2022 MultiGP Sport Class Championship (Brackets)

By | October 20, 2022

2022 MultiGP Sport Class Championship (Brackets)

[Music] The touch of our innocence is faded [Music] [Music] [Music] Training is one Foreign [Music] It is a wild Wednesday night we're in Citrus Springs Florida and this is the Championship top 16 for the 2022 multi GP sport class Championship we have Taken a field of 59 Pilots here tonight Down to our top 16 and we are into a Traditional multi GP top 16 double Elimination bracket to Crown this year's And latest sport class Champion now to Part of this journey all those global Qualifiers about 150 of them around the World 710 Pilots globally ranked and we are Downtown to these top 16 in our support Class division as part of Champs week Here at the No Quarter ranch with multi GP as we have Pro class going into Qualifying tomorrow along with uh Qualifying Friday and brackets again on Saturday it's only Wednesday and we are Just warming up right now it is a balmy 65 degrees here as uh we're going to to Try and heat things up on our track We're live on the multi-gp YouTube Channel and also on the live fpv Platforms multigp corporate.livewpv.com

Along with live fpv.com on Facebook and We are bringing you drone racing the 2022 multi GP sport class Championship Presented in part by Superior one Roofing along with five three three team Black Sheep and many many more we are Set to go green on heat number one the Pilots are now taking their seats There's a look on the screen of the four Quads getting set to fly on the near Side to us that is a Sidewinder near Side quad near side pilot as well the Number three ranked pilot here this week In the sport class representing the Buckeye state of Ohio right beside him His Cool Whip also from Ohio number six In qualifying here this week and uh That's a big jump 121st in swart class And qualifying to get here Sidewinder Was 15 18th of our field of all of our Sport class Pilots to get to Champs Third here this week and a chance to be Our champion here in 2022. beside them To the left we got Hiroki from San Antonio Texas he is the highest ranked Sport class pilot here this week fifth On the global leaderboard and uh sorry Second highest he's fifth we got a guy Who's four so he is uh the top one of The top guys he's had a good weekend He's 11th in qualifying coming into our Bracket here tonight at the top 16. and Finally Mayan Hawke from Scranton PA Along with the rest of the office

They're all here Mayan Hawke 14th 14th and qualifying here this week and They're about to go green it's not about Qualifying that's the journey to get Here and we're about to launch them Heat Number one of the brackets Pilots arm Your quads live on the tone in less than Five [Music] Off to the Races we go and if you're With us earlier today you're going to Notice something a little different the Course just got Amplified it is hotter It is Led with light fill it is drone Racing here at the championship super Stoked about it as we take our field Down to the corkscrew we got Sidewinder Cool Whip Hiroki one two and three along With uh Mayan hawk in the Caboose right Now he's gonna be uh working his way up Close two lap races here in the sport Class Championship on the big track as We get sent to bring them around here in Just a moment on to lap number two Sidewinder leading that chart just ahead Of Cool Whip there's Sidewinder there's Mayan Hawk there's Hiroki it's Mayan Hawk Sidewinder Hiroki One Two Three Cool Whip is in the number four spot and Seven seconds separating all four Pilots Your biggest move around lap one Mayan Hawk now you can see he's now two gates Ahead a Sidewinder who is running in That number two spot up and over into it

Looks like almost an air bridge right Now a sky Bridge with the LEDs a little Bit of a different experience the pilots Know these lines as we get set to move Them up In our winners bracket lap number two a Hot one once again for Mayan Hawk as he Gets to our checkered line two laps in The session he is your Champion Mayan Hawk two laps in a minute 16. Sidewinder Crossing over in second four seconds Back in two laps in a minute 21 Cool Whip two laps a minute 23. And Hiroki will finish up fourth in that One And this one is complete as we get Caught up from where we left off that Was a nice break that was a nice long Break that we had earlier As we're gonna take Mayan Hawke inside Winder up in our winners bracket to Match number six no Channel changes and Into our consolation bracket will go With Cool Whip who is third and Brokey Who was fourth there too match number Five no Channel changes A little bit of a different experience Out there here tonight looking at Heat Number two next to work fly Nick Skybound semper fly mookie you're up two Fly debits Alex and T Bell here on deck And in the hole free Farmers static and Quad dog getting sent to grid up Heat Number two

So Many great partners of this event that We want to thank we talked about Superior one Roofing they're our Presenting partner why just have a Regular roof when you can have a Superior one with locations in Texas and Here in Florida as well also we want to Thank Orca goggles we're handing out all Kinds of orca goggles over our different Podiums over the course of today and Radios we're going to be handing out one Of those fpv dog control radios to our Podium here in sport tonight also 533 on Site with part support torvill with Their backpacks on site as well all Kinds of great choices on our Podium Hobby wing Be with us Friday HD zero we'll be Talking about them throughout the night Gemfan and team Black Sheep our sponsors Making it happen Let's Get Set for Heat Number two No I don't know why they call it a norca Why do they call it an orca Well that didn't work Yeah no I understand it I also work for Fat shark yeah yeah Send me your fat shark Digs at the fat Shark Facebook page fat shark RC on Facebook Orca she says you know why they call it Orca because Orca is the only thing that Uh Caitlyn can kill a shark so the fat

Shark killings Yeah Except for I always wear fatties I always wear my Fatties fat sharks Uh just gonna do one thing we're gonna Start this race here in about 20 seconds If you could We're going to make that countdown we're Gonna start that countdown we're at 15. This is Heat number two good luck Pilots Arm your quads live on the tone less Than five [Music] What a great time for a drone race Semper fly is going against our whole Shot in this one highest seed here in Match number two is gonna be flyknicks Now fly Nicks is the highest ranked Pilot on the global list here in the Sport division qualifies from Canada the Number of four spots on the global Leaderboard you can see I'm already at That hobby Wing dive gain over to the TBS double dive Cube he's the one who's Setting the pace here in match number Two I think the trim from Saint Lauren Saint Lynn Lauren Tides Quebec Canada The rest of the field trying to reel Them in here on this opening lap just Warming up semper fly fly Nicks your Running order after one semper fly got By flying extern that opening lap They're separated by eight tenths of a

Second skybound is one spot back in Third 4.4 seconds away from the transfer Position but don't count out mookie Here Comes mookie onto that lead lap as well He is 19 seconds back from the transfer Position not the worst as we chase down Semper fly there's mookie we talked About the worst there is the worst as he All spend out of the course now he's Back in and he is on his way flyknicks Has semper fly in his sights as we watch That d0 video he saw a little bit of a Flash but semper flies got this one in The bag as well as he gets across the Line semper fly with the win fly Nicks Pulling up second three seconds back Third gonna go to Sky bound maybe and Fourth to Mookie Look like a world or hurt there for Mookie I don't think he was able to Finish it up looks like a skybound is Out on his opening lap or on his second Lap Crashing right before a start finish Gate gets it across to make it official Finishing up third We'll get set to move him on up roll Them all out there we are Semper flying Fly Nicks moving up skybound and mookie Going into our consolation bracket Locate a little bit of a different track Here tonight under the LEDs it seems After watching it time and time again But it does look prettier doesn't it

Certainly looks prettier I noticed most Of the pilots flew it a little slower Last night while we were qualifying as Well the pilots did move up a bit a Couple of seconds couple places and most Pilots did slower so our prayers to see How tonight will go Vs indeed yes indeed Looks like we got some Channel changes Here fly next we're gonna move you to Race Band 2 and you're back in Match six With semper fly and mookie we're going To be no Mookie's good skybound we're Gonna move you to race band one when you Come back with mookie in match number Five that was match number two in the Books [Music] After two kills three Two fly defense Alex and T Bell you're Out on Deck heat four free Farmers Static and quandock and then in the Whole Cool Whip Hiroki skybound and Mookie So here in this heat seat Heat number Three We have the number 13 seed Roseville Minnesota T Bell number 13 seed We have the Collegiate champion in this One as well underscore Alex underscore From Maryland the number 12 seed in Qualifying here this week last year he Was top 25. and he's already moved up a Bunch from his number 77 seed to qualify

To the sport championship and we got to Bits one of our hobby Wing Representatives as well from Fort Collins Colorado the number five seed Defense and your highest seed here in Match number three from Brookfield Wisconsin we hung out with him at Fair Bunch here this spring in April at the Ice storm race that is to fly your Highest seed here in match number three Looks like Dougie your uh live stream Chat is from the previous broadcast you Might want to update that up From match number three the pilots are Sent to fly Here we go arm your quads live on the Town in less than five [Music] Great start there's the approach The bits and two fly were almost side by Side to bits hitting the top of the gate But it's all good look at them almost Stereo optic the two of them Pushing out front of the field along With t Bell now T Bell running third Alex trying to catch up to the debates To Flying t-bell show just a little bit Behind here on this opening lap and down To bits Taking that lead to fly about a gate Behind in second t-bell in third and Alex trying to get reacclimated with the Sports here with the LEDs the bits on Fire second highest seed here in this

Seat to fly looks like he's trying to Get things acclimated I don't think he Even ran all of his uh qualifiers last Night Under The Lights defense t-bell to Fly Alex here's your running order five Seconds separating the entire field With uh defense with a 2.6 second lead But two flying t-bell now in a battle For second third what we call the Transfer position Tom two move into our Winners bracket bottom two in our Consolation bracket and uh T Bell was Pushed in front but it pushed a little Too hard into a gate dropping now down Into third Not sure it might have might have been a Little too much looks like t-bell just Dropped into fourth Alex up into third As we watch to bits and two fly here on Lap number two it's gonna be to bits With the win two laps a minute 17 two Fly in second three seconds back T Bell finishing up third LED for most To that race the end of lap number one In the beginning of lap number two They're gonna finish up in the number Three spot and fourth gonna go to Underscore Alex underscore Let's go to drone mom for the analysis On that not his personal best lap times There 39 and 40. Well that is true however It's tough with these lights no but it Looks so cool I love it I love it out

Here the the course looks awesome when It's shown last night and we got to see As he has Sunset and the bright lights Came out I could tell that this was Going to be a fun Championship to watch So there's a tough there's a tough pack To fly against I'm happy well yeah you're seeing uh You're seeing a little bit of transition Some people getting a little slower Under the LEDs we saw that in qualifying Last night and some having their best Now there were some Pilots I mean it is Sport and some of them this is their First year competition or just that's Where their skill set is at and uh all Day long an absolute train wreck but Then all of a sudden when we roll into The LED course they they jump 20 Positions no Channel changes for debits And two fly no Channel changes for T-bell and Alex as we take to fly and Divots to match number eight Alex and T Bell to match number seven we're at uh Match number four of our race program Is our final heat of the preliminary Round of course it is a 14 plus round 14 heat round here in our Mains of our 2022 multi-gp sport class championship In this one we have our bump bump from The next 16 qualifying 25th overall this Week for Maryville Tennessee quantoc is With us here in match number four Got some nice gear

