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By | January 12, 2023

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00:00:00 – The big problem with Walksnail
00:03:04 – Get rid of this ONE thing in the box
00:04:08 – Mounting bracket not included.

Some useful 3D prints for the Walksnail vRX:

*:5770088 – Replacement mounting bracket for the vRX, which can tend to break.

*:5731733 – Mounting bracket for Eachine EV300O. May also work on Skyzone.

* HDZero goggle slider mount for Walksnail vRX -:5715608

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00:05:04 – Differences between the vRX and the goggles
00:06:32 – Let's plug it in!

How to unlock all channels and 1200 mW hack –

00:07:44 – Firmware for vRX is NOT the same as for goggles
00:08:10 – Walksnail OSD support is AMAZING
00:09:11 – If you lose picture and can't get it back
00:10:52 – Let's put it on HDO2 and Orqa!
00:12:23 – How your goggle screen will affect the experience
00:16:28 – The biggest problem with the vRX is latencyv
00:20:04 – Walksnail reported latency is not accurate
00:21:30 – Why the vRX has additional latency (usually)
00:23:42 – Have I earned your support today?
00:24:52 – Antenna performance test
00:26:42 – Can I freestyle it?
00:28:55 – It's good. but it isn't for everybody.

Hc0 this doesn't mean that we're Breaking up okay Still gonna come around and visit I'll Still look I have the hc0 goggles coming Okay so I wasn't gonna be using HD zero On this old pair of hd02s anyway I guess After the HD zero goggles come I won't Be using you very much either hd0 module And I Do what you gotta do without right until Recently if you wanted to get into the Walk snail digital fpv system you Basically had two choices for which fpv Goggle you were going to use and both of The choices had severe downsides that Really gave people some pause the First Choice was the fat shark Dominator Goggle that you see here and then just Recently fat shark released this the Recon HD which is a box goggle with a Walk snail receiver in it and you're Probably saying to yourself right now Bardwell what about the third choice Which is the walk snail Avatar goggle And I don't really count that as a third Choice because the walk snail Avatar the Fat shark Dominator are identical in Every way except the color and who you Contact if you need support for them but They're basically the same goggle and The big big drawback of these goggles is That they only support The walk snail system You want to do analog there's no analog

Input you want to do hd0 there's no HDMI Input you just can't use them with Anything else And that's fine if you only want to use Walk snail but a lot of people don't a Lot of people have other quads with Other systems and they don't want to Have to buy a whole second set of Goggles in order to use them but there's Another type of person who is left out Of this new walk snail ecosystem and That's the person who has a perfectly Good set of analog goggles sitting Around this is a set of hd02 goggles and They cost I don't remember five six Hundred dollars when I first got them They're amazing they don't have the same Resolution and frame rate as the Dominator the fat shark Dominator Goggles but they're pretty good And they've got an HDMI input too So why can't I use them with walksdale And that brings us to the product that We're looking at today this is the walks Down Avatar Standalone video receiver And it lets anybody who has a set of Goggles with an HDMI input take Advantage of the Walk snail digital Video system it's kind of a weird choice For cadix to make because I think it Means that fat shark's gonna sell a Whole lot less of these Dominator Goggles but it might mean that cadix Sells a whole lot more walk snail

Systems to a whole lot more people well Bad for fat shark good for the consumer That's what we're gonna find out I'm Joshua Bardwell and you're going to Learn something today I don't usually do Unboxing on camera but I want to open This with you so that you can see what Comes with it it's such a weird and Unusual product I think it's worth doing And first we've got a quick start guide That documents what all the different Buttons do that's very nice we've got The video receiver itself of course We've got a couple of antennas that These are walk snail's own branded Antennas historically they have had Extremely poor performance and I would Recommend that you upgrade them as soon As you possibly can I've got links in The video description to some suggested Antennas but just about anything will Probably do better based on how bad These have historically been we've got a Looks like double-sided mounting tape I Guess we're gluing it to the front of Your goggles I'm not 100 sure about that We've got a screw for screwing it to a Bracket on the front of your goggles and We've got a DC Barrel Jack splitter so You can split the power coming from your Battery and feed your goggles and the Module and we've got a small mini to Mini HDMI cable one thing that's Noticeably not included with the package

