DJI Mini 3 – Better Than We Expected!

By | December 9, 2022

Pricing in the first 16 seconds! The DJI Mini 3 follows the Mini 3 Pro, but is actually meant to upgrade from the Mini 2. I test out the major specs to see if it's worth your investment.

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This is the DJI Mini 3 and many people Will expect it to be just like the Mini 3 Pro except without obstacle avoidance But there's more to it than that and Just so you don't have to wait to hear All of the differences here is a spec Comparison between the mini 2 the new Mini 3 and the Mini 3 Pro so go ahead And pause to read through that or Screenshot it to check it out later in This video I'm going to see if the Specifications match up to the Performance and I'll compare a few Things to the mini 2 and the Mini 3 Pro Now some people are calling this a Downgrade from the Mini 3 Pro and Although it may look like that on paper I found otherwise hey welcome to 51 Drones my name is Russ and I like to Teach people about drones and other Tech Related products so they get the most Out of their investment now the DJI Mini 3 is the follow-up to the wildly popular Mini 3 Pro that came out in the spring Of 2022 well sort of it's actually more Of a follow-up to the mini too but as we Know dji's business strategy involves Releasing the pro version of their Products before the base now if you Haven't watched my video on the mini 3 Pro I'll post it right up here and down In the video description go and check That out I'm pretty happy with that one It's almost at a million views right now

And although the Mini 3 Pro is very Exciting because it was hard to imagine How many powerful features they could Fit into a compact drone it also had a Pinch point in that many people thought The price was much too high for a sub 250 gram drone more than 750 dollars With the regular controller and over Nine hundred dollars for the new RC Package and then you add on the Fly more Plus kit and you're looking at over Eleven hundred dollars and that was a Huge jump from the mini 2 flymer combo Which cost about six hundred dollars so I think people were expecting or at Least hoping for the Mini 3 when the Mini 3 Pro came out they were looking For a modest price increase a better Camera better stability and longer Flight time well well we finally have Most of what we were asking for in the Mini 3. all right I'm going to cut in Here and talk about pricing right away Because I just got the prices on the Bundles for the mini three now I usually Don't mention pricing in my videos Because as time goes on prices may Change but my videos can't change so That's why I never do it but I'm going To do it here because I want to show you How reasonable this is as compared to The Mini 3 Pro so as of launch day You'll have five options five bundles Basically the mini three alone for 469

The Drone and the RC N1 controller for 559 the Drone and the RC controller with The screen on it for 6.99 and then with Those three you get one standard battery A couple extra props and that's about it Then you have the two fly more combos You got the one with the rcn1 for 718 Dollars and then the combo with the RC For 858 dollars and with those you get The bag two extra standard batteries and So on so just to give you an idea of the Difference from the Mini 3 Pro because I Think it that needs to be understood a Lot of people were like well why would I Get the mini 3 if it's just a little bit More for the Mini 3 Pro it's not a Little bit more if you got that drone With the RC and the standard fly more Combo you would be at 1098 so it's a Difference of 240 dollars Pretty much the same camera longer Flight time it handles the same wind Actually in my flight testing here You'll see in a few minutes it did Better than the Mini 3 Pro and strong Winds the only thing really missing are Obstacle avoidance and then being able To record 4K 60. so I think it's a great Deal now in my opinion two things are a Must the RC controller with a screen on It and at least one Battery Plus and You'll see why here in a few minutes why I recommend that the flight time is Incredible the best I've ever seen on a