Yeah he already got loaded up in the Podium and he's gonna try and double Down and win two divisions we've yet to See that today we've seen some bumping But okay so luck to quantoc we also have The number nine seed here this week from Hinesburg Vermont it is static Who's ecstatic to be here 67th overall In qualifying this season and already From 67th into the top ten and now a Huge chance to advance We also have from the country of Canada Just outside of Niagara right beside the Falls we have the number eight seed this Week farmers 63rd and qualifying this year eighth at Champs and here he is in this big final And finally we have our TQ top qualifier From Clinton Indiana that is free we saw Free on the podium at International open In the micro racing he comes in 27th Overall this season Last year he was at Champs he was top 15 27th this season but he is your TQ top Qualifier which means he's looking to Win each and every one of his bracket Races to have Iron Man mode engaged into Our final four chase the ace we'll talk About that when we get there free is Going to try and make it happen double A Says go free Kimbo says go farmers and Everyone else has got people behind him You know quantox got fans and static Does as well we are going green Pilots

Arm your quads live on the town in Lesson five [Music] Off to the race as we go pretty decent Start for the entire field you're seeing Some interesting launch they were Pre-loading their preload and we are Underway free Farmers quad dock one two And three static right with Quan dock so It is still a pretty tight group And free is doing what he did last night Just getting faster and faster pull it Away from the field he's three gates to The good he's already low side of the Triple tower now you look at Farmers Farmers was running second now he's got Some issues looks like Juan dock goes Down and so static now back up into Second and now it's gonna be a race to Try and catch up for farmers and Quantock they've dropped down into third And fourth We're up at the front of the field we're On lap number two now for free he had a 36 and change lap time 10 seconds back Across the line static on to lap number Two but solid in that number two spot Now Farmers is back up into this thing But he is 7.3 seconds back from the Transfer position as he gets onto that Lead lap in final lap and Quan dock is Back up as well guys he gets on to the Final lap watch this across the line we Go but he is about 20 seconds back so

Looking for a crash up in front of him As free we'll get it done a 30 a pair of 36s consistent laps 36-8 36-0 to get the Win now after lap one get a ten and a Half second lead over the field I think He about doubled it As we looked at static across over next Yeah it's about a 16.8 second deficit But a static is over in second he will Take that as he will advance in the Winners brackets Third in the match gonna go to Farmers Into the consolation bracket we will Take him and quantoc finishing strong as Well getting his two laps in but uh Quant talk now will go into our Consolation bracket as well so third and Fourth farmers in Quad dock are gonna be Back in match number seven Free and static your top two advancing In our winners bracket to match number Eight we'll figure out some Channel Changes there in just a little bit [Music] We go to these are playing well this is The championship we're focusing we're Focusing You had such a great sound mix going Awesome Yes it was very entertaining we heard Country Hard Rock Top It's a little booty popping music of Course

We do have a couple of Channel changes To talk about Quant talk you're gonna go To race span one when you come back with Farmers in match seven And it looks like static we're gonna Move you to Nope static's gonna stay where he is Free is gonna go to race band eight when You come back in match number eight free To race band eight when we come back to Match number eight That was Heat number four the books Foreign [Music] Match number five [Music] It's gonna be cool with Hiroki and Skybound and mookie you're out On dank match number six Mayan Hawke Sidewinder semper fly and fly Nicks in The whole match number 17 Bell Underscore Alex underscore farmers and Quad Dot Where's the Big Talk uh on the town Going into the championship is that Brand new system from HP zero one of our Great sponsors of the 2022 multi GP Sport class Championship with their Brand new camera their brand new video Transmitter and the brand new Hd0 goggle Pilots are able to go from 60 Frames a second up to 90 frames per Second Did someone Jack the HD zero prototype

Goggles that were on my desk all day I was going to show everybody the Goggles but someone jacked them so I Guess we're not giving away we were Going to give away a brand new pair of HD zero goggles the new ones the 90 Frames per second ones to the winner of The sport championship Someone stole them off my table I'm sure they just took him home This is match number five bottom two are Eliminated finishing 16th and 17th Overall Thompson advancing Let's go green Pilots arm your quads Live on the tone less than five [Music] We are green we are alive look like cool Whip with the whole shot and leading the Charge out front but he just got Lucy Goosey opening the door for Hiroki Hiroki getting a little disorientated to See those LED quads flying behind him Looks like heroki just dropped down into Third as we are chasing Mookie And Cool Whip there goes mookie through The dive and skybound Skybound and Cool Whip were in a battle For second we just lost mookie which Means cool up his skybound battling for The lead with Hiroki in third Night tonight That is where his Journey's gonna come To an end unless he's able to Turtle Mode his way out of the mess that's

Going to put him 16th overall I believe The running order here Cool Whip Hiroki Skybound one two and three your final Three in the air going on to their final Lap skybound is two seconds back off of Hiroki as they chase down Cool Whip Cool Whip goes through the dive box now cool Deck Cool Whip is on his lid Hiroki just Took the lead Skybound just had the door open up huge For him Because he's now still holding strong in Second now Cool Whip down to third cool If he's going to be trying to play Catch-up but I just don't think that There is enough track left heroki is Going to get the win Of match number five Hiroki getting it Done skybound pulling up second goes From fourth up into second third back Into second and skybound gonna stay Alive But he wants to finish strong look at Him coming on back in the next course [Music] Yeah mookie just gonna Finish that last bit of maw round it out Gonna finish up in the number 16 spawn Overall in our field to sport Last year he was top 10 he finished Eighth overall On the global leaderboard he was 12th in Sport coming into this thing 15th and qualifying get a fish up 16th

Overall so That's about right good finish right There for mookie how about a nice sport Class send down for him And Cool Whip sixth in qualifying here This week gonna finish up in the number 15 spot overall that was match number Five in the books As we get sent to advance heroki and Skybound a little further on in the Brackets we're gonna be back in match Number nine no Channel changes no Channel changes for rookie and skybound So that's what I like to see I like to See why the pilot just gets right back Up that they don't give up throughout The race and I thought he would sound For the count but he came up finished And I believe it was uh CK's guidance Out to the pilots to either have your Class go back in a box It's pretty finished at all that's right That's what Chris Thomas said during the Pilot briefing says I weather wants you To win it or ask for a box for all your Quad parts say a little is joining us on The multi-gp YouTube channel we'll say Hello to Shelby Vol he's uh stoked to Watch our show here tonight always Great to hang out with Shelby volbe also Want to say hello to uh super dizzy die Says Hey Scully really cool track and These boys are quick Yeah they are this is our sport class

Division So to get to this uh to get to the Championship you had to run at a global Qualifier be ranked on the global Leaderboard 710 Pilots were ranked globally on a Global qualifier track which is a Predefined track set up identically in Different chapters fields and In arenas Etc Etc Times are submitted at the end of the Event Pilots are globally ranked Positions one through 150 are invited to Our Pro class Championship we're going To see those Pilots competing over the Course of Tomorrow Friday and Saturday then Positions 151 in onward are invited to The sport class Championship I believe The top 30 had a guaranteed seat and Then after a deadline everybody who has Ranked was invited first uh 80 tickets Or something sold And so that is how we qualified these Pilots to the sport Championship it has Been some great watches 59 a crack to be Potential a lot Of the potential of light you know has Anyone told you you're really good at Math well yeah math is usually my thing But It's out of

It was 59. 59 out of a possible 560. Not the worst although I have seen you Do math in your head and you aren't good At that last night you're up really late Doing all that subtraction and addition Yeah I even did some Division I impressed Everybody wow This match number six this is a winners Bracket race top two Advanced to the Semi-final the winners bracket good luck Pilots we're going green Arm your quads Live on the town in less than five [Music] Big start with authority with a Statement Looking at Mayan Hawk Semper flies Sidewinder then fly Nicks One two three and four but a tight Grouping they're only separated by about 40 feet here on this opening lap of Course two lap races here on this big Track it's taken most of these Pilots About 35 to 40 seconds to do a lap There's only so much Ma or power in Their lipos and well the racing Continues to be tight here in the final Throws Leading through that charge there he is On to lap number two it's Mayan Hawk Then Sidewinder then simple flying then Fly Nicks 2.8 seconds separating all Four pilots and issues with semper fly

Dropping him down to Fourth moving Flyknicks up into third but it looks Like flyknix has already climbed up Trying to reel in Mayan Hawk Mayan Hawke Now through that dive Cube then Sidewinder running second then fly Nicks Running third and here comes Semper fly about to catch up as well This is the final lap it is a Winner's Bracket race no eliminations but we're Getting sent to wave a checkered flag Mayan Hawk holds on to it he gets the Win The lead of lap one flyknix goes from Zero to Hero goes from fourth up into Second flyknick's pulling up second And then 2.4 seconds back we have Sidewinder in third and then one to Finish up it's gonna be semper fly gotta Finish strong earning the time on the Track And that was a hot race right there a Biggest recovery for fly Nicks got a Little loosey-goosey but talk about grit Determination and concentration to be Able to not let it affect them and get One of her top two positions to advance In her bracket Ryan Hawk's having a really good night Representative You know he's in a newlywed Oh wait really he is how do you get the Permission to go to the sport class Championship his wife's here too oh

There you go that's one way to do it There they are hey happy honeymoon she's Supposed to show me What a great honey this is their Honeymoon On their real honeymoon Or they went to Florida for their Honeymoon to get coveted depends on It's all how you interpret it no no we Do not have covered now Ryan Hawkins moving up in our winners Bracket we are going to take them to Match number 11 no Channel changes Sidewinder and semper fly we're going to Take you to match number nine it looks Like Channel changes for both use Sidewinder to race band two semper Flying to race band eight and uh you Both are back in match number nine in That consolation bracket that was match Number six in the books Rematch number seven t-bell underscore Alex underscore farmers and Quant talk You're up on Deck match number eight Back into the winners bracket to bits to Fly free and static and the whole match Number nine rocky skybound Sidewinder And semper fly On her Podium today I believe Those are my snacks I'm trying to I'm trying to remember the Order let me just go off cam pick up Yeah second place is the full HD zero Kit yeah yeah our first place is a full

