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In this video, I walk you through EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW about the DJI ACTION 3. My favorite Action camera just got a major upgrade!!! DJI took all the best features from Action 1 and 2 and created the Action 3 with added INSANE battery life, dual touchscreens and a super wide 155° FOV for action sports. DJI also brought back the QUICK SWITCH button on the Action 3. If you are looking at getting the most advanced Action Camera currently on the market, look no further.

* Text error on the video. The slo-mo pool video of the Osmo Action 1 should read 1080p 120fps upscaled to 4k.

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00:00 Intro
01:20 Action 1 and 2
02:25 Design
04:30 Size and Weight Comparison
05:00 Dual Touchscreens
06:35 Stabilization
07:40 Battery life
09:40 Mounting
10:07 Quick Release
10:46 Vertical shooting
11:33 Waterproof
12:00 Quality
13:20 Battery case
14:10 Audio
15:10 Quick Start
16:32 Quick Switch
17:25 User Interface
18:20 Timelapse
18:42 Hyperlapse
19:00 Add external audio
20:56 Price
21:09 Future updates


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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Now if you guys are a long time Followers of the channel you guys Probably know when the osmo action one Came out this has been and probably Still is my favorite action camera when The action 2 came out this was something I even said in my review that i felt Like it wasn't a full action camera it Was more like a all-purpose lifestyle Camera and the one thing i really wish That they did is come back with the Action one and we do have that now with The new dji action three now one thing To note this is only dji's third action Camera they came out the osmo action Three years ago they came out the action Two last year and basically the action Three is taking all the best features That they learned from the one and two And they merged it into this one here The dji action three and the one thing i Do like about dji and the reaction Cameras is that they went from a Traditional action cam with the one into Something completely different a modular Camera with the two and they did not Hesitate to just go back to something That works well so i do like the fact That they are able to adjust and make These changes and put together like i

Said all of the best features of these Two cameras however on both these Cameras there were some issues that i Did note that i'd like to see in future Updates and now we are seeing those Updates on the action 3 plus a ton more So in this video let's go through all Those things you're going to need to Know about the new dji action three First things first let's talk about the Design of the action three now like i Mentioned they did go back to the Original very similar to the original Design of the osmo action one which i'm Really happy about because i felt like The form factor and everything they did With the action one was really really Good now once you first see the action Three the one thing that stands out we Have massive screens on both the front And the back 1.4 inches on the front 2.25 inch screen on the rear on the top Of the camera we do have the record Button as well as a microphone on one Side we do have the quick switch the Quick switch is back super excited about That one they introduce it on the osm Action one but got rid of it on the Action two and that's what i was really Bummed about it was something that they Are the ones that started and then they Deleted on the action two below this Little tab we have a usbc port for both Charging and transferring files on the

Other side we do have a door now before On the action one we had the spring Loaded battery now they went back to a More traditional style door that has Your battery here as well as your sd Card slot on the inside on the very Bottom taking this thing from the action 2 we still have those magnetic clips on The very bottom those little quick Release clips which at first when the Action 2 came out they worked okay i Think they were working enough to get You by but i always said you know i've Said it before that i wish the magnets Were a lot stronger we now have a lot Stronger magnet on the very bottom of This one as well as updated hooks Another thing you'll notice on the very Front we do have a large lens as well as This little rubber protector so it's a Protector for the lens that goes all the Way around but now that's just that it's Also helping you to Unscrew that lens protector here so Ideally i'm assuming there's gonna be Different nd filters coming out but you Are able to unscrew that with that Protector here on the outside when it Comes to size of action cameras in Comparison to some of the other ones it Is actually a little bit bigger than the Osmo action one but still smaller as far As overall Scale goes smaller than the gopro 10

