Dollar tree drone build challenge! | $5 fpv drone frame

By | October 8, 2022

Can i build an airworthy fpv drone frame for under $5? Im going to channel my inner peter sripol and try to construct something from dollar tree to take ripping.

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All right Welcome to today's video uh it's raining I'm gonna go to Dollar Tree Halo grinderinos welcome to today's Video today we're gonna do the Dollar Tree drone built challenge that's right I'm going to challenge myself to go to Dollar Tree with a budget of six dollars It's actually the dollar 25 Tree store Now it's not a Dollar Tree so it was Gonna be five dollars but everything's 1.25 so it's a six dollar drone build Get to it the Dollar Tree six dollar Drone frame Build Challenge that's right I'm gonna challenge myself to build an Entire drone frame strictly from parts From the Dollar Tree on a six dollar Budget now the frame has to be made Completely out of things from the Dollar Tree however I can obviously use the Electronics from another drone so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna sacrifice the Micro take the parts off it and slap Them onto the frame that I build 100 out Of Dollar Tree Parts oh my God isn't This exciting this is the kind of Quality content I bring to this Game subscribe if you haven't already or Don't actually I hate you real Quick originally I had this idea for a Long time like a couple years and there Was supposed to be teams doing this is Supposed to be a big old Grand thing With teams but I could never get

People together to do it so now I'm just Going to do it solo style and maybe my Homies will see this video and be like Holy that looks really fun we want To get on the next one so here we go It's pouring rain perfect day to do this So let's head on over to Dollar Store we Have a six dollar budget let's see what We can get for six dollars from the Dollar Tree to build an entire freaking Drone frame out of let's go or something I just woke up can you tell I just woke Up I just woke up by my So it was off to the dollar store in the Rain it's Halloween season so everything Was kind of Halloween themed I picked up A few things I think I might need to Build the frame but what caught my eye For the frame was this lizard cat Skeleton thing you'll see more about it Later I also found which I think is Adorable this little mat just like the YouTubers use but look it's a little Baby one it's a little baby hobby mat The total was 663. you may think that's Over six dollars but what you didn't Take into account was the pen that I Sold that cost 125 bringing my total Down to 542. so let's go home let's see What we got and try to build a Frame out of the cat skull thing All right here's a quick little rundown Of what I picked up in the back you can See the Skeleton thing that's going to

Be the main base of the Drone frame I Got these color popsicle sticks in case I need things to be a little more Straight I got these wooden cubes in Case the motors need to be a little bit Higher from the frame and I got this cat Head because I'm gonna shove a Goddamn camera through its face and it's Going to be the front it's gonna be sick All right let's go ahead and dry fit the Parts now and make sure the motors are Going to be nice and even yep everything Looks like just like I thought what I think I'm gonna do is put these Popsicle sticks down across the feet to Create a little base yep still looks Like but might be more solid I want To get this nice and solid so I'm going To hot glue gun the out of this Fight controller into the thing and then My idea here was the hot glue the feet Onto well here's the stick again yeah Hot glue these sticks to the feet then Hot glue the motors to the sticks this Was my big idea but what I did notice Was they get a little bit squishy and The motors are hard to get on there Straight so I was like yo JB Weld boom I'll use JB well JB Weld did not dry Fast enough for my liking back to the hot glue gun I'm just gonna have To figure this out after I get All the motors hot glue gunned in there Test fire boom they spin like a

until the glue starts to Harden and then you have issues like This with one motor not really wanting To spin but that's fine we'll figure That out later All right that's a good enough test over For me let's go ahead and work on the Video system I got the cat head I got The knife I put the knife into the cat Head cut a hole painstakingly solder up This camera don't check the camera shove The camera into the cat face like so Glue up the entire cafes again Don't check the camera to see if it Works cut off the head of the cat thing And not checking the camera to see if it Works solder everything up all the way Then check to see if it works okay great The camera doesn't work painstakingly Unsolder everything shove a new camera Into the thing glue it all back up make Sure it works this time okay it works Now we can finally attach the cat head To the Drone boom we got a cat head Drone Okay it's done I think maybe God I don't Know this was this was a lot this is terrifying I'm so glad I went With a little kitty cat head so let me Run over some of the uh the features of This thing it features uh super glued on A whole bunch of super glued on uh Motors or whatever those are called Features a little kitty cat head with

