Best holiday gifts for the FPV pilot in your life // 2022 holiday gift guide

By | November 11, 2022

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00:00:00 – Holidays are coming!
00:01:08 – Omnifixo 3rd Hand Tool
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00:02:21 – LED Whoop Gates
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00:04:11 – DeWalt cordless screwdriver and bit set
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00:05:55 – FlyHighFPV LED Strips
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00:07:19 – JB smart power cable
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00:07:56 – Fly533 Hand Heater
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00:08:59 – TS101 Soldering Iron
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00:10:21 – ImmersionRC RF Power Meter
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00:11:16 – Walksnail Avatar vRX Bundle
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The 2022 holiday season is coming up and That means that you or probably if You're watching this someone who knows You and loves you is looking for the Right gift to get for you and that's What this video is going to be me and my Co-host it's blunty hey blunty hey Joshua how's it going on this wonderful Uh holidays Eve good good holidays That's right it is it's hot the eve of The holidays uh in that you should be Doing your shopping now if you want to Get your products before the eve of the Actual holiday yeah and I can't think of Anybody better to do this with blunty Than you because uh you uh you've got The beard of uh of a holiday Gift Giver That is true I'm just saying yes The older I get the more I look like Santa that is correct it's coming it's Coming and what we're going to do in This gift guide is we're going to give The best gifts for the fpv pilot in your Life in other words gifts that someone Can get for you without needing to know A damn thing about fpv So your mom your girlfriend whoever and Here's the first thing we're going to Throw out this is the omnifixo third Hand tool uh and what it does is well if You see it working let's find some Photos of it sort of in action it holds Wires and stuff while you're soldering On them or while you're working on them

It's magnetic it's easily adjustable uh And it's just a really really cool thing And I think it's perfect for this gift Guide because it comes in around 60 65 Dollars and a lot of people would not Spend the money on it but if that's in Your holiday gift the giving budget I Think Bunty it's basically a hundred Percent guaranteed that anybody who does Electronics work would love to get this I don't know what do you think yeah Definitely I mean um everybody's trying To use something to hold while they Slaughter Um and typically for me that's like yeah Blue Tech stuck to the side of a rolls Of solder so uh right anything is an Improvement on that so yeah I think a Lot of people will use this I mean Pretty much everybody in the hobby needs To slaughter so yeah do you have one of These I do not have one Oh maybe I'll get you one for Christmas There you go I use Blue Tech stuck to The side of a solder right would you use This if someone got it for you for the Holidays would you use it yeah Absolutely Okay all right all right next up we're Going to take a look at some whoop Gates And accessories and for those of you That don't know a whoop is a is a little Tiny drone uh typically uh one thing Like yeah Joshua's got his hand there

Um and yeah you can fly around the house They're pretty safe to fly around they Fly around for a few minutes and uh if You're a person you're buying for has One of those you've seen them around Then one of the great things you can buy For them are whoop gate and like that Means they can you know put these in Their house and fly around them and set Them up and take them down and uh you Know kind of have fun cruising Especially when it's like getting to Winter time Um and they can't get outside so uh we Bleed fpv that we're showing you today Has a series of whoop Gates they've got Some pre-made whoop Gates and they've Also got some stuff you can put together So Um depending on what you'd like to Purchase for them yeah there's all kinds Of different options uh of those I've Got quite a few of those and uh I Definitely do like their whoop Gates Yeah I think I would pick the LED tube Cube like even if I didn't fly it with My tiny whoop I just like put it on my Dining room table and make my house look Like a disco Um the uh the non-light up gates are a Little more versatile these fabric Gates People fly around and like you said Monty here's the DI plenty I think if They were going to get the DIY ones that

