DJI Avata Motion Controller – on a Professional Cinematic Shoot!?

By | November 7, 2022

DJI's newest drone is a powerhouse capable of all kinds of things. But can we use it to create a cinematic one-take on a professional shoot? With @Bubby FPV as our pilot, we teamed up with director Brandon Yamawaki – aka @Captain Kazi – and Ruben Fernandez’s incredible production team to find out!

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– Hosted By –
Caleb Wright [BubbyFPV]

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Drew Camden – Executive Producer
Stacy Wright – Producer
Christian Kapper – Editor



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Hey guys welcome to rotorite I'm Bobby Fpv and today DJI reached out to us Because they wanted an awesome one take With their new drone the Avada which is A cineworth style drone and they wanted This one take to really show off the Capabilities of this drone so we're Gonna have a lot of indoor shots a lot Of high speed shots and then at the end One really big wide mavic style shot but So one catch they wanted it done with Motion controller so the motion Controller is really awesome for Beginners it's really intuitive to use But when we're trying to get really cool Shots and if you're a pro the Capabilities of what you can do with it Are a little bit less than when we're Using our normal two joystick style of Radio so it's going to be a challenge But today we're here to prove that the Motion controller can get some really Really awesome shots for a shoot like This we have to prepare so much so let's Go ahead and Rewind to the morning Guys this is Brendan he is a cozy FTV But he's also the director of the shoot So he uh you know he flies fpv and he's Really good at it so he kind of knows The capabilities of the Drone yeah we Worked together on the roller skate Video yeah the pretty flash gate shoes I Directed that one too So the day started really early we had

To wake up at 5 30 a.m to drive to our Location the three hour drive took us From California all the way to Mexico Once we got there we scouted out the Location and I was super excited for This one shot because the environment There was absolutely perfect it took us About two hours to find the correct Route for us to fly taking into account Video reception and also what would be a Really cool visual for the audience we Went ahead and did a range test to see How far I could flag the Avada and after Flying it I was really impressed with How many houses we were able to fly in Between it's a really good drone like Once you see the shot that we're able to Get they'll be like okay Bobby let's see After that we walked the actors through The route that we were gonna fly and Started practicing what they would be Doing we also got all of the areas Prepped for the shoot so that it would Look really cool so at this point all The actors knew what they were going to Be doing and knew where they were going To be and we were just about to start Our practice runs with the actual drone And then this happened Right now I don't even live here you Can't do it you can't do that here yeah Okay Let's go and you post that stuff you're Definitely putting a chip in our

Preservation yeah we're not trying to We're not trying to do that at all this Is just part of the deal dude yeah Honestly seriously So some of the neighbors did not like The idea of their Village being shown on YouTube in fear that their location Would be given away yeah yeah He'll handle it got it What what do you mean if you try to Shoot it they almost they almost got Physical With Me Shut up I swear thank You So we'll go behind them we just won't go To that route okay Okay well they're not gonna know they Will I told you I should have gone with You no it would have been worse trust me Yeah I was the I'm the only one that Lives here that's the only thing that They wanted they just Think that we're just gonna blow this Place up yeah that's not just that's not The idea they were they were ready to Like snap I mean if they're physically We can off there's more of us dude the Physical part is not what I'm worried About is the fact that I also live here Yeah yeah you know again if we're gonna Spend a night here those guys are gonna Be there and they're gonna be drunk yeah Whatever they want like this is not the Stage we're not protected by you know Like you cannot call anybody here like

Call the cops here they're gonna laugh At me you know okay well we got to work On Plan B so let's look at the other House figured yeah let's look at the Other property yes let's see what we can Make happen so we had an Airbnb for all Of the actors to stay in since that was Our only option left we decided to do The one take there but we couldn't get Checked until four which meant we only Had two hours to plan the shot get the Actors in their positions and film it We're gonna make this work somehow we're Gonna make it work and it's gonna be Excellent yeah we're gonna have to spend More time in the house which is good Bigger house would be able to show up The inside a little bit more yeah Instead of just coming straight out and Diving right down we're gonna create a Little steam going on right here so like As soon as you come out here you know There's somebody on their bike going to Go surf right and you're chasing them so We had gotten the one take planned out We had gotten all the actors to where They were going to be and we had the Perfect light for this awesome one take That we had Thank you Very busy Go go go go go go go go yeah you got it You got it you got it you got it you got It and volleyball

