AlexFPV’s Finals Heat 1 Finish & Interview | Drone Racing League

By | January 13, 2023

Alex you punched your ticket to the Golden heat you let out a lot of emotion There what are you feeling oh you know We were talking about this a little bit Before but it's crazy from our side you Know we dedicate Our Lives to being good At this this is something that started Out as a hobby but through passion and a Tons of drive and hard work you know We've we've got to where we are here so To come out and capitalize on that and Make it into the golden heat we're here For the main show it just doesn't get Any better than this absolutely and Harnessing that adrenaline harnessing Those nerves and avoiding all the Mid-air and all of the Carnage how were You able to do that and have a clean Race just go out there and run my own Race you know we've heard a world Champion say it nerd a lot of love for The guy but you know he says go out There run your own race and whatever Happens happens I would be way more Happy with getting second because I Wasn't as fast as first and taking Myself out of the race so just trying to Do that more in my drone racing and it's Showing off I think it certainly is Congratulations thank you