yes round number three We have two Aces Catapults has an ace Nitro has an ace if Either of those two pilots win this they Are your Champion getting prizes and Advancing So now it's time for kujitron and

Critter F-18 to pull up an ace to push Us to a fourth round let's go green Pilots arm your quads live on the tone In less than five [Music] Yeah buddy we are off to the races with A round of chasias chasing catapult and Nitro toker and they are your two Leaders they're grinding it out trying To see who gets that Ace first Critter F-18 has them in our sights though They're starting to pull away Acoustatron is in the Caboose now he is Your bump up from the early group so Gonna finish up way higher than he did In qualifying but he still has a chance To have a switch up in the show here as We have catapult Nitro toker one and two Looks like we uh each of them having a Few issues Critter F-18 gonna take Advantage of that situation now he has An issue in the back corner of the track As we go on to lap number two here Momentarily Nitro toker is now taking The lead and uh catapult catching up to Him Nitro toker pulling ahead of Catapult they both cross over seven Tenths of a second apart but here's Critter F-18 looking for an ace he's 3.9 Seconds back and when nitro tonker just Went onto his lid sliding Critter F-18 Team up into second so catapult Critter F-18 are your one and two if catapult Wins he's your Champion if Critter F-18

Wins we're going to Extra Innings and They're only separated by about three Seconds maybe less catapult is flying Just fine TBS Tower it's done is past The Midway Point here on what could be The final lap here for this group or Could be a warm-up Critter f-18's got a Little bit of a gear and catapult just Crashed into a gate Critter F-15 keep Doing that food too that you're doing so Well as we're going into Extra Innings Critter F-18 just went by the downed Catapult as we try and ascertain Critter F-18 is coming around to the straight We're going Extra Innings Critter F-18 With an ace here in chase the ace round Number three Catapult pulls up a second place finish And looks like one to finish up that's Gonna be kuchatron to pull up a third And that'll put Nitro Toker in fourth in This round So we are one step closer to Extra Innings If kujitron wins this next round We go to sudden death So you know those finish points to Figure out the podium second third and Fourth obviously the winner has two Aces We removed the aces right now Just the ace components We have a tie for first second and a tie For third fourth That's how tight it is going into jca's

Round number four So obviously Three Aces awarded Catapult and Nitro each have one and on Points they're tied for first and second And Critter F-18 has an ace but on his Finish points he's tied with kujitron Third and fourth Now the points difference is only one Between the split of first second And third fourth Catapult has a first fourth second That's seven Nitro has a second first Fourth that's seven kujotron has a pair Of thirds and a second that's eight tied With Critter who's got a fourth third And a first that is eight points Charlie Swank is joining us as well wish He was with us on site here today but he Had other commitments he'll be with us On Friday afternoon excited to see Charlie again he's very familiar with These formats spending a lifetime in RC Especially with RC cars where they have Similar formats of what we've comprised Here for drone racing he says Chasey Ace Is the most epic finals format ever it Is actually based on the Triple A Main Format which is very formal very popular Especially in the RC cars when it comes To uh eight scale intense scale uh more Eight scale electric and uh 10 scale Electric Where the final is actually three rounds Of however many people are seated in the

Finals and it's finished points but if You get two wins you don't need to run Your last one because you win one a Little difficult to figure out on the Finish points of the situation and so This was based on that with a few Modifications and yes it gets very Exciting but here in 2022 at the sport Class championships we're actually doing Something also popular in RC cars that We haven't done in a long time and that Is the bumps so not only do we have Chase e a similar to the AAA main we are Also bumping through Are brackets so which has made it Interesting especially with kujitron who Is in this final four he was in the Lowest bracket the triple next positions 46-59 He had an outstanding run and effort There he qualified 53rd of 59. he was in the middle of this Lowest group 46 to 59. kuchatron's 53rd Wins that and advances he gets the bump He got the bump into the bracket that We're in right now which is positions 31 To 45. and here he is tied third fourth In the finals if he pulls an ace in the Next two races and there's only going to Be two races if he wins an ace in the First he bumps up to the next 16. Position 16 through 30. That would be amazing

Now there were some races before we did Chase the ace that year I want to say it Was 2018 give or take I think 2018 was the Year They had some races and At The Forum the format of the race had A bump up component And it had a triple A Main at the end Component And there's a lot of excitement and After that race because some strange Things happened that made it way more Interesting than it normally would be Charlie swanka has probably four times Maybe 10 more uh 15 times more Experience watching RC car races than I Do or commentating them at least Um I have done a few years of it I've Run a few races so I'm familiar with the Format Charlie knows better but very Rarely does someone bump up multiple Races and very rarely in a triple A Main Does the TQ run the third because they Usually sweep the field that's what Normally happens however at this drone Race where they had bumps and a triple A Main at the end someone bumped like Pretty much from the bottom into the Final that never happens and there was Like massive ties in the after two of The AAA And it was like wow this is insane That usually never happens whether you

Got Thai tessman And uh that's the only RC car guy that I Can name off right now whether it's a World championship of ifmar or Roar Bumping it's fun for competitors gives Them a little chance However today this weekend to see Kujitron bump Think of that Almost 30 positions and he's in the Final four that's where it's exciting Like like we said when we even thought Of adding bumps into our brackets we're Like well probably wouldn't happen but How exciting would it be well kujotron Has answered that call And Best part about this chassis Ace format No matter if it's Sport Pro Beginner or otherwise You get to see your top Pilots of that Division run repeatedly There's a lot of drone racing and other Sports that have gone into this format To get it to where it is today RC well RC cars when it's Fifth Scale We'll do a double Which is based on Motocross moto 1 Moto 2. there's a little bit of that worked Into our jca so that's how we figure out The second third of fours based on Motocross So as Charlie says yes an exciting Format and unlike the traditional bump

In AAA main with Chase the ace Almost nine times out of ten It is exciting it isn't just a one-up One down now Iron Man sometimes it's Another caveat but it's one more caveat To make it interesting as we sit here For five days of drone racing It is exciting It makes it more exciting Charlie Looking forward to see you on Friday Your final four getting set to fly Standing by We have three Aces to Chase Critter F-18 has a win Nitro toker has a win and catapult has a Win the only one yet to have a win so Far in this division Is kujitron Who got two wins the last time he was in This pressure position If kuchatron gets an ace we're going to Sudden death which has never happened at The multi-gp championship IO Maybe Did we go to sudden death It'd be the second time ever we've gone To sudden death at the multi-tv Championship Let's see what happens Regardless of whoever wins it is going To be a huge win Of this heat jcas round four Pilots arm Your quads Live on the tone in less than five [Music]

Away we go they are hungry for it right There they're almost 4y through our Multi-gp star finish gate our double Next group battling for the podium Prizes the HD zero video transmission Mission system the backpack the Orca Radio so much on the line and that bump Up And kuchatron running fourth right now As we are looking to looks like Nitro Toker Leading the charge then Critter F-18 Then catapult then kuchatron here on lap Number one now the race isn't one on lap Number one But it is tight there is catapult on to Lap number two he's got a 1.6 second Lead over Nitro toker running second There's Critter F-18 3.6 seconds back in Third and there goes kujatron he is only Six seconds seven seconds off of his Ace To push this into this extra innings Catapult is on fire right now over to That dive gate section holding off the Field he won chase the ace round number One if he wins round number four he is Your Champion so far no one in front of Him but Nitro toker is only about two Gates back now one gate back now Nitro Toker a little Wobble Bobble wave a Checkered flag for your Champion Catapult Two laps in a minute 32. Second gonna go to Nitro toker now Nitro

Toker was tied on points with catapult And so Nitro toker a guaranteed lock in Second third gonna go to Critter F-18 And that is gonna put him third overall On our Podium as well and fourth gonna Go to kujitron and that is gonna round Out your top four What a finish for kujitron right there Finished let's talk about that Journey 431st on the global qualifying list that Made him 281st in sport class here at Champs finished qualifying last night in The number 53 position and now just Finished up in 34th overall that's a Gain of a gazillion positions for Kujitron Congratulations to him Making the trip from Virginia It's going to go in a slight holding Pattern and uh await our Awards Presentation For our double next group of support Class Drop Value Going up Good Yeah [Music] Foreign Foreign [Music] Yes We're taking a look in my eyes

[Music] Hey booty booty we're looking for your Booty Booty the camera guy Oh Greg yeah Greg Also known as booty So of course stand by for your Podium Presentation for our Double next group [Music] Warm-up packs for the next group at Three and then we are going to kick Things off again with more brackets Just about quarter after three or so Here we are They're waiting for you not me Well fourth place gets uh usually a high Five that's uh usually Chris Thomas's Job but he is busy fixing Gates which is Very important work and he is doing the Lord's work today so I'm going to have To stand in so uh we do want to Recognize of course uh your third Runner-up fourth overall on our Podium The guy has been our storyline here for The day fourth overall is John Lee you Know Miss kujitron come on down for your Joe Scully high five congratulations Good finish so qualified 52nd overall And I think you're now 35th overall in Sport you must be so stoked without your Performance today I I didn't know it was possible and wow I was really rooting you on obviously

I'm not allowed to pick favorites but I Really wanted to see you advance to a Double bump and uh man you you totally Just kept getting better and better and Better congratulations Um I know you're a sport class pilot You're relatively new to the game but is There anyone you want to think a sponsor A friend or otherwise for getting you Here for an outstanding performance here In 2022. Yep I want to thank uh ndrc Northern Virginia radio control uh for restarting The fpb racing program about a year ago Um Also would like to thank Eve my long Time partner a partner who has Tolerated You and your dumb Hobbies and yeah Well there you are what do you guys Doing for kuchatron your bump up from The lower bracket and in our final four We're gonna go to your second runner-up Third overall on our Podium he got an Ace a pair of thirds and a fourth and Gonna get some great prizes as well Third place getting the a getting the Fpv dot control system from our friends At Orca that's Michael crisp Critter F-18 A big Podium at Champs this has been a Long time coming what did you think About your Champs Sport Championship Experience