Is a mounting bracket for your goggles The one that you're looking at here is The one that came with my HD zero Receiver and it fits on the fat shirt Goggles and it screws right in here I'm Sorry to tell you that the geometry of The Walk snail video receiver does not Let it work the screw holes just don't Line up it doesn't have the right Freedom of movement it makes sense that Walk snail wouldn't assume what goggles You have and what type of bracket you're Going to need and they wouldn't make a Zillion different brackets for every Possible goggle out there in the world It seems like if you want to mount this On your goggles you're going to be Relying on someone to come up with a 3D Printed bracket I have seen a couple of These floating around and I will try to Collect links to them and put them in The video description but I've done some Cursory searching today as I'm recording And I haven't been able to find them so I may not be able to find them I'll do My best as we talk about the Avatar vrx Keep in mind that it's basically the Same product as the Standalone Dominator Goggles just without screens so the Features and controls are basically the Same and hopefully the performance will Be similar too of course we're going to Test it a little later in the video so For example we've got a joystick here

That moves you through the menus we've Got a bind button we've got a DVR record Button a back button that backs you out Of the menus and over on this side we've Got an SD card slot and a power input Just like the larger goggles one Difference is that the Standalone vrx Has an HDMI output instead of a USBC Output either way it's going to Output HDMI to a display it is a mini HDMI so You're probably going to need to buy Some adapters or cables because I'm Willing to bet not too many people have Mini HDMI sitting around another Difference between the module and the Goggles is that the module doesn't have Four rpsma connectors it's got two rpsma Connectors on top for whatever kind of Antennas you want to put there and then To built-in patch antennas now those Patch antennas are connected via a Standard UFL connector to the board Inside the module and if I'm feeling Really ambitious we'll open it up later In the video and take a look at that I Don't know anything about the the Performance of these patch antennas Because this is the first time that We've seen them so are they as bad as These Omni antennas or are they properly Made we don't know yet all right it's Time to power this thing up and see how It works and in order to power it up We're gonna need a 2s to 5S battery yeah

Just like the Dominator goggles it is Not rated for 6s input and Like you may remember that wax nail Originally said the Dominator goggles Were rated for 6s fat sharks said they Were only rated for 5S some people tried Them on 6s and blew the voltage Regulator so seems like fat sharp was Right this guy only says 5S so what am I Going to do because I got a ton of 6s Batteries well the simplest thing to do Is to get a cord with a voltage Regulator built in Status oh oh she's waking up boys that's It we're here It looks it looks just like the walk Snail goggles like if I press the menu Key oh look It looks just like the walk snail Goggles uh I can see I've only got three Channels here if you need to unlock this I've got a video about how to unlock it And if you need to do the 1200 milliwatt Pack so that you get maximum output Power I've got a video about that too It's linked down in the video Description Voila There she the camera's upside down uh And the firmware versions are out of Date Um so let's talk about firmware uh this Vrx does not have the same firmware as The goggles uh there seems to be a

Separate one in the zip file that you Download there is a gnd for the goggles And then there is another one gnd Something I'll put it on screen so you Can see it so if you do flash firmware Make sure you're flashing the right one Oh I can move the OSD around Wait a minute Oh that's really freaking cool I don't Does it support the high definition Canvas Oh it does Oh that's hot Uh so betaflight supports you see that The The OSD is only in like a 4-3 Uh box because it's as if it was an Analog camera but betaflight 4.4 now Supports a widescreen canvas So you can put stuff on the sides of the Screen instead of just having it all Clustered in the middle and it looks Like It looks like walk snail now supports That that's freaking hot I like to move It up and down too this is freaking Amazing That's so convenient that I can move it Like that That's freaking amazing it'd be nice if I had the ability to re-center it Automatically Some of these features are in this new

