2023 is the Year of Remote ID – Your Questions Answered!

By | January 1, 2023

How far away will Remote ID broadcast? Can you disable Remote ID? Why do some sub-250 gram drones have Remote ID? This video answers some of the most common questions about Remote ID and some other random questions as well.

Chapter Timestamps:
0:00 Introduction
0:51 What is Remote ID?
2:18 How Far Away Will Remote ID Broadcast?
6:32 Remote ID Modules Affect Flight Performance (conjecture)
7:09 Remote ID Broadcast Modules – How attached?
8:11 Why is FCC Involved?
9:00 Why Do Sub 250g Drones Have Remote ID, Like the Mini 3 Pro?
10:46 Is Remote ID Good or Bad (Opinion)
11:44 Should There Be Protections For Drone Pilots? (Opinion)
12:37 How To Make My Old Drones Compliant?
13:35 Are There Any FRIA's Listed Yet?
14:12 What Information Will Remote ID Broadcast?
14:44 Are There Any Broadcast Modules Available Yet, and How Much?
15:22 Why Can't I Disable Remote ID on My Drone Right Now?
17:23 Can I Retrieve My Drone From Someone Else's Property?
18:41 Can the DJI RC Be Used for Different Drones?
19:10 Will All Drones Have Obstacle Avoidance in the Future?
19:54 How To Find Places To Capture Amazing Aerial Footage.
21:07 Have You Done Anything Weird With a Drone?
21:58 Other Jobs for Drone Pilots Besides Real Estate.
22:28 Tips For Getting High Quality Video/Photos from your drone.
23:40 Why Did This Channel Grow So Quickly?

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