Do you think my young age will hurt me while seeking drone projects?

By | September 27, 2022

In today's episode we discuss if age plays a role to seek business in the drone industry? Are older people considered to be mature operators in the industry?

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01:15 Today's show is brought to you by LUCID drones
03:20 Today's question – Does age play a role in a client's decision to choose a drone provider?
04:41 The perception on younger people being competent with technology
05:15 One con when working with younger people
06:15 How people feel about younger generation and their abilities
09:40 How can young people develop and grow their business
11:58 Two things that people can channel their actions towards, to progress towards business success
15:05 How people can prepare for tough questions from clients

You're listening to the ask drone you Podcast you ask we answer your drone Questions whether you're here to turn Your passion into profit when you simply Fly for Fun we're a community of Learners and teachers who aspire to Achieve greatness we are Hey everyone and welcome to another Awesome episode of ask drone you as Always my name is Paul my name is Rob Super glad to be back in these chairs Thank you for spending a few minutes of Your day with us we hope to bring you Some value today that can make your life And your drone business better we Definitely do we've got a Um we got a great question today Regarding kind of some ageism stuff not Political ageism but just the reality of Perceptions that you might face if You're younger or older in going about Your business and I think The principles and ideologies that we Talk about in this show might even also Be relevant to people who are getting Into the Drone world or just another Business after their corporate lifestyle I think a lot of these things might be Important as well but we'll get into That on today's show Is brought to you by our good friends at Lucid drone Technologies the Lucid drone Is built for making Laborious duties of cleaning easier if

You're in an area let's say the Northeast the West Coast you live in a City there's lots of tall buildings Buildings that need to be clean believe It or not it's actually a very lucrative Business and if you're looking to clean Autonomously then you've got to look at The Lucid drone which is a hexacopter That carries well a payload for cleaning We're talking about spraying rinsing Etc If you want to learn more about lucid Check them out Lucid but also Lucid has A training program on their bird on our Props flight school it's a it's a Phenomenal Zero to Hero program to get Anyone who's interested in using this Drone on how to use it and how to use it For their cleaning business Interestingly enough Rob we were at the Mapping class two weeks ago go and there Was a guy who was power washing the Front of a building in I guess it was Fort Collins and um long story short I Just stopped and I was like Would you be interested in a drone that Would carry like a sprayer for you to Get higher up and he looked at me and His eyes got super wide and he was like Uh yeah and I'm like okay well help me Understand why and he goes well this Sounds really stupid and silly but on Hotels especially he goes they don't Want cobwebs or any type of animal a

Nest or anything below soffits and he Goes that takes me so long to clean if I Could just pop a drone up and clean it And be done with it he goes I would Actually make a lot more money and so I Gave him uh Andrew and Scott's Information said well give him a call Because uh you can learn to fly one of These bad boys and level up and he's Like I think I'm actually gonna do that So oh man I hope he does that'd be great I hope he does too if you're looking to Expand your business check out that Program Hello my name is Shea Stevens I am about To launch my first drone services Company and my question is as a young Person do you think that potential Clients will be nervous choosing a Younger business owner over a possibly More expensive and older option I got my part 107 license when I turned 17. I recently graduated high school as An 18 year old and I'm about to purchase The m30t to jumpstart my company Operating a drone company has been a Dream for a long while and I'm very Curious what Europeans are on this Matter Does age play a part in securing Contracts and gigs or do you experience In work history when clients over in the End I'm sure there are a few drone U

Students that are in a similar position To me thanks for making some awesome Informative videos I've learned an Insane amount from you guys over the Past year keep it up Thank you shay so much I really Appreciate that you're listening Learning growing and launching that is Really exciting and man nothing makes us Happier than to hear about that yeah and Thank you very much for the Gratitude as Well we uh we really appreciate it Um Rob I think that this is a very real Relevant question a hundred percent and I think that there's actually pros and Cons Um to being younger uh and I think a pro That's well may not hold as much weight As some of these cons but a pro is that There is kind of this Um perception that younger people are Better with technology right would you Agree with that I I would a hundred Percent agree with that and that's one Of the things that came to mind is I Think because it is a relatively new Tech that being drones that it could Help him to be younger 100 I believe That yeah now he's got to believe that But I in listening to his question I Think he can yeah I agree 100 now there Is the very realistic cons Um of being younger and I felt like I Have dealt with this too but I feel like

