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By | November 5, 2021

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Not one but two built-in cameras are Supposed to turn the mavic 3 from dji Into a video and photo beast it features The largest ever consumer drone camera Sensor and it records with 10 bit color Depth shoots video in crystal clear 5.1 K and is supposed to stay airborne for Full 46 minutes and that is only a few Of the major highlights my name is tom David frey and i took the dji mavic 3 to The test today i'll share all major Highlights but also its weaknesses with You don't forget to subscribe to my Channel because otherwise you'll surely Regret it at some point you'll find a Product link in the description below The video in case you feel like robbing A bank and getting yourself the all-new Mavic 3 drone stay tuned and fly safe [Music] [Music] We had to wait for a long time but Finally the all-new dji mavic 3 has Arrived like its predecessors the Portable drone is made from high quality Materials like industrial plastic and Metal alloy some components are made of Carbon and glass fiber and the drone Weighs slightly less than 900 grams the Durable housing that can withstand a few Bumps makes the mavic 3 a great travel Companion The drone is not only robust but also Well thought out the few visible cables

Are well protected [Music] And all ventilation openings are covered Against dust and dirt and nicely keep The drone safe [Music] Plenty of leds ensure in-flight Visibility always [Music] The foldable quick release propellers Noticeably reduce the volume of the Drone which is not irrelevant nowadays That many people are falsely scared of Drones in case one propeller should ever Break replacing it luckily takes seconds Only no tools are required The design in general looks iconic But also genuinely dull that's because Pretty much all mavic models look Somewhat alike seriously it must be hard For beginners to keep a clear view come On dji Why not be a bit more creative Thank you What counts for humans also counts for Technology inner values beat exterior Looks and the flight time goes first Though plenty of models promise to stay Airborne for longer than half an hour There is not a single model that does it Regularly and under normal circumstances The mavic 3 from dji does the job it Stays airborne for around about half an Hour that's a great flight time though

Noticeably less than 46 minutes that the Manufacturer advertises once attached to The charger it takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes to fully charge an empty Battery the multiple charging dock does A fine job it neatly charges one battery After another no need to get up and Replace them by hand Even now when the maximum distances beat The legal ranges by far i'm always happy When the manufacturers work on even Stronger transmission systems that is Because even when flying in line of Sight interferences from for example Other devices can disrupt the Transmission also flying behind trees or Other obstacles can cause the signal to Interrupt unexpectedly the dji mavic 3 Got an upgrade and now beats even the Best consumer models on the market with A maximum distance of up to 15 Kilometers roughly 9 miles in the u.s in Europe due to the weaker ce standard you Get around about 12 kilometers 7.5 miles Maximum range though keep in mind that Is only the values that the manufacturer Provides The mavic 3 signal is absolutely solid When flying in line of sight i had no Connection issues whatsoever and that is Just the way it should be though i must Admit that i did not notice the Difference to most other current dji Models under these circumstances they're

All actually doing pretty good I also must admit that i'm missing a 4g Transmission backup that would have been Great news because a 4g transmission System has the advantage that the signal Would not care and not interrupt no Matter what obstacle could be in between The pilot and the drone now a 4g Transmission also has disadvantages of Course the signal transmission for Example is much slower but nevertheless 4g would make an excellent backup in Future dji drone models A quick word on my behalf having a great Drone that records high quality imagery Doesn't mean that you will necessarily End up with professional aerials that is Why i created an online course that Teaches you how to shoot aerials like a Pro more than 5 hours of video lessons Tons of quizzes and downloadable cheat Sheets make learning a breeze Enroll today and combine advanced gear With expert knowledge Www.tomstechtime.comcourses You'll not regret your decision [Music] Let's now talk about the camera or Rather about the cameras because what Looks like a single camera only on first View actually is two two gimbal Stabilized and very different cameras in One body First let's take a closer look at the

