Best Tech Backpacks for 2022 – PGYTECH OneMo Lite & OneGo Air

By | October 23, 2022

The PGYTECH OneMo Lite and OneGo Air backpacks have the best quality to cost ratio in the industry.

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The PTY tech one mole light and one go Air backpacks are not only improved from Their previous versions but they've also Become much more affordable and I love It when companies listen to their Customers so let's check out the latest Offerings from pgy Tech and see if they Deserve to carry your expensive camera And drone gear hi everyone my name is Russ thank you for stopping by the Channel to learn more about these two Backpacks from pgy Tech and to see if They might be beneficial for you to Carry all of your tech gear in now these Bags may look familiar to you because I've reviewed the original one more Backpack a couple of years ago and I Still use it religiously today it is one Of my favorite bags of all time and it Still looks the same today as it did When I first got it and then also I Recently reviewed the one Go backpack Which has a little bit of a different Style it's a little bit bigger and it May appeal to other people now these two Bags right here are upgrades from the Original one Mo and the one go in that They are lighter they have some new Features and they cost less than their Are predecessors so first of all let's Take a look at the one Mo light starting On the exterior of the backpack it Measures 18.1 by 13 by 10.2 inches and It weighs three and a half pounds or 1.6

Kilograms when empty its outer shell has A stylish and Slick design that's made Of moisture resistant material that Sheds water quite well the bottom is Made of extra thick material that feels A little bit like hard rubber and it Helps to keep moisture from wicking up Into your gear if you happen to set it On some wet ground the shoulder straps Are adjustable and they have extra thick Breathable padding as does the back of The backpack now both of these features Are designed to provide greater comfort For extended periods of use now one of My favorite features on the one mole Light is the multiple carry handles that Allow you to pick it up easily from any Position plus the back handle works Great for stacking it on top of luggage When you're traveling all of the zippers Are made by YKK which means that they Are made to last they also have Anti-theft zipper locks to deter any Potential thieves if you're walking down A crowded Street or if you aren't Keeping a close watch on your backpack It does also come with two straps that Can be attached on the front of the bag That allows you to store something like A light jacket or easy access to some Snacks there's also a chest strap that Can be used for more even weight Distribution on your shoulders the front Of the backpack has a very large storage

Space that gives you quick access to Your most important gear when the bag is Sitting upright and there's a small Ventilated pouch as well for things like Cables cards or more snacks and then Also you can actually fit a full-size Camera gimbal inside here now on one Side of the backpack is a pouch that can Be used for bodily hydration container Or maybe a three-legged camera holder The strap can help to keep it in place On the other side is the quick access Flap that allows you to grab your gear While you are wearing the backpack the Backpack opens with a clamshell design And the front flap is where you can Store up to a 16 inch MacBook Pro or Also a regular non-fan boy laptop will Fit in there it has a divider that Allows you to store a tablet in that Same sleeve I love this new and simple Clasp design that keeps your computer in Place the interior of the bag is highly Customizable with compartment dividers That attach to the bag with the Strongest hook and loop that I have ever Seen the customizability of the pgy tech Backpacks is I think what makes them so Attractive to creative enthusiasts Because not every situation is going to Be the same so you can change it up to Fit your needs of the day now on the Side flap there is a battery storage and Indication system and these sliders are

Much better than that coin flip design Of old because I lost those coins after About eight minutes of use next let's Check out the new one go air backpack it Does come in two sizes I have the 25 Liter here and it also comes in a 20 Liter size the 25 liter weighs 3.6 pound Pounds are 1.65 kilograms which is Almost a pound less than the original One Go backpack and that was my biggest Complaint about the one go that it's Pretty heavy the one go air measures 18.5 by 14.96 by 7.87 inches which is a Little bit bigger than the one mole Light and it has three extra liters of Space for those of you with a lot of Gear now the exterior is comprised of The same Splash proof pu material and it Has the same high quality zippers with Those theft deterrent locks the shoulder Straps are padded but they're actually Not as wide as the ones on the one volt Light and then also it does have the Padded back but it's a little more stiff And it's not as thick as the padding on The one mole light it has that thick Waterproof bottom and the one thing that I really like on the one go air is that It has two Side Pockets so you can carry Your personal hydration vessel and your Three-legged camera holder both at the Same time it has two carrying straps on The back and then one on the top up now If you needed you can use the included

