Botgrinder’s FPV Park can succeed. Josh Bixler has done it before.

By | December 1, 2022

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00:00:00 – Botgrinder wants to do what?
00:01:34 – I wouldn't be here without Josh Bixler
00:02:38 – Who is Josh Bixler
00:04:24 – Edgewater Air Park
00:06:17 – You need to have 100% skin in the game
00:07:17 – Why in the world would we do a crowdfund?
00:09:12 – The vision for Edgewater: public access to RC hobby
00:09:59 – How do you keep a crowdfund accountable to the people who donate
00:13:00 – Volunteers are absolutely critical
00:14:15 – How do you respect your volunteers' contribution
00:16:50 – Make one decision. Step back. Observe.
00:18:26 – No insurance?
00:21:36 – The Disney World of Flight
00:22:44 – Connecting people around a common activity
00:25:29 – Last advice from Josh Bixler

Check check recording this is recording He's a YouTube creator with about 34 000 Subscribers and an fpv pilot and Recently he announced that he wants to Crowdfund seventy thousand dollars to Buy a plot of land and turn it into a Public access fpv park near his home in Philadelphia and this is Josh Bixler He's one of the co-founders of flight Test which is now one of the largest fpv And RC flight related YouTube channels With over 2 million subscribers and not Too long ago Josh crowdfunded over two Hundred thousand dollars to buy the Edgewater Golf Club and turn it into the Edgewater Airfield a humongous Public Access Airfield for RC flight Now there are a lot of differences Between what bot grinder is trying to do And what Josh Bixler did but one of the Things I've learned in my life is that When you starting out doing something For the very first time there's almost Always somebody who did something Similar before you and you can learn From their successes and their mistakes So I asked Josh Bixler if he would sit Down with me and talk about the Edgewater Airfield and how he made that Happen uh looking back at what I didn't Know that was so critical It's a it's don't want to sit and flop On the ground but uh I don't I don't say A ton of cheek this is the grace of God

That got us through this and the people That would come out at the right time For the right reasons was was no Accident it was amazing Um so I I hope that's the same for bot And uh and that he has success in it and Stuff so I know I'll start here's where I'll start the interview Josh Bixler Um I'll start and I know you hear this a Lot but I'm gonna do it anyway it was it Was you and Josh Scott and Chad Capper And David windstall with the original Flight test videos way back when that Got me into what eventually would be fpv My first airplane was a Bixler foamy my First multi-rotor was a flight test Electro Hub and years later here we are Uh but I want to just get the chance to Thank you for all the work you've done Over the years I wouldn't be here Without you well we'll turn anybody back Around you man you're down The Daily Helping people learn something new every Day and I love where this Community is Gone they get to be part of something in Its infancy and so grateful those times In the in the small garage and uh you Know learning about it it was a perfect Timing and with the perfect people and Now that the community uh you included Are are growing that it's just wonderful To sit back and witness you know what This family is doing so thank you for The kind words and uh and that's a real

Special time in my heart too and it Means the world that you shared that What we're here to talk about there are So many things we could talk about Because flight test is so many things uh But what we're here to talk about is the Uh Airfield that you guys have uh before We get into that though I think there's Probably some people in my audience hard To believe who maybe don't know who you Are and who flight test is so do you Want to just give a little bit of an Introduction in case those people are Out there I love it yeah and I'm never Going to assume that someone knows what Flight test is uh basically flight test Has been around for coming up on almost 13 years now uh we started in like you Said a small garage and Chad capper's Basement and uh making content Family-friendly content that people can Use to grow the hobby to enjoy different Aspects of the hobby we love flight Period uh anything that flies we try to Gravitate towards and and give people The the knowledge that they need to just Get started Um as people grow on a hobby our relief Is that there's amazing talented people We can hand that relationship off to uh Josh you being one of them and uh we put Out regular content and and we've been Doing that since day one and we've grown To about you know 2.1 million

Subscribers since then and uh you always Talk about flight test families like This family um we we want people to use This hobby to connect with each other uh In my heart before flights existed they Started as an Outreach Ministry just to Do exactly that to connect families Around common activities and as time Went on we we developed something called Flightfest and that's where people can Come together we always say you know Bring the people you love and the planes You don't because we have big build Tents and and people can come in there They can build all day long and then we Have these combats and different Activities where they put them up Against each other and and that's where Our community is really taking the range And run with it we don't bring the Biggest and the coolest projects there They do and we get to be participants in That you guys you guys as you said you Started out you were just making videos In Chad capper's basement Um eventually I remember uh I'm gonna Try to remember the the history I Remember you guys got an office Right and it sort of went full time I Remember that building and you were Making videos out of that building And eventually you reached a point where You started thinking about buying this Property tell me the name of the

