DJI Avata Fly App Walkthrough – A Simple Tutorial for Beginners

By | September 20, 2022

This is a comprehensive overview of the DJI Fly app for the DJI Avata FPV drone. I recommend saving this video in your watch later folder, so you can always refer to it if you need to!

Here is a tutorial on how to fly the Avata in manual mode:

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0:00 Intro
0:33 If I talk too fast. . .
1:04 Top Menu (Record/Head Tracking/
2:40 Left Menu – Status
3:25 Album to view Goggles 2 recordings
3:47 Transmission (Broadcast/Audience)
5:00 Safety Settings
8:36 Control Settings
11:51 Camera Settings
14:10 Display Menu
14:48 Wireless Stream and DJI Virtual Flight
15:08 Camera Settings Quick Access
15:59 Display Walkthrough

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Hi everybody russ here thanks for Stopping by the channel what i'd like to Do in this video is take you through a No frills walkthrough of the fly app for The new dji avada fpv drone so now just A reminder that if you think this video Is getting a little bit too long there Are timestamps in the video description To navigate to certain parts of the Video so hopefully that makes it a Little more convenient for you this Video is going to be about 20 minutes Long but i will be speaking a little bit Fast possibly for some of you so if you Need to slow down the playback speed Just know that you can do that go ahead And click on the little gear icon and You can do this with any youtube video And you can change the playback speed so It'll slow down the video so i'll talk Slower but it won't change the voice so The voice will be the same it'll just be A little bit uh a little bit slower so Just a little tip for you there if i Happen to be speaking a little bit too Fast so let's get right to it in order To get into the menu on the new dji Goggles too there's a little swipe Screen or touch screen on the right hand Side of the goggles too and so the first One that i want to show you the first Menu is you're going to swipe down from The top and that's going to bring up This menu right here the first one is

Record if you hit that button you hit The you tap the touch screen that's Going to start recording video right There to stop it go ahead and tap it Again that's going to stop recording now For the most part most of you are going To be using the record button on your Motion controller or on your fpv Controller but there may be times when You want to use the menu to start Recording next one is the screen lock if You tap that that's going to lock that Touch pad so no matter what you do no Matter where you tap on it nothing's Going to come up nothing's going to Happen so that can be pretty convenient And to unlock it you just hold on the Touch pad with two fingers and that Unlocks it next one is the enhanced Display what this does you tap on that That just increases the contrast so There it is off There it is on I don't like it in particular so i Usually don't have that one on but there Might be situations where it may be Useful head tracking is for when using The motion controller so you can control The yaw of the drone by moving your head Now that only works with a motion Controller that does not work with the Fpv controller it's kind of fun it's a Little bit gimmicky but i think it's Something that everybody should try

Here's your brightness you can adjust The brightness of the goggles you can Turn it all the way up just know that It's going to drain your battery turn it All the way down that might be a little Bit too dark so i just leave that one in The middle And then the next one is the volume You're just going to adjust the volume Of your goggles with that now to go back From any menu or any setting you're Going to use two fingers tap on the Touchpad and that's going to take you Backwards now the next menu i want to Show you is you're going to swipe from The left to the right On the touchpad and right here you're Going to click on status now this is Going to show if there's anything that Needs to be addressed with the evada Maybe you need to calibrate your compass Or maybe you're in a geo unlocked zone You can see right here mine says Aircraft in low power state Not sure that happens sometimes i'm Actually not sure why that happens or What causes that but it's usually not an Issue i just fly with that on so but This just lets you know if there's Anything that needs to be addressed if You go up here and you click on switch This is going to show you any drones That might be in the immediate area that You can connect your dji goggles too so

Right now of course we only have the Evada so That's what it is connected to we're Going to use two fingers to go back And we're going to go down this is your Album this is going to show you your Album of any recordings that you have Taken and it's going to only show you The goggles recording it's not going to Show you The video that you recorded on the sd Card or on the internal drive on your Drone it's only going to show you the Goggles recording so just be aware of That back out of there this is Transmission Right here this is for If you want to broadcast so let's let's Say that someone else has a set of Goggles and they want to watch as you Fly Then you would start broadcasting right Here you just click on and then they Would be able to connect By going to their dji fly app going to The audience tab And then your goggles would show up Right here okay so right now of course We don't Uh have any other goggles in the air so It's not going to connect so But that's how that works this focus Mode Uh you either have off or auto i

