Custom Controllers for Your Transmitter | FPV 101: Phase 5, Episode 5

By | November 12, 2022

When setting up your drone for the first time you should always create an arming switch on your transmitter. This will allow you to quickly arm and disarm the drone so that the props spin only when you want them to and when it’s safe to do so.

You don’t wanna plug in a lipo just to have the drone fly at your face or continue to smash your props after a bad crash, so setting an arming switch is the most important custom control that you can create.

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Today on spb 101 we're going to talk About setting up custom controls for Your transmitter in betaflight When setting up your drone for the first Time you should always set an arming Switch on your transmitter this will Allow you to quickly arm and disarm the Drone so that the props are only Spinning when you want them to and when It's safe to do so you don't want to Plug in a lifo just to have the Drone Fly up and hit you in the face or Continue to smash your props after a Crash so setting an arming switch is one Of the most important custom controls You can set on your transmitter first Step is to decide which switch you want To use on your transmitter for arming Highlights typically use a two position Switch on your transmitter navigate to Your mixer screen this process varies on Different brands of transmitters From here you will pick an auxiliary or Aux channel to map the control to Channels one through four are dedicated To throttle yaw pitch and roll so choose Anything Channel 5 or above Press and hold the enter key on the Chosen Channel this will create a new Mix Scroll to source and press enter Selection will begin flashing which Means it's ready to receive an input to Be bound

Flip the switch you want to set the Control to and it will be entered Automatically under Source press enter Again to set this value Next you're going to connect to Betaflight but before you do make sure To remove your propellers not doing so Can result in you damaging your drone Your workspace or most importantly Yourself especially if you're planning On plugging in a battery Once connected to betaflight head over To the receiver tab you're going to need Your lipo plugged into this next step on The receiver tab you should be able to See the channel moving as you toggle the Switch back and forth now go to the Modes tab here you can see the many Different custom transmitter controls That you can create Right at the top of course is arm and Since that's what we're trying to set up We're gonna click add range The program should default to Auto in This next drop down which should allow You to Simply throw the switch you want And betaflight will recognize that Channel by flipping your chosen switch You will see its range appear in the Form of these small yellow marks Switch in the position you would like to Use to arm the Drone then drag the bar Over the position of that Mark Finally hit save by Saving you have now

Set your custom controller input and can Arm and disarm your drone at will Another important switch to set up Especially for new pilots is a beeper Setting up and throwing this switch will Cause the Drone to start emitting its Own This will be helpful should you crash And can't seem to locate your drone and It's especially helpful for micro drones Which can be easier than this