Digital FPV just got a lot less expensive // FAT SHARK RECON HD WALKSNAIL AVATAR GOGGLE

By | November 18, 2022

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00:00:00 – $600 is a lot of money to get into Walksnail
00:02:26 – 1080p 60 screens
00:03:01 – Input power 2S to 5S (not 6S!)
00:03:20 – Built-in patch antennas
00:03:57 – Exterior interface/controls
00:04:18 – Odd warning on the power cable
00:05:13 – Fatshark magnifying lens system
00:06:07 – No adjustable diopter or focus adjustment
00:07:13 – How do they fit my face?
00:08:04 – Flight testing
00:13:38 – What else might you buy instead? – My review of the Skyzone Cobra X

It used to be that if you wanted to get Into the wax nail fpv system this was Pretty much your only option this is the Fat shark Dominator HD goggle and yeah I Know there's also the walksdale Avatar Goggle out there they're the same They're the exact same goggle one is Black and comes from walk snail one is White and comes from fat shark I'm Pretty sure they're made in the same Factory even on the same line and they Just come in different colors so Basically if you wanted to try the walk Snow fpv system you were stuck spending 600 On this goggle and that's that's before You upgrade the antennas and oh yeah You're gonna upgrade the antennas Because the stock antennas that walk Snail sends are garbage don't use them You could easily spend another 100 bucks Upgrading the antennas yeesh that's a Lot of money to try out this system and That's why it was so exciting when Caddix announced the new Standalone Video receiver which is not going to be The topic of this video because it's not Out yet but when tedx did did release The new Standalone video receiver I Thought man this is really A knife in the back of fat shark because Fat shark makes goggles and with a Standalone video receiver that you can Use with any goggles with an HDMI input

Why would anybody want to buy these 600 Fat shirt but they're nice goggles but They don't do analog they don't do HD Zero they don't have an HDMI input all They do is walk snail and it sure seems Like 150 200 bucks for a standalone Video receiver is going to be very Compelling to a lot of people but fat Shark is not going to take that lying Down and that's why we have this this is The new fat shark Recon HD wait a minute The fat shark Recon HD didn't they Release a fat shark Recon HD years ago With HD zero in it yup they did and Before that wasn't there the fat shark Recon analog goggle that looked exactly Like this but with an analog receiver Yup that's true too in Grand fat shark Tradition of taking an existing design And slightly recycling it to include a New technology that sharkgriff released A version of the Recon goggle this time With walk snail in and it means that if You're interested in getting into the Walk snail system there is now a new Price point at which you can do it I'm Joshua Bardwell and you're going to Learn something today what we've got Here is a box goggle from fat shark with A built-in walk snail receiver let's run Down the specs for these goggles the Screens are 1080p resolution which is The most that the wax nail system can Provide however they only run at 60 FPS

You will not be able to use the 100 FPS Low latency mode for the system it just Isn't an option in the menus and that Means you're going to get about 35 to 40 Milliseconds latency versus the 25 to 30 Milliseconds latency of the 100 FPS mode The goggles take between 2s and 5s input That's the same as the more expensive Dominator goggles many people have Criticized the fact that they're not Rated for 6s but that's just the way it Is it suggests that these are the same Internals in terms of the power board And the receiver board as the larger Goggles the goggles have four built-in Patch antennas and I don't have specs on The beam width or gain of the antenna us We're going to take them out and we're Going to fly them and we're going to see What kind of coverage we get if you're Interested in changing those antennas Out for aftermarket antennas there are No external connectors for that however Inside the goggles the antennas are Connected with UFL connectors and it Would be relatively easy to modify the Case to include SMA plugs or something Like that in fact there are two plugs Right here that you could drill out and Install your own SMA connectors if you Were interested in putting higher gain Antennas on the outside the goggle has An SD card slot for DVR and for more Updates and it has a joystick an

External power plug and a bind button The same as the larger goggles there's Also the DVR record and back out of the Menu buttons again the same sort of Controls and user interface as the Larger goggles the price is going to be Around 270 dollars the goggles come with This xd60 cable for power and it's got This confusing warning on it but I think I've figured out what it means you see The hc0 goggles came with this power Cable which has a built-in nine volt Regulator take a look at the difference You see the larger plastic housing here That's the nine volt regulator and it Means that you can input uh well Technically you can input up to a 6S Although I think they recommend that you Don't do that but you can safely input a Higher voltage and this cable will Output just nine volts and your HD 0 Unit won't fry I think what they're Doing here is warning you that this one Does not have a built-in regulator and Will simply pass through whatever Voltage you put in so in other words if You plug in a 6S battery to this cable 6s voltage will come out the other end And you will potentially fry your Goggles which are only rated for 5S this Is going to be hard to demonstrate on Camera but these box goggles are not Just a screen held up a few inches from Your eyes fast shark has a lens system

