5 reasons to get the Ulanzi F38

By | October 13, 2022

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I've been using the Peak Design Carbon Fiber tripod for a while now, so I was excited to see Ulanzi release a carbon fiber tripod at an insanely affordable price. But how does the Ulanzi F38 features compare to the very popular Peak Design tripod? Check out this in-depth comparison.
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What's going on guys Ultra nastasio here With flightpath.com now yolanji recently Sent me this right here a brand new Tripod that they're releasing this is Called the Coleman f-38 and I was Excited to test this one out because if You guys know this has been my go-to Tripod here a lot of people are familiar With this one the peak Design This is The carbon fiber one uh really really Good tripod and I've been using this Thing since it came out now if those Aren't familiar with you lonzi I've Actually talked about them a bunch on This channel they do a lot of Accessories for a lot of your camera Gear action camera gear and if you Haven't seen I'll leave a bunch of links Down below of other accessories so they Aren't new to the space but this tripod Is a new one so in this video let's go Through those things that are different And similar of the ulanzi carbon fiber The f-38 versus the carbon fiber Peak Design now here is the box and what was Nice is that very similar to the peak One they provide you a little bag to Hold your tripod in this is the peak one And then this is the one that comes with The f38 tripod right off the about first Thing we gotta talk about price of these Two tripods the peak design carbon fiber Comes in at 649 which is definitely not a cheap

Tripod the ulanzi tripod comes in 369 f38 is a little bit taller than the Peak one so as you can see here just Height wise it is probably about an inch About an inch taller than the peak Design tripod now as far as height goes The lonzi does have the peak design beat By just a couple inches when you extend Out the head when the head's not Extended out they're about the same as Far as the height goes with these two Tripods thus far circumference around These two as you can tell the design is Different the launch one goes with the More traditional type of tube design the Circumference is a little bit smaller on The laundry so if you're grabbing and Going uh this might be a little bit Easier to grab and go now one thing Right off the bat that you do notice is The ulanzi is much lighter than the peak Design first I'll put the peak design on This scale and we come out to two pounds 15 ounces we're at 13 32 grams lulani The f-38 let's go in 11 25 grams two Pounds seven ounces so if you're using This thing on a smooth surface you're Going to want to use the rubber ones Right there which they already have on Them the peak design same thing have the Rubber ones built in but if you wanted To switch them out because if you're Taking photos or video in something like Grass and you want to have this thing

Kind of dig in to the uh ground a little Bit more so for a little bit more Stability you can switch these out with These little ones right here and all you Do is unscrew them on the bottom and Then screw in these new ones so they Don't have that on the peak design one You actually have to use a tool to Unscrew those so just something to note Because it did come in the box when I Opened up the tripods one thing I did Notice is there's an extra step in the You launching one by step not means step As like you have to do more things but An extra angle so right now this is the Standard one when you open it up and if You go to the next one down these are The two different Heights or levels of The tripod legs you can go so you're Standing straight up or this really wide Base Middle Ground here so you're able To go this level now level two they have An extra step or an extra level here on The ulonzi compared to the peak one Peak Only has two the ulani does have the Three different heights now as far as Adjusting the height on the peak design One you're going to use this knob which Allows you to loosen it up so you can go Up and down here and on the yulonzi You're using this lever so you undo the Lever lift it up and then once you find Your height you just press that lever Down now one of the big drawbacks a lot

Of people have talked about on the peak Design one is the head lock it in just Like that and now you're able to of Course adjust the head position with This swivel Mount right there because of These slots right here you're not able To go at any angle you have to actually Move the camera at a specific angle for It to drop into vertical mode and when You want to loosen up the ball joint you Just have to pull this lever here and Now you have free range as far as your Ball joint but then when you want to go Vertical you are able to go vertical This way as well as vertical this way so Just something to think about that when You're using the peak Design One Sometimes you are limited on the angles You have to make some adjustments Whether it's going to be taking the Camera out and switching it definitely a Big plus for you lonzi not having to Think about which position the camera is In in order for you to make the vertical Work like I mentioned this does have the Quick release all you have to do is Press that in and then slide this out And the Falcon plate here is what They're using and if you guys are Familiar with ulanzi or if you're not They have a bunch of other accessories Like camera mounts quick release plates Uh and mounting systems that you can put On the other tripods other gimbals I