They probably would do well to just Reach out see he's got the DIY Gates but I don't think he has like a a kit does He you have to sort of pick all the Parts that's true and it seems like that Might be a lot to ask of like your mom Yeah like you said uh if uh if you Wanted to you could definitely just hit That contact button and ask them and They're they're super happy to help you Build a kit for uh the person you're Buying for Excellent or like just buy buy uh some Gates but only if they fly tiny whoops If you don't fly tiny whoops you're not Going to really get a lot of benefit From this this is the DeWalt 8 volt MAX Cordless screwdriver kit uh I have I This was given to me as a gift last Christmas and it's one of those things That I've seen people use it it's Fantastic for putting together Quadcopters it's fantastic for taking Your props on and off it's powerful Enough to break a prop nut loose or put Your props on but not so ridiculously Powerful that it strips all your screws I never would have spent 84 on it Someone got it for me as a gift I love It and so it's perfect for this gift Guide yeah Um definitely and one thing they'll also Need with this if they're going to pick This up is going to be a bit set and

We've also got in the lift uh some hex a Hex screwdriver kit from get fpv but It's gonna have a set of bits and really While you're buying this is probably Going to be the bits Um and these will work perfectly for the That do all or on their own just with The kit if you wanted to buy the kit Yeah I love these bits I actually have Seen people with this bit set it is a Surprisingly high quality bit set it's Good quality metal they fit they're the Right dimensions uh and for a Screwdriver like this it's perfect They're they're extended length so they Can get into small places there's an Eight millimeter driver for your props It's basically everything you need to Build a quadcopter and more and we'll go Perfectly with the DeWalt and you might Think well I'm gonna buy it with this 45 Piece screw bit set but personally I Don't like the kind that has these Interchangeable bits like they just get Lost they're falling out I would much Rather have dedicated bits like this Yeah also for what we're doing with fpv It's nicer to have the long ones uh to Get into places and have it more easily Accessible next up on the list we've got A series of LEDs and these are pretty Cool for a few different reasons one is Because they make your quad look nice And pretty when you when you light them

Up uh another reason is because they use The battery voltage you don't have to Worry about you know getting all kinds Of specific stuff too much so you can Order the 6s and they'll work uh pretty Well for whatever you need there's also An option for an LED strip controller Um which is that little chip thing that You can also order that lets them be Addressable as well Um so yeah these are pretty cool for for The pilot so does this mean that the Hypothetical mom or wife who or husband Let's not be sexist who is buying uh for Their partner will need to know the Battery voltage that they use whether They use 6s or whether they use 3S to 4S And you could just ask them no reason Honey does your quadcopter have a 6S or A 4S battery and then take their answer And you're gonna pick one of these uh And then what you'll probably you can Pick a single color Or they make a multi-color one don't They plenty where's that at oh so if you Want the multi-color ones you click here I see it comes the strip and the chip I See and this is just perfect I mean who Doesn't want to light their quadcopters Up with colorful Blinky LEDs right yeah That doesn't matter who you are you've Got to love this well next up we've got A product that's near and dear to my Heart this is one that I worked with

Newbie drone to develop and it is a Smart power goggle cable uh it lets you Run your goggles off of a whole bunch of Different batteries that you already own And if the fpv pilot in your life has Goggles there's a fair chance that this Is going to be a useful stocking stuffer For them only comes in at 15 I think That's all we really need to say if We're talking to the we've got a I've Got a full review of this on my channel If you want to find out more of the Technical details but for the the people Looking for a gift for the fpv pilot in Your life that's probably enough Information next up we've got at the 533 Handy heater and this is a little Plug-in USB heater that uh charges and Then you can throw inside of either your Battery bag so it keeps your batteries Warm when it's cold outside or throw in Your pocket keep your hands in uh and And body warm while you're out in the Field and it's cold fly so this is a Cool little thing to just have around And it's a USB power bank so you can Also just use it to recharge your phone Or your GoPro or whatever it's a cute Thing I pooh-pooed it uh I thought it Was kind of dumb and then one day it was A cold winter day in Knoxville not many Of them I know and I was flying with Evan Turner he happened to be over at my House and I was like oh my hands are

