Drone News: Autel EVO Max, PSI Changes, FCC NPRM, Ford Patent for Moving Vehicles

By | January 6, 2023

This week in drone news we have four stories for you; the new Autel Evo Max, PSI changing the cut for testing centers, FCC announces NPRM for UAS, and a Ford patent for operations over moving vehicles.

00:00 Introduction
00:17 NEW! Autel EVO Max
01:38 PSI Changing the Cut for Testing Providers
03:01 FCC Announces NPRM for UAS
04:21 Ford Applied for a Patent for Operation Over Moving Vehicles





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Your first story this week is Autel’s new Evo Max!
The Evo is, as the name implies, a large Evo II. The Max comes with a 640 thermal sensor, 48MP zoom sensor capable of up to 10x optical zoom and 8k videos, a 4K wide camera, and a laser range finder.
Autel’s new enterprise drone comes with all-direction obstacle avoidance, and an optional millimeter wave radar.
The drone has a maximum operating altitude of 23,000 feet, a flight time of 42 minutes (38 minutes hovering), and a IP43 rating (light rain).
The Evo Max has some other cool functions such as being able to act as a repeater for other drones and possibly even swarm style missions with a single pilot.
We’re hopeful we can get our hands on one soon to test out!

Your second story this week is PSI changing the cut for testing centers.
As many of you know, PSI is the testing provider for all FAA tests.
PSI contracts with many local testing centers to provide the exam, and gets a cut of the revenue in return.
According to an AOPA letter to PSI, a “Significant Majority” of the 207,000 exams completed in 2022 were done at these contract testing centers.
PSI is now changing the amount of revenue these centers get from $65 per exam down to $22 (out of $175), a reduction of nearly 66%.
AOPA is worried that this reduction in revenue will have a direct impact on the amount of testing centers nationwide, resulting in longer wait times and longer drives to the testing centers.

Your third story this week is the FCC has started the rule making process for enabling UAS to use 5G!
The NPRM is 94 pages long, and includes a number of potential things to comment on including usage of specific bands, fees, registration, and even licensing.
The NPRM discusses both network connected and network supported UAS along with potentially adding geographic licenses and how they would affect satellite based networks.
The NPRM is a lot to digest, and we’re still going through it!
If you’d like to have a read and/or comment, the link will be below!

The final story this week is a Ford patent that details a method of safely flying drones over moving vehicles.
The patent involves communications between drones, vehicles, and numerous ground objects.
The patent also describes how emergencies may be mitigated through these systems and their communications.
This is an interesting patent, and not the first from Ford, but it will likely be a while before we see anything like this go live.

That’s it! Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next week!

This week in drone news we have four Stories for you the new altel Evo max PSI is changing the cut to the testing Centers and that's not good news the FCC Announces an nprm for uas and then Lastly Ford is applying for an Interesting patent let's get to it your First story this week is autel's new Evo Max this was a bit of a surprise it was Kind of announced couple days ago as a As a teaser and then today we have more Information but the Evo is as the name Implies the the large version of the Evo 2 the Max comes with a 640 thermal Sensor a 48 megapixel Zoom sensor as Well that's capable of doing a 10x Optical zoom which is really cool and Then also 8K video which is also very Impressive a 4K wide camera and then a Laser Rangefinder autel's new Enterprise Drone comes with all Direction obstacle Avoidance they call it 720 degrees of Obstacle avoidance and then an optical a Millimeter wave radar the Drone has a Maximum operating altitude of 23 000 Feet flight time of 42 minutes or 38 Minutes hovering and then an ip43 rating Which means in English light rain the Evo Max has also some other really cool Features such as being able to act as a Repeater for other drones and then Possibly even doing swarm style missions With a single pilot now we're hopeful That we can get our hands on one of them

And test it out soon but it's a really Cool looking drone and it's cool to hear That autel is coming up with new models After being quiet for a little while we Don't have any idea on price just yet or Availability but we'll be sure to let You know when we hear more your second Story this week is PSI is changing the Cut for the testing centers as many of You know PSI is the testing provider for All FAA tests and the only testing Provider as per the fa and then PSI Contracts with a lot of local testing Centers to provide the exam and then Those testing centers get a cut of the Revenue in return now according to an Aopa letter to psi they say that there's A significant majority of the 207 000 Exams that are completed every year that Were done at a contracted testing center Not a PSI ohm testing center PSI is now Changing the amount of Revenue that goes To these centers from 65 dollars per Exam down to only 22 dollars per exam Now keep in mind this is out of 175 Dollars that they're charging for the Exam now this is a reduction of nearly 66 percent there's been a lot of chatter About this because some testing centers Are saying they're not going to be doing This anymore because it's not worth it And I really can't blame them now aopa Is worried that this reduction in Revenue will have a direct impact on not

Only the amount of testing centers Nationwide but also on the fact that This is going to create longer wait Times and also longer drives in order to Get to a testing center and uh if this Is something that you're also worried About please make sure that you leave a Comment down uh below the video so we Know what you're thinking your third Story this week is the FCC has started To do the rule making process for Enabling uas to use 5G the nprm is not Short it's 94 pages long and it includes A number of potential things to comment On including the usage of very specific Bands the fees the registration or even The licensing that's going to be Required to do all of this now I want to Be clear when I talk about fees I'm not Talking about you getting a fee in order To use this service I'm talking about The the people that are going to be Using those bands having to reply and Getting a fee so it's uh it's a little Bit different here now the nprm Discusses both Network connected and Network supported uas that are going to Be using this band and this is also Discussing uh potential uh potentially Adding Geographic licensing and then how They would affect satellite-based Networks the nprm is a lot to digest as You can imagine we're still going Through it as we speak because it just

Popped up yesterday as we were recording This so we'll let you know when we have More this is an interesting topic Especially coming in light after the bit Of a fiasco that the the 5G thing uh the The 5G integration was with the fa and Airlines I want to be positive but we'll See what happens with this your final Story this week is a Ford patent that Details a method of safely flying a Drone over moving Vehicles now the Patent involves communication between Drones vehicles uh and then a bunch of Other ground objects the pattern also Describes how emergencies would be Mitigated through the system and then by Using the communication between all the Devices now this is an interesting Patent definitely not the first for Ford But it will be likely a while before we See anything like this going live that's It that's all I have for you like Subscribe and then we'll see you next Week Foreign [Music] That's it folks