Well I'll tell you when my nerves calm Down because I'm getting way too old for This but this is awesome I've been doing This for the last four years I think it Is and uh I can't believe I made a Podium it's been great it's fantastic And in that third round you got an ace You must have been losing your mind with That habit yeah don't know how in the Hell that happened but it did it was Awesome what do you guys do for your Second runner-up third overall Critter F-18 Uh he was third oh overall position Would be 43rd overall right 33rd yeah yeah thank you how many Numbers I got in my head I had to try And remember it was Critter F-18 I can't Even read Meyer handwriting Let's go to your Runner up your Reserve Champion got an Ace as well and that is Wes Tompkins Nitro toker Come on down HD zero video broadcast System and the challenge coin Congratulations Your very first multi GP challenge coin You must been waiting for this for a While what do you think [Music] So a big moment of this race your friend Leadfingers is watching the live stream Says you got to get Nitro Toker in there To talk about his quad and what did you

Say about this quad and what happened Only broken arms on this Frame I haven't Broken the top plate mid plate or bottom Okay so all right not the worst you Broke another arm so I thought you were A little Jinx but you got through who do You want to thank for your reserve Championship here in this group Um I would like to thank my family my Wife and two children for allowing me to Do this and trusting me into starting Tokercnc.com and designing frames and Flying my heart out here we are a slit In a sponsor as well like a pro pilot Tokercnc.com congratulations your Reserve Champion Nitro toker and now we Go to our champion and Ace in round Number one and round number four when it All mattered is James Buckler you know Him as catapult Oh I forgot about your price yes this is What we're playing for This totally badass backpack Congratulations and your first ever First place multi-gp challenge coin you Can't buy them you can only win them a Great thing right there outstanding Racing what did you think about uh Racing against these Pilots especially In chassis Ace well it being my first Race I never I didn't really know what To expect so this was Uh Race To Remember a race to remember Now you know what happens next right

You've earned a bump and now you're Racing with the three o'clock group in The next 16 what do you what are you Gonna do strategy wise when you uh race Against those Pilots I'm just gonna keep it smooth get Through the gate get through the track Finish that's the most important thing That's the style right there go uh on The throttle fast get it done so caution And Care will get you there uh so do we Have any sponsors what is uh not what Does this even say Just a thing not a sponsor disregard That who do you want to thank for your Performance so far here today [Music] A hole for getting me into racing and uh J box for teaching me every weekend and Most of all my family for allowing me to Do this fantastic congratulations Catapulti is your champion of this Division and we're going to see a lot More catapult today as he is advancing With our three o'clock group as well if We can get our full podium in for a full Podium photo catapult Nitro toker also Critter F-18 and cugatron your final Four of our double next Division and of Course catapult moving up into our three O'clock division as well which is our Next 16 positions 16 through 30 getting Set to compete here on our championship Track well here locally it is uh 2 50

P.m Eastern we are just 10 minutes away From the top of the hour of course Repairs are happening here behind the Scenes and we are about to get set to Roll out With our warm-up round a single warm-up Round for our group which is position 16 Through 30. so if our Pilots can be Ready we will roll them out for their Warm-up packs as soon as we can again We're just in a 10 minute holding Pattern To get us to the top We're just trying to pull up my heat Sheets And of course our next 15 of sport Foreign I can't type the address So our next 15 a sport coming up that's Pilot in command Freedom dunk shaken Baker Tomcat specimen klaser quad doc Boss Life Cube storm fpv one team Mako Reactra daikon rook fpv and bend fpv We're gonna get you your warm-up pack Here in just short of about 10 minutes And for those watching online at home Thanks for being with us you just Watched our double next group fires 31 Through 45 the qualifiers we have two More brackets to get through here today To round out our 2022 multi GP sport Class Championship coming up just after Three I'm doing warm-up packs but we Will go into a coming soon situation and

Then we'll be back just after three O'clock with your next 16 group Positions 16 through 30 in qualifying Running the same program of brackets and Then we will take a bump up to tonight's Championship top 16 for the 2022 sport Class championship A multi-gp drone racing that'll be at Six o'clock just after six we'll roll Into that thanks for being with us here This afternoon Um go and do what you need to do come Back in about 15-20 minutes and uh we'll Be with Uh our preliminary round Heat number one Bracket number one in about 10 15 Minutes thank you Me Take out Foreign Finding peace in this presence Someplace Together Foreign Where Are you Showing me Another And showed me I could But you took it all I hadn't Frozen always afraid No [Music] Problem

Knocking down [Music] Nobody can hear you [Music] Still hear you nobody can know Nobody can hear you Foreign [Music] All you catch me I brush it off pushed it aside but I was Looking for you I'm always looking for You [Music] I must go on without you by my side but You're always Freedom duck How much Shake and bake I'm telling you baby I'll be right here By your side saying everything's all Right my life [Music] [Music] Freedom duck 44.8 Pilot in command 46.8 Sir tomtap 105.1 Freedom duck 42.9 Pilot in command 36.7 Sir Tomcat 43.8 You anymore First time Head It's my innocence then I lost my mind Think I still want you

After all you put me through Specimen Are you anymore Foreign [Music] Man you're not alone Specimen 48.2 Tell me Quad doc 111.4 Klaser 112.6 Own Quad doc 45.2 Klaser 45.6 Foreign Never Never managed to come Yeah yeah yeah [Music] But if you'd take the time to dig a Little Deeper take a look at my eyes you You see life [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Take a look at my Life [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] You'd see life you'd see dreams a fire Deep in me it's what I am how

Happy Wow I will I will not [Music] Spread Never know what is to come Hey Q44.2 38.8 Maceo reactor 47.9 Storm fpv 47.4 2037.8 Q37.8 Maceo reactor 47.9 Storm fpv 51.3 Pull me closer Foreign Take control Bend fpv I have a dream That's all I need Mistakes but mistakes make you strong Get down for me Cause it had no shame The best thing now best of me now best Of me now That's The best of me now Best of Me Thank you I swear to God Bend fpv 31.1 Daikon 43.2 Broca fpv 45.6 Catapult 54.1 To expand S

Daikon 40.7 Roca fpv 42.7 Catapult 47.4 To me now best of me now best of me now Best of Me Foreign Command Foreign Foreign [Music] Lesson five Who's just joining us welcome to your Next 16. last year in 2022 as we get Sent to a rock out taking our Fields Here one of the 16 Pilots that we're Gonna feature is going to be climbing Their way up our ladder and advancing to Our top 16 our Championship just after Six o'clock here tonight and a rough Start here for pilot in command he was In a corner right there the only pilot In this heat from out of state making The trip here from Missouri and well He's down in his first one but it's a Winners bracket losers bracket situation Top two move up bottom two move down Your leaders Freedom duck and freedom Dunk is on lap one of two sir Tom can't Sleep about three gates behind him I Believe and shake and bake is back up in The air we started with four down with To three and uh Freedom dunk your leader After one with a 48.9 to start things Off

Thompson advancing tonight winners Bracket bottom two into our consolation Bracket shake and bake is hitting about Everything on the track there's sir Tomcats at 13 seconds back on our leader In the number two spawn they're shaking Bake onto that lead lap piece seven Seconds back from Sir Tomcat in second And so we may have a battle for a Transfer position and shake and bake Going down let's see if he gets back up Again it's no guarantees for sir Tomcat But right now Freedom duck has got this One all on Lock by the looks of things There's a ding and the duck gets one Done Freedom duck with the win to Advance into our winners bracket looks Like just one to finish up Gonna be sir Tomcat Finishing up not too bad actually uh 18 Seconds back in second but first and Second is what we're shooting for in This one third in the heat goes to shake And bake fourth and the heat goes to Pilot in command and so we're gonna take Freedom duck and Sir Tomcat up in our uh Brackets In advance To match number six no Channel changes And then we will take Shake and bake and pilot in command To match number five no Channel changes No Channel changes that was Heat number One

Uh so we'd have a concern uh but we're Not going to review it as a review Wouldn't oh wait What am I searching for Just a challenge I thought they were a lap apart but uh Okay Looks like we'll have a DVR review going On the sidelines if I can have someone Come do the DVR review with me Uh we can run this race but if we have Any of our crew available to do a DVR Review That would be fantastic Foreign Good luck Pilots arm your quads live on The tone in less than five Foreign [Music] As we go specimen is your highest seed Here in this heat we got two Floridians Specimen and boss life here from Florida Quantog from Tennessee and klas are from Vermont qualifying 17th through 30th Here in our field that's the journey to Get to this point of course we are doing Those bump bumps and it's going to be a Big day of drone racing we're just past The Midway Point by one heat a lot of Drone racing still to go here today There was absolutely more fun than us Nobody got a little bit of a battle here For the one and two specimen and Quantum Doc up at the front both of them going

Low side of the Orca double high side of The Orca double quondoc just ahead of Specimen this is a battle for the front Laser and boss lifer back third and Fourth and so bragging rights and Putting that pressure on Quantum with The lead after one specimen one and a Half seconds back from him here on the Opening lap donkano cleanser he just Gone on that lead lap he is 4.8 seconds Back from the transfer position up into The winners bracket and uh could be a Consolation Brown jacket bound unless You can find 4.8 seconds here on this Final lap speaking about time specimen Has got a gear going here last year he Was on our Podium second runner-up third Overall in 2021 trying to hit another Podium but to do that he's gonna have to Win this whole section of our next 16. He gets a little loosey-goosey that Opens things up and quandock is now Right behind him and now quondoc getting It done quandock with the win over Klaser you got quandock five seconds Ahead at klaser in second specimen and Third 1.3 seconds back and boss life we Lost on that one there so huge battle Clays are getting in the mix and klaser Getting by specimen so quondoc and Klaser will be our ones moving on into Our winners bracket I mean says specimen and boss life will Go down into our consolation bracket

