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DJI releases the new AVATA, a smaller, more streamlined CineWhoop style FPV drone and knocks it out of the park. I wasn't sure what to expect with this next generation FPV, but I can say that the AVATA is what DJI should have come out with first for their FPV drone. The AVATA is compact, fast, nimble, intuitive, immersive, stable in the air, and most importantly has the reliable transmission system DJI is known for.

00:00 Intro
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03:18 Updated Design
03:35 New Goggles
04:35 Flight Experience
05:03 Motion Controller
05:30 Size Comparison
06:03 Camera Specs
07:02 Flight Time
07:16 Storage/Memory
08:05 Obstacle Avoidance
08:54 Stabilization
09:30 Propellers
09:40 Goggle details
10:50 New Battery Feature
11:18 Product Version Kits
11:38 Remote Control
12:27 Speed
12:46 Must Have Experience


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All right so first flight Second flight second battery it felt Very natural i would say i think that's Probably one of the easiest words to say Is it felt very natural to fly this Thing this size Through the park through the trees Around the light post That's something that me as a gps flyer Photographer Would probably never do even with the Mavic the immersive experience with the Goggles Makes it super easy and i would i was Making passes i i think you guys know i Probably would not make which you guys Haven't seen on the channel because i Just wouldn't make them with any other Drone uh even the even the first year in Fpv because of my as a lack of Experience in fpv this thing made it Feel really really easy now it's been About a year and a half since dji Released this right here the dji fpv Drone now here we are in august 2022 And we finally have version two or the Newest fpv drone from dji this is called The dji ivana now if you're familiar With my channel you guys know i'm a Photography first flyer which when i Normally will go out there look for Photography stuff to capture first and Then i'll normally do video and i never Really dove too deep into fpv because i

Understand there is hours and hours and Hours on the sticks that you need to do And also just a lot of knowledge as far As building a lot of these types of Drones from scratch well not these type Of drones but doing full diy builds and Because i'm into photography and Videography more i will normally lean Towards the dji mavic lineups as well as The inspire anything with the larger Cameras because for me my primary reason Of flying is to get high quality Photography now while i really do like This drone after flying the avada for The past week or two i really believe That dji should have released this type Of drone first before this one so if You'll just of course talk about the Avada we'll talk about some of the specs But more importantly than that i want to Talk to you guys about my experience as We kind of break down all the categories Of this new drone and before we jump Into all the specs in my experiences a Quick word from today's sponsor adobe Stock and for those that don't know i'm Actually a designer by trade graphic Designer web all the way up to now what I've been doing for the past 10 15 years Now is user experience design and being Around design for pretty much my entire Life i've been in the adobe suite and That's the reason why adobe stock is one Of the best places to go if you're

Looking for royalty-free images photos And even audio i pretty much use adobe Photoshop daily and adobe stock is Actually integrated into photoshop and a Lot of the other adobe products now for Me as a designer i'm normally looking at Getting a lot of royalty free images to Use in a lot of my layouts however if You are a creative photographer or Videographer a lot of people don't know You can actually be a contributor to Adobe stock which means you can upload Your photos and video to adobe stock and It will get selected to be part of their Collection whenever someone like myself As a designer or a videographer wants to Use and license your photography or Videography you can continuously make Royalties off of each one of those Purchases now like i mentioned one of The biggest benefits of contributing to The adobe collection is that your Content is now part of the adobe Community that way you're able to Promote and license your own content and Earn royalties while you sleep because All your content will just be online Available for download and purchase i'll Leave all the information on how to be a Contributor down below in the video Description once again huge thanks to Adobe stock for sponsoring this video Now let's jump back into the avatar as You can see here we have a completely

