BONUS: Interview with PJ Kirkpatrick, Drone U’s Director of Operations and his take on the industry

By | September 23, 2022

Today's show is an exclusive one as we are joined by PJ Kirkpatrick, our new Director of Operations. PJ is not new to those who have been members with Drone U or have taken some of his in-person classes. PJ comes with years of experience in the drone industry, having trained individual and enterprise clients over a range of domains. In our show today PJ shares his experiences, his beliefs and what excites him about his new role at Drone U and PROPS programs.

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01:40 Learn about our Director of Operations, PJ Kirkpatrick
05:15 PJ's interesting drone experiences in the industry
09:33 PJ talks about his experience about being a Drone U trainer and PROPS training
14:06 What drives PJ and what makes a successful trainer?
16:47 PJ weighs in on where the industry is heading and what importance training holds in an in-person or virtual environment
21:40 PJ talks about the verticals and business domains that he will be focusing on as part of his role at Drone U
26:42 PJs favourite drones
31:30 PJs favourite dessert

You're listening to the ask dronium Podcast you ask we answer your drone Questions whether you're here to turn Your passion into profit or you simply Fly for fun we're a community of Learners and teachers who aspire to Achieve greatness we are Hey everyone and welcome to another Episode of ask drone you as always my Name is paul and we have a very special Guest right rob we have a very special Guest that we are incredibly excited to Introduce to you although i don't know How much of an introduction it is Because so many of you already know him Well and i think that brings up an Important point rob which is we are here To discuss You know pj and expanding drone u in our Props personnel our flight crew as you Would call it i know a lot of you Thought pj was really already on board And he was and he was one of our best Instructors ever but Rob we saw a gift in pj and his ability To lead in his ability to deliver Content from experience so we're really Excited to announce pj being On board as our director of operations Guys [Laughter] Yeah pj so welcome to uh your first Podcast in quite some time i think the Last one

That you did with us was on sar and you Started it with i'm a failure yeah Well now i guess i'm uh moved from that To a success i guess into the drone you Space anyway well i think that it's an Important point right that we learn more Kind of from failure than we do from Success yep agreed i fail every day So pj's goal yeah so tell us more about You again a lot of people knew or Thought you were already on board with Us now you're on board with us full-time As director of operations For drone u and our props platform which Is our enterprise commercial platform For drones teams and programs but tell Us a little bit about your background Where you've come from and kind of the Runway up until this point yeah sure so I guess the quick and dirty um my Background i've Played at sprint for a number of years 18 years in the telecommunications Industry as a radio frequency engineer And Actually left that space corporate world To pursue a business and I started a drone business because i saw The benefits drone had actually in the Telecommunication Industry unfortunately at the time It was kind of a slow adaption however Through that i've Discovered the construction was very

Eagerly to adopt drones uh into their Space so i spent a lot of time mapping The first couple of years and you know At the time there was no classes for me To take so as learn as you went right so I've developed my own processes and you Know companies i worked for Identified that oh They'd send me on Uh missions that no one's done like oh Pgo figured out and then they'll Document it and we'll reproduce it so That's kind of where my strength laid is Figuring stuff out and trying to Duplicate that that's awesome now you Were working for another company before This So What brought you back i'm sure a lot of People are wondering oh sure yeah what It what it took yeah so i mean uh yeah Previous to this i was working in a Manufacturing space manufacturing drones For the military tethered drones And then we saw that there was Definitely a Need and request for additional training And i really that was really my passion I really enjoyed training people on the Road you know i kind of got a lot out of That Having that immediate gratification of You know having a student never touching Sticks before

Taking them through the drone you flight Mastery course and then you know a day Or two you know they're flying our Obstacle course doing figure eights and You know it's kind of nice to see that Confidence grow and in such a short Amount of time so i actually got a lot Of that That immediate gratification enjoyed That yeah to that point uh as we've Alluded to you've actually been training For drone you for several years one of Our First Certainly part of the initial group oh Yeah i've drawn you elite instructors Yeah time flies you've just aged me Thank you rob well hey i aged myself Right along with you pj Fortunately we're about the same age i Think he's older than me who's counting Anyways um so you've been training for Us for quite a while obviously we've Brought you into this more formal direct Director of operations role which we're Super excited about And anybody that has ever trained with Pj Just raves about the experience and the Way you go about it the the respect with Which you treat people There's just so many amazing attributes That we hear from other people about you Which is fantastic and and many more of

