botgrinder fpv park

botgrinder fpv park


Botgrinder FPV Park is focused on offering a unique flying experience for all FPV drone racing fans! We've constructed one of the biggest and most immersive FPV parks worldwide; it has more than 8 acres of thrilling terrain. Plus, the visuals are stunning and the obstacle courses are exciting.

Our team of experts is available to provide instruction and support. This allows you to hone your flying skills and take your racing to the next stage.

Overview of botgrinder fpv park

Botgrinder FPV Park is a thrilling drone racing and freestyle flying facility located in Conyers, Georgia. We offer a track for all levels, from beginners to experienced pilots. Options include practice sessions, race-related events, freestyle competitions and more!

At Botgrinder, we encourage everyone to get involved. Our automated tracking system provides real-time race data so pilots can monitor their performance. Our facility features two outdoor tracks, including a professional-level 250'x200′ multi-directional track. We also offer Hobby Lobby tech LPV drones for newcomers.

Our helpful staff will be with you every step of the way. From flight setup/teardown to equipment setup/tuning, we're here to help. Come experience modern day FPV with us!


BotgrinderFPV Park is in Southern California's gorgeous hills. It offers a one-of-a-kind experience for FPV pilots, all levels! It has loads of obstacles and features, so it is the ideal place for testing your FPV flying talents.

Here is the park's location and what you can look forward to when you get there:

Address and Directions

The botgrinder FPV Park is located near Epping, Victoria, Australia at 596-600 High Street, Epping, VIC 3076.

If you're coming from Melbourne City CBD:

  • Take the Hume Freeway / M31 towards Wallan/Broadford for 43km.
  • Exit and turn left onto High Street; follow it until you reach a roundabout.
  • Turn right onto George Street and continue until it turns right into Maple Street.
  • Go straight until you get to the venue at 596-600 High Street.
  • The journey should take around 48 minutes.

Parking and Amenities

botgrinder fpv park is in Brooklyn, NY! You can park in our lot with space for over 75 cars. And don't worry, there's public bathrooms, a refreshment table with water and snacks, and a shaded meeting area with chairs. Bring your own food and drinks too!

Plus, we got charging stations for laptops, phones, and other electronics. Convenience is key!


Botgrinder FPV Park is a 1.5 acre oasis in Hollington, East Sussex! For those who love to fly and race FPV drones, this is the place to be. We've got all the necessary amenities so your FPV experience can be safe and enjoyable.

You'll find what you need for a successful FPV outing at Botgrinder – it's the perfect spot for FPV flying!

Track Layout

botgrinder FPV Park is here! Check out our 1.2km-long track winding through the trees. It's custom-made with lots of jumps, drops, and obstacles. Built to a professional racing standard, it's ideal for experienced drone racers.

There are long straights and high banks to get your speed up. Plus, more courses for all skill levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Come join us for some thrilling drone racing!

Flight Line

botgrinder FPV Park offers a Flight Line for all skill levels. It has multiple flight lines, lush landscapes, and wooded areas. There are two dedicated lines for taking off and landing. Experienced volunteers and mentors provide instruction. Pilots can use any of the flight lines without restrictive rules.

Beginner and intermediate pilots have a buffer zone up to 10 feet high and 60 feet long. Experienced pilots have an even bigger zone. Designated pits offer safe hovering areas. Aerial gates create an obstacle course for veteran drone racers!

At botgrinder FPV Park, there's plenty of space and plenty of places to fly. Enjoy a unique atmosphere you won't find anywhere else!

Pit Area

The “Pit Area” for botgrinder fpv park is a special section of the fpv facility. Pilots get access to tuning benches, tables, chairs, a water cooler and other helpful items. Here they can collaborate and keep an eye on the track.

It's a gathering place for pilots, friends, gear, music, snacks and drinks. Hang out here before or after your time in the sky, or just for fun!

Rules and Regulations

Botgrinder Fpv Park is special! It's an indoor haven for FPV racing enthusiasts. We want everyone to have a good time and be safe. So, we have certain regulations everyone must follow. Let's check out the rules!

Visitors must abide by our safety and fairness regulations. This is essential for everyone's enjoyment.

Safety Guidelines

At Botgrinder Park, safety comes first. Whether you're flying an FPV drone, gaming, or watching an event, the park has rules and regulations to keep guests safe. Please read them before entering, or you could face discipline or lose access to the park.

Safety Guidelines:

  • Wear a helmet and protective gear when running or flying any miniquad.
  • Stick to your skill level and don't attempt maneuvers beyond your aircraft's capabilities.
  • Respect personal space – no offensive behavior like whistling or shouting.
  • Keep controllers, batteries and props off flat surfaces or practice safe handoffs.
  • Fly responsibly within the boundaries provided by Flight Controllers.
  • Don't use control commands when others are on their frequencies.
  • All R/C aircraft must follow AMA rule #615 (UAS Operations). People operating R/C aircraft must be members of AMA or a local organization affiliated with AMA.