HD zero kit second place is the Torval backpack Pro To our Reserve Champion plus challenge Coins plus plaques Uh just to make note guys on the launch The flag beside the launch uh which is Our whole shot flag our turning flag is Now an LED flag and not a feather flag Just so everybody knows Third place is gonna get a nanohawk kit Plus challenge coin plus a pack And because this is the championship top 16 fourth place Yeah the jca's championship is going to Get an orca fpv dot control radio it's Perfect for Sims it's also perfect for Throwing in the bag to fly out a little More to Street a little more Function we all know the story behind The organ naming convention I heard I Heard Something about pretending to kill Sharks And licking their wounds Three At the 2019 Championship we actually had The team for moreca come out to our Championship Ivan Ian the rest of the team They are Visionaries they want a Grown Grow drone racing in such a big way and You can see they look at what there's a Need for and they have definitely come

In spades Look at our flight line half of our Pilots in the Cedar flag Orca they can Send me a pair Maybe this is a consolation bracket race This is match number seven which means Third and fourth are going to finish up 13th and 14th overall everyone else with A chance to advance into our final four Good luck Pilots arm your quads live on The tone in less than five Foreign [Music] Start right there for Farmers he's back Up so he's gonna be coming back from Behind don't worry about him he is gonna Be all right okay now y'all's been a Death for Farmers worry about him I Don't think he's gonna be all right T-bell had some issues as well I mean Look at underscore Alex underscore he's Got issues the only one flying clean Right now the doc quad doc Your Leader Right now lap number one doing his thing He was your bump bump up from your next 15. underscore Alex underscore running Second t-bell is taking a knee in third Right now Journey coming to an end so Unless something magical happens no Farmers has got his goggles on his head Quandock and underscore Alex underscore Are moving on Quad talk with an opening lap time of 45-7 there's Alex 2.8 seconds back in

Second but let's see him racing out here Down to two it is a drone races for the Sport class Championship squandock with That three-second lead over underscore Alex underscored as underscore Alex Underscore find a little bit of ground Looks like he's about four Gates back Right now there's quad dog through the Hobby Wing dive Cube now over to the TBS Double dive Cube Waddock has run this one in his sleep And he has got this one on lock the dock Is stenching it up One last turn Alex is pushing for it the Quan doc gets him Alex is going to Finish it up two tenths of a second back Behind quad dock But we will give quandock a win on that One by just a little bit 0.238 quandock over underscore Alex Underscore I can breathe this I really there you go You can relax a little I held my breath On whole time no not really I did Breathe But I would have Well that is going to put Farmers 14th Overall in our field Farmers nice job That's not bad on the global leaderboard He was the number seven right uh Global Leaderboard he was 63rd yeah 63rd what a Joke going into the weekend and Finishing up in that number 14 spot and Journey ending here tonight for T Bell

As well finishing in the number 13 spot That's where he qualified here this week And that is up from 66 here this season It's a good finish for them as we take Juan donk and underscore Alex underscore To match number 10 no Channel changes no Channel changes Match eight defense to fly free static You're up on Deck match nine rookies Skybound Sidewinder semper fly in the Hole quantank underscore Alex underscore And Well the top two in this one so Technically unknowns but we know who Are we gonna go we see them right there Two of these four Pilots will be In that race match number 10. There's that unique start Okay they're back thank you they've been Returned Oh you took them back we're using them They should have two fly one to bits two Free eight static six There's some confusion yeah I gotcha So in my hands Are these the actual production These are closer to the ones I was Showing earlier these are brand new HD Zero goggles combined with a new camera And video transmitter it gets you 90 Frames a second of digital fpv it is all The hot new goodness and a set of Goggles very similar to these not the Exact ones the actual production model

Is going to our 2022 sport class Champion Thank you Ryan sorry for accusing you of Stealing your own goggles Yeah you want someone I gotcha It's I didn't know it was a I didn't Know it was a goggle War we were talking About one kind of killer give me a Hammer I could be a killer Rock Killers Can't we all just get along what Happened to the Community Days To bits to fly free and static Top two Advanced to the semi-final the Winners bracket versus minehawk and fly Nicks bottom two in the consolation Bracket Journey's difficult let's launch Them Pilots arm your quads live on the Tone in less than five [Music] Open Adam pitter patter we're getting at Her to fly making a statement getting Out front but then of course we have our Top qualifier we had our top qualifier That was free he had won his first Bracket race he had Iron Man mode Engaged but he just crashed into the Side of a gate and now almost by 16 Seconds he might make it up kick it than They are right away well that 16 seconds Was the previous Heat this time gonna Take a little bit longer than that so Now he is still trying to get back up But this one looks to be the bits to fly

Static It's uh pretty close here comes the bits Here comes to fly one more lap to go and Here comes static One more lap to go we've got some Cabbage Debits and two flyer 1.4 Seconds Apart Static running third looking for that Transfer position in second but he's Three seconds behind to fly who isn't Second But I like the lights I like how the one Side's red one side blue it's a little Easier to follow well debits loves the Lights as well he gets the win to bits Moving on up to this well the winners Bracket to fly finishing up second 2.5 Seconds back static in third 5.1 seconds Out of the top two And of course that was a winners bracket Race so Just a little bit of a different journey To potentially our final four for those Pilots and We have not had Iron Man mode engaged All day in all of our brackets and that Continues here tonight as rtq Tom Qualifier free crashing on the opening Lap to pull up fourth so we'll take Static and free to match number 10. And we will take to bits and two fly to Match number 11. Foreign Looks like the bits we're gonna move you

To race band Six when you come back with Two fly to match 11. In the static you got a channel change As well you're gonna go to race Band 2 When you come back to match number 10 With free Again static to ring span two when you Come back and match 10 And divots to race band Six when you Come back in match 11. We're about ready to see race nine With uh Hiroki skybound Sidewinder and Simple fly I'm trying to see where they will land They're getting their closet on that Flight line It is a very dark year except where the LEDs are and under the tents But we're looking at all the stars about Out here flying [Music] Stand away Well we're all feeling the pain for free There in that last race as we lost our Iron Man but James from Heart of America Says Iron Man is for posers anyway free Don't need that Iron Man So we ran four groups of races over the Course of today And did I throw all my notes on that I Probably did So we started this morning with Positions 46 through 59. that was our triple next

Group In that Tq'd lost their Iron Man Then we ran our double next Group which Was positions 31 through 45. In that one plus one Plus one right We didn't have Iron Man mode engaged Then we ran our next group earlier Our Iron Man had a rough round and Tom Qualifier had a rough round and It was disengaged And here we are again The bump bumps it's been a story of the Bumps [Music] Up And they do well Match number nine is a consolation Bracket race so that means we're facing Tears and elimination bottom two in this Race we'll finish up 11th and 12th Overall top two advancing a little Further in the consolation bracket good Luck Pilots arm your quads live on the Tone lesson five [Music] Boom shakalaka boom I was watching Semper fly at the whole shot in the lead And then he just uh crashed out a little Bit jumping up the door here you got uh Skybound and Sidewinder Trading Places Back and forth up at the lead Sidewinder pulling ahead by the looks of

Things ahead of skybound but not by much They're separated by just a cube right Now with Roki running third Center for Fly running fourth and battle for third Fourth but you want to be top two to Stay alive Yeah he is pretty side up let's get Skybound pretty side down to get him Back into this thing as we get set to Bring a Sidewinder onto his final lap One to go for him racing his own race Really trying hard to get right back in The race there Here Comes rookie Here Comes semper fly look at this battle for The number two spot Hiroki and semper Fly top two stay alive and Sidewinder With a seven second lead but we're Watching those bottles bottom two Grinded out semper flying just ahead of Rookie heroki had slid ahead for just a Hair this is the lap that matters looks Like skybound is done and uh now looks Like Hiroki just ahead of semper fly Sidewinder still with a seven second Lead now heroki with some issues That opened the door for semper fly Semper fly with some issues I know it's now it's semper flying just Ahead of heroki over to the cube we go Semperfly still leading Hiroki Sidewinder is in and semper flies in With him in the number two spots No one could have called that What a race that was we had lead changes

Throughout that race thank you Pilots Yes sir what a great one that was but it Was an Elimination race as well and so Journey coming to an end after that one Here for Sky bound finishing up in the number 12 Spot overall and that is after Qualifying seventh here this week and uh Seventh on the global list but uh top 12 Finish something to take home to South Carolina and also a journey coming to an End for the Texan Hiroki qualifying 11th This week and that's about where he Finished right number 11 spot after the Order of elimination has been processed For Hiroki Arena Who was our highest seed here in the Sport class Championship the number five Spot on the global leaderboard that's in The number 150 that oh sorry you're Right right I did it once again he's Fifth someone else was fourth the second Highest seed on the global leaderboard The number 155 spot on the global list And we told you positions one through 150 invited to Pro Thursday Friday Saturday and positions 151 onward Inviting to the sport class championship And uh Hiroki finishing right about Where it was Look for free this is your heat free We just moved Sidewinder and semper fly Up From match number nine to match number

12. Let's take a look we're looking for free This is match 10. we're at match 10. Quad doc Alex static and free on Deck Match 11 Mayan Hawke fly next to bits And two flying Higher movement here he comes all right We're in luck Sidewinder semper fly as Sidewinder Semper fly to match 12 no Channel Changes I missed that part no Channel Changes for them when they're back in Match number 12. we are cooking with Grease As we work our way through it say hello To my buddy six guy Marcus Coyle Watching on the multi GP YouTube channel Here tonight I shared a video from the 2019 International open on my Facebook Earlier this week is Some reason I was driving before well Not this week last week I was driving Out the car and a song came on the radio And instantly it took me back to the 2019 multi-gb International open World Cup where sixth guy uh came out and Proposed to his now wife Ariana yeah Another happy wedding Yeah they had uh yeah they've been Married they're happily married but uh And uh Marcus tagged Ariana in the post And she sent me a friend request so Everyone went now we're friends we're

Friends yeah it's amazing how music Brings back the memory on the on the Radio that the song that was played During the proposal came on and Instantly I thought of Marcus and Ariana making those memories The first ever proposal At International open was it the first Ever proposal at a drone race who knows We got We got a honeymoon happening we have a Honeymoon happening today yeah this week You got proposals And I am sure especially these long Races we have had probably had some uh Pregnancies too I'm just guessing just Guessing Match 10 quad duck Alex Static and free just just roll pretend I Didn't say it we're going green arm your Quads live on the tone in less than five Foreign How about having a baby even yeah we Haven't had a baby delivered we had Someone with a heart attack speaking About heart attacks free is down come on Free This Is Your Night to win free is Now coming back to tournament I know Heart of America is behind him cheering Him on and a lot of fan favorites as you Watch your top two leaders right now it Is quandock and static Alex is about 20 Feet back behind them and free is coming Up behind and uh free now looks like