Actually to be honest with you i don't Even know what this is for i've never Used it i've just always had it on auto I think it what it does is it kind of Blurs the sides of the screen but i Don't know when i don't know when this Comes into play i haven't read about it Or anything so i apologize for that but I can't actually tell you what that one Does but i just leave it on auto and Then down here is channel mode i just Leave this on auto because i think the Software knows what's best but if you Feel like you know what you're doing go Ahead and click on manual and you can Change the channel and and the bandwidth And things like that but But i just recommend leaving that one in Audio so we're going to back out of There The next one is settings now this is Where most of the important settings are The really important settings safety is Where you're going to set your maximum Flight altitude now you can't choose an Exact amount anymore i think you could Before i just updated the evada this Morning and there's a few changes uh That i'll talk about here in just a Second when i get to the camera settings But So you can change it to 328 394 of Course in the united states uh the Maximum height we can fly is 400 feet

Above ground level so i just leave it Set to 394. i think that gives us a Little bit of a cushion so right here is Maximum flight distance you can set this To be whatever you want i just leave it On no limit but maybe you might want a Reminder that hey you're getting out a Little bit too far you can set this to Whatever distance you want but i always Have left this on No limit on all of my drones Right here is the return to home Altitude this one is particularly Important for the evada because the Evada does not have obstacle avoidance So if you're going to fly in an area That you're not familiar with and maybe There's an obstacle that's You know let's say an obstacle tree That's 100 feet high and you have the Set to 98 feet and then your drone loses Connection and returns to home Guess what there's a good chance it's Going to hit that tree so make sure that You're aware of your area and just make Sure that you have your return to home Altitude set higher than the highest Obstacle In the area right here is the update Home point this is important if you're Going to be Flying if you're going to be traveling Away from the launch point so let's say You launch your avada and then you

Become a passenger in a vehicle and you Drive Away from the launch point and you're Flying the drone And for some reason the drone loses Connection well guess what it's going to Go back to where you launched it from And you might not want that you want to Bring it to where you are so this is Where you would click on and this would Set a new home point so if you hit Return to home it's going to come back To wherever you set that home point Wherever the controller is at that time That's where the drone is going to come Back to when you hit the return to home Button or if it comes back automatically So pretty important one there right here Is where you can calibrate the compass The imu the goggles compass and the Goggles imu i've actually only had to Calibrate my compass once But my goggles imu i've had to calibrate That several times anytime i go to a Different area i've had to calibrate my Imu so that one actually comes up quite Frequently but all the other ones uh not Very often at all camera view before Lost this is going to show you If your drone crashes or you lose Connection and you don't know where it Is you can watch this this is the last Video Before it lost signal or before it

Crashed it's going to show you and That's going to give you an idea oh yeah That's where i was so it's going to help You navigate to where your drone might Be laying in the grass or laying in the Field or whatever so so that one's Pretty cool this is esc beeping what This is going to do it's going to make Your drone beep it's gonna help you find It again if it's like in an area you're Not familiar with maybe some tall grass It's gonna make that noise right there So Uh so that's pretty nice advanced safety Settings right there click on that What's gonna happen if you lose signal i Always keep mine set to return to home But you can also have it land or hover In place maybe you don't want it to Maybe you don't want it to come back Home so i would change that before the Hand right here is air sensor this is Going to let you know if there's any Aircraft in the area any manned aircraft And then this is emergency propeller Stop if you engage this just know That if you're flying And you pull the sticks down and in or Down and out it's gonna it's gonna crash It's gonna come crashing to the ground So this is an emergency setting if you Have like maybe there's a imminent Collision with something And you're like you have no other choice