Chest strap to help distribute heavy Loads one really great design Improvement on these straps are the way That they attach it's a more efficient System that I really appreciate the one Go air has a very large access panel so You can pretty much get a hold of Anything while you are wearing the Backpack with just a simple twist off One shoulder this side panel has a Zippered pouch where you can store up to Four camera batteries and it has a few Smaller areas to hold things like pens Or cables the top flap opens up easily With a push button release and I'm so Happy they went with this rather than The one that they had on the original One go it also has two straps that can Be attached to these loops on the bottom And this allows you to carry additional Items like an extra camera holder thingy The bag opens with two zippers revealing The expandable and customizable Compartments and the flap has two Pockets one with an elastic top and the Other is a zippered pouch for storing Smaller accessories your laptop can be Stored at the bottom of compartment and Just like the one mole light it fits a 16 inch MacBook Pro now one big benefit Of the one go air are these more rigid Divider panels that can almost act like A shelf and they can be adjusted to Varying Heights by popping these ends

Out and sticking them into a different Mounting hole again the customizability Is what really makes these backpacks so Versatile and so attractive so which of These two bags would I recommend which Of these two backpacks I think they're Both great bags the design quality is Great the materials the zippers like Everything is great on both of them as Far as that goes but I think as far as Convenience being able to get your gear In and out being able to change the Compartments more easily and for a few Other reasons I do prefer the one Mo Light and maybe I'm a little bit biased Because I've been using the original one Mo like religiously for a couple of Years I think this is just a better design for Most people at least it is for me I Could be totally off maybe you like this One better but I think this is more like The commoners you know the everyday Person's backpack and the one go air is A little more Sleek design it's a little More stylish uh if I could like make a Comparison analogy this is like a Cadillac and this is like a GMC Denali Okay so they're pretty much the same but This just has a few more embellishments I think it's easier to get stuff out of The one mole light and you know I have Some trouble sometimes with the one go Air getting into that bottom compartment

I think the padding is better on the one Mo it's got thicker padding plus it has These channels so it breathes better you Wouldn't believe how much of a Difference that makes but when you Compare these like when you have both of Them and you compare them on a hot day Definitely this one feels better on your Back it's just padded more gets more Airflow the shoulders straps are thicker And also wider so that's a huge Difference take some pressure off of There I do like that they change this System on both of them you just pull it Okay clip it over here Done pull it off I mean that's so cool I'm glad they improved that because on The first one I didn't even use it Because it's so hard to get these off And on so so good job there I love the Clasp on this clam shell on the one go I Think it's great the push button one or Whatever the button latch on the last One on the one go sometimes didn't stick I know a lot of people had problems with That but this every single time it works So I can highly recommend this latch Keeps everything nice and secure and Solid Um I don't know I just like the layout I Like everything about this one but maybe Some of you like this one better I think Maybe if you're taller this one might be

A little bit better Um but yeah so that's my opinion let me Know what you think in the comments if You have any questions also put those in The comments Um also I'll put a link in the video Description for these where you can Learn more about them maybe I forgot to Cover something but you can also use That link to purchase either of these Bags and check out all the other stuff From pgy Tech too they make really high Quality accessories for cameras and Drones follow me on social media Twitter Tick Tock Instagram I post a lot of fun Stuff on those social media platforms That you're not going to see here on the Channel and I have a lot of fun on those As well so And subscribe if you haven't Already thank you for watching everyone Have a great day and we'll see you next Time