We're going to move quad talk and Glazer To match number six And then we'll take specimen and boss Life to match number five so that Storyline with specimen hitting our Podium last year is a journey to double Podium in sport a little more difficult But not the worst maybe a slight Advantage if you go into that Consolation bracket earlier you get one More pack than everybody to go into the Final we'll see how that plays out as We're under a drone retrieval and doing Some other Tech things DVR reviews what A busy day this is the 2022 multi-gp Championship week today is sport class Bracket day of course we want to thank Our local corporate and National Partners making it all happen of course Our presenting partner Superior one Roofing based in Florida and Texas why Have just a regular roof when you can Have a superior one Can hear you Nobody can hear you I know [Music] Somebody [Music] So we do have some changes uh and so Forth uh to get through so this is going To be a little fun so first let's bump Up quad Dock and klaser Clays are gonna Move you to race band one that'll be a

Change for you Quantic and Clays Are Back In match number six and then Specimen and Boss Life moving to match Five and specimen we're gonna move you To race band two So results official on heat number two But Heat number one we have done a TVR Review On Sir Tomcat And Sir Tomcat Missed a gate after his crash on his First lap and so He didn't go back for it he loses that Lap Meanwhile third place was shake and bake Who did went down on lap number two not Sure where but basically when you lose a Lap for not going back Um shake shake and bake would be 1.4 1.5 Of a lap and Sir Tomcat at most would be A 1.0 lap So for not going back on lap number one That changes things from our first heat That is gonna move Shaken bake up to match number six and Sir Tomcats will now go into the Consolation bracket match number five That is a change that we're gonna have To Make here And I will quickly do that so we don't Get too lost Well I can't I'm just gonna need uh I'm gonna need a

Minute here before we get too crazy I just need to like A little bit of time I don't know how Much time not much time So shake and bake is going to go to Match number six I'm moving shake and Bake to race band eight Sir tomcat's gonna go to race number Five gonna be on Race band Six I'm not Sure if those are Channel changes or not well that is Where we're at So we're at match number three cubes Storm fpv one team maker reactor you're Up on Deck heat four daikon roke fpv Bend fpv catapult and the holster Tomcat Piloting command specimen and boss life We're at Heat number three again set to Go green They tell me they're ready Storm fpv and Cube from Michigan one t From Utah Mako reactro from Maine We're going all around mostly North Let's go green through the gates Pilots Arm your quads live on the tone less Than five [Music] Underway and issues there at the end of The straight after the timer gate for Storm fpv he's using that HD zero feed And we see Rainbow Road not uh not the Best right there looks like uh into the Constellation bracket we're going to go With storm fpv starting with four down

To three As you have a push at the front Cube and Mako reactra Right together one t running third Behind them and there is Mako reactor Just ahead of cube here on this opening Lap and they may be the only two left in This one t having some issues one t gets Back up so still with three flying Here Comes Your Leader now Cube on to lap two Just ahead of mako reactra So a couple position changes there on That opening lab Cube and make a reactor And fine form But Here Comes one t on to That lead lap a little bit behind the Rest of the field about nine seconds Back give or take Okay this is just a warm-up and a Precursor this is our third bracket Session of the day here on Championship Wednesday at the 2022 multi GP sport Class Championship the new quarter Ranch In Citrus Springs Florida Cube now goes on his lid oh no I was Just about to say here's a Victory lap For cube but now it is Turtle mode in HD Zero for cube to get back into the air And macro reactra is going to be your Winner here match number three to Advance into our winners bracket to heat Number eight okay no Channel changes for Her Cube gets back up he's able to Redeem himself but not fast enough Not fast enough

One t gets by And one t pulls up second Cube You're on lap number three but uh one t Gotcha cube is gonna pull up third yeah Come into Land save your quad save your Lipo I know you're having fun out there Keep pulling up third by 3.2 seconds It was a battler who could Turtle faster And I.T is a faster turtleer than Cube Or one t That's the one thing we know Against scent four yeah I'm telling you baby I'll be right here By your side saying everything's all Right my life So results not official we do have a Review on that last run we'll go and Play but as of right now we're gonna Bump them up as if those changes are Real So we're taking one t and make a reactor Out of match number eight and then Cube And storm fpv to match number seven And that would mean No Channel changes for any of those four Pilots as we move them up And get set for match number four this Is in our preliminary round of our Double elimination bracket situation in This one we have All corners of North America represented We'll have the number 31 seed in Qualifying catapult from Fort Worth Texas

Our bump up from Our previous group From the double next Qualifiers 31-45 into our next 16 group Here's our bump up in this one we have The number 24 seed from Torah riviere Quebec Canada bend fpv the number 24 Seed The number 23 seed from Los Angeles California Roca fpv and our TQ looking to have Iron Man mode engaged in our next 16 group Taking the trip from Cleveland Ohio part Of cqs daikon number 16 seed overall and Right now our TQ going for Iron Man here In his first bracket race Pilots are set We're going green arm ear quads Live on the tone in less than five [Music] Off to the Races we go we're in match Number four You tried your best All Eyes bottom right hand side of her Screen of course uh catapult to uh was The TQ of the previous group was able to Bump up into this group and seeing if uh He can do a double bump jumping from two Groups he has been getting faster issues For Bend fpv or third overall seed in This one as he tries to line things up As we looked at daikon oh daikon having To go back to that HD zero Cube but he Had some breathing room he had a two

Gate lead over roke fpvs in seconds so That was not the worst for dankon as we Are playing a lot of these runs back on The tape he just want to make sure he Got the lap pass he got it so we get Them across right there Lost my mind And Rokon your two leaders here working On lap number two Bend fpv still flying in the air and it Looks like catapult we may have lost Here on this opening lap Endev PV still working on his opening Lap and so we got separation here we got Four seconds between first and second Right now And maybe a bit more There is the ding put daikon number one Daikon with Iron Man mode engaged Roka fpv pulling up second they're gonna Advance to match number eight in our Winners bracket third's gonna go to bend Fourth is going to go to catapult and That one is gonna be a lock we're just Gonna wait for Ben to finish up earn the Time on the track And could use the time on the track Let's uh you know just give him time Shake It Out Now we got that line there we go bench We got this one Just needed a second warm-up pack for Bent don't get no Bend yet oh Okay maybe we need a second quad for

Bent And so we do have a change on the Previous heat as well after a DVR review In the uh In the figure eight gate it went above The bar and not through the gate and so That will change the result of our Previous race to this one in match Number three that means uh it is going To go to match number seven and cube is Back in the winners bracket I believe I'm just going to double check those Results but I believe cube is now going Winners bracket bound Just going to do some things over here Just want to see about the bump up Situation with daikon and Roka yeah no Channel changes so daikon and Roca to Match number eight no Channel changes Bend fpv and catapult to match number Seven no Channel changes we're gonna go To match five in a second uh which is Sir Tomcat pilot and command specimen And boss life then on Deck will be Freedom duck shake and bake quad talk And klaser And then in the hole is going to be it Storm fpv Bend fpv and catapults We just gotta do a few changes here After DVR review One of the things that we try to do and It's very hard to do is we want to want To keep the race program rolling in Previous years we didn't really have the

Technology the people And the ability to stop we would stop Everything and and do a DVR review and Wait for that before we advance to the Next race But uh When we can we try to move along as fast As we can do the reviews in the interim And then make the changes for race Directors to make it a little easier for Us what we do is we bump everything up The results unofficial and they make the Change after if the review tells us Otherwise which it does and so it is Moving to match number seven with a Channel change Gonna go to race band One In match seven And Cube going up in our winners bracket To match eight with a channel change as Well I believe to race band Six That homework is out of the way as we Get sent for our first round of Tears Our first elimination Here in our bracket We're a match number five Sir Tomcat pilot and command specimen And Boss Life getting sent to fly So fourth I believe is going to be 30th Overall The third will be 29th overall And in this heat we have 30th and Qualifying boss life and 29th over Ulster Tomcat We have uh hire of this group 18th and

17th pilot in command and specimen So looking for sir tomcat and boss life To go a little bit above the barn Qualification see that more packs on the Track can be a good thing Let's see what happens Pilots arm your Quads live on its own lesson five Foreign [Music] As we go Because I see it oh we're good Little Stop drop and roll trying to make those Gates a little bigger your two highest Seats in this one piling command and Specimen they're out front in the one And two spot we just lost boss life and So that is going to make things a little Easier there for a process of Elimination that's going to put him in The number 30 spot overall unofficially But we're down to three sir Tomcat now Trying to find piloted command of Specimen specimen just ahead of pilot in Command Looking at this battle for position here Specimen again was honor Podium a year Ago trying to work his way back and Pilot in command rate with them those That fly together could stay together They're two tenths of a second apart at The timing line and uh well out in front Here on laps one and two to remain in Our winners bracket unless sir Tomcat

Has something to say about it but he's 10.3 seconds back as he gets onto the Final lap with pilot in command and Specimen Specimen was just ahead of pilot in Command but looks like he had a battery Bounce and that just opened things up For pilot and command to get back into The number one spot And piloting commands about to go to the Checkered but our storyline is changing Right now specimen just needed to finish The race he crashed out and now he is Trying to Turtle mode remember I said uh Sir Tomcat could really make things Interesting sir Tomcats flying over the Down specimen through our Checker gate And Sir Tomcat is going to stay alive Pulling up second overall to advance Through our program along with our Winner of match number four pilot in Command they move to match number nine And so that means 29th overall we retire Specimen and 30th overall we retire Boss Life in this group And so pilot in command sir Tomcat we're Going to see you in just a little bit Back in match number nine that was five So a break of about three and no Channel Changes no Channel changes [Music] I also want to thank Our friends at Orca goggles Orca