Property again so the properties Edgewater Golf Course is now known as Edgewater Airpark and um yeah that it Kind of went from Chad capper's basement Uh during that time I was part-time and Uh we're doing the video content all of Us had other day jobs about a year and a Half into it is when I was like I don't Wanna I don't want to do this part-time I want to do this full-time and that's When we started bringing in the store And the design plans that I would do uh And developing that that quickly moved Us from check happer's basement to a Little single car garage below his main Offices and from that point it grew to Uh a driving range of all things in North Canton and uh something was on my Heart before you know even flight tests Existed and that was what that Ministry I was describing you know we we had People come together fly we taught them How to fly and then that Grounds was Theirs to use they could come out and They could enjoy the grounds they could Fly as families and we got out of the Way and you know a lot of times you'll Hear us say it's like just feelings like His family that's not like a Tongue-in-cheek thing to me or in my Heart it's it's meant and if you're a Family you need a home the problem was With the North Canton we had no way to Support that activity we had no way of

You know completing that Vision so we Communicated that to uh to the flight Test community and and we explained to Them like we want a place where it's an Open Park that they could come they Could fly they could we could teach People and everything that you just Described with flight Fest we could have On a more intimate daily level uh maybe Not the crazy combats but the people Coming out building flying fixing Learning uh connecting and so we shared That with the community and a form of a Crowdfund and the goal wasn't to buy the Land outright um I firmly believe if You're going to do something you need to Have 100 skin in the game and leverage As much my wife and I actually chose to To finance that but what we did have to Have is the money to develop it Um the grounds that we came across was Edgewater Golf Course and that was Located along Town Minerva is out in the Middle of nowhere no zoning and that's a Big factor I'll tell you why later Um and uh you know golf courses are Fantastic runways the only thing is you Know you have trees you have some Obstacles you got to deal with now what We did with the crowdfund was we Communicated that Vision we talked about Like we need to help developing it and Uh very quickly you know we raised the Full amount of money and from that point

On Um is where we started to to take over It took almost uh nine months to be able To go from purchasing to moving in and April 1st was when we moved in and Trying to remember the exact date was it 2019. why in the world were we doing a Crowdfund if this was just a flight test Venture you know why in the world would We ask money for that no we're business We if we believe it enough we'll fund it Ourselves this this had to be something That was separated and also I wanted to Make sure that the vision and what I was Communicating to you where we could have Families and friends coming out here for Free and learning and having these Activities if say tomorrow flight test Was sold somewhere I want to make sure That what people contributed to was Preserved and that's the thing that I Think people Overlook and I don't know If there's a way you can communicate to People who don't already understand that Value yeah like because they they'll Crowdfund and they'll take money and Then maybe they'll succeed or maybe they Won't uh but you have to have that Accountability to the people who support Who support you And ultimately that has to be personal Accountability because it's very Unlikely anyone's gonna like sue you and Get their money back so either you have

It or you don't Um you could have all the right Intentions do it wrong and lose that Trust and the more people trust you when You when you do something screw up even If it's unintentional the level of trust To level feeling betrayal it just it's Like a rubber band it goes this way Imagine you're married to your wife for 20 years and suddenly you cheat on her It goes a whole swing versus you're Dating a girl and like yeah this isn't Working out we uh we stretch the money In a big way uh a general contracted it Myself so that way rather than paying You know outside parties to uh to Oversee the the you know construction of The upper level of the clubhouse which Is now our headquarters we did it Ourselves and a lot of that was based on My background I went to college for Architecture and also civil engineering And uh GC so I had that that course Skill set um from college in my Background and and that proved in a big Way we were able to shave almost a Hundred thousand dollars off of what was Raised and that's what built The Pavilions that's what built the uh fire Pits and the amenities in the children's Playground and stuff so our vision for Edgewater is is to literally have people Come out and I mean today's a nice day It will not surprise me if we'll see two