You will get to experience that down the Road i'm sure but one of the things i Would really love to hear about from you That sort of goes back to The importance of experience based Training from drone you and props right That is The tenant of everything that we do Is that it's got to be based in Experience somebody who's teaching you How to do something Better have learned the hard lessons That they can share with you by doing it Themselves so i want to know some more About what experience is like what are Some of the a couple of the most Interesting things that you've worked on In industry not in training Sure so i guess uh in industry So one summer i spent probably 90 percent of the time flying a tethered Drone For um Not many people can say that by the way Yeah the whole summer and keeping the Drone in the air for like four hours at A time Was you know for the contract and uh you Know i thought flying a tether drone Would be simple but it acts it's Actually harder than flying a you know An unfettered drone to be honest with You and you may or may not have crashed A couple of them yeah there's a few that

I've crashed but that was not user error By the way pilot air was not piloting Well i think it goes to show too with With various types of drone operations Like tethered stuff there's so many Nuances just within that particular Type of aircraft you know absolutely and Being able to respond to emergency Situations you know that's i've Encountered so many you know i you know Often tell students that it's not a Question of If something bad is going to happen During a mission it's when it's going to Happen right yeah so you got to really Prepare yourself for those situations And Um you know trying to figure stuff on The fly without thinking about them is Not not the time to do them so it's nice To be able to you know help students Learn from some of my mistakes or Experiences Um how to handle certain situations Because uh I haven't faced all of them but i've Definitely faced quite a few yeah it's Significantly more most likely than any Of the folks that we'd be training And i think there's another engagement That at least it interests me and that Is just not too far south from here on Pikes peak oh yeah that's a pretty cool Engagement that you were oh yeah that

Was a fantastic opportunity so a couple Years ago actually during the pandemic The pikes peak international race has Never been filmed live before and so We had an opportunity to uh demonstrate That it could be done and we you did That with drones um we created a mesh Network on the mountain and we're able To film that live That race live on the internet uh i was Up in the air for 10 hours at a time at Around 11 000 feet agl or no msl No yeah 11 000 feet way up there Whatever l you want to use 200 feet agl 11 000 feet msl Um Yeah 10 hours at a time it was it was a Fantastic opportunity i love to have That opportunity so yeah and so some Pretty intense stuff that you've been a Part of i like the couple examples i Like being the first to do things and Sometimes uh It works out and sometimes it doesn't i Think it's easy to say that it's a Metaphor for life yeah i think it's easy To say that pj has a uh a lot of stamina So Uh when it comes to drone operations Flanders will get you everywhere Hey hey hey but you know coming on board Here at drone u kind of focusing more on Props The reason you know we brought you on

Board is that we See education In a very different way Than just about every one of our Competitors of which half we've trained And we see it that any information that We give out has to be Born from experience right you have to Have lived it you have to have gone Through the issues you know we can take That one step further and say okay that In multiple types of environments right Because you run into different problems But then there's the second piece of it Which is the ability to deliver that Information in a way that's relatable Retainable You know not really conflict bearing In a way that people enjoy and so here At drone u we were so excited to bring You on board as director of operations To really help scale drone programs Through props but also scale Our instruction Uh and our in-person trainings with our Instructors You know a lot of people have said How come Drone used competitors have so many more Trainers and i think this is a great Opportunity to help showcase your Ideology and how we have really brought That fully on board with you and scaling Our own instructors sure yeah well i

Can't answer the question of why they Have so many instructors I can Articulate why drone you doesn't have as Many as they do Is one of the reasons that the Requirements to become a drone new elite Instructor is actually very high bar Um you know not everybody that wants to Be a drone newly instructor actually Becomes a drone elite instructor right You touch on a couple of points it's not Only just having Be able to fly a drone you have to be Able to demonstrate your experience in That vertical that you're going to be Training in right so communicate Effectively exactly and you know i won't Pretend that i know everything about Every drone mission um you know for Example you're a significantly better Videographer Than i am i'm a black and white engineer Kind of guy you know i think in ones and Zeros But that's good because then we cover The creative techno the creative Vertical and the technical vertical Right right yeah i'm very uh methodical When it comes to that so on the mapping Side that's kind of where my uh my Strong point and you know helping You know we worked a lot with public Safety agencies