His quad is trying to check out but free Is saying no let's get back in this Thing as we get set to round out lap Number one static Juan Doc and Alex one Two and three Here Comes static quantoc Is just behind him trying to make a pass Before the start finish gate and Alex is Now within him one and a half seconds Back it's a three-way battle for the Lead to advancing and still quandock and Static side by side Alex trying to make A move by them gonna let them try to Battle it out here a little bit quad Talk just had a static now static just Had a quad dog both of them in the high Side of the tower over to the dive gate It is quandock just ahead of static and Conduct with a battery bounce looks like Alex just got into the mix there and now Static pushing ahead of quantum quandock Is trying to reel him in quandock Lucy Goosey and static now with a three-gate Lead over Alex in second quandock I Think in third is the position right now Static gets the win Alex and Quan dog Crossing over second and third three Tenths of a second apart That was a close finish at the end and This one is under review match number 10. this one is under review I I Under review not necessarily the words You want to hear after you complete a Race But if you fly clean you don't have to

Worry right depends on your position [Music] He is he is just the best he stares at The computer he knows exactly what to Look for He does this much but sometimes if I'm Ever asked to watch a race I'm really That pilot should thank me because I Really don't know what I'm looking for [Music] So we're going to uh we're reviewing This one in the Raw up on the DVR After the review we'll be looking for The semi-final the winners bracket mind Hawk fly next to Vince and two fly you Are going to be up On Deck Sidewinder is Semper fly and I think the top two in this race Once that's been decided the one that's Under review This next one coming third and fourth go To the semi-final of the winners bracket So these have been pretty exciting races These last two These last few races have been keeping Us on our toes you never know sometimes A pilot doesn't have the best of it Consistency that that sometimes wins you All know right uh tortoise from a terror Right sometimes all it takes is a little Bit of consistency So our Pilots have been consistently Coming and practicing and going to all

Their Global qualifiers just to get here As you've heard all throughout the Broadcast so far today and we're excited To be here And narrowing down the competition You've heard we've already got our 12th Through 16th positions identified we're Still waiting to find out who is going To be or I'd rather 13 through 16 and We'll wait and find out who's going to Be 1 through 12 right So we're gonna find out who's one Through twelve we gotta get a couple More races in but we need to make sure That whatever happens happens the right Way it's going to verify a couple things We're still staring at these screens and They're just staring at the lights Are they they know what they're looking For looking to see if there are any Camera issues anything that shouldn't Have happened and the wow we wait Um so do the pilots wait What are you seeing Oh he's in slow motion mode right now Here's where it matters Just verifying that finish is uh looked Like one of the pilots went on the Inside just making sure that we have the Right two That last race We also had a video complaint that we Weren't able to replicate on what we're Watching on our ground stations and DVR

This is why we have that DVR thank Goodness for DVR capabilities We use them everywhere Here we get the instant replay effect That we get to play back and look when The comment is made and we think that Maybe it's not quite the way it should Be We get to replay it and replay it and Replay it we'll get super slow motion Yeah results are official on that last One Results are official on that last one Win of match number 10 gonna go to Static he's going to match number 12. Second gonna go to underscore Alex Underscore going to match number 12 and That means our bump up quondoc's gonna Pull up third in the Heat free our TQ is Going to pull up fourth in that heat Round 10 taking them all out our TQ and Our bump up free gonna finish in the Number 10 spot overall in sport and Quantoc finishing ninth remember he was In the next 15 bumped into the top 16 And kept climbing that bar qualifying Here this week in the number 25 spot Finishing this week in the number nine Spot a great showing for quandock and Our TQ free and we are set to fire him Up Yeah it's a great great job for Quad dog All these bump UPS again doing really Well as they've moved on up to the next

Bracket and uh quad dog didn't Disappoint he he had a great great races That first race he was so strong Coming in first and then he had a clear Lead that second time had a nice easy Win that time and then uh here here Unfortunately uh didn't quite work out For him this time but he still walks Away with all that really nice Hardware So static we have a channel change for You when you come back in match 12 You're going to be on Race band One Static when you come back and 12 you're On Race band 1. just one second we're Just verifying some channels on Match 11. I should have Mayan Hawk eight fly Nicks race band two debits race band six And two fly race band One Only one pilot should have needed to Change in this heat and that was to bits I moved on to race band Six Romance 11 semi-final of the winners Bracket top two in this advance to our Final four for a JC Ace race for the Championship a sport class here the 2022 Multi GP championship Presented in part by orca goggles 533 Torvill Superior one Roofing hobby Wing Hd0 gem fan and team Black Sheep Foreign Looks like a couple of adjustments being Made the launch stands was of course are The multi-gp pro launch stands After the pro launch helping us out the

2017 multi-gp championship Got people on the live stream saying hi To Phil they saw you for saying hi You've got fans Phil you've got fans see You see this quad on the left-hand side So previous and I want to say a year ago This would be illegal When you can you go back to that view Whoever switched Dougie back to the launch dance Whoever is switching Lead boy Whoever is in whoever is running the Video right now Come on man All right we'll do it I knew what you Were talking about I saw it and you Explained it earlier well you can see That the drones are now using the launch Stands which uh there's a slider that Was provided so your quad doesn't go Through there we go that was the shot We're looking for You used to have to have your drone Parallel with the launch stand before You launch your quad that was the rule Change they changed it so now it doesn't Have to be level you just have to use The launch stand and before the drones Used to fall into the launch stand and So someone has creatively come up with a Way of using the thing that would keep The Drone from falling in to now make it An elevated or an angled launch stand

That is by the 2022 rules legal we were Asked about it earlier and so different World changes different strategies let's See how it plays out semi-final of the Winners bracket we are going green Pilot's arm your quads live on the tone In less than five Foreign Really well Brian hawk Is Your Leader right now To Vince I think was running second but We just lost him so now you're seeing a Little bit of gappage right here Mayan Hawk then two fly then fly Nicks one two And three divis is out goggles are down But not the worst he's going to go to The semi-final the consolation bracket Match number 13 with a chance to race Against these Pilots again Mayan Hawke And two fly your leaders now Mayan Hawke Going down at the end of the front Straight And flyingix gets onto that lead lap I Don't know if Mayan Hawke lost that 3.9 Seconds did he drop down into third I Know two fly has now moved up into the Lead flying X slit into second and now Does Mayan Hawk reel him in to try and Punch that ticket into our final four in Our championship for sport they're the 2022 Championship here tonight this is The final lap of the semi-final the Winners brackets I see my and Hawks got a gear two fly

Hawk finishing first and second a second Apart flyknix pulling up third 1.1 Seconds back in third to go into the Consolation bracket looks like we lost To bits On that opening lap like he said so Here is something under review Nothing is under review We believe the Results are in so far So far nothing crazy is happening so We're gonna take two fly and Mayan Hawk To our final four here tonight match Number 14 no Channel changes Well fly Nicks into bits go to match Number 13. no Channel changes no Channel Changes They go to the semi-final of the winners Or the consolation brackets Well two fly and Mayan Hawk are in our Final four Abstract fire asking where is this we Are live here this week all week long at The No Quarter Ranch in Citrus Springs Florida that is about an hour and a half Drive North of Tampa Florida on the West Coast Which originally was in the line of the Hurricane fortunately for us Unfortunately for others the hurricane Actually went South of where it was Going to pass through but uh it was Looking like we may not have been where We are here but fortunately things again Worked out for us

And uh yeah hour and a half north of Tampa That's right If you're ever going to the No Quarter Ranch for an event you have the choice Of either flying into Orlando or Tampa Go to the old price Jack I'm turning into vacation fun in Orlando I suppose you can do the same thing fine Entertainment but depending on what you Want to see It was funny on the shuttle tram train Thing in Tampa I was riding with some people from Tampa And it was Sunday afternoon So Tampa known as the vacation Destination they live in Tampa they left On vacation for the weekend they were Coming back from their vacation where do You think people from Tampa vacation What a great question what do you think I've been there Ohio wrong answer Canada They went to New Orleans they went to New Orleans yeah Tampa people go to New Orleans Yes It's just like in those old VHS tapes I Watched as a kid And all those infomercials as well all The Mardi Gras beads no matter what day It is We're there on a Sunday night in April Nowhere in here in Mardi Gras I got so many beads that night it was

Such a good night this is match number 12 Sidewinder semper fly static and Alex Are in seats top two in this Advanced to Our semi-final the consolation bracket Where the top two in that Advanced to our final four however it is An Elimination race and bottom two in This one or seventh and eighth threat to Top eight The 2022 sport class championship Here we go let's go green Pilots arm your quads live on the tone In less than five We're Adam once again underscore Alex Underscore Your Leader here at the very Start Sidewinder right behind him semper Flying static one two three four Starting with four and we still got four On this LED track and there's a yaspin Of death for semper fly as he goes down Do we get him back up not sure if we Will As Sidewinder now has taken the lead at Sidewinder at it Alex and static one two And three here on this opening lap A little bit of Separation they're Separated by about a gate Now we get set Sidewinder with a 1.8 Second lead over Alex he's got a 1.8 Second lead over static And this is a Do or Die race Elimination Race two going into our semi-final the Consolation bracket And one of these Pilots still in the air

Gonna finish seventh overall something To be proud of but let's keep racing Here On a wild Wednesdays we're gonna go wild Sidewinder just got a little Loosey-goosey over there Don't think it was enough to uh Drop position yep he is still up in the Lead And underscore Alex underscore finishing Ahead of Sidewinder so there was a pass There as we're trying to figure out Where Sidewinder was but the Finish goes Alex then Sidewinder first and second to Race back to back in the semi-final And static pulling up third then seventh Overall by 3.4 seconds back from second And third and semper fly will be Ranked eighth overall here in 2022 in Our sport class division so back to back Situation as we're now at your top six Underscore Alex underscore and Sidewinder in our semi-final the Consolation brackets And a sport class send-off here for Static and semper fly Seems like things are happening way too Fast what do you mean things are Happening way too fast We're filling this up fast it's only 8 30. this isn't North Hell no but that is true The kids grow up fast too yes they do There are lots hey so many drone moms