Firmware that I haven't seen yet now There's something that people are doing By accident and it is making it so that The output to the screen or display Device doesn't work I want to Demonstrate it to you now notice that my Frame rate is standard frame rate but if I go in and change that to high frame Rate My picture will go away okay so you see It says invalid format here the reason Is that by changing to fast frame rate I Have caused the vrx to Output a 720p 100 Frame per second signal and this screen Doesn't support 100 frames per second Your fpv goggles don't support 100 Frames per second in fact very few Displayed devices do uh one of the only Display Devices I can think of that Would support that would be a high frame Rate gaming monitor like a computer Monitor but you may not have one of Those so what the hell are you going to Do well you could just try to like guess Where you are in the menu and push the Buttons and uh luck no that's lame Um there is a safety mechanism it's Documented right here in the card uh Where if you hold the back button for Eight seconds one two three four five Six seven eight I'm just going to keep Holding it For a little while Press and hold

Still holding it'll it'll put it back at 720p 60fps I'm gonna let go of the butt And see what happens Oh it's changing and it's back oh it Looks like it goes to 1080 60 not 720 60. that's interesting I guess probably more devices support 1080 than 720. well my video transmitter Has started overheat so I've moved the Quadcopter back over to the table with a Fan on it sorry about the fan noise well Let's try next is the most exciting Thing let's try plugging this SOB into Some analog goggles and I'm just gonna Sort of mock this up as if it was Mounted to the goggles the screw won't Actually go through there but it'll just Friction fit so we can kind of get a Sense of what it's like we're going to Use this splitter that comes with them To split the nine volts and feed that Into both the goggles and the module Great that's that's a little clunky uh I Personally like the way fat shark did it Where one of them is a 90 degree so you Can put the 90 degree in the goggles and It's not hanging out like this but it's Not the end of the world and then we've Got this mini to mini cable Which It's gonna work fine but oof It's not pretty is it It's not pretty right like You're far from the sexiest fpv pilot of

The field with all this nonsense hanging Off of you uh it'd be really cool can You use this cable which is sold for the HD zero system yes you can oh it's gonna Work oh that is way more low profile so That looks way better yeah um you can Buy that aftermarket uh I'll try to find A link it's not widely available but I Have seen it around and if I can find a Link I'll put in the video description But forgive me if it's not there let's Talk about things you should be thinking About when you're deciding what goggles You're going to use with this device and The first thing you're going to want to Think about is the aspect ratio and Resolution of the screens in the goggles So this hd02 goggle right here has a 1280×960 screen and that's key because The walk snail vrx can output either 720p that's 1280×720 or 1080 EP that's 1920 by 1080. and if you think about Those numbers you can see that the Screens in this hd02 can completely Display the 1280×720 screw feed from the Vrx it's 1280 by 960. that's just a 4-3 Aspect ratio But if you just chop the top of the Bottom off you've got a 720p screen Except there's a little bit of a quirk These hd02 goggles can only display a 4 3 aspect ratio feed from the HDMI input Which means that if you send them a 720p Signal from this vrx they will stretch

It vertically and you'll see a little Bit of distortion because you no longer Have a one-to-one pixel mapping from the Video feed that's coming in versus What's being displayed is this a deal Breaker well the stretching kind of Might be a deal breaker for some people Theoretically walk snail could Implement A firmware that letterbox is the image How embarrassing to be doing Letterboxing in 2022 but theoretically They could do that you get a little bit Of reduction in resolution uh but it's a Thing hd0 does something like that for God that only have four three or only Have 16 9 screens but that is going to Be a limitation of using this specific Set of goggles on the other hand the Orcas Will correctly letterbox will correctly Display the 720p screen on their 1280×960 Displays and it's noticeably better uh That I assume it's just the one-to-one Pixel mapping that we're not doing any Sort of interpolation or stretching Obviously the image is no longer Vertically stretched and you get a Really clear crisp display now neither Of these goggles are going to be able to Properly display the 1080p image if you Fly walk snail in 1080P they will have To scale that down to 1280 by 960 and There are going to be some artifacts