Throughout my career so definitely have Some experience in that arena as well so But as an example There's some folks that you've been Working with so one of pj's Roles here As director of operations is going to be To grow our network of drone new elite Instructors right that's what we call Our group of instructors around the Country And there's a couple of gentlemen in Particular yeah who We have come to love and adore if i may Gfy rob You know who you are Wonderful gentleman from the northeast Part of our country But uh it's been a long time coming it It's something we've known them for a Long time and they're just now becoming Drone new elite instructors yeah so Shout out to uh dave and john from Northeast drones they're our most recent Addition to our drone new elite team These are gentlemen through actually i Think maybe was it four or five years Ago they actually went through Our uh advanced mapping course and Coined the most important term here at Drone you gfy Good for you For you yeah So grateful for you yeah so um to help

You know expand with our props it's in Line with our what we're trying to do Right so um With props we have a lot of enterprise Customers that require in-person Training and to help add those resources We're bringing in these pilots that have Demonstrated their abilities and john And dave have done a lot of really Innovative things in new york um they Have great guys Even some bv loss oh yeah some drone Delivery stuff yeah these really yeah so These guys are on the cutting edge of You know the industry and so we brought Them on board and they're going to be Training some of our props uh enterprise Customers yeah it's fantastic and i Think they get just sort of naturally Inherently that idea that To be a little bit more entertaining and Engaging and enthusiastic during the Training helps people retain and learn Right and so those are the kind of folks That we look for Makes me think of izzy who's just uh we Love izzy another gentleman who came to One of he came to experience training Uh 18 i think or was it 19. oh the Fly-in you mean i'm sorry the fly-in yes Yes the fly-in that we had over at Balloon fiesta park and Phenomenal dude and and we've just sort Of stayed in touch over the years and

Kind of followed what he's doing and He's checked in with us And we've been kind of Courting each other right Hope you don't mind me saying it that Way izzy but just a phenomenal person Also doing a lot of cutting edge stuff Within the drone industry with his own Business And he's another one that's going to be Um on the team here very very shortly if I guess we could probably say he already Is but yeah um it's those kinds of folks That uh I'll just say we require um but they're Out there yeah they are exciting and Taking time though i think is imperative Because everyone wants Decisive decisions you know they want it Quick now tell me yes or no and it's Like It's like well Over time i get to really learn who you Are yeah and i get to really learn You know the type of person that's Really driving everything and i think That this goes to An important point about pj and kind of What drives you because i think that Goes back to the core and so In an effort for everyone to better Understand you What really does drive you what is the Fuel

To your fire because I personally have Gosh We've been to what four dozen five dozen Trainings together at least and I love Watching you work with people and i Think a lot of people know that Sometimes i can have a short fuse i will Say last few weeks of changing some Things in my life that fuse has gotten Much longer but um But i you work with people in a way that Sometimes I find difficulty with and i think one Of the biggest things that we've learned In the modern work environment is it's Not exactly what skills you have but Your capacity to work with different Types of personalities You know and so and so i'm wondering and I'm sure many of our Avid followers are wondering what really Drives you what really fuels you Why are you here Well i mean You know in addition to money Which drives a lot of things but um You know i jokingly say to paul money Doesn't always drive me it's uh I was gonna say i was pretty shocked you Led with that Well yeah i know i mean it you know i do Uh get a lot out of helping other people

You know it's um You know in a lot of my past lives uh You know in in Career-wise not Uh Not In other ways but uh I've always been someone that has always Liked to help people and you know look At any of my jobs it's somehow helping Someone right in some way shape or form Whether it's you know in the telecom Space you know making sure their cell Phones work right In the in the drone space making sure That the customer is Getting the expectations and making sure That their operations are safe right Because that's a big thing in our Industry right it's safe because a lot Of the missions that we do are very Risky yeah and so we ve uh one of the Things i like to do is highlight that Safety and You know make sure that these folks that Are you know going out there are just Starting out understand This is serious stuff you know we need To maintain The airspace and make sure we're safe up There so Yeah i really like and like i said Earlier you know taking a pilot that's Never touched the sticks and