Not just goggles more than goggles in Fact on our Podium our Reserve Champion Couldn't get the fpv dog control radio Orca manufacturing a lot of great stuff For fpv gear but Renown for their Goggles and seeing a lot more of them Here in the flight line pretty popular With our Sport and pro Pilots Along with five three three on site for Part support here this week Hobby Wing we had to bits representing Hobby Wing over the course earlier today And we're gonna have Charlie from Hobby Wing here this weekend as well for the Pro championship Hobby Wing one of the industry leaders For flank controls escs Much much more even those hobby Wing Motors Seen a lot of those black bells on the Quads I also want to thank hd0 our winner of This group is going to get a full HD Zero System That is the new camera the new video Transmitter and The hd0 receiver to put on your goggles As well Thank you HD zero Now a long time sponsor of the multi GP Championship S are with us as well thank you to Mike And the team at gem fan

Hey thank you And uh Team Black Sheep as well real Serious toys one of the longest running Sponsors the multi GP championship Lastly I've been bragging about him a Whole bunch or friends of torval a brand New sponsor Whole bunch of those torval backpacks The backpack Pro On the line over our brackets today and On Saturday as well [Music] Here we go winners bracket situation Good luck Pilots arm your quads Live on its own in lesson five [Music] Seed in this heat it's going to be Freedom dunk he was 21st in qualifying Right behind him was pleaser and as they Go out there that's their running order Freedom dunk laser shake and bake quad Dock one two three four but of course The race isn't one on lap number one Freedom duck almost pulling a gate now Two gates ahead of klaser and just got a Little loosey-goosey waiting for klaser To catch up Blazers trying his best as his quad dog Could shake and bake [Music] This is a Winner's bracket which means Our top two advancing into the winners Bracket bottom two with a chance to Redeem themselves a little bit later on

And speak about redeeming themselves we Just went almost inverted around the HD Zero dive Cube bar laser not having his Round then he goes into the bottom of One of the Double Gates so running order Now is freedom duck then six seconds Back quad talk in second then 1.4 Seconds back from him is shake and bake So a battle for the transfer position Between second and third quad Doc and Shake and big bottom two are the ones That you're watching for basically want To go on board with third right now Shake and bake see if you can see the Quad of quad doc just in front of him You see it's a difference right now About two and a half three gates quadaka Had a shake and bake And now our leader Freedom duck just Crashed out Freedom duck is now trying to line Things up on the ht-0 dive Cube which Means we got a different winner his name Is quanda quad dock across the line with The win Freedom duck in second Shake and bake in third And so quantoc First Freedom duck 2.2 Seconds back in second shake and bake 1.8 seconds back in third and klaser It's going out there on lap number two This is for fun earn the time on the Track but uh that is how this one comes To an end quantock moving to the Semi-final the winners bracket along

With freedom duck Freedom duck able to Redeem himself in a big way right there And uh down into the consolation bracket We take shake and bake and klaser They're gonna be back in match number Nine let's see if we uh I know quad talk Of Freedom duck no Channel changes back In match number 11 and we'll see what The scoring software says for shake and Bacon closer that was match number six In the books And for all of our Pros who have made Their way into the no Corridor Ranch a Little early we appreciate you being With us uh no we promoted uh Registration open a little early well It's open for you right now Pros if you Want to slide up for the registration Process We are open for business at registration We don't need any quads we're not doing Power testing or Fail-Safe testing we do Have paperwork for you to sign that You're a testing that you've power Tested and failed safe tested just need You to sign some paperwork and receive Your pilot bundle Pro pilots on site Registration is open from now until just After Dark So we've got a channel change there for Klaser Clays are going to go to race Band 2 when you're back with shake and Bacon match nine no Channel changes for Quad Doc and freedom duck

We're at match number seven it's Cube Storm fpv Bend fpv and catapult you're Up on Deck match eight make a reactor One t daikon or Roca fpv they're the Whole match number nine pilot in Commands for Tomcat shake and bake and Glazer Foreign [Music] I have a dream that's all I need Strong Break it down for a minute It's match number seven Cube storm fpv Bend fpv and catapult third and fourth In this seat will finish 27th and 28th Overall I believe when I feel to 59 Pilots here at the 2022 multi-gp sport Class Championship presented in part by Superior one Roofing Locations in Texas and Florida I have a regular roof where you can have A superior one We're going green You want to be first or second good luck Pilots Army quads live on the tone less Than five [Music] Off to the Races we go whole shot looks Like it's going to go to catapult Remember catapults are bump up from the Double next group positions 31-45 and Now seeing if he can go up and do a Double bump get himself into the top 16. He's in the consolation bracket but a

Chance to get into Our top 16 is in front of us and making A statement here Running his own race right now just Ahead of one t it's kind of pulled in One t One and two catapult just ahead of one Team but not by much Bend fpv is right With them but bend fpv had to go back to The HD zero dive Cube there's catapult There's one t they're separated by four Tenths of a second there's Bend fpv Three seconds back from the transfer Position to stay alive And storm gets onto that lead lap as Well but he's eight seconds from Elimination unless he catches up to the Rest of the field still chasing down Catapult is yet to make a mistake but One t hasn't made a mistake either the Two of them are together and that's good Because we take two to the next stage of The competition one t just push it ahead A catapult catapult just reeled him back In no still one team just ahead of Catapult here on this opening lap Catapult now ahead of one t one t have a Little looser on that dive Cube but it Doesn't matter Y'all spin a death there for Bend fpv Bend fpv was making a huge push to the Front and tried to make a pass on that That big turn but unfortunately he will Crash out and so your finish order is

Going to be one t Anapol was second Me now best of me now So once again it looks like results Official win going to one t then eight Tenths of a second back it's catapult And then Six seconds back is storm In third and then That is gonna put Bend in fourth and so It's gonna be a sport class send off Here for storm fpv and bend fpv Storm finishing in the river 27 spot overall Bend fpv in the number 28 spot overall and that was match Number seven in the books just past the Midway Point here of our next 15 Brackets position 16 through 30 plus a Bump up we're at match number eight This is the quarterfinal round of our Winners bracket Mako reactor Cube daikon Roka fpv 1T and catapults you're moving up to Match number 10 no Channel changes for You no Channel changes we see you back And you're in the hole two away make a Reactor Cube daikon or Rook fpv getting Set Top two advancing to the semi-final the Winners bracket versus quad duck and Freedom duck Bottom two into our consolation bracket Versus one team catapult Perfect

So we've got two veterans when it comes To our sport class championship Last year Cube was 22nd overall the end Of the 2021 sport class championship Qualifying 19th to get to this point of The program And going to be uh high side of this one With a chance to break our top 16. For a better finish here in 2021 Daikon last year just inside of the top 30th sport 29th when it was all said and Done the dust settled here at the No Quarter Ranch and qualifying 16th which Makes him the Iron Man or the TQ of this Group and he won his first heat and so He has Iron Man mode engaged very Important tool to have him in in his Belt or his torval backpack and let's See if he's able to hold on to it means He needs to win this heat and it's a hot One good luck Pilots arm your quads live On the tone lesson five Foreign Looked like Cube got the whole shot Daikon got a little distracted by it so Cube your leader looks like Mako reactor Right with Cube once again is stage Avenue all over again from their Previous seat when they bumped up here And uh Roka right in the thick of things Right now daikon and Roca in a battle For third fourth now this is a Winner's Bracket so there are no eliminations It's just changes the journey into our

Final four for Chase the ace here in our Next 16 sport class Championship here at The 2022 Edition In Citrus Springs Florida Here Comes Daikon Roka Cuba one two three on two Lap number two daikon was able to go From fourth into first looks like we Just lost Cube and Mako reactor out with Some issues as well so if you're still Flying you're going to the semi-final of The winners bracket don't worry about it Things are good Daikon andaroka having a little bit of Fun Cube gets back up so I guess there's No guarantees But take on and Roca in pretty fine form Here too oh there's that announcer jinx Here Comes Roka interesting line through That back straightaway Almost caught daikon even though he got A little loosey-goosey dankon with the Win Iron Man Mode still engage that's a Pair of bracket wins her daikon Roka Gonna pull up seconds we'll take daikon And Roca to our semi-final the winners Bracket match number 11 and Cube and Mako reactra finishing up third and Fourth Cube I got you on two laps yep you're Good Jeff Bridges says Roca is as smooth as Joe scully's voice was Roca smooth I was watching gate count I was one

Wasn't watching a line so I'm gonna believe he was He was smiling Yeah it's two laps Yeah [Music] Foreign 's official well results are complete I believe everything's official unless We hear otherwise We're match number nine pilot in Commands sir Tomcat shaken Bay klaser You're up on Deck match 10 1T catapult Cube Mako reactor in the whole match 11 Quad Dog Freedom duck daikon and Roca Fpv got a couple Channel changes to Worry about here Roca we're gonna move You to race band eight when you're back With daikon in the semi-final the Winners bracket match 11 again Roca to Race band eight And into our consolation bracket we take Cube and Mako reactra Mako reactra going To race Band 2 when she comes back in Match 10 with Cube Miko reactor to race Band two that was match eight Yeah we're at match nine we're in the Consolation bracket right now Plays are where you at Curious I am super hungry Can't wait to the break between this Group and the next I'm gonna go over and Visit with the AM Vets

Got some good grub over there hamburgers Hot dogs it's all for us fellas ladies Support those who support us they've Been with us all event long Great grub Great Hospitality as well thanks to the Ambits You never thought they'd be spending Their week at a drone race but thus here We are we get to do this We are good to go they tell me third and Fourth they're gonna finish up 25th and 26th overall Let's go green Pilots arm your quads Live on its own lesson five Foreign We go match number nine [Music] Started with four down to two sir Tomcat You're not alone shake and bake just Crashed out as well pilot in command and Claser you're only two in the air at This point as they go into lap number Two I see OSD on-screen display from shake And bake but I don't see any image Behind it not a good sign By any means right there so pilot Command and Glazer have some fun on the Course you are moving on Here's the win for pilot in command Two laps in a minute 22 we're getting Faster A 41-9 and a 38-9 for pilot in commands

