Can you freestyle with hdzero? lets find out!

By | January 7, 2023

Now that the new hdzero goggles are here i want to answer the question on everyone's mind “but can they freestyle?” well lets find out! this is also my first time flying betaflight in years and it has improved alot! i still hate vtx tables and i think its to much for freestyle quads but i may give it another go…

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don't go in there oh we're Starting hey everybody Welcome to Today's video today uh I want to give HD Zero a real freestyle test but for real Don't don't go in there all right wait Are you stealing that Hey hello welcome everybody 2023 first video of the I think wait no I did a video before this didn't I Well I'm just gonna get right to the Chase if you saw my last video that was My review of the HD zero goggles now if You're a patron you're watching this Video before that review came out Because time is not linear or is It linear here's what we're doing today We're doing a desert rip edition of These the HD zero goggles by Divi math Carl and HD zero now here's the thing I've been using these goggles all week In an attempt to see can they replace my Analog will DJ oh nope wrong thing will Hd0 replace analog for me right now I Don't really think so I've only been Flying these about a week I have to fly Them a little bit more to find out so That's what we're gonna do I like to rip Right I'm all I'm Mr hardcore Freestyle I put my dick on a Park fly Bando or whatever right so Here's this giant metal building I'm going to fly my HD zero drone in This big metal building and see does it Have the penetration does it have the

Latency that I like can I fly this full time will HD zero be My full what full hd0 be my new system Mechanic freestyle that's today's video All right so here's a couple things About this flight coming up I have oh Wait where's my drone all right so Here's what we're gonna do I'm gonna Warm up I'm not gonna go super crazy Hardcore freestyle this is a drone that I have installed all hd01 this is a demi Bot frame you can get this from you should go buy one today This is the best freestyle frame you'll Ever see in your entire life number Three is this big boys on beta Flight iFly emu flight pretty much Exclusively I don't beta flight's the Whole thing you gotta do we move Flight you can just go fly it on stock And do whatever but I wanted to try out Beta flight I'm HD zero new gear new Things you know what I mean that's Actually not true at all I just I Couldn't get the OSG to work on even Flight so I'm not really used to the Flight characteristics of beta Whatever those are my excuses actually For why this flight is gonna look shitty But I'm gonna go let's do a narrated rip We'll get warmed up I'll get knocked the Rust off it's been a little while since I've flown freestyle and then we'll get An actual good flight and see does this

freestyle good with a U or What Okay so I got to say I've flown this a Few times I wouldn't be flying it all week maybe all month to see if I Like it it's got to have the penetration The latency is there or there is not There which is what I like about it There isn't a latency This is the breakup I feel like uh Analog would be having it just breaks up Rainbow like hc0 breaks up rainbow the analog breaks up like analog Here's here's let's go all the way Behind this thing let's go to this Ladder for bad luck and see what happens So far not too bad maybe we need to go Up a level we need to introduce some More static I bet if we go all the way To the back side of the building And go up through another floor we can Start to get some breakup A little a little bit but that's not That bad at all man that right there Okay we're getting that breakup but it's Not like dipping out or nothing Can we split s Ucks oh we can split us it that's a good Sign backwards I don't want to fly Backwards I don't want to go up here and Get this this isn't bad there's no Stutter no lag you know like digital Hats that's why I like HD zero for a Choice of a digital system because this

Is pretty good this is pretty good for Being in a bunch of metal in a Bando I'm only flying on 500 milliwatts As well I did not turn it up to the full To the full watt or whatever it's only On five uh 500 milliwatts and I'm Getting some pretty dang good video up Here I'm gonna see if it freestyles I'll Point his videos can't actually like rip And you know what I mean but I just Want to see what my range is let's see Let's go farther let's see if we get These school buses now I am I'm over There here let's see where I am see I'm Past all them cranes I buy them cars Right there let's go through the metal And then to the school buses And see if we still have signal or not I Hope we do because I don't really want To walk all the way over there Uh okay that's pretty good dude that is That is pretty good right there a little Bit let's see antenna is now behind us Not even facing us we got video dude hc0 Is is good now dare I say it I I am enjoying this okay this is an Enjoyable flight Let's Get Low let's get Behind this thing and see if we can just Kill the signal no still have signal it Was starting to break up though so let's Go see how that does let's fly nice and Slow find some buses and this is This is rather impressive I would say Okay there's the breakup there we go

Once we get it like fully behind some but I can still fly out of it I can See where I still see where I'm going Enough to fly like around and compensate For that that is um that is neat that is Neat and this video does look pretty Dang good all right let's go and bring This back in before I crash into some and break it and we'll just go for A freestyle rip it we'll just do Some hardcore fpv freestyle you know What I'm saying do a kickflip right After this ad from Curiosity stream or Something bro this is up I was About to do my little freestyle thing Vampire was flying and he's caught in This crane this is this is kind Of ridiculous so I'll be back we're Gonna see what we can do I'll be back Happy New Year oh God first pack of this New Year so we've decided the Best course of action is going to be to Write a note and put it in the cab of This machine that way um it doesn't mess Up the machine and he can get his drone Back it's a responsible thing to do Don't don't flee the scene Or whatever oh yeah I had a good idea Before I do my like kind of freestyle Rip I got these gates from weebleed fpv This one's in the shape of a triangle I Have challenged ground I was like Grand Do you think I could throw this up in The air and you could fly your drone

