CHROME DRONE! – powder coating a carbon fiber frame with SUPER CHROME

By | January 12, 2022

Making a chrome drone frame by powder coating the carbon fiber pieces with Super Chrome by Prismatic Powders.

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My DIY powder coating set up:
air compressor:
BIG toaster oven:
cheap powder coat machine:

— FPV Drone Gear —

Skyeliner HD Built and Tuned:

DJI Action 2:


Skyeliner HD Parts Breakdown:
Skyeliner HD frame:
Hypetrain Le Drib 2305 2650kV:
Hobbywing FC:
Matek PDB:
T-Motor F35A ESC:
DJI Air Unit:
Crossfire RX w/ Immortal-T:

Transmitter & Goggles:
DJI Digital FPV Goggles:
Spektrum Radio:
TBS Crossfire:

Tools & Other Gear:
Torvol Backpack:
TS100 Soldering Iron:
Electric Screwdriver:

— Vlogging Gear —

Wide Angle Lens:
Daily Lens 12-35 f/2.8:
25mm Prime Lens:
Rode mic:
bendy tripod:
GoPro HERO7 Black:
GoPro HERO9 Black:

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”Alone” by C00ltube

”Beautiful” by B R L L N T

”You Are Here” by Watermark High

”fragile” by Squid Ethics

Oh hey i didn't see you there just Kidding of course i did i set you up on This fancy tripod and everything guys Welcome back today we are going to build One of my fpv drones we're going to go Out and fly but i've got this idea on How to make this thing look pretty Unique and that is we're going to try to Powder coat the carbon fiber airframe Now powder coating is an alternative to Traditional paint where you spray the Part with a wet paint and it dries to a Cure with powder coating you coat the Part in a dry powder and then bake it And the powder flows and cures into a Very durable finish now an example some Pretty advanced powder coating is my Custom honda ruckus the whole rear frame Is done in this custom lavender that's Got metal flake and an additional coat Of clear to make it super glossy it Basically looks like a high-end paint Job but is more durable now i just Started powder coating myself pretty Recently and that's a lot more advanced Than anything i try to do in my little At-home shop in fact the only thing i've Powder coated so far are the rear sets On my motorcycle and all i did was this Really simple flat black it just looks Like flat black paint but it's going to Be more durable which is perfect because Feet our rubbing there the powder Coating doesn't necessarily need to look

Like paint there's all sorts of finishes You can get out of it you can have like A wrinkle finish or a more reflective Finish like we'll see but you know Regardless if you're doing something Advanced like the ruckus or simple Like my rear sets you do need some Specialty equipment so let me show you How this is supposed to work let me uh Get my setup Set up So we've got an air compressor the Biggest toaster oven i could find on Amazon the actual powder coating machine Itself all plugged into an extension Cord from the living room not the most Ideal setup but it'll get the job done Now before we go ahead and try to powder Coat carbon fiber i want to show you how This process is supposed to work on an Actual piece of metal now i've already Got the hopper loaded up with the color I want to test it's not the not the Stuff that we're going to be using on The carbon uh just something else that i Need to see how it actually sprays out Anytime you're testing out a new color You should just try it on something Disposable like a scrap piece of metal Or a can but we're just gonna go ahead And go straight for This expensive gas cap For a new scooter build so i already had It in the toaster oven doing a bake

Cycle to just cook off any oils or any Other things that might you know mess up The adhesion So we've just got this hanging here for Spraying now we hook the air compressor Up to the powder coating gun And that's going to help us spray the Actual powder onto the part but to get It to stick this is the really cool part The powder is going to be positively Charged see the gun has a wire Connecting it to this high voltage Situation and then we've just got this Little ground connector that's going to Go on the part itself so i just flipped This switch to turn on the system And then down here we've got this foot Pedal and when i step on it the high Voltage activates so that the powder i Spray out of here is positively charged And sticks to the grounded metal part [Music] I'm just checking that it's nice and Even it looks pretty good we're going to Throw out the toaster oven Parts just been in there for a few Minutes and i can already see the powder Starting to melt now it needs to bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes and that Means the part itself needs to be 400 Degrees so i've got this little infrared Heat gun and i'm just measuring it still Only at 3 30. i'm going to turn this up A little bit