From that how noticeable is that going To be while you're flying well I think People are going to differ but I think Many people are just going to be happy To be able to use the system at all and Are going to be willing to accept that I'm sorry to say that at this time these Are the only two analog goggles with HDMI input that I have to test with the Videos receiver so I have reached out to The folks on my Discord server and asked To borrow a whole bunch of other goggles Including the Sky Zone skyo 4X the Sky Zone Cobra x a few other older goggles That I think it might be interesting to See how the system works and I also have The HD zero goggles which are supposedly Being shipped to me but I don't have Them in hand yet so I'm Gonna Save the Actual Hands-On testing for a future Video but suffice it to say that if your Goggles have the ability to take a 720p Input through the HDMI they should at Least be able to display a picture from This system and if they have the ability To take 1080P and scale it down well I Mean it's debatable if you don't have a 1080p screen whether there's any real Benefit to running the HD zero or the Box nail system in 1080P but they may be Able to scale that down to whatever size Screen that they've got whether that'll Happen without with stretching without Outstretching with letterboxing without

Letterboxing is going to vary from Goggle to goggle that's one of the Things you're going to want to think About when you're deciding whether this Vrx is going to be a good match for the Goggles that you're intending to pair it With the other thing you're going to Want to think about is latency and I Think latency is potentially going to be More of a deal breaker than you might Think here's how we're going to measure The latency I've got a flashlight here And the flashlight is going to turn Itself on and off and I've got a GoPro Recording at 240 frames per second and It can see both the flashlight and the Image in the goggles at 240 frames per Second that means each frame is about Four milliseconds so all I have to do is Scroll through this and find the frame Where the light begins to turn on and Then the frame where I first see that Happen in the goggle and then subtract The difference and I know the latency Before we look at these numbers there's Two things that I gotta tell you and the First first is that I did all of these Tests with the goggles in 720p 60fps low Frame rate and you might say why didn't You test them in 100 FPS High frame rate To get the latency numbers down are you Making the goggles look worse than they Really need to be no and I'm going to Tell you why after we look at the

Numbers but there's an important reason Why you might not be able to use the High frame rate mode in fact you Probably won't be able to use the high Frame rate mode the other thing you need To know is that the goggles were Displaying a latency of 30 to 32 Milliseconds for pretty much all of These tests and that's the latency that You expect to see and that they Advertise for the 60fps low frame rate Mode but the numbers that we're going to See are higher than that and the Question we're going to tackle is is That because like the fat shark HDO or The Orca is adding additional latency Compared to the Dominator is that have Something to do with the HDMI output on The vrx Or is that They're just not reporting accurate Numbers let's start with the results for The hdo2 goggles uh don't let the fact That it says hco2 3456 there it was all The same set of goggles Excel is just Trying to be helpful and was guessing That I wanted to number this Sequentially the elapsed number of Frames was extremely consistent 10 Frames for every single test measured uh By the time I got to five of them I was Like it looks like it's going to be the 10 every time and I stopped measuring That gives us 41.7 milliseconds of

Latency when the walk snail vrx is used With the hd02 goggles the Orca goggles Were a little bit higher they had two Additional frames which gives us 50 Milliseconds latency I'm not sure why The orcas were higher I mean the orcas Are in some ways like a more Sophisticated goggle it's plausible to Me that they're doing some kind of Processing that maybe takes a little bit More time but they're also highly Optimized for performance the numbers Are what they are I also tested on that Seven inch display that you see me using The brand name is lillaput it's a seven Inch display play made to go on like a Camera and act as a monitor for the Camera it's more optimized for Brightness and resolution and perhaps Color accuracy than it is for latency And that number is reflected in the Results we had a latency of 80 almost 80 Milliseconds one reason for that might Be that it has HDMI pass-through it's Got an in and an out and it's possible That they're the way that they're doing That is adding latency the takeaway from This is that if you're going to try to Fly with anything other than a device That is optimized for latency like an Fpv goggle or a gaming monitor maybe Then you might end up with more latency Than you're really comfortable with and Finally

