DJI Mini 3 Pro – Budget Accessories You Might Need

By | January 22, 2023

Here are some reasonably priced accessories for your DJI Mini 3 Pro from STARTRC. All but one of these are great value for the money.

Mini 3 Pro Hard Case:
DJI RC Neck Strap:
Mini 3/Mini 3 Pro Prop Holder: (only $9)
DJI RC Screen Protector:
Mini 3/Mini 3 Pro Landing Gear:
Mini 3 Pro Prop Guards: (on sale as of 1/22/2023!)
Mini 3/Mini 3 Pro ND Filters:

StartRC Amazon Page:

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Studio Microphone:
Action Camera:
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Hi everyone Russ here I hope you're Having a great day and what I'd like to Show you today are some budget Accessories for your Mini 3 and your Mini 3 Pro now all of these products are From a company called start RC they Reached out to me and they asked me if I Would like to review some of their Products here we are I have seven things That I want to show you now I'll tell You right off the bat if you buy all of These in one package all seven items You're gonna get it all for a hundred Dollars but my suggestion don't do that Because there's some of these things That you really don't need and let's get Right into it so the first thing that I Want to show you is the hard sided case From start RC and at first look this is A pretty good looking case the plastic Is nice heavy duty plastic it's very Similar to the simic cases that I love I've been using cymic now for I think Almost three years no don't two years Just over two years love simic I use Scimic for all of my stuff all my drones So this is pretty close to that on the Outside but when you open it up and you Look at the inside the foam inserts on The inside very very squishy foam and it Does the job it holds the items in place But I feel like it's not as protective As that hard EVA foam that's in the Simon cases or the Nano cases of the

Pelican cases so this is a budget case But it comes with a very budget foam on The inside now it does have spaces for Everything it's got your drone and a Little space underneath your drone for ND filters or whatever it's got space For the RC controller this one right Here they also have a case with the Cutout for the regular the N1 controller But this is for the RC controller fits In there and then you can also put Accessories beneath it there maybe your Propellers extra propellers or your you Know extra cables or whatever it's got Actually space for seven batteries you Know you can have three in the charging Bank you can have three in these battery Slots and then you can have one in the Drone so that's pretty good lots of Battery space in this but that's pretty Much it you can't keep anything else in In this case and that's why I love simic I know this is the start RC video but I Just can't say enough good things about The Simon cases because I like how you Can lift it up and store lots of stuff In the bottom of those cases so overall Now this case is 45 dollars so that's Not really a budget case so that's why I Think if you're going to spend that kind Of money forty to fifty dollars I would Look towards the cymake you're gonna get That nicer foam inside you're gonna get More storage on the scimic uh so for 45

Dollars I wouldn't recommend this case It's it's nice and it would do the job But there's better cases out there for The same money now it does come with a Strap as well I don't like the strap and The reason for that is it's got no Padding and when this is over your Shoulder it just slides right off your Shoulder because it's very slippery Material it's not that grippy neoprene Rubber here okay so if you do you know Get this case and use the strap it's Going to have to go across the other Shoulder and then you know cross your Body but but yeah for the money you know Unless it's not on sale I would not get This one now if it is on sale I'll have A link in the video description so you Guys can check it out you know maybe It's ten dollars off someday then then It would be worth it but otherwise at Regular price I would not recommend it Now the next thing that I want to show You is actually something that I really Like this is the RC controller strap and It's for attaching to your RC controller And how it works is has these little eye Screws that go in the bottom of your RC Controller and then you know that just Clasps right onto these um eye screws so The reason I like this strap is it's Very very cushiony it's got It's Neoprene it's got a good grip to it very Comfortable wearing this strap so I can