Out there Uh supporting our kids being their Sponsors We welcome any other sponsors Alex and Sidewinder we got Channel Changes Alex to raise pan one Sidewinder To race band eight Alex to one Sidewinder to eight Then of course racing back to back So a little bit of break just to switch Out batteries That's right switch out quads maybe or Maybe it's a lucky quad I don't know One right Yes race band One Hey trying to see how cold it is it's Cold it's not cold I'm shivering 54 Degrees 12 degrees Celsius Which do you prefer Um Celsius 80 degrees Fahrenheit 25 degrees Celsius although it is warmer Here than where either you or I live so That's something to be said well this is A vacation thank God we're here it's Going to be warmer though as we get Closer to the weekend tomorrow and Friday for qualifying going to be 73 Degrees tomorrow 75 for Friday Saturday Our Pro class Championship day going to Get up to 78. almost the 80s And we got sunshine no precipitation on The forecast for the balance of Champs Week All right so you want to see and you

Don't know how you plan it avoid the Hurricane thankfully and manage to get The sun to come out Although we won't be seeing much of the Sun and you won't be seeing much of the Sun as they fly the Championships during This wonderfully lit up LED course which I believe was a suggestion by one of the Pilots am I correct and saying that no Oh it was a suggestion by one of the Pilots was it I I really don't think so Well it was a suggestion by someone and Then it happened I'm sure lots of people Suggest a lot of things And each night we got more and more Lights out there You know how they have those jars where You have to guess how many items are in The jar right we should have people Start guessing how many strings of LEDs Are out there Yeah that would be a real Curious stat I Think we uh we still have the Amazon Receipt so we would know the answer to That there is a lot of LEDs out there So look at Farmers on the left hand side Of your screen from Canada there's hyper On the right hand side one of the newest Pilots you see on television racing here This week the pro class championship Along with Droner coming to hang out with us And white goat is here We also want to say hello to the entire

Watch party at the tiny whoop Headquarters in Fort Collins Colorado Joining us tonight the live stream I saw Jesse p in the chat a tiny whoop and the Entire crew I'm sure they're cheering on Their boy to bits who's in this race Right here the pilot second from the Left They are cheering right now The tiny whip headquarters maybe uh for Saturday night we can do like they do During the football game where they go To the the quarterback's Hometown you Can see everybody exactly maybe we can Get a camera so that we can see what's Going on in the tiny web headquarters But I know that when they saw debits on The screen everyone at the tiny web head Corners threw their heads up hands up They're like that's our boy yeah for Sure For sure they took their goggles off They stopped tiny whooping for a couple Minutes they're like oh they're gonna Race let's watch it for a little bit This is the semi-final the consolation Bracket top two Advanced to our final Four for Chase the ace we have the Number 12 seed this week underscore Alex Underscore the number three seed this Week Sidewinder the number two seed this Week fly Nicks the number five seed this Week debits Foreign

Pilots arm your quads Live on the tone in less than five When you well looks like some issues for Underscore Alex underscore now in our Top 16 we haven't seen it too much where People haven't finished their races but Sometimes you could see that where Second and third to bits and fly Nicks Make a little bit of contact out on that Opening lap and we just lost one process Of elimination no surprises here those Sidewinder running his own race he is Your leader with fly Nicks now up into Second underscore Alex underscore I Think has worked his way back into third But Here Comes Sidewinder onto lap Number two that's a 35.3 again just Flying a Zone race putting those Consistent lap times down here comes Flyknicks in second on to lap number two One more to go for him so 43 and six He's 8.8 seconds back in second it looks Like we just lost underscore Alex Underscore he is out so down two get This maybe just two debits is now Looks like he is not able to take off he May be out so if you're still flying Conserve the quad conserve the Lipo you Are in our final four by the looks of Things right now I know the tiny whip Headquarters are saying don't call it Yet don't call it yet we're trying to Get to bits back up in the air he's Cutting a bunch of grass on his assets

On the left-hand side we're gonna take Sidewinder to our final four he gets the Win once again Holy Guy and Fly Nicks finishing up in The number two spot in that one to Advance to our final four as well looks Like the bits is going to clean up with Uh third place as long as he finishes This one out and That will be further than underscore Alex underscore yeah there we go debit's Getting up finishing strong for all the Boys back home in Fort Collins Colorado And there's a finish that was for the Boys back at the shop nice flying right There to bits I know they're proud of You right now in Colorado Heck yeah the bits gonna finish up in The number five spot overall in the Sport class here in 2022. how about that Right there he was fifth in qualifying This week he was fifth through the Brackets to round out fifth overall That's up from 33rd this season very Impressive And uh Journey coming to an end as well For underscore Alex underscore a Reigning Collegiate Champion finishing Up In the number six spot in sport here in 2022 that's a personal best as well was 25th last year 77th this season 12th this week Finishing top five gotta be pretty happy

With that effort right there Yeah top six right Five or six But it's good it's great it's awesome It's not just good it is great it is It's great to see all these Pilots as They improve over time and flying on a And of course so oh one thing that not Everyone might know although most of the People who are watching do you know that This course was just released so this is A new course for the pilots you talked About they had to qualify on a course That was preset they had all year to Practice that track then they come here And they have a new track to learn so Considering they learn this new track Five minute timer has started here to Get our pilot set for final four we got A channel change to talk about looks Like uh Sidewinder you're gonna go to Race band Six that is our soul channel Change Sidewinder back to race band Six There's some music And they do tell me that that last one Is under review That last one is under review Results not official We have not had many under review in Fact this is only the second one that Has been under review for this bracket The second official went under review For this bracket that is true Roger's Been reviewing he he just likes to

Practice but uh he's been reviewing them And now we have another one that is Officially under review I think that's Why this has been so smooth of a bracket Well and it's funny I wish I'd actually Said it I kind of bit my tongue I wish I uh I wish I hadn't bit my Tongue but I had this thought as the Race was ending because we know that They're having the watch party right now In the tiny whoop headquarters and I've Spent a lot of time traveling and Spending time and even I've been at Races at tiny web headquarters with Jesse p and I just envisioned Jesse P Looking at the screen saying he's third But he's like hold up guys hold up that Doesn't mean that he's eliminated and Everyone would be like no Jesse P he's Eliminated he was third it's the top two He's like hold on you know something Else could happen it's not over until It's over and I'm like you know what That's probably I thought that whole Thing I was going to say it I bit my Tongue I'm like that doesn't really add Or deter and guess what it might It might my vision of Jesse P was right I mean in Your Vision what happens to The bits oh I I'm not a prognisticator I'm just like I Envision right now Jesse P saying that I'm sure something along Those lines happened and well imagine What they're saying now

So we have a DVR review underway which May affect the result of that last race It may affect our grid here in this Final four for chassis Ace See that's what I mean that's what Jessie's saying see that's what I mean You don't you don't pack up your stuff Until the next race goes takes off Because you know it's over Just looking at one more thing over here You see our eyes started off to the side Well if you're sitting on the edge of Your seat you're only gonna have to be There for a little bit longer yeah I think this is going to get called Pretty soon here We got some crowd noise going on The ambient crowd noise Feeling the quiet of the night Tiny Webb says give us that drama play By play Joe what is up well one of the Two pilots that we have Pennsylvania's Advancing Uh had a crash and they weren't sure That they went back to the correct gate After the crash that's been reviewed and Uh we're just verifying The rest of the laps for that pilot in Question Anyone says it's like you have a feed From Tiny web headquarters see you spend That much time with Jesse P you can you Already know you already know So much

And results are Now official from that Last race no changes after review of the Tape after the crash the pilot in Question did successfully complete the Lap and so your final four has been set It's two fly Mayan Hawk Sidewinder and Fly Nicks your final four to play chase The ace for the 2022 multi-gp sport Class Championship here as part of sport Class week huh The line wants all the channels all Right I didn't change anyone's Channel Except Sidewinder okay but just to make Sure to fly racepan one fly next race Band two Sidewinder raceband six Mayan Hawk Raceband eight We are grating up Please So this could end in two Or more Gone All right everyone's gone Iron Man's Gone so Um you could be entertained for two more Races On the short end Or Or it could get prolonged to five I Think mathematically that's the longest It could it could go Yeah You can have four winners but then Someone has to win twice so right now

Right now we have four Pilots getting Ready to fly the final one become one Two three and four that's two fly mine Hot sidewalker and fly Knights they're Now walking up to their seats And pretty soon they'll be in control of Their quads And they'll be chasing the track chasing Each other All it takes is two Two wins So we need a minimum of two And that would be a maximum of five Usually it's shorter What do you think Roger three four You want all five Roger wants all five We want it to be as exciting as could be For all of you out there so we're Looking for all five we want each one to Get a win and then the final one to be The one that settles the score Like Chris said Parts of the box Early at all in the field Well here we go Ahead Dougie Throttle Throttle warmer or he's got the Ducker On my voice There we go no dunker Well here we are you're top four of the 2022 sport class Championship the pilots Are set and because it is only 49 Degrees in the Moonlight we are not

Burning any lipo right now let's Introduce you to your final four to Compete for the 2022 multi GP sport Class Championship we're going to start Things off with the pilots coming out of The consolation bracket first we're Going to go to a pilot from Quebec Canada competing in his first sport Class Championship we're gonna feature Him on Race band too what do you do for Flying xfpv Benjamin St George Also coming out of the consolation Bracket no stranger to our Podium here At the sport class championship last Year he was inside of the top 10 ninth Overall in sport when the event came to An end this year he comes in as a number Three qualifier in sport at the 2022 Championship he's part of cqs from Cleveland Ohio it is Sidewinder fpv Matt Nowakowski And coming in out of the winners bracket Your biggest mover here from qualifying Into our final four in the 2022 Global Qualifying season he was just inside of The top 25 in the world for sport class In 24th here this week 14th overall Bottom of the top 16 bracket but sees Himself featured in our final four for Chassis Ace from Scranton Pennsylvania It's Kevin Bowery you know him as Mayan Hawke my dog How about a veteran when it comes to Drone racing in 2019 at the very first

Sport class championship in Daytona Florida this pilot was ranked in the Number 11 spot when it was all said and Done a year ago was just at the top end Of sport and in Pro and tonight he comes In in the number one spot with the Bullet on his back in the winners Bracket the number four scene from Brookfield Wisconsin Brian Melton to fly Is your Gunner your top seed in our Final four I don't know about you but this looks Like some competitive Racing's about to Start well the great thing about Chase The ace we run your final group of Pilots as many times as it takes to get A pilot with two wins they are set to go Green here on Chase's round number one Will it be fly Nick Sidewinder Mayan Hawker to fly any of these four Pilots Will could get our first days they will Get our first days and this one I think Is going to go a bunch for the first Time here tonight our whole shot rule is In play and I don't think we're gonna Need it but it is there as extra Insurance to make sure that every start Is clean and the right 2022 multi-gp Sport class Champion is crowned here we Go Pilots arm your quads live on the Tone in less than five Foreign A little bit of a delayed start there But that is strategy and we are underway

