blackhawk drone review

blackhawk drone review


Drone enthusiasts searching for a dependable drone might consider the Blackhawk Drone. Here, we'll provide an overview of the Blackhawk's features and advantages. Plus, we'll analyze its performance in different areas. We'll also compare the Blackhawk to its competitors so you can make an educated decision when purchasing a drone.

Let's explore more about the Blackhawk Drone!

Overview of Blackhawk Drone

The Blackhawk Drone is an impressive UAV! It has the latest technology and can be used in both commercial and recreational applications. It has versatile tools to observe and map the environment. There's a GPS system for collecting precise data, plus versatile flight modes and improved safety features. Whether you're a beginner or experienced user, you can get great results.

This review looks at the Blackhawk Drone in detail. From features, design and capabilities, to accessories and tech specs. You'll learn the unique benefits of owning the Drone and if it suits your needs.

Design and Features

The Blackhawk drone: sleek and modern, with a polished black exterior. It's got four rotors, a remote controller, and a powerful battery! Not to mention awesome features, like one-button takeoff and landing, a “follow me” mode, and sensors to avoid obstacles.

Keep on reading to discover the Blackhawk's design and features!

Camera and Video Quality

The Blackhawk drone is packed with powerful features. It records in 4K Ultra HD resolution and has digital image stabilization for smooth footage, even when moving. A wide angle 65° field of view and 120° tilt lens allow for capturing aerial photographs and video from multiple perspectives. It also has 10-bit color depth with D-Log and D-Gamut for higher accuracy. Plus, there's a 2x digital zoom for recording sharp objects from afar.

The standout feature? It can take 10-minute long exposures while airborne – perfect for capturing sunsets or nighttime scenes.

Flight Performance

The Blackhawk drone offers fantastic performance! It comes with a 4K camera that shoots high-quality aerial footage. Plus, it has a 2200kV brushless motor system for amazing speed and agility. The 3-blade propeller helps it cut through the air easily, letting you make smooth and precise maneuvers.

The flight controller makes it easy. You can select from various flight modes. GPS assisted stability mode gives added stability for low-altitude flying. Following me mode lets you set a course while the drone follows you. Plus, there's altitude hold, headless mode and return to home functions. You can even program an area on a map that it will fly through autonomously.

Finally, the Blackhawk includes an action camera mount that works with GoPros or other similar cameras. Now you can capture stunning footage while in flight!

Battery Life

The Blackhawk has a 3-cell, 4500 mAh Li-Po battery. Depending on conditions, it can give up to 16 minutes of flight time. Factors like flying speed, wind resistance, and payloads can affect flight time.

The battery has programmable overcharge protection. This prevents overcharging and helps the cells last longer. It means fewer trips to the store to replace batteries and more flight time. Also, the high-quality PC/ABS injection molded housing adds to its durability.

Pros and Cons

Crazy 'bout drones? The Blackhawk is your go-to! It's powerful, portable, and versatile. But what are the pros & cons? Let's take a look, so you can make the wisest of decisions when buying.


The Blackhawk Drone is definitely designed with the customer in mind. It has a long battery life and allows for 4 short flights before needing recharge. The camera takes HD video and still images with digital quality and its 3-axis gimbal system ensures perfect angles.

Its remote controller system is easy to pick up, even for beginners, as it can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet device via its own app. You can even link up with other players for multi-player games or competitions.

The drone has automated flight modes, such as Return Home, Orbit and Point Of Interest, that provide clean image footage. All of these features make this an incredibly user friendly and durable drone, without breaking the bank!


The Blackhawk Drone has drawbacks. It has limited range and flight time of around 10 minutes at 500 meters. The battery life is short. When using the drone, there is input lag and frame rate drops due to interference.

The camera is fixed and has limited panning. This limits wide-angle shots with extensive turns. Flying indoors is difficult due to its size and lack of sensors.

These points should be considered before buying the Blackhawk Drone:

  • Limited range and flight time of around 10 minutes at 500 meters.
  • Short battery life.
  • Input lag and frame rate drops due to interference.
  • Fixed camera with limited panning.
  • Difficult to fly indoors due to its size and lack of sensors.


Testing and researching the Blackhawk drone thoroughly reveals it's a standout! It's reliable, strong and an awesome pick for anyone searching for a quality drone. To sum it up, the Blackhawk drone is a perfect choice for those who want to try out drone photography or seeking a dependable drone for their daily requirements.

Final Thoughts on Blackhawk Drone

To sum up, the Blackhawk drone is a great, dependable drone for both novices and veterans. It has lots of features like live streaming, smart tracking system, headless mode, and GPS navigation – making it a top-notch choice. Plus, its flight span is up to 20 minutes, and it's only $120. This machine is ideal for those just entering the drone hobby, yet it's complex enough for experienced users. Get the most out of taking videos and photos with this remarkable drone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Blackhawk Drone worth the investment?

A: Absolutely! Its durability, easy-to-use interface, and impressive features make it a solid choice for both beginners and professionals alike.

Q: What kind of camera does the Blackhawk Drone have?

A: The Blackhawk Drone features a 720p HD camera, perfect for capturing stunning aerial footage.

Q: How long does the Blackhawk Drone battery last?

A: The battery life of the Blackhawk Drone ranges from 15-17 minutes, depending on flying conditions and usage.

Q: Is the remote control for the Blackhawk Drone easy to use?

A: Yes, the remote control is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for beginners to get the hang of it quickly.

Q: Can I fly the Blackhawk Drone indoors?

A: While technically possible, we advise against flying the Blackhawk Drone indoors due to its powerful motors and potential for accidents or damage to property.

Q: Does the Blackhawk Drone come with a warranty?

A: Yes, the Blackhawk Drone comes with a 1-year limited warranty, giving buyers peace of mind and protection against defects or malfunctions.

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