Highly recommend this strap Um you know I normally use the simic Strap for my RC controller and the Reason I do that is because I can hook It the mounting bracket right here on The bottom and then I can store my RC in Its case without having to worry about These little eyelet screws getting in The way So that's why I like that one so I could Still use this however by attaching both Of the clasps to the middle back side of The RC controller and then that would Work I actually do prefer the Comfort Level of this one but I prefer the Convenience of the simic Strap instead so but I do like that I'll Put a link for that in the video Description if you need a strap this is A really good one just be aware that These are going to stick out from the Bottom you're gonna have to take these Off uh for most hard side cases if you Have a soft case don't worry about it You can leave them on but if you have a Hard side case these are going to get in The way of keeping keeping in your case So the next thing I want to show you This is only ten dollars this is a prop Holder strap that goes around the Outside of your Mini 3 Mini 3 Pro keeps Everything nice and tight and snug you Know it's not that high quality it's Just a piece of plastic

Um it's got a nice magnetic clasp that Goes over the top it's pretty easy to Install it's ten dollars there's a ton Of these out there so I can't recommend Or not recommend I'd say it's I'm Neutral on it because it does the job It's fairly priced as compared to the Other prop holders out there and it's Another option for you because I like it Because it's super fast to put on so Honestly I don't use a prop holder that Often and just because I put it in my Hard case and seems like the propellers Stay put well enough for me but if you Want one if you want a strap then this One's a good one to get now the other Thing here next is I want to show you This screen protector for your RC Controller you know it says Mini 3 Pro Across the top but it's not just for the Mini 3 Pro it's for your RC controller It fits in there it's custom fit for it And I'll say this it installs very Easily it stays on there it's really Really sticky as long as you clean the Screen very well you know make sure you Use the alcohol make sure you use the Dust remover get everything perfect like Even if there's one little speck of dust On there then you're gonna get a bubble So it's just like putting one on your Phone it's uh you just have to make sure It's very clean now that being said I Really have no need for this some of you

Might some of you might be really anal About getting little scratches or you Know scuffs on your screen but in my Opinion it's not like something that you Use your phone every day where you need To have a screen protector you know to You're not going to be putting it in and Out of your pocket you're not going to Be throwing it in and out of your Vehicle or whatever For as much as you're going to use this I honestly don't think at least for Myself I'm not going to need a screen Protector on it but you know it's 10 Bucks so not too bad if you do want a Screen protector this is an option for You from start RC now this is another One of the products that they sent me That I do like this is a landing gear Now I don't use landing gear a whole lot But I'll tell you the reason that I do Like this one Is because it's foldable it's super Super lightweight really quick to Install Just Clips right on the bottom Of your Mini 3 or your Mini 3 Pro keeps It up off the dust off of the grass off Of the snow so if you're in a you know Maybe you don't have a landing pad or Maybe your Landing situation is not Ideal this will get up off the ground The other reason I like this is because You can put you know a strobe on the Bottom of here like a Loom cube strobe

Or a firehouse Arc 5 or something you Can stick it on the bottom and then it's Able to be on the bottom of your drone And it's not going to be sitting on the Ground you know if you just put your Strobe on the bottom you know without This it actually rests on the ground you Don't want that so that's what this is Nice for of course you're not going to Be able to fold it and put it away like That but it does give you that option to Keep that strobe on the bottom giving You more visibility on that small drone So so yeah 10 bucks pretty good price I Can recommend that next are the Propeller guards there's a lot of Different propeller guards on the market Right now especially you know as we get Closer to we're remote ID and you're Going to be able to fly over people Eventually if you have your part 107 You're going to have to have propeller Guards on your drones no matter what the Drone is so this is an option uh it's Not the best option but it does the job So I put these on my Mini 3 Pro I flew Around the house turned off my obstacle Avoidance I flew it into the wall Forward sideways and it protected the Propellers and so it actually worked Quite well I flew it alongside the wall And it just skidded along the wall so so They do the job Um they're 20 bucks and and they're

Pretty easy to install once you figure Out how to install them the first time You know you kind of have to look at the It's kind of hard to read you know the Instructions on the inside here but once You get it put together you can just Leave them together like this and then They're pretty easy to install now all That being said if you can wait for Propeller guards if you really want Propeller guards you're going to be Flying inside maybe you do real estate And you want to do like a a drone fly Through of the property or something It's nice to have those propeller guards Just in case because you're going to Turn off your obstacle avoidance and you Don't be running into stuff so If you can wait DJI supposedly is coming Out with some 360 degree propeller Guards so they're going to cover the top And the bottom they're going to be like A shroud around the Drone I'll see if I Can find a link for it or a photo of it And I'll put it in the video description So you guys can check it out maybe I'll Put it up on the screen here if I can Find a picture but they're not out yet But I think they're under development And I would recommend getting recommend That you get those because they're going To be super high quality they you know They're going to be OEM so they're going To fit perfectly you know they're

Specially designed for the Mini 3 and The Mini 3 Pro so if you can hold off I Would get those because they are going To be better option but if you need some You know these are going to do the job The one hesitation that I have if you're Flying very quickly you know maybe You're going 50 miles an hour sideways And you hit a building with these you Know maybe they're not going to work Because it is pretty thin plastic but if You're going to be flying slowly I think For the most part these would do a Pretty nice job now the last one one That I want to show you they do have ND Filters from start RC this is the nd16 The 64 and the 256. now 90 of the time I Have a freewell filter on my drone I Have an nd16 sometimes I'll go up to a 32 but not usually I usually have nd16 I Did some testing on these there really Is no difference when you look at the Video they look the same there's a Little bit of a color shift actually the Free wall has a little more color shift From the start RC of course so anytime You use the ND filter there's going to Be a little more saturation in there as Compared to not having an ND filter but You know they're pretty much the same The quality of the build seems the same You know just looking at them I think Freewell has a better coding process Like they're pretty well known for

Having a very highly engineered coding Process on their filters I don't know What start RC has so I really can't tell You uh but you know according to the Advertising on these they're pretty much Everything proof except waterproof but You shouldn't be flying your drone in The water anyway so but these are pretty Inexpensive it's these three filters for Thirty dollars so you get like I said The 1664 and the 256 so that's a pretty Good deal 30 bucks for three filters Most of the time you're only going to be Using the nd16 the benefit of going with The freewell they have so many different Options you can buy one filter you can Buy three packs you know an all-day pack You can get the circular polarizer with The ND filters and so a lot of different Options there's only one option that I Could find right now for start RC so but 30 bucks not bad if you want to save a Few bucks on ND filters I would get this One so so that is all the products from Start RC that they sent me I do Appreciate that I do like it when Companies reach out and they tell me to Be honest Um because that's what you guys need you Don't want to you know even though They're budget accessories you still Don't want to waste your money right you Don't want to feel like you got ripped Off even if even if you are trying to

Save a few bucks so so there's my Recommendations for start RC I'll have Links in the video description for all Of these things if you want to learn More about them the reviews on some of These are actually pretty good some of These items that I showed you they have Highly rated reviews anyway if you have Any questions about these products or Anything at all about your Mini 3 Pros Put them down in the comments maybe You've purchased these things maybe some Of you have purchased one or many of These items and you have your own Opinion put that in the comments too Because I want people to learn not only From me I'm just one person's opinion Right I want to see you know maybe you Guys have a different experience and if You have share them so other people can See you know they've been thinking about Getting one of these things they're Going to look in the comments say oh oh Well that guy didn't recommend this at All so maybe I should rethink this okay So let's use the comment section as a Discussion about this stuff so uh hit The thumbs up if I provided any value if I helped you out at all today subscribe If you want to see more videos like this I really do appreciate that follow me on Social media Twitter Tick Tock and Instagram have a lot of fun over there I Post content that you're not going to

See here on the Channel I want to thank You for watching the video today have a Great day everyone and as always fly Safe oh don't forget to watch this video Right here next I think you're really Gonna like it as always fly safe and fly Smart [Music] Foreign [Music]