In Green jca's Round number one and two Fly well he was up in the lead now you Got some blue LEDs looks like that is Mayan Hawke just ahead of him as uh they Go into that Corkscrew section and out We go this is a heater here line of Sight out on the track it is gonna be The blue LEDs of your leader going low Side you got blue and green for those Here watching line of sight that looks To be my in the hawk as he goes working His way through Mayan Hawk is the blue LEDs watching line of sight he's your Leader he's got a 2.2 second lead over Two fly in the green Sidewinders in Third 1.3 seconds back and there's Flying X on that lead lap as well seven Seconds separating all four Pilots as Mayan Hawke Your Leader just went down Which moves to fly back up in the number One spot you can see him running first I Think Sidewinder just gone up in a Second fly next is down into third and So things have switched up in her big Way luckily we get to run them all again And now the question is does Sidewinder Get by two fly here in this final lap Does flying X get a little closer to the Mix two fly says no chase the ace round Number one's mine he gets it in the bag Two fly two laps a minute 15. two Seconds back Sidewinder in second fly Nicks in third and that is your finish To chase the ace round number one I hope

You like that one because we're about to Do it again All right Check out those nice chairs And so are remote officials and uh on Site officials saying clean run all Around all four pilots and uh so we are Good to go stoked for that results Official to fly your first Ace to Chase Now he comes in He was fourth in qualifying but He was the highest seed coming into the Winner's bracket so in this group we Have Mayon Hawk who is 14th in Qualifying this week Sidewinder who is Third fly Nicks who is second And then of course two fly who is at Fourth High aceto the winners bracket Third highest seed in this final four But that's just part of the journey to Get here And remember I kept saying Hiroki was The highest ranked pilot and the global Leaderboard to get here to sport Championships yes I remember yeah I kept Mixing him up with fly Nicks from Canada Who is the highest ranked sport pilot Fourth on that Global leaderboard to get Here he pulled up second no dude Wrong screen He got Third yeah fly Nick's gone third this One it was two fly then Sidewinder then Fly Nicks and we start a five minute

Timer There's a look at our flight line or our Flight deck our Pilots uh here in our Championship are seated on those comfy Gaming chairs on a stage I know you Gotta love those When it's a world championship in yoga World class Pilots they deserve to be on A stage great look at that stage that is Now a permanent fixture inside of the Flight line here the No Quarter Ranch in Citrus Springs Florida And I'm on a stage as well Yes All the life is a stage it just depends On who the audience is Speaking of audience I want to give a Shout out to my wife who is watching This here tonight yeah The second drone race she has ever Watched wow yeah that's it yep probably Might be our last I'm not sure not sure She's the biggest drone racing fan in The world but I'm glad that she is uh taking the Opportunity Um yeah we have our moments sure Oh second honeymoon that'd be great Third fourth you know Well we never uh really did a honeymoon Thing but one of our first trips was to Florida during the uh I think 2019 multi-gp championship in Daytona Beach

Brought all the kids as well Yeah it was a great trip family vacation To a drone race And all the things Disney as well They're inside the pilot pits you can See people mulling about watching our Live stream up on the TVs but above Their heads inside that tent is a Massive projector screen where you can Sit back your chair relax and watch our Drone race here tonight and then just on The outside of the tent to the left There is a outdoor projector screen for Those who want to watch the race watch The live feeds from the drones In real time it's like movie night yes You know they do that just like movies In the backyard without the popcorns oh We should have popcorn we should have Popcorn popcorn machines like we can Just keep refilling and then hand out The bags the popcorn bags we should talk To the AM Vets for Saturday night's Pro Class Championship under the lights with The LEDs we should have some Palm corn Out there that's a great idea that's a Fantastic idea yeah but we need the Old-fashioned popcorn machine because it Tastes better and we need Jesse P here To run it he is yeah he you should see That guy make popcorn I have not seen it And cotton candy he is an artist of the Cotton candy really Exciting time to go down to the Drone

Race for sure You can only have For sure Hey how you doing Feel your pain Yes 60 sets of this race this heat Oh the final okay the final eight double Ace winner all right gem fan Mike is Here there he is on the screen He just looked into his trunk of his Rental car he's like oh look at this I Got 60 sets of props why don't I give That to the winner we're gonna add to The prize pool gem fan gonna throw in 60 Cents of props to the winner of the Sport class Championship so they get 60 Cents of props they get the HD zero new Goggles the production version not the One that we've been playing with the Actual production version very sweet a Big plaque I think of full HD zero video Suitcase yes They may need to uh borrow second Place's torval backpack to get all their Prizes home Well your first AIDS to Chase is to fly He's got your first win of two fly wins Chase the ace round number two he's here 2022 multi-gp sport class Champion it is On a Sidewinder who is second fly next To his third Mayan Hawk who is fourth to Get an ace to push it two Extra Innings Jcas round number three let's see how it

Happened sport class Championship chase The ace round two about to go green here We go Pilots arm your quads live on its Own in less than five It was a much better start for all four Pilots he saw no hesitation they're Going for the win right here to fly of Course your first Ace to Chase and right Now he's doing a good work of it right There already at that Corkscrew sanction Looks like Sidewinder running second Mayan Hawke running third and fly Nicks Within the mix in about fourth to fly Gonna try and go two up two down to shut This one down and turn this after party Into a true after party in celebration As he goes underneath the big Cube Tunnel Looks like Maya Hawk is now sliding by It's gonna be Mayan Hawk Your Leader Here after one Sidewinder up into second Flyknicks into third two fly is in Fourth so Mayan Hawke trying to push This to Extra Innings he's got a 3.6 Second lead over the entire field right Now and as we go on board with minehawk We haven't seen anyone jump in front of Him the closest his Sidewinder and Mayan Hawk is about three gates ahead Well put the coffee on this is going to Be a late one Mayan Hawke has his first Days here in round number two Sidewinder pulls up another second place That is gonna put him on the lead on

Points he's got a pair of second place Finishes To fly as a first and a third now Mayan Hawke a fourth and a first fly next a Third and a fourth and so that means Based on points we have a tie with two Fly and Sidewinder Though to fly has an ace Mayan Hawk is third on points but he has An ace you're looking for your two best Wins when we talk about those finish Points key thing there is if you don't Have your two Aces and you're not first We're going to use those finish points To decide the rest of our Podium and There is a lot on the line on our Podium So every finish Point matters here Tonight at the 2022 multi-gp sport class Championship and if you missed the uh The next There was a tie all three second third And fourth points and you had to go back To the DVR when was that just the last Brackets [Music] We didn't have to go to the DVR we we Had to go to the DVR on something else This last Heat is under review BTW By the way uh the results are not Official on that last race now what Happened was uh we go to what is called The Motocross rule to decide oh the last One right So there was a tie

That was in our next 16 group and so it Ran three rounds quad doc was the winner We saw him finish ninth overall in sport Remember he qualified like 26 finished In ninth moved on he got to the finals Of the next 16 he won the first round in The third round to get us two Aces to Advance but then second place overall Was klaser third was Freedom duck and Fourth was Roca Um Roque Freedom duck and klaser had all Tied on points Roca had a pair of Seconds and a fourth that's eight points Freedom duck had a fourth a third and a First that's eight points and klaser had A pair of thirds and a second that's Eight points so the tiebreaker in that Situation is the last race the most Important race is always the last race And so the tiebreaker went to uh second In the last race which was Glazer who Was our Reserve Champion of the next 16 A sport class and freedom duck was her Second runner up third in that one again Last race is under a review And at the same time we have a clock Started for Pilots to get lipos in And I don't want to talk too much out of School but the ace awarded to Mayan Hawke is safe it's the other finished Positions which are under review right Now It is good You know you said how that last race is

Always the most important race the Problem is you just never know when it's Going to be the last race so they're all Important right that's right unless we Go to sudden death which happened last Year at Champs we did have one of our Divisions go to a sudden death that's Where you have four Pilots And after chase the ace round one two Three four everyone has an Ace and so That last one round five is sudden death It's crazy yeah it is it's finally final At that point the reason we have this Jca's format is to be forgiving take out Some of that bad luck of drone racing Tech uh Tech bad luck is a big part of It making sure that isn't part of the Play And to make sure that you know the right Person the fastest on the track that day Not just by fluke on that one race but Multiple rounds yeah yeah let everything That's good format it's good format for Sure For sure and it makes it very exciting To watch you're anticipating who might Win when you have an ace you know is it Going to be your guy your gal more gals Are getting into this true yeah we had a Bunch here at our sport class Championship it sure did [Music] A lot of female Pilots getting out there Results official on that last one

In our 59 Pilots We had I'm going to count I'm going to Start at 59th and work my way up one two Three Four [Music] Five I think that was it You thought there was seven no I was Saying I think so I think it was fun was All right yes yeah So five of the 59 Pilots here at the Sport class Championship were female Sometimes the best man for a job is a Woman And our TQ Of our triple next bracket positions 46 Through 59 was Rose and Rose Is that her first time here it was her First championship yes but Rose also From Canada Rose almost became the first ever Iron Woman wow I think I think she crashed Out in the semi-final the winners Bracket so she won I remember she won at Least her first and second I believe Bracket races almost won her third so we Would have our first ever Iron woman Going into chase the ace that was a rose Rose Ballou Yeah named Rose That's awesome way to go Rose if you're Watching us nice work Then talk about Redemption when we got

To the double next group our teak here Or top qualifier catapult he uh He actually lost his Iron Man I think in The second round but he came back to Redeem himself and win to advance into Our next 16 group This is another young one yeah he's the Young one I think he told me he's been Flying six months That's most of his life Of his life Chase the ace round number three is About to go green I need about 25 Seconds by the looks of things Yeah it's great when the uh I'm about 20 Seconds away from starting this one just I have a spinning wheel on a computer That is very important to this whole Race Not sure what's happening sometimes Technology is good No sometimes it's not oh what is going On here Oh Hear that that's a good sound Next race is starting in 20 seconds or Less Here we go two Aces to chase once two Fly one's Mayan Hawk it's on Sidewinder Who's got a pair of seconds and fly Nicks who's got a fourth and a third to Get an ace to pushes to chase the ace Round number four pilot arm your quads Live on the tone in less than five

