Can you fly blindfolded? | Super scientific test

By | January 14, 2023

How far do you think you could fly a drone blindfolded?

Fancy blind fold
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All right take three hey head to the Cornbread look at the camera though hey What up everybody Welcome to today's Video Um for today's video I don't really have That anything planned at all I'm either Going to be doing a comprehensive tiny Loop review on this new whoop that I got Or I'm just gonna do some old bull [Music] ET thank you I'm gonna move out the way Now it's Betty blunts fatty boy what the [ __ ] are you doing here he doesn't live In Philadelphia Oh my goodness got you bro Maddie's here what a [ __ ] great Surprise I wasn't gonna film any Vlogs Till I got ready but they were like hey Get your camera and I was like what are You doing here Maddie and he pulls out This enormous [ __ ] box and he's like We all pitched in together and got you Something This is [ __ ] pretty crazy I'm gonna Open it now penalized human we know That's hard for you We didn't fight any of them Guess Jesus Christ I'm biggest [ __ ] I see What's happening already yeah yes Jesus Christ Bro look at this [ __ ] Thank you so [ __ ] much man holy [ __ ] Who has batteries look at that

Bro you can charge [ __ ] off this yeah oh Absolutely holy [ __ ] dog I was legit not Expecting that everybody here Maddie Blunts came down for this [ __ ] everybody Here pitch Dan including some other Homies that aren't here today thank you Very much they'll pitch in and got me This custom [ __ ] bump box because These things are insane these things are So [ __ ] crazy I've priced these a few Times I wanted to get one but I've been Like this is too much [ __ ] Money and now I have one oh my God In the Arms Here man I found this quad in a crane You want it Put it back up in the crane dude Oh my God what a crazy [ __ ] fun day Of friendship already in this video just Started I got my super cool bump box From everybody it sounds like a cocaine Thing [ __ ] vampire if you watch the Last video he lost his drone in a crane Wind chill went back and got that drone For him using unknown resources and Vampire was like you know what Windshield you can just have this drone You ain't got it back it's yours now Holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] fpv is friendship [ __ ] All right we got some HD zero we got Some purple stuff ooh 70D so this fa Crackdown nonsense got me kind of

Thinking you're not allowed to fly Beyond visual line of sight with your Drone without remote ID right that means If you can fly your drone and still see It then it's legal but if you wear fpv Goggles you can't see that [ __ ] so I Want to take it one step further how far Can you fly blindfolded that's right We're gonna put our goggles on and we're Not gonna plug them in and we're gonna See how far we can fly our drones [ __ ] blindfolded now it says that's Probably illegal and if they had frown Upon that we're gonna do it here this is Covered there's this whole last yet it's A whole ass little hallway we're gonna Fly a drones down that hallway that way If anything goes wrong the Drone will Just hit the ceiling even though we're Professional drone Pilots we're very Good at this we know how to [ __ ] Disarm a drone before anything happens I Feel like the most annoying place just Like yeah All right so vampire has volunteered to Go first uh first goggles are turned off Goggles are off okay so you're gonna fly As far as you can vampire good luck okay All right what the [ __ ] right here Got to beat the lV for Vamp or something So we know there you go all right Vampire didn't really get too far but Next up we got Maddie blunt if you go Out of bounds too you lose no going out

Of bed what's out of bounds Oh all right that's hard Ah This what happened Mark it Damn camera damn Izzy Maddie vampire Might win this [ __ ] thing all right Now it's my turn goggles are not plugged In There's a quad oh God I hope I do well I Hope I do well all right take off Oh I heard it crash see everybody but Vampire okay God's not going good so that's vampire There's me Maddie Who was that oh is he there's the start Everybody spot me all right no Oh oh Nope you're done I made it What the [ __ ] why is there a million Police That is so many police what the [ __ ] you Know I just said something I really Didn't think I'd ever have to say in a Vlog what'd you say Izzy who said I'm Gonna pop this bottle and I said izzy Don't pop the gum bottle and I really am Like I never thought I'd have to say Please don't pop the bottle in the video Ever I put a thing on [ __ ] bro yeah okay that Broke well some [ __ ] broke back at it Damn look at this Boombox though Honey

Yeah Yeah hey yo check it this is how we Swing this big kiss flavor so come on Honey don't front come on front Come on honey honey You know what time it is [Music] She said hold on a second make sure our Trip was tidy I steps in with the blue Book and I said how you been but all I'm Thinking is skins I said what's on the Agenda for the night she said HBO was Booming and former was about to fight Cool I'm down to see him drop a body so I dim the lights and it was me in this Body round one round two and then the Fight was true and I was thinking all The things that I can do I do my arm Upon a shoulder this is what I told her Baby grab my holder I'm a solid there's A boulder she said stop it she's trying To change the top of gotcha come on Honey did because you know I wanna knock It then she broke down in tears and I've Been waiting for weeks but weeks feel Like this I thought you was your friend I said what are you saying hon I get Snow skin I gave her some advice I put The [ __ ] on ice and then I told you yeah Yeah come on honey don't [Music] [Music] I don't know what the [ __ ] is going on Today things keep happening surprises

Keep happening guests are up here I was Just chilling I was just chilling doing My little thing Elephant Electronics pops up The volumetronics since the first International open 2019 or some [ __ ] what the [ __ ] Well hot damn that was a surprise for I Had no idea volleytronics and Maddie Blunts were going to show up I had no Idea that they're going to give me that [ __ ] crazy bunt box dude thank you Thank you so much everybody that pitch In on that this this is pretty nuts so I've been wanting one of these things For so long this is [ __ ] crazy this Is crazy look at this [ __ ] and the Homies came together and got this for me It's oh it's [ __ ] heavy dude this Thing check it out dude So thank you so so much to all the fpv Homies that made this possible dude this Is [ __ ] amazing thank you very much Speaking of amazing did you know every Single month I send stickers out to my Patrons I get sometimes the homies Design cool designs sometimes Outsource People but I make these cool stickers Bam for decals make Seasons sends them Out every single month to all my 20 and Up patrons and if you're like 20 bucks [ __ ] the 10 tier the lucky dog tier if You're lucky enough to get on that tier You get stickers every month you get all

The benefits you get to watch all my Videos first there's a whole bunch of [ __ ] I Hawk it every single month I'm Kind of tired of Hawking it but I do Appreciate every single person that is a Patron such as my top tier ones Billy Hackett Boris the German fred805 j-rod Fpv MattyB fpv netcat fpv Patrick Martin AKA Patty Cakes Stumpy fpv Trent ttfpv Tuan solo volumetronics and if stickers or Watching my videos first or the ability To post in my Friday Night live streams It's just you just check out the grinder and I'll shut up About it maybe never I'm gonna get the [ __ ] out of here I got another video to Make but I promise next time we'll be Better thank you very much everybody for Watching Press the dumb subscribe button If you haven't done that I am Ultra Close to 40 000 subscribers it's been my Ultimate Dream since I was a child and You alone can help make that true just Press the little subscribe button like This video if you liked it tell me to [ __ ] off if you didn't and then we'll See you next time Foreign [Music] Give me five Give me five yeah see Jolene does it Give me five is that dog [ __ ]