Seeing them after a day be able to do Figure eights for an obstacle course is Actually pretty rewarding that Transformation yeah for sure yeah we've Got a lot of those instances on video And i always enjoy watching them when There's somebody that is doing running The course and they have a successful Run and the enthusiasm and the cheering And the smiles and so that's a big part Of it yeah it's really awesome it's a Fun experience yeah for sure so let me Ask you where do you see The industry going where do you see The future of this that's a good Question i think um I think in the last few years we've Definitely focused a lot on the like Drone service providers the You know guys like me that started out With a business right well i think um You know the enterprise Industry or like the large companies are Starting to Recognize the benefits of drones right And they're starting to create their Drone programs some successful and some Not i mean it's very i think they're Seeing that it's very challenging to Start a drone program because there's a Lot of things That People don't know what they don't know Right true so um that's where props kind

Of comes in is it it helps you know put A good troll good solid drone program Together because part of that is Training i mean um i think a large part Of it is training right huge because if You create the systems of communication Systems of operation systems of Administration there's your program yeah And and honestly prior to the pandemic i Mean you said earlier you and i were Traveling all over the country Conducting these trainings right and one Thing that two things actually the Pandemic has taught me is one patience Yeah right that's where i learned a lot Of my patients from And secondly that You know a lot of training can be done Virtually right um You know we recognize that there's a Good portion of our training that can be Done online but we also recognize that Some of the training we can't just do Online we need to be you know put hands On sticks especially like our flight Mastery course and operations course Right but i think you and i have really Seen How the augmentation of those two things Makes such a powerful Impact in the students ability to retain Information and be able to grow from That point 100 i remember there's uh me And matt where

During the pandemic we you know Conducted those uh mapping courses Online and you know we tried you know we Did the uh Data acquisition portion of the course Which is i think Everyone would recognize it's very Challenging to do virtually right yeah But um the online stuff i mean some of The classroom stuff was was fine but we Still needed to your point augment that You know in person well and i think the Online training augmented with in-person Is the true uh key to success for scale And rapidly scaling right because when You put someone through an online Educational program And you empower the manager to see the Statistics of the students manage the Students see who's field ready versus Just says they're field ready which i Know so many managers have run into that Issue before but you can rapidly scale Because you can discern okay who's Taking this seriously who's caught the Bug who is capable of actually Conducting this stuff and you get to Kind of weed through people rather Quickly and then send the good ones to The in-person training and just Skyrocket their confidence i mean i Think this is practically why we built Props is because the revelations that You and i have had during these

Trainings and i know rob you've been at A lot of these trainings yeah and There's also a lot of trainings that you Know you haven't been able to uh Unfortunately join us as well right and I think we've learned that having Students be prepared Just astronomically increases their Ability to learn when they are in person It's like adding a supercharger to an Engine right you've got to build the Right engine with the right systems and Understanding but once you understand Those systems you have the supercharger And you just boost up that efficiency And productivity 100 Yeah i think uh A vast majority of the training um Can be done online hence props But also Like you said pj we want to Sort of funnel people into hands-on Sticks time because that's where you go From ultimately zero to hero yeah i like It i like it I like it yeah and another benefit of The online stuff you know We observed that when you know we have a Big class of students there's different Degrees of learning right some people Learn different than others some people Learn faster than others with the online Training they can go at their own pace You know what i mean without that true

Stress of oh am i keeping up with the Class i think that also helps ramp up Some of the students who may not have The technical understanding to do Certain things and allow them to like Okay now i get it and then they come Into class and they're just ripping Through information yeah i think that's A great point in terms of sort of Once you get a group into the in-person Environment The more that have gone through some of The or as much as the online Content as possible then you can start To level the playing field instead of Having this disparity between Skill sets yeah maybe you squeeze it to This Making the in-person time that much more Effective So it can uh It's In the end it's a no-brainer yeah yeah i Think it's a pretty good recipe for Success yeah so outside of bringing on New instructors scaling instruction Working with props who are the type of People that you're really going to be Working with And in what verticals because i kind of Want to end the show by opening up the Door for any of you you know in Construction engineering i guess i'm Naming the verticals for you