Off to the race as we go is it the final Heat of the night or oh we're just gonna Uh roll on with it looks like it's uh Not like we're gonna keep rolling it's Gonna be a good one Anything can happen you got fly Nicks And Mayan Hawke Trading Places up at the Lead Sidewinder in the number three Spawn right behind him and two fly is in The back of the Caboose right here Pushing strong pushing strong Mayan Hawk Now goes down now fly Nicks flyknix is Looking for a win and he is running First or second right now over that dive We go to fly Two flying flyknicks look at this flying It's Sidewinder two fly fly Nicks one Two three a second and a half separating The entire field here after one Sidewinder with issues remember Sidewinders looking for an ace Mayan Hawke already had an ace so fly Nicks is The one that you want to see win if you Want this to go to Extra Innings He's looking good He's in fine form right now [Music] Pull it out Keep us in this It looks like we are going extra rounds Sidewinder with his first Ace a chase The ace [Music] Nice

Work Pilots nice work Pilots all right Keeping it alive keeping the fun alive We're not ready to go to bed yet the Night's still young for many of the Folks here although it's past my bedtime But that doesn't matter And so finish right now unofficial Finish Sidewinder with his first Ace That's the win fly next in second 2.8 Seconds back two fly in third 1.1 Seconds back from him and then Mayan Hawke in fourth that means uh Sidewinder Has the least points overall Chad is blowing up right now with all The Cleveland Quad Squad for Sidewinder It's just all Sidewinder Cleveland Uh yeah Tiny whoops says tiny whip headquarters Burning Down The House right now for Sidewinder Angelo race is bringing home Maddie boy We've got some Canadians checking in JP Gabon says uh yeah fly Nicks good job Man yeah fly next with a second that Time around so fly Nicks as we go to Round number four Sudden death fly Nicks has a river going Right now he's got a second or third and A fourth all he's missing is a first and If he gets a first in this next one and He almost got it in that last one we go To sudden death so without another Prediction I don't know you and your

Predictions tonight you want to tell me Some Lotto numbers I don't too yeah I Don't I don't make the predictions They're usually wrong and I've never won A lottery I don't even get a free ticket When I play oh I sometimes I get the one dollar but I Paid to you for the ticket So it's a law Scully can I get a formula Oh is that over ooh can I get a formula Ooh or is it a formula Oh either or I Did both Got some two fly fans of course as well So right now leading on points is Sidewinder a first and a pair of seconds He's got five points so pretty good Position to be in Pokemon falling for Cleveland too and maybe even a win if he Gets a win here in round four Second on points is to fly he's got a First and a pair of thirds so that Ace Helps them pair of thirds pretty decent On the points for Podium as well Then we have a tie with Mayan Hawk and Fly Nicks Mayan Hawk has a pair of force and an Ace and Sidewinder is trying to pitch a Straight right now he needs the one the Ace he's got a second a third and a Fourth As we get set to go to chase the ace Round four in just a few minutes Yes site owner does he meant fly next I'll interpret for him

I was looking at the 2-2-1 and noticed That didn't quite make it straight but Fly next is three four and two we'll Make the straight without one What are you a gambler No I don't do you know when to hold them Definitely not do you know when to fold Them that's the true sign Hmm Lana rayson over the course of the Opening two days of Champs week here at The No Quarter Ranch in Citrus Springs Florida Yesterday Over 125 Heats of qualifying with 59 Pilots It's a lot of racing yesterday everyone Getting 16 rounds of qualification Right yeah it's going to be yeah Originally I think the number was 12 Then it jumped to 14 then it jumped to 16. we had to make them clean up trash Though to get to 16 But yeah they had to work for it it was A lot of work there holy it's a lot of Racing starting just after eight o'clock In the morning I want to say like 8 30 Quarter to nine I think we officially Started yes they're going right up to The stroke at 10 last night all right Yeah I think just to the top left in That tent you can see the outdoor Projector screen I think the camera just Slightly moved away from it

They're the newlyweds someone was asking Earlier who are the newlyweds well You're looking at them right there For the newlyweds they're the newly ones Yep on the honeymoon mine Hawk here Mayan Hawk and Mrs Hawk yeah you know What they're already walking away yeah They're they're already gonna walk away With something uh thank you to our Sponsors once again for these awesome Prizes going out to the first and fourth Places You know we've been playing around with Those goggles and uh the okra goggles Not the prototype for the actual Prototype right Are you checking out the new iPad no I'm Not checking out the new iPad Best Buy Sent me an advertisement to check out Their new iPad today it's in pretty Colors yellow is included Sunshine yellow Let's see we also have that awesome Backpack so if you did need more luggage You'd be good to go with that backpack And Everyone gets a challenge coin the most Rare challenge coins Presented by Chris Thomas That's right right Now are you allowed to get double Challenge coins yeah usually that's not A thing usually once you're awarded One Challenge Point that's it

Well no that's not how it works yeah Because this is special this is multi-tp Racing right right yes that's right yeah So that's pretty cool What sound effects are you doing I was Playing some wedding bells oh it just Took me a little bit I had to watch two IPad commercials to play The Wedding Bells but Canon in D Canon in D is what you want To find What Canon Canon indeed that that is yet See it says wedding entrance right there Now play that one For reals for reals you'll know it as Soon as you hear it there are no dirty Words in this are there there are no Words [Laughter] Oh here we go did you get married [Laughter] Can you can you not hear the the words Underneath this Don't do it don't do it do it are you Crazy man Don't do it [Music] We want to give a shout out to Becky who Is enjoying the activities tonight from Home probably where it's a little warmer Did you recognize that song Oh it's cold there but inside the house I sure hope it's warm Is that what you played at your wedding

You know your timing is not the best Just to be perfectly honest [Music] Yes I was going to play Highway to Hell Yes I played that on my wedding but You've now just totally deep pants the Wizard behind the curtain All right guys let's be serious this Might be the final race of the night This is the 2022 multi GP sport class Championship if two fly Mayan hawk or Sidewinder is the first to our multi GP Checkered start finish gate they are Your newly crowned sport class Champion All pressure right now is on the Canadian fly Nicks to win chase the ace Round number four to put it to sudden Death will they be saying Oh Canada here Tonight in Citrus Springs Florida we're About to find out Let's go green Pilots arm your quads Live on the tone in less than five Off to the Races we go here 2022 multi GP sport class Championship presented in Part by Superior one Roofing hobby Wing Team Black Sheep and many many more Great sponsors bringing it to us right I'm really watching right now flying X Right now he's running I believe second And anything can happen here I'd love to See it Go Extra Innings and of course I Want to see a great Championship crowned Here tonight at the 2022 sport class Championship you can see that fly Nick's

Right now running about second Mayan Hawk and uh is leading Sidewinder right In the number two spot we just now Sidewinder got a little messed up as we Bring them across it's Mayan Hawk two Fly fly Nicks only 1.4 seconds Separating those three pilots and here Comes Cleveland's Sidewinder onto that Lead lap as well he's running fourth but Uh eight and a half seconds back not the Absolute worst watching Mayan Hawke Your Leader right now no one in front of them To fly is getting a little closer to him To fly and fly Nicks right now in a Battle for second third but my and Hawk Is now pushing himself ahead of the Field now he just got passed right there Story is changing in a hurry right now I Believe that's two fly two fly gets Ahead and gets the win of the final Round to fly is your Champion Unofficially right now wow Wow wow Watch that That was awesome Nice flying who knew that that was going To happen coming up from behind yeah Yeah Roger our uh our cyber Guy saying That I knew I saw it And then we're getting the unofficial All good It's official it's official So unofficial finish order in chase the Ace round number four

To fly first Mayan Hawke second fly Nick's third Sidewinder fourth That's The Unofficial finish order Of chassis Ace round number four we are Going to verify the lapse and the finish And then we will get set for your Podium Presentation because it matters That was an exciting race it may not Have been A sudden death but it felt like it Everyone was out there fighting for that Final Win Could have gone one more but it didn't At least not yet I didn't Looks like it probably won't Pilots had really clean races we didn't Have to do a lot of DVR reviews tonight Which kept us on a very easy evening Timeline I think people are really ready to enjoy Celebrations out there Enjoy the pilots They worked hard traveling from all Around I wonder who came from the Furthest location was it uh oh we had Someone from Germany flying with us uh We do tomorrow Oh we do tomorrow yes we have Germany we Have Korea we have Canada once again all Right So we had Canada in the sport class Uh we had Canada and Mexico and sport Class okay Canada Mexico our neighbors

Anyone anyone outside of North America No not in sport not in sports I don't think it translates into other Languages as yet ah But it will it will Multi GP is Spreading like a virus across hopefully In the world yes that is the Drone Racing A virus drone race You're infected Phil says he's infected A drone infection yeah So once again added to our goodies gem Fan is giving 60 props We sit sets 60 sets got it not 60 props 60 sets [Music] This is like where we have that photo Finish in drone racing where we do the DVR way DVR review I have to go super slow [Music] Reason why I make sure that this is Right so we're gonna Little DVR pause It's the right thing to do Okay [Music] All right and now it's time for our Awards presentation of the multi GP Sports class finals It's been a great Day this is the second day of the sports Class event yesterday we did 16 For each For qualifying we flew under the LEDs we

Watched the brackets today it has been An awesome event it's hard to believe That we have an entire event to come About for this one We're going to start off With our third Are up fourth place that's going to be That's right Chris Thomas fourth place Which is your third runner-up to our Podium getting some prizes here as well And a pretty good showing A pair of thirds a fourth and a second To finish up with 12 points and fourth Overall for the sport class that is our Pilot making the trip here from Canada Fly Nicks Benjamin St George fourth Overall You know I've had a lot of fun watching Fly Nicks here he's been here with rose They've been having a great time they're Usually the first ones here in the Morning you did a really good out there Man I was excited to see you racing you Had paco right there trying to coach you Through the track what do you think About this event all right ready [Music] I mean I'm sure I'm gonna come back next Year That's what we like to hear is race Directors I mean uh most people don't Understand what why we like to run races Like that but but seeing uh Pilots Having the the fun the nerves the

Excitement the the fear uh do you get Any nerves at this race Of course So I'd imagine as soon as that runs out You're going to easily just run out of Uh run out of energy probably get home And crash we've got a prize for for you This is a Orca controller I spent about Four hours or so I think three four Whatever I said last time CES playing With that controller it was a lot of fun Um I I think you'll enjoy it and big Thanks to our sponsors Orca you have Anybody want to say anything uh to what You're here well I want to say thank you To my wife for being here with me Oh All right well thanks again so happy you Made it out hope to see you at the next Event Ion congratulations fly Nicks from Canada fourth overall in sport class in 2022 we go next to your second runner-up Third overall on our Podium biggest Mover here in our top 16 bracket made it To the show here tonight in the number 14 spot and grinded his way through our Brackets to finish up third overall in 2022. from Scranton Pennsylvania Kevin Bowery Mayan Hawk is third Now I was telling him while they Pilots Were lining up that I was rooting for Him because he brought LEDs on his quads For all the pro pilots who are here we

