DJI RS3 Mini gimbal #shorts

By | January 16, 2023

DJI RS3 Mini gimbal is 795g, native vertical shooting, holds A7 cams, manual axis locks, bluetooth control and nato mounts. #shorts #rs3mini #dji

And here it is the all-new DJI RS3 this Is the Mini version of the very popular DJI RS3 RS3 Pro the mini comes in at 795 Grams but it can still support an A7 Series camera from Sony with a 24 to 70 2.8 G Master lens here I have it with a A7s3 and a Tamron 17 228 we have manual Access locks for easy gimbal bouncing as Well as Bluetooth shutter control we Have a NATO Port just like the bigger Gimbals so if you wanted to add a Briefcase handle or a monitor or light You're able to do that on the mini the New RS3 mini comes in at 369 dollars so If you guys want a little more Information check out the links Down Below in the video description