Can I add LiDAR / RTK to an Inspire 2?

By | September 30, 2022

In today's short episode we discuss if an LiDAR/RTK can be added on to an Inspire 2 and if there are benefits to doing so?

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02:39 Today's question – Can I use LiDAR / RTK with an Inspire 2
03:50 Does adding a unit add value to the Inspire 2?
05:21 LIDAR capabilities and can the Inspire 2 utilize one? What implications does adding units cause to the I2?
08:08 Adding GCPs and improving accuracy for a 3D model

You're listening to the ask drone you Podcast you ask we answer your drone Questions whether you're here to turn Your passion into profit when you simply Fly for Fun we're a community of Learners and teachers who aspire to Achieve greatness we are Hey everyone and welcome to another Episode of ask drone you we're gonna be Talking about lidar today it's been a Hot Topic recently And uh it should be a should be a fun One so thanks again for joining us as Always my name is Paul and my name is Rob thank you for spending a few minutes Of your day with us appreciate it every Single time we do we got an interesting Question today regarding Inspire 2 in a Lidar setup and while there may be Options out there for that particular Use case I am not Convinced that that is going to be a Good bird for lidar but we'll talk about That right after this question so thanks Again for joining us if you are a drone You member thank you very much for the Support you can join us at an upcoming Mapping class we have changed and Expanded the content so we welcome you We've got another one coming up here in September October and many months to Come we also are going to be doing Another experience training here I think It's my first mention of it we're gonna

Be doing it in the spring last time we Focused on uh Resort marketing I really Feel like we could do another experience Training on Resort marketing and focus Entirely on cineworp and fly through Tours because you could take the entire Week doing that gain the practice and Then be able to walk out and and do Those shots at the end of the week so But this experience training is me Focused on construction so we're going To be doing uh mapping we're going to be Focusing on videography photography And advanced aerial videography I.E the Movements I think that this is a very Pertinent deliverable set because this Doesn't work just for construction you Do any marketing job and you're going to Have to build these three deliverables Anyway so I think this is going to be Very relevant we already do have a Company and multiple people who have Said When you make the page and book it all Tell me and I'll book it and if all Those people book it we might already Have sold the thing out so we will see But that said uh check out all of our Trainings go to and scroll Down to events if you are ready to build Your confidence and transform into a Very different pilot think of a stoic Pilot that's uh but that's gonna do it let's hear that question

Hey guys I just wanted to First say how Much I appreciate your knowledge and What you guys do for the community uh The second thing I wanted to ask was Because I am on a tight budget and I Want to get into lidar Data mapping I Was curious if the Inspire 2 is rtk Possible is there a way to install an Rtk on it and use that for a lidar any Answers would be appreciated thank you So much Steve thank you very much appreciate you Sending in a question Um I think one of the the responses I Always have for questions like this is Anything's possible it's like when it Comes to maybe a remodel on my house Right or doing like my wife will tell Her dad who knows construction really Well and helps us with a lot of projects Can we do this and he's like how much Money you got yeah like we can do Anything as long as you want to put in The time and the money the question is Is it efficient is it scalable yeah and Is it uh profitable Ryan are you going To spend ten thousand dollars to do Something to your house so you're going To get 10 bucks back for yikes right Anyways yes I have already done that Oh man Um very interesting question Um It makes perfect sense I mean you got a

Nice bird Can I just make it do this too well and I would like to ask the caller a Follow-up question because is this Question regarding adding some sort of Rtk unit to an Inspire 2. is this Because you want to use the Inspire to To add the lifelike photogrammetric Element to your lidar or are you trying To have the rtk in use with a lidar System For the inspire 2. hmm I will also say No matter which answer it is of oh I Well I want to use the X7 for Photogrammetry and just get really Killer data and have a geo-reference Okay Um or is it you know hey I'm gonna put a Lidar system on my Inspire 2 and want The rtk to work for it I think in both Instances I don't think it's an Efficient personally I would not go that Way because you're adding so much weight To that bird that you're really reducing The flight time on it and I'm not sure The value that you get out of that level Of geo-referencing would be worth it Unless you are modeling or mapping Extremely large things Um and in that sense I would go PPK not Rtk So with all of that to be said are there Rtk systems I believe that power system Can be used with the I2 I just don't

Know if I would use it I would probably Use something else so you you heard him Say that he's got budgetary constraints So as you know most of us do we're Trying to solve things efficiently Financially and otherwise what might you Do if this was your situation you had an Inspire to you needed this kind of Accuracy what what would you do to be The most economical and efficient you Could let me put on my pj hat Well rob it depends No it does yeah it depends is is a great Response and PJ you do not sound like That okay so Um I say it depends because it depends On the deliverable I was recently Talking about this particular point with A props client Um they said they're they're really Trying to discern lidar versus Photogrammetry And they tested this uh the L1 system And then they tested another system that Was on like an m600 and it had a fixed Sony camera on it and I said well the Biggest issue with lidar and I feel like This is where a lot of lidar people are Lying about their true capability is They say oh they'll make life like lidar Um can they technically yes is it very Good absolutely not because typically They're flying a single grid on their Lidar system and taking photos with a

Fixed Mount camera that cannot tilt or Articulate or capture oblique imagery Meaning that the quality of their 3D Model is well as Kona would put it a dog so Um so Um you can get much better 3D models by Doing oblique images orbital flight Patterns double grids facade shots free Flight shots Etc and so if you are in The lidar business just know this is why Photogrammetry is gaining so much more Traction over lidar one the cost is much Lower to the output product is much more Lifelike and Visually appealing even Though the vertical accuracy may be less It's still good enough to make those Decisions and that's the thing is that Lidar is so expensive and typically the Way that these lidar systems are set up You're not physically capable of getting The right data to make 3D models that Are comparable to what your competition Is doing and so I think this is kind of The heart of the question here is hey I Want to use my Inspire 2 with rdk to Augment my lidar data to get better Lidar data than anyone else I would say If you are able to use gcps and uh you Know our landing pads 240 bucks or 250 Bucks for a set and if you were to get The Trimble da2 you know and you're Getting a two centimeter z-axis accuracy In the right conditions

Um the years you're still going to get a Better 3D model than trying to affix an Rck unit to your Inspire 2 which is Going to significantly reduce the flight Time that's already low and I just don't Think it's an efficient way to go about The business now I hope this guy calls In again and provides more context like What are the deliverables what does he Try to achieve how is he trying to Augment this stuff with lidar Etc Because there is absolutely and and you Know back to the shows we just shot Right this is a perfect opportunity to Capture a market segment you've got People charging eight nine thousand Dollars a day flying lidar and getting Data that may look great on a colorized Elevation point Cloud you know where you Get your Reds your yellows Your Greens And it does look somewhat lifelike but When you actually you know zoom in and Look at details you look at walls facade Odds detail underneath like uh our front Patio perfect example you wouldn't see That at all right so Um honestly there's a huge opportunity Here for really good 3D modelers to go To people looking to do lidar stuff to Say look we can make better 3D models And we can get them accurate too I mean Depending on the deliverable they might Have to work with another Industry professional you know going

Back to having to work with a surveyor Etc that said there is an opportunity Here and I would also say most people Who want those lifelike 3D models also Do not need them Geo reference right Well part of the thing of fourth lidar Is like real dense vegetation and so Forth right it's better for that so if You're on the East Coast or the Midwest Upper Midwest Etc Um it's helpful in that sense but in Turn but then you're not getting the Life like three models in that case Either correct so it just depends on What you want it really that's why I Said it depends you know that's why I Started with that yeah well Steve Follow-up question I think is in order Let us know more information and uh We'll hop back on it I love these deep Nuanced questions though because people Are starting to see where there are very Real opportunities because the industry Is evolving from exciting fun and hey You can use this to make better Decisions too okay we're starting to Really understand the technology and This decision is better but we can also Get much better for cheaper and more Efficient and those are the businesses That are going to do well so I have to Give this guy Matt his Steve is his name Mad credit like love where your head's At dude and you're gonna do very well so

Please send in a follow-up and uh but That's all I got Rob awesome well thanks For the questions do you appreciate it If you have a question [Laughter] Good ask we would love to Hear from you as well Um yeah it's it's a show for you that Starts with your questions yeah I also I Think I want to bring on a particular Guest to talk about the L1 to and Educate us on the real applicability of The L1 so I'm gonna reach out to someone Today that I've been wanting to have an Invite on the show I think we can all Collectively say please yeah well that's Gonna do it thanks again we'll see you Next time Foreign [Music]