DJI Mavic 3 Waypoints Tutorial – The Best Flight Mode is Here!

By | December 13, 2022

The DJI Mavic 3 series FINALLY has Waypoints, and it makes this pro-sumer drone close to pro than ever before! This video is a complete tutorial on how to conduct a waypoint mission with the Mavic 3.

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This video is sponsored by ecoflow hi Everyone hope you're having a great day And I'm having a great day today because DJI gave us probably one of the best Christmas presents that I will get this Year waypoints is back I haven't used Waypoints in a couple of years uh since I had my mavic 2 Pro and I'm so excited That they brought it I think a lot of You that know what waypoints are are Going to be excited as well but this Video is for those of you that don't Know what waypoints are and don't know How powerful it is and how fun it is to Get cinematic content how the different Things that you can do with it so I'm Just going to get started we're going to Show you a tutorial on how to use the Waypoints on the mavic 3 Series Hopefully they bring this to the other Drones as well of the Mini 3 Pro maybe The air 2s but for now we're just gonna Have to stick with the mavic 3 and it's Going to be pretty much the same if they Happen to bring it to the other drones So even if you don't have a mavic 3 this Is a good tutorial for you so I got the Drone up in the air I'm going to show You one thing for those of you that were Have been here with the channel for a Long time you see that right there that Is the hospital complex that I started Documenting four years ago almost four Years ago and they finally have it done

It's going to open here in a couple of Months I think March maybe and so when I Started that Waypoint experience I did a Couple tutorials on it with this Hospital complex when they had just put Up the first steel beams I'll put a Couple shots here up on the screen but It's almost done now I don't know why I Didn't continue that uh documentation I Think the biggest reason is they had a Fire and they kind of were shut down for A few months I kind of just gave up but But it's done now and I think what I'll Do is when I'm done with this video I'm Going to do another one and just show You guys what it looks like you know do Like a point of Interest type thing but For now I'm gonna do this area right Here across the street across the road They have uh Um they're going to build a whole new Community here A bunch of apartments and Park ice skating rink like all kinds of Fun stuff so I'm going to document the Build here I'm going to be a little more Reasonable I might do it like once a Month or something like that but so this Is how you use waypoints you're going to Click on the little sideways s here on The left hand side of the screen mean And then there's two ways that you can Set your waypoints basically you guys Waypoints allows you to set certain Parameters at a certain location and

Then repeat that mission over and over Again so and you can set the settings For a lot of different things the GPS Location the altitude the speed the Camera angle the zoom like so many Different fun things that you can do With it so to add your first Waypoint You're going to click on the C1 button On the back of the controller or you can Just hit the Plus on the front of the Screen here let me bring this back up There we go so there's my first Waypoint Now if you want to fine tune what Happens at this Waypoint you just click On that little icon with the number one On it and here you can choose okay what Happens well the camera I kind of wanted To start recording when it gets to that Waypoint that's our first location I'm Gonna have the camera start recording You can change the altitude here if you Need to I'm just going to leave it right Where it's at 243 feet you can change Global speed If you want to change it on the first Waypoint you have to go to settings and Here's where you can set the over crawl Speed so I'm going to just move that up To let's go 14 miles per hour okay and Then let's go back to setting the Individual Waypoint parameters you can Set the heading of the Drone you can set The gimbal tilt I'm just going to leave Those and you can also have the camera

Zoom in or zoom out right here so that's Pretty fun and then also you can set the Number of seconds that you might want The Drone to hover so maybe you want to Want it to sit very still if it takes a Photo or something you can have it hover So so that's pretty fun all right let's Go back to the settings here now what I'm going to do is I'm just going to Strafe over to the right here and I'm Just going to get coverage I'm going to Put this get this out of the way so I Can see the road I'm going to try to Keep a relatively straight line just Following the road there at the bottom Of the screen And there you can see the um they have The elevators done and they have the Parking garage done and then throughout The winter they're going to build the Rest of it so so I'm going to stop right Here so that's That looks pretty good So I'm gonna hit C1 again There we got two waypoints okay and then If you want to change what happens there You can do that again or I'm going to Set one more Waypoint what I'm going to Do with this Waypoint is I'm going to Come around To the east side of this And so the camera is going to Point West And We're going to cross the road here and