Yes Minecraft is coming to frame yep for The Kim border come into frame not there We missed him He's going for it he's going for it He's going for it Yay Get down in there get down in there Caleb There you go sick I'm gonna pull up for the establishing Shot there you go Oh those epic dudes But at the end of the day once we've Reviewed the footage we didn't love the Flight path that we took so we planned For the next day to redo the entire Flight path so we woke up the next Morning planning to shoot right at the Break of dawn but there was a lot of Wind like 40 mile per hour and higher Wind that the Avada just couldn't fly in So we had to wait until like 2PM to get Started after reviewing the footage from The night before we realized we wanted To redo the entire intro to make it more Entertaining and interesting for the Audience we wanted to have more indoor Elements so we had people cooking people Eating at the table and we even had Someone on a indoor board but we wanted The very first shot of the video to be Something that has never been done Before You're hugging the top of that let's get

A free guidance I guess anyways there we Go open open and grab something I'll come out we wanted to have our Starting shot beat from inside the Fridge now this was a big task because The DJI Vada can't take off fast so we Had to fly the Drone into the fridge Turn it around close the fridge and then Start the shot from there we had to have A light inside of the fridge because the Sensors on the DJI Avada need light and The motion controller relies heavily on The downward facing sensors to keep its Altitude Foreign I was actually thinking that it might be Easier to use the motion controller than This radio because the reason that the Motion controller was so easy was Because it has that self leveling it Just stays here by itself so could you Put Horizon yourself lovely mode on this To get that same or I guess we could but I think the pay Loop would still freak Out okay but yeah I'm going to see if it Was even possible with a normal radio by Trying to fly it inside the fridge That is Ridiculously hard if you want to fly Your drone in a fridge do you see a Button One very different thing about using the Motion controller is that to get all the Different shot angles you really have to

Use your whole body when using a normal Radio you can fly the Drone any angle Any direction you want just using the Two joysticks to get all of those angles I had to use a feature on the Avada Called head tracking head tracking Enables me to physically turn my head And by doing so the Drone also turns to Where I'm looking so huge difference in How to control the Drone but after doing A couple takes with it I started to get The hang of it we divided the shot into Two sections and practiced each shot Separately starting with the indoor shot The practice went really well we were Able to nail the shot pretty much on the Third take so we got that part done Really fast after that we practice the Outside shots chasing Jake on the bike And Ross on the skimboard we realize That the chances of a surfer getting to Ride a wave right at the end of the shot Was slim to none so we removed all of The Surfers from the water instead of Chasing surface at the end we chase the Skimboard and just rose up into the Beautiful sunset to get a nice ending Shot by the time we were done with our Practice we had very little time left we Were fighting the sun our actors had to Go home to get with their fan families So we had to get this shot in the next 30 minutes Sweet honey

Come on Wow Room Come on That was great Shaking dude buddy shaking He was a good job kind of excited about This everything was times perfectly Everything was awesome and we were Really happy with the shot that we got After we did the shot successfully with The Drone Brandon the director went Ahead and got sound of all of the Elements that were in the video so that He can make an awesome sound design Track to go with the video because this Thing screams and you can't get audio While this thing's going All right so Reuben have you ever found An fpv drone before uh it should be Drunk this is your first time flying wow So these are the goggles and one thing I Want you to know is these are you can Twist these are adjustment and you can Move them in and out yeah so you're Gonna go forward and to turn it you're Gonna tilt your hand this way or this Way you're kidding all right so let me Go ahead and take off for you you point That little thing where you're going Right yeah once once you see the little The little circle in the middle of this Green yeah I mean it's ready yep so you Can go forward

They just said we yo he just said we for Sam fpv this is what I love about the Avada and the new drone is that anyone Can fly with a motion controller it's One of those things where I think it's Really easy for people to just Immediately start flying Foreign We had a bunch of roadblocks but we Persevered because we got such an Awesome team everyone here thank you Guys so much I'm gonna give a special Shout out to Brandon and Ruben he Directed and Reuben helped produce it so They did an absolutely awesome job guys If you like this video please hit the Subscribe button see you guys in the Next one peace All right