I got the original Dominator HD goggles And I ran the Domino raiderator HD Goggles and I ran the exact same test to Try to see how the latency stacked up Number one because I noticed way back When I very first reviewed these goggles That the latency numbers that they were Reporting on screen were lower than the Actual latency numbers that I was Measuring in other words it seemed like They were fudging to make themselves Look better and they advertised these Numbers too they advertised 21 Milliseconds latency and they show it on Screen but I was getting numbers that Were between 5 and 10 milliseconds Higher depending on which mode I was in I reported this to walk snail and they Said oh there is a bug in the way that The numbers are displayed we will have To fix that and today we're going to Find out if anything has changed and no Nope nothing has changed uh 41.7 Milliseconds latency 10 frames delay for The Dominator HD goggles all the time The goggles are showing 30 31 32 Milliseconds on the screen and there's No HDMI Bridge or output or input or Anything this is with their own goggles They control this 100 those numbers They're reporting are inaccurate and When they advertise 21 milliseconds Latency that is not I I that does not Consistent with my results and when they

Say they have better latency than DJI That is also not consistent with my Results But it is interesting to see that the Hco2s had just about the same latency Through their HDMI input as the Dominator HDs with their built-in HDM With their built-in system which Suggests that there is really basically No additional latency being introduced By having to run this through an HDMI Output and Some goggles and Display Devices you're Going to have more latency than others But you're really not putting yourself At a latency disadvantage by using this Except that you are for the reason that I told you I was going to tell you about Which is that there aren't any goggles Out there right now that support more Than 60 FPS frame rate input so you Can't use the 100 FPS High frame rate Low resolution mode with this device Unless you have a display device that Supports it And actually I'm wrong about that There's one set of goggles that does Support it can you guess which one it is It's the HD zero goggles just today I Learned that a beta firmware for the hc0 Goggles exists that allows the HD zero Goggles to run at 720p 100 frames per Second And I know they only advertise those

Screens as running at 90 frames per Second and I was like well how are you Going to be compatible with walk snail You got to make this work and Carl Superhero Carl at HD zero magically made The goggles suddenly support 100 frames Per second so if you want to use this And you want the best possible latency There's only one set of goggles out There you should even be thinking about Using it with and if you're using it With any other set of goggles you're Going to be having latency more in the Let's say 40 to 50 millisecond range and That's best case Best case as soon as you fly away from Yourself and the signal gets weaker that Latency is going to go up another 5 or 10 milliseconds you're going to be in The 50 to 60 millisecond range real Latency not what they show you on screen And you got to think hard about whether That's okay with you The next thing I'm going to do is I'm Going to put these things on my dang Face and we're going to see what it's Like to fly this system we're going to See how these antennas hold up compared To some upgraded antennas and the stock Antennas and we're just going to see if You can even do it like what's it like But before I do that it's time for the Sponsor spot and the sponsor of this Video is you is you

Or if you want patreon.com is the single Best way for you to help support this Channel it's like subscribing to me you Can subscribe for as little as two Dollars a month or more if you feel like I've earned it the amount you pick is Completely up to you and you can cancel Anytime you want patrons get access to My Discord server which is full of Helpful friendly people it's got a Troubleshooting Forum a buy sell trade For them you can talk about just Anything you want related to fpv but Mostly what I want you to get out of Your patreon subscription is the great Feeling that you're helping support the Work that I do here if you're learning Stuff if you're choosing better products To buy or if you're just having a good Time entertain listen to me talk for an Hour whatever you feel like that's worth Head on over to patreon.com there's a Link in the video description and sign Up Uh how do I look It's time it's time to fly it we're Gonna be using the Orca goggles because Of all the goggles I currently have in My possession they're the one that seems To give the best looking image between The two of them alrighty so the standard Test that I've been doing when I'm Checking out a new walk snail device is To do a perimeter a periphery run of my

Yard I stand right in this location and I face the patch antennas of the goggle At The barn which is the most sort of Obstruction that I see when I fly around My house I try to stay at the fence Level here I come through here this is the part Where the signal tends to get the Weakest because we're going through the Barn I come around here And I'm going to do one more pass and we Can just watch The uh Bit rate and latency As we go I am at 700 milliwatts not 1200 Milliwatts I am at 25 megabits per Second not 50 megabits per second in my Experience in my personal testing I find That raising the output power to a Thousand or 1200 milliwatts tends to Produce less stable Uh less stable results it's more Unstable and and I don't uh like it and Then 50 megabits per second also seems To produce less consistent latency and Uh not necessarily better image in every Location so there's a pretty impressive Result for 700 milliwatts I've done this Exact same test several times many times With different equipment different Antennas That's about as good as I think I've