You have to crash your drone that's what That's for so use that at your Discretion let's go back out here and Then we're going to go down to control Now this is you can set your um button Customizations for your c1 and your c2 Buttons you can see there on the screen The c1s on the left-hand side and the c2 Is on the right-hand side for c1 you Have two options okay you can do turtle Mode or esc beeping turtle mode is when The drone is upside down you hit turtle Mode and it's going to flip itself over And you can get right back to flying so I have used that many many times so There you can set single press or double Press you just set one to single press And set the other one to double press Now here on the right hand side is your Toggle c2 button you can set this one to Five different settings esc beeping Gimbal up re-center gimbal down or you Can use it to stop the motors i have This set to the top to gimbal up the Middle one set to center gimbal and then The bottom one is gimbal down so i'll Show you what that looks like here i'm Gonna go out of the menu So if i hit straight ahead It's going to put the gimbal down In the middle go straight ahead and then Pull it back it's going to go up so of Course i'm not going to launch from here But you can see that's what that switch

Does so let's get back into the menu And go back down settings And back into control And then if you go over this is your Stick mode Most of the time 99 of the time you're Gonna be flying in mode two this is gain And expo this is where you can set your Roll pitch and yaw sensitivities max Rate and expo i highly recommend leaving These On the default you know until you get a Little bit more experienced When you get into manual flight you can Change those to whatever you're liking But for now i really really don't think You should mess with those this one Right here if you toggle this off that That's one of the things that you have To do to fly manually now i'm not going To show you that in this video but i am Going to put a link in the video Description for my favorite video that's Been put out so far on how to fly the Avada manually so check that out if You're ready to start flying manually Go ahead and watch that video and that's Going to get you started so and then the Next one is just rc calibration this is Where you can calibrate your sticks Okay let's go down to gimbal pitch speed And right here we have slow normal and Fast so let me show you what slow looks Like i'm just gonna do that and let's

Roll the gimbal down there i got full Gimbal As you can see that's super slow let's Go down to normal And that's what you're going to have it On most of the time i think that's what Most people like but some people like The fast mode where the gimbal just goes Up and down Very quickly so Use that however you like gimbal Calibration this is going to calibrate Your gimbal in case something's off Something seems a little bit off or Maybe it asks you to you can calibrate The gimbal right there here's where you Can adjust your units you can change it From imperial to metric or vice versa Right here invert horizontal swipe i Recommend not doing that just leave that One alone this is turtle mode this i Spoke about a little bit but if you come To the menu right here Click here and your drone is going to Flip itself back over but again i Recommend just hitting the c1 button and That's going to give you turtle mode and Then right here is google google goggles Tutorials this is going to give you a Tutorial on how to use the goggles but For me i like watching youtube videos More so i would rather do that but but That's there in the menu in case you Want to do that so right here is your

Camera settings you can change your Aspect ratio from 16 nine to four three The video quality now this is a change I've noticed since the update today i Could have swore that we had 4k 30 Before we don't have it anymore so right Now 50 frames per second is the slowest Frame rate that you can do the thing That that i noticed is when you had in 4k 30 then you could come to the field Of view and you could change this to Wide Field of view but you can't do that Anymore it's just normal Now the electronic image stabilization You can do horizon horizon steady or you Can do real a rock steady horizon steady Just keeps your horizon level okay keeps Everything perfectly straight lined Rocksteady just is nice and smooth makes Everything really cinematic or you can Turn off your stabilization auto ice iso Limit i just keep that at 6 400 i Usually don't fly in darker situations 6400 is pretty grainy i i just leave it There just because it's nice to have the Max the maximum amount of light just Know that it's going to get pretty Grainy you can turn on your grid lines You can turn on Center point or your Rule of thirds or things like that i Usually just leave mine off just because I'm not really using the avada to get

