Drone News: Drone Pilot Cited, Volcano Tracking, DJI Update and Leaks, Airworks 2022

By | October 14, 2022

This week in drone news we speak with Paul Brown, a PI student, about NYC ticketing him for flying a drone, next we will discuss a company that is tracking volcanos with what looks like a DJI M600, lastly, we will recap airworks, recent DJI troubles, and the Mavic 3 Classic leak.

Go Help Paul Brown!

00:00 Introduction
00:28 Drone Pilot Cited for Flying
05:18 Volcano Tracking with Drones
05:46 DJI Updates
08:12 Mavic 3 Classic Leak

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Paul Brown Gets Cited for Flying in NYC

Volcano Tracking with Drones
UAS are being used in Hawaii to track and map eruptions at Kilauea.
The USGS (US Geological Survey) is using drones to monitor and observe the crater.
The USGS says they have special permits to conduct official UAS missions.
The aircraft of choice appears to be an M600…

DJI Update
Added RC compatibility
Leaks suggest the DJI RC (The one with the screen that came out with the Mini 3 Pro) will soon be compatible with the Air 2S!
This leak was provided by Dealsdrone and is expected to be first released on DJI’s website

DJI blacklisted (again)
This essentially adds DJI as a Chinese military company.
Bans all DOD from using or buying DJI equipment

Mavic 3 Classic Leaks
Leaks shown on DroneXL suggest that the Mavic 3 Classic may be less than $1400 when released
The anticipated release date according to DroneXL is October 27th, 2022.
Leaked specs include:
5.1K video
4/3 CMOS

Welcome to your Weekly uas News update This week we get four stories and the First one is a drone pilot that was Cited for flying his drone too fast and We have him on the show to talk about it We'll talk about tracking volcanoes Using drones and we have a lot of DJI Updates as we're coming back from DJI Airworks in Las Vegas and first one is Added RC compatibility we have DJI that Was blacklisted yet again after talking About this for two years and then we Have a an update on the mavic 3 classic So let's get to it And our first story this week is a drone Pilot that needs your help in our help Paul is one of our students actually Here at Pilot Institute and he got into A little bit of trouble when flying in New York he was flying over a lake Flying his fpv DJI fpv and then was Casted by a police officer that was on The boat and then they told him that he Couldn't be flying so low and so fast Over the lake unfortunately Paul decided To tell them that that wasn't the case And then that made the police officer a Little bit mad so they decided to give Him a ticket after spending quite a bit Of time trying to figure out what they Would cite him for and so we brought Paul on board here today and he's going To tell us a little bit more about the Ticket that he received and what it is

And then now what he has to do which is Show up in court for quite a few things And then he needs our help because Unfortunately the state has decided to Kind of take him as a Target and so he Started a GoFundMe campaign but Paul Tell us a little bit more about all the The issues that you're being faced with Now after flying your drone legally well First I want to say thank you Greg for Having me on the show and give me a Chance to explain Um basically I was flying my drone and a Cop stopped me and he wasn't too happy When I was trying to explain to him that Um that I was following the rules to Flying and he was so upset that he Decided to write me a ticket and he Couldn't figure out what he was going to Write on the ticket so he spent some Time on the phone with the supervisor Quite a bit of time actually and ended Up citing me for New York Penal Code law 120.20 which is reckless endangerment in The second degree it's a misdemeanor Charge I'm facing a year in jail and I Believe a potential thousand dollar fine I was on vacation in New York at the Time I'm from Massachusetts and part of The issue I have is I'm disabled with Mobility issues and that makes it really Difficult to make that trip to New York In one day it's 10 hours round trip so Part of the issue I've run into was the

Court didn't want to recognize my Americans with Disabilities Act Reasonable accommodation but I just Received a email and they're finally They they adjourn the last hearing which Was supposed to be on the 12th they Adjourned it until the ninth of next Month where they're going to address my Accommodation so it's a step in the Right direction yep and so you and I Have been talking in the behind the Scene for quite a while now about this Issue since it happened and um and then You finally decided that you need Counsel So you you're trying to hire an Attorney at this stage and so you Started a a campaign where where are you At with the defense have you been able To talk to someone at this stage so I've Reached out to an attorney Stegall out Of New York who specializes in drones And reckless endangerment law I haven't Heard back from them yet but I'm hoping To hear back from them soon I'm going to Give them a call this afternoon and Hopefully make contact with the person There and we'll go from there but I have Not obtained legal counsel as of yet as Of yet so this is what the funds for the GoFundMe campaign is going to be so as We as you go forward with this was there Anything in there that you uh with the Interaction with the flight and Everything anything that you learned

That you would have done different or Would recommend to people that they do In the future I think that it's Important for people to realize that you Have to be real cautious when you Challenge a police officer's Authority Um and and maybe my interaction with the Officer could have been handled Differently I think that's but your Flights I mean I I reviewed your flight And and we talked about this from day One you had a visual Observer which Quite frankly uh kudos to you because Most people fly out there uh fpv without A visual Observer uh and then uh you Were flying in an open space that you Know you had checked the airspace you've Done everything so yeah I think it's uh There's a bad that precedent that can be Set here with your case which is why I Think it's important for you to fight This in court and use a lawyer for this Because otherwise the state can be Overreaching and decide you know some Some of the stuff that they mentioned in Their documentation is just not right so Um I really I really wish you the best I Know we're going to keep talking about This on the back end and uh and make Sure that this happens correctly and That you you get uh the the proper Treatment from from the state of New York but we'll put a link down in the Description here for people that want to

Donate to the GoFundMe campaign and then Help Paul uh with his defense and and Hopefully this is a win for the Community I see this as a community Battle at this stage anything else you Want to add Paul yeah to all the people That have already donated to the GoFundMe I really appreciate it my Family really appreciates it and for Anybody who donates in the future uh I I Thank you so very much and I will always Put updates there as to what's going on With the case Um so you're not left in the dark and uh If you have any other questions you know You can reach out to me I'm available Awesome well thanks Paul good luck thank You Greg All right the next story this week is Drones being used to track volcanoes This is happening in Hawaii they're Trying to track and map different Eruptions at volcanoes this is the USGS The U.S Geological Survey that is using It looks like m600 in order to observe Different craters they say that they Have a special permit you conduct the uh The the official uas mission we'll put a Link down in the description so you can See everything they're doing and it's uh It's actually pretty cool all right the Last story this week and this is a bunch Of stories put together DJI is adding RC Compatibility there's a leak that

Suggested that the DJI RC which is the The smaller one and the gray one that Comes with the mavic the Mini 3 Pro will Soon be compatible with the air 2s I Think this is actually great news I Think all of their different controllers Need to be compatible with a lot of Different things we were at airworks This week meeting with a lot of our Friends from the industry we actually Had to talk about this uh kind of Predicting that the new mavic 3 a Classic that would be coming out pretty Soon apparently uh possibly would come With this DJI RC which would only make Sense now this is only speculation on Our part but we think it does make sense To have a cheaper mavic 3 version that Would come with a cheaper controller so That people can actually fly this drone The leak was provided by someone online Deals drawn and is expected to be Released on the DJI website pretty soon Drone Excel our friend Haya who's Actually in the studio with us today uh Coming to visit has a great article on This also DJI in the news for being Blacklisted again I had students reach Out to me and they said what does this Mean to us and I I had to look it up Because DJI has been on a blacklist Technically for quite a while the Government upped it up a little bit with The Department of Defense basically

Saying that DJI is the equivalent of a Chinese military company the ban on all DOD Department of Defense departments Can't use DJI drones and even buy them In order you use for official purposes And now this is not something obviously That affects the civilians so you can Still fly your DJI drone no problem but If you plan on working with the dod then Well you're gonna need to have something Else And then like I said we just came back From Air works there was a ton of really Cool things that we saw out there Haya And I are going to sit down actually for A special pixel drone show Edition where We're going to talk about what we saw And the trends that we saw and all the Cool things that that we discussed while We were there the show is pretty small Compared to some of the big conferences That we go to but it was great to Actually meet in person with a lot of DJI people that we talked to on the Regular well on a regular basis because We don't uh that we talked to quite a Bit when new releases come around and All these things because we always have Questions so Um yeah just an overall great event like I said we'll have a full recap when we Do that on the pixel drone show next Week and lastly something that actually Was not announced when we were at

Airworks but it looks like the mavic 3 Classic is going to be released pretty Soon and it looks like it's going to be Less than fourteen hundred dollars According to higher drawn Excel it looks Like the release date would be October 27th some of the specs that were leaked Is the 5 5.1 video that you find on the Traditional mavic 3 I don't even know What we would call it now we have a Mavic 3 we have a mavic 3 cine mavic 3 Classic mavic 3 Enterprise thermal There's just so many different options But this would be the mavic 3 classic it Looks like they would be getting rid of The zoom lens to only come with one lens Which quite frankly Um People love the regular sensor the micro Four third sensor with the 5.1 K video People don't care so much about having The zoom lens so I think this is Actually pretty much what the Drone Should have been from day one but we'll See we'll see when it comes out we'll Give you more information when that Happens and that's it that's all I have For you this week as always like Subscribe and we'll see you next week Foreign