Seen walk snail do maybe these uh Crosshair antennas are actually half Decent And in a way the question of can I Freestyle it is kind of possible for me To answer because I suck as a pilot uh In a way the question of can I freestyle It is impossible for me to answer Because The goggles that you're using will have A big effect on your experience of Flying this system if you're using a wow It's very windy God does not want me Flying If you're using a display device that Has higher latency you're going to have A harder experience But If you're using one with good latency You shouldn't have fundamentally that Different of experience than if you're Using something like the Dominator HD We know From the Bench test that Uh on the right set of goggles the Latency is comparable To the Dominator HD itself and then it's Just a question of image quality And screen quality which is Entirely dependent on which goggles you Choose to use Um I am not Feeling super comfortable right this Minute to tell you the truth I'm hanging

Back a little it's not because of Anything to do with the quality of the Screens but It has to do with the fact that I Haven't been flying these orcas as much And just the exact way that the lenses Interact with my eyeballs And my brain hasn't adjusted to it yet So I'm feeling a little hesitant But uh To these smaller screen of the Orca Compared to the Dominator HD is probably Making it a little harder to see some of The fine details Uh but it's not that much smaller it's a Little smaller And Frankly If the alternative was You know analog I think a lot of people Are going to feel that this is a better Experience and that they're getting the Promise of the digital upgrade without Having to spend whatever 500 400 600 on A brand new set of goggles When walk seal put this video receiver Up for pre-order they announced that They had taken over 4 000 orders for it Four thousand people put up two hundred Dollars to get a chance at this system It is hugely popular and I think for a Lot of people it is going to be the most Cost effective way to get into digital Hdfpv it'll work with your existing

Analog goggles pretty much at almost any Price point you'll be able to get some Experience even if you're not getting The full resolution and the full Glorious OLED potential of the system I mean Hc0 comes in at a similar price point so I don't know why all these people who Are jumping on the walk snail system Didn't jump to the HD zero system but This isn't a video about HD zero so we Don't have to try to sort of figure that Out but this video receiver isn't going To be for everybody and I wouldn't want You to get so caught up in the hype that You buy it and then find out it's not Right for you and the main limitation That it's got is the latency now we know That systems like DJI and walk snail Already have higher latency than analog And HD zero analog and HD zero come in Sub 20 milliseconds let's say whereas These systems at their best are at Around 20 25 milliseconds and generally As you get further and further away they Get up closer to 35 or even 45 Milliseconds but this system when used With most fpv goggles that you have Today is going to be in 60 FPS low frame Rate mode and that is going to push the Actual latency as I measured into Minimum 50 milliseconds and under real World conditions as you fly further away Up into the 60 or 65 millisecond range

And You're going to have to decide how Latency sensitive you are but I feel like somewhere between 50 and 100 Milliseconds is where I would literally Bet money I could tell the difference I Could feel it and somewhere below 50 Milliseconds when I've tried to do tests To see if I can feel the latency I Usually am not able to tell So if you are somebody who's a casual Flyer if you are somebody who knows from Past experience that you don't care that Much about the lowest possible latency Then this may be a perfect way to get Into the system for you but if you're Somebody who wants the absolute lowest Certainly racers While Racers probably shouldn't be using The walks into the DJI system anyway but Especially if you add in any additional Latency by being forced to use the 60fps Mode with most goggles then this is not Going to be a system for you again keep In mind I will be doing a video where I'll be testing a whole bunch of goggles To specifically see how they perform I've got some loner goggles coming in The mail the HD zero goggles are coming In remember they will be able to do the 100 FPS mode so we're going to be Testing that when that video is Available don't hold your breath I'll Put a card on screen and a link in the

Video description in the meantime if You're still on the fence about whether Wax nail DJI analog Etc is for you I did A video where I tested four different Quadcopters which were identical except For those systems and I think it's a Good little insight into the pros and Cons of each of them I'll put the card On screen for that and a link in the Video description as well I'll see you There