Smaller than the insta 360 1r 1rs series But we have the action 2 would be the Smallest footprint then we have the osmo Action one now the action 3 gopro and Then the insta 360 1r series next Feature we'll talk about is the touch Screen we now have dual touch screens Front and back of the action three Something that i know a lot of people Requested here we had touch screen on The osmo action one on the back but Everyone wanted it on the front we now Have full touch screens on both front And back and the great thing is they Didn't skimp out on the menu system you Have full menu control on both the back And the front i would have thought that They would have maybe Kept some of the menus uh you know not You know not available because of screen Real estate you are able to do Everything on the front screen as you Are on the back screen dji i even Thought of different ways to preserve Battery so if you have your touchscreen On the back here and it's currently off You can actually switch it to always be On but if it is off all you have to do Is tap on it and swipe and now you have A active touchscreen on the front and When this is active this one will dim Out so if you are vlogging you're able To quickly go to that front screen or You can keep them both on it's really up

To you now moving over from the touch Screen over onto the lens we do have a One over 1.7 inch cmos sensor lens same One we had on the dji action too and When it comes to photo we do have a 12 Megapixel camera with the ability to Shoot jpeg or raw one of my biggest Complaints on the osmo action one was The field of view everything was really Really good about the camera except for Action sports you need it to be a lot Wider because you're going to have the Camera a lot closer to your subject they Did fix that and made the action 2 super Wide and we now have that on the action 3. an extremely wide 155 degree field of View on the dji action 3. now national Camera wouldn't be any good unless we Had really good electronic image Stabilization which of course we do on All the dji products we do have rock Steady they also have horizon balance Which means you're able to now move your Camera up to approximately about 45 Degrees in each direction and your Horizon won't move it'll actually Maintain that horizon now of course if You turn it a little bit more it'll then Start to shift after about 45 degrees But for the most part when i'm out there Just doing some vlogs and of course You're naturally just moving the camera Back and forth it will maintain that Horizon so everything will feel nice and

Level even though you're slightly moving It now another feature they have on here Is horizon steady which allows you to Actually go 360 degrees and it'll still Maintain the horizon now when in this Mode you actually have to lower your Resolution between 1080 and 2.7 k but You can actually film yourself or film Your subject or have this thing on Something that's moving and you can Actually turn the camera all the way Around and your horizon and your video Will be nice and level the next update On the action three that i know everyone Is going to appreciate is the one thing That everyone has an issue with and that Is battery life the action 3 comes with A 1770 milliamp battery but it's also a Cold temperature battery which means You're able to use this battery in Extreme weather now they are rating this Battery to shoot about 160 minutes at Room temperature and if you are in Extreme cold temperatures the radiant to Be about 150 minutes now i just did a Quick test here in my studio where it's A little bit warmer than room Temperature because of all the lights And everything like that i was able to Run this thing and i actually thought That i would hit the overheating warning Way before the battery went out i was Able to just get rid with my studio Lighting and everything like that a

Little over 90 minutes 93 minutes on This battery and that's shooting at 4k 60 frames a second while i was doing That test the gopro shut down twice from Overheating the osmo action one shut Down twice from overheating i was able To restart those back up the action 3 Was able to power through even though it Did say there's an overheat warning it Did not stop recording all it did was Shut off the screens it would turn down The screens and then if you wanted to See how much time you had remaining all You just tap the screen it'll turn back On but it'll instantly turn back off to Preserve the energy as well as to bring Back the heat or bring down the heat but What was great is that it kept recording All the other action cameras would Either stop recording because of the Overheat protection or just shut down Completely now when it comes to cold Temperature of course i'm not able to go Snowboarding right now it is 90 degrees Here in san diego but i did stick this Into my freezer and just to see how well It would do i wanted to put that in There because my freezer is set to Negative one degrees fahrenheit this Thing says it's rated to handle up to Negative four degrees fahrenheit so i Dropped the camera into my freezer i let It run for almost an hour and the only Reason why i took it out is because i

Had to leave the house i didn't want to Leave the camera in the freezer for About five or six hours when i was gone But i left it in there for almost an Hour 50 it'll be 55 minutes and it was Still recording now when it comes to Mounting your action camera they went With the action too they're keeping with That magnet as well as the two hooks on The side and this is actually one of Their new sticks from their adventure Combo which is really cool so it extends Out and it also has the magnetic Adapters here so they are using that so If you do have the action 2 really good News that you can use all of those Magnetic clips or those magnetic quick Releases now for the action three after Using action two for a while i've Actually come around to enjoy using this Quick release like i said the one Downfall of it was the magnet wasn't as Strong as it needed to be they made that Update here on the action three but what I like about it is that if i use it for Something like this where i'm able to Just do my handheld vlogs what's easy With this system is that if you wanted To just quickly pop this off now you can Easily put it onto your chest mount you Can either put onto your helmet to your Car mount after you have a mount in my Car suction cup already to the ceiling So if i want to go from vlog to shooting