New form factor as far as fpv drone goes From dji this was called the evada a lot Different than the original fpv drone That they released last year the size And the form factor very similar to a Cinewoop it does have these propeller Guards all the way around and besides The drone looking a little bit different We also have small and slimmer goggles For the new avada now the naming Convention super confusing last year's Generation was called the dji fpv Goggles v2 these are just called the dji Goggles 2. however if you do have this One right here which was released last Year with the first dji fpv drone don't Worry it is compatible with the new Avada and i've actually made a full Separate video unboxing all this right Here and also talking about the packages And the versions that the avada will be Coming out with so if you guys do want To see that video of the unboxing and Also what product versions are going to Be released make sure you get this video Above as well as down below in the video Description now when i first released it Did have a larger form factor larger Footprint and i think a lot of people Were expecting something like this out Of the box but we got this one right Here which was a lot bigger and also a Lot more intimidating when you got this Thing up in the air

The biggest difference when i first flew The avada actually my first and second Flights up in here i was going through Trees i was going through areas that i Wouldn't even do with this one even After flying this one for a while now There's definitely a huge difference When you're flying something that has a Smaller form factor also has these Bumpers here around the propellers and There's also something about the flight Characteristics of the avada that makes It very very smooth whether you're Flying with the motion controller which Initially i kind of thought was a little More gimmicky with the first fpv drone But for some reason with the avada the Motion controller is actually a lot more Intuitive than i would have thought Flying with both the remote control and The motion controller you could Definitely tell a huge difference as far As how smooth you're flying you can Definitely have a nice transition with The remote versus trying to do Everything with the sticks i already put These side by side as you can see right Here we have nevada and the first gen Fpv drone smaller than the mini three Once it's opened up or about the same Actually no it's actually smaller than The mini three pro once the props and The arms are unfolded now the one thing The mini three does have over the avada

Is that this thing does sit under the 250 gram mark the avada sits around 405 Grams with the battery with the camera On there so under 250 you have over a Little over 400 grams on the avada Jumping over to the avatar camera we do Have a new sensor a 1 over 1.7 inch cmos Sensor and with a sensor we do have a Fixed aperture of 2.8 as far as video Resolution we do have 4k 50 or 60 frames A second and if you want to slow it down A little bit more you have 1080p all the Way up to 100 frames a second now of Course i love photography first this Isn't a photography type of drone but we Do have a 12 megapixel camera on it it Does have jpeg only we don't have any Raw capabilities as far as shooting Options with profiles you do have the Standard profile from dji which is Actually pretty good out of the box and They also have decent alike so if you do Want to have a little bit more options In post processing a little flatter Profile they do have these center lights That's right build a view we have 155 Degree field of view equivalent to a 12.6 millimeter lens and also as far as The tilt goes we do have a negative 90 Degree all the way up to a 70 degree Tilt when it comes to flight time they Are rating this thing for 19 minutes of Flight time of course i'm gonna go Through and do a lot more tests so if

You guys want to see those results make Sure you guys are subscribed to the Channel but dji is writing it for 19 Minutes the one thing i am happy to see That they did do and add is that we do Have 20 gigs internal storage on this Drone that's one thing i think every Drone every action camera needs some Sort of internal storage so i am glad to See that they did add it in here the one Thing i do not like though about this Drone is the positioning of where the Card and the usbc port is because the Fact that there is internal storage you Need access to it and when you need Access to it you need to get to the usb Port and the port for some reason is Inside One of the propeller guard area so you Actually have to move the propeller to The side Pop the port open And that will now give you access to The usbc port as well as where you're Going to be able to put your micro sd Card in there now when it comes to Obstacle avoidance and sensing we have a Little change here because on the Original fpv drone we actually did have Front sensors right there as well as Bottom sensors on the new avada we have Sensors only on the very bottom which Actually is fine because when i was Flying the first generator this fpv drum