And claser getting two in as well 46 and A 45 for a combined time of a minute 33. A minute 33 including the whole shot and So we will take them a little further in Their journey and it is going to be a Multi GP sport class send off for sir Tomcat finishing up in the number 26 Spot overall and shake and bake into the Top 25 when it's all said and done That is again a one position for shake And bake he qualified 26th here this Week Finishes 25th overall That's a big gain for shake and bake the 68th overall in sport class and Qualifying before this week And so we will take that one to the bank Let's go to match number 10 one t a Catapult Cube Mako reactor or up on Deck Heat 11. Quad doc Freedom duck daikon and roke Fpv And then in the hole will be a pilot in Command Laser and the top two in this match Right here match number 10. is where we Are at Highest seed and this Heat's going to be Cube How do you say Last year finished just inside of the Top 25 in sport 22nd overall this week He was 19th in qualifying it's a gain of About three positions

Cube this is your heat The season Cube finishing 58th in sport I'm a global leaderboard Now this is an elimination bracket race What that means third and fourth Will finish 23rd 24th Here I go Match number 10. Here Next race is going to start in about 15 Seconds Those watching live stream see why The boy in the truck is outside of the Truck so he is running to the truck to Hit the button Oh you're gonna do it from there look at You fancy pants on your phone Here we go It's an Elimination race let's do it to It Pilots armor quads Live on the tone in less than five [Music] Fantastic launch here as we go four wide Through our star finish gate right there I was on board with one t right there he Was running third I saw two in front of Him he's now climbing up the ladder one T I think has moved himself up to second If not first one team Cube but they're Pushing up at the front but you got Catapult right in the mix now Mako Reactra I think is uh right within Striking Distance of them

This is almost anyone's game as our Leaders out to the back left hand side Of her field it's Cube catapult to then One t then make a react trip now looks Like one tease pushed himself back up The league catapult having some issues He's a little loosey-goosey trying to Get on wants to continue on in this Program and there's Cube there's one t They're a second apart onto lap number Two in the one and two spots there's Catapult three seconds back in third This is an elimination heat which means You need to be top two to stay alive and So catapult gonna try and reel in one t Or cube find three seconds on the track Let's see how it plays out and make a Reactor gets onto that lead lap as well 15 seconds back from the transfer Position and catapult that was that Ringer Dinger you heard out there the Pilot running for third just crashed out That moves up Mako reaction to Third and We pick up your leaders oh no cube is in A gate now make a reactress back up We're down to just one t and Mako react Right is the strongest Battle of the Fittest one t will get the win And then who gets there next looks like It's going to be Cube Cube pulls up Seconds so a little Redemption there all Around for 1T and Cube They will advance to match number 12. We'll see how the channel changes sit

With that And so it'll be Third in the heat for catapult no third In the heat for Mako reactor of fourth In the heat For catapult And so that is uh gonna put catapult in The number 24 spot overall That is from qualifying at 31st so a Gain of about seven positions through Our brackets and a bunch of extra packs Burnt as well it's gonna put Mako Reactor at 23rd overall And that is a big gain for her Saw her at the first ever sport Championships in 2019. 67th Then As she comes back here in 2022 just Inside of the top 50 on the global Leaderboard in the sport class 28th this Week in qualifying to get to our Brackets here this afternoon And then finishing up in the number 23 Spot so another game Finish the day Well back into the Winner's bracket we Go it's semi-final of the winners Bracket time This is gonna be fun There's a shot of Roka He's the third highest seed in this heat 23rd and qualifying this week He's one of the highest ranked sport Pilots here at the No Quarter Ranch

Though he was 13th overall in qualifying On the global leaderboard for sport Glass Now feeling a little more competition But Chance keep climbing up that ladder Got quad dock in this one he's been in The top 25 in sports since 2019. 2019 he Was 21st Last year is top 10. This week qualifying 25th but any one of These Pilots can break our top 16. Freedom duck 21st and qualifying we saw Him last year he was 36th so huge Improvement there gain of about 15 or so Precisions And of course her top qualifier for this Bracket daikon who's got Iron Man mode Engage Looking for this win for first Iron Man Of the 2022 championships Uh next race is going to start in a Couple of moments I need a minute I need uh I need 30 Seconds appreciate your patience I wasn't looking at the scoring screen As I move 1T and Cube up it looks like One t we're gonna move you to race band Eight that'll be the channel change and I think you guys are on Deck I'm gonna Reset my 30 seconds it's gonna be 30 Seconds or less stand by And here we go Pilots armor quads live On the tone Go ahead Claire

Standby disarm We're both clicking on the same thing Exact same time but now we are ready Take a breath though All right Pilots re-arm your quads Live on the tone for real this time in Lesson five [Music] A great shot on our live stream there Are the quads doing that preload or Ringer Dinger that was our leader and Our Iron Man daikon went from the lead Into second now almost third Roka and Freedom Duck getting ahead of daikon and Quad talks right with him he's about to Get back but he sees them in his fpv Feed daikon and freedom duck with a Mid-air right by the tower that moves Roka up into the number one spot it's Roca Freedom duck daikon one two three With Quan talk in the Caboose and fourth Don't quite Crown out quandock as yet Now daikon and freedom duck side by side In the battle for second right behind Eroka we just lost Freedom Ducks so now It's Roca daikon quad doc one two three And on to lap number two we take them Our final lap [Music] As we look to things here now This is correct it looks like quad duck Is leading this Quondoc just disengaged Iron Man right There

Quondoc is in our final four But now it is a battle for turtle mode Daikon crashed out on the final lap as Did Rogue fpv but Rook fpv trying to Re-arm and go if Roka finishes this lap Roka will go to the final four sending Daikon and freedom duck down into our Consolation bracket There's Roca across the line to pull up Second And results unofficial always we do have A review on funky things happen like That good job quandock Uh there's no back to back it'll be Piloting command klaser 110 Cube Then On Deck we'll have a back to back Okay If you catch it faster Foreign Match number 14. that is our final no Channel changes daikon and freedom duck To match number 13. no Channel changes That was match number 11. we're now at 12. I should have piloted command on one Closer on two one t on eight Cube on six Is that what you have But is that what you have with Pilots Results are official in that last race Right there so Juan dog and Roca in our Final four daikon and freedom duck with Another chance and Iron Man mode Disengaged don't count out daikon that's Going to bring him him in a little more

Aggressive a little more determined into Our consolation bracket we go Highest seed in this one's pilot in Command he was 18th then it was Cuban 19th Glaser 22nd at 1T and 27th but one T one of our most improved Pilots here Over the course are qualifying into late Night qualifying of brackets Two of these Pilots racing back to back One spot away from her final four good Luck here we go arm your quads live on Its own in less than five [Music] Underway we go looking at those passes Right there That was some good watching for sure Pilot command and cube in that front Straightaway almost uh connecting but a Nice clean race so far for four Pilots Doing their thing oh no clean race as Cube had someone in front of them and That kind of distracted him into a flag We go starting with four down to three As we Chase pilate in command claser and One t in a battle for second right now Pilot in command with a three-gate lead Glaser and one t almost on top of each Other here on this opening lap it's Gonna be klaser just ahead of one t by a Mere 10th of a second onto lap number Two that is a battle for the transfer Position that's a battle for second Pilot of command has a three-second lead Over the field is yet to make a mistake

But the good watching right here klaser Versus one t one t getting ahead of Klaser this time around over to the Triple the top two gates of the triple Over to the dive looks like klaser has Pulled ahead of one t now with a one Gate lead Glaser looking to not make a Mistake low sign to the tower one t is Hunting for him And uh there is pilot in command across The line and one t just crashed out so Klaser will go into our semi-final of The consolation bracket in the number Two spot and uh pilot in command with The win they will stay alive which means It is going to be a sport class send-off Here for third and fourth in that one Third going to one t fourth going to Cube Which means cube is going to finish 22nd overall Exactly well that's a couple of spots Off exactly where he finished last year Cube was 22nd in 2021 and gonna finish Up 22nd overall here in 2022. There's consistency And one t competing in his very first Four class Championship gonna finish up Top 25 21st overall for one t That's a big jump from 99th in sport to 21st So now we sit with a back-to-back Situation we will bump up Pilot in command and klaser into this

Next Heat match number 13. And we'll sort out some channels looks Like cube is doing a little inspection Picking up some parts so yard sale out There A few things ejected I got some Channel changes here piloting Command gonna go to race band Six Clans Earned or race band 8. Me Once again pilot in command to six And klaser to eight Semi-final the consolation brackets I'm searching for So again two channel changes here pilot In Commander racepan one and cleanser to Race band eight Semi-final the consolation bracket Pilot in command in six did I not say That oh I should have daikon on one I was looking at her cross side that was My bad Daikon on one Freedom duck on two pilot In command on six and claser on eight Foreign Checking out our live stream channel the Multi GP YouTube channel thanks to Everyone for hanging out with us online Say hello to Lundy fpv 1d's stoked to see quad Doc in our final Four Here of our next 16 battling out for the Big prizes and that bump up position as

Well Jeff Bridges says Jordan getting the Cheese ready to fly oh let's go But of course being closer Here we go semi-final the consolation Bracket Pilots arm your quads live on The tone less than five [Music] Well for the first time it was a Four-way battle for first right there Looked like daikon and pilot in command May have made some contact out in the Back corner and pilot commit in command Seems to be the victim on the ground Now this one a little tough to call Right here it looks like daikon has now Moved up into the number one spot no It's Freedom dunk then daikon then Klaser I believe but we push them all Around another little position change Freedom dunk daikon cleanser one two and Three on two lap number two They're separated by 1.3 seconds a Three-way battle for the win and Basically you just want to be first or Second to go into our final four And klaser with some issues there looks Like uh got some cheese on it daikon Freedom duck One and two does klaser catch up to him Not sure if it's gonna be possible but You gotta expect the unexpected Freedom Duck leading daikon by about a gate Here Comes Freedom duck Freedom duck is in

