BLUE TERROR | An fpv documentary

By | September 24, 2022

Blue terror is a frightening look at one of the worlds most deadly fpv freestyle locations. Hundreds of drones lost every year, strange sightings and an overall ominous feeling of evil surrounds every corner.

join botgrinder and a cast of locals as they dive deeper into the mystery surrounding BLUE THUNDER!

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In a long forgotten part of Delaware There exists an abandoned amusement park Ride one of mystery and Intrigue one With a dark past this is the mystery of Blue Thunder [Applause] [Music] In an abandoned parking lot in the Middle of a Delaware cornfield there Sits a decrepit amusement ride the Locals call it Blue Thunder and while no One is really sure when it arrived they Can be sure it has always been a part of Them always calling out to them Beckoning to come closer each week a Dedicated group of fpv drone Pilots Makes the pilgrimage to Blue Thunder to Rip some juicy packs and do aerobatic Maneuvers using their modified racing Drones we caught up with this group of Hardcore fpv drone pilots on the final Day of blue Thunder's existence as the Local city council has deemed Blue Thunder too dangerous to leave exposed And has been ordered to be torn down Curiously citing safety concerns but not Addressing any of the disappearances Surrounding the defunct ride while Noah Knows the exact origin of Blue Thunder Some texts State the ride back to the 1500s While others have made mention of It during the 17th century the oldest Record of sail for the ominous ride is From 1923 when it sold for three bushels

Of hemp and a goat to serve bodice Grinderus a distant relative of the World famous bot grinder fpv We spoke with some of these locals about The history and origins of the Blue Thunder ride I have no idea where this came from we Kind of just kind of rolled in here one Day I was like wow there's a cool uh Thing to fly there's dive gaps and all Kinds of stuff in there the history of This place I don't really know much of The history from what I heard this was Found on any of burial ground and then They transported it to some sort of Skull and Bones Masonic temple which Burned down and in the late 40s they Brought it over here to where it is Today I don't know hang on I got a phone Call hello it's been here for a long Time longer than I've been alive frankly See it off the road you know driving by You see it I heard it's been here Forever but they had to shut it down Because of the uh for the war effort They just scrap it So uh but it's been here a long time and Uh you know drones I heard a rumor that It's been here since the 40s but I I Actually have no concrete evidence on That Um well it just I don't know it's been Here for a bit I live not too far away And so it it's like a there's tons of

Um Pole related gaps and dive gaps and There's a bunch of well yeah I mean uh I Don't know really the the history so to Speak but uh I know we came up here a Couple times and it was empty and then We popped up one day and there was this Thing I don't know they say it's a Roller coaster but I ain't never seen The thing move uh we hear a lot of stuff But I don't I don't uh I don't know if Things ever been in operation I feel Like somebody bought it and it just kind Of ended up here this whole place used To be filled with fpv Pilots all right This whole place you see how many tables There is you can smell the solder in the Air there's so many kids here but now How many is this half a dozen or Something like that I count I count four People right but they ain't got me yet You know I mean You know I mean Skippy fpv Thunder bunny Fpv wild wormy he crashed right in there And that was the last day so I'm he'll Be oh I'll be right back I'll be right Back it's next to it Who's next to it but here's you see any Pilots here now no No they that thing eats fpv Pilots let's Rap let's rip give me my goggles Spooky things I don't know that could be that could be

Interpreted in a lot of ways uh Uh I haven't actually seen anything but Uh I've had a lot of people come here With us and then they Don't uh don't don't go home with us if You know what I mean I mean people have Gone missing supposedly quote unquote Allegedly because reasons ah it's hard To say but Sometimes when I'm fine around it it Almost looks like I see like a face in The bottom of it but I I can't never When I go back on the video I can't Never see it but I swear I've seen it Obviously the people they talk about it All the time there's graffiti about it And stuff Well with the long story short is a Bunch of kids went missing Drone Flyers is what they call them they Disappeared you know some come back You know but some don't come back Personally I haven't seen anything Spooky I haven't been here at night Which is when I hear most of the stuff Happens but I've heard a lot of stories From the locals like things do go Missing like if you crash your drone Inside of it you can't get it back I'm The world's greatest drone pie so I used To straight up don't crash you know what I'm saying I would not go in there I've probably Lost about 12 13 probably 13 drones in

