Drone News: 80K Drone IDs Leaked, Drone Spying, Dodgers Game Flight, and AZDrone Fest 2022

By | October 21, 2022

This week in drone news: over eighty thousand drone identification numbers were leaked causing panic and distrust; the database was a result of an aeroscope user not DJI; the Drone was reported as spying but in fact it was just an FP&L drone doing inspections not related to the accuser; the recent Dodgers/Padres game in San Diego was interrupted by a rogue drone flying over first base; lastly, we will be attending AZDrone fest this weekend, come say hi!

00:00 Introduction
00:20 Over 80K Drone IDs were leaked
01:17 Drone Spying Just FP&L
01:45 Dodgers, Padres Game Interrupted by Rogue Drone
02:38 AZDrone Fest

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80k Drone IDs Leaked
A DJI Aeroscope database with info from 66 monitoring devices was leaked by a user of Aeroscope. The data was NOT leaked by DJI.
Of these 66, 53 were in the United States.
This database contained over 80,000 drone IDs, and 90 million monitoring records.
The leaked data included drone position, pilot position, model, and serial number, but did NOT include any personally identifiable information.

“Drone Spying” Actually FP&L
A Florida woman claimed a drone was peeping on them last month…
This drone turned out to be a Florida Power and Light drone, conducting inspections.
FPL said that the apartment complex (where the woman was) was notified of the drone flight.
The woman said “I’m letting you know I’m going to throw a brick at you if I see you again,”

Dodgers Game Stopped due to drone
A Major League Baseball game was stopped this week due to a Mini 3 Pro hovering low over the field.
Players appeared to discuss throwing a baseball at it, when it turned and left the stadium.
Previous legislation allowing DOJ and DHS to mitigate drones that pose an immediate hazard to people has expired…
Aeroscope is out there and remote ID is coming…

Welcome to your Weekly uas News update This week we have four stories for you The first one is 80 000 drone IDs were Leaked and that's kind of a big deal We'll talk about a drone that was Potentially spying turned out to be just FPL we'll talk about the Dodgers game That was stopped again because of a Drone and then lastly we'll be at easy Drone Fest 2022 this Saturday so let's Get to it first story this week kind of A big deal 80 000 IDs were leaked this Is a GTI aeroscope database with Information from 66 monitoring devices That was leaked by a user of aeroscope The data was not leaked by DJI it looks Like out of the 66 53 of these stations Were in the United States and the Database contains apparently 80 000 Drone IDs 90 million monitoring records From uh well a variety of people Probably yourself included and maybe Even myself the league data included the Drone position the pilot position the Model of the aircraft and the serial Number but did not have any of any Personally identifiable information pii I will put a link down in the Description here to the Drone Excel Article from our friend Haya let us know What you think I think this is kind of An interesting thing I think it's uh Only the beginning of it I'm sure we Will see more of these leaks

Unfortunately in the future tell us what You think people can do with this kind Of data next story a Florida woman Claimed that drone was peeping on them Last month the drums turned out to be Actually from FPL the Florida Power and Light and they were conducting Inspections FPL said that the apartment Complex where the woman was was actually Notified of the Drone flight the woman Said I'm letting you know I'm going to Throw a brick at you if I see you again I'm sure a lot of well it's Florida Right for this time we didn't get a Florida man we got a Florida woman story And now the next segment is a don't be That guy segment yet again [Music] The Dodgers game was stopped due to a Drone this is the major league baseball Game that was stopped this week due to a Mini 3 that was hovering low over the Field and the players appeared to be Discussing throwing a ball at the the Drone and then it basically turned away Before they could do that and left the Stadium it's interesting also to note That the previous legislation that Allowed the doj and DHS to mitigate Drones that pose an immediate threat has Expired so I'm also kind of surprised With all these we've been talking about These for quite a while now three or Four of them in the last couple weeks

Aeroscope is out there uh I'm surprised That they just don't have the ability to Stop the person so please please please Don't be that guy this was our don't be That guy segment again and lastly this Week we will be at AZ drone Fest on Saturday October 22nd if you've never Been to AC drumfest it's a really cool Thing that celebrates drones will be out There I'll be speaking on the panel and And we'll be uh meeting with the team if You if you want to do that everybody is Going to be available we've got some VIP Passes to give out to students so we Have a limited number but send us an Email if you want uh to get one of the Tickets and hopefully we'll see you There in person we met a lot of students Last year and I hope we can do that Again this year as well that's it that's All I have like subscribe and we'll see You next week [Music] Thank you