And you know things like geospatial Intelligence um any gis related uh stuff You know utility inspections cell tower Inspections power line inspections i Know You right now are running a contract for Us With one of the largest utility Companies In the entire country yeah i absolutely Love to have that opportunity to work With them um It's it's it's been an eye-opening Experience because You know they're trying to scale their Own internal drone program right And they recognize that they need Training and and so in addition to Training they need documentation and so That's something else that we've been Doing for them is creating Manuals on their behalf a great part of Props too right that all encompassing Comprehensive system not just training Documentation again administrative Systems yeah i say these things after Thinking about them for so long but i Don't think we do a good job of Communicating what it entails you know That's my fault not yours no no of Course yeah so i mean pj's like i just Got here Yeah but you know so we've been working With the utilities we're working with

The telecommunication companies we're Working with public safety um we have Our partners at fdny that have um you Know shout out to those guys too um They're doing fantastic work in that Space yeah definitely so who Outside of who you're working with now Who are the type of people that you're Going to be focusing on in working with Yeah so any like large company that is Interested in Training A large number of pilots consistently in Order to make sure that their operations Are safe they're standardized And everybody's on the same page when it Comes to Expectations right they want They want to know that everybody's Trained they want to be able to have a Snapshot in time where everybody's at You know it's it's a challenge starting A drone program and you know we've seen That so we've seen ones that have failed Too So many too many unfortunately because It there's a lot to do there's a lot to Take care of and and props is really Designed to kind of help guide them Guide them through that process so let's Have some fun with this before we end Okay What is two questions number one what's Your favorite thing about drone you

Okay he's like that's not funny oh hold On hold on hold on hold on And what's the number one thing that you Despise the most about me I said we would make it fun How long do we have [Laughter] Hey i mean you know in order to have a Good team you've got to have the the Feedback loop open right you know 100 And our business can only be as good as Our personal capacity communication baby Yeah so well radical transparency yeah Yeah please be told um My favorite thing is you know it still Always will be you know the in-person Training like getting out there and with Other students and and flying with them You know When i'm out there you know i i have to Remind myself i'm getting paid for this Right yeah yeah You know i used to laugh when people are I always used to be like find people Where they'd say i really love my job And i was like what's that like well i'm Finally at a point where i can say i Really love my job i really do i truly Do Um To answer your second question what do i Just what was it despite what do you Despise the most about me despite um or What do you hate about me or uh what do

You where where do you feel like i could Use some improvement well it's pj it's Been nice having you buddy Well it's it's kind of a double uh Double-edged sword because there's pros And cons to this uh characteristic that You have is uh the no filter and i say That because on the plus side it's nice Not having a filter because What When people hear you they know what's Coming out of you is honest right So The filter to lie and and like maybe say Something to a piece yeah that doesn't Exist so there's no filter there and i Respect that and i like that Um but on the same side the filter's not There so sometimes you could say things That you know might not be appropriate And uh yeah sometimes that'll come Across but you're tired of picking up Crap We're talking About i try to prevent it from happening But sometimes i'm not always I think what pj is trying to say is There may have been some bridges burned And i'm not here to rebuild them No i'll say this you've been pretty good About rebuilding bridges that we thought Were burned and maybe they weren't quite As damaged as we thought so tell me uh What's your favorite drone to fly

Ooh that's a good question Oh you're gonna start a fire here with This one Depending on how he answers so yeah so i Have two favorite drones um oh no for Well See it's tough because For work you know the phantom 4 pro has Always been the go-to right it's been The workhorse Because from a mapping perspective it Just delivers right yeah it it just Delivers a powerhouse it's still a Powerhouse That's not to say it's the absolute best Drone i'm just saying it's a good go-to Drone for everything that i need it's a Great all-in-one yeah that's what i said In my anafi review is like it's almost Impossible to create a great all-in-one Drone like the phantom yeah and i Thought the anafi did a great job of Trying to be an all-in-one it's not Quite there yet i don't think we've seen A single drone that even compares to be Honest with you and that's not to say it Doesn't have a shortcomings but like i Said it's it's a good go-to for a lot of Things Um honestly the the other drone that i Just That's just fun to fly has been the Skydio um just because I'm just kidding i'm just kidding