That there is a very real solution that Will help you overcome this but Rob in Working with younger people I mean I Think of like when I first met you and Tim in working with younger people do You feel like it is natural to have more Questions Or ensure like follow through or a Completed workflow when you are working With younger people Meaning do I expect for younger people To To adhere to those values and and Variables as much as possible or Communicate about them to Showcase that They do know about them because with I Think older more experienced people it's Easy to assume oh you've been in Business for a long time you have your Systems you're consistent you know what You're doing policy that is is Especially especially as quickly as Things change so I think the answer is Definitively yes to your question or Your series of questions there I think what I what comes to mind for me Is in is is in one word and that is Competence another word that I would add Would be enthusiasm so I think that's Something that he has in his favor right Not that you can't be say my age can be Enthusiastic because I feel like I am Love what we do every day But there's just a natural enthusiasm

With a young person that I think is Infectious if you allow it to be so That's number one but I think what You're alluding to specifically Um I'll take the point of of having more Questions turn that into a positive Through your confidence and what I mean By that is it's okay to not know it's Okay to say I'm going to find that out For you and then get it done and go do It quickly so that then speaks to your Doing what you're going to say questions So I think you can just take all of These points and turn them into Positives as long as you have the right Attitude that I mean I'm not discounting That there will be some people that Might look differently at you because You're so young and so there might be a Like a steeper Hill to climb with those Particular people but that's okay I mean As long as you don't worry about it you Make you make that their worry not yours If that makes sense and I really don't Mean to get too touchy-feely about this Because ultimately if you're out on the Street talking to somebody Metaphorically Um it's easier said than done sometimes But the more that you can handle it that Way man I really truly believe a hundred Percent that you can turn it into a Positive for yourself And without question come out ahead of

Somebody who's older than you yeah I Agree 100 I think that there was Something That you said that I kind of want to go Into a little bit deeper as it's a nice Segue into what I wanted to bring up but In what you just said one of the things You mentioned is when there is something That you don't know you mentioned being Confident and I think being confident When you don't know something Showcases a genuine authentic confidence When you're saying you know what you Number one when you don't know the Answer and you have that tactical Empathy like Rob that's a really good Question exactly yeah you know what and Uh you know I'm not really sure about The answer to that question right now But I'm gonna do my research because I Think that's a very thought-provoking Question and I want to come back to you With a very educated answer on that as Everything that I do I think you know I Think through very because that's kind Of like the person that I am you know Yeah and it is showcasing your Confidence it's showcasing that it's Okay to not know something but what it's Also showcasing is emotional Intelligence which I think is one of the Biggest hesitations and working with Younger people is like I don't want to Work with this person if they've got an

Attitude or if they're emotional I mean I have dealt with that very real reality Myself because you know I'm one of those People that I've had to learn the hard Way of the right way of enforcing my Boundaries because sometimes I've gotten A little emotional I mean everyone knows That they've seen the show they're not I'm not I'm not hiding anything come on Come on who are we kidding here oh man Well as we know our first criteria for Growth is self-awareness right so yeah We gotta be self-aware and yeah I think That's absolutely true honestly I mean If I may plug Jacob a little bit my son He's 19 and he just sort of operates in That realm of confidence and it has Served him very well already he's in the Marines And I think the biggest hurdle is in Your mind it's not the people that You're facing and and whether or not They see you as too young or not again Not to discount it as a potential issue But I will add this I think that having Mentors who are older and can help you And and straighten out that learning Curve are Probably you couldn't place a value on That so if you can plug into some Mentors to help you along the way and They don't necessarily have to know Anything about drones but if they know Something about business and people and

Psychology you know any of those Realms That are going to impact what you're Trying to do here that would be really Really positive as well yeah I think a Mentor takes your logarithmic learning Curve to a parabolic learning curve 100 And thank you for that perfect segue Into the story that I want to tell Because I think that there is a very Real specific methodology of overcoming Some of this perception that you're Younger emotional and you haven't Thought things through Um if you remember before I met you Rob What was it the Anderson School of Business remember that one I remember That one if I had to compete against Guys like you in the business Competition I don't think I would have Won like to be honest that's not true Um you had that young enthusiasm we're Speaking of and it well and the Confidence as well it's except at that Time it was fake it till you make it Right so wow and that's actually a big Part of it yeah yes but with some Genuineness Well I was just gonna say I think that's The power of Jake's confidence is that He has an authentic and secure Confidence it's not like those Commercial Realtors we just dealt with Where it's an insecure confidence and You're trying to be like obnoxiously

Confident to hide something else you Know there's like a it's like a stoic Confidence and I feel like Jake got that From you and if it's if anything I want To get that from you so that's very kind He is yeah he's that amazing man in his Life but anyways we're back to mentors You know when I when we outside of me Sorry when I went to I was and many People would say I think people see you As a mentor just as I do Um that said moving forward Um Stacy Sacco who at the time he might Be the dean now the Anderson School of Business I'm not sure but I would also Say I don't recommend that School of Business I know you grad graduated from There I graduated from UNM as well and I Would recommend different forms of Business school frankly but that said Stacy Sacco taught me something very Important he goes if you want to win That competition the business Entrepreneurial competition it's going To mimic exactly what you would need to Do in real life which are these two Things Paul number one I want you to Think of every absolute every way your Business is going to fail and I want you To think of every answer to how it could Fail how you would try to stop that and I want you to answer why any way that it Could fail may not be relevant or Relevant but you have to look at it

Objectively he goes I want you to write Out your entire business and think of The navigation of your client from start To finish and then think of every way That it could go wrong and have an Answer to be able to answer those Questions because half the time with Someone like you who's very enthusiastic You know you're going to get older People and he didn't say older people But it was kind of insinuated you're Gonna get professors who are going to Ask you these questions because your Enthusiasm may be unfounded maybe you Didn't think of something you didn't Think about the entire workflow or System of operating your company if you Think of every system in your company And you're able to communicate how That's going to work and you can also Communicate how you are going to stem Potential problems and whatnot you could Easily win the competition and so I Remember him saying too he goes I know You're the type of person who doesn't Like to be questioned sometimes and I Feel like that's younger Paul nowadays I Realize the value of feedback and and so My perception on that is very different And he said so every single time someone Asks you a question I want you to look Them Square in the eye and be like that Was such a good question and he goes and Do it authentically and genuinely

Because it's going to come off very Professional and it's going to come off From a place of wisdom and experience Yeah and you have to overcome beyond Your years exactly yeah and and you have To overcome the perception that your Young dumb and something else I can't Say on the show Um Fill in the blank so um that said he Goes you need to come off as I've Thought through every potential issue I've thought through every system I've Thought through how these systems will Be managed and run and he goes you pair That with confidence you pair that with Passion you'll be unstoppable uh he goes You want to win this you want to get This money this is how it's going to Work so yeah Um great advice yeah all that all that To be said Recapping what Rob said confidence is Key Um you know and the way that you handle Feedback is key in doing so with Confidence but you have to think through Every system in your company and you Have to be able to communicate that Eloquently objectively and without Emotion because honestly when you run Into clients who are going to ask you These hard or tough questions what a lot Of younger people that I've worked with

Fail to understand is that these Objections are actually positive and not Negative a lot of people kind of crumble Under the negativity they get nervous They get insecure no no quit that Um at the end of the day as mind hacking Teaches scientifically you are in charge Of your emotions emotions are natural But your response to them is calculated Whether you want to believe it or not at The end of the day emotion is Expectation divided by perception equals Your emotion period yeah Um that said if you are able to respond Without emotion showcase the Thoroughness in your explanations you're Going to overcome the ageism gap or the Perception that you haven't thought Things through the perception that You're young and you you really don't Know how the real world Works you're Going to overcome all these things when You are able to objectively and Eloquently communicate objections and See objections as objectives because Objections are positive like I said and The way that they're positive is that Someone's actually thinking about how They're going to work with you meaning That they're thinking down the line oh Okay well working with Rob you know well You know Rob if I uh if I have a drone Failure in flight because of orientation How is that going to be solved you know

Like they are thinking about working With you that's positive right yeah an Objection is an objective and if you can Answer that objective without losing Your confidence or authenticity or Passion I think and you can showcase That you've thought it all through I Think you'll be crazy successful totally Agree and you know I was sitting here Thinking while listening to you as well That Um as you're talking about kind of Thinking through your systems and Having a plan essentially right for Whether it be objections or just general Questions and just training yourself Number one I love the uh that is a Really good question like in a in sort Of a thoughtful hump that's that's a Really great question or man what a Great point I mean there's different Ways to say it especially in one Conversation you don't just want to keep Saying that's a really good question That's a really good question sound like A broken record but I was thinking about Um just in terms of a direct comparison If it comes up and I think ultimately if You can showcase your value and your Worth either through the work you've Already done or relationships and Referrals you might not run into this Issue as much as you think you will Particularly as you begin to build your

Business so could be a few months and And like I said you're always going to Have people out there that are going to Potentially make it an issue and that's Fine you can't stop that but I was Thinking like you could have Um this uh this gentleman and Shea and He clearly has been working on this for A long time call it a couple years my Guess is more Shay because it's you said It's been a dream of years I would Rehearse and have ready a good answer to But you're so young because there might Be somebody out there that say in their Late 30s and they are perceived as Better more knowledgeable when in fact They've been at it for 90 days 10 months and so there are probably ways Where you can say you know I might be Young but I've been working on this for Two and a half years and you might not Even know it but some people like Um that I uh contend with they Seem further along but they've only been Working for nine months so Age really doesn't have anything to do With it you would want to be much more Eloquent than I just was You know but it's not the direct Comparison that they think it is well And I think you know taking this to kind Of never split the difference here in Like an accusation audit like uh well in

Perceiving that I'm young you probably Think I'm not focused or I might not Have thought through the workflow or I Might not thought through of how I'm Going to do this work at volume and at Scale and you're probably thinking oh Man he's got a lot of energy as a Young Gun but at the same time he might also Not be focused and I would say you know Well Mr prospective client let me be the First to tell you that the advantages That I have of energy passion Flexibility in being young I also Understand my disadvantages that Typically that comes with a lack of Focus typically that comes with a lack Of of thoroughness and follow through But in being aware of these potential Issues I have made a direct point to be Metacognitive in being very focused Having strategic plans and following Through with them so that way I can Offer things that my competition simply Can't because they may have this Strategic plan and they may have the Follow-through but they don't have the Energy and they're not going to work as Hard as I do yeah so as you can see There are a lot of different ways that You can go about this don't let it stand In your way I think also just sort of as A elastic side it probably depends on What vertical he's talking about so Meaning like if we're talking about

Something that's videography based or Something that's probably going to lend Itself more to a young person almost Being expected to be good in that role Versus say something that's more Engineering technically inclined maybe Less so so it just kind of depends and If you're buying the m30t I'm guessing You're thinking more technical which is Fantastic just maybe be a little bit More prepared for answering in that Regard well also I will say dude you are Taking on a large cost in your first Major commercial drone I'm sure you've Had many drones before this but I mean Like in just kind of saying your First Like big expense Um Don't I've had this problem don't get overly Giddy and excited about a new product it Might not actually perform the way that You think it does Um I give the example of the m300 with The h20t payload here we have an Enterprise drone if super expensive Can't map for crap unless you spend an Additional eight grand right we know That the h20n that's in November is a um Two scale h20t essentially Um it might be good for inspections but It may not be good for certain verticals You may not be going after those Verticals that's fine I'm just um in

Being young in being men in that we Never truly grow up we're still 12 years Old at heart I mean trying to be yeah I'm still excited about all these new Drones that I get and fly you know I'm Sure many of us are and whether you're Young or old you're going to fall prey To Um over emotion uh and I mean being Giddy super excited and you don't think It all through you know yeah so um don't Be like me and be giddy Um think it through because this isn't This is a massive expense now if your Family or you have relationships or a Network to support the type of Operations that that bird will will Provide value to then then fantastic I Would just say that uh just think it Through man you know I mean you're young And that's awesome you have lots of Energy so be aware of the common Pitfalls of younger professionals I mean I myself have been prey to many of them And still to this day have to work on it As Rob says it's a lifelong learning and As long as you're willing to learn That's what matters and in fact Mark Cuban wrote a great article I normally Do not agree with a lot of the things Mark Cuban says but Mark Cuban wrote a Great article about how the boomers are Literally Um uh the worst generation on the planet

And that gen's ears and Millennials have Actually thought things through much More so and I think that I say this Because Um lifelong learning only works if you Truly believe it and also act on it and And one of the points that Cuban brought Up was that these Boomers when they get Older they just kind of like give it all Up it's like whatever I don't have to do That anymore it's like no no no no no no No no like you know lifelong learning Isn't just about helping other people It's about keeping your brain fresh it's Just like a muscle like your heart if You don't keep working it out it's gonna Die and my dad is a very real world Example of that so if you don't think That that's true Um just give me you know give me your Phone number I'll give you a call and FaceTime you from a deathbed so um that Said it's a stark reality but it's also True yeah no it is it is so uh I don't Know just go kick some butt Shay you It's clear you've got what it takes Um 18 years old buying an M32 number one I will yeah I have something going on There 100 I will also say Rob how many People have you met at conferences in Corporate America who who have all the Confidence in the world and really do Not know what they're talking about oh Sure they're everywhere exactly so if

You actually know what you're talking About you follow through you have the Energy you have the systems the world is Your oyster yeah keep us up to date and I'll also say this if you are listening To this and you're not Shay Um what advice do you have for him Because there's a lot of people that Have come before Shea and have probably Had some bumps and bruises along the way That have learned a thing or two and I Bet he would really and others in his Position would really appreciate that Feedback so take a minute if you don't Mind for the benefit of others yep and To everyone asking about our backdrop it Will change very shortly so on that Bombshell that's going to do it for us Ask for your question thanks For joining us Foreign [Music]