Cinematic content or rule of thirds or Things like that but But you might want to have your grid Lines this is where you can have the Center point turned on so that's going To give you a little circle in the Center of the screen Here's where you can look at how much Storage you have left on your sd card or On the hard drive and then here's where You can format your sd card That's back out of there so there you Can format your goggles your aircraft or Your internal storage you can choose Which one that you want to um do Advanced camera settings right here this Is where you can cord with both the Goggles and the drone or you know one or The other it shows you the camera view And recording you can turn that on or Off You can do auto record on takeoff so Like when you take off it's going to Automatically hit the record button here You can Engage the cinelike mode so if you want To get that flat look and then do some Editing afterwards and do some color Correction and color grading things like That you can change to descent like so That's kind of nice on an fpv drone Anti-flicker just leave that on auto and Then video subtitles if you want to have Those on the screen that's available as

Well and right here is where you can Reset everything to the default All right now here's the display menu You can change the brightness of your Display right here but you can just use The top menu for that as well display Scaling not sure you want it why you'd Want to shrink this down but This is what happens when you do it it Just shrinks down to there i just Recommend leaving that at 100 percent And then right here home point that's Going to show you the h when you're Flying it's going to show the h as your Launch location so i like having that on Some people don't like it because it's Distracting but i actually prefer having That on so And then right here shows you all the Firmware that you currently have on your Drone your goggles your batteries Everything And then let's back out and then right Here if you can use the dji virtual Flight app to practice flying manually i Actually like lift off better i've been Practicing with liftoff i've gotten Better with liftoff but you can use Virtual flight if you want to so right Here you can wirelessly stream so this Means that if you want to watch youtube On your mobile device you can watch it On your goggles and so that's pretty Cool and let's go ahead and back out of

Here now the last one i want to show you You're going to swipe up from the bottom Of the touchpad And this is going to give you quick Access to all of your camera settings so If you can leave if you leave it on auto You're still going to be able to adjust Your exposure compensation your white Balance your aspect ratio your video Quality all these things you can still Adjust but if you switch to Manual mode okay then you can adjust Your iso your shutter speed and all Those things so for the most part i Think auto's the way to go and then if You want to adjust your exposure at all You can just adjust it through the Exposure compensation oops This touch pad is very touchy that is One of the negative things about these Goggles it's very very touchy so but you Know if you want to adjust your exposure You can do that right here so All right uh and then also this is where You can switch from video mode to photo Mode just by tapping right there So now one more thing that i want to Show you before i end the video here on The display if you look in the lower Left hand corner right now we are in Normal mode that's what most beginners Are going to start in normal mode is Going to make the drone move just a Little bit slower a little more

Cinematic but let's say you're ready to Fly faster you can go ahead and switch That toggle to sport mode and then You're going to be able to fly faster And have a little more fun I actually only fly in sport mode now so And then the third toggle right now the Default is going to be a sport mode but If you're ready to fly in manual uh That's what you're going to do you're Going to flip it into m mode and then There's a few other things that you have To do like i said if you want to know The detailed way to do that just watch That video down in the description Next to that s right there you can see That you have the height and the Distance the height is going to show you The height above the launch point Distance is going to show you the Distance away from the launch point The speeds are the horizontal speed and The vertical speed so you keep an eye on Those see how fast you're going both up And forward or backwards or sideways If you look over to the right hand side That's the amount of battery that's left On the avada and then your flight time Is right next to that Right next to that is your signal Strength the rc signal strength shows You how much how strong the signal is From the remote controller to the drone And then the hd

Is how strong the signal is from the Video feed from the drone To your goggles so those might vary a Little bit right there is the bit rate Of the video feed right now we're at 7 Megabits per second Next to that it shows you how many Satellites that your drone's connected To so right now it's kind of fluctuating Between 18 and 20 satellite on the far Right hand side in the bottom there That's going to show you how much Battery is left On your goggles too if you go straight Up from that you can see how much Recording time is left on the sd card Or if you're recording on the internal Drive it's going to show how much time You have left on the internal drive And then the one below that shows you How much recording time is left on the Goggles so you can see i have 26 left on My sd card and 54 minutes left On the goggles that's just a quick Run-through walkthrough of The dji fly up for the avada i know it's A lot of information so if you have any Questions or if you have any comments or Anything like that let me know down in The comments and i'll answer every Single question that's down there i Really want to help you guys understand This menu if you got any value out of This video please click on that thumbs

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