No no no which one and this and you'll You'll see this as you know people talk With me that i don't me and paul don't Always agree which is fine because if There's one thing i've learned in Business if if two people in the Business always agree one of them is Redundant right So um one of them is an ass kisser And uh And so yeah it's it's fine So i find so the sky you two is fun to Fly you know i have not used the skydio Um for any you know business related Work that's not to say the x2 isn't Ready for that but it's just a fun fun Drone to fly well i think that there are Certain instances where that drone does Really great speaking of skydio you know You think of environments like power Line distribution centers absolutely Where you've got a lot of interference Already And if you think about it this is where Not allowing the pilot to be in control Actually is a benefit Because when With all of their drones the pilot as it Stated in the law is supposed to have Emergency access to the controls at all Time right but there are certain Environments where that might not Actually be the best solution right it Might not be the safest solution either

Right yeah and so this is probably the Only time that i can think of that Prioritizing the autonomy over pilot Input is actually a safety thing because When you're an environment like a power Distribution area lots of interference The interference is negated because the Autonomy is in control so there's no Radio signal to really worry about you Know controller doesn't matter and What's one question that we always get Is hey what drone should i buy Well most of the answers that i give Usually are you know begin with it Depends right and skydiox 2 is one of Them it's a perfect drone for certain Situations it's not the best drone for Every situation but you can't say that About any other drone either well 100 And you know back to your point Regarding the phantom it's almost like If boeing were to stop producing the 737 Right it just doesn't make sense what Dji is doing right now and i think They're opening up the door for Competition because there's just nothing Like that everything else they're Producing oh you rob you want a map buy An m300 p1 25 grand later you're like i Could buy 10 phantoms for this you know And that's why i think we're gonna see And i've already actually seen two Companies do this now of like you know If you remember the discovery channel

Monster garage we're gonna see monster Hanger where they're literally bringing Phantoms back to life and like these old Drones that fly like a dream well you Can see them already it's probably the Only drone period That Has appreciated in value seriously good Point because i've been we get like you Said we get the questions all the time From constituents members listeners Whatever about what drone should i buy For x y and z and yes it depends but For most of them you could just say get A phantom but so i've looked a little Bit and they're they're up in price if You can find one it's probably going to Be refurbished and it's probably 50 more than it would have cost new yeah So To me that says it all what you're Trying to say rob at least that i hear Is that us pilots who have stuck to our Guns Not followed the youtube hype machine Are actually making more money because Our assets are appreciating even though We get to depreciate them on our taxes [Laughter] I don't know if i was saying that or not I try not to mess with youtube at all People can be sensitive anyway i'm just Saying there's a lot of hype around all These new drones and they offer half the

Features so i'm like why are you guys so Excited yeah okay so the next most Important question Um what's your favorite dessert and i'm Asking this just in case somebody wanted To send you a little gift or if they're At an in-person training and they want To give a special thank you to pj there Is a way to his heart what is your Favorite dessert so yeah um my favorite Dessert is key lime pie hands down no i Didn't know that yeah So people that travel it's not like i Haven't seen that on your expense Reports a hundred times Yeah at the end of a meal i'm usually Asking you know if they have key lime Pie that's usually my go-to dessert so Yeah that's my uh That's my number one i'm right there With you it's good stuff hell of a good Choice well pj we are extremely grateful To have you on this team this flight Crew a lot of people look up to you i Look up to you as well i'm still Learning you know many um dad jokes from You Uh i'm also still learning actually a Lot about being a good family man from You like seriously and so i will just Say from the bottom of my heart i am so Happy Uh and i've waited such a long time to To have you on a

Full-time full you know full board yeah He didn't make it easy on us no you sure Did not happy to be here yeah we're all Learning we're very grateful for you we Are same here yeah we're all learning And we'll continue to learn well on that Bombshell pj gfy we're happy to have you And welcome to the team Well guys that's going to do it for us Today thank you again for joining us we Actually have a lot of announcements Coming up our new props programs we've Got a new props directors as well that Will be under pjs so we're actually Growing his team at scale very quickly So we're going to have a lot of Announcements we appreciate you joining Us if you want to meet pj maybe you're Starting a drone program maybe you've Had a drone program you just wanted to Work a little bit more efficiently and Build confidence in your pilots to Create professional Reliable operators that practice safety That's our props program you're going to Have to reach out to pj you can email Him pjk at the if you are Interested in working with him and his Team which is growing at rapid scale so Thank you very much from all of us uh Rob i think we covered it yeah i think So we're always here if you have Questions or like you said if you want To meet pj or get a demo on props or

Whatever we'd love to hear from you Definitely that's going to do it for us Today thanks again for joining us for Another episode of ask drone you [Music] You