Can you drive a car in fpv?

By | November 12, 2022

Can you drive a car in fpv? lets find out..

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Popular Helicopter on whoop on oh my God it's Slightly working are you Full Throttle Yeah Oh let's go helicopter Okay that's all Hey yo what's up there little grain Marinos look oh [ __ ] that intro welcome To today's video everybody today we're Gonna do something super [ __ ] fun Possibly dangerous possibly stupid I I Don't [ __ ] know as you may or may not Know I really enjoy flying little fpv Drones we have these little drones and We fly them around and we have super fun In fpv but it got me thinking if this is So much fun what else can we do in fpv Can you ride a skateboard could you Drive a car could you do a race there's So many possibilities so today that's What we're gonna find out we're gonna See today what else can we do and what Can I do today we're gonna find out what Else can you do in fpv So I have the reason I wanted to make This video was because I wanted to buy This skateboard but I couldn't afford it But then I looked up rules and this is Now a tax write-off because it's in my Video so I can write this off and now It's free I think so here we go test Number one uh can you ride a skateboard In fpv third person view like GTA style All right

All right goggles on oh boy this is Gonna suck I kind of why am I I'm going Uphill too but Okay here we go you ready vampire Hey block grinder here editing oh it's Dark hi editing Buck Rainer here so There's no DVR in this clip and the Drone that did record the GoPro footage Now is on top of a roof so uh sorry There's no DVR in this one but there is For the rest of the video Good morning and third person This is bro Oh wait could you get behind me Oh boy Oh [ __ ] this sucks can I turn around Oh this sucks this is hard This is very hard Okay here we go oh am I gonna hit you It's hard when the drones over there Wait get behind me Marco oh God you're Way closer than I thought oh [ __ ] Yeah Yeah dude okay okay I'm done I'm done That's [ __ ] way too much well that Wasn't terrifying enough so you know What let's step it up let's step the Game up that was just a little old School skateboard but now oh [ __ ] now I Have this this is uh a pause way Electric skateboard it weighs like a Million a million pounds uh they sent This to me and they're like hey will you Do a review on this and I said nah man I

Don't want to do a review a whole video On a skateboard but what I will do is Use it in videos so here pause away the [ __ ] off my back I'm using it in a video Let's see if I can ride an electric Skateboard GTA style or whatever the Hell this video is I had to win All right ah [ __ ] I put it on oh boy Okay this is kind of oh This is a lot harder nope okay I'm going Really fast now Okay we're cool We're cool we're cool I'm cool [ __ ] am I Drifting am I going to the side Am I gonna hit it oh boy oh boy hang on I'm gonna leave my goggles on and Remount I'm gonna leave my goggles on and Remount Okay okay GTA style skateboarding take Two oh boy I can't see am I gonna hit that I'm gonna hit that oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] This is kind of um I don't know about this bro It's kind of hard Can you get behind me At all Yeah that makes it mad easier Where am I standing Yeah yeah Okay yeah here we go GTA third person oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] okay I'm Done I'm done I'm done

All right well that was something Terrifying I never want to do again um If you want to go and try to ride a Skateboard by somebody flies a drone Next to you be my guest but this [ __ ] Sucks dog now since that went so well We're gonna do it in the car it's lucky I thought you were gonna step things up I can fly wait what I can skate an fpv I Could electric skateboard and fpv now We're gonna step it up I'm gonna drive The MF and Prius in fpv I got vampire Falling behind me I'm gonna whip around The Prius and we're gonna see how it is To drive in third person oh my Lord I Only have liability insurance this is a Horrible idea all right vampire so You're gonna be following me you're Gonna be the GTA cam I would like to Know your prediction what do you think Is going to happen I think it's gonna go very smoothly Because you're an awesome driver and I'm An awesome pilot yeah that was that's a Good answer I like that I don't even Feel like we're not gonna crash cars we Don't even need to ask anybody else That's the answer there Grant uh what do you think is gonna Happen with the GTA driving I think someone might die but I'm not Too sure okay cool thanks for the Interview Backwards hey what do you think's gonna

Happen when I drive the car in fpv Goggles I don't know none of us do let's Find out so windshield what do you think Is gonna happen when I try to drive the Car in fpv there's lots of explosions in GTA right oh [ __ ] away what do you Think's gonna happen uh when I try to do This Um I think you're gonna send it man it's Gonna be good got so many posi Vibes Today all right I don't like how I said That but okay all right so I feel like Everybody has uh confidence in me to Drive my car in third person view and Not you know crash my car no that's true That's true worst case my pristine car Gets a [ __ ] dent in it by the way the Prius was beautiful and then South Philly towing a South Philly tow truck Ran into me when I filed the insurance Claim they lied to the insurance company And they stiffed me so now my beautiful Car looks like this oh God this already Sucks bro put your seatbelt on nope We're doing what oh wait it'll beep if I Don't you're right all right let's go Oh my gosh I hit the car all right right Behind you behind me I'm gonna get a little closer Get a little closer oh this is sick Actually get a little close okay let's Get a little closer if you can but don't Overshoot so I'm gonna try to take this Turn

