Can you fly drones in the mall?

By | December 31, 2022

I wanted to make a mix tape style video for this weeks release, let me know what you think of it in the comments! I got some big shit planed for 2023 so make sure your subscribed and ill see yall next year!

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First of all good evening good evening You cannot do that in here okay I love That I want one [Music] [Applause] [Music] What's up [Applause] [Applause] There's only one This week's news I'm here with this guy Um here to tell us about remote ID Thanks Gloria I'm with the FFA and I'm Here to tell you about the remote Identification of drones so I'm going to Say right up front just so everyone's Aware I don't want to cause any Panic Right now Operationally you do not need to comply With remote ID well that's pretty cool Thanks G uh you heard it here first uh You do not need to comply with remote ID [Music] Hey yo check this out I'm finna wreck This one [ __ ] up that game and Hugging up your necklace Into a [ __ ] bee don't look Behind you cause rain is always on ya Kidnapping Pop the lid off this mother with a VBS Bridge I'm on a hundred these tablets make me Laugh impact I popped a couple naps on My way back to the Cabbage Patch I say

Scrap with a fat cat fill your cab all The way back [Music] Thank you Okay All right Baby [Music] Bye One way Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Yeah you put these on and there's Wireless video from the Drone to the Goggles and you fly around Not for sure for sure yeah no problem We'll stop outside when you're waiting For your wife to get oh you oh you're my Top yeah yeah yeah Oh come on bot grinder you don't like [Music] Tough dude tough you Aren't part of the organization You don't get to know everything you Want to know when you want to know [Music] Hey you wanna see something cool check This out [Music] Everybody that's the end of today's Video

Um I I just want to go gorilla whoop and I want to make this cool video about Flying micro loop with the homies you Know what I mean uh okay so you may be Noticing the robot cartoon body I was I Got really really high last night like Higher than I've ever been and um here We are here we are basically tldr I'm a [ __ ] robot now I I'm trying to figure Out how to get out of this stupid [ __ ] body but it's not working it's Not working things ain't working out so Hot okay anyway so here's what we're Gonna do we're gonna read the patreon List and hopefully by next video things Will be better and back to normal and I Won't be in this [ __ ] god stupid Robot body all right big big shout out To my favorite robot bodies Billy Hackett Boris the German Fred 805 j-rod Fpv juicy fpv Lucas Roca MattyB fpv Netcat fpv Patrick Martin Stompy fpv Trent fpv ttfpv Twan solo volatronics And hey thanks for Being my big old patrons y'all if you You have any money in your wallets that You you don't want go to Grinder well you can give me some of That if not whatever I obviously I'm a Robot so I guess I have no pockets I Have therefore I have no need for money All right everybody thanks for watching This one I promise next time will be Better maybe possibly I don't know do I

Have a robot dick I'm gonna go figure This out I'll see y'all later okay love You bye [Music] Oh [Music] Bro this is pretty weird I don't know About this am I an e girl