Then what I want to do is I'm going to Just tilt the camera up just a little Bit like right there I'm going to set that Waypoint so now I'm going to set the flight settings so I'm going to click on next I got my Global speed set to 14 miles per hour You can set what you want it to do when The mission is done you can have it Hover return to home land or go back to That first Waypoint I'm just going to Have it hover you can set what you want It to do if it loses signal so let's say It for some reason you lose signal you Can have it return to home hover you can Have it land right where it's at or you Can have it continue Along on that Waypoint Mission I don't recommend that One that's kind of a safety issue so I'm Just going to have it return to home Then you can set where you want this Mission to start so I'm going to have it Start at the first one that's the most Logical one and and then I think we're Pretty good there oh one thing that I Forgot is I'm going to go back here I'm Going to click on the three And when it gets to the third point I'm Going to have the camera Stop recording okay so that way I don't Have to do anything everything is Automated then we're going to hit next And and make sure everything's good and Then we're going to hit go and then

What's going to happen is the drone's Gonna the it's going to upload the Mission to the Drone and then the Drone Is going to take the shortest route back To Waypoint number one or whichever Waypoint that you want it to start at And so it's going to go to the altitude That you had it set to and then it's Going to go straight to that point and It's traveling at its maximum speed Right now 31 miles per hour so it gets Over there in a hurry and then once it Gets to that first Waypoint it's going To start running the mission that I just Programmed it to do and while we're Waiting for the mavic 3 to run through Its Mission let's talk about today's Sponsor ecoflow you guys ecoflow is a World leader in portable power they're Having the biggest sale that they've Ever had with up to 50 off for the Holidays they have a power solution for Every situation that you can think of From the super portable and compact River mini that allows you to carry it In the smallest of places All the way up to the Delta Max which my Family uses as a home backup monster the Newly released River 2 and Delta II Series are the safest longest lasting Power stations on the market right now With a 10 year lifespan of daily use That's incredible I use ecoflow for all My content creation on the go as well as

Keeping my family safe in times of bad Weather or unexpected power outages and Their solar panel lineup is unmatched And most of those are majorly discounted Right now as well our power grid here in The United States continues to be at Risk from aging infrastructure to Nefarious attacks and ecoflow provides Tremendous security for the unknown so Use the link in the video description to Find the ecoflow power station that fits Your needs and your budget all right so The Drone has just completed its Mission Awesome that went pretty fast and so What I want to show you now is a couple More things number one if you go ahead And click on the map view right here and Then I have it set to satellite view so I can get a better orientation of what's Going on here you can see on the map View they don't even have the hospital Here yet look at that still grass but You can see the waypoints there on the Screen right those little green circles And you can see the little arrow there That shows the direction that the gimbal Is going to be pointing well let's click On that and just tap on it on the screen And then we can change the individual Parameters for that Waypoint so let's Say at Waypoint number two I want it to Lower in altitude just a little bit I'm Going to go down to 180 feet and then Also uh I'm going to change the heading

Okay A little bit so it's facing more a Little more to the West okay A Little More Northwest there okay And then What you can do is you can run that Mission with those individual parameters From the map view as well so that's Pretty cool now the last thing that I Want to show you is point of Interest And what the point of interest is is you Click POI right there and let's say you Want the camera gimbal to focus on a Particular subject the entire time it Runs through the mission and so what you Can do you can do this with the map view It's kind of hard to do it right now It's going to have it focus on the Elevator and it's not going to work on The map view here but let's see if I can Do it okay so there I did that might Work I'm going to try it so you can tap On the screen or what you can do you can Navigate the Drone to that particular Location and then you can set a point of Interest to that you know if you hover Right over what you want it to Point At You can set it that way too but let's go Ahead and tap on the screen here And we're going to have the camera So we don't want the camera pointing at 164. we want the camera pointing down a Little bit maybe let's go I don't know 36 feet and we're going to link this to