Built in that actually makes them look Like they are further away than they Really are here I'm moving the focus of This camera out Focus on the actual screen image and That's good because it reduces eye Strain I might be able to demonstrate This a little better by popping out this Lens you Used to be able to do this with the old Wrecking goggles I assume you still can You can pop this lens out and now we can Actually see that's the exact same focal Distance that it was at but here it is Much closer And now you literally are just looking At a little screen a few inches from Your eyes This actually comes into play because These do not have adjustable diopters so If you have a glass of subscription like Mine your only choice is either to Squeeze your glasses inside Which depending on the size of your Glasses isn't going to work or uh and Greg French the or maybe it was Alan who Showed me this the one of the guys from Fat shark showed me this if you just pop That lens out you can just put them up In front of your eyes and in my case I Am nearsighted and I can basically focus On this because it's close enough to my Eyes that I can do it if I put this lens In it makes them seem like they're

Further away and I can't focus without a Corrective lens if you were Farsighted uh I don't know what you Would do I'm not sure how you could use these Because you just need very carefully Made Prescription lens Oh yeah see it's completely unfocused Yeah that's way better though it's way Better with the magnifier in there to Make it look bigger as far as the fit Goes I've always thought that fat shark Really excels at making goggles that fit Well the goggles are not too heavy I feel relatively light on my face and The fitment is fairly comfortable Obviously everyone's face is a different Shape so not everyone will have the Exact same experience there is Definitely light leak around the nose I Find that that's really common with box Goggles because if you are very tight Around the nose they'll put a lot of Weight on the bridge of your nose I Don't find it super distracting but it Is there they're probably you can Probably find some aftermarket foam if You want to upgrade the foam the Provided foam is kind of leatherette and Is just fine uh yeah that's what you get There now it's time for the flight Testing of the goggles and on some level You might think this isn't really needed

Because we've got the exact same walk Snail receiver board it's just in a Different set of goggles and we know how It performs by the way this is the 28.32.10 firmware which is the latest Firmware at the time of this release but There is one unknown quantity with these Goggles and that is the performance of The antennas so I'm going to compare the Fat shark Recon goggles to my fat track Dominator goggles with the true RC X air Antennas on them and we're going to see How they stack up there's one other Thing that's going to be different about This test from any test that I've done Previously which is that I finally got a Capture card that is capable of Capturing 100 frames per second out of The HD zero goggle so that's what you're Going to be seeing I don't know what YouTube is going to do with 100 frame Per second update but go down there make Sure you're watching at the max Resolution and the max frame rate and You should be able to see every little Skip and stutter which I know is Something that people have often wanted Another advantage of this approach is That I am recording at 720p and 50 Megabits per second in the absolute Highest quality mode that I could Possibly record in on my laptop so we're Also not relying on the DVR of the Goggles to show us the image

This first test is going to be done with The Dominator goggles and I've got true RC xair antennas and Luminaire axi HD Omnis and I want you to pay attention to The way that I'm facing because when you Have patch antennas you get more signal In front of you where the patches are Facing and less signal behind you where They're not facing the Recon has four Patch antennas so it may get better Coverage in front but we wouldn't want To overlook if it got worse coverage Behind so take a look down at the bottom Of the screen look at the megabit per Second and look at the millisecond Latency and we're going to want to see How that performs here in this Environment this is basically directly Behind myself and I'm just going to Slowly rotate And we will see how it performs and you Can see we're dropping down 23 40 Megabits per second I think I'm at 700 Milliwatts here I'm not at the max power Because I've found that sometimes these Systems don't give the absolute best Performance at max power so we're just Going to do a fair 700 milliwatts and And we are on 50 megabits per second so We can see it going down and coming up And then we will head on over and we Will go to the front of the beam and we Will see how the signal looks when we Are in the strong coverage pattern from

The patch antennas here we are coming Around the side we're around 40 megabits Per second please ignore that RSSI Warning my antenna on this quad is Completely borked that doesn't mean Anything that lq warning there that Doesn't just ignore that and here we Come now we are on the strongest part of The beam and we should see basically Perfect signal more or less and it's Holding somewhat we can see the latency Dropping and we're just going to keep Going and I'm going to circle around I'm Just going to I don't want to just do One flight but I'm going to kind of Circle around like this yeah I'm going To do these little circles and change How the antenna is pointing to try and Get just a little bit better sort of Measurement of how the performance is so This is with two patches and two omnis On the Dominator goggles that is to me a Good daily driver setup some people fly With four patches I personally don't Like the reduction in range behind me But uh that's how I've decided to run This test let's move on over and compare To the Recon Now let's compare to the Recon goggles And here's the setup that I've got it is Exactly the same as the setup for the Dominators the only difference is that The frame rate is standard frame rate so The latency is going to be higher and

