AlexFPV’s Golden Heat Win & Interview | Drone Racing League

By | December 29, 2022

1. Silicon Valley Champion how does that Sound I'll tell you it's my second level Win IRL and DRL and it just keeps Getting better I tell you what do you Think was the key moment in this race For you When I knew that I had the Speed early On in finals But A wise man once told me You got a peek at the right time so I Knew you know I had a lot of speed Coming into it but I didn't want to use Up all my energy you know so I was just Kind of letting it happen letting it Happen and then at the end the last two Heats of finals I told myself like all Right this is the time we need to peek And I just you know went for it I went Out there and flew and if it was going To happen it was going to happen and if It wasn't it wasn't and today it Happened it certainly did was that the Best split ass you've ever done in that Google cloud gate oh man I'll tell you What that was inspired from something Way bigger than me going on to lap too And just seeing two quads in front of You it feels like it's over and then you Have that one hard flick of the stick Through the split ass gate and you're Back in it it was something that words Can't describe for sure for sure Congratulations thank you