Configuring Flight Controller and Receiver | FPV 101: Phase 5, Episode 4

By | November 10, 2022

Before you fly an FPV Drone, you will need to bind the controller to the receiver. This will take place within BetaFlight.

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Today on fpv 101 we're going to be Discussing the basics of configuring Your flight controller and receiver in Betaflight Say everything you have is new a new Drone new flight controller and a brand New transmitter out of the box you've Bound the transmitter to your receiver And now you just need to get those Components to talk to the flight Controller so you can get Fly before Connecting to the software always be Sure to remove your propellers not doing So can result in you damaging your drone Your workspace or most importantly Yourself especially if you're planning On plugging in a battery for now though Keep your lipo unplugged first connect Your flight controller to betaflight via USB from there navigate over to your Receiver tent by now you should have Your transmitter and receiver bound if Not take a look back at our episode on Binding drones with all the systems Properly connected you should see your Stick inputs reflected in the program Like this Chances are though you're seeing this Nothing flat bars if that's the case you Need to get your flight controller and Receiver to recognize each other we'll Go through the basics of that now the First step is to head over to the ports Tab here you'll need to turn on serial

RX for one of these uarts New Arts are a hardware serial interface That allow you to connect external Devices to your flight controller you Can refer to your flight controller Manual to know what you are you should Connect to the uart number is sometimes Described directly on the flight Controller by the number on the Transmitter and receiver pads this Flight controller uses uart3 so we'll Click that on Make sure the rest are turned off always Remember to save next we're going to Tell the flight controller what receiver We have head over to the configuration Tab scroll down to the receiver drop Down menu and select your specific Receiver mode and serial receiver Provider refer to your receiver manual For specifics Our receiver is Crossfire So we'll select that and save when we Head back to the receiver tab we should See our stick inputs reflected in the Bars if your inputs are still not Showing up and you know your Configuration settings are correct then Your drones receiver may need power this Is an instance where you need to plug in A battery Again always make sure that your props Are off not doing so can be extremely Dangerous When your receiver and flight controller

Are connected you can test all four Inputs throttle Yaw Pitch and roll make sure each stick Input corresponds with the correct Maneuver If the inputs aren't reflected properly Then you can use the options in the Channel map tab to correct it always Make sure you save your settings before Changing tabs or disconnecting your Drone