And i had the obstacle avoidance on what Would happen is that it would always go And then it would slow down so that Anytime it would sense something which Is supposed to do however It actually kind of slowed your Progression down because you'll be Flying and all of a sudden it'll just Kind of slow hit the brakes so you don't Really have or can get unless you turn Off the sensors that nice fluid motion Even if you're flying close to object You would have to always turn off those Sensors now when it comes to electronic Image stabilization now this isn't a Traditional drone where you have a full Three axis gimbal you do have a lot of Electronic image stabilization very Similar to what they have in their Action cameras they have the rock city We do have that here we also have the Horizon steady so even if you're flying Your drone you the horizon will actually Maintain level if you have horizon Steady on when it comes to video Correction we do have standard mode we Also have a wide angle and also a super Wide angle now being such a smaller Platform the one thing that we do not Have on the new avada is a quick release Propellers as we see here on the first Gen one we do have these quick release Propellers we do not have that on this One you do have

Extra propellers that come with it as Well as the tool to replace them but you Do not have quick release ones like you Did on the first one jumping over to the All new goggles and actually these are Really really nice the new goggles are a Lot smaller Really slim as you can see here a little Side by side of these new goggles they Are a lot smaller and what i do like About them is not only are they smaller You're able to then Plop these antennas down so when it Comes to storing them this thing was Always kind of funky you don't know if You should take the antennas off or not With these new ones here not only are They smaller in full size but also the Antennas you don't have to take those Off you just push them down like so and With that size difference they did move A lot of these analog buttons here to a Touch pad on the side so if you wanted To access your menus you would just use A bunch of gestures here which is pretty Cool you just swipe through it double Tap if you want to go back out the one Thing i do like about these new goggles Is the ability to fine-tune your optics Here on the back you have these Adjustments here at the very bottom and Also you're able to twist these for Focus when it comes to battery we do Have this similar 1800 milliamp battery

That we had on the first gen one the one Thing i did like that they changed here Which they added a little hook so if you Were ever flying the first gen ones and You had your usb in here and you were to Bang it around or remove it or if it Fell out of your pocket or fell out of Your sweater which it almost always does It would then disconnect from your cable What they did here is add an additional Little Clip here so that you can't just drop it And it pops out and your goggles go Black now what's different this year With the fpv drone that djs released in The evada is that packages that they're Selling are a little bit different Instead of including a traditional Remote control like this one the combos You have to choose from actually include Goggles as well as the motion control so They're actually marketing the motion Controller as your primary remote and Then you can buy this remote control as An accessory now initially when i was Flying the avada i was using the remote Control because i was just used to it The motion control like i said was one Of the things where i thought was a Little bit extra but i ended up enjoying The motion controller when flying in Sport mode or in normal mode just like The first generation fev drone you're Able to fly in normal mode with gps

Sport mode and gps as well but also go Into full acro in manual mode while You're out there flying and if you have Some sort of issue up in the air if You're using the motion controller all You do is hit that huge pause stop Button right there and on the remote Control if you are flying in manual mode And you had some issues up there you Easily can switch it over into sport or Normal it'll just go back into gps mode And ideally if you have enough time It'll just come back around and start Hovering there in gps or sport mode just Like we had on the first gen fpv and Speaking of those three different modes Normal sport as well as manual the Speeds on each one is a little bit Different now even though this remote Control is an accessory for the evada if You do have this remote control from the First gen fpv good news for you guys This one as well as the motion Controller and the original fpv goggles They will all work with the new avada There's something about it that you just Really have to fly it i always talked About that initially when i flew the First fpv drone because for me as a gps Flyer it was a big jump i didn't know What to expect with it and it was Actually a pretty good transitional Drone however i did talk before that it Was a very powerful

Loud type of drone and i felt like they Needed a smaller platform to start with And this i think like i talked about Earlier probably should have been the First or initial fpv release that dji Came out with instead of that first Larger scale fpv drone as always if you Guys know my channel i'm gonna have a Ton of different individual videos going Through all the details of the drone Motion controller remote control all the Accessories and of course the new Goggles if you guys have some value from This video a big like would be much Appreciated make sure you guys are Subscribed to the channel turn that bell Notification on so you guys know when i Start posting more videos on this right Here the dji avada huge thanks again to Adobe stock for sponsoring this video This is ultra stasio with I'll see you guys out there with the new Dji avada take care