Did not make it mandatory if you'd have LEDs but that doesn't mean you shouldn't Just like it's not mandatory for us to Put these events on right so if you want To continue in a world where things Aren't mandatory be more like Mayan Hawk That's all I got to say congratulations Man I was watching you out there you Were killing it honestly I think you had Some of the fastest laps in that group I Thought you were going to win it what Happened well you got in front of me and Then you know Yeah I mean if you didn't win I guess That's why you lost so uh that's that's A good explanation Um in terms of uh big events how does This one compare biggest race I've been To and not going to be the last by any Shot That's awesome yeah it was great seeing You here Um seeing your practice out there on the Track uh as far as the LED track is that Something you think we should see more Of in drone racing oh 100 yes it's Amazing to fly on Awesome awesome so I've got some prizes Here for you first of all I have a Plaque which is good for your plaque Room I'm sure you have a plaque room Some in your house don't you Yeah so then I've got a uh a quad here From our our friends over at emacs as

Well as the most important thing you can Get which is a multi GP coin you can Only win them you can't buy them Typically uh so congratulations what are You gonna do with all this stuff All this stuff it's going on a business Trip and then going home All right well thanks for coming out see You at the next race And our first runner-up from this event Who we got Joe Scully well we got a Pilot who was featured here a year ago Finished ninth overall in the sport Class here this week qualified in the Number three spot to our brackets and Had a heck of a round to chase the ace With a pair of seconds and an ace in the Mix to finish up as your Reserve Champion from Cleveland Ohio it's Matthew nowakowski Sidewinder fpv What is up Matt All I know us says the emacs guy I don't Even know you know how to fly a drone Yeah that was really impressive so uh What was your strategy going into the Race today honestly this one I took a Little bit different uh complete design Mode I was listening to music every time Same song every heat and I just wanted To keep my heart rate down and it Actually worked out well I had no nerves Or any Jitters going into the finals so Yeah what was the song uh it's actually You probably don't know but it's like a

Hip-hop bbno it's uh I'll have to tell You the song later come find me I don't think that's what it is I'll be Honest with you I don't think that what It is Barbie girl sorry guys Well okay I mean number one I appreciate What you said but I I know you lied There's got to be nerves up there in That that finals yeah I mean there's a Little bit but usually I'm like shaking My mind out and this time was just a Little bit less we're still nervous I Just was better at controlling them this Time Well it's always great to see you that Plus you got that Cleveland guys behind You there's a lot of people yelling and Screaming and girls excuse me But um really great to see you there I Think next time if we see you back you Think you're going to end up sport or Pro I mean I got a lot of people saying I'm sandbagging but this competition is Just getting more uh strict and strict Like all the young kids are destroying Pro so like me being 33 that's a little Bit older in the sport so I'm just happy To be here at sport on the podium That's awesome well thanks for coming Thanks for racing I've got some Wonderful prizes for you number one I Have a plaque I mean you gotta have Plaques in your life uh We've also got a

Beautiful torval bag right here That's pretty awesome check that out I Don't know if you how you got here did You drive or did you fly I actually uh Use this torvill bag so I used it Used it all right so here you go I've Got a multi GP coin now you cannot do so Uh do you have any multi GP coins I do Not so I have one right here so this is Awesome All right well congratulations and I Guess the next race I'll be seeing yet Is uh the Ice Race I'll be at the Ice Race for sure great Thank you all right so let's have our Champion get down here Brian congratulations man how does it Feel It feels outstanding So uh yesterday during qualifying uh Brian came with me he said uh you know All these guys seem to be getting slow With the LEDs but I'm getting faster Maybe all the racing we do up in Wisconsin has really helped you think That helped absolutely during the winter In Wisconsin uh related Fury Team sets Up a barn fully it's dark in there it's LEDs it's almost like you're flying Without a ground because you can't Really see the ground so when they set Up the LED course initially I flew it And actually my time I went from eighth Place to fifth place to fourth place I

Mean it just got faster and faster Better at night during the day for me So you would want to say thanks to the Barn right I want to say thanks to my family for Letting me do this crazy hobby for the Last six years and all my Wisconsin you Know racing team essentially bladed Fury Team ramquad everyone and uh to the Entire Community here because I mean we're in Florida flying toy Helicopters and we're adults right back To my kids so talk about a fun week Yeah man well it was exciting to see up There when uh we've been to plenty of Events together I know the last time I Saw you you weren't so much racing we Were working together to build a race uh So uh I I had definitely have a place in My heart for organizers love to see that I've got some prizes though for you uh That I want to give you but most Exciting I know I'm kind of jumping the Prize order but I think you are the First person to receive a pair am I Right First person to receive a pair of the New HD zero goggles If you if you don't if you don't want Them I mean I'm sure I could I could Take them if you want to some people Know this about me some people don't but I'm a Salesman and um I just listen I'd Love to have them but if you've got

Enough money they're yours I mean tempting but uh I I think you'll You'll do well with them so they're Really good let's uh let's get these Prizes up here most importantly also There's a plaque which is for your Plaque room I do I have a I have a trophy wall we do A lot of trophies in Wisconsin so most Of them are second place because spicy Beats me every every week that's why we Have sports class yeah just so you know All right we've also got a uh first Place challenge coin have you received Any of these challenge coins yet with Multi GP not that I can remember And your goggle presentation are these Gonna get autographed by me if you would Like your ear God I could use new Goggles this is great And uh we've got something we'd actually Like for you to do because we want to See the experience as soon as we're done Here we're going to put you here on the Podium and let you run a lap around the Track and and see what you think of Running these these things you're Capable of running 90 Hertz so from what I understand that'll make you a better Pilot HD you want to run an analog or HD Okay well I'm just warning you I run a Game style remote that could be a Disaster let's do it It's not your quad suit who cares right

I don't mind it's all right well again Congratulations on the win it was a it Was an awesome race great finish we Couldn't ask for more so congratulations What do you guys got to say for Brian Here [Applause] Thank you good job man good job all Right thanks for attending the race I'm Sure Joe's got a couple of things that He's got to say here We got to get some pictures by the way Of our our Podium guys if we could Let's get some uh photographs here of Our winners We're gonna line them up for a Podium Presentation behind us and our Congratulations once again to your top Three pilots in sport your second run Around third overall Mayan hockey Reserve Champions Sidewinder and our 2022 multi GP sport class champion You can see over there and line it up For those photos to fly and uh just a Little bit All the celebration happening there our Sport class Championship here in Champs Week and we have much much more racing To get through of course tomorrow we Open up qualifying for our Pro division Qualifying a Thursday and Friday and Then we invite each and every one of you Back here to the multi-gp YouTube Channel on Saturday for more bracket

Racing with the top 70 Pilots that are Attending here in our Pro division with The top 150 on our Global leaderboard of 710 Pilots worldwide that vibe to Compete at the 2022 multi-gp Championship and what a roster it's Gonna be We have Pilots making the trip here to Citrus Springs Florida from Lichtenstein Denmark Germany Costa Rica Canada Uh Korea and the United States of America all corners of the U.S getting Set to compete and during the day and at Night it's gonna be a hot racing as Champs week rolls on and so on behalf of Our cast and crew our entire team we Want to thank you for the pleasure of Your company here tonight do you want to Thank my co-host here this evening Kate's helping us out get through our Top 16 bracket congratulations to all of Our Pilots Podium here in sport class This week and we're just gonna sit back Relax and uh do a Victory lap with HD Zero with your 2022 multi GP sport class Champion to fly Brian Melton we're gonna See that in just a few moments Thanks again Donna the great sponsors Bringing us our sport class Championship Here tonight thank you to our presenting Partner Superior one Roofing why have Just a regular roof when you can have a Superior one thank you to Orca goggles For all of the great prizes and support

Here all this fpv.control radios perfect For flying in the Sim and your quads Outside as well functional and uh Tech Technologically advanced as well thank You Orca for your support of the Championship once again I want to thank 533 of course sponsoring our Championship here in 2022 part support As well torvill so many of those Backpacks I can't wait to get one of my Own thank you to torville backpacks also Our friends at Hobby Wing the best Stacks and esc's in the game Gem fan props awarding to fly 60 sets of Props for being our sport class Champion Team Black Sheep one of our original Sponsors from the very beginning and Finally HD zero one of our great Sponsors and they are bringing us the Victory lap on the sports track the 2022 Champion with our newest Crown champion Of multi GP To fly on the sticks about to fly in HD Go to Disneyland Foreign And here we go the Victory lap Inglorious HD zero digital video your 2022 multi GP sport class champion on The stakes to fly Borrowed quad Borrowed Goggles But his first ride An HD zero

The 90 frames per second 90 Hertz feed You're good to go of course is clear All right champ you are clear for Takeoff Making those memories a lot of memories Here on this track Really impressive how all of our Pilots Were able to acclimate between the Daytime track and the nighttime track To running all those bracket races here Today I could look away from the screen Look back and pretty much assess where Everyone was but For me tonight it was a whole new course It was uh pretty difficult to follow in My head but you can see All those laps of qualifying last night And knowing those lines it's a little Different for a pilot Now there is a big lap right there Across the line your Victory lap for Your 2022 multi GP sport Champion to fly Well for those who want to continue Taking apart in Champs week online Tomorrow we should be live at multi GP Corporate.livefpb.com is going to be a Pretty basic uh broadcast but those who Want to hang out while they work and see What's going on at the track it'll be Like you're sitting in the pilot pit Area that's going to be running through Qualifying Thursday and Friday and then We'll be picking things up Saturday Morning on the multi GP YouTube channel

With our broadcast says we'll be getting Sent to Crown our second champion of the Week here at Champs week as we'll work Our way to crowning our 2022 multi GP Champion In the Pro class division To all of our Pilots here on site Tomorrow morning if you didn't register Registration will be open at seven to Get your pilot bundled make sure that You're all signed in And we'll be opening up a zippy queue For all of our Pro Pilots at 8 00 a.m Tomorrow Thank you everyone for being a part of It that's a Wednesday night a Champs Week as the week rolls on have a Pleasant evening we'll see you tomorrow Okay Foreign Foreign Come on get up When everything Everyone told you that Energy for something I won't go down Without a fight Foreign Here I Stand On The Edge now I'm barely I'm alive All the way in every day Must be wrong You can't be right Wasting time no reason Why

I must be wrong You paid your life Thank you foreign [Music] We don't care [Music] Thank you Watch that way Thank you Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign