Can I map with the Mavic 3 Enterprise ?

By | December 23, 2022

On today's show we discuss if the Mavic 3 Enterprise is the drone of choice to be used for mapping missions. Our question for today is from Tom who would like to know if the Mavic 3 enterprise has all the relevant specs required for carrying out mapping missions.

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02:13 Today's question if the Mavic 3 Enterprise can be utilized for drone mapping
03:25 Can the Mavic 3 Enterprise be considered as a good drone for mapping?
04:21 Three reasons why we disagree that the Mavic 3 Enterprise is not suitable for drone mapping
05:32 Specific issues with Mavic 3 Enterprise including application non compatibility, remote controller issues, mission planning
07:12 Drones that we consider are good for mapping
08:10 Why we consider the Anafi AI to be better than the Mavic 3 Enterprise
14:41 Paul summarizes the best drones for specific mapping purposes

You're listening to the ask drone you Podcast you ask we answer your drone Questions whether you're here to turn Your passion into profit when you simply Fly for Fun we're a community of Learners and teachers who aspire to Achieve greatness we are Hey everyone and welcome to another Interesting episode of astronu hopefully We can help you get the right Information regarding all things drones As always my name is Paul my name is Rob Thankful to be here with you thank you For spending a few minutes of your day With us we know you have a lot of Options on how to spend your time and The fact that you choose to spend a Little time here is a very appreciated We do hope to bring you some value in The meantime ask a for your Questions get them in we want to answer Them we definitely want to answer them Today's question should be interesting In that we're going to be talking about The real non-hyped Realistic Only true Version Of statements Of what this drone can actually do for Mapping because you might be surprised Let's hop into that question which today Is brought to you by the Drone you Enterprise

Platform I'm talking about props because Drone you could have created drone U Enterprise but why would we want to be Like everyone else when we have what They don't that's why we created props Which stands for professional reliable Operators practicing safety it's a Chronological deployment of training Courses as Suites of courses to vastly Lower the learning curve but to create Operational systems communication Systems administrative administrative Systems excuse me as well for Pilots but It is the only drone flight school that Actually supports multiple pilots in Teams so that way we can Empower Managers to see exactly real-time status Of what's been done what hasn't been Done and whether these Pilots are field Ready or not if you want to see the only Drone school that has absolutely no Competition whatsoever then you have to Check out Hey guys Tommy got another question for You now that the mavic 3 Enterprise is Out I was wondering can you map with it And if you can are there any specific Apps you can use or have to use is it Dependent on what kind of controller you Have can you use the Classic Controller Can you use it with a phone can you use The RC Pro or the DJI RC just wondering Kind of what your thoughts are on those What you've seen and then if you can map

If there are any applications that Support it like I know that the mavic 3 Enterprise supposedly has a mapping Application on the RC Pro that you can Use can you connect that to a mavic 3 Just the normal one and map with that or Can you map with it in general can you Map with the mavic 3 classic that is now On the shelves as well and then if not What is what's the next best thing Should we be looking at like a m30 for Mapping should we be looking at autel uh Should we be looking at something else That's you know made maybe here in the States just wonder if we can get your Thoughts thanks again Thanks Tom I always appreciate your Questions it's very thoughtful and uh I Always bring up some really great points Within your questions yeah which are Great Um Technically I think we could say you Could map with it right well I think It's all Will Roberts I think it's uh All how we Define our uh mapping the Capabilities can we fly it manually and Stitch some photos together who else Should we can but uh can we create a Scalable business and do mapping at Volume absolutely not I don't know what that was I don't Either but I just went with it Anyways no I just wanted to get that out

There because technically the answer is Yes but the devil's in the details well I think this is like the perfect example Of why an engineer whenever and it Doesn't matter what type of engineer you Ask them a question and they give you This long stare and they go It depends oh that's what accountants do Too because it does Uh okay so let's try let's try to go Through all these variables to get this Question Done Right some have said that The mavic three You're Gonna Lose people okay all right All right Um some have said that the mavic 3 Enterprise is the end all be all next Mapping drone from DJI I respectfully Disagree for these three reasons number One you are limited to the DJI pilot 2 App and you are limited to the Enterprise remote that comes with the Mavic 3 Enterprise okay that's number One number two there is no point of Interest or orbit mode I think I might Already said that okay there are also Um very very very limited features built Into the existing mapping application Here's a perfect example if you want to Run a double grid under DJ AI pilot 2. It's five separate single grids built Together to do one double Grid it's Really really inefficient and it causes Holes in a lot of maps so let's try to

Break all this down for all these Different questions okay DJI has been Specific that they are only going to Support the SDK on the mavic 3 Enterprise lychee said it would take Them about a year to be able to build a Third-party application that would Actually work with a drone drone deploys Said that their software works with the Mavic 3 I have yet to see it work yet There are no other applications with the Drone which really makes it difficult to Be able to get the most out of the Drone Can you use the Enterprise remote with a Normal mavic 3 or mavic 3 classic the Answer is no and I'm not sure why to be Honest with you can you take the remote From an Enterprise and use it with a Regular mavic 3 I don't know I honestly don't know you Might be able to but I'm really not that Sure but would it matter much really Yeah would it because again the question Is can you map with this drone well I've Flown this particular mavic 3 and done My own manual single grids and it does Have a mechanical shutter we were the First entity on YouTube to say this Drone can do mapping right it has a Global shutter pick sporty mapper reads It as a global readout so we know it can Do it but flying mapping missions Manually is not scalable you're not Going to be able to do a lot of you know

Great Work and you're relying entirely on the Quality of the pilot which I don't care If you're one of the best pilots in the World I'm doing you know 45 perfectly Straight lines with the right amount of Overlap is quite difficult so so that Said I'm not not quite sure Um we're gonna we might have to play his Question one more time to get through All the questions that he asks but um What is the best mapping drone outside Of this That is where I struggle because it Really depends on what type of mapping Jobs you're taking on Um honestly uh if I were to have a Business that were that was just mapping And nothing else no inspections none of That crap I would have a phantom 4 V2 Refurbished and I would have a wingtra Gen 2 because with the wingtra Gen 2 I Can do geo-referencing in the absolute Easiest method possible and I can also Map five to seven thousand acres per day If not more so that's going to be my Scalable solution does it cost six times The mat the cost of a mavic 3 Enterprise Yes it does is it worth it and does it Pay its weight in gold yes it does it's So much more efficient and so you're Getting more you're getting more money Per acre when you're mapping with that Drone

Um now if I'm doing 3D models or smaller Subjects I'd probably stay away from the Wingtra and in all honesty I never Thought I would say this but here we are I would actually I would buy the AI before I would buy the mavic 3 for Mapping And let me give you two reasons why okay No booting the Enterprise Yes okay I'm sorry I should have Clarified the mavic 3 Enterprise Um here's why number one the camera on The anavi AI is much larger we're Talking 8 000 pixels by 6 000 pixels Much much much larger now it is a linear Rolling shutter but because of how most Mapping jobs are actually being Um produced I don't think it matters Um because they're either using the Cloud or like in construction's case They're just doing orthos and they're Non-geo-referenced so I would probably Pick the enoughi AI for those types of Jobs now when it also comes to the Anaphi AI like the mavic 3 there really Is no third-party software application Environment okay but The key difference between those two Drones is that the anaphi AI well it has Every type of flight Mission you could Ever want to do and it's not like some Marketing gimmicky stuff where DJI is Trying to look like they know what

They're talking about but they clearly Don't Um honestly when you have pix40 capture And everything that pix4d capture offers Which is still by the way the absolute Best third-party application and it's Not confirmation bias it's the ability To do free flight capture mode orbital Mode double grids and single grids There's not another application out There that does everything that pixwordy Capture does pixwordy capture is built Into the Nafi AI So if you're doing 3D models you can do Free flight mode there's even a free Lapse mode you don't even have to be in The mapping side of the software to even Use it it's really brilliant it's really Easy and it's really convenient now Here's the next level right even though The anaphi AI takes a lot longer to Process data because it is an lrs here's What the anaphi has that DJI doesn't 4G Connectivity so I can literally be Flying and uploading my images as I'm Running lines that's crazy so you're so How many hours do you take driving Between the office and your site and You're organizing all your data and You're making a project and you're Setting everything up and then you're Finally running everything okay cool and All that time your map could be done on The anaphi AI and while I'm really not a

Fan of the lrs shutter all the other Features that anafi has parrot has built Into the Nafi AI literally makes it a Better drone than the mavic 3 never Thought I would say that but man DJI you Guys really screwed up and parrot Listened To Their audience like I said in my Review video and they really nailed it Um and honestly just both drones don't Have the third party software Applications but when you can do Everything that you could do with most Software in the anaphi it takes the Reins there it's also a much bigger Image it takes the reins there you have More controllability with the camera it Takes the reins there it also has Built-in 4G connectivity so it takes the Reins there on efficiency as well we Have the m30t from DJI and the 12 Megapixel camera is good for mapping but Again you're limited to DJI pilot too Um and there is no orbit mode there is No POI it really makes you wonder what The hell were they thinking well that's An 11 000 drone without thermal it's More with thermal yeah the thermal and The zoom that that's the one thing is That no one can touch DJI Zoom Capability and the fact that you can Zoom into you literally I think it's Like uh 48 times without lose going into Digital and you're still having a 48

Megapixel image to take 48 megapixel Images zoomed in that much it's Extremely valuable yeah so it just man It really does They've they've just parsed everything Apart in terms of capability and that's A very strategic move on their part Right or wrong sure but if you parse too Much just like apple did yeah back to The Apple from the last show if you Haven't heard that one then it regresses Back to the meme maybe so I honestly Like if you need an inspection drone M30t is by far the best no hand like Public Safety No Holds Barred yes 100 For Public Safety and you can still do Mapping with it it's just it's a 12 Megapixel sensor so you're gonna have to Fly lower and it's gonna have longer Flight missions than what you would have With the Phantom the mavic 3 Enterprise Would have missions that are about on Par with the Phantom if not take a Little bit longer because of the reduced Functionality out of DJI a pilot too the Anaphi AI would fly the missions a lot Faster because you're covering a lot More area but you make up that time in Processing if you're processing in the Cloud it's erroneous and it doesn't Matter if you're processing simple Non-geo reference orthomosaics it's Erroneous and it doesn't matter since We're seeing most construction jobs

Most basic infrastructure jobs not being Geo-referenced because they're trying to Stay away from surveying law then the Anaphi AI is the clear winner when They're almost the exact same price Point so like if you ask me where am I Putting my money I hate the way the Mavic 3 flies they've tuned this thing For beginners not for pros when I look At the anavi AI and how much fun it is To fly how long it flies by the way no One told you this because I didn't put It in my review it wasn't others the Anaphi AI can fly perpetually you just Need about 100 foot long micro USB cord So a little tidbit there but good luck With that yeah literally the only the Only thing I I will say is I do like the Remote more on The uh on the mavic 3 because the remote Dies pretty fast on the anafi but Because the mavic 3 remote locks you out Of doing a lot of simple things that We're used to I would still choose the Enoughy AI I mean I think DJI is going To learn their lesson on the mavic 3 When you've got third-party software Developers like lichi saying this is Going to take us a year to completely Redesign everything to even work with The Drone it really makes you wonder how Viable this drone truly is I think it's A waste of money if you're doing Inspections and mapping I would go m30t