Your final four daikon finishing up Second 1.9 seconds back And that is where the journey now comes To an end for a closer finishing up Number three spot pilot in command will Be in fourth here for this group And so we go with a back-to-back Situation for Freedom duck and daikon And that is where the journey here comes To an end finishing up in the number six Or sorry 20 spot overall pilot in Command to the number 19 spot overall Klaser [Music] And uh that one is going to be under Review Results not official on that one we will Be doing a review Nobody can hear you [Music] Still feel good So once again we are under a review on That last one to ensure that the right Pilots advance Gonna give everyone a chance here to Charge up some lipos regardless of what The review says chase the ace or final Four is going to run at least twice Iron Man mode disengaged So our final four Is on Deck after a DVR review [Music] Foreign [Music]

[Music] [Music] I liked it I brushed it off pushed it aside but I Was looking for you I'm always looking For you [Music] I must go on without you by my side but You're always And so after a review of the tape the Results are going to change daikon Missed a flag and a gate on lap number Two Flagging an elevated gate over by the Triple section and so that's going to Put Freedom dunk in klaser in the final Four Glazer I got a channel change for you to Race band One Congratulations on making it Appreciate everyone's patience we are Starting to grid up Your final four of the next 16. quad doc Rogue fpv Freedom duck and klaser [Music] [Music] Getting set here for for our first round At Chase the Ace of course it's going to Go multiple times as uh it is wide open Here as we have some veterans some Veterans sport class Champions here in Our field we're going to start things Off coming out of our consolation Bracket back in 2019 was just off of our

Podium the number four spot overall 22nd And qualifying this week it's going to Be closer featured on Race band number One also coming out of the consolation Bracket finished inside of the top 40 at The 2021 multi-gp championship this week Qualifying 21st and with a chance to Make it all the way into our grand final Freedom duck is going to be featured on Or Ace band number two from our winners Bracket from the great state of California Competing in his very first multi GP Sport class Championship 23rd and Qualifying this week it's Roca fpv and Our other veteran this is going to be His third time that he's top 25 and Maybe his first win a sport class Championship in 2019 he was 21st last Year he was 10th and this year Qualifying 25th out of the Winner's Bracket quad doc gonna be featured on Race fan number six Pilots are set chase The ace round number one is about to go Live here we go Pilots arm your quads Live on its own lesson five [Music] And a restart restart Whole shot roll What He hit the ground oh that was my bad My bad So remember that one you drastically Missed

That was like the opposite it yeah yeah I thought you missed it again No restart them all that was that was my Error That was my error my bad That's my what oh my God that's my third Error My third one Oh my gosh Oh my gosh My bad It sounded like contact between two but It was a quad hitting the ground and I Saw one down So who owes me a Bud Light orange which One which was the one was a quad Docker Hit the ground no He's a closer No it was Roca Owes me a Bud Light orange obviously It must have been Freedom duck He has Freedom Ducks these guys all had To go elsewhere It was Freedom deck If it was you you'd hope I'd make the Same mistake too Oh yeah definitely put him on a timer Come on freedom doc It is Chase the ace round one there are More rounds Johnny fly ass Mid-America throw down All over again Scully yeah buddy let's Do it 2022 has been a big year for events

Loving to see a bunch of events out of The woodwork About a month and a half ago I went to Uh Australia for the Australian drone Nationals Last time I went to Australia it was 2018. 2019 we skipped and then you know what Happened 20 and 21. So yeah another throwback of some big Events I'm down Jonathan crumbs back So how's the racing game it's been great Ever since the first sport class Championship in 2019 we've absolutely Loved this format you're seeing so many Evenly seated Pilots racing together This year a new change has instead of Doing Um what we've done in years past and Most likely what we're doing with Pro Where we have Your top eight pretty much advancing and Then a big bracket to Decide the next date to compete with Them to make our top 16. here we've Chomped and sliced and diced into It's gonna be four 16 brackets All evenly seated it has been an Absolute blast there has been I mean you're playing this back you you Want to do a drinking game if you miss Most of the racing later on tonight

After we're done play it back you want To do a drinking game on a Wednesday night How many times I say battle for the two Spots it's not that I I'm running out of Things to say even though I feel like I'm running on empty a little bit it's Because it has been a battle for mostly For that transfer position we've seen a Lot connected there Couple of Heats ago first and second Traded places at least a dozen times And it's exciting think about drone Racing is you're always Always kind of rooting on the underdog You're always on board with second Because second gives you that chase Cam And you just kind of lean in a little Bit going ah try and push harder to the Right like just Make the pass to the right above go Below tighter line tighter line But then as soon as the that pilot Successfully passes the one you've been Watching Then you look at the other one you're Like okay pass them again pass them Again and that has happened A ton of times here today Okay no matter what happens Paul I'm not gonna say a thing no matter what Happens they could mid-air and hit me in The face I'm not gonna say a thing okay I don't think I think I'm at my three

Strikes I may have to leave after this Heat all right Pilots We appreciate your patience this is Chase yes round number one for real this Time let's do it to it arm your quads Live on the tone in less than five Super exciting right there when you get All four up here it's Chase Ace round Number one these are your top four of Our next 16 positions 16 through 30 Including a bump and well now we get to Watch our top four Pilots of the Division Race All Out Jonathan Crump Says how's the racing this is what it's Been like right here all four Pilots Within about 15 feet of each other all Of them going over the cube at about the Exact same time right there push it Through trying to ascertain who's Leading this thing we've already had two Lead changes already watching line of Sight Freedom duck has led now Cleanser's leading and now you got Quad.ca Roca fpv right with them in uh Third fourth battle now all of them Through the gate at the exact same time It's Freedom duck Roca quondoc laser one Two three four a second and a half Separating all four Pilots after one of Two laps down and at the timing line Freedom duck was leading so far it looks Like he's pushed himself up a little bit Further and he pushed himself into a Gate there is the karma from the first

Round heat so thank you quad gaunts for Making the pot right now here as we push Roca Roca going to that low side over to Orca quad Doc is right there looks like Quandock has now pushed himself up the Lead quondoc won the semi-final and he's Going to win Chase Yates round number One quad dog two laps in a minute 19. Two seconds back Roca in second a second Back from him klaser in third and Freedom duck unfortunately gonna pull up A fourth for him this time around And so Once we get the quad retrieved we'll Start the five minute timer we can start It now and assess after the quad Retrieval but trying to keep it within Five minutes here between the Heat says We retrieve and charge up There is a review underway and uh so Results here are unofficial but as we Have it right now quad doc first broke Fpv second cleanser third Freedom duck in fourth That is unofficial [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Alive Well we're successfully able to retrieve The Drone And results are Now official on that

Last race as officially reported as Not officially results are official as Earlier reported Through this Stormy Weather [Music] [Music] We're talking about my errors Yeah I made it I made a second error Chris Yeah just now you missed it Acquired leg slammed into the ground it Sounded like contact and I thought it Was another missed one like earlier so I Oh you saw that you saw my last error Yeah Um Those kind of Errors just show you Um at home that Joe is a real human Being and not a computer simulation I Know sometimes when he starts talking You think that this is maybe a modified Version of Siri or some sort of Projection that's there it's all through AI yeah yeah no he's real I'm a real Person And my feelings are real too and that Really hit me in the fields yeah I don't know about that part I think I also showed everybody that you Were real yeah for those of you who are At i o I'm a real person we all make Mistakes you know and during this break It's probably a good time to tell the Viewers at home that if you ever uh like

To have fun Uh you like to enjoy yourself yes There's an event that comes up every Year It's um many people refer to it as The Burning Man of drone racing whatever That means I've not been to Burning Man But uh it's the the international open Uh what how do you feel about that race Is what you can remember it's uh from What I remember it was great And uh one of my favorite Parts is Always the after party the tiny whoop Tent sometimes it's an early after party Yeah the rain delays can sometimes be The best part of the whole event A lot of memories you know what's really Impressive about uh the race that we're Running here is the fact that we are Keeping this thing on schedule There's been a lot of drone races in the Past that uh you know Pilots spend lots Of money Going to the event only to get two or Three packs For the entire event so it's really nice To see that that the experience of Coming out here isn't wasted I've seen Lots of numbers about how many packs Pilots received in the past but I think We're gonna break a record this year for The pro Pilots I think so so you think Yesterday there were 59 pilots in sports And almost every one of them got 16

Rounds of qualifying yeah that's Impressive especially for a single track Of that you know we've done that in um In in you know other events like uh 2016 Championships we had three tracks so Yeah some Pilots saw 50 packs as a Result of that but uh here with a single Track it's been a nice flow the weather Is absolutely perfect It could not be better that's 944 packs Give or take and that's just with one Day of qualifying where we go with Pro There's a few more I think we're about 10 more Pros than Sport and we're doing Two full days of qualifying well for Those who are watching during this break If you want to get involved in some of The conversation and drama there's a lot Of drama surrounding the Pro Race which Is going to be coming up uh we'll start Qualifying tomorrow some of the pilots Out there are debating arguing yelling Threatening that we should do two laps For the pros instead of three so feel Free to find those groups and just throw Your comments in there as well they'd Love to hear your opinion uh about that There's also been uh some some Complaints and issues regarding the left Hand versus right hand number of turns I Mean I think we have eight more uh Left-hand turns than NASCAR so that's Alrighty that's a win It's a huge win