Really cold and he pulled it out of his Pocket he was like you need one of these And I was like ah he's right So if you're anywhere where it ever gets Cold and you need to wear gloves it's Hard to wear gloves while you're flying Because you need the dexterity and so You're constantly putting your hands Back in your pockets trying to warm up Is a cute little thing well done Evan Next up we've got the ts101 smart Soldering iron this is a portable Soldering iron so a lot of people are Going to have soldering areas if they're In the hobby but they're not going to Have one that's portable and the benefit Of this is you can take it out in the Fields with these so if you've got a you Know an issue in the field or you got Something broken and you want to replace A part or something you can do it right There where it's broken instead of Having to come back home and uh and get It all fixed up there so this is pretty Cool and I think most people will be Able to use one of these uh or they'll Have a friend who doesn't have one yeah Frankly blunty this soldering iron Despite the fact that it looks like Maybe just a cheap little portable Throwaway soldering iron it totally Isn't it's actually probably better at Soldering than the actual soldering iron Some people are using on their on their

Bench so don't just think of it as a Portable soldering iron uh it's it's a High quality soldering iron it is Portable some people use it as their Only soldering iron and it's probably a Worthy upgrade or a worthy spare for Just about anybody in the hobby because Unfortunately soldering is just part of The hobby by the way before we get to Our last few items you should know there Are links to all these products down in The video description below obviously Those are affiliate links as just as a Disclosure and also we get a commission If you click that link and make any Purchases a great way of supporting the Uh the work we do here so we sure Appreciate it if you use those links Next up oh this is one of my favorites Blunty this is the immersion RC RF power Meter another one of those things that Is supremely useful once you own one But a lot of people wouldn't spend a Hundred dollars to own this they'd just Be like how often am I going to use it I Kind of want it then that makes it a Really really excellent gift but but What does it do basically let you find Out if your device is outputting the Correct power so if you're if your video Signal is that you know at the right Power that you set it to I mean it's Transmitting correctly and uh if you Know if the Link's clear if your

Controlling's properly working there's a Bunch of different things it can do so It's pretty handy for the uh for the Average pilot anybody who has a video Transmitter and wants to know if it's Out broken or outputting the right Amount of power or if you're a race Director or if you race and you want to Make sure your your Racers are not Outputting too much power and Interfering this is a fantastic tool we Got two more products on this list Plenty these are a little bit more Expensive they're for people who maybe Have a little bit bigger budget but uh Again they are going to be probably safe For just about anybody to buy for Anybody in fpv And here's the first one yeah the first One is the walk snail Avatar vrx and so Uh to dumb this down just a little bit This is basically a digital receiver for Video and then a digital transmitter for Video with a camera so it's all going to Come together and you can use it to get Digital video on a pair of goggles that You might own or on a TV with HDMI and Just some different options you could Use for for yeah for for video from your Drone so this will be kind of neat for Pilots who are trying to look in to get Into digital but maybe uh aren't sure if They want to or whatever because this is A sale where it's going to be quite a

Bit cheaper than it than it normally Will I think that'll be a benefit for um For them even if they don't end up Liking this or they maybe want to move To something else or maybe they have a Friend who wants it they can sell it and Maybe you know get something equivalent Later and they won't lose any value on This so yeah yeah a lot of people in the Fpv community who are watching this are Going to wonder why we're promoting this And not any of the other systems that Are available and the reason we put this On the list is that all of the other Systems are super super expensive to get Into with this system is 200 for the Video transmitter and a video or for a Video receiver and transmitter Or 240 depending on which one you get Which is just in that range where maybe If you had a little bit of extra money You would go okay that's going to be a Christmas present and then they can just Try out this digital system it's also a New system and so if you end up not Liking it we feel like there's a fair Chance you can get your money back out Again if you decided and it probably Will work with the goggles you already Own or just literally a computer monitor Or a television if you decided to try That uh we got to say plenty should they Pick the Avatar 1s kit the Avatar micro Kit the Avatar Nano kit or the single RX