The camera shoved inside of it it's got This uh all-in-one ESC probably like 15 Amp or something that it can't even Handle I got elrs on the bottom of it I Got everything in this one nice neat Little package oh God look at this thing Though this is terrifying and All under five dollars from the Dollar Tree I haven't made a pusher style so it Looks even more terrifying right I think I was pretty proud of that I was Like I don't want to do all that And I was like you know what everybody's Oh Jillian's drinking water no Everybody's gonna yell at me if I just Do it all stupid like that so there There you go I burnt the out of my Fingers this has taken me eight hours it Was very frustrating you know what I Don't even know if it fly I Literally don't know if it flies I did That hover test I haven't done a pusher Hovert as all right let's do that Real quick Okay well technically that worked it Totally hovered it went up in the air I Was doing a line of sight so I hit the Couch but whatever it hovers that's good Enough for a flight let's go do A flight now the only thing my house is Incredibly small it's raining and it's Dark outside so I gotta figure out where The we're gonna do a little flight Test of this thing okay I actually do

Have one idea where we can do a test Flight on this where we don't have to Worry about the rain or the nighttime or Anything like that I'm gonna run a Studio space come with me [Music] Thank you Come on Come on come home [Music] So I rented this space right here this This is all mine from uh we can't see it Actually hang on from each one of these Pillars from pillar to pillar to like 11 Feet this way oh oh good there's a train Can you hear it but it's all mine from Like how far is 11 feet hang on 11. all Right so from here all the way to that Wall and from these two pillars is all This guy for a cool 150 a month that's Right I'm renting this Space is a little Studio space for me to Do video stuff whatever the I want So I want to build a little set it's Going to be very fun but yeah except After hearing how bad the echo is I Might not keep this studio space it's Pretty big and I share it with five Other people you may say hey just sound Proof it well I'm not allowed to go into The other people's space to sound proof There only my own little space and it's So big I don't think that would do Anything so unfortunately I don't think

I'm Gonna Keep the studio right now it's Time to see if the kitty cat had Drone fly so I come in here this is I Have plenty of room to fly around I'm Gonna say I have to do at least a 60 Second flight for this account so here We go hopefully I can fly the Kitty Cat Here look at it one more time before I Destroy it I got fly for at least 60 seconds and it Counts as building a drone frame and Flying and I squat some challenge here We go okay this even hovers for the 60 Seconds I'm going to be highly surprised Oh boy here we go Okay hang on hang on here we go Okay Okay here we go Okay perfect perfect perfect perfect Perfect Um oh hang on we all okay we got a Couple Motors down here Um here's something I'm learning um hot Glue may not be the best way to put the Motors on and you know like an art Studio may not be the best place to uh Custom drone at [Music] Well I didn't fly for 60 seconds and That was my self-imposed role for this To be considered successful is it has to Fly for at least 60 seconds I think that Was like five so my very first dollar Store drone build video completely

Unsuccessful but that was pretty Fun so I think I'm gonna do some more of These Dollar Store builds or whatever if You like this let me know in the Comments below and if you like them I'll Do more of them speaking of other fun Things I keep getting emails and Messages people ask me how do you get The stickers the stickers are patreon Stickers that's part of being on the Sticker tier every single month I send Out these stickers new brand I make Something up I have a friend I send out Brand new stickers to people every Single month so if you want to get Stickers for your stuff every single Month you have to become a patron of Mine today speaking of patrons at the End of my videos I'd like to shout out My top patrons those are the people on The say my name tier such as mick27 Welcome hemp and Boris the German j-rod fpv Lucas Roca Trent Twan Solo Stompy fpv Maddie B fpv ttfpv Fred 805.1 bomb fpv volley hack volleytronics And Billy Hackett thank you very very Much for being the top top tier patrons Y'all I appreciate you if you want me to Say your name if you want to get Stickers in the mail if you want to Watch all my videos first it's real easy Just become a patron today my new frame Is out and it keeps selling out So if you want to get one of my brand

New Demi bot frames for moving God the Best thing to do is go over at and just Pre-order one of the ones they're in Production now so you'll get in a week Or two I guess that's the end of the Video uh thank you to my patrons thank You for everybody that watched this Stupid video and thanks for Dollar Tree for making it really easy to Shoplift I promise next time we'll be Better in fact if you're watching this On the day that it airs Saturday I'm in New Orleans right now do you live near New Orleans do you want to fly hit me up I'm in New Orleans if you're not Watching this on Saturday I'm probably Back home promise next video will be Better yeah next video will be New Orleans video so it'll be better all Right I'm gonna get out here play the song Foreign [Music] Yep