Primary camera manufactured by the Swedish luxury camera brand hasselblad Keep in mind that a true hasselblad Camera can easily set you back 30 Thousand or more dollars the 24 Millimeters wide angle camera comes with An adjustable aperture that you can Manually change from f 2.8 to f 11. that Way you have complete creative control Over your recordings When taking a closer look at the imagery You can see that the camera creates Absolutely crisp videos that is partly Because the camera records with up to 5.1 k and to understand how high this Resolution truly is you need to compare It to other well-known resolutions i Mean can you believe that most tv Channels started broadcasting in hd in The mid 2000s only and we're now calmly And easily recording 5.1k video with the Mavic 3 that's what i call significant Steps in technology hashtag future proof Having so many pixels available is not Only great for shooting super high res Videos but is also an advantage when Working on a regular 4k or full hd Project without a quality loss you can Zoom into the footage creating a digital Zoom effect or simply adjust the Perspective that is a significant Advantage of all resolutions higher than 4k [Music]

Besides the overall sharpness it's Striking how minimal the distortion of The mavic 3's primary lens is even in The corners all lines look perfectly Straight but on the other hand side it's Not like it comes at a surprise i didn't Expect less from a hasselblad made Camera 12.8 stops of dynamic range ensure that The camera captures even the smallest Details in the shadows and highlights That would otherwise be lost especially When filming during difficult times of The day like during sunrise or sunset Having 12.8 stops of dynamic range comes In handy Dji also increased the bitrate Drastically that is good news for the Overall look of the recordings when Using the h.264 codec you can record With up to 200 ambit per second that Doubles the predecessor's capabilities The dji mavic 3 records with 10-bit Color depth compared to 8-bit that most Other consumer drones still feature Right behind the high quality lens the Manufacturer hides the primary reason Why this camera does such a fine job Adieu tiny and bye-bye one-inch sensors What makes this a true hasselblad camera Is its massive four-thirds cmos sensor Such a massive sensor is usually Something you only find in professional And much larger drone models the sensor

The center piece of any camera affects Almost all aspects of the recording from The general sharpness over the color Accuracy to the low-light capabilities This is fantastic news [Music] By the way on Drone footage you can download original Videos and photos that are recorded Using the all new dji mavic 3 drone if You like to further inspect the footage Then feel free to download the files and Give them a quick test edit Dronefootage it's free and of course you Don't even have to register go and check It out now The second camera has a smaller but Typical half inch sized sensor aboard Unfortunately it doesn't record in 5.1 k But instead is limited to standard 4k it Has a fixed f 4.4 aperture but the Camera might nevertheless could cause Filmmakers to hyperventilate the hard Way so sit back tight it has a super High focal length 50 millimeters no 85 Millimeters or 100 millimeters no Instead the second camera has a focal Length of 162 Millimeters that is major news and Something we haven't ever seen in a Consumer drone take a look at these two Clips that are recorded from the same Position once using the wide angled

Hasselblad and once using the tele Camera [Music] Higher focal lengths are fantastic for Creating professional grade aerial Videos it's not that you're visually Closer to an object only instead the Main effect is the narrowed view the Shrinking of the background that at the Same time makes the foreground appear Just so much more drastic and dramatic Motion seems faster [Music] But the new camera also has a Disadvantage to use the tele camera you Need to first tap on the binocular Symbol on the display immediately the Camera jumps from 5.1 k to standard 4k Resolution only but don't be fooled you Still see the image of the primary Camera suppose you now start to zoom in Using the small wheel on the controller What do you think will happen instead of Switching from one to the other camera The system first applies a digital zoom Only you can zoom in all the way up to a 4-fold magnification but when you now Keep on zooming in the camera will jump Straight to a 7-fold magnification and Only now do the camera switch the next Bit of trouble follows swiftly why does It have to take so much fine feeling to Adjust the magnification factor properly The system constantly jumps back and