On my car and then taking this out Hooking this up to a mount that's maybe On your bike it makes it super simple And you're able to keep those mounts in Different places now for those that do a Lot of vertical shooting because if you Want to do stuff for instagram reels for Youtube stories or tick-tock there is a Vertical mode on the action three but When it comes to mounting it of course We only have the mounting system here at The bottom and they do now include this Protective case which gives you the Option to mount either from the bottom Or here on the side and to use the Protective case and to hook up for Vertical all you do is slide it into the Case just like that and clamp it down Now you have the ability to either hook It up from the bottom which actually Still hooks up to the camera there's a Little hole down there so you're still Hooked up to the camera here or if you Want to shoot vertical Slide it over Mount it just like that and now you can Actually shoot Vertical With the action three even though this Is fully weathered and waterproof Actually the camera itself is waterproof Up to 16 meters deep and that's actually 16 meters without any case so you don't Need a deep dive case like some of the

Older action cameras we needed in the Past you can actually just bring the Camera alone or just like i said this Protective case here up to 16 meters now How does video quality compare to some Of the other action cameras on the Market as well as their previous ones The action 2 and the osmo one here's a Bunch of side by side clips a little Comparison of these cameras here [Music] [Music] [Music] As far as video profiles go we do have The normal action three or dji profile As well as d cinelike so if you want to Have a little bit flatter profile you Want to switch it over to decent lag Gives you a little more options in post Processing now i did talk about battery Life a little bit earlier and battery Life on this thing is really really good The one thing that they do now include If you get the adventure combo is that They include this right here which is a Little battery carrying case now you're Able to keep up to three batteries here And plug this in and what's great about The new batteries now is that you're Able to charge these up a lot quicker Now there is no charging brick included In the camera this seems to be very Common now with phones and drones and Cameras now where you don't get the

Charging brick they'll include the usbc Cord but no charging brake now dji is Gonna be selling a 30 watt charging Brick separately and with that 30 watt Charging brake you're able to now charge Up your battery from zero to 80 In about 18 minutes also if you do have This case you're able to use it as an External charger so if you have a couple Of your action batteries in here you're Actually able to plug in a cable so i Just have a usbc to a iphone lightning Cable and you can now use this so if You're in the field and you're in a Pinch and you need some juice now when It comes to audio we have three Microphones on the action three on the Action two we actually had four mics However it was four mics when you were Using this uh as a combo if you're using Just the camera by itself you only had One so here's a bunch of audio tests Comparing some of the different action Cameras all right doing a little bit of An outdoor little audio test here how Does the audio sound comparing three Different cameras we have the osmo Action we have the gopro hero 10 and we Have the osmo action three so overall How does the audio sound we're going to Jump over into the osmo action testing One two three four five testing one two Three four five how does the audio sound This is the osmo action switching over

Now to the gopro hero 10. testing one Two three four five testing one two Three four five how do you how does the Audio sound here on the gopro hero 10 And now on the new action three testing One two three four five testing one two Three four five how does the audio sound On the new osmo action three little Audio tests on three of these cameras The one upgrade that they did on the Action three which i am really happy About because it's all about speed speed From turning it off or having it off to On and record it's extremely important Especially when you're doing anything Lifestyle action you want to be able to Get up and running as fast as possible Now what exactly does that mean well if The camera is off and i were to hit Record if i were to compare these with All of these cameras here the action 3 Is the fastest to turn on and also begin Recording quick start here we go gopro 10 action three here we go ready one two And three One two and three All right next we have the osmo action One versus the action three And three two one go How's my action two versus the action Three In three two one go Here we have the insta360 one rs versus The action three

