Drone News: Drone Rescues 2-Year-Old, DroneUp Expanding Deliveries, Holiday Reminder

By | December 23, 2022

In this week’s drone news update, we’ll talk about a rescue with a drone, DroneUp Expanding Deliveries, and a reminder for the holiday season.

00:00 Introduction
00:08 Drone to the Rescue!
00:49 DroneUp Expanding Deliveries
01:16 Holiday Season Reminder

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Your first story this week is a rescue with a drone.
Police from Dartmouth, Massachusetts used a thermal drone in the search of a missing 2 year old.
Within 15 minutes of launching the drone, the child was found and rescuers were guided to the child’s location.
The Dartmouth Police Chief said “Had it not been for the use of our drone and the excellent communication between my two officers, the outcome of this incident would have most likely been grave”
This is another great use of drones and goes to show how powerful drone are as a tool!

The second story this week is DroneUp expanding deliveries into North Texas.
DroneUp now has drone deliveries from 11 additional stores and can deliver over 10,000 items, weighing up to 10lbs.
The delivery fee is just $3.99.
Walmart and DroneUp aim to be in 5 states by year end (Which is pretty close…) and making deliveries from 34 stores.

The last story this week is about drone registrations. If you know someone who is getting a drone this holiday season, remind them that drones over 0.55 lbs or 250 grams that are flown recreationally need to be registered with the FAA. The ONLY place to register is the FAA DroneZone website and the cost is only $5 for 3 years. If you are being offered cards or lanyards, and it’s more than $5, you’re on a scheme website and NOT on the FAA website. Look for the .gov extension in the URL.

One more thing before we go, from myself and the entire team at Pilot Institute, Happy Holidays to you and your family! We hope you have a fun and safe time… and we hope you get that drone you’ve been wanting!

In this week's drone news update we'll Talk about a rescue with a drawn drawn Up expanding their deliveries and a Reminder for the holiday seasons let's Get to it your first story this week is A rescue with a drone we love to talk About these uh this happened to a police Department in Dartmouth Massachusetts Using a thermal drone to find a missing Two-year-old within 15 minutes of Launching the Drone the child was able To be found and The Rescuers were guided To the child's location the police chief Said had it not been for the use of a Drone and the excellent communication Between my two officers the outcome of The incident would have been likely been Grave and I agree with that and this is Great that some kid was able to be Rescued and be with their family for Christmas so this is another great use Of drones and it goes to show how Powerful of a tool it can actually be The second story this week is drawn up Expanding deliveries into North Texas Drone up has drone deliveries in 11 Different stores right now and they can Deliver over 10 000 items waiting up to 10 pounds which is actually a pretty Impressive a delivery fee is 3.99 a Walmart and drilling up are aiming to Add five more states by the end of the Year which is right around the corner And then also making deliveries from 34

Different stores And your last story this week is a Reminder about drone registration if you Know someone who is getting a drone this Holiday season or if you're getting a Drone remind them that the Drone that's Over 0.55 pounds or 250 grams and is Flown recreationally it needs to be Registered with the FAA the only the Only place to register is the fa drones On website and the cost is five dollars For three years if you are being offered Cards or lanyards or whatever it is and It's more than five dollars you are on a Scheme website and not on the FAA Website so make sure that you look for The dot gov extension in the URL and one More thing before we go from myself and The entire team at Pilot Institute a Happy holidays to you and your family we Hope that you have fun a safe time and Then I also hope that you get that drone That you've been wanting Foreign [Music]