Or three people popping out the fly and They don't have to pay a single thing we Use a waiver form so there's no AMA Insurance or anything that they have to You know buy yearly to overcome and uh And then usually during the warm season The six months out of the year that we Have nice warm weather every month we'll Have a major flying event or an activity And that event is actually a a Charged Event Um during that time also though we have Sprinkled in Quad races we have people Like schools using them for campgrounds And campouts and stuff like that which Is going back to the original thing Having an adjacent activity or adjacent Thing to bring energy gives people more Opportunity to say like I really want to Learn to fly Let's uh let's talk about Uh the the the money part because I Think uh anybody who wants to do Something like this it seems like you Came into this you already had an Established business it weren't quite The sort of green Scrappy just trying to Pull something together but I still Think there's lessons that can be Learned from anybody who is trying to do Something like this uh to create a space Like this Um so you crowdfunded the money uh what How what kind of Sort of accountability was there how did

You set that up so that people who Donated to the crowdfunding Uh could feel that you know there's Always potential when you crowdfund that Then people will go oh I felt like I got Ripped off or I didn't get what I Expected like what kind of precautions Did you take to make sure that didn't Happen well then that's you you Definitely handle that with the utmost Sensitivity to communicate your vision Very very clearly it has to start with The vision so people aren't buying to Legitimately say okay I'm paying for This Runway to be placed exactly in this Place they're paying for the grounds to Be able to be developed so people can Come out and freely fly so very high end This is going to be something open to The public it will allow people to fly To build to have fun to have activities To have events Um the crowdfund that we did we had Different perk levels and different perk Levels got them either a t-shirt a Sweatshirt a model airplane a drone Um some perk levels got on Pre-adventions for their family for life Or flight Fest so we tried to come up With perks like what is a way to give Back that doesn't just say you know Here's here's your thing thank you so Much but here's something that's going To daily remind you of what you endorsed

And those perks are different contrary Community I love the fact that I still See today one of the neatest things we Have is a challenging one that we made It was a really nice metal heavy coin And um and that coin still to this day You go up and meet somebody that you've Never met before and they pull out of Their pocket like hey I'm one of the Supporters so they have their Founders Hat on different communities value those Things differently so with the Multirotor community with what you're Talking about with a Bop grinder it may Not be a t-shirt it may be a really sick You know prop bench or something but It's it is a give back what we wanted to Do is we wanted to be responsible and Making sure that people understood that Uh we do have skin on the game uh I Mentioned this really don't want to be Very clear flight test does not own These grounds my wife and I personally Believed in this Vision uh the debt is Ours so if this thing goes sideways it's Our house it's our livelihood it's our Assets on the line not flight test bird To carry it so Jen and I don't know my Wife's name is Jen by the way Jen and I Don't own flight test uh corporate Entity on slide test Um but this way we're able to keep the Vision to what we we told the community We would do we're held accountable to it

And as far as the money handling Everything goes the perks and everything Were immediately fulfilled there's still A number of perks like the paper bricks For the patio that we've been putting in Uh as we develop runways there's Different Power stations with different People's names on them we're very clear To say like this is a slow roll out Three four five years as we develop the Grounds these things will activate There's one thing that is absolutely Critical to making this a success when It's not my brain it's not my activities It's it's the volunteers we have a group Called The Edgewater flight crew and That Edgewater flight crew they're the Group of probably 14 individuals Most amazing humans you've ever met Um they fly the lease and serve the most Um it's not unlikely that I'll be coming Out to work on a Saturday and I'll see Two or three of them just showing up Just to clean up or pick up limbs or to Help people and uh those people are Really the lifeblood of the ground so if Anyone's ever looking to to do a project Like this it has to be Beyond themselves It has to have a group of people behind Them um in my case I'm also married to One of the most incredible women Um I could ever hoped for and she is Incredibly and supportive she has just a Kind nurturing heart and she loves being

Out here helping too and she's been Supportive of this just imagine coming Home and say sweetheart I want to buy a Golf course right no that's that's the Caliber of uh life I have in my my wife Jen but um that that is critical too so You can have a great idea up here you Can have the passion to do it you can Even have the funds but if you don't Have people ready to serve the culture The vibe the the energy will quickly go Away you guys of course have a business Uh thankfully a successful business and So you have the prerogative to to have Employees uh but as you said volunteers Are still essential uh and as for a Smaller uh organization that didn't have A cash flow or business it's basically Going to be all volunteer yeah how do You How do you stay respectful and Accountable to your volunteers because I've seen I've seen cases where where Organizations will take volunteers They'll work work them like dogs and Then they'll burn them out and it's like Are you really is that really the best Thing to do and of course it doesn't Feel like the kind of vibe you you put Out well and you're spot on and that's Exactly why we don't have our employees Dealing with the grounds um this is not A flight test Venture as I said before My wife and I own it