Okay no cars right oh God oh God oh God Dude turning is [ __ ] Hurting as [ __ ] trying to try to be more Behind if you can [Music] Oh God oh God okay okay I made the turn Get a little closer if possible should I Gun it Should I gun it oh yeah it's a Prius Dude oh I turned as if I were the quad not Hitting the tree okay second turn Left and right bro I'm going right Second turn oh we're almost to the Finish Line we almost oh God I go in the parking garage no okay okay [Music] Closer All right parking garage here we go oh My gosh that was a speed bump That was something okay to run over Right okay okay oh boy oh okay I think Oh gosh oh wait wait wait I don't know If I get high enough no don't get high Where do we hit I don't know oh God [ __ ] Oh [ __ ] all we have to do all we have to Do is come out of the parking garage a Little closer so I can see my turn and We've made it oh God oh my gosh oh God Oh God hey hey okay okay I'll make it I'm making the turn oh am I gonna hit Anything I don't know okay a little more Oh God oh God what was that oh my gosh Oh no don't over the quad over okay

Perfect I need the turtle mode okay okay Perfect all right let's get back to the Finish line and we're good All right what was that oh he landed Wait wait land on the top land on the Top and all that oh God you hit a curb Oh my God okay okay we're off the curb We're off the curb is ground alive as Long as the ground is safe yeah protect That Christmas boy okay okay okay Oh man okay I don't wanna so I don't Want to be too close to people so I Might just stop Oh I have no video is your video okay uh It was flaking out a little bit yeah Mine was really bad okay we just gotta Make it to the Finish Line oh man I hope That curve didn't [ __ ] my [ __ ] up Okay is that another curve And we're good okay I have like no video All right okay good enough good enough We did it tada How was it that was [ __ ] terrifying I Don't know if we don't know if if y'all Want to try this you might please don't Get in your own cars Let me go check the damage So vampire was the one that was flying In the [ __ ] quad that whole time Let's find out what he has to say about The situation hey vampire what do you Have to say about the situation the Situation was very very terrifying All right well that was super terrifying

But I have my lucky F core shirt on and We're at this if you don't know F core He's a [ __ ] straight Ripper you all Need to go follow F core on the Instagram and the YouTubes I got my Lucky half course shirt on and there's Some pretty cool dive gaps in a parking Garage so I'm gonna get a little rip in All right wait before I rip I have a Better idea I've convinced everybody Here to do a little foot race with me What we're gonna do we're gonna get our Quads we're gonna put our goggles on Hold our quads in front of us and then We're gonna old man run and see you can Make it to the uh Finish Line first I Made a Finish Line Ready yeah one Two Three go all right oh I feel like I'm Doing really good oh somebody's doing Better than me no you guys are running You're okay finished damn cannoli [ __ ] killed it hold on wait All right that was so super sick that We're gonna do it again Oh here we go oh this is scary going Fast I don't like that no more okay I'm Done spin it uh finished yeah no I was Here I was already here oh my God you Did it yeah obviously congrats two Everybody I want our way to get vampires Quad I just noticed my check engine Light turned off I need to go get my

[ __ ] car I need to go past inspection Now that it's turned off [ __ ] Um so I went up on the roof to help Vampire get his back and my motor my Motor just came off my drone for some Reason the motor came off the Drone so Now my drone is stuck up there too There's two drones stuck on the [ __ ] Roof Okay well I got mine back so let's try To get vampire his drone back now Jesus [ __ ] wheeze You got it it's coming up the edge oh at Least we know where it's at that sucks Bro I'm sorry I'm sorry your drone got Stuck trying to help me film a stupid Video your patreon video won't be Available tomorrow God does Lighting on This camera is [ __ ] fantastic look at This darkest [ __ ] outside all right so I Got my quad back but unfortunately Vampire Squad is still stuck on the roof But he's gonna come back here tomorrow With the ladder and get it back so no Big deal um let's go home and finish This video Well it's the next day and I have not Heard back from vampires so I'm assuming His quad is still stuck on the roof Unfortunately I'm gonna keep this outro Short because the video is running a Little bit long but thank you very very Much everybody for watching thank you All the homies that came out to help me

Film this today like I've been wanting To do this for a while so it was cool to Just knock this video out you know Speaking of things I want to knock out I Mean that's not good speaking of the Homies I want to give a big hug to shout Out to my top top tier patrons for this Month that includes Billy Hackett Boris The German Fred 805 j-rod fpv juicy fpv Lucas Roca Maddie B fpv netcat fpv What's up new Patron Stompy fpv Trent Ttfpv Tuan solo volatronics WAM fpv and Hemp and thank you very very Much for being my top tier patrons y'all I actually did Rip and do some freestyle Today but this video has already gone Too long so I'm going to go ahead and do Is just put up my second channel so if You want to see my freestyle from Today's Adventures it'll be my second Channel about grinder 2 link below also Real quick before I go is Coming along just nicely we hit our 20 000 goal a day early next goal is twenty Five thousand dollars to buy 10 acres of Land to build a drone Park on so check Out if you haven't already And donate today thank you very much for Watching this stupid video Everybody if You want to subscribe you can if not I Don't give a [ __ ] I'll see you next time Bye bye As promised last week I'm gonna pick a Random comment I'm going to send out a

Sticker pack to that random comment Who's it gonna be who's it gonna be here We go it's gonna be quads with mods Congratulations positive mods hit me up Somewhere and I'll send you some Stickers [Music] Smell that