Code of Conduct

At botgrinder fpv park, we care about providing a secure and fun atmosphere for all guests. To do this, we ask that visitors stick to this Code of Conduct:

  1. Follow signs and any staff instructions.
  2. No drugs or alcohol.
  3. Stay peaceful – no shouting or disruptive behavior.
  4. No dangerous behavior while operating drones or related equipment. This includes speeding, stunts, or putting yourself or another guest at risk.
  5. Keep valuables with you. Notify staff if something is lost. The park is not responsible for items left unattended.
  6. Report any vandalism, graffiti, or destruction to a staff member. Those engaging in such activities will be asked to leave without a refund and may be subject to prosecution.
  7. No pets. Working service animals must be verified prior to visiting.
  8. Stick to health and safety guidelines. No running inside the building due to potential hazards.

Events and Activities

Botgrinder FPV Park – the perfect place for thrill-seekers! From novices to experts, there's something for everyone. Enjoy multi-rotor racing, freestyle battles and more. An exciting and immersive experience awaits at Botgrinder. Come check it out!

Race Days

At Botgrinder FPV Park, race days give participants of all skill levels multiple options. The MVP Race Course provides championship-caliber racing with the latest course layout, prize packs, and sponsorships. Whether you're an experienced racer or a first-timer, you'll find the perfect challenge.

Practice days are available for new racers who want to build their confidence in the air. Our “Learn What You Love” program offers personalized instruction on piloting multirotor drones and related systems in a safe environment, including technique, controls and settings, flight dynamics and maneuvers, and pre-flight checklist guidelines.

We also host special events, like freestyle sessions where racers can compete against each other on time trials or obstacle courses. Freestyle shows allow pilots to express themselves with flips and rolls.

At the end of each race day, there's post-race socials featuring drinks, refreshments, competitions, interviews with top performers, awards ceremonies and more! Music, hot smokers, BBQs, food trucks, photographers, artisans, car runs, trade shows, vendor tents and medieval battles are all part of the festivities.

FPV Workshops

At botgrinder fpv park, we offer FPV workshops for everyone! Our instructors provide hands-on training for drone piloting. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced racer, our experts will ensure you have the skills to succeed.

The workshop helps attendees understand the basics of drones and FPV systems, like:

  • building, maintaining, and troubleshooting.
  • tuning procedures, aerodynamic principles, and regulations.

Plus, they'll learn basic maneuvers like hovering and figure 8s.

Attend our FPV workshop to get the skills you need to become a proficient drone pilot. We'll make sure you have enough exposure to the components of propeller aircraft flying, so you can tackle more challenging concepts on your own.

Community Outreach Programs

At BotGrinder FPV Park, we understand the need to give back to our local community. We create a space for people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy! We see the value of education about tech, science and art. Therefore, we proudly support outreach programs with events and activities that show the power of drone technology.

For example:

  • We organize field trips for students from area schools to demonstrate drones.
  • We sponsor events with local orgs to promote safe flying.
  • We partner with educational institutions for students to learn.
  • We host free monthly workshops to educate on drone topics like flight safety and airspace regulations.

Our goal is for people to gain an appreciation for drones and keep safety first. We make a positive impact by joining technology, science, art and education together.


BotGrinder FPV Park is a great spot for flying and challenging yourself. It has a range of flight lines and terrains, perfect for beginners and experienced pilots. The community is friendly and the staff are helpful. We definitely recommend visiting this park!

Summary of Botgrinder fpv park

Botgrinder FPV Park is awesome. Situated in Seabrook, TX, it has one of the widest flying fields in the US. It's huge – from 1/4 mile to 1 and a half miles! There are different places for different flying styles. For example, an acrobatics nine-point obstacle course and a beginner-friendly outdoor maze.

The park is managed by expert pilots and aerial videographers. Plus, they have the latest equipment – so you don't need to bring your own. Their crew gives helpful tips, so you can have a safe and excellent drone flight experience.

Botgrinder FPV Park is suitable for everyone – from novices to professionals. There's expert tuition and activities such as

  • racing events
  • time trials

Have fun at any level here!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Botgrinder FPV Park?

Botgrinder FPV Park is a drone racing course located in North Carolina, designed and built by professional drone racing pilot and YouTube personality, Botgrinder. It features various obstacles for pilots to practice and improve their skills.

2. Is the park open to the public?

Yes, the park is open to the public. However, access to the park requires a reservation.

3. How much does it cost to use the park?

The cost to use the park is $20 per hour. However, discounts are available for bulk purchases of multiple hours.

4. Do I need to bring my own drone?

Yes, you need to bring your own drone. The park does not provide drones for use.

5. What are the rules at the park?

Some of the main rules include always wearing safety gear, respecting other pilots and not flying over the pits or areas designated for spectators.

6. Can I attend a racing event at the park?

Yes, the park hosts various racing events throughout the year. Check their social media pages or website for updates on upcoming events.

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