Through it and he was like yeah of Course I can you idiot and I was Like whoa bro okay back up to try to Have some fun here Oh no Oh wait is it supposed to be like that Yeah I wanted I wanted to show everybody How my motor looks I was showing vampire This is uh so this motor kind of got Bent up out of the thing I don't know if He's gonna Focus yeah my motor's bent And so this is how I'm flying today Um two screws there's two screws In it They only want red meat whoever get Involved that hand out Don't switch up I've been official Reminisce filling my fingers while I'm Picking on menus I could tell you people Amazed eyebrows Rings think I'm a Criminal cousin away I don't make money Traditional something to say for eight Dollars hourly wage cotton picking you Tripping you really gotta be slams keep Your name tag I'll do it like Dame Dash My son got cookies some chickens don't Play that you should know a high keep Lying when I smell hot Keem got me big So I'm weeping what I saw I might hide Came to dream if you see me in the post All Praises do it for the ghosts yeah [Music] 26. [Music]

[Music] [Music] My two fingers in the air yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Well so that was basically the hardest I Ripped HD zero I've flown a lot of my Micros I've flown it in the park and but I treated it as if it were Analog right now I just went for It I just flew my freestyle pack my Second one of the day I'm a little rusty I'll admit that but that wasn't that bad I did some shits whatever wrote the gaps Later maybe my thoughts on that are like Man that was that was pretty Good like if I was flying analog I would Get some break up I got some breakup on That on a HD zero it's really whatever It did not completely convince me to Switch to hd0 on all my quads and Quite yet because I am still cool with Analog there's nothing against hg0 I'm Just still cool with analog you know What I mean it's cheap and it works fine This was pretty good though this was Pretty good I can definitely see myself Leaving hc0 in this drone at least you Know what I'm saying in these goggles Bro I gotta say I'm feeling I'm feeling Pretty good about these though like I'll Say the HD zero goggles pretty nice I do

Want to fly them for another month or so Before I determine within my what before I decide whether I want to make these my Main goggles or not I am going to give Them a few more weeks to a month or Whatever flying them every day when I go This ain't too bad though this ain't too Bad they'll did a pretty good job as far As freestyle goes I'm gonna have to give It some more packs and then we'll go Home and I'll let you know exactly how I Feel how I feel about you know about the The goggles here's something Discerning Uh what is it January 2nd and it's warm Enough to take my hoodie off it's a nice It's a nice and update it just wear a hoodie man uh global warming in My ass huh more like it's getting hotter On the in the planet right I was just Kidding I I don't really I don't really Know about much all about anything you Know what I mean no All right we're back home I'm doing my Outro from my room from my my editing Station oh I I really don't I Should have you know what hang on I'll Be right back I'm gonna I'm gonna go cut My hair all right much better there so To answer the obvious and generic Question does it rip does HD zero rip in My experience just now this flight and My past experience this week yeah it Does man it does if you're an analog Pilot you will feel right at home using

This system and you'll be like oh Man like this is pretty nice this is a Pretty nice looking video in my goggles Right now if you're a DJI a walk snow Pilot you're gonna be like what the Are all these squares on my screen for But it's a different experience for sure For those of you that do fly digital Since I don't really I don't really know What it's like but the few times I have I experienced the lag and like that's The breakup for digital is lag for HD Zero and for straight up analog is you Get breakup instead of lag with walks Now and DJI you get stutters and lag and and like it really comes down to a Preference like company biases Society Knows I don't like DJI as a company like They got human rights violations against Them dog that's up Google it but Biases of Mega corpse aside digital Video stutters and I don't really care For that I'm not used to it a lot of you Are used to it perfectly fine you can Fly through that you don't want to Break up because you're not used to it I'm used to analog stuff breaking up so So HD zero I feel right at home like I Trust it to come back when I fly digital I don't know if the stutter's gonna Freeze or not you know what I mean when It well hc0 is digital see it's it's Such a weird in between digital digital And analog and it's a step above

Analog but it's not a digital stuttery System it breaks up like analog does It's it's neat though I do like it so Let's tldr this I got really high Before I cut my hair too does it rip yes Am I going to replace all my quads with HD zero I don't know I'm perfectly fine With analog like I like analog video I Am curious so I'm going to go back and Find some more analog after HD zero and If I'm like oh my God yeah there's a Huge difference then yeah then I might Switch man it you know what I mean I'm always down to try new things I'm Not really hesitant I'm not one of those Stuck in your ways people I talk A lot of about a lot of but I Don't like a lot of but I'm not Stuck in my ways I'm totally down to Switch things and try new things that's That's what keeps us growing as a species right we're really Patreon shout outs right here big old Shout out to Billy Hackett Boris the German Fred 805 j-rod fpv Maddie B fpv Netcat fpv Patrick Martin Stompy fpv Trent ttfpv I got skull Twan solo Volleytronics and hemp and Hey thanks for being my top tier patrons Y'all it's just after Christmas so I'm Not even gonna Panhandle for Patron and ask you to join I'm sure Everybody's broke a you just do Your thing boo you just enjoy your 2023

And get your finances together thank you Very much for watching this video Everybody I really do appreciate it Thank you HD zero for making a new System like this is pretty exciting I'm Gonna have some more HD zero content Coming out in the future as well as my Regular videos I got some big plans for Some big videos this year so if you Haven't subscribed press the stupid subscribe thing or else I'm just Gonna keep asking if you don't do it now I'm just gonna keep asking so you may as Well all right I'm gonna get the Out of here thank you for real everybody For watching I promise next time we'll Be better bye Foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause]