Do I NEED to pay someone $200/mo (or MORE) to have good SEO?

By | September 29, 2022

Today's question is from Justin, who is frequently being approached by SEO agencies on services being offered to perform SEO activities for him at charges as high as $200 per month (or must we say low compared to the quotes offered to Drone U). Justin would like to know if its worth the investment or should Justin look around to build his own SEO?

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01:20 Today's show is about SEO efforts and investment for your business
02:24 Learn more about our PROPS program
04:03 Today's question is from Justin about how best to utilize SEO for growing business as part of an advertising campaign
06:30 What platforms should businesses utilize for advertising?
08:14 What is SEO and should you pay for services from agencies?
10:33 How can business owners plan their efforts for optimizing SEO efforts?
12:30 How can one replicate the effort that agencies offer? What things should be considered when planning your efforts?
17:35 What precautions should one take if they partner with freelancers or other agencies?
21:03 Should a drone business owner deploy efforts on SEO and how to determine your passion and how do you delegate the work to other professionals
23:27 What new developments can we expect in the Drone industry and at Drone U in the coming months

You're listening to the ask drone you Podcast you ask we answer your drone Questions whether you're here to turn Your passion into profit when you simply Fly for Fun we're a community of Learners and teachers who aspire to Achieve greatness we are Hey everyone welcome back thanks for Joining us today it's a beautiful day Here in colorful Colorado love being up Here Rob Welcome to the show thank you glad to be Here I'm happy to be here sitting next To you grateful uh to be next to you as There's lots that I've learned from you Man I really appreciate it oh man that's A ditto that's a ditto I've learned a Lot too I'm just saying it well the Learning never stops as they say so I Hope not I hope not well let's get into Today's Show um we got a great question Today regarding SEO Um and actually I think this is going to Be incredibly insightful information for Our listeners something that I don't Think is talked about a lot and I Actually see other flight schools Implementing this plan instead of giving Their students and members the Information to do it uh and I think it's A great tell for True goals of companies Um meaning that like what we're gonna be Talking about is SEO for your website

For your for dsps for these smaller Companies and what what can you do in Order to improve that SEO as our caller Has a question regarding paying for Someone to do their SEO and I think Essentially what we're gonna do is a Cogs analysis on that and showcase well What are you getting what is it Potentially going to cost you you what Is the outcome Etc Because when it comes to SEO I think That there are a lot of things that you Can really do to boost yourself and your Business and get business organically Like kind of like having a store on a Major highway or a major road there's a Lot that you can do And when I see People in the industry doing this for Themselves rather than teaching it to Their students obviously as you guys Know me that kind of rubs me the wrong Way so I think the best way to encounter That is by providing the information do You guys direct for free so uh I think Yeah I hope this really helps and let's Just get right into today's question Which is brought to you by our sponsor Props flight school for many of you Listening for a long time you know that Drone you started an additional flight School called props flight school now Props flight school really doesn't have Any competition because it doesn't exist

There are no other educational platforms Out there that support managers to be Able to make decisions on knowing if Their pilots are field ready if they're Truly proficient not just current or up To date on their 107 but are they really Capable of navigating complex Environments sticking to systems and Providing kids consistent and reliable Results for the company or drone team That they work with now what happens When you've got four or five pilots and You need a bandage all that props has What you need to support drone programs And drone teams whether you're Augmenting an existing business or you Have your own business props is really Built to provide chronologically Navigable content that's going to take Any pilot from Zero to Hero across Numerous verticals so let's say you need A great all-in-one pilot fantastic you Got to check out the props Commander Program maybe you're interested in Having your Pilots create orthomosaics Maybe they need to be able to do some 3D Modeling props mapper is built just for You or maybe you're in energy and you're An ESG and you really need to focus on Training your Pilots to do solar Inspections quarterly to maintain your Robust profits and dividends well then You gotta check out the prop solar Program whichever vertical you're in

You'll find that there is a props Program to help you scale and maintain And build a drone team or program that Will truly deliver for you time and time Again check it out Here again from Castleton Vermont I sent in a podcast Getting a couple questions regarding Real estate and questions of that nature And going into the businesses but my Question for you is today I have several Avenues that I have linked for my Business and which what I mean by linked Is advertised on Facebook Instagram And Google but I'm getting a lot of Calls now From agencies that are trying to boost My business per se by wanting me to pay X amount of dollars per month to rank me Up on the highest point of Google and be Able to be searched by using different Methods like Siri And things like that and I was wondering If that's something I could potentially Do on my own without having to pay the 190 dollars that they want per month I Just feel like that that's kind of a Waste of money or it could be most Likely a gimmick So my question is is it possible for me To actually rank up obviously would like Google and things like that and uh Apple Maps and stuff like that because I Am able to be found on Google I can

Search that up and find it myself but I Don't see any reason to be paying 190 Something dollars for that so just Asking your opinion and I love you guys Podcast keep up the great work Thank you Justin appreciate your Question very very much we look forward To getting into it here shortly and if You have a question go to Just like Justin did we would love to Hear from you we need to hear from you Because the show is about you and Without your questions it doesn't Continue not that I'm at uh worried About that because there's so many Questions to be asked but anyways we Want to hear from you by The way quick little tidbit before we Get into this question uh thanks to one Of our great friends and drone you Members Mr Tom Powers we have confirmed That the mavic 3 Enterprise is coming This might be dji's Strategy and replacing the Phantom but We'll have more on that later so Um okay SEO um before we get into all This you know he mentions Apple Maps Kind of at the end of that question is It just me or does Apple Maps could suck I don't think it's just you Um yeah no I've tried it and I didn't Stay very long yeah well I mean Google Is great but Google also has their good Days and bad days it seems like every

Other software update we either get a Cool new feature or we kind of digress And I say that because ever since we Moved up here I updated to the most Recent app and it takes me the most Obtuse ways to get to places yeah that's Interesting so either way Um nothing's perfect no it's not and I Think Google Maps can be a really great Driver of business for you but that's Going to be leveraging your existing Clients making sure that you're getting Those reviews on Google and you want to Make sure when you do get reviews on Google that people post pictures and Post more than I think it's 25 words Because that's going to really Um trick the algo to say this person was Very passionate about their experience Here because they wrote more they Provided media they really liked it Right so don't just try to get five star Reviews try to get detailed reviews Where you ask like what did we really do For you that you enjoyed you know Um In fact if you want to know the perfect Model for reviews just look at the Chinese Um review Factory groups on Facebook That have recently been shut down Because they they really nailed it They're like make sure you say some Particular specific point you like maybe

Something you don't like and then Provide a photo of it in real world I'm Like wow guys wow talk about it here's The formula yeah they're right there Yeah Um okay SEO what is it search engine Optimization now he's talking about this Group Rob we've been through this song And dance ourselves we have 190 bucks a Month that's way cheaper than what Someone was asking us to pay well but Sometimes you get what you pay for which Is right but perfect lead up into what Are you getting for it right yeah that's The big question because what is rank Rank is essentially how fast does your Website load how many keywords do you Perform on Um and then how many links or how Credible is the information that you put Out it's essentially like social credits System if you think about it yeah now I Don't like putting it in those terms but Carry on I don't either but if you think About it is our credit system our FICO Scores really is a social credit system Yeah and it's very flawed so Um anywho if I were president the first Thing I would do is legally make it Impossible for any HOA to have any Impact on anyone's credit score because There's just too much damn emotion Involved I I have not had this issue Myself I've just seen it with other

People executive order number one uh-huh Well actually that would be after I Wrist never mind okay uh so all right I Digress no politics um so uh rank is how Fast how many keywords how credible now What are you getting for this 190 bucks A month are you getting a certain number Of backlinks to your website because That's what we mean by how many links And how credible and it's not just how Many backlinks that you're getting it's The quality of those backlinks which Yeah there's a lot that goes in in even To what quality means right in terms of Backlinks number one as As Natural as Possible meaning somebody sees your Stuff likes it and decides to link to it In something that they've done and the Better The better score their website has the Greater value that link has so there's a Lot that goes into it Bingo but at the Same time it's simple the the formula You laid out is perfect well and I think You could supercharge the formula with Things like PR releases because that Helps getting lots of quality links There are ways to kind of supercharge And boost this but you got to create the Engine first and in fact as I wrote this Out I was like I need to get back into Doing this myself for us so thanks for Asking the the question did you say no You don't yes gfy I'm grateful for you

Rob so um that said okay what is the way To get still have a fast website still Get lots of keywords and ensure that You're getting backlinks and they're Credible well number one the way to do This to create an SEO Rich website Obviously there's a formula you can go Through classes online about setting up Your pages but let me just break it down In 30 seconds for you any page on your Website I want you to think about Writing those pages in copywriting rules So let's say that I'm make a sentence About Rob's business that's a drone Service provider helping inspections Mapping and aerial media no no no no no And no copywriting rules Um what well let's what's Rob's fake Business name gonna be can we come up With a name uh bobert air okay bobert Air I don't know if that's fair because There actually is a representative here Named bobert but go ahead bobert air Aerial media video and Technical I would Even say aerial media and Photogrammetric deliverables make it as Short as possible okay because the title On your page has to have the same type Of words in the first header on your Page which you typically start any page With a bold block title or header of Like going over uh Bob Burdick's Um you know drone services or aerial Media and deliverables by Bob's drone

Service okay short simple and then in The actual little you know body you have To make sure that those words appear at Least three times in separate places Because that's honestly the hack to Getting your SEO to do anything on your Web pages people really try to put a lot Of information on there and it's just Got to be quick easy seamless navigation Make it beautiful and in the alt text of Every single image that you upload to a Page make sure it has those same Keywords that are the title of the page There's the formula okay now how do you Actually do what this company is going To be planning for you to do if you Write articles let's say on a weekly Basis and you know the article formula And you are capable of keeping up Consistently with this and you have your Own images you link to other articles You can actually do what this company is Doing for you yourself so obviously in The formula of is this service that has Come to you and said hey we're going to Have contemplating or yeah first Question what are you getting okay You're getting backlinks okay how many What's the quality okay how are you Gonna help me with my SEO and then what Other how are you getting backlinks Because backlinks from Google are good But there's only so many you can get so The way to really hack the system of of

SEO is also identifying are you a drone Service provider in Philly okay if You're in Philly your SEO is now Regional so if you're writing articles Think of something like what to know When hiring pilots in Philadelphia You've got to put yourself in the shoes Of a potential client right if I want to Hire a drone pilot what am I going to be Researching Um Drone rules in Philadelphia PA Um what to know when hiring a drone Pilot in Philly drone restrictions in Philly right there's three articles for You right there because it's regionally Based it's keywords that are going to be Focused on your site and you can inform And make sure you do it objectively you Can inform your audience and showcase Your value without bragging which is Really important something that took me A long time to learn so for an action Plan obviously you have to determine What are you getting for 190 bucks a Month and also how is that measurable Because something that you and I have Seen is you might get this big initial Kick and then it drops off like a rock You know so what are they going to be Doing over time okay what how much time Would it take you to accomplish the same Thing if you're writing articles and You're backlinking other sites you're

Creating backlinks but then if you take Those articles and publish them in a Particular place like ezines or whatever Service right you're now going to have Lots and lots and lots and lots of Backlinks let's say that here's a good Example let's say that the Drone rules Changed in September of 2023 which They're going to okay what to know when Flying drones in Philly when the rules Change okay flight over people if I fly Super small drones I can get shots that No one else legally is allowed to get They still get them but there's not Going to be any liability in it right if I fly a smaller drone well what's the Cons and the pros of that cons not as Good of high quality video Pro you have Media and a unique Engaging imagery that other people don't Have which is essentially what you're Looking for in social media anyway So you write that article you use the Formula you post your own photos Never ever ever post other people's Photos just don't do it even if you have Permission my opinion is not worth it Because you might have permission from Someone and then you might post Something and they're like I don't agree With that person and they can't use my anymore and it's like uh okay I Thought we were bigger than that um so That said always use your own photos

Whenever you're posting this stuff and For our dsps out there take have someone Take a damn photo of you let me give you The formula you in the photo drone in The air subject that you're working on In the background slightly bow cut Slightly out of focus okay that's going To perform the best for you also include The alt text on that photo and then make A plan to try to guest blog for other People and write for them and backlink To your own site and then on top of this Plan if you add a new web listing Meaning you go to create a Listing for your business you go to Maybe there's a local Um Chamber of Commerce and they can give You a listing on their website that Backlinks to you only do it if they've Got high quality you know you want to Work with people who are also Implementing this themselves so that Said I feel like that might be the most Valuable show when it comes to SEO that We've ever done we did an SEO and sales Class last year and it was like four or Five months long and I did a meeting Almost every week and I ended up giving Way more value and Rob I'm thinking you Know we have another class that we could Launch right now if you think about it Which is SEO for your website because I Did about a three hour long stint of

Exactly what to do how frequently how Consistently all the formulas and also How to use plugins to make sure that Your formulas that you implemented are Working properly which is through a Plug-in that I use called yoast so Yeah yeah and there are plenty of sites Out there where you can go check the the Value or the strength of another site And whether or not you want your stuff Linked from them which is an important Part of this but you know as you talk About this and you kind of add all that Up Um For a given month I mean how many hours Are you talking about it could add up to A substantial amount really particularly If you're trying to keep your your the Pages on your website clean and loading Fast you've got to have at least Somebody on your team if not you that's Evaluating that on an ongoing basis you Can have that done on by the Way yeah so there are other tools but Then you're managing all that right so You add up the management of it writing The Articles Etc et cetera Etc And what is your time worth is it 100 an Hour fifty dollars an hour 25 an hour You've got to figure that out for Yourself and then using whatever formula That generates determine whether or not It makes sense to try one of these

Services because I will say there are Legitimate people out there that do it 100 right it's just you got to know what Are you actually getting you do there's So much hype like he's alluding to and So it's kind of like the finance world That there's a lot of vernacular that You don't quite understand and because You don't quite understand it they kind Of take advantage of that absolutely Yeah and so obviously you want somebody Who's got a great history who's who's Helped other people that you can Document verify probably even talk to You you would want to do that I think Before hiring anybody like this honestly 200 a month for this is pretty low so I'm a little skeptical about that but it Could just be the the team that they Have in place and where they are in the World frankly and how much they're Paying them to do some of this stuff but You also need to be very very careful About for example having other people Write articles for you because Depending on where they're from it it Only takes a couple of words in an Article Or a couple of twists of a sentence Because English is not their first Language for it to be like oh that Wasn't written by this person that was Written by somebody in blah blah blah I Don't want to disparage any countries

Because we work with a lot of them and There's a lot of great people all over The world and Lost in Translation comes To mind yeah yeah yeah yeah for sure and You know just there's just little Buzzwords that we've grown to see and if I see a particular word used in an Article or in a response Etc I'm like up That is not that person that I thought I Was talking to because he would have Never said it that way and the same Thing can come through in the Articles Right and so you need to be careful About that but that said Uh Man by the time you add all this up And doing it well if you can find the Right people Which I'm convinced you can then I don't Want to discourage you from paying Somebody to do it if you can well I Think that goes to a point of like you Know going through this process you're Gonna a figure out how much time it's Going to really take to do this stuff Yeah this is the formula that's worked For us by the way I think there are a Couple of different strategies but There's not many maybe three to five but Not many Um and so this is going to help you also Paint a picture of what it takes to get The results and whether it's worth it to Delegate it out or not because if this Is not your strong point if writing is

Not your strong point well then it it Might be in your best benefit to Delegate it out but at least you now Know or have a better sense of what you Are going to get from these Services Which is kind of goes into a rule that Rob and I have created which is that we Don't delegate anything out that we Don't understand because if you don't Understand it then you're going to be Running into problems those timelines Are going to be exacerbated and so is The money that goes into it yeah 100 Absolutely But perhaps uh I don't know if I like This or not but I'll say it out loud Anyways and perhaps you give it a try For a couple months just to learn and to Go through this process that Paul just Shared with you and at least get a Better understanding take a couple of Classes and my guess for most people is That you're not going to want to be Doing this for yourself because it's not Why you created a drone business right The passion isn't in the SEO I mean if It is maybe you go be one of those Agencies seriously Um but if you really like it and you're Really good at it and you get fast at it Sure then it's not that big of a deal I Suppose for you to do it but really when You're you're working a business you Want to focus on what you're good at and

Get better at it and then and then fill Your team with people that are are Better at these other elements than you Are I mean my whole goal in being in a Business is to have everybody be smarter And better than me it seems to happen Pretty easily just kidding but um Seriously not sure about that seriously You want people that that are really Good at what you're less good at that's The way I see and that's how you're Going to scale and grow faster that's How Steve Jobs did it absolutely so he Was a motivator and a rallier and Obviously smart but And then I guess he kicked people in the Butt too sometimes but anyways Um yeah I guess he dropped the ball on Apple Maps Yeah I guess so Never have quite gotten that right for Whatever reason anyways at least in my Opinion but yeah I hope that's helpful I Know we were kind of in the middle here A little bit because it depends on you But if I had to give sort of a more Definitive answer I'd say you probably Are not going to want to do this on your Own at least not long term yeah that'd Be my guess because it's it even though It's simple there's a lot to keep up With and it can be a chore it can it can You once your business starts going and Scaling you got to ask yourself where is

My time best spent and this may or may Not be it so Um on that bombshell I think that's Gonna do it for us today if you have a Question go to ask drone Um one of the questions I would love to Kind of hear is we were recently at a Drone stem program and one of these high Schoolers was like what's the best drone To get right now and I listened to the Way that his instructor Answered it and it made me cringe Um because I'm like dude you're sending This kid up for failure man Um but I did not step in I did not say Anything it was not my place Um but I would love to hear that question but I Would also love to hear what would you Be looking for in these drones because Sometimes I'll call it the veteran Pilots might be looking for something That these uh newer people in the Industry I mean like even three four Five years old might not even be Thinking about so those are some Questions I would love to hear as well And Um I think uh I think that the end of This year is going to be very Interesting for the Drone industry as a Whole at least as I see it I know that We're scheduled to do something like Five new don't crash courses

Um you know we just finished the enoughi AI That's a great all-in-one drone Probably the closest competitor to the Phantom still not a phantom but they Also might have kind of changed the way That we think about the systems that Make drones work imagine a world where Flyaways don't exist well is does that Exist when a drone operates off of Cellular so these are great questions to Have you know um but that said we do Really appreciate everyone here if you Are Journey member We do appreciate it we also are going to Be adding that new don't crash course Into membership and I think Rob I think We should make an executive decision Right now just to take some of that Material that we did in these virtual Classes and put it into class form on Drone U I think it could be really Valuable it's not the best production by By any means but at the same time the Information is what matters so it's Killer information yeah absolutely I Totally agree I mean I'd rather have Less production value more content value Than vice versa couldn't agree more well That's an executive decision here that We made on ask drone you thanks again For joining us as always my name is Paul I'm Rob this is ask drone you Thank you [Music]