All three waypoints so one two and three Or you can go ahead and up here click on Select all or unselect all okay so now When you go back to the map view See if I can hide this here there we go Now you can see the camera is pointing At each waypoint at that point of Interest oop I accidentally tapped on The screen there let's get rid of this One Delete Yes there we go so as you can see You you can set multiple Points of interest so you can have the Camera pointing at one thing one subject And then when you go to the Waypoint you Can have it gradually move to the next It's really really fun the things that You can do this okay so let's Um let's run this Mission Again And this time I'm going to speed it up I'm just going to do a A time lapse of this and then I'll show You what the final product looks like When it gets done Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] That turn out so nice so you can make These like I said as simple or as Complicated as you want I'll put another Example here at the end of the video of The hospital I'm going to do like a

Point of Interest all the way around the Hospital and just kind of compared to That first time that I did it four years Ago with the mavic 2 Pro I almost forgot To show you a couple of really important Things you can save your missions you Can save them store them on your Controller and you can run them Repeatedly and that's the purpose of Doing this really is so you can get the Same view the same flight pattern Everything the exact same and then you Can do some pretty fun time lapses all You have to do is click on that Waypoints icon again and then it's going To ask you do you want to save and exit Do you want to exit without saving or do You want to just cancel and keep going So I'm going to hit save and exit Okay and then when you go in there again Next time all you have to do is when you Set your waypoints see this little icon Over here looks like a little worksheet Or whatever wordpad click on that and That's going to bring up your saved Emissions okay so right there's the save Mission you can name it you can change The name to whatever you want it to be So that's pretty cool the other thing That's probably important I don't recommend it but it's kind of Convenient you can set these Waypoint Missions Off-site so you can

Pull up your Maps you know start your Controller start your drone and you can Set a waypoint Mission you know at home And then drive to the location and then Run the Waypoint Mission from that saved Emission so you know let's say we wanted To start a new one here at home All right and I'm going to move this out Of the way darn it Okay so let's pretend I'm not on site Right now and what you can do is you can Just tap on the screen that's going to Set a waypoint tap on the screen Waypoint tap on the screen just like That okay so you can do this at home Then you can set the individual Parameters as well you can set all those Settings you can set the altitude the Speed you can change the heading the Gimbal tilt all that stuff then all you Have to do is drive out to the location Launch your drone upload that mission And run it so very very convenient but I'm one that likes to see where I'm at Especially if I'm not familiar with the Area you know I want to make sure that Everything is safe and everything is Going to be done you know properly so There is a use for this you know for Doing it ahead of time but I highly Recommend just going to the location and Doing it on site so anyway I had to be Sure to show you that because those are A couple important things this is in my

Opinion anyway the best intelligent Flight mode that DJI has ever come out With and a lot of people were waiting For this a lot of people were Complaining on the forums that are they Ever going to bring it back I doubt it Because DJI fly app is not capable guess What it is and it's really really cool So if you have a mavic 3 use it go out And use it put it up on YouTube like Upload it create a YouTube channel if You don't have one upload it and then Share your link down in the comments Because I want to see the kind of Creativity that you guys can do with This intelligent flight mode with Waypoints it's so so fun and if you Don't have a mavic 3 just be patient I Really really hope they bring it to some Of the other drones I don't know why They wouldn't I don't I don't have all The information available to me of why It could be or it couldn't be possible But I would expect that it could be so Anyway thanks again to ecoflow for Sponsoring this video thanks for Watching you guys I really appreciate it And follow me on social media too having A lot of fun over there on Tick Tock and Instagram and Twitter and if those Aren't your thing whatever subscribe Here and just follow me on here as well So have a great day have a happy Holidays everyone and as always fly safe

And fly smart Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music]