Here we go in three two one go [Music] Now one of the breakout features of the Osmo one was that quick switch button That was probably still and still is my Favorite feature of all action cameras Are of the action camera because dji is The one who came out with that and then They got rid of it when they came out With the action 2 which i was super Disappointed with so i'm really happy They brought that back so if you guys Aren't familiar with it basically that Quick switch button allows you to set And save profiles so if you shoot in a Bunch of different frame rates a bunch Of different resolutions i like to shoot In things like 4k 60 4k 120 also switch Over to sometimes like a time lapse as Well as photo i can now save all those Parameters that i made so if i shot in a Flat profile and if i shot in a wide Field of view i'm not able to save all Of those settings as a profile here on The back of the camera and you're able To save up to five different profiles What i really like about dji and their User interface is that it is extremely Simple clean and intuitive they've taken The osmo action one menu and refined it As you can see a lot of the icons a lot Of the contrast everything just looks a Lot crisper a lot cleaner on the action Three one feature that they brought over

From the action two is you are able to Digitally zoom in in 4k and actually all Of the resolutions you're able to zoom In at different levels so if you're at 4k and you're at 4k 30 you're able to Zoom in all the way up to four times Just by pressing on the very bottom Right now while you can actually shoot 4k 120 out of the standard video setting You can actually put it into slow-mo so You can actually select slow-mo and then It'll automatically slow the footage Down in camera so when it comes to Slow-mo i recommend just shooting 4k at High frame rate and then slowing it down In post processing that way you actually Can still use the audio coming from it One standard option we have on here is Time lapse so you have time lapse mode And you can shoot it in 4k and there's a Couple presets in here you can do crowds You can do clouds sunset it already Gives you some standard time-lapse Settings however of course you can Always go to custom and change all the Parameters there and not just time-lapse We also have hyperlapse you can also Shoot hyperlapse in 4k you can also Change the speed of it you want it to be Auto two times all the way up to 30 Times now when it comes to standard Photos i did mention it's 12 megapixel Jpeg or raw one thing would it would Have been nice if that you were able or

Have the ability to shoot jpeg and raw Which means you're shooting both at the Same time here you have to pick either Or now when it comes to adding external Audio pretty simple with the action 3 it Is usbc interface and i have a rode Micro here and just hooked up to a Pretty standard 3.5 this is actually to A usbc this is from movo uh and it works Fine so you just plug it in and you can Tell if it's working or not because you Can see a little microphone on the back Of the screen and also the one thing i Like using is the dji mic this is a Wireless transmission system and it does Work with this all you do is hook up the Usb C adapter To the receiver plug it in there and Then now you are able to use two Wireless transmitters all right doing a Little audio test how does the audio Sound this is the action 3 with the dji Mic hooked up to it via usb And the audio is being directly pumped Into it so i'm not doing anything like Separate like i normally do i know it Will will actually record uh separately And then just sync it up later but right Now it is hooked up from the transmitter To the receiver how does the audio sound And what's cool about the dji mic is That i could put this thing farther away And the audio should sound just as good

Because of the fact that everything is Being transmitted from this transmitter Right here so how does the audio sound This is the dji mic hooked up to the Action three and this is what the audio Sounds like on the action three this is The built-in audio on the action so how Does this sound uh versus the dji mic Testing one two three four five testing One two three four five of course There's gonna be a big difference here If i push this thing all the way out the Audio is not gonna be able to get me as Well as the dji mic would but testing One two three four five this is with the Uh stick extended out how does the audio Sound this is the built-in audio on the Dji action three now honestly after Talking about all those features on this Camera the one thing that shocked me the Most was the price the standard combo Comes in at only 329 for this camera and it has one Battery a couple accessories and like i Said i'm gonna have a separate video Talking about the standard combo and the Adventure combo and dj also let me know That there are gonna be a couple updates Coming next month we are gonna get 10 Bit color on the action 3 and also gyro Flow capability for even more Stabilization on your video look for Those updates coming in october i'm of Course going to have a bunch of other

Videos on the action 3 full setup guide Also all the accessory kits are going to Be available for it make sure you guys Are subscribed to the channel if you Guys want to see those future videos as Always if you guys got some value from This video a big like would be much Appreciated this is ultra anastasia with Flightpath.com i'll see you guys in the Next video take care