I can hear Paul Atkins out there on the Flight line uh doing what he does best Which is yelling at people You know if a drone racing ever uh runs Out for him he could always you know Make it as a Auctioneer and then you do Go there You can see I can see him transferring a Lot of Technology you'd make a good Auctioneer Joe because you could just go And go That's it Have you ever received your Auctioneer Uh license no I I've been told to get it A number of times but I didn't want it to mess up my regular Rhythm Okay but all right now what do you got For him man give us 25 13. I can't do it I'm too tired yeah it would be bad if You got ruined like that and every race Sounded like an auction Looks like they're about ready Jca's round number two You got an ace to chase there he is in The center of the screen quandock so far With one win if he wins this next round To chase the ace he is your champion and Advancing to the top six team it is on Roku who was second Freedom duck who was Fourth or klaser who was third in that First round To get an Ace and push us two Extra Innings let's go green Pilots arm your

Quads Live on the tone In less than five Standby Little little false start action I was gonna call it but I said I was Gonna call anything Thank you Chris thank you What was my first big air of the week do You remember what it was I know I'm like Huh Arby's that was my first error this Week You know what no I'm not counting Arby's As a visitor no That was a good one too So many good decisions All right so false start charge two Roca Fpv So if he falls starts again he'll sit Out this round of Chase the ace but he's Not going to do that again he's gay All right chase the ace round number two Quad talk is your Ace to chase good luck Pilots arm your quads live on the tone Lesson five [Music] Another great start here for our field Looks like Freedom duck making our big Statement out front but just like we saw On Chase's round number one they're Gonna trade places a bunch of times Everyone trying to run their own race And oh no your first Ace just went down Quanta crashed out now klaser crashed

Out and that was with a gate I could Tell that sound that was not a contact Between quads down to two and every Finish Point matters free Freedom dunk And Roca fpv your last two here on the Track and it looks like Roka fpv is Leading right now You know it's Freedom duck Here Comes Freedom duck with a 41-8 Now Roca fpv is a little bit behind in Second looking for those finish points Freedom duck was fourth in the first Round and we pretty much blanked that For him as he pulls up in Ace if he's Able to hold on to this position right Here on lap number two he's got a seven And a half second lead over Roka here on Lap number two Charlie swanka says yes causemore Chasing of the aces always good well Freedom duck is making that happen right Now we're chasing a bunch of Aces and Here comes Freedom duck with his first Ace of the championship That gives him a first and a fourth He'll take that one to the bank Roca fpv Pulling up a pair of seconds to take our Lead here on points Okay So first and second decided now it's Going to be a tail of the tape to see Who went further claser or quandock Getting lipos in Now just trying to decide finish points

Yeah So third gonna go to klaser and fourth To quad dock Quad dog Crashed out first Points are tight Freedom duck and quad dock Each have an ace and a fourth They're tied with Five Points So they're tied second and third right Now on points Glazer It's going to be fourth right now pair Of thirds And roke fpv leading on points with a Pair of seconds but First is a pair of wins so two Aces First is decided Second third and fourth decided based on Those finish points Soroka is in fine form for podium But now looking for an Ace and a w to Advance another round Rokas first went out to the line do we Give him a bonus point for that maybe These four Pilots have done a lot of Racing to get to this point and nothing Has changed really much over the Brackets from qualifying Freedom duck was 21st Klinger was 22nd Rocca was 23rd quad doc was 25th out of 59 Pilots They basically all qualified together The same batch here they are vying for

That bump up position into our Championship top 16 a sport here at our 2022 multi-gp championship Now our top 16 is going to do a warm-up Pack at 6 p.m which means that about Quarter after six we'll be going green With their first bracket and one of These four Pilots is going to be in that Roster [Music] Foreign Foreign [Music] Here we go Jca's round number three If Freedom Docker quad doc win this one They are your Champion it's now on Glaser and aroka fpv to get their first Ace of the championship Let's go green Pilots arm your quads Live on its own less than five Great start here for the field once Again and another four wide battle Remember your aces are quad Dock and Freedom duck And pushing for that first Ace is closer Right now I believe has slid into second Okay Laser slid into the lead it's klaser Quad doc then it was Roca and freedom Duck and there's Glazer and quad dock Back and forth You got freedom dunk laser quad doc so

Klaser and Quan dock right now Battling for second place Freedom duck Looking for an ace to shut this down and Be our champion here on oh no there goes Freedom duck we're down to klaser and Quandock Quandock needs this Ace to be our Champion klaser needs a swin to push it To Extra Innings you're hearing the Ooze You're hearing the Oz and now it is a Victory lap for the pilot who is not Competing at his very first sport class Championship he was 21st two years ago Top 10 a year ago and now he's in your Top 16. Quan talk advances as your Champion Foreign That one back for second and third in That heat for our Podium lineup I must be wrong you can't be right A shot of Our next 16 Champion roll it out to Retrieve his Quan along with the founder And CEO multi GP Chris Thomas Squad doc a big part of our Fpv family It was a Social media influencer for multi GP Back in the day not officially but I remember watching the 2017 Championship at Reno watching the live Streams that quondoc was putting up got To see in the pilot pit area on the Stage race control the porta potty he

Was showing everybody everything what His live streams is our influencer of Course Father of art first ever three-time Multi-gp Champion Evan Turner so he's Been a spectator numerous times but back In 2019 with the addition of sport class Came as a contender the Turner family Pretty much taken the entire week off For Quan dock to race during the week and Heads up fpv to race on the weekend Got top 25 finish Don't think he's missed a championship And last year top 10 and also hero of The game here at the 2021 multi GP Championship Of course last year we had one of our Staff require medical assistance and Quad doc was a hero of the game Says y'all better call an ambulance This guy's having some issues Saving lives Racing drones And hitting podiums Speak about heroes Roger Dunn the DVR Review thank you Roger making sure that We have the finished positions correct Because For second third and fourth we have a Three-way tie for a Motocross rule to Decide the rest of our podium Well they're yelling race off but Roebuck States in case of a tie in chase

The ace on your points the last run race Is the tiebreaker and So based on that Review is going to decide our podium So roke fpv we also know he crashed out On lap number one so he's gonna pull up Fourth overall with a pair of seconds And a fourth Freedom dunk got third in that last race So a first a third and a fourth gonna Put him third overall Clays are with a Pair of thirds in a second he's going to Be a Reserve Champion and of course Juan Talk with a pair of wins he is your Sport champion [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] We feel [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign China Thank you And the Sanford Podium presentation of Our next 16 group of Pilots after chase The Ace reviews and tabulations Etc

Etc we're going to recognize first our Third runner up fourth overall on our Podium who is one of the highest scored Ranked pilots from this season 13th on The global leaderboard in sport class Fourth overall here in our final and That is going to put him top 20 in 2022 Roca fpv Rodrigo Camarena come on down For your official and ceremonious Air [Music] Yeah it's kind of the podium you get an Air high five for your efforts what did You think about the week here in our Sport class Championship I was good it Was a blast and uh I'm so happy to come And a lot of people say oh you're not Gonna get that many factors and for me Was like perfect now now I see and I'm Gonna be here next year for sure yeah That's a that's a lot of packs burnt who Do you want to thank for your top four Finish here in this next group There you go top 13th on the leaderboard Top 20 overall in sport what do you guys Do for Roca fpv fourth overall here in Our Championship let's go to your second Runner-up third on our Podium from Tampa Florida Colin Jones Freedom duck your Second runner up third in our next group You get high fives and some great prizes As well Freedom duck how about this huge Plaque right there for our next group And if that's not enough a brand new

Radio from her friends at Orca and don't Forget the challenge coin as well for The photos photo guys in here well there He is photo guy For booty Big finish here look at all the swag You're taking away how did your week go In uh qualifying what did you think About the event that was fantastic I'm Glad to actually make it far this year And uh little uh little drama there in The uh in the bracket surrounds a Chassis Ace but it worked out you got That Rerun got in the air got some Points Um were you nervous at all were you Shaking were able how are you able to Focus and get through all that that's Why I crashed oh there you go I like Your style There we go it's a Bud Light orange and Who do you want to thank for your Podium Finish top three in the next group Everybody Everybody's been fantastic love the Facility Well congratulations to Floridian on our Podium Freedom duck Third overall in the next group we go to Your Reserve Champion not his first Podium he was in the top five back in 2019 in sport class all the way from Vermont it's Jordan potvin you know him As klaser your Reserve Champion

Come on down Clavin you got to you got some stuff Coming towards you first look at this Massive plaque how awesome is that That's gonna go up in the Drone garage And A huge prize right here this is torval Backpack They just like landed in America these Are so hard to get this isn't just the Regular one this is the backpack Pro It's retailing over 200 online at your Favorite fpv retailer room for all your Quads and on the flight back to Vermont You can even put your plaque inside it To carry it what did you think about uh This week here at Champs uh it's just Absolute amazing facility everyone That's already been set is just uh so Kind and all the volunteers are making This happen for us I know how much setup Goes into a race like this and uh Well last time I think it was fourth in Uh 2019 in sport class so that was uh You got an air air high five from Chris Thomas that's all you got this time Around you also get the challenge coin Right there as our Reserve Champion the Next group who do you want to thank for This Podium finish at the 2022 sport Class Champs [Music] Uh like fpv who uh his parents and I Drove down together 24 hours from

Vermont so it was a long journey they Really supported us and uh other guys in Multi-order Vermont who did prints Designs I mean everybody came together To make this happen I just signed up on The fifth so I didn't have a lot of time To prepare for this year so it's really Awesome to have a good result and uh I'd Like to thank the company I work for Beta Technologies who uh let me take the Time off to come down here as well so uh Check them out electric Aviation is Pretty awesome amazing a Reserve Champion what do you do for klaser one Time congratulations Reserve Champion of our next 16. Thank you congratulations good decision Five days ago to come to Florida from Vermont too got snow today didn't we up There craziness and of course there was One our champion of the next 16 group Gonna be competing a little bit more Here tonight he thought he was done Advancing into our top 16 in Brackets Here in about the next 20 minutes come On down Mr quad doc Kevin Turner your Next 16 champion Oh wow I feel like I'm uh in a time Machine always uh interviewing Evan what Happened to Evan this is quad doc this Is the OG the original drone racer that The Turner family well your first plaque Here a sport class you got to be excited About that what do you think about the