Which of these four options is right for For Mom or Dad or whoever to pick I'm Gonna say most most Pilots are going to Be able to use the micro or the Nano kit Probably the micro kit is probably where I would go just as like a baseline I'm Gonna work with almost anything either That of the Nano kit if they fly tiny Little quadcopters like this tiny whoop Then they should get the 1s kit you Agree or or just take your chances with A micro and do what you do I would Probably take my chances with the micro Just because like everybody who doesn't Have a look knows or wants to build one They might have a bind and fly I I think I would probably go with that micro kit Okay so the micro Kit's just the one They should get got it next up we've got The iflight fpv Drone backpack and the Backpacks in fpv are kind of Controversial a lot of people feel like These dedicated backpacks are super Overpriced and they would never spend The money but as somebody who owns one I Can say that it's it's really nice to Have something dedicated to this and so If you think that the person you love Would appreciate like a premium backpack To carry all their stuff to the field And then this is the one I use on a Daily basis it's my personal favorite And so we're throwing it on the list What do you think about that blunty yeah

That makes sense to me I also have a Similar a large backpack and I think Anything like this is probably pretty Good I think you'll you'll you'll Probably have a good idea if you're uh You know the person you're buying for us Got stuff thrown everywhere or if They're like you know hauling four Different bags to go down to the park That sort of thing so Um yeah this is a great option I think For those people if you're if you're Willing to spend the money I would also Say if you're Buy in the backpack go Ahead and spend the extra Seventeen Dollars to get the RGB LED power module The backpack has LED light pipes around It and it lights up if you have this Module and it's totally dumb but also Totally the coolest thing ever next up We've got some uh clothing and apparel Stuff for you that you might want to Check out if you want to pick up maybe Some t-shirts or socks or whatever for Your pilot in your life and the first Website we want to tell you about is fpv Friends we've got so yeah some different Things got some back grinder accessories And uh old gravy legs got a premium T-shirts there some different uh fpv Celebrities uh so yeah Or you maybe can find something there For the pilot in your life Find a design you like right yeah

Um and I uh I a lot of My Apparel comes From rotorite who I work with uh and I Get shirts from them and you see them Wearing me wearing them on my video uh I Would say probably it's a little unless You know that they love rotor Riot it Might be a little risky to buy them a Roto Riot shirt because some people have Strong feelings about rotorite but like Some of the apparel here like this Liftoff shirt super cool graffiti design I wear that I like this prop design fpv Is not a crime a little argument about Uh legislation and so forth or just like This this shirt is super neutral and I Love the design uh any of these uh would Be a good just out of stock oh they Cleared it out well you'll have to find It in stock but uh uh yeah we'll put Some links down below to apparel and if Worst comes to worst plenty there is a Final fallback option isn't there yeah Um I think this has always been the Fallback option for everybody but we Wanted to remind you that it's an option For fpv as well uh as you could buy gift Cards so most of the stores we've shown Today and we'll give a lift of a list of Them in the description that you could Pick from but are going to have gift Cards available so if you don't know What to buy them and you see a place Where you think they might want to buy Something from you can just pick up a

Gift card there and then they can choose And makes it easier for you What's a good uh let's just let's just Ballpark a price range for gift cards Like what's a good I mean obviously the More the merrier right but what's a good What's a good an amount of money that's Like you could probably get something Good I think I think either 50 or 100 is Probably going to be the the spot where You can actually get something shipped Reasonably uh that's gonna be okay so Yeah that's probably where I would go Alrighty uh that is it for this for this Holiday gift guide but we're gonna be Back For later in the holiday season with More these were the best gifts for the Fpv pilot in your life tailored towards Someone who doesn't know a damn thing About fpv but like what about best gifts Under fifty dollars best I don't know We're thinking of more categories and We're going to be doing more of these Gifts guys and if you have a category in Mind that you think we should do put it Down in the comments and uh maybe we'll Do it also if you have products you Think that are worth uh suggesting put Them in the comments too love to see you There thanks plenty absolutely thanks Joshua happy Holidays happy holidays Everybody