Um we run it the volunteers are the dear Friends so in other words we don't have Uh we don't have employees a flight test Coming out and maintaining the grounds Or volunteers doing while we have fun The grounds are maintained by a separate Group of volunteers so everything the Flight test does Um or I'm sure sorry everything Edgewater does has no Financial or ties Or burden to the flight test and that's Really important because that does keep It from people getting used people do it At their own Goodwill now what's really Cool is um if you we call them flight Crews and kind of my vision is we get Different flight sites all over the Country I don't believe in calling them Clubs clubs have a hierarchy clubs have A bureaucracy that's attached to them Clubs bring a lot of ugly Um with what the ftca is doing to make Flying sites A group of volunteers is not the President the secretary the treasurer And all the old order that you see it is A group of people that say Hey I'm Really good with maintenance I want to Help out with maintenance all right cool Then you can help out with me is I'm Really good with teaching people how to Fly I want to teach people how to fly And it's an organic approach to it where People do it because they want to do it

Not because of the position they've been Elected to do not because of the Hierarchy and the delegation coming from The top down of people coming forth that Group was pretty much identified before Edgewater became reality but as we did The crowdfund we had people come out of The woodwork saying hey I'm really good With making fire pits because I put a Fire pit on there we didn't take the Charity we paid them we we said thank You so much we'll take it please give 110 but let us know how much the Materials are going to cost we're not Going to Um make it a one-sided deal and I think That was really good because when they Came out it wasn't like I don't want to Come out because I don't want to be Asked to do another thing it came out Because they're excited to contribute in The group so it sounds like uh one of The things you would advise is to have That sort of core group of volunteers Behind you as you go in people who share Your vision who share your values and You're kind of going to be on the same Page as you get through those initial The very tough initial steps of setting It up Um and then people come out of the Woodwork and they want to help Um It's amazing um you know we have our we

Always have a spring cleanup and Oftentimes like a fall shut down day Where a lot of it's not just the flight Test flight crew but it's also the the People that hey we're doing this on this Day you want to come out and help yeah Yeah we'll be there and and Um it's it's amazing to see uh they take The initiative themselves they they they Also give us the feedback too Um all these runways you know I I you Can watch the original crowdfund video They're fairly close to what I was Saying but I was thinking we're gonna do This like that thank God I didn't Because I would have been chopping down Trees I should have left I would have Been putting things where they shouldn't Have been my wife gave me some really Powerful advice and she's like just do One thing and step back and observe and Then do another thing and step back Thank God I didn't raise millions and Millions of dollars and just hire Everything done because it would have Just it wouldn't have been right but Yeah seeing the feedback from this Core Group of people and also from the crowd And the energy going through it's like All right we need camping right here Because everyone when they want a Picture tent goes right here so let's Put our amenities right here Um and you know okay wow this is great

For flying this type of plane but we Definitely don't want a pattern chip Coming in in this direction or a plant That does 100 miles an hour we got to Find a different spot for them a Helicopter same way you know every Aspect one one thing that um worked Really well for us and this is Separating us from how the AMA Approaches it is we don't require people To buy any kind of insurance what we do Is we have a waiver system and it costs A little bit of money to make a really Good waiver but people are familiar with That they sign the waiver it's good for The year Um it's a waiver liability and risk and Stuff they're assuming and accepting the Fact that when they come on here they Could God forbid get hit in the head With an airplane or you know have an Accident or cut their fingers on a prop But the neat thing is is we don't just Say sign the waiver and it's the wild West we have pilot stations we have Setbacks we have uh flight rules and Flight things but it's done in a very Friendly uh casual way where it's like Okay I can take a five-year-old and I can Teach them how to fly and that Five-year-old can be next to an 85 year Old and neither the five-year-old or the 85 year old are going to be concerned or