There I wouldn't go in there once they Crash in there they're gone the chains Will eat yep they'll chew you up and Speed up anyway but if you go in there That's where they say the kids Disappears right in the center of the Thing right in the center of that blue Thunder thing over there it's like a Coaster but there have been Tales of Goblins and spirits and things roaming These grounds which I don't believe in I Think that's all bunch of [ __ ] to Sell you know this is really just Fascist Hollywood again yet another Example of the corporate oh yeah it's Like it's like a a black hole and uh and The [ __ ] Bermuda Triangle just [ __ ] living there uh yeah I've heard A story from the vampire About it I did ask around To some of the neighbors and they said That uh People going missing here over the years And they hear uh weird noises at night And all kinds of [ __ ] I've never heard Noises but I've definitely Seen A Face Up in that [ __ ] the mystery Surrounding blue thunder only grows Deeper by the day how did it get here Who brought it and for what purpose some Say it's a portal to Hell While others Say it's a demon trapped in the body of A carnival ride no matter the truth These dedicated hardcore fpv racing

Drone freestyle Pilots respect and fear The Blue Thunder the local city council Recently decided to remove Blue Thunder So these Pilots are enjoying what may be The last time they get to shred this Demonic ride All right well we're here today because Uh where they're removing it now Uh the Historical Society had a vote and They said there's uh no use for it here Anymore There's a lot of uh Weird things that go along around here So I'm here as everyone else is because They're trying to [ __ ] down and it's Going to be the very last time I get to Like rip it and see what I can do within My Limits the final last time they're tying It down they're tearing it down it's a Good spot to fly I understand the Reasoning why they want to tear it down They want The kids to stop disappearing I guess But I'm gonna fight until It's gone basically I guess I just wanted to come to see see If they actually take the damn thing Away finally but I don't see them so I don't know what's Going on [Music] Oh

Foreign [Music] Just talk about like I was doing this Trick one time man I'll tell you what or Whatever But yeah I uh after enough people talk About it you know I did don't know come Down here and get some tricks in myself What the [ __ ] really happened down there It's a [ __ ] in the background My name is Cletus Johnson and I worked Here on this hair blue thunder Sarah you Used to be able to ride it you can't Ride it no more it was killing folks I It just appeared one day but this land This land used to be a barrel ground it Was an old Barrel ground I don't know What they buried here but it was evil it Was so evil then they tried to put a Church here on the church people they Just didn't even want to go to church no Records say how many children have Disappeared off this thing my grandpappy Worked here and and he he he he told me About the things that he's seen he's Seen this little devil face red thing And I was a kid I just didn't believe Him I thought he was joking trying to Scare me so I wouldn't get on the Blue Thunder and then I seen the red face Thing Praise Jesus I didn't get on the Blue Thunder after talking with the Local fpv freestyle hardcore racing Drone fpv Pilots there's no denying

Something sinister is going on at Blue Thunder whether it's a gateway to a Demonic realm or just a defunct Carnival Rider spooky history everyone seems glad It will be gone and with what can only Assume is the last day to fly the Fateful ride one local named Buck Grinder will attempt his final Flight of The hell spawn known as the Blue Thunder All right we're all here to fly drones For our last day of blue thunder so I'm Going to go ahead and show you how real Professional pilot slices drone at this Spot check out my flight Anybody [Music] [Music] Look at all these [ __ ] Ah [ __ ] Crashing the [ __ ] Blue Thunder I'll Be right back I'm gonna go get my drone Wow what was that story you were telling Me about donut hole man I heard you uh Oh he crashed in there like a couple Weeks hey guys uh where where'd bucko oh Uh I think he said he crashed crashed Down there I guess he's gonna get his Drone down Yo dude he's down there dude It'll get you [Music] [Music] Thank you Foreign

Victim Say bye bye to the backgrounder next Week will not be better ladies and Gentlemen he gone [Music] Foreign [Music]