[Music] [Applause] This came out really nicely i love this Color there's just so much metallic to It and it blows my mind that it goes From being this pink bag of powder into This rose gold finish i've got all the Pieces to my drone frame laid out and I've got an even crazier powder in mind For this and that is super chrome so it Should go from being this Dark gray powder into an actual chrome Finish If we can get it to work so the reason That i wanted to show you how powder Coating is supposed to go is because i'm Pretty nervous about actually getting it To happen on carbon fiber so metal works So well for powder coating because it Can take the high temperature of the Curing process and it's also conductive Which means it works great for getting The powder to stick using that Electrostatic effect now carbon fiber Itself would work pretty well it can Take a pretty high temperature and it is Actually conductive however these rigid Pieces that make up our drone frame are Not pure carbon fiber this is true Anytime you see carbon fiber used Practically where it's rigid it is Actually a composite where the carbon Fiber is held together in a resin matrix And now those resins can't necessarily

Take a high temperature and They aren't conductive So those are two challenges that we're Going to have in trying to make powder Coating work on these carbon fiber bits So i did a little bit of research to see If there's a way to get powder to stick To less conductive pieces and i found a Technique called hot flocking so what We're going to do is preheat these Pieces and then spray them while they're Still hot so that as the powder hits the Surface it kind of instantly flows just A little bit so that it sticks to the Piece so with any luck we'll be able to Get the powder to stick to the pieces And then we're just going to throw them In the toaster oven and hope that they Can hold up to the 375 degrees without Breaking down getting Soft or Catching on fire [Music] It actually work i Look it's like reflective this is look At it look at it just look at it [Music] [Applause] [Music] I kind of can't believe this actually Worked i'm really happy it didn't catch On fire and the powder actually stuck It's not perfect and i can tell the heat Did have an effect on the resins in the

Carbon fiber like The resin kind of shrunk and you can see It in the surface the pieces originally Were like perfectly flat and after being Baked you can see and you can feel the Pattern of the weave so i think the Resins like kind of shrunk it doesn't Seem to have affected I don't know this seems It seems fine and it just looks so Badass but we aren't just going to look At this thing we are actually going to Flat so let's take it over to the bench And throw some parts on it [Laughter] [Music] All right we've come out to this spot Where we can do some freestyle guys it Looks even crazier outside so let's get A couple last good looks at this thing And let's put it up in the air [Music] [Applause] [Music] So [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] So [Music] [Applause]

So [Music] It's looking to me like the heat of the Powder coating process definitely made The carbon fiber weaker My frame is pretty tough i'm not saying I don't ever break it i definitely have I've broken arms before but it is Very rare if ever that i've broken an Arm On the first day out when it's still in Pretty good shape normally by the time i Break an arm i've crashed the quad a Bunch of times the carbon is splintering It's starting to feel soft and by the Time it breaks i'm like yeah it's about Time that it broke so it did hold up to A few lighter crashes with what i'd call Normal damage just some scuffs and a Little bit of chipping but then that Whack into the tree snapped the arm and I still wouldn't consider that a really Hard crash for it to break on the first Outing like this Yeah it was it was weaker so it didn't Seem to fly any worse so there weren't Really any flight performance downsides Definitely a durability downside and Really No upside other than it just looks so Cool but i think making an aircraft that You're going to be flying first person View anyway Look cooler isn't necessarily going to

Be Worth it to to do again but it was a Really cool experiment and really cool To get to see it I just i just don't think i'm going to Be powder cutting frames again All right guys just wanted to wrap this One up real quick kind of a bummer that I broke my project frame right away so Surprise i made myself a second one i Just think this looks so cool i wanted To have one that i could put up Somewhere the whole reason i actually Wanted to do this is because recently This channel passed 100 000 subscribers And youtube can be kind of slow about Actually sending out those silver play Buttons so I had to make myself a silver drone Frame to celebrate so guys i just wanted To say thank you so much for being a Part of this it's an absolute privilege To make videos that over time so many People have come across so whether You're a long time viewer or a first Time viewer or you're not even seeing This video because you don't watch Anymore If you've ever watched any of my videos Thank you so much for being a part of This journey so there's a little extra Way to celebrate let's do a giveaway i'm Going to give away one of my drone Frames all you got to do is be

Subscribed and leave a comment just Leave any comment just say hey i want That frame and i'll randomly pick a Commenter and you can win one of my Drone frames i'm i'm not going to powder Coat it for you because obviously it Makes it significantly weaker and Hopefully you can actually build this Thing up and fly it and enjoy this Amazing sport that is fpv drones look Forward to many more adventures with you Guys thank you as always for tuning in Uh happy new year by the way this is the First video i'm going to be posting for The year i hope you had an excellent Holiday season hope your year is already Off to an amazing start and may this Year be your best one yet guys i'll see You next time and persevere [Music] You