That's because as I said earlier the 60fps screen cannot show The 100 FPS Frame rate uh let's get it in the air And in fact let's put it side by side Just so uh yeah let's do that so you can Compare easier as a reminder in this Part of the video I am behind my head so The patch antennas of the Recon should Theoretically be giving it a Disadvantage compared to the two omnis That are on the Dominator it should Theoretically have an advantage when it Comes to being out front because the Recon has four patches instead of only Two but I don't think that's what we see It's a little hard to tell because of Course we're not flying the exact same Flight path at the exact same time but It looks to me like the Recon is holding At closer to 35 40 megabits per second Whereas we're seeing a lot of times Where the Dominator drops down closer to 20 megabits per second And now I am in front of myself so here Theoretically the four patches of the Recon should give it an advantage let's See uh it's It's holding in about the same it looks Like it's holding a little better we had A 20 there for the Dominator and a 40 For the Recon now we'll start the Spinning around section and we will see How that goes and get back in there boys It sure does seem like the Recon is not

Doing worse in most situations than the Dominator so I think my takeaway would Be that the recon's antennas are Acceptable in terms of performance Certainly better than what you get with The walk snail uh antennas and that the Directionality of having four patches Doesn't seem to be having a big effect On being able to fly behind yourself uh Yeah there you go how does the fat shark Recon HD stack up to other ways of Getting into the walk snail system and We're not even going to talk about the Dominator HD because at this six or Seven hundred dollar price point I think That you're if you're thinking about This 270 box goggle you're not even Really thinking I think at that high of A price point and there are several Other options to get into the system at A similar price point and the first one Is going to be a standalone video Receiver connected to a set of existing Analog goggles via an HDMI input by the Way that's not what this is this is an HD zero video receiver the Standalone Cadx walks Now video receiver isn't out Yet so I can't show it to you but it Will connect to the front of the goggles Very similar to this it will connect to The goggles input similar to this and it Will provide probably a very similar Experience the upside of that is the Price this module is running currently

It's on special for 200 bucks for a Video transmitter and the receiver the Standalone video receiver will probably Come in under 200 which means that if You have an existing set of analog Goggles with an HDMI input you could Spend just two hundred dollars and get Into the walk snail system and uh you Have a perfectly decent set of analog Goggles as a bonus just just like the Dominator goggles this has no external Inputs it has no capability to do analog Or HDMI or anything like that now the Disadvantage of the Standalone module Approach is that the specs on your Goggles that you're going to use with The Standalone module probably are not As good as the specs of say the high-end Dominator HD they probably don't have a 1080p screen they might have like a 960p Screen which is pretty close to 720p so If you're running at 720p then you're Going to get Okay resolution and they're Not going to do 100 frames per second All the existing analog goggles only do 60fps and so you would only be able to Use the lower frame rate which is Actually the same as the Recon so maybe You're not losing anything there but if You have an existing set of goggles a 200 or less price point for the Standalone module has got to be pretty Compelling you also you also will get a Much nicer experience with the eyepieces

Of these Standalone goggles as opposed To a box goggle at least for most people But if you don't have an existing set of Analog goggles I think that the Recon HD Starts to look more compelling because That 270 dollar price point if you were To buy a used set of analog goggles you Would pay about 300 and then you'd be Buying the Standalone video receiver on Top of that for another 200 now you're In for 500 bucks and then that's a Significant chunk more money than a sort Of completely self-contained solution Like this but there's one more goggle Out there we have to consider and this Might actually be the hands down best Option especially if you have a mixture Of walk snail and Analog Devices you can Buy the Sky Zone Cobra X analog box Goggle for about 250 dollars it comes With the Sky Zone rapid mix receiver Which is pretty good uh all although it Also has an analog module Bay you could Actually put a rapid fire or Fusion Receiver in it if you want the absolute Best in analog reception and it's got an HDMI input so for another 200-ish Dollars you could put the Standalone Walks Now video receiver module on it Via the HDMI input and for about 500 Bucks you have a really top tier Receiver for your analog system and a Perfectly functional walk snail receiver The only downside is going to be that

The screen is 720p 60fps so once again You will be limited in terms of Resolution and in terms of frame rate But that's a really compelling option For people who still have some analog But if you are 100 walk snail or if You've got an analog solution that works For you and you're not looking to Combine two goggles in one I think the Fat shark Recon HD is going to be Compelling to a lot of people at the 270 Dollar price point if that's you there Are links Down Below in the video Description uh there are product links And they are affiliate links what that Means is that when you click that link And then make any purchase that the Affiliated vendor I get a small Commission it's an easy way for you to Support the channel doesn't cost you Anything just make sure you go and click That link before you do your shopping Where next where to next well first of All if you've got the walk snail system You want to be able to get the best out Of it and I've got a setup guide I'm Going to put a card on screen showing The settings that I think are the best Settings to use with the walk snail System today I also want to tell you if You're trying to power your goggles from A 6S battery the JB newbie drone smart Power cable would be my recommendation And I'll put a card on screen or you can

Check out why this is not just another Voltage regulator power cable if you Want to check that out I'll see you There happy flying