Nervous Um because they see the areas they need To go and it's it's very relaxed but at The same time very safe Um I got a amazing first aid kit and It's still fully stocked that's by the Grace of God but it's it's also not by Accident but we we put everything to to Show people how to do safe operation Um I'm saying that because in order for People to have a waiver Um there needs to be a pretty high level Of insurance on the grounds and that's Something that we also do and it's uh It's definitely not cheap That was one of the things that came to Mind I've been involved in running Organizations uh festivals and so forth And um uh at the beginning we didn't Have any money and we didn't have any Insurance and we just did it and we Crossed our fingers and then later we Had money and we got insurance and and It was one incident with that where we Were glad we had that insurance thank Goodness Um nobody wants to think about that Stuff but anytime you're having the Public come to your property to do an Activity where there is the potential For property or or injury property Damage or injury there's potential that Somebody's gonna gonna uh try to sue you Um and so you guys feel like the waivers

Cover you there that you you have you Have insurance on the grounds and Waivers and you think that's sort of the The right level uh for you guys you can Never be you can never be fully covered They always say Insurance poor whatever They call it right Um that is another reason why my wife And I personally chose to finance their Grounds hold the grounds grow the Grounds I don't ever want something bad To happen and a lawsuit to come in the In the hurt flight test uh flight test Gets to be here we get to do content Here Inspire many of the team get to Serve on a daily basis teaching people To fly but I don't want to see you know An unfortunate act and because we're a Profitable company you know something Bad come so that makes sense one of the Things that we my wife and I definitely Thought about great about and agreed on Was let's take that liability so my wife And I have that liability if something Happens and someone gets nasty about it It's again going to be our next on the Line Um that's a sobering thought especially When you you know look at what you're Conducted on the grounds and I think That's a good thing because it's not Like you're hiding behind a corporate Umbrella you know you know if something Goes bad it's going to be your neck on

The line and because of that the safety Culture here is very strong my heart is Not to see this be the only location I Would love to see flying sites all over The country similar to skate parks you Know exactly every city it's a place for People to congregate and if someone's Interested they can go to that place Um every different type of line has a Different culture different energy Bridgewater the reason I called it the Disney World of flight is I want I want All those different cultures and Activities and energies to be able to Come here and be fully experienced you Know when I go to Hollywood Studios at Disney World you get a certain Vibe you Know and when I go to Epcot you get a Certain variety of Animal Kingdom I want When people go to this runway for them To be like wow this is a really cool Vibe here you know it's friendly it's It's low stress but then when they get Over to the back area in their Quadration I want to be more industrial More more challenging more intense you Know even the kind of music and the Beats and stuff that we play you can you Can make that so you're seeing the whole World of activities but at the same time When you're in your little pocket it Carries its own energy it's not just Sterile ground that you're flying on Um and then people get to really you

Know speak into that that area so I'm Excited about you guys talking about uh Uh you know a drone racing area or a Drone freestyle area I I looked at uh I Thought about though like I recently got To go out to Portland and see Um the fpv uh fpv Park out there Eric Sackler I think is the guy's name okay And it's his property it's a similar Situation to you he lives in the Mountains he lives in the trees he uh First he owns an excavator because of Course he does and uh he just pours his Own money into this and builds it up And and it's it's easy but also it's He's not open to the public it's his Home so of course he invites people There sometimes and the idea of having One of these Parks that's open to the Public that everyone can go it feels Like you've really realized that for for Your community Um uh and it would be really cool to see That be realized for something like the Fpv community as well Um I love it well and and you know where Our passion comes onto one simple saying For us we like to connect people around Common activities and when we've got This land and stuff we didn't just say Okay flying only Um right outside my office to my right You know a lot of people have RC cars Mounted up with an amazing gentleman

He's like hey I have a hobby shop we Need a place to do rock crawling and I Have an excavator can I can I put a rock Crawling course like yeah so now we have You know we have camping but we have Flying we have you know three different Runways but then suddenly there's Surface coming in it's like wait a Minute put your flight test no we're a Place that uses Atlantic common or People around common activities And we take that Vision to the gulf Um originally the tension was to wind Down the gulf but how cool is it when You have a grandpa come in and he's Suddenly seen us walk out with a Watermelon and a 15-foot airplane to Drop it and he gets to see this crazy Thing and he has a little more slow Gossip well next thing he knows his Grandson or granddaughter are like I Want to go there now now he's you know Bringing his grandkids along well They're coming on Thursday night Suddenly they're building together so It's it's such a cool way to bait and Switch and definitely what you mentioned The camping amenity uh we have a little Restaurant downstairs The Hobby Shop so people can get Whatever Parts they need to keep them Going we don't have a huge one it just It's all the basics those kind of things Keep people there longer the longer