Race and uh you got to be proud of your Achievement today I'm a big fan of brackets for anybody That comes to a race And uh you won the first round to chase The ace uh you're the second highest Seed in there so mathematically it Should have been yours but then what Happened in the other rounds oh I just Uh brain just stopped working for a Little bit well at least it came back For round four when it mattered the big Plaque is yours and I know uh I know That uh Evan is flying the digital now You are too HD zero is going to award You as our next 16 Champion the full kit The receiver of the video transmitter And uh the VTX and I think this is your First ever this is your second challenge Corner first First ever challenge coin as our Champion right there I mean you're Normally the sponsor the driver the Coach and the doctor uh but who do you Want to thank uh to get you here who are Your sponsors and friends and supporters Oh just my wife and family My wife's working all week while I do This You know she's watching what do you do For your champion of the next 16 quad Doc he is your champ Let's bring in our entire Podium uh for Our Podium photo

We'll bring in all four we'll bring in Uh Boca and Glazer and freedom duck and Quandock for the big photo And as that sun is just where it needs To be here in the sky and it warms up Here tonight we are about 25 minutes Away from rolling into our top 16 Championship a sport and what that means Quad doc you have a few minutes you got A few minutes but you're gonna be doing Some more racing we'll do a pilot Briefing for the top 16 just ahead of The top of the hour at about five to six We'll get those warm-up packs in the air At 6 p.m and then we'll get into our Final brackets in the evening here at The 2022 multi GP sport class Championship The top of the hour at about six o'clock Grade final congratulations So for those uh watching on the live Stream stick with us but uh well loving All the celebration there in the YouTube Chat we're going to take a short pause For the cause here again uh someone Asked so what is going on with these uh Nothing going on on the streams because We do take a little bit of a break our Day started at seven it's gonna go to About 10 here local time we had four of These brackets we've done three of the Four the home stretches here to round Out our sport class Championship but Coming up in about 25 minutes time we'll

Be uh going into our brackets for our Top 16 of sports we'll be erasing them Again and again top 16 double Elimination of the top 16 of sport here At the 2022 multi GP sport class Championships and of course it is Champs Week as we roll into tomorrow it'll be Qualifying uh for our Pro division on Thursday and Friday and then we pick up Again with brackets on Saturday morning So again the time here locally is about 5 have 40 in about 15 minutes we'll be Doing a pilot briefing we'll do some Warm-up packs you're probably not going To be seeing the warm-up packs on the Stream every pilot that is qualified to The top 16 gets one battery on the track To warm up and then we'll be back just After the top of the hour with the top 16 bracket for the 2022 multi-gp sport Class Championship it is going to be Awesome you don't want to miss it we'll See you in about 25 minutes time here on The live stream [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign Foreign Tell my story [Applause] [Applause]

Foreign [Music] Oh I go I walk away Foreign Foreign Thank you [Music] [Music] Foreign When you were growing up everyone told You that you were good Did you win [Music] [Music] Here I stand On the edge [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] All the way [Music] Foreign Foreign Must be wrong You can't be right Crossing the line Wasting time No reason why Try To paint your lies [Music] Okay

Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] We [Music] [Music] Are still but we move [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign Thank you Foreign So top 16 double elimination uh top two Advance and the winners bracket bottom Two in the consolation bracket right up To the final four which is Chase the ace At the very end uh as we go through the Program we invite you to please uh Follow along on the heat sheets as they Update dynamically multi gp.live sport 16 which is the same link that was Emailed out to you at about 1 30 here This morning uh multi gp.live sport 16 For the dynamic heat sheets only using The four channels and so our launch Stands raceband one is closest to us Then race Band 2 then race band six race Band seven or we get on the stage chair

Number one which is very cozy if you Haven't tried it out yet is uh race band One race band two race band six race Band aids I was that was a whole discussion last Night yeah yeah don't go on seven it's Not it's just not gonna work so hard Oh so with this we will be doing a false Start of course if you cause a false Start you get one warning if you have a Second full start then you'll be Disqualified that round uh we only had One of those for real happen I think Earlier uh so please don't fall Stardust If we catch it at the beginning Obviously we call everyone back if we Catch it at the end we have to do a DVR Review there's a whole lot of things in The rule book if you're really Interested in that you can read we don't Really want to do that but please don't Cause a false start if you're in the Winners bracket and your fall started Twice that would just put you in the Losers bracket but if you're in the Losers bracket you fall start that's Where you will be eliminated so we Appreciate uh respecting the false start It's going to be watched each and every Heat hole shot rule is going to be in Play when we get to the final four for Jca so contact resulting in a crash Before the whole shot gate uh would be a Whole shot we would call that back Paul

Would call that back I wouldn't call That back And uh but that is only when we get to Match 14 the top the final four the Chase is question from one of our Earlier brackets as the NASCAR role in Play it is as described in the rule book So when the person the winner finishes The race that basically uh is the last Time the door will open so when the Winner crosses everyone no matter what Lap they're on goes through as their Final finish of the race Uh so we are going to do not one but two Warm-up packs we're gonna run races one To four twice uh the data We're not Gonna have it's uh we reset it just Because we don't feel like doing any More computer work than we have to it is Only going to give you two laps Announced But what we've been doing even though we Didn't really know we were doing this is We're giving you a pact if you want to Do three laps go ahead don't destroy Your pack don't be silly but it's gonna Announce two laps if you do a third That's fine we don't care just don't Puff your pack Um but it's not gonna announce it and uh So don't worry about that but two Warm-up packs so be races one to four One to four and then in the brackets any Questions for me before I pass it on to

Chris Together All right guys well first of all thanks For coming to our race we're happy to Have you here seven years of Championships we started with the sports Class in 2019 and I don't know about you Guys but I think it's really nice for us To have this Sports class how do you Feel about it you think we should bring The pros in We don't need the pros here They say hello hey they're high Maintenance primadonna's you guys are The ones we like running the races for We're happy that we were able to exceed Your expectations yesterday for the Number of packs 16 packs that's 14 more Packs than you would have got if you Went to Governor's Island and got a Chance to race while you're out there at The Drone Nationals kind of proud of That one Um Here's what we're gonna do you guys we Want you to be efficient we're going to Try to make sure that we finish this Race under the with the LEDs out we Think it's going to be really exciting But we want you to do one thing really Really important Do Not Crash anywhere Where it's hard for us to get your drone If that happens make sure you to tip the Person who gets your drone down for you

You might have like five people running Out there to get the Drone perfectly Fine we also want to see a good show You're going to have a lot of people Here watching no pressure But the registration is now open for the Pros there's probably going to be a Pretty big audience tonight we expect to See some absolute amazing racing so I Want to see either you win Or I want to see you asking one of these Volunteers for a box to put your quad in Because you destroyed it in an attempt To win we all agree that we'll put that Much effort in Everybody good All right Great point there Paul there's a reason We have Paul here there's a lot of Wisdom in Paul right here make sure Especially as it gets darker you bring a Spotter up to keep to keep track of your Quad that way if you do happen to hit One of the obstacles which we'd rather You not do uh they know where their quad Is Got it Right and make sure as soon as this Event's over after it's awesome and you Tell everybody repeatedly how awesome it Is over and over to where you you know You're bothering your friends Then go ahead and talk to your boss Request off work for Io as soon as we

Announce the date because we want to Have this much fun but on eight tracks At i o next year and the only reason We're gonna do it is if enough people Decide that they're going to go there so There's really no excuse you've got Plenty of time if you have a problem hit Me up on Facebook I'll be happy to call Your boss And explain to them why you have to go It's not an option all right guys let's Go get some packs let's do some Practicing let's put on a good show Good Luck Foreign Foreign Foreign [Music] Foreign Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign Thank you To walk away Foreign Uh before we get started if anybody Happens to have a spare eye patch just Come see us up here at scully's Announcer stand please and uh let's get The first group up here

Heat one warm-up pack remember if you Have an eye patch we need it here Immediately pirate the more piratey the Eye patch the better [Applause] [Applause] Foreign [Music] You walk away [Applause] [Music] Our boat set to call up Pilots here for Our practice seats for those watching Our oh they're already here we're about Ready to go green on our practice seats For those uh watching our live stream We're in a holding pattern here on site We have our top 16 a sport we're giving Them two packs of warm-up that's eight Heat so it's gonna take us anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour and then we're Into brackets You got a video issue I don't really have good video on Race Band 2. I don't even know what channel you're on Oh you're on Race band 4 that's why I Think you're on four you need to go on Two [Music] I think that's eight Might be on a wrong band I think I got you on four again Those watching our live stream I believe

That we're going to start a new stream When we get into our bracket Maybe get some notifications and stuff Still on uh race band 4. Be getting a second quad or something is That what's happening yep Foreign Remember this is practice pack one of Two good luck Pilots Army quads have fun Live on the tone if it goes in lesson Five Foreign Hawk 41.6 Sidewinder 46 flat Cool width 43.3 Hiraki 48.9 Cool Whip 39.2 Cherokee 43.8 Sidewinder 48.7 Mayan Hawke 51 flat Again Cool Whip 38.3 Sidewinder 38.4 Z number one Let's Get Set for Heat Number two the number that come follows One fly Nick skybound semper fly Mookie If it is your first practice pack of two It'll be two fly to bits Alex T Bell on Deck free Farmers static quad dock in The hole You everything [Music] Is he number two practice pack one of Two for the group

Everyday All right Pilots Army quads live on the Tone less than five Semperfly 39.8 Linux 41.6 Skybound 41.8 9.1 X39.1 Semperfly 41.4 Skybound 39.4 Looking 41.9 X39.8 [Music] It makes it All the way [Music] [Music] To fly [Music]