Actually have one on my gimbal as well As if you have something like this which Is the one where you hook up to your Backpack to your strap on your backpack So if you wanted to go from your tripod To your backpack you can just easily Swap that out here and then also I have A falcon plate on my gimbal so if I Wanted to go from tripod over here to Gimbal I just have to do that like so And now I'm able to easily go from one Device to the other or one tripod to my Gimbal and then if I wanted to go onto The road I can use the existing falcomm Quick release to now throw this onto my Backpack both of these on the very Bottom have these Hooks and these hooks Are really good because if you're out There and it's a windy day or actually Anytime you use your tripod you always Want to hook some weight down here so That if the wind is pushing this over or If you're shooting in water you just Want to have weight pulling down on your Tripod the one thing that's different With the peak design one is that you Could pop this out out and they actually Have a built-in mobile phone holder you Can actually use this mobile phone Holder right there on the ilonzi one Instead of a mobile phone what they have Is a built-in tool so if you're ever Used to using tripods sometimes your Legs get a little bit loose sometimes

You want to switch these out here nice That they have the tool built into it That you just can access this right here At the very bottom now Peak does have Their own tool system which is a little Mounting bracket that holds your Wrenches here however the wrenches don't The wrenches don't stick in well uh onto The actual bracket because that's reason Why you see this I have this Gaff tape here holding it and it's all Nasty now but I have to Gaff tape the Tool in there because if the tool just Sits inside of that holder it actually Slips out all the time another Difference I saw between these two Tripods and I like the one that's on the Lonzi is they added in that bubble Leveler on the outside here on the peak One we do have that leveler which is uh Here on top but the thing I noticed is That every time I would use it you would Have to actually level it while it's off Or the cameras off the tripod because Once you put the camera on the tripod it Covers the leveler so you're going to Need to do that before you put the Camera on which I thought was Interesting here on the laundry one it Is on the outside so once you put your Camera onto your tripod lock that in Place and now you have the level on the Outside right here on the back makes it Super simple for you to adjust your

Tripod make sure it is nice and level And then lock that down another Difference I saw between these two as Far as the ball heads go is that when You have your camera on the peak design And you have this thing mounted here and If you want to lock in your camera so Right now I'm locking it in by twisting This the camera is locked in place which Means you can't slowly can't move it so If you wanted to make an adjustment just On the horizon level you actually still Have to unlock the whole ball joint Which means now you can't just swivel You can't swivel it this way but you're Also tilting it this way so there is no Separate adjustment for you to just Change the position lock that in and Then of course I can adjust my ball head So once I get my ball head to or ball Joint to an angle I like if I want to Lock that in place I'm able to do that And then they have this secondary one Where I can loosen it and then I can Still turn the camera left to right and Your ball joint is still Level so Whenever you set it at that's still Level but I can can now adjust this left To right now when it comes to bottom Mounting your tripod you are able to do That on both tripods this is the peak One I just basically took this out and Then dropped it on here on the bottom so Both cameras or both tripods are able to

Do that so if you are shooting with this And you want that lowest possible shot While the tripod's up Mount your camera Here on the bottom you could do that on Both of these tripods now the one thing That's interesting with both these Tripods is that even though they're both Carbon fiber the build quality is really Really good with you lonzi one even Though it's lighter which is interesting Because this one right here when you put Them next to each other there's a feels Like there's a lot more I would say Plastic pieces hardened plastic pieces On the peak design one where the lines One feels a lot more I believe it's like More aluminum it just feels really solid So build quality wise I feel like There's I mean surprisingly the build Quality is really good on both but you Know you just have a lot more aluminum Metal pieces here which I guess just Feels A little bit better than some of the Plastic pieces on the peak design so When it comes to opening and closing the Tripods they feel pretty on par they're About the same uh they're both using Like I said that same concept as far as These levers Go versus the one where you Twist them this one right here which They're calling the zero Quarter basically this gives you a Quarter 20 at the very top so if you

Have other ball heads you want to use Maybe you have a video ball head uh from Elonzi or any other company because it's Just a standard quarter 20. my initial Overall first impressions as you guys Could probably tell from this video are Really really good from you lonzi with This new carbon fiber tripod the build Quality is solid it feels really good in The hands and that's actually a big deal The weight is it really light compared To even the peak one I thought the peak One was pretty good you know when I was Using it you could definitely feel a Little bit heavy out there when you're When it's hooked up your backpack and You have a bag full of gear anytime you Can save weight without sacrificing Stability I think is such a a huge key And I think ilonzi has that with this New tripod and then of course the price Holy cow such a big difference 649 for The peak design carbon fiber they do Have a more affordable one which is a Non-carbon fiber one but if for going Carbon fiber to carbon fiber this one is At 369 a lot of things that they're Doing here they pretty much probably Looked at this tripod and tried to fix All those things with this one hope you Guys got some value from the video and If you did a big like would be much Appreciated don't forget to subscribe Hit that Bell to be notified when I post

New videos this is also estacio with Flightpath.com I'll see you guys in the Next one take care