They're there the more memories they Make one thing also is before this end Ever happened we had like the City of Alliance reach out to me and say hey we Have some Park area that we just don't Know what we can do with you know could You use this for your your drones and You're flying so I could definitely see Where just like skate parks cities would Say hey here's some land can you develop Into a skate park I can see a lot of Cities and towns saying we need we need Something cool here that brings energy And especially with with stem and with All the aviation needs that we have Those places can be used by multiple Different activities and uh you know you Just gotta be able to support it and Host it there yeah Well uh I I I I it's it's really great To talk to you about this because my First reaction to a lot of things a lot Of times is cynicism my guess is a good Word for it I I just think about all the Ways it could go wrong and then I like I Like try to fix them but ultimately it's A it's a negative point of view and it's Great to have somebody reflect back to Me a positive point of view a hopeful One about all the ways it can go right And be positive and uh uh so a personal Level I'm glad I'm glad I did this Interview well I like that and full Transparency you know once once this

Kicked off and people adopted you'd Think that that would lower the stress It was the exact opposite my wife and I Removed the Tears by the level of Support but the weight of the Accountability on there was absolutely What you just said it was pretty Crushing but that's where by the grace Of God and some amazing people that came Into our lives people came out of the Woodwork and what you had to do is be Willing to be like yeah I could use help And that would mean a lot and those People then get to breathe into Division And to help support it that was what got Us over the the hump with this it wasn't My brain it wasn't my execution or my Project management management skills I Am a bag of cats Um but the vision was real I believe it Was beyond me and you know again by the Grace of God it became a reality Everyone that comes out here and every Year it's just different faces and it Continues to grow Starting slow and intimate and one Success at a time I think is the way That you can do it with integrity and You can do it quicker than you could Ever imagine so if there's any takeaways It's there's no way to wake up in the Morning because I'm going to go ahead And do this big thing and pull it off it Has to be bigger than you and uh and you

Have to have the right people to connect With through the process well I I was Going to ask you for like a way to sort Of sum up the conversation with any Advice but I think you did it I think That was it Um any other any other uh last advice For somebody who's trying to sort of Raise money buy land build an fpv park Or an RC park or anything like that Um communicate with find obviously People don't fly in the vacuum if you're Flying by yourself and you want to do Something social maybe re-examine that Because if you're if you're by yourself The social element's going to be kind of Fleeting from you but if you're flying With a group of people talk about it Dream about a dream together about it And get feedback and also get get Criticism get people to say okay where Could this go sideways don't not out of Fear but out of just a an eagerness to Learn as much as you can from it Um but I'm a big fan of dreaming big and Doing big that's where we've been Blessed to get to where we are today Um I always find that things grow best When you're in more of a servant Mentality than more of a delegation Mentality so if you want to do something Like this plan on leading by example and Bleeding the most sacrificing the most And having most of the consequences on

Your neck that keeps things real and That keeps things from running away from You Um and uh and we can have these Conversations I think it you know is Repeatable then so I hope I hope to see These in every you know State and all Over the country Um this is what the hobby needs it needs To have these places of land so people Can experience uh light in different Ways Awesome awesome Um Josh Bixler uh if people don't know About flight test uh and Edgewater I'll Put links in the video description below Uh probably one of the biggest if not The biggest RC related YouTube channels What are you up to two plus million Right yeah 2.1 million and again by the Grace of God growing every day it's yeah It's been fun our teams you know change We look a little bit older but uh for Division and the culture and the calling Has never changed Um one thing too Josh please with with Your group of friends and team members And Community uh these grounds are not Again just only for flight tests only For our group locally we had a Street League Nationals here Um if there's an fpv event if there's a Flying event that a group or a club Wants to use these grounds for please

Reach out and contact us because we want To book up 2023 as quickly as possible And uh and have not just like the best Events or flight test events but also Um every aspect of flight here so I love The CIO here someday we can have three Different uh areas running it's not Nearly as big as the AMA field but the Topography here is ridiculous okay all Right well we'll put it out there and We'll see uh we'll see what happens Thank you so much for your time Josh Bixler great talking to you brother Thank you Dave