Drone News: Flying Over People Legally, Mavic 3 Classic, PI SkyeBrowse Course

By | November 4, 2022

This week in drone news, the senseFly (now AGEagle) eBee was approved as the first class 3 drone this week, this means it will be legal to fly over people, DJI releases the Mavic 3 Classic, a more simple version of the base Mavic 3, and Pilot Institute published a free course on how to 3d map with SkyeBrowse!

00:00 Introduction
00:10 eBee is the First Class 3 Drone
00:51 DJI Releases the Mavic 3 Classic
01:21 New FREE SkyeBrowse Course

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In this week’s drone news update we will cover the first categorized drone allowed to fly over people. DJI released the Mavic 3 classic and a new free Pilot Institute Course!

Your top story this week is the ebee drone, which received category 3 approval from the FAA. This approval allows the ebee to fly over people if they are inside a restricted area and the people are notified. This also excludes flying over open air assembly.
To be clear, this is the ONLY drone approved at the moment as Category 3, there are NO drones authorized as category 2, and very few authorized as category 1. So no, your drone can’t do that at the moment. Tell us which drone you would like to see getting approval next and how you would use this capability.

The second story is the Mavic 3 Classic release. It is a cheaper version of the Mavic 3, without the tele lens and with more controller options. You still get the same great micro 4/3, 5.1k50p video, 20 MP photos, variable aperture, and 46 minutes of flight time. We receive a model for testing and will have more videos out shortly so be sure to subscribe to get notified.

Last story this week, with the Skyebrowse Freemium release, we’re releasing a Skyebrowse course! This is a free course on the basics of capturing data, making your models, and annotating the models, taught by Jeff Clementi, a long time user of the product and VP of business development at Skyebrowse. If you downloaded the free version last week and tested it, let us know what you think.

SkyeBrowse Deep Dive:

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In this week's drone news update we will Cover the first categorized drone Allowed to fly over people DJI released The mavic 3 and a new course from Pirate Institute let's get to it your top story This week is the EB drone which received Category 3 approval yes Round of Applause from everyone this approval Allows the EB to fly over people inside Of a restricted area and if the people Are notified yes this is a pretty big Restriction at this point but this is The first drone to be approved to do This and at the moment the only drone Approved as Category 3 there's still no Drone approved as Category 2 and very Few are authorized to do this as Category one so no your drone can do That at the moment I can almost Guarantee you unless you own one of These tell us which drone you would like To see on the approval list next and Then how you would actually use this Capability The second story is the mavic 3 classic That was just released it's a cheaper Version of the mavic 3 drone without the Tiller lens and with more controller Option you still get the same micro four Third 5.1 k at 50 frames per second Video 20 megapixel photos a variable aperture And 46 minutes of flight time so the Best of all the possible worlds we

Release a model for testing which is Right here and we'll be doing more Videos very shortly so be sure to Subscribe if you want to get notified And the last story this week with the Sky brass premium release we are also Releasing a sky brass course now this is A free course on the basic of capturing Data making your model and then making Annotation to the model this is taught By Jeff Clementi who's a long time user Of the product and also their VP of Business Development there at Sky brass If you downloaded the free version last Week when we mentioned it and then you Tested it please let us know and then we Want to hear how it went so that's it That's all I have this week like Subscribe and we'll see you next week Foreign [Music]