If you're just doing mapping take a look At our anafi AI review because I really Do believe it's a much better mapping Drone now I do say in that comparison That the enafi AI does take a lot longer To process data but depending on which Deliverables you are producing well it May not matter for you holy cow that was Long-winded yeah and don't get hung up On how it looks I've noticed some people Get all hung up on that um it's actually Kind of interesting and kind of cool Being off the AI right people are saying They don't like how it looks oh yeah oh Yeah of course they are different are You gonna like it when your competition How they look when they're making more Money than you like how much does that Matter that's not a lot of people I'm Just saying forget about that who cares Who cares I'm dumbfounded right now I Don't even know obviously it's so Different it looks like a praying mantis I understand it looks like something Like that it looks like the closest Thing to a natural insect praying Mantises don't fly I guess short distances it I'm I'm being Facetious it doesn't matter I didn't Mean to derails that much I didn't think I would grab you that much with that Comment I was just thinking about this Little uh insect that I've seen in the Amazon that looks like a cross between a

Dragonfly and a praying mantis and I was Trying to remember the name of it and I Was like well it looks like it looks Exactly like that but I can't remember Anyways cool drone apparently it works Well you like it it flies a lot longer Than the mavic 3 that's for sure and so When you when you think efficiency Rob If this was an accounting formula you Would pick the anaphi AI because you can Fly Um higher quality Missions at higher Altitude you can cover larger distances It's 4G enabled so you can actually do Bvlos mapping missions that this can't Do without buying other accessories so So if it was an accounting thing and you Were like Paul if we do 10 jobs and They're ten thousand dollars each what Are my cogs gonna be I talk like Trump When we're doing budgeting stuff in case You didn't in case you didn't know okay If I look at the cogs on both drones I'm Gonna see at least a 40 increase huge With it's huge on the mavic 3. don't buy Chinese China sorry I saw that billboard that Was like I just missed the way he said China I know I don't care uh I'm not a Big Trump fan I just thoroughly enjoy Whatever yeah I thoroughly enjoyed the The comedic relief so and indeed indeed Anyways um yeah so I would imagine that Answers Tom's questions pretty clearly

Yeah no 100 and Tom I really appreciate It because Tom was the person who was Like found the evidence look DJI is not Going to support SDK on the regular Mavic 3. look you can only use the mavic 3 Enterprise remote to do anything SDK For a mavic 3 Enterprise oh look they Change the accusync on the mavic 3 Versus the mavic 3 Enterprise so you Can't intertwine them like DJI went out Of their way to screw drone Pilots I Want people to see that because if People don't buy this drone then they'll Be forced to make a better mapping drone Yeah and you've got to vote with your Money you gotta vote with your money I Don't think their motivation was to Screw drone Pilots but they accepted That it might Their motivation was to improve their Business right it would make more money Yeah well of course yeah well of course And we can't blame them for that but I Just have an ethical moral issue that I Don't think you should screw over your Customer and try to Take as much money as you can from them So yeah that goes against my my morals And ethics but anyways mavic 3 Enterprise is great if you're doing Inspections go the m30t you'll be much Happier Um well it's a lot more money though Yeah but you have features on the mavic

Or the m30t that you don't have on the Mavic 3 like that bs30 charger that's Going to make your batteries last a lot Longer than what they would with this Drone and it's gonna you're gonna get More life out of that drone Um honestly I'm really bummed I'm really bummed I've Been such a DJI a fan for a very long Time and they were clearly like the best Of the best and they maintain that and Now it's like they're using that against Their customers and they're I feel like DJI like many Heist like many Um I gotta watch what I say I feel like DJI peaked in high school that's what This feels like Okay cool now I know what I mean I get The reference yeah but hey they got the Mini 3 Pro I love the Mini 3 Pro okay Let's we're gonna end on that positive Note ask for your questions Get them in we want to hear from you oh But wait there's more but wait I'm just Gonna say a lot of people have said this Is the mavic 3 Enterprise is the best Mapping drone out there I respectfully Disagree gosh no and uh check out other Other aircraft so stop hi I'm not Telling you to stop it I'm saying Anybody that's saying that stop it okay Thank you Rob I appreciate that I Thought you were telling me stop it I wasn't if you have a question ask

Drone thank you for the question Tom we appreciate you thank you for Being in the community Um you are a very you're very very good At what you do and I really appreciate How much you care about others uh if Anything I could learn more about that From you so thank you sir absolutely Astro that'll do it for us today Goodbye Foreign [Music]