Forth it's a bit annoying setting things Up might take a second but why you might Ask does the system have to be set up to A precisely 7 volt magnification and why Would a value of let's say 7.2 or 7.6 or Even 8.2 be unfavorable that's because Only with the 7.04 magnification do you Get an actual 4k image if you use a Higher value let me for demonstration Purposes zoom in all the way you will Lose precious video quality again that Is because the tele lens is a fixed Focal length lens it is not a zoom lens Hopefully with the next firmware update Dji will add a simple button to the main Screen to natively switch from one to The other camera back and forth because It could be that simple It is worth mentioning that the Hasselblad color profile is installed to The mavic 3 drone it has an unmatched Color accuracy and i'm super glad that It is available adjusting the colors and The contrast is a flawless process Besides the hasselblad color profile you Also get d-log which you might already Know from previous drone models its Super flat and grayish look preserves Many details in the shadows and Highlights that you can then recover in Post-production i prefer to use Hasselblad's color profile because i Believe it's a bit more natural looking But finally i believe it's a matter of

Taste [Music] The mavic 3 comes in two variants Standard and sinner actually there are Only two differences between them Instead of a regular remote controller Where you would have to connect your Phone to use it as a monitor with the Cine edition you get dji's latest Version of the smart controller it comes With an inbuilt super bright display Using it is so much more comfortable Than using the standard controller no More using cables no more losing cables No more trouble in bright sunlight now If you're purchasing the more expensive Cine edition you do not only get the Smart controller but your drone will Also have an inbuilt ssd with a capacity Of one terabyte and you'll need the Extra space for using apple's prores 422hq codec now what does that mean the Professional codec records at a much Higher bit rate than most standard Codecs would and the extra information Benefits the recordings that are much More detailed the cine edition of the Mavic 3 sets a new and pretty high Standard and is made for filmmakers Photographers and content creators that Want to capture the best possible Results [Music] But video isn't everything the mavic 3

Can do on a professional level also it Plays in the first league when it comes To taking photos though it still didn't Get a pixel upgrade 20 megapixels is good though i would Have expected a bit more in this new Drone model Anyways because of the large four thirds Sensor the photos taken with the mavic 3 Look pretty good super sharp actually From the middle to the corners and if You're photographing in raw mode you'll Be able to get a nice amount of detail Out of your photos Of course the mavic 3 comes with various Modes from aeb to time shots you won't Miss any modes that you know from other Dji drones The dji mavic 3 is equipped with the Latest safety features it has a built-in Obstacle avoidance system also downward Facing landing lights and precision Tracking cameras that way the drone has Superb indoor and night flying Capabilities of course the drone's Return to home function makes sure the Drone always automatically flies back to Its takeoff position in case of a signal Loss also the drone features an adsb Receiver that can detect nearby Airplanes and worn in time the system Does a good job with larger like Passenger airplanes but as many smaller Ones like those right behind my back

Don't have an adsb system installed you Still need to pay extra attention to air Traffic and as always the old rule Applies don't you ever fly near an Airport [Music] The new flagship drone the mavic 3 Convinced me it is a great drone with an Exciting pro level hybrid camera still Compact enough to become a dear travel Companion it's made for ambitious Filmmakers photographers and content Creators who are only satisfied with the Best possible quality of course the Drone is easy and safe to fly and no Expert skills are required now everyone Can create pro level aerials Aside from the camera the drone also Performed great around about 30 minutes Of flight time are good just as the long Transmission range now the major Disadvantages probably are the boring Design and the missed chance to increase The photo resolution that is still stuck At 20 megapixels only without the large Sensor the drone wouldn't really be an Upgrade from the predecessor for Photographers also it's a bummer that The tele camera can only record in 4k And not at 5.1 k Let me sum it all up in one sentence the Mavic 3 is the best in class drone but Still not perfect And very very pricey okay that was two

Sentences check out the product link in The description below the video also Don't forget to enroll in my course Filming with drones where you will learn How to shoot professional aerials with Almost any drone because skills matter Much more than using the latest Technology at least most of the time Thank you guys for watching don't forget To leave a thumbs up and of course don't Forget to subscribe to never again miss Any of my upcoming videos stay tuned and Fly safe Party The weather is so bad And i want to go home It is raining all day long and it just Stopped like for a couple of minutes and I'm done for today No more Flying drones and no more where are you Going She i think she's so done too