DJI drone so this is my recommendation I Know everyone's different but this is What I would get if I was getting this As my first drone I'd get the mini 3 With the RC for 699 dollars and then I'd Get one of the Battery Plus for 95 Dollars now you don't get the bag but You can use any kind of small camera bag Or whatever or you could order one That's going to be much better than the One that comes with the fly more combo Now if you want to stay under 250 grams To avoid registration and remote ID once That's active and and I know a lot of People are going to want to do that They're not going to have to worry about Remote ID then for sure I would Recommend the mini R3 the Mini 3 RC fly More combo for 858 dollars because you Got everything you need you got three Batteries and uh and I think that would Be the way to go and then you're staying Under that 249. so So like I said I don't like to put Pricing in videos but let me know if you Like that hit the thumbs up if you do Appreciate that or let me know in the Comments because you know these might Change as time goes on but I thought it Was important because I know there's a Lot of speculation of why would I get The mini 3 if I can just you know spend A few more dollars and get the mini 3 Pro so it's not just a few more dollars

There's pretty big gap there so I think This fits in really nicely for beginners So all right let's dive into some more Detail on this great beginner drone So first of all let's talk about the Most obvious topic obstacle avoidance Just like the mini 2 the Mini 3 does not Have the ability to recognize and avoid Anything at all if crashing into things With your new drone is your biggest fear Pushing just on the right stick Oh oh And there's our first crash then I Recommend to skip this video and go Ahead and purchase the Mini 3 Pro right Now obstacle avoidance is great yes but It's actually not a priority for most People and I think DJI understands that And I'm sure they have done their market Research and I did a little research on My own check out this poll that I ran The other day asking what people value Most in a drone as you can see it's not Even close image quality is King and I Think it always will be the physical Design is a combination of the Mini 2 And the Mini 3 Pro in that it brings Back those front legs making it more Stable for landing and take off and it Sort of keeps the controversial bug eye Look of the Mini 3 Pro they just replace The sensors with these little air vents Oh and that's another thing real quick That I have to mention the Mini 3 does

Not overheat at all when it's on and Just sitting there like the Mini 3 Produce just doing a little test in the Studio here I wanted to see if the Mini 3 would overheat like the Mini 3 Pro Does when you let it sit too long so We're coming up on 17 just went over 17 Minutes and I just got the warning and The Mini 3 Pro just turned off and the Mini 3 is still going strong so that's Nice to know that the Mini 3 is not Going to overheat if you happen to let It sit too long you're not going to Actually do this too often but if you Happen to let your drone sit while You're doing something with a Mini 3 Pro You have to wait till it cools off Before you can fly but the mini three You don't have to worry about that so That's pretty nice I know that it has Nothing to do with events but I wanted To mention it because I did notice that Now I actually don't mind the bug eye Look the Mini 3 Pro kind of reminded me Of Admiral Akbar a little bit but the Mini 3 looks a little less Goofy and More aggressive I do really like it Let's talk about transmission strength For a little bit the Mini 3 has O2 Transmission the second iteration of Occusync and the same as the mini 2. and This means that it's transmission range In ideal conditions is up to 10 Kilometers as opposed to the Mini 3 Pros

12 kilometers with O3 now is this a deal Breaker no not at all you might notice That throughout this video you won't see Me recording outside at all most of my Mini 3 flight tests were done from Inside my vehicle because it has been Miserable weather these past two weeks And I just don't feel like freezing my Butt off I know I did that with the Mini 3 Pro but I'm not doing it this time so Anyway most of these flight tests are Going to be voice overs so this is going To be a combination of wind tolerance Slash signal strength test I don't do Range tests per se but how signal Strength is tested here on the channel Is a drone is flown out to this bridge That's about 3000 feet away from my home And we can see if any bars drop or if it Completely loses signal and if a drone Makes it to the bridge I'm happy like I Don't need 10 kilometers or 12 Kilometers I just need it to get at Least that far so here is the Mini 3 Flying in a 30 to 40 mile per hour wind And as you can see it struggles and it Had to do some sideways flying to get it Down the tracks but it did make it to Just before the bridge the first bar Dropped at about 2 800 feet then it was The Mini 3 Pro's turn which actually Struggled a lot more Against the Wind Than the Mini 3 did even at Full Throttle in sport mode it just kind of

Sat there so after flying backwards a Little bit it did get moving again and Made it to about the same 2800 feet Before dropping one of the bars so at Least for me this unscientific test Demonstrates to me that O2 transmission Is adequate for any situation in which I Intend to use the mini 3. now is that Going to be as true in a more urban Setting I couldn't tell you but if I Find a video that does that test Adequately I will link it down below You see because of the lack of obstacle Avoidance you're going to want to keep This drone in sight as much as possible And it has plenty of signal range for Any situation Now the battery on the mini 3 is a 2453 Milliamp hour battery same as the Mini 3 Pro and it provides an advertised flight Time of 38 minutes on the mini 3. now That's significantly better than the Mini 2 which gets 31 minutes and then With the new battery plus which is a 3850 milliamp hour this drone gets up to 51 minutes which to me is incredible now Keep in mind that when using the battery Plus the Mini 3 is no longer less than 249 grams it weighs about 290 grams with That bigger battery and if you do fly it At that weight it will need to be Registered in the United States as well As some other countries so what are the Actual flight times so here I flew the

Mini 3 with the regular battery first And I got 25 minutes flying back and Forth side to side up and down at a Speed ranging from 10 to 18 miles per Hour now that's 65 percent of advertised Flight time which I have to say was a Little disappointing then I flew the Mini two and I got 22 minutes which is About 71 of advertised flight time and Then I flew the Mini 3 with the Battery Plus and I got a whopping 39 minutes Which is 76 of advertised flight time You guys that is the best ever Percentage of advertised flight time That I have gotten from a DJI drone and That's even in less than ideal weather Conditions all right I was pretty Disappointed in that first flight test With a regular battery on the mini 3 Because I only got 65 percent of Advertised flight time and that's that's Pretty poor normally I can get around 70 To 75 percent of advertised flight time With a DJI drone anytime I fly even with The weather conditions today it's pretty Cold it's like 11 degrees Fahrenheit It's about a 15 mile per hour wind so I Thought maybe that was affecting it but When I was about to turn it off I it Said update your battery firmware and I Realized I forgot to do that so I just Updated the firmware on that battery I Flew it again same thing back and forth Side to side up and down and I actually

Got 27 minutes instead of 25 minutes and That puts it right at 71 percent of Advertised flight time so you know even As cold as it is even with a little bit Of wind and even with the variable Flying around I still was able to get That 71 so I was happy about that so This is a reminder you guys when you get A new drone from DJI make sure you Update not only the Drone uh not only The software but also update each and Every battery put the battery in update It take it out put the next battery in If you have multiple batteries just be Sure to do that because that's really Going to affect your flight performance So so yeah I was pretty happy with that 71 is uh is normally what I see when it Comes to image quality and low light Performance the Mini 3 has a 1 over 1.3 Inch sensor and an F 1.7 aperture that Captures 12 megapixel images and it Records up to 4K 30 video this is Significantly better than the mini 2. It's got double the sensor size a wider Aperture an HDR dual native ISO it is a Much better camera and it's essentially The same camera that's on the mini 3 Pro The only thing missing is 4K 60 with a Higher bit rate of 150 megabits per Second and the ability to record in Decino Lake so here is a comparison of The camera quality between the Mini 3 And the mini 2. I didn't feel there was

A need to compare to the Mini 3 Pro here Because it's going to look pretty much The same as the mini 3. now here's a Closer look side by side and you can see The color is definitely better on the Mini 3 but you really don't see the Difference in the detail until you zoom In to 400 percent you can really see how The Mini 3 has so much better detail in The gargoyle and the wood slats and the Trim now these are both recorded at 4K 30 but having that bigger sensor and That wider aperture makes so much Difference now here's another example of The details in the shadows and the Highlights between the two if you look At the snow right there in front of the Park bench the Mini 2 2 is just blown Out but the mini 3 shows us a lot more Detail so as you can see this camera is Just definitely an upgrade from the mini 2. oh and let's not forget that it does Shoot vertically so social media content Creators can Rejoice so we've talked About and demonstrated the major Features like obstacle avoidance Transmission strength flight time and Image quality so let's touch on a few Other specification downgrades from the Mini 3 Pro first of all the live view Quality on the mini 3 you're going to Get a 720p resolution at 30 frames per Second and the midi 3 Pro is full HD so The live view image quality presumably

Is not going to be as sharp or crisp With the mini 3. well I did some testing And there is absolutely no way that you Can tell the difference between the two At least not on the RC controller and Not on my iPhone but I guess maybe if You were flying with a 12 inch iPad Pro Or something you might be able able to Tell a little bit of difference but I Think the lower resolution specification Is a non-issue next let's discuss Latency a little bit the time between The Drone actually capturing the image And when you see it on the screen is Called latency now the Mini 3 pro has a Latency of 120 milliseconds and the Mini 3 has 200 so what does that difference Look like Not a whole lot and even if you slow it Down and look really closely you can see A very slight difference but overall the Latency specification is yet another Non-issue for me another specification That the Mini 3 Pro is supposed to be Better at is hovering accuracy on paper The Mini 3 Pro can maintain a hover with A tolerance of about a half a meter the Mini 3 accuracy is three times that at a Meter and a half now I ran a test just Today 30 miles per hour winds to see if Either one was better at holding Position I hovered at about 12 feet Altitude and even though the wind tried To toss the Mini 3 Pro around it held

Pretty good and landed pretty close to The launch point I did the same test with the Mini 3 and Also it drifted around a bit but nothing Unreasonable and it landed perfectly Where it took off from so with this very Unscientific test I noticed no Difference now one thing with the Mini 3 The altitude kind of kept jumping all Over the place even though the Drone did Not go up and down as I was using it it Just stayed in one spot so what I did is I calibrated the IMU and that seemed to Help a little bit so keep that in mind If your numbers aren't staying like you Think they should be sure to calibrate Your IMU it's super easy so hovering Accuracy is important because you want Your drone to stay as steady as possible Especially when you're recording video Now the other area where this becomes an Issue is if you're hovering in a tight Space remember the Mini 3 does not have Obstacle avoidance like the Mini 3 Pro So it could very easily drift into Something like a tree or vehicle or Building or something like that so you Do need to be more mindful of hover Act Accuracy but it looks like the Mini 3 is Just as good as the Mini 3 Pro The next comparison that I'd like to Discuss a little bit is that the Mini 3 Does not have the ability to record D Cinelink with the Mini 3 Pro you can

Capture that flat image profile that Gives editors the ability to make more Creative adjustments in post-processing But the majority of folks looking to buy Their first drone do not have the Editing process in mind they want ease Of use a compact form factor that you Can take anywhere beginner features like Quick shots and extended flight time That allows them to keep their drone up In the air for as long as possible Decent alike is more for professionals And this drone is not for pros So here's my Takeaway on the mini 3. Obstacle avoidance is nice but it's not Something that the majority of potential Drone owners are worried about a great Camera system is at the top of the Pyramid and the Mini 3 has that it's Significantly better than the mini 2 and That's the group of people that DJI is Really looking to please with this drone I think it's time for many two owners to Think about getting a better system Without breaking the bank the Mini 3 is A true hobbyist drone that has Everything a new drone pilot needs as Well also the most impressive thing About this drone for me is that flight Time when using the Battery Plus 39 Minutes down to 10 and flying for 76 Percent of advertised flight time in Less than ideal weather conditions is The best performance that I have ever

Seen from a DJI drone and it also flies Longer than the Mini 3 Pro now I'm going To be making some more videos about this Entry level drone and I'd like to know What questions you all have about it so Put them down in the comments and and I May include them in my next video if you Are interested in purchasing the Mini 3 For yourself or as a gift there's a link In the video description and in the Comments as well for you to do so so do All the things that YouTubers ask you to Do before you leave the video today I Want to thank you for watching I do Really appreciate that because I know You have many choices have a great